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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 11, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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an investigative specialist with the fbi. he lives in silver spring. he is finely remembered by people in the neighborhood. >> it is horrible to see a young person just starting to live a life and the life be taken away. the tragedy is just horrible. will. >> reporter: victim. 26 years old, a fine wine salesman. a huge redskins fan. he grew up in woodmore in the st. bernadette parrish. >> great kid. real happy go luck evy kid. he was stood just and got his degree from maryland. we're all just so sad. >> reporter: adam, rory. two old friends from good counsel high school. stck and killed by a car on rockville pike.
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it happened at the intersection of 355 and march nellie road. the two men got off the metro. police say as they went to cross rockville pike, at's when it happened. that's when they were struck. police gave them a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test as well so alcohol was a factor in the know. >> yes, it was. >> reporter: after the know, is there evidence that the driver continued on for about a block and a half before he came back to the scene? >> that's what witnesses reported to us, yes. >> reporter: so if alcohol was involved and there's evidence the driver did leave the scene for a while, how come that driver is not in custody now? >> in cases where there is a death and we do this in depth investigation, the investigators complete the report. submit it and present it to the members of the state's
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attorney's office who in turn confer with investigators and dermine the appropriate charges. >> reporter: are you fearful, though, that the driver may skip town? >> the is that possibility. >> reporter: the investigation ntinues on so far. no charges against that 25-year-old driver. now, before yesterday there re nine pedestrian fatalities. far this year in montgomery county, police say eight of the nine results from missteps by the pedestrians. back to you. >> thank you, pat. there was some unscripted draman downtown d.c. film crews are working on the new transformers movie. youtube video shows what appears to be a chase sequence. the movie collided with the d.c. police suv that was apparently on s way to a crime scene. the camaro in the crash happens to be bumble bee. e of the film's mai
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characters. tom sherwood will have more on this accident and the impact it will have on our area and the traffic in the next half-hour. a rockville man is behind bars after he allegedly tried to hire a hitman to murder his wife. police tell us 42-year-old richard boyd jr. offered a man moy and pills to kill his estranged wife. but the man inform police of the deal. and officersrrested boyd after one of their arranged meetings. investigators say boyd was concerned about the outcome of his divorce. >> my famy was in support and it is a shock to everyone, friends and family at this point. >> i'm working the police. the detectives have been extremely supportive. an i'm thankful for that. >> court records show elizabeth boyd took out a protective order against her husband back in april. richard boyd is being held tonight without bond. now to a developing story work the women trying to outrun police are in critical condion after a chase this morng. the crash happened at 3:00 at
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the intersection of route 1 and east west highway in riverdale, maryland. tracy wilkins has more from the scene. traffic signs have been rolled over and are now lying in this yard next to a fire hydrant. was the violent scene left over from an accident that happened this morning. police say it all started at a nearby restaurant and then ended here. the police say the officers were pursuing a woman on foot in he can do some kind of a theft involving a cell phone. they stay woman borrowed someone's phone and woun't gi it back. what started as something petty turned much more serious. police stay woman made it into a car with another woman inside. the two took o on kenworth avenue to east west highway. a spokesman said by the time the police officers were able to get in their own cruiser and catch up to the two women, theyad crashed here at the intersection of east west highway. both women had been ejected from the car, according to police. both wereransported to the hospital in critical conditn. prince george's county police
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are now in charge of this investigation. that investigation is continuing. in riverdale, news4. the instructor at the prince george's county police cad my is accused of helping students cheat has been moved to a different unit. police chief roberto hilton says the instructor was transferred to the department's sex fender registration unit. hilton said the teacher recorded student scores for students because heas too lazy to write down the grades. mayor o'malley and robert ehrlich met face to face for the first time since their campaigns kicked off forhe first tim ey were in baltimore focusing on jobs, education and the negative commercials the candidates have fired at each other. chris gordon has more on decision 2010. the maryland's governor's race. >> reporter: supporters of governor o'malley demonstrated in front of the baltimore tv ation where the debate was
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held. members of the audience included democratic elected officials, including senator barbara mikulsky. the campaign team for bob ehrlich said that the rules had calls for a nonpartisan debate crowd. the debate began with theumber one issue. submitted by the public. the economy. >> the truth of the matter is we have actually created over 33,000 net new jobs. that's note saying that. that's the bureau of labo statistics. and we have to continue to create jobs because we have a deep hole to climb out of. >> reporter: ehrlich attacked the record calling him gov several times. >> gov, you said you cut state spending. we add up yo budgets over four years. dwlung they add to? $124 billion. mine? $101 billion. you're $23 billion -- that's not a rounding error. that really counts. that's big time money. >> reporter: the debate turned personal at time with emotions coming clo to the surface.
