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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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suspicious death. a man is found dead inside his home in fairfax county. now his suv is missing. > no holiday for metro riders. get ready for a weekend filled with station closures, detours and delays. ready to walk. right now thousands are gathered at national parkor the start of a three-day walk to fight breast cancer. good morning. thanks for joining us for news 4 today eun yang. i'm joe krebs. it is friday, october 8th, 2010. a beautiful picture of the city
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with jefferson memorial at the center of you screen. traffic coming in and out on the bridges as well. but we have clear skies and comfortable temperatures. >> i was looking at those ladies. they were bouncing up and down just ready to go. >> they will have great weather, too. >> pristine. >> walking 20 miles a day. i can't drive 20 miles. >> they have a good cause, and that's what drives them each and every step. so many of them were just glad that they're out there. so today in the 70s. yesterday we hit a high of 77 degrees. >> so nice. >> wasn't it? >> so nice. >> hopefully you got a chance to get outside. today, a little higher the temperatures. then for the weekend, especially the end of the weekend, talking about a warming trend most spots. upround 80 degrees. where are we right now? 54 degrees. right now columbia heights. one above our coolerpots south and east. manassas and cal ver ton.
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great falls, 49 degrees right now. sun is up today at 7:11. bus stop, a milder wait for the kiddos. could probably get by without the jacket today. we will warm up rather rapidly. 73 by noon time. 77 at 3:00 with a high today of 79 degrees in the district. warrenton, 78. 73 today in annapolis, maryland. all with a westerville wind. i think that will bump the mercury up in a lot of neighborhoods for sunday and monday. a few high clouds will be coming into the area, too. and then, well, by the time we get , a few clouds. a bigger system will bring rain by thursday of next week. here it is shortly after 6:00. what to do on the roads now? ashley >>ell, volume. that's what we've got around wn. it's starting to stack up. not shaping up to be a too
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terrible friday morning as we travel around the region. good news across the wilson bridge. no problems. headlights are leaving alexandria for oxen hill. as we leave 270 -- excuse me. as we leave 109 to the truck scales on 270 south here's the pace. you're rolling. it is going to be congested. it doesn't last long. as you continue further south, the pace improves. that's the camera at shady grove. but as you make your way past montgomery on the far side o the camera, you can see it as we travel around the capital beltway, american legion bridge, no headlight toss report. passing by riv road, headed southbound, continuing to virginia. no problems for outer loop drivers. 95, all clear. no accidts. volume on the increase as you make your way from prince william that you know to woodbridge. eun and joe, back to you. >> thanks, ashley. well, this morning it looks like fairfax county police have a murder investigation on their
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hands in an upscale neighborhood. 61-year-old man was discovered a house in the 5700 block of ladues and court in fairfax statio police are stopping short of calling it a homicide but say there is evidence of foul play. they also say the man's lexus suv is missing from the home. police are looking for the vehicle. we'll take a look now of the picture of what it looks like. it has virginia plates that read xyw-8197. the commerce department downtown will be closed today because of a fire. firefighters evacuated herbert c. hoover building a8:30 and extinguished the flames. firefighters wore full hazmat suits inside and got sprayed down with water when they came outside. today employees have to take
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administrative leave or work from home. now to decision 2010. tomorrow chris christie is expected to endorse former maryland governor bob ehrlich. the "washington post" reports people w donate $50 to the republican candidate in the next 24 hours could be invited to the private reception. ehrlich is running to get his ol job back. three dozen people are recovering after having medical emergencies at a rally with president obama. thousands of people showed up to hear martin o'malley for his reelection. it was held at dewey state university. the president stopped his speech to request help when one person fainted. paramedics treated most people on site for heat exhaustion and dehydration.
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the final monthly jo port before the midterm electionsis due out today. they expect it to rise from 9.6% to 9.7%. president obama will address the job situation later today in maryland after tring a small business there. this is the norwegian nobel committee making the announcement. leo for his nonand nonviolent struggle for human rights in china. the committee says they long believed there has been a close connection between human rights and peace. president obama won the nobel peace prize last year. our time is now 6:06. why more than 3 police officers have now been cleared in a cheating scandal. unusual riding habit on one local highway. what you need to know while you're behind the wheel. 60 degrees. clear skies out there this morning.
