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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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building on constitution avenue. we'll explain why firefighter has to be decontaminated afterward. and d.c.'s next likely mayor gets barraged with tough words. and how a dispute over port-a-potties could mean trouble for rallies on the national mall planned by two comedians. we begi with a developing death investigation in fairfax county where a man was found dead inside a mansion. police are looking for information in the fairfax station area. darcy joins us live. >> reporter: this is a large house and detectives remain on the scene, going room by room, looking for evidence in what's being described as a suspicious death investigation. according to neighbors, the man who lives in the house is a local businessman. this is taking place in the 5700
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block of ladeuce -- >> just before 4:00 p.m. today, we received a call for help from a family member. our homicide detectives determines that foul play is suspected. the victim's car is missing. if you see this vehicle, a gold lexus 470, suv leus, if you see it, we have the license plate posted online. give police a call right away. don't approach the r, be very cautus. we are asking for the public's help. >> reporter: that missing suv is described as a gold 20 lexus 470 with virginia license plate xyw 8197. if you spot this vehicle, give police a call. police have not released the name of the victim. they are in the ocess of notifying next of kin. neighbors and records show he is a local businessm. reporting live from fairfax
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station, darcy spencer, news 4. >> darcy, thank you. vincent gray held another town hall meeting tonight, this one in ward three, an area of set that voted overwhelming against him inhe primaries last month. hundreds of people turned out to question gray on immigration and other topics. jackie benson has more. >> reporter: this had been seen as a visit to the lion's den for gray, but things went much easier than expected. the chairs were arranged to accommodate 250. but the crowd swelled quickly to twice that. vincent gray, facing a crowd in ward three, where he won only 20% of the primary vote, quickly got to the issue that cost him votes. >> one thing that's incredibly important to pele in the city is education.
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>> reporter: he quickly got to questions about michelle rhee. >> one, are you going to keep the chancellor's position? i don't care if it's michelle rhee or not? >> the answer is unequivocally yes. >> reporter: gray was asked if he would undo chancellor rhee's changes to administration at some of the schools. >> they were talking about changes from our new principals that no one wanted and all of these changes and schedule messups and everything that have brought the school into turmoil. >> reporter: but many of the questions concerned the district's economy and budget shortfall. >> tha you for talking about the commuter tax. we are essentially the only jurisdiction in the world that cannot tax the income of nonresidents. >> would i do that? absolutely but i don't want to go up there and turn around and see nobody
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behind me, okay? >> reporter: mr. gray, of course, referring tohe fact that any commuter tax would need congressional approval. a battle the district has never won, and the peoe who were at this town hall meeting tonit told us they thought mr. gray's answers were thorou and well thought out. d.c. police are working on an arrest for a hit and run in dupont circle. dorita davis picture is shown on her suv hit 24-year-old keila ryan at about 1:30 this morning. ryan died a few hours later. she had been celebrating her birthday said her parents. >> as hay as can be. we have three children, she's our youngest.
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just a wonderful, wonderful woman, a wonderful, wonderful girl. truly added to everybody's life. >> policcredit a witness with taking down a license plate number in helping them track down the suv. three dozen people suffered medical emergencies on a rally that included the president at boys state unirsity today. thousands of people showed up to hear president obama to endorse martin o'malley. the president stopped his speech to request help when somebody fainted. paramedics treated most people on site for dehydration and exhaustion. this was just one of the attempts to help democrats maintain power in the mid term elections. he was in chicago tonight. that after he spent the afternoon telling voters in maryland that decisions made by democrats have been better for the economy than those decisions
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made by republicans. he also tried to downplay the momentum gop candidates have received from the tea party movement. >> it's up to you to show the pundits that you care too much to let this country fall backyard. obama not on the ballot, you're not going to come out and vote. >> bob ehrlich campaigned in potomac, maryland, today. he says that voters in suburbs will play a key role. a fire breaks out in a federal building on constitution avenue tonight. hundreds of birds die near water treatment plant, but experts don't believe that it's anything at the plant that killed them. and a feme candidate speaks out after racy pictures of her were leaked on line. a beautiful day today wth plenty of sunshine. as we head t the weekend, will
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firefighters had to battle difficult conditions whether they responded to the department of commerc a fire started on the third floor, which is undergoing asbestos abatement right now. the fire is out,but the floor couldn't be ventilated because of asbestos particles in the air. police defended dozens of cadets accud of cheating on exams. the chief said a review showed one instructor incorrectly recorded perfect scores for the cadets. there were no signs of cheating by the 32 cadets. county officials said another audit will be conducted to make sure that no cheating occurred. dozens of tiny birds found