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>> most negative ads made up all the difference in the polls. we started ten down pitch the end we were even in the polls. blaming me for the louisiana oil spill was maybe your worst moment. you yourself said that was a strategic mistake. >> i didn't blame you for the oil spill. >> is my time now. >> i thought it was a lyely exchange of ideas about the fight of our state. >> reporter: in the final weeks of this campaign, the governor and former governor will meet face to face a number of times on debates on radio and tv. the next official debate will be in our area, sponsored by the "washington post" this coming thursday. from baltimore, i'm chris gordon, news4. this afternoon, both candidates participated on a form on sabilities. the achievements of christopher columbus honored today at a wreath laying ceremony. it is the 99th annual celebration of the columbus memorial fountain and the statue there in columbus plaza. the national park service
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honoring the man credited with discovering america. the plaza has bee the focal point since it was dedicated in 1912 and columbus day has been a national holay since 1971. a beautiful day on tap. many of yo were able to enjoy the weather. lucky you were. good timing. we came close to breaking a record out there. doug kammerer is live tracking the conditions for us. can we keep it coming? >> no. >> but we gave you a great weekend. we gave you saturday and sunday. and now today, just a gorgeous day out there. a little on the warm side. not just warm. we're sitting right now at about 15 to 20 degrees above average for this te of year. outside right now, it is looking gorgeous with bright blue skies. some high cirrus clouds making their way in. current temperature, 86 degrees. so far i've seen 87.
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that's not the official number. the record high is 90derees. right now, 84 degrees. 82 in frederick. and hagerstown. what are we seeing? high pressure is just down to our south. to the north, we have a frontal boundary that is producing showers and pretty strong storms. that same front will come through our area overnight into the day tomorr. with a better chance of storm for us tomorrow. but maybe a possible shower. mostly to the north of the d.c. area up toward the hagerstown area. you have the best chance of seeing the storm. 71 degrees. and then by tomorrow, when you're waking up. the temperatures close to tt 60-degree mark and most locations on a good note. one more warm day and then things take big nosedive as far as the temperatus go. i'll show it to you in my full forecast. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. another nail biter in o.t., folks. it wasn't prty but it was a win. now we're 3-2. lindsay czarniak is live at
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the park where the fans are basking in their ertime win. another victory monda here at redskins park. you're right. this win was really too close for comfort for all parties involved. the confidence and the belief that this team can really pull it out when the deck is stacked means everything for this organization. it was the buzz in the locker room postgame and it was what mike shanahan talked abt today when referring to yesterday's big win for the washington redskins. this team has a lot of confidence. donavan mcnabb struggled in the first half but made some adjustments to get that rhythm going and it worked. armstrong with the 48-yard tohdown. 84 yards on the day. it was his first, after that it came down to a field goalo winter. the redskins have put themselves in a precarious spot, really. here was the opportunity. the kick we're come on with an opportunity for the game winning
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33 yard field goal inovertime. he was he was nervous, he came him confidence. he wins it 16-13, the final. today mike shanahan said the nature of his team's win is unfamiliar territory. >> i don't think i've ever been involved in five games, or four game determine by the last play. the one game that we probably should have under control is the game we were ahead at, houston. we didn't get that one done. no, i can't say i have. i don't believe i can remember any scenario like that since i've started coaching. >> mike shanahan said the camaraderie on this team is something special. we'l talk more about that coming up in sport. >> wll see you then. thanks. still ahead, what you need to know to get around the strict during the filming of the transformer iii movie. the new construction project
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every joe in america uses it. looks like everyone likes saving money. ah, the potential of putting people first. thanks joe. know more. get better. get a smarter health plan. ♪ montgomery county police are investigating the deadly crash
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that killed two men in rockville over the weekend. adam hosinski and rory weichbrod were on their way home when a car hit them. e 25-year-old driver was taken into custody. then released. police say he had been drinking. governor martin o'malley and former republican governor robert ehrlich went toe to toe in their fir debate in the maryland governor's race. on the economy, o'malley has created 33,000 new jobs and ehrlich criticized him for raising the state business tax. we are now tied for first place in the nfc east. >> so there. >> that explains that deo. now we'll move on to weather. i can't believe this guy came back indoors after getting a taste of that warm weather. >> and i ran. >> and you ran. >> i couldn't have just stayed out there? >> no. and you had to put the jacket on, too. >> i know.