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weather and traffic together on the ones when we return. synctaxes 60 percent. property woman 1 syi didn't owatrnor man 3: he worked for ak 10 billn
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we are following some breaking news right now out of northwest washington where the suspect in yesterday's deadly hit and run yesterday in dupont circle is now in police custody. news 4 has learned jarita davidson turned herself in just
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a short time ago. elaine reyes is outsi northwest washington with more. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, eun. we understand this happened just about an hour ago, around 5:00 this morning. we're told by a watch commander here at headquarters that 30-year-old jara davidson turned herself in. she was accompanied by a relative. there was an arrest warrant that was issued. shortly thereafter, she turned heelf in to investigators here at mpd. right now she's being held on one charge. we're told that is related to the traffic accident that happed yesterday. she will be processed here. she will be questioned and then she will be booked. from here within the next few minutes she will head downtown to central cell block for processing, fingerprinting, that sort of thing, and will be arraigned sometime this morning or this afternoon. now, a little background information here.
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investigors believe she was behind the wheel of an suv that ruck and killed 24-year-old kiela ryan in dupont circle yesterday morning. ryan was out celebrating her birthday when she was struck and killed on connecticut avenue. she died a few hours later at a local hospital. a witness saw the entire thing, chased the suv down with his bicycle long enough to get a tag number. he then did phone net tagged that number in to police. that led to davidson's friendship heights high-rise. this is still yon going as we speak. the person in custody at the moment. more updates as they become available this morning. >> elaine, does she fa any charges at this point? >> we >> reporter: well, right now she is facing one charge. they wouldn't say what that charge was. they would only say it is relateded to yesterday's traffic accident. but more charges will likely follow. we will just have to see how that progresses.
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it just depends on the attorney in the case. >> elaine, thanks so much for that update. we'll certainly continue to follow this story all morning long. 6:11. 59 degrees. beautiful picture of the capitol building this morning. it's albright and lit up. >> that's right. it's all lit up. oh, boy. >> it's coming. >> can you tell we're excited out fridays? >> yes. >> we do he clear skies out there. you know, it's nice now. it's only going to to get better as the weekend unfolds. dry conditions for the weekend and very warm conditions for the weekend. a calm wind now. light wind out of t west. 54 degrees. 57 our warmest spot, st. mary's. dale city to the south, 45 degrees. bus stop, 55 to 60 with a hh today of 79 degrees. should hit 77 by 3:00 today.
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so no problemsith the weather. how about the traffic? ashley? >> well, things are in a good place right now. no big trouble spots to speak of. 270 south starting to stack up through that stretch. lanes are open. capital beltway, no problem to report. this is the pace at 109. always congested there. as you travel to and across the 14th street bridge this early morning, no problems on 395. as you travel the eastbound freeway, a word of caution if you're making your approach towards the third street tunnel, we have a tractor trailer that was a bit too tall to take it on. the left lane will be blocked from the southeast freeway to the third street tunnel. across the 14th, lanes are open. you're moving. but a little bi of congestion starting to stack up. eun and joe, back to you. >> thanks so much. >> 6:13 the time. why you should be rocking the red today. >> slow going on metro this weekend filled with station closures, delays and detours. >> a large crowd gathering right
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now all in the fight against breast cancer.
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tang metro this columbus day weekend you may need to change what station you turn to. mcpherson and ferrogate west will be closed. no orange or blue line trains will pass through any of those three stations. take a shuttle bus. be prepared for up to 40 minutes if you're taking the bluor orange line. everything should be back to normal for tuesday's commute. yellow line expect 30-minute
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delays at braddock road because of landscaping work at the huntington station. traffic alert. starting tonight, crews will shut down severa streets around the imf and world bank buildings. it coincides with meetings this weekend. the street closings beg 7:00 don't and will reopen sunday night at 5:30. police leaders a defending dozens of cadets accused of cheating on their academy tests. a review showed one instructor incorrectly recorded perfect scores forhe cadets. there were no signs of cheating by the 32 cadets. another audit will bconducted to make sure no cheating occurred. newly released e-mail show agriculture secretary tom vilsack did not listen to warnings before he fired shirley sherrod. associated press obtained 800 pages of e-mails.
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in them top agriculture department officials warned vilsack that aideo posted online deipicting sherrod abouta racist was onla clip. it turned out her speech was actually about overcoming racism. her resignation letter said she was being forced to resign as a usda employee for a misrepresentation of her words. sherrod later got several apologies, inclung one from the president himself and a job offer from vilsack, which she turned down. redskins looking for the third wiof the season. they take on the green bay packers sunday at fedex field. the skins will be without clinton portis who is out for a month with a separated groin muscle. ryan terrain will take his place. the game may be pled here at home but the packers are still favored win. and this is a big weekend for hockey fans. washington capitals open their regular season tonight in lanta against the thrashers.