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dead in southwest washington oversn. the chimy swift were found outse the blue plains water treatment facility. at first, city workers thought they might have been killed by some kind of contaminant from the facility. they were chasing bugs and were hit by cars. >> it was feeding on a lot of small bugs in this area. from what we can tell,ollowing the bugs in their trajectory was bringing them in the line of traffic flow, and they were being hit by cas. >> three birds were taken to a lab to double check that nothing else was involved. coming up, a revealing report on a student's sexual periences has shaken up the campus at duke university one more time. a dispute over portable toilets could flush some of the fun out of the rallies planned by stephen
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mobile medical units arrived at that mine in chile today, where 33 workers have been trapped for nearly two months now. family and friends cheered as it now appears that the process to pull those miners out may begin next week. in addition to all of the equipment arriving on the scene, sunglasses were brought in. they will help shade the eyes of the workers who have not seen sunlight since they were trapped. a rece du university graduate is apologizing for a detailed list of sexual encounters that's now gone viral. karen owen created a 42-page power point presentation that names more than a dozen duke athletes with whom she claims to have sex. shreferred to them as subjects and rated their performance. she he e-mailed the report to her friends and now it's all over the internet. some worry about duke's reputation, given the 2006
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scandal when three lacrosse players were accused of rain. they were acquitted. the woman running for west virginia's first congressional district says she is not giving up her race after racy photos were posted. crystal ball was shown posing in a halloween costume with sex toys. she is now 29 years old. they were taken right after college and is upset they were leaked. >> i think this is incredibly sexist and the type of thing that people are extremely frustrated against. >> ball is running against rob whitman. whitman's campaign manager is also upset about the photos. fear is making dentists look
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for ne procedures to relax a patient. the patient is first given two supplements, then hooked up to a mild form of electric stimulation. the next step involves classical music embedded with a beat to put you intohe first stage of sleep. it's topped off with dark glasses to bck out the light. there are no independent research to support new calm's claim, but patients seem to like it. >> it helps your brain get a little less anxious. >> the cost of the treatment is about $75, not covered by insurance. >> a showdown between the marine corps and comedy central is brewing over portable bathrooms on the national mall. stephen colbert and jon stewart
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are holding rallies on the mall. thnext day is the marine corps marathon. marine corps has contracted 750 toilets for their event, which means colbert and stewart are having trouble finding port port-a-pot port-a-potties. >> colbert should be able to find the had you more inthat. >> the national park service is considering a request by colbert and stewart for joint usage. >> for every 300 people -- thank goodness it wasn't for every 400 people. >> you have overanalyzed. we talked about the details and numbers on this earlier. >> i tell you, a great week. and things that go on behind the
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scenes. a great day out there tomorrow. an even better weekend, and right on through the middle part of next week as well. we're in for one of the nicer stretches of weather we've had the last couple of weeks. outhere, a very nice night. the past couple of nights, into the 50s, but right now, in the 60s after a high today of 77 degrees. and that was actually the warmest temperature so far this month, but i think we're going to get a lot warmer. look at numbers outside. 65 degrees. beautiful. nds out of the west/northwest at 10 miles an hour. we need winds to die down if it's going to get any coler. let's keep them up there so temperatures will stay up. think over the next couple of hours, temperatures will die down and temperatures will fall down into the 50s in the district, 40s in the suburbs. la plata, 53. now you get a little mixing with wind and back up to 62degrees. leonardtown, 54 degrees. once again, expecting winds to
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calm down and a cool start tomorrow morning. 44 to 54 degrees, but once the sun comes up, it will warm up rapidly. may need coats by tomorrow morning, but by 9:00, 10:00, you'll be able to go without them. the area of low pressure that brought us clouds and cool conditions well to the north and east, that means good conditions for us. high in caribou, 55. that's like our weather yesterday. 80 in st. louis. 88 in memphis, 90 in wichita. that's the at trying to build into your air aour area. high pressure sliding on in for tonight and to tomorrow. more nice weather for the day tomorrow, and especially during the day on saturday as winds get light. we'll see sunshine, nice temperatures and really just a super saturday. overnight tonight as we wake up tomorrow morning, clear skies, another cool start. but plenty of sunshine and we'll warm up nicely. 44 to 54 as we move into the day tomorrow. temperatures up there.