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the jacket on. wipe the sweat off. >> what a great weekend we had. >> with all the sunshine. the temperatures. no matter what you were doing, it was absolutely splendid and fantastic. i used that word earlier. >> i can't say it enough. splendid. that's all you're going to get. you can see the clouds streaming into the area. that's about it. plenty of sunshine. high temperare in the middle 80s. winds out of the southwest at about six miles per hour. not much wind there either. it has been a fantastic ternoon. it will continue to be a fantastic afternoon. 85 in charlottesville. culpeper around 88 degrees. temperature have been way up there. we haven't seen any rain. look at this. no rain around our area. to the for the and west of the area. a pretty good line of thunderstorms making it toward the east. severe thunderstorm warning for
5:17 pm
them. watch for that area toward philadelphia for the rest of us, i don't think we're going to see too much from this. maybe a shower to the north. that will be about it. that wilbe overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. a better chance of a shower. there's the area of high pressure that has been pushed to the south and east. here's the rain to the north. maybe a couple showers late this evening. that's a siphon thingn of thing. say goodbye to the warm temperatur. say hello to much cooler air by tomorrow night. much cooler during the afternoon tomorrow and especially into the day on thursday. this evening, partly cloudy. one or two showers mostly to the north of the d.c. metro area. tomorrow morning, as you're waking up and walk outside, a few clouds. maybe a shower or two around. 50 to 58 degrees. maybe toward 60 in the city. as we move through the day, sun and clouds continued warm. one or two showers on the warm
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side. we'll have to ctinue to watch for that. then you asked me if you could stick around. my answer was, no. on wednesday. and then just rain on thursday. and maybe a lot of it coming up. 62 on friday. big changes in the forecast. >> we are edging closer to november. >> we really are. >> it will feel like it. >> the seasons are changing. >> thawing, doug. car maintenance. it can be costly this time of year. it is time to think about your tires. >> wet and slippery roads test our tires. is it time for new wheels? tips on buying new tires. >> i don't think we're ever going toorget last year's weather. this year,be prepared. first, shop around from tire store to tire store, there is a big difference in price when it comes to those all weather tires. >> i don't think anyone thinks about them. most people don't think about them until something goes wrong.
