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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 6, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic netrk. it's time for fios. visit call the rizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. a restaurant turned into crime scene tonight after a woman was killed during dinner. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen against lgent. jackie joins us live with details. jackie, what happened? >> reporter: doreen, this shopping center indicators to the area's large southeastern asian community.
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ere are a number of restaurants and ethnic food stores. what we're told, just after 6:30 tonight, patrons were shocked to hear screaming and commotion coming out of a vietnamese restaurant. when police offirs responded, there was something very disturbing. horrified diners and a woman who had been stabbed to death >> a 49-year-old man entered the restaurant and stabbed a 37-year-old woman that he knew. he subsequtly harmed himself. the woman was stabbed on the scene. the suspect was taken to the hospital and transported with life-threatening injuries. >> the suspect is expected to survive his injuries. he is expected to face murder charge doreen, back to you. sdp >> jackie bensen reporting from springfield. they sent out a crime alert this eveng after a young woman was raped last night in
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washington circle. that assault happened in an alley just off of pennsylvania northwest. there are a lot of security cameras covering that area because of its pximity to the embassy. police are looking over those tapes. it is not yet clear if the victim is a student of the embassy. a d.c. police officer shot and killed a dog during a street festival and has faced a number of threats. he ss it's all a horrible case of mistaken identity. aaron gil crest has the story. >> reporter: meet scott syke. he invited us to listen to all the threats he's receiving. september 12, the adams morgan day festival. there are conflicting reports of what happed buthe story
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always ends the same. a police officer pur suz a sharpei mix that came at him aggressively, foing him to pull his gun and shoot the dog. that officer's name is also scott fike. since september 15, fike says people have inundated hisin box with hate messages, calling him a dog lover and telling him he should be shot. it doesn't help that he's a hunter and holding a deer in his profile picture. sdp >> that right there offended some people, so i was an immediate target. >> fike says he loves animals, that 's never been there, and he wants the malicious mailto stop. >> they weren't there, and they obviously don't know what the guy looks like, don't know if they have the right pepperson, they don't hesitate to accuse
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me. >> he says he's received a few apologies and also told he is a liar. he says his uninformed accusers should be ashamed of themselves. dozens of cadets who became police officers in prince gege's county are now being investigated as part of a cheating scandal. the investigation includes nearly 150 officers from three cadet classes going back to july of last year. at least 34 of the cadets are facing specific cheating allegations. department records show the cadets had perfect scores on at least 11 tests which measured basic skills and how to testify in court. officials are scrambling to try to figure out the impact of it all. >> we just wa to make sure that any information that the defense had a right to know before the case was resolved was turned over to them. they might want to use this information for impeachment of the officers who may have
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testified, and that's true for cases that happento be moving forward as well. >> it will be up to a state agency to determine whether those officers need to be retested. >> you're going straight to hell. >> members of a fundamentalist church from kansas protested outside the supreme court today. inside the court justices began debating whether demonstraons at military funerals should be protected by the first amendment. the kansas-based church believes god is punishing american soldiers for the country's tolerance of homosexuality. >> it is a curse for your young men and women to be coming home in bod bags, and if you want that t stop, stop sinning. >> our son lance corporal matthew snider fought for the rights of all americans. there is a civilized way to express an opinion in america, but it does not involve intentionally inflicting emotional distress on others.
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>> the supreme court's final decision on the issue is expected next spring. secretary of state hillary clinton refuted rumors today that she and vice president joe biden could switch positions in 2012. secretary clinton said she and the vice president both enjoy what they're now doing. some believe that an obama-clinton ticket would prove the president's chances of winning a second term. the white house said today any reports of a vice presidential swap are, in their words, absolute fiction. a panel appointed by president obama to investigate the handling of the gulf oil spill filed a report that's critical of the white house. the panel report stated the white house blocked efforts by federal scientists to disclose the severity of the oil disaster. they found the administration consistently underestimated how much oil was spilling out and overestimated how fast the oil dippeared after the leak was plugged. the white house saidt never covered up any findings.