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they return home to the verizon center against the devils saturday night in their home opener. caps fans are hoping for a relar season similar to last year when the team with the best record in the league. they were upset in the first round losing to the canadiens. the fight against breast cancer begins with a few steps today. thousands are expected to turn out for the susan g. komen day for the cure. organizers are setting up. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. last year th event raised $5 milln. and they are on target for similar numbers this is year. all of the men going to breast cancer research. now, this is a 60-mile three-day walk. you can see some of the people gathered here off in the distance. those are the participants. they're waiting to get here into this other area where they begin to stretch and participate in the opening ceremonies at 7:00 this morning. after the ceremony,they will hit the pavement and start
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walking through th streets of washington. you will see folks around town. 2,000 walkers this year. they will make their way up over the course of the weekend to gaithersburg and back down for the closing ceremony 5:00 on sunday. we've been talking to folks, asking why they're participating. a pharmacist who works with cancer patients. she said she just wants to do more to help. >> you hear so many stories on three-day, sad stories. the saddest one was someone i met who signed up for the walk and she was diagnosed the wee before she left for the walk. so she was walking for herself. and she was very inspiring. a lot ofnspiring stories. and sad stories and funny ories. it's a great experience. >> reporter: and there are a lot of inspiring stories. comi up in our next hit with you, we're going t introduce you to a woman who actually was diagnosed with breast cancer. one of her friends said i'm going to walk with you while she
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s undergoing treatment. her goal was to get out and walk. she did that. this year she's back with more of her friends. inspiring story there. eun, back to you. >> megan mcgrath, megan, thank you. certainly we'll have a glorious weekend for that walk. >> amazingly nice weekend for that walk. >> we deserve it. >> we do, don't we? i'm putting together my list of weekend things. >> a little biking, a little hiking, a little kayak trip. >> all the above. >> make sure ides more outside stuff than inside. leave cleaning the kitchen until later. >> who is cleaning the kitchen? >> mopping theloor on your hands and knees. all right. calm wind out there right now with clear skies. georgetown, 54 degrees. our warmest location, soh and east. leonardtown, 57. head down to the south now around triangle, 95 where it is 47.
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mcclain, 45. clear skies. high pressure off to our west. light west wind today. bus stop, 55 to 60. heading up to 77 by 3:00 today. sunshine across the board. full sunshine across the area. high of 80 degrees today and close to that this weekend. this early morning, let's dive right in. it is going to be a little bit congested. not too bad but slow out of silver -- excuse me, college park toward silver spring. 270, aeady established delays are still there. you'll find them as you leave 109 headed towards the truck scales just in the southbound direction. after that it breaks through. 395, no problems. 95 at the prince william parky, pick up volume in the in line. eun and joe, back to you. >> 6:22 is your time. 59 degrees. a lal highway where birds are
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turning up dead. how a man was able to walk out with a bag full of groceries without anybody noticing him but it was all caught on camera. xheed yons jon stewart and stephen colbert will have toilet trouble later this month at the national mall.
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across the river in virginia, alexandria police hope you recognize this man from the giant food store on east monroe in alexandria. he hid from workers until the store was closed, then went on his own little shopping or taking spree. the alarm went off but the monitong company never called police. >> drivers on 295 look out for birds this morning. dozens of tiny chimney swifts were found in southwest washington. at first city workers thought they may have been kild by contamination by the facility. but it turns out the migrating birds were chasing bugs hit by cars. three of the birds were taken to a lab just to double-check that nothing else is to blame. breaking news. find out who just won the nobel peace prize. and a man found dead inside a home in fairfax county and now police are on the look jute for his stolen vehicle. it looks like we are in
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store for a picture perfect weekend. can't wait. weather and traffic together on the ones are next. stay with us.