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>> that's why this customer came here. he needs two new tires. >> i did not rotatey tires often enough. so it's my fault. >> reporter: it's a familiar story. we ignore our tires until we end up onhe side of the road or worse, in an accident. with rain and snow approaching, good tires are a must. if you are in the market for new tires, smears good news. you don't have to get taken for a ride when it come to price. >> how didou document here? >> i'm a repeat customer i priced them out a few years ago and they were the best. >> reporter: washington's consumer checkbook agrees. it recently priced ecific tire models at 59 tire dealers. discount tire and auto was among those which weaved high marks. >> the big stor to store differences in the tires for exactly the same tires. >> reporter: for example, checkbook picked four
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bridgestone tires, including mounting, balancing and found prices rarnged from $476 to 30. that's a difference of more than $250. >> if you are careful to compare exactly the same things. if you specify all those things when you're making your phone calls, you will get comparable prices fr these different outlets. >> can i presume, for example, a car dealership will have the most expensive tires? >> you certainly can't assume that it will have the highest pres. in some cases we found new car dealers actually had very good prices on specific makes and models of tires. >> and don't presume a wholesaler or depot always has the best deal. >> surprisingly, there is no real pattern in which places will have the lowest price. >> whichever tires you buy, getting the most value come with proper maintenance, not to mention keeping you and others
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on the road safe. >> reporter: how do you describe that tire? >> pretty bald. >> reporter: did you think about how much would you spend or did you just get in here? >> of coue. thatas important. i went to one shop. it was too much. i check this place online. go reviews, good price. i called them up and here we are. >> reporr: now checkbook did find membership warehouse clubs like bj's, wholesale clubs like costco, sam's club, had some of the best prices. you can get a complete list of those recommended area tire dealers at it is not one of those where you assume everybody has the same price. >> quite a huge savings. >> it' worth it. thanks, liz. >> good to know. up next, ready to be rescued. we now know howuch longer those trapped chilean miners will have to wait before being reunited with their families. two hours in frochb tv could
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the end is hopefully in sight for the trapped chilean mine here's are expected to be
5:25 pm
pulled out late tuesday orearly wednesday. the hole is being reinforced for safety. the plan? send an escape capsule down to the men and bring them up one by one. loved ones waiting anxiously are hoping to see them. they've been trapped more than two months. >> and hundred of journalists waiting for that one pictur >> it will be a good one. there are conflicting reports from mexico on the reported murder of an american on a border lake. >> david and tiffany hartley were on jetskies on the mexico an side of the lake. tiffany said they shot and kill her husband and shot at her. over the week, a mexican investigator said two brothers in the violent zeta cartel have been named a suspect. late last night, official said that report was not extra. hartley's family does not know what to believe. >> i'm not giving up hope that
5:26 pm
we areoing to find him. that we are going to bring him home. so everything we do get, i hope. there's always hope. >> david hartley's father is less optimistic. he said the family may have to acceptn his wordshat david's headstone will be fallow -- over. the hill reports cloey is scheduled to meet tomorrow with republican senator dick looger. they are expected to zus actor's recent trip to the darfur region. 3 miion people have been displaced. before, that he is scheduled to occur on the "today" show. clooney spent a week onhis trip and we'll have more on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. > still to come, fighting foreclosure. after nearly 30 years in business, a local man stands to
5:27 pm
lose his home and his store. how it happened and what he plans to do next. the streets are being transformed for a big budget movie. and was your ba born in october? why researcrs say your child's birthday could increase their risk of autism. i'm bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running --
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make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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hello, everybody. another great day out there with those nice warm temperatures and a lotof sunshine. current temperature, 86 degrees. this in the middle of okay. how about that? winds out of the southwest at about six miles per hour. gh pressure to our south. and our frontal boundary to our north. bringing some shower activity to the north. do i speck some of that overnight tonight into tomorrow. 54 in warrenton. 56 in frederick. and look at the highs tomorrow around that 80-degree mark with a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. >> allright. thanks. we heard a lot about the unsavory practices regarding home foreclosures. elected officials are putting a hole on it. >> small business owners are having a tough time trying to stay afloat. an derrick ward spoke with one local business owner who is coming down to the wire. >> reporter: late last month, the president sign a bill that offers tax and lending officials.
5:31 pm
it helps a struggling sector of the economy. we caught up with a small business owner in rockvil who hopes he can hang on long enough to reap the benefits. >> i think what we'll end up having to do -- >> reporter: he has been in business for 29 years in montgomery county. his master's craft body shop, his idea was to run the business until it is time to reti and then relax. the kind of send you are ao most people have in mind. but four years ago things changed with the building he was renting. >> then buy it or get out. >> reporter: he considered buying. back then, financg was no problem and the bank was his best friend. then came those high gas prices that shook he sector of the automotive industry. then serious illnesses for he and his wife. then the credit crunch. he kept it going until last year. then bank was not so frieny anymore.
