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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 12, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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rescue mission. afr months under ground? miners could be lifted to the surface tonight. good evening, i'm jim bettis. >> i'm doreen gentzler. afr 68 days in a dark, dank copper and gold mine, the first trapped miner is expected to be lifted up to the surface late tonight. 33 miners ha been stranded nearly a half mile under ground. as kerry sanders reports, they may now be just hours ay from freedom. >> chilean government officials say the escape capsule named phoenix 1 is operating as intended. it's gone down the hole and up e hole. and again another test. down the hole and up the hole empty. now, to start putting people in it. >> with the first rescue, we are going to go down and up a couple times with him, and take some
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measures. then this guy will sit down and he will help the first miners to go up. >> reporter: for 69 days t trapped miners have remained in a darkened tomb. on the surface, their family members have waited anxiously, today they're smiling. anticipating what they all hope is a safe rescue. >> i'm getting myself ready for my son, to be prettier, happier, to have my son in my arms. >> reporter: there are more than 1,000 people on the surface working to rescue those 33 miners it down below. one of the greatest concerns their health. >> the construction process is risky at times, the best we can do to prepare them. >> we're still not sure who will co out first and who will come out last. government officials sayhey anticipate it will take about 15 minutes from the bottom to the surface with 33 miners, they calculate, all of the rescues will take 48 hours.
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kerry sanders in chile. >> we've learned that the capsule that will carry the miners to the surface will continue to monitor the rescue efforts throughout this broadcast. we'll haveull report from kerry sanders live on nightly news with brian williams at 7:00. the new edition an online magazine posted by al qaeda made a specific threat to the d. area. it's a 74-page issue that order militants to open fire at a crowded restaurant in washington, d.c., at lunch hour, knocking out a few government employees. the english language magazine is called "inspire." the magazine also includes an article by an american who calls himself, i am proud to be an american traitor. also, there are two articles by anwar al awaki.
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nato troops are looking for any possible survivors from a cargo crash in afghanistan. there were eight people on board. a plane was owned by a compy based in the united arab emritz. it was under contract to a u.s.-based company called naggal air cargo. a federal judge has issued an injunction ending the don't ask, don't tell policy. that order applies worldwide. it prevents the litary from enforcing the policy that keeps gays from serving openly. >> department of justice attorneys will have 60 days to appeal the cision. but legal experts say it's likely no o will challenge it and the ruling will stand. a rockville man accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his wife was in court today. prosecutors asked he be held without bond due to fears of the safety of his wife and the informant he's accused of trying to hire.
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>> reporter: this weekend a lot of people were asking, what couldhe motive be behind this alleged murder for hire scheme. prosecutors will not speculate, but court documents seem to indicate that richard boyd,r. was afraid his wife might leave the area and take their chdren with her. was ordered held without bond in the montgomery county jail. prosecutors say richard boyd, jr. poses a danger to his estranged wife and their confidential informant will boyd is charged with soliciting an acquaintance to kill his wife r $2,000. making a downpayment of $1,000 plus five oxycontin paents. they revealed the alleged murder for hire scheme to a rockville city police sergeant. last friday, montgomery county police arrested rhard boyd, jr. >> the maximum penalty for
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solicitation to commit murder is a life sentence. the maximum penalty for distribution is 20 years. he faces life plus the possibility of 20 years incarceration. >> reporter: richard boyd, jr. said the murderer would have to use a silencer on the gun because the homes are close together. boyd provided address and a key, and said once inside, he would help kill his wife elizabeth. she was not in court, but spoke to us over the weekend. >> it's a shock to everyone, friends and family at this point. but we're working with the police, and like i said,hey're working digently on, and i'm thankful for that. >> they were going through a divorce, they were engaged in a custody battle and that richard boyd was upset that elizabeth was going to move out of the area with their children. it was also revealed that elizabeth boyd had gotten a cot order protection prohibiting her estranged
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husband from having a gun. >> there was a protective order in place prior to what happened la friday. >> last friday was when boyd was arrested as part of this alleged murder for hire scme. the fact that his wife sought and got an order of protection from the court before the police were at all aware of the plot indicates that she was afraid of him. reporting tonight from the montgomery county district court, chris gordon, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the police in fairfax county have found the vehicle they say is involved in the murder of a local businessman. it's a goldlexus. and the policeman spotted it near americana drive around 11:00 last night. police have towed that car to the crime scene lab for processing. last thursday a family member found the victim dead in his home. he was killed by trauma to the upper body. police have not released a motive, but they say it appeas s
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that the man was targeted. fire officials say a cigarette may have started the fire today that killed a fairfax city man and his dog. the fire started around 7:00 this morning on orchard street. firefighters say they had a hard time getting into the house because of all the clutter. the cause of the fire i being investigated. officials think the victim may have fallen asleep while he was smoking. some shots and restaurants say a recent hike ithe cost of metered parking is hurting their business. in july, the city government raised the price of parking meters from $1 an hour to 1.75. business owners don't object to the rate increase, but to the fact that the meters only take coins. >> reporter: for those who use old town alexandria's parking meters, they're being dimed and quartered to death. since the city raised the hourly
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prices to 1.75 an hour. >> having to have quarters all the time, at's when you get tickets. >> i go to the bank and get $10 worth of quarters because i've paid hundreds of dollars in parking tickets. >> reporter: she's not alo, those who shop or visit old town have to carry rolls of quarters. since the meters only take coins. something that has not gone unnoticed by local businesses. >> we are busy getting change. i have to go to banks every day to make sure we have enough quarters. >> reporter: city officials say they are replacing these decades old in parking meters with ne multispaced parking machines that will take dollar bills and credit cards. that's not expected to happen until the spring of 2011. in the meantime, businesses say they're seeing fed up customers. right as theoliday shopping season approaches. they want the city to roll back th hour rates until the multispace meters come in.