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a man is found dead. walking for a cure. right now thousands are gathering at nationals park the start of a three-day walk to fight breast cancer. >> hope they have their walng shoes on and plentyf gatorade and water. >> going to be a nice watday. >> it is friday, october 8th, 120. a live look outside. 6:30 is your time. 57 degrees. a great weekend ahead. wee excited about the beautiful weather. veronica johnson is here. >> spectacular weekend ahead. joeshgs shoe explain ursf. goo is what marathonersuse. a lot of calies, electro lights. >> can you just eat a hershey
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bar? >> no. try eating one today out in the sun. close to 80 degrees. yesterday we hit 77. so it's back to a taste of september for us. tacoma park, 54. 48 at largo and clinton. 45 in chantilly. bus stop, 55 to 60. nothing but sunshine. sun will come up at 7:11. your high today, 79 at 3:00 today. look at that weekend. ashley, got plns? >> not big plans. the weather is just too beautiful to pass up. fortunately around the regn not too difficult to make it around. no big problems to report on the inner loop as you make your way leaving the tysons stretch. get the all clear. those headlights putting along at the posted speed limit. we do have some volume. it's going to be heavy as you
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leave college park for silver spring. it's at this pace. it's not too terrible f. you' traveling the freeway, third street tunnel out of the district, we have the left lane blocked by trailer too tall to get in. once beyond it, no problems. eun and joe, back to you. >> all right. thanks. more now on the breaking news we have we've been following all morning long. hit and run yesterday in dupont circle is now in police custody. news 4 has learned jarita davidson turned herself in just a short time ago.
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this morning, police in fairfax county are waiting to see if there's a killer on loose. a man was discovered in a large home in the 5700 of ladues and courin fairfax station. police are not ready to call this homicide yet. the man's lexus suvs missing from the house. here's what it looks like. it has virginia plates that read xyw-8197. breaking new this morning out of norway. chinese dissident has just won e nobel peace prize. this is the norwegian nobel committee. it cited him for his nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in china. he is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence for subversion in china. there is a close connection between human rights and peace. president obama won the nobel peace prize last year.
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now to decision 2010. tomorrow chris christie is expected to endorse former maryland governor bob ehrlich. the "washingtopost" reports people who donate $50 to the republican candidate in the next 24 hours could be invited to the private reception. ehrlich is running to get his old job back. three dozen people are recovering this morninafter having medal emergencies at a rally with president obama. thousands of people showed up to hear martin o'malley for his reection in prince george's county yesterday. it was held at dewey state university. the president stopped his speech to request help when one person fainted. paramedics treated most people on site for heat exhaustion and dehydration. it is now 6:34. the "today" show is next at 7:00. let's see what they're working on this morning. >> reporr: coming up to you on
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this friday morning on "today," two children abducted by strangers as they took out the trash outside their family home. new details on the duke graduate list sexual encounters of athletes that ended up online. could she be facing legal troub trble because of it. women who weigh less earn more at work. and betty white, we'll sfend a day with her. as we get started on a friday morning o "today". >> have a great weekend. >> reporter: you too. 6:35 is your time. coming up, where you'll see extra security on the rails today. the battle brewing over port-a-poies of all things. 67 degrees. 6:35 our time. beautiful day beginning out there. we'll have the forecast and the traffic report right after this. i bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running -- to make thetate we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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sgloe welcome back. 6:38. 57 degrees. look at that lovely shot at the white house. you can see it's going to be a clear day. and sun is out.
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weather is nice. veronica has been telling us all morning to get out and eny it while it lasts. >> really dramatic lighting. sun is ready to come up. flag is allbeautifully lit. and the washington monument is lit up too. a great day headed our way, right, veronica? >> excellent day headed our way. what a day it's going to be and what a weekend it's going to be. we're talking a warming trend. and the temperatures will get close to 80. well above average. >> back to the forecast in just a moment. here's some swe very veng. if the post office ever lost your mail. it appears thousands of ballots for the ameran postal workers union for the internal election got lost in the mail. the union election committee received only about 39,000 ballots because many union members claimed they never received their ballots in the mail. the union had to extend its voting deadline because of this apparent mistake. and the nbc orchestra,
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here's veronica. >> cue, veronica. >> there you go. >> this wille one of the prettiest weekends we have had. it's a tste of september for us in october. we'll get up to about 80 degrees. several degrees above average. right now under some clear skies. we've got a couple of minutes before the sun comes up. currently, 54 degrees. fairfax county, baileys crossrds. 48 degrees right now in mt. vernon. gaithersburg, 48, as is district heights in prince george's county. 7:11 is when the sun comes up today. milder wait. probably could go without the jacket. 73 by lunchtime today. i will be the streak going down the road by that time. 77 b 3:00. 79 degrees. close to that for saturday and
6:41 am
sunday. we might pick up a few high clouds on sunday as well as monday. and there's a slight chance for a passing shower monday night as well as tuesday morning. i've just added cloud cover for tuesday. not a big deal for us. it will be mostly dry. showers, though, our best chance comes through. right now there are parts of the area like eastern areas of west virginia, down through the shenanah valley that still could use some rainfall. meanwhile, we'll head out to the roadways and see how traffic is slowing here, ashley. >> well, things are a steady clip around town. chopper 4 over 66 around 123 headed for the capital belty. no accidents greet you this early morning. just a little bit of company headed for the beltway. as you can see, it is stacked up. headlights continuing towar the beltway itself. it is gog to be heavy out of collegpark, silver spring. out of the district due to the susan g. komen walk for breast cancer. we have someelays on south capital.