5:32 pm
>> we got behind in our mortgage. and the bank started on me. >> reporter: foreclosure became a real threat. while maryland's governor has been among those sikh moratorium on foreclosures, it is mainly helping homeowners and not small business. the loans have dried up. the legal advice? >> i went and will my story seven time to seven different lawyers. they all said ge up. i've done everything but. >> rorter: that included putting up his home, his savings, even his life insurance. all in an effort to keep from closing his doors and firing his employees. he said he is not unique. other small businesses are feeling pinch. now it has come to filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. >> the way the rules are set, you don't have a choice. >> reporter: 29 years of business come to a final four months of uncertainty. >> we have 120 days to find financing to restructure the business. there's no money out there though. >> reporter: now i aed him
5:33 pm
what advice he would offer to someone thinking of starting a businesslike his now. his response was simple. in one word, he said wait. >> we're hearing that a lot. thank you. local families say they need to make a lot more money these days t feel financially secure. according to a new cos of living survey, a family of four in fairfax county needs to make $108,000 to feel secure. montgomery county familieseed $104,000 annually. up from $80,000 two years ago. in the district, a single person with no kids or car report feeling financially secure if they make just $32,000. look out. they're big, loud, box office gold. and now they're right here in our region. today, film crews on the new transformers movie had some unscripted drama downtown. it all happened while crews were filming at appears to be a
5:34 pm
chase near national mall. look at that. the video shows them colliding with one of the transformers' vehicles. it happens to be one of the fi's main characters. for many, it was a little confusing whether it was part of the movie or not. news4's tom sherwood is live downtown with more on this story. right over here, the movie got more real life action right here than it was planning on. transformer movies are filled with action. but there's hours of boring set-upor simple transformer iii movie scenes going on in washington. lots of waiting around. waiting, waiting and waiting. then a burst of action. but at one unscripted moment, there was this scene. watch that yellow car captured on a small video camera.
5:35 pm
the movie car was sideswiped by our real life d.c. police car. bystander george hurrily thought it was part of the movie. >> i was just over there filming the scene. the emergency car drove through and didn't see them and hit head on. >> i thought it was part of the movie. did you? >> at first i did. obviously itasn't. >> the real life wreck shut down production at third and independence. trans former iii will continue shooting all week. >> pretty exciti. an opportunity f locals and tourists. for that moment, yeah. people were coming around. we talk to pple all over the world them don't know what transformers are either. the lady said, do we have to pay? but yeah. it's exciting. a day off. the weathers good and it was
5:36 pm
pretty much fun. >> reporter: no one was hurt in that wreck that was unscripted. tomorrow nighton pennsylvania avenue, lots of explosions and there will be a lot of police out to make sure no one gets hurt. >> back to you. >> a lot of excite many down there. thank you. metro ride letts expect delays tonight. both the farragut west and the mcpherson stations were closed all day for track work. there wille no bl or orange line sense. free bus service will be provided at several stations to help commuters get between those closed stops. metro says service should be restored by 5:00 tomorrow morning. a new study out suggests there may be a link between jaundice and autism. researchers in denmark looked at every birth between 1994 and 2004. they found full termnfants who had jaundice were 67% more likely to develop autism. the rick was higher if they were born between october and march.
5:37 pm
but there is still no direct evidence jaundice causes autism. mild jaundice is common among newborns a usually disers in a about a week. the wrecking ball is coming out. may knowi making way. it already known for tie-ups. a close calluring a police shoot-out. how a cell phone saved a man's life. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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a cell phone takes a bullet for a shooting suspect. a rider takes thousands have pages into an origami xb. all stories that make you say what? a drunk driving suspect was saved by a cell phone during a police shoot-out. it happened late saturday night in missouri. 29-year-old scott mcmillan was pulled over. he jumped outof h car with a gun and began shooting. the officer fired back. the cell phone mcmillan was wearing on his belt took a bullet. it left a bruise but he was otherwise uninjured. no one else was hurt. a rider from denver labored for eight years on a novel about a teenager coming of age. after having a tough time getting it published, she decided to turit into a work of art instead. she took 4,000 page script and
5:41 pm
turned it into an origami. she made tiny little cranes out of eac pag tafrt said she'll never publish it now. about 270,000 people packed the street of okinawa, japan, for a giant. we're talking giant tug-of-war match. thousands tried to pull a 656-foot long 42-foot long rope. the tradition began 200 years ago and people pulling from either side of the rope ever since. despite the best efforts, the rope bauerly budged. is year's eort ended in a draw. and a look at what's coming up at 6:00. it appears a british aide worker captured in afghanistan was killed by the people trying to rescue her. the burglar who was hit upsle neighborhoods all over virginia may have more victims now.