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mostly sun, nice and warm. a fantast friday. 72 to 76 degrees. and it gets even better. how about this? 77 on saturday. 78 on sunday. columbus day. 81. many of us have a three-day weekend, and it will be a beautiful three-day weekend. a lot of people taking boats out for the last time. extended outlook show temperatures remain in the 70s right on through next week, wit chance of a shower maybe tuesday and better chance coming up during the day on thursday as well. we went through a four-day period with temperatures well below average and now movi into five or six days above average. >> we've earned this nice weekend. >> yeah, it's going to be great. >> still ahead, the local teacher is surprised with a national award that comes with a big, fat check. in sports, the wizards win again.
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redskins. he thought ias going to do his whole script. i'm not going to do that. looking good. >> they are looking good. >> youan what's weird about that? 2-2. and number one in one of the toughest divisions in the nfl. >> there are actually a lot of ways to look at that. you can look at it grass is half full or glass is half empty. they are two plays away from being 0-4. or you can think the best football is yet to come. the skins have a good chance to take down the 3-1 packers on sunday, especially if they can find a way to slow down aaron
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rogers. he sat behind brett favre for three years learning the system. he took over and delivered immediely. 28 touchdown passes in his first year as a starter, and 30 the next. now rogers is a pro wler and looking to feast on redskins secondary that's allowed 305 passing yards per game. >> it will definitely be a challenge. our ss defense hast been the greatest, and they are prolific when it comes to throwing the ball. aaron rodgers, probably the to three quarterbacks in the lague right now the way he's playing. we have to keep hitting. he plays with great confidence. if we stay after him, and not let him throw the ball, we'll be all right. >> we have to just get to him. that's the only way you can beat a good offense, get some pressure on him, get sacs and those kinds of things. i think -- our coverage has to be solid back there.
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but we can do a lot up front to help him out. >> phillip daniels, on aaron rodgers. and i almost feel a little quity when i throw out those stats because of that one game against the texans. it skews everything. feel like i had to say that. because i have t face those guys again at some point. redskins put punter josh bidwell on the season ending injured reserve and resigned hunter smith. and rookie left tackle has practiced on a limited basis and seems to be progressing toward playing on sunday. baseball me. i don't know what it is about minnesota, but the yankees are flawless there. the yankees have never lost -- never lost a postseason game in the land of 10,000 lakes. 7-0 in playoffs in minnesota. game two, yankees and the twins in the a.l.b.s. start in the top of the fifth. game tied 1-1. and lance berkman gets hold of
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the changeup delivered by povano. and yankees go up 2-1. and the bott of the sixth. andy pettitte cruising. retired 12 a row until now. orlando hudson, the pride of florence, south carolina, gets his first homer of the season. solo shot that tied it up 2-2. top of the seventh and things get messy r the twins. jorge posada on first. lancebergman, and span can't cah it. posada scores. and fans are fearing the worst. next ball, ball or strike,hat do you think? >> strike. >> it's called a ball. and ron gardenhire comes out to argue, and youare out of here! the first time a manager has been ejected in the postseason in five years. the twins never recover.
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they fall 5-2 to the yanes. preseason game number two for the wizards in cleveland, and this ain't the rivalry it used to be, folks. lebron is gone, and these guys are going to stink this year, man. after a slow start, the wizards crushed the cavalrs to impve to 2-0. gilbert arenas, picks up the loose ball. check out this dun we call this a facial. rookie john walsh off the mark a little bit. mcg wall missed his first eight shots. caught fire, and finished with 12 points. wizards finish 97- 83. it will be a while before that rivalry is close to what it used to be two or three years ago. >> i don't want to see no wizards/cavs rivalry. >> what do you want to see?
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seven men believed to be behind a dramatic heist in sweden were found guilty today. two weeks ago, that group used a helicopter to rob a security company. after landing on the grass roof, they broke into a locked cage using explosives and specialized saws. in 30 minutes, they stole more
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than $5 million. police were later able to track down the helicopter with two the robbers inside. the federal aviation administration is proposing tougher flight rules for medical helicopters. it's a response to a spike in deadly crashes. 2008 was they eiest year on record. one ppened in prince georges county a few yearsago. four people died. they want flight warning systems in more medical [ male announcer ] need a better w to save for the things you want?
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we've heard a lot lately about recruiting and develing talented teachers for our schools. but there are already some very good teachers in the school systems, and today one local teacher won a national award. shawn patrick griffin was surprised with a milken award today. he teaches fifth grade english and social studies at belmt station elementary school in ashton, virginia. griffin uses music and online tools to help student achieve


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