6:42 am
it was headed for nationals park fortunately lanes are open in that stretch. back to you guys. >> ashley, thank you. >> one day after headlining a campaign rally for martin o'malley, president poe bam ma heads back to prince george's county today. get ready for a weekend filled with station closures, detours and delays. and thousands of federal workers an unexpected day at home.
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well, it's not a sick day but aftermath of a fire that is keeping employees from going to work at the commerce department building. firefighters evacuated the herbert hoover building downtown last night because of a fire up on the third floor. asbestos abatement kept firefighters from ventilating that because of asbestos particles in the air.
6:45 am
firefighters wore full hazmat suits inside and got sprayed down with water when they came outside. today employees have to take administrative leave or work fromome. extra security at amtrak stations but don't worry, it is part of a security test. amtrak is running a security program called rail safe in certaicities. there is no reason for alarm. there is no threat. and the test is not related to the terror alert for americans traveling in europe. planning on taking metro this columbus day weekend? you may need to change what station you're going to. fair gate and mcpherson will be closed. they want folks to know if you plan to ke the shuttle, build in extra delays.
6:46 am
red line will not be affected at all. red andyellow, no picnic this weekend either. add a half hour and take the red line between shady grove and twin brook. yellow line, expect 30-minute delays between huntington and braddock because of landsping work being done at the huntingtonstation. the man expected to be the next mayor of d.c. is going around asking questions from city residents. he had a standing room only for his latest town hall meeting last night. he only won % of the primary vote. this is his second of eight town halls. he answered questions about public safety, ways to make up for the budget shortfall. thank you for talking about a commur tax. we are essentially the onl jurisdiction in the world that cannot tax the income of nonresidents. >> will i do that? absolutely.
6:47 am
but i don't want to go up there d turn around and see nobody behind me, okay? >> gray also announced former federal office of management and budget director alex relative lynn has agreed to work with his administration. his next town hall at sousa middle school on eli place in southeast at 6:30 p.m. police leaders are defending dozens of cadets accus of cheating on their academy tests. a review showed one instructor incorrectly recorded perfect scores for the cadets. but he says there were no signs of cheating by the 32 cadets. another audit will be conducted to make sure no cheating occurred. today president obama will visit the ernes maher factory. courtney, good morning.
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>> reporter: hi. good morning. this is, of course, the big focus for investors today. really kind of has been all week. monthly employment report due out at 8:30 a.m. it is expected to show mediocre job growth last month. zero jobs added to nonfarm payrolls. most are focused on the priva sector. companies are expected to have add about 75,000 such jobs. unemployment rate is seen rising to 9.7%. that will be the highest since may. also important to point out this is the last jobs report before election day. . andpresident obama has sent a foreclosure bill back to congress for a pocket veto. the measure would require courts to recognize notary seals from different states from where the court is located. critics say that would make it easier r banks to forlose on homeowners. they have been signing off
6:49 am
without thorghly checking the paperwork. back to u. >> courtney a dpan, thanks so much. have a great weekend. >> you too. organizers of the marine corps. marathon may be throwing money down the toilet. they ordered 750 pt-a-potties for the month, a day after jon stewart and stephen colbert's dualling comedy rallies. they offered to she the cost but the marathon people turned down that often. that means runners and marathoners will not be using the same toilets. >> he is a comedian. he should be able to appreciate the humor in that. got to be able to take it as well as dish it out. wish he hadn't said that. organizers of the colbert and stewart rlies applied for a joint permit for their events. the park service is still considering their request. the fight against breast
6:50 am
cancer begins with st a few steps on the nation's capital. thousands are expected to turn out for the susan g. komen three day for the cure. they are raising money for breast cancer research. megan mcgrath is live this morning where they are about to begin. good morning. >> reporter: goomorning, eun. opening ceremony gets under way at 7:00. you can see all the people who have gathered behind me. they have the music going. people are starting to warm up. after the opening ceremony they're going to hit the pavement. we have 2,000 people participating in the three-day walk. they will walk 60 miles this weekend and raise moneyor breast cancer research. last year they raised $5 million through the event. they're on tart to raise the same amount this year. as you can see, people e ready to go. dhar rea they're ready to get out and under way. we spoke to lynn be, a breast cancer survivor. shetold us how thshe came to be