5:42 pm
and we invite you to take a look at the google car. a vehicle that can get around no driver necessary. those stories and more coming up in our broadcast at 6:00. and it's a prius. it is energy efficient and doesn't need human. >> not that you know anything about that. >> thanks. still to me, out of line. the nfl is investigating brett favre over allegations he sent racy text to a jets reporter. the controversdoesn't stop there. while we're on the subject of sports, the skins won another close game yesterday. lindsay tells us how they feel but it is never out of the game no matter w great de hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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let's fast forward through headlines. they're calling for a moratorium foreclosures for at least 60 days while this helps home owners, business owners say they nt similar help as they tryo keep their businesses afloat. local families say they need to make a lot more money to feel financially secure. according to a n cost of living survey, a family of four in fairfax county needs an income of at least $108,000 to feel like they're okay financially. montgomery county families need $104,000. that's up from 80,000 two years ago. in d.c., it takes $32,000 for a
5:46 pm
single person with no kids to feel like they're doing all right. crews for the new transformer movie are making a lot of noise. not the robots. they ran into an unexpected bump in the road while filming a chase scene. a d.c. police vehicle heading to a crime scene for real caused a fender bend we are one of the film's vehicles. the filmmaker will be in town all week. that was a bumble bee that may not make it for tomorrow's set. i'll tell you. a pretty good day out there. men of sunshine. temperature into the 80s. we'll continue to see nice weather throughout the evening hours. look at this. 86 in the district. 81 in frederick. annapolis, a lot cooler as we've seen a little of a breeze coming off the chesapeake. still a beautiful afternoon. leonardtown around 75 degrees. the four day forecast, 80. a 30% chance of a shower or maybe a strong thunderstorm. coer though, 68 on wednesday. and much cooler with rain likely during the day on thursday. could be kind of a nasty
5:47 pm
afternoon. >> all right. ay tuned. thank you. vikings quarterback brett favre has reportedly apologized to his tammates f being a distraction. espn reports favre made the apology during a team meeting this morning. it comes as the national football league investigates allegations favre sent racy and inappropriate text messages to a former nfl employee. they said league officials are trying to figure out all the facts and are investigating the matter under its personal conduct policy. if it is found favre violated the policy, could be fined or suspended. they are down at the park with the, i'm sure with the jubilation. >> it is jubilation. and it has been interesting to watch this velop over the past couple of games. because what i've seen is a very
5:48 pm
different camaraderie around this team. the players say that that difference is because of mike shanahan. he throws it right back on the players saying because everybody really bought into his ota workouts and was really showed up, ready to go, it created a very serious bond. that's maybe what we've seen playing t rightnow. the bottom line is you might not have liked the way they had to scrap yesterday but this team is proving that it will not give up. this 3-2 redskins team is different because of its sense of relief. the players say it starts with mike shanahan. this team believed donavan mcnabb can always come one a big play. it belies kit run over any defense when their backs are against the wall and it believes when tested, it can stop any offense in its tracks. the game winner was yesterday
5:49 pm
who said when shanahan pulled him over seconds before, it men a lot. >> he wanted me to go through my normal routine. i thought it was good idea. >> how do you mean you never had anyone do that before? >> normally, a lot of coaches let the kicker do what he wants to do. the kicker is a weird guy. but yeah. i just normally take m time focus. i think it was good that the coach called me over. it help to relax me. i think i'm pretty relaxed anyway. just to relax me that much more and go through normal routine of running from the side line. but i was pretty pumped up. >> with that goal in overtime, it marked the fourth me this season the game was decided on the final play. that wouldn't have been possible without a start from anthony armstrong. husband first nfl touchdown. >> that was one of those. you had to go catch with it your hands and not let him run his nds through there. >> you've been working on that fo a while. >> that's years in the making. i've been doing that before. i had to be properly prepared to
5:50 pm
do it. and that was the perfect situation. and i gotten going crazy out there. the celebration, they did all the work together. >> when you're in the huddle god is waiting on that opportunity. i think anthony really got things going for us which led to aot of big passing plays for us. >> th former practice squad got them going to offense and on defense, it was land rix 13 tackles, one forced fumble and the game changer. an interception in overtime that gave the skins new life. a result of the system thatit him like a glove. >> this defense -- this system fit me we. that's my solid player. fly around and make tackles.