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coming up tonight, security change after a hostage situation puts the discovery channel a odds with montgomery county. firefighters talk about the flames that caused them totand and watch after some hoes caught on fire. problems of dynamic proportions among minority children. a report on what's to blame for the water. we had some rain out there a little bit earlier. most of that rain is now moving to the south and east. what's behind it? how about some fantastic weather? wait until you see my forecast. clinton portis is out for the redskins. we will tell you how long. skins coach mike shanahan will likely be praised for the new
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prince george's county investigators are trying to figure out who planted two pipe bombs into a district heights neighborhood. the bombs were discovered by a real estatagent who walked into a vacant house on kentucky avenue this afternoon. a bomb squad worked for about four hours to make sure both devices no longer posed a threat to the public. the hostage standoff at the discovery channel last month has led to a conflict now with some of the company's neibors. several days after the hostage incident on september 1st, discovery officials closed the gates to its public garden in downtown silver spring. according to the company's agreement with montgomery county, that garden must be open to the public during the day. it is the only green public space in downtown silver spring. a spokeswoman for the company says discovery is conducting a security review and it will t to work with county officials when that assessment is completed.
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firefighters in a tennessee community are defending themselves for letting a house burno the ground. it happened last week in south fulton city, tennessee. the rural area has what's np as a pay to spray subscription fee. that's where homeowners pay a $75 a year f for that. this homeowner hadn't paid that fee, so when the fire came through, they didn't douse the fire. >> no firefighter wants to watch a house beg your pardurn, but w sometimes put in this position by the response form. coming up, a report on why so many minority childredon't know how to swim. >> very serious. we've lost a number of youth and adults in our community for lack of knowledge and experience in the water. >> some point to all kinds of
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if you're in deep water, would you be able to save your own life? sadly, in some minority communities, the reality is probably no. aaron gilcrest reports on a racial divide when it comes to swimming. >> reporter: hollywood brought to life a moment of pride in 2007 with a feature film by that name. but it couldn't ignore a real life problem: black kids not hesitant to get into the water but not knowing how to swim. this summer prince george's county enrolled 350 kids in "make a splash," a national effort to reduce drowning among
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minority kids through free swimminglessons. cara eggleston runs the aatics program. >> unfortunately, it is a joke in our community, but we've lost a number of adults and children in our kmucommunity because of k of sperps in a water. >> last march, a boy drowned. his father jumped in to save him and he drowned, too. a swimming party turned into a desperate effort to save one another from drowning. their parents were on the banks of the red river, unable to swim, unable to help. u.s. swimming foundation offers startlingstatistics. nearly 70% of black kids have little or no swimming ability. 58% of hispanic kids fall into the same category. besides knowing swimming is a life-saving skill, experts will
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tell you tlhere is a long list f compelling reans why some folks don't learn how to swim. >> what happened in the united states is that african-america have been divorced from swimming, that slavemasters f forbade them to swim just like they forbade them to read. >> in today's urban centers, there are other issues. reputation. >> in certain sports, they give u school credit. football gives you see a lot, basketball gives you a lot. other sports, like swimming, m not give you as much. sdp >> it's access. >> there are pools in predominantly black schools that are empty, they're dry. there are some individuals going around trying rehabilitate them. they need support, they need funds, they need help. >> the u.s. swimming study points to access and other hurdles. lack of parental encouragement, what chlorine does to black
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hair, financl constraints and the overwhelming predictability col color: fear. fear keeps samantha out of the water, but she enrolled her six-year-old in the make a splash program. >> because i have a fear, i didn't wan him to have a fear. andhis older brother wants to learn to swim, too, because he doesn't know how. >> parents recognize learning to swim isn't for recreation. >> you need to say, this is a way to save your babies. >> aaron gilcrest, news4, laurel. prince george's county offers swimming lessons year round for a fee. you can also check with your ymca, ywca or community center. >> interesting report. doug is here with our weather forecast. weave some positive changes, some good news? >> fantastic ather on the way. we just had a couple showers. you may have needed the umbrella