6:51 am
involved. >> i told my friends i was going to have a mastectomy. one of my friends said, i'm walking the three-day. so she walked for me that day. she walked the weekend that i was in the hospital. and we are -- that was my goal for the next year, was to train and do the three-day. we d it in atlanta. and this year we grew in numbers from two to four. and next year we'll go to 8 or 106789 and so we're just going to keep raising mone >> and you can see folks are having a great time with this. we have the beach balls going. energizer is one of the sponsors here. that's why you see all the pink bunny ears. we have seen pink tu tus. they're just having a great time. all of it about to get under way. the opening ceremony at 7:00 a.m. here. they'll hit the pavement. so keep in mind if you're working downtown today you may
6:52 am
see a sea of pink. all kinds of people walking dn the road. they will be on the sidewalk. they're not going to shut down any streets. you might see qite a crowd out there. eun, back to you. >> looks like a party out there, megan. >> yeah. they're having a good time. >> thanks so much, megan mcgrath. >> couldn't ask for better weekend. >> lots of sunshine on them today, gleaming down on that sea of pink, as megan mentioned. couldn't ask for better weather. this really is really ideal weather for what our trees need to get that good color. not on will we have the sunshine but warmer temperatures, which is good. warm not hot. we are warming up. reagan nional airport with a calm wind right now. and the sun is on its way up. 7:11 today. elsewhere across the area, you could see down to the south,
6:53 am
quan at t qutico, 46. calverton, manassas, 43 degrees. montgome, 48 degrees. right now your temperature. 44 in millersville in frederick county, maryland. brookville with a light wind. sunshine. 'll be warming up rather rapidly today. getting up to 73 by noon time already. 77 by 3:00. should hit a high today around 79. what's going on? light westervilleiesterly wind. clear and calm all the areas off to the west with clear skies and calm winds. look at the temperatures out in elkins, west virginia. they dropped 14 degrees, now at 36 degrees. expansive area of high pressure not just here but all up into new york city, boston, even chicago. as this high pressur system
6:54 am
starts moving off to the east and eventuall down to the south and west, a lot of us will be warming up for the chicago marathon. probably the waest since 19906789 they'll be like us, in the upper 70s. today a warm one for you. overnight we drop to 50 to 55 degrees. and then for saturday,78. same thing for sunday. a few high clouds. th is, again, columbus day on monday with a temperature of 81 degrees. a little bit of rain. probably monday night, tuesday, and again on thursday. ashley, how are we doing now? >> we hav delays in the region. while there's no big closures domestic e, we definitely have delays. south capital jaed up as you make your way -- as you travel across the douglas bridge to nationals park. that's pretty heavy this early morning. as we travel the capital beltway, congested. leaving college park for silver spring. break through in bethesda. chopper 4 is traving along 66.
6:55 am
traveling in that east bound direction, leaving 123 behind headed for the capital beltway. you're definitely on the bre. fortunately no accidents to add to your commute. also out of the virginia area along leesburg pike after colvin run, accidents on the left shoulder. jammed from beulah road as a result. back to you. thank you very much, ashley. moreow on the breaking news we've been following all morning. the suspect in yesterday's deadly hit and run in dupont circle is now in police custody. 30 yooertdjerita davidson turned herself in early this morning. she's been processed as we speak. police say davidson hit and killed 24-year-old kiela ryan. she is scheduled to appeart an arraignment hearing later today. breaking news from norway where chinese dissident won the
6:56 am
nobel peace prize. they cited him for his nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in china nampt the committee says it is long believed there is a close connection between human rights and peace. president obama, as you will recall, won the nobel peace prize last year. now final check of our morning's top sties in the news. police in fairfax county suspect foul play in the death of a man found in his home yesterday afternoon. the 61-year-old man was found in his home on50 block of la dues and court in fairfax station. firefighters say it started onhe third floor where crews were doing asbestos abatement.
6:57 am
> expect extra security amtrak stations. don't worry, it is part of a security test. amtrak is running a security program called rail safe in certain cities. washington capitals open their regular season tonight in atlanta against the thrashers. they return home to the verizon center agast the devils saturday night in their home opener. have a great day. >> bye. justrive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our maple cheddar breakfast sandwich. breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter. leaves residue bind?
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