5:51 pm
why say more about how he plays on the field. it's like troy polamalu for us. he'll hit you in the mouth, recover fast. he is a ball. >> that guy, lorenzo alexander, absolutely punishes players on opposing offenses. an interesting it bit, santana moss just called. in he was 200ing the praises. i think people underestimate the way s leadership has taken them to new heights. we'll be back with more in sports. >> thank you. people driving the beltway in northern virginia have to be preped to add extra time to their commute. starting tomorrow, there will be a series of lane shifts and ramp osures as part of the high occupancy toll o hot lanes project. this impact will be felt in the tyson's corner area.
5:52 pm
the impact of drivers -- it will impact drivers on the belt way and route 123. craig melvin reports. >> reporter: if you've driven around ton's,ou've sat in something like this. beeve it or not, this is about to get even worse. >> a big week here at tyson's corner. we were here several months ago to take down the south bridge over 123. we're back. >> reporter: this bridge project will shut down all four lanes of roe 123 under the beltway from friday night to early monday morning. several ramps will be shut down temporarily. another major ramp will be shut down for nearly two years. so if you're on 123 and you use this ramp that's coming up here on the right, if you use that ramp to get off. toake 495 nourth starting tuesday. you're out of luck. that ramp is shut down. now taking on the 495 north.
5:53 pm
you're going to head to these new stoplights that they've put in. you're going to have to make a left. >> that mean traffic tt used to move without stoplights in this second quarter now has them in both directions on the bridge. virginia's department of transportation says that means drivers can expect to sit and stew at least another 20 minutes longer than usual. >> here, 123, the major economic center in northern virginia, it impacts an awful lot of folks. we recognize that. we try toeach them as low as possib. we want them to work with us. understand that there are improvements coming. >> they will require something that drivers in tyson's have been forced to develop. patience. in short here, this mess is about to get even messier. coming up, i'll tell but something called dynamic tolls. even when this is finished in a couple of years, that's something else that drivers will be to deal with.
5:54 pm
that's coming up at 6:00. for now, news4. >> the first changes will come tomorrow in allour lanes will shift left before that 123 ramp. that new traffic pattern will be ineffect for up on two years. >> get used to it or move fast. get a job elsewhere. > coming up after the break, kids who spent too much time in front of the tube or computer could face psychological problems later in life. new research raising some eyebws. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes. [ man ] then try this. new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna --
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it's been relatively well established that too much screen time, time spent in front of the tv or computer, isn't good for kids. now there is evidence that too much time online or watching tv could lead to psychological problems in children. erica edwards has details. to make up for too much of this, parents tend to make sure their kids get plenty of that. the theory of striking a legalitiy balance between screen time and play time has been a good one until now. >> you can't make u for the number of hours by making sure your kid is physically active. >> reporter: a new study shows kids who spend more than two hours a day playing on the
5:58 pm
computer or watching tv tend to have more likeological problems, regardless of how physically active they are otherwise. even if they were doing more sedentary activities like reading or homework, they scored better on mental health. >> also they could kind getting into these addictive type behaviors on the intnet. so that they're really, they n't pull themselves away. >> reporter: the study ds not prove increased screen time leads to psychological problems in kids. it may be the other wayaround. >> we don't know if watching on the computer or watching tv is causing kids to have these problem or if kids who have problems are drawn to hanging out and watching tv and being on the computer. >> reporter: but whether screen time is replaced by play time, story time, or even bedtime, experts recommend making sure kids' brains are otherwise
5:59 pm
gaged. nbc news. >> the study examined more an 1,000 kids, ages 10 and 11. the finding sare in the american journal of pediatrics. stay rht there. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. we could be less than 48 hours away fromhe rescue of the chilean miners who have been trapped more than two months. the secret service used an unusual way to get president obama's attention. and winning another nail biter. we begin with the d.c. police officer who crash the scene of a movie. good evening. >> doreen has the day off. the youtube video shows the d.c. police suv colliding with one of the transformers' vehicles.


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