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if you were out and about a little bit earlier, say the last three or four hours. we did have some showers, a couple downpours that came through the area. most of those are now out of here, but you can see from our camera at least a lite bit in the way of some wet roadways out there right now, so you may want to give yourself a little extra time if you're making your way outside. temperatures outside, a high of 50 degrees, the average high is 72, and with today being again well below norl, this was th coolest four-day period since the middle of april. we need to warm up, and we need to warm up fast, and the good news is that i going to happen. not tonight, though. 55 degrees is the current temperature, humidity of 83%, winds out of the southwest at about 7 miles an hour. 52 in manassas, 50 in hagerstown and 50 in baltimore. i expect most areas to fall back into the 40s overnight tonight, so it is going to be a cool morning. doppler radar, you can see a few
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showers just to the west of the district, also cal vip counvin run dell county as well, and you can see how theyoved out of our region and now they're dying out. a chilly start the morning. i think we'll see some sunshine, thoug though. 57 degrees as you head the kids out to the school bus. that area of storm mass will coinue to make its way. 60 in buffalo, 63 in d.c., 67 in new york. back to the west, 78 in st. lou louis, 79 in memphis. that's why our air will be coming from in the next few ys, and you can expect big changes staing tomorrow morning. cool air in the morning, but a
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huge area of low pressure moves in across the country, and that means great weather in new york towards chicago towards tampa no matter where you are in the east, it's going to be very, very nice. 43 to 50 degrees, and as we move on through the day tomorrow, we'll see high temperatures into the 70s, something we haven't seenn a few ys. 70 to 74 degrees, mostly sunny. much nicer but still a little on the breezy side with winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. then just a beautiful forecast friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. some ars may even approach 80 degrees. i think we'll stay in the upper 7 70s and maybe tuesday as well. that's your next best chance for some rain, sohere you go. >> i think we're going to like it. still ahead tonight, a rare look at the wilson bridge opening up for a passi ship. in sports, it's pois
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sears. he really wanted to go to the phillies game. >> oh, yeah, they're out of school. i must admit, i've been really jealous of the philadelphia sports scene lately and never more than tonight. what a night out there. history for halhaladay. he tosses history to the reds. it's haladay's second no-hitter of the year. his first, a perfect game against the marlins in may.
11:24 pm
it's the pllies and the reds, red doctober. bottom of the cond inning, dock halliday at the plate, carlos ruiz and wilson valdez make it 3-0. top of the 7 now. halladay gets scott rolling. eighth strikeout of the game for halladay. his first post-seon game since the bluejays and he stepped up one strike away from a no-hitter. halladay deliversto phillips. talk about pressure, don't mess this up. gets the out at first. the second post-season no-hitter of all time. the phillies win 4-0 and the place is going banana as for
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hallay and everyone else in attendance, it was a night to remember. >> it's surreal, it really is. i just wanted toitch here, pitch in the post-season, and to be able to go out and navigate like that, it's a dream come true. >> it was great managing. [ laughter ] sdp >> see, that's what i call a good managing night. that's super. >> tt's why people love charl charlie maes. let's just talk to him for an hour. they're having fun. there will be no debate about the running back situation for the redskins. charlie terrain is the man. that's because clint portis is out four to six weeks for a third-degree separation of the groin. that means the muscle has been ripped off the bone. this also means portis' days as a starter in washington could be over. this has been season chock
11:26 pm
full of disa appointments for portis. he only has four carries in four games this year, and now it seems like a long shot. with portis on the shelf, terrain takes over just two weeks removed from the pactice squad. oh, i love this run. ryan terrain has done nothing but impress since he was put on the active roster two weeks ago. head coach mike shanahan is a believer. >> he's a top back in the national football league, there's no question about it. can he stay healthy? ryan has the ability to be a top back, and we'll find out in time if he can do that ask stnd stay healthy. >> i've got a lot of emotis to stay in this game. it's been a lot of hard work to get to this point in my le rpgs and now i have to take advantage of the opportunity and
11:27 pm
keep worki hard. >> he couldn't be any different than clint portis because he's very quiet and soft-spoken, too. >> what way to knock them off their butt. >> love that. >> such insight. up next, celebrating in addition to one
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some documents that historians say set the holocaust into motion are now on display at the national archives. the nuremburg laws were signed 74 years ago by adolph hitler. those laws outlined sex between citizens and what they called german blood. they established the swastika a as the official flag of the third right. they are thought to be the only surviving original copies. my sister's place, the district's oldest domestic violence agency, celebrated an addition tonight. the occasion was the upcoming opening of the special emergency shelter called sanctuary plus. the shelter more than doubled the capacity of living for
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a rare opening of the woodrow wilson bridge late night to allow the passage of a luxury yacht sailing on the potomac river. the ship is called the boo 2.
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it's from britain. they say it's more than 10 stories high, which would be real high. the bridge was open at 10:00 clo to allow the yacht to pa [ cheers and applause ]


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