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>> we've all noticed a change in our retail. people are shopping elsewhere where they don't have to invest $1.75 an hour in quarters. >> reporter: business owners plan to take their concerns to city hall. they'll get a sympathetic ear, but cautions the meter move could cost the city $1 million in revenue. >> we're going to do the right thing, and we'reoing to make this a win-win for our business community, which we're committed to sbhoupporting and wanting to well as we approach the holiday season, we want to encourage local residents and others om outside the city to come to alexandria. >> jane watrellews 4. the city of alexanda is taking up the parking meter issue tonight at its regularly scheduled council meeting. new video of the devastation of the worst terror attack in britain's history.
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parent who is say their child was harmed by routine immunization took their case all the way to the supreme court. some kids were so drunk, they weren't able to tell police how they were attacked. inside the newly renovated georgetown public library, three years after a devastating fire there. how about a focast? >> another beautiful day today. nice warm temperatures. say good-bye to those warm temperatures and hello to much cooler ones. i'll show you what i'm talking about in my full forecast. >> the wizards unveil their new team minus a key player in their home opener. drama on the field and off. landry hitting his potential as he driv i'm bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years a: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enoh jobs.
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we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- hoestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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we have some news from chile. the efforts are underway to bring those miners who have been trapped so long in the mine, they're getting ready to bring them out. have live cameras down there now. what youe looking at now is the capsule that will be lowered down a tube that has been drilled through the ground to e secure place where the miners have been holed up for several months now. the miners have been put on a diet as a matter of fact so they would be able to squeezento that capsule. we'll told it will take a little while to get it down, and it
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requires about 15 minutes to bring them back up. i think ther are 20 some miners down there, it will be a while. 33 miners, in fact. it will be several hou -- a couple days in fact before they get them all out of there. that's the capsule they will be very, very happy to see descending down in that hole where they have been trapped in that mine for several hours now. no telling when they're going to wer the capsule down, we're assuming they're making sure it's ready to go. a lot of family and friends standing anxiously by to watch their loved ones come up after all this time. newly released video from london's teror attack in 2005. 52 people were killed by suicide bombers on subway cars and a
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bus. the video is being released now as part of an inquest into the death. today marks the tenth anniversary on the terrorist attack on the uss cole when it was rammed by smaller boats. 17 sailors were killed that day, a ceremony honoring their memory was held today in the cole's home port of norfolk. navy officials spoke of the bravvery of the crew. they stood vigilant against another possible attack. the cole's return to service is testimony that the u.s. navy will not be deterred by terrorism. >> that we will go wherever we need to go, whenever we need to gohere. to carry out the missions. we've been assigned. >> navy officials also say the cole attack serd as a wakeup call they've made significant changes to counter possible threats from terrorism. a military hearing into the
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shting rampage at the army base in ft. hood texas will continue tomorrow. nadal hassan has been charged with murder in the attack that killed 13 people at ft. hood nearly a year ago. a hearing set for today was supposed to determine whether he should go to trial. almost as soon as that hearing got underway, hassan's lawyer asked to delay the hearing for one month. the defense was given until tomoow to explain their request in writing. hassan himself made no comment in court today. the search for a miing girl from north carolina, a ild who was battling cancer has now become a murder inveigation. 10-year-old zahra claire baker was reported missing saturday when her father adam called the police, now, the father aend zahra's stepmother are at the center of a murder case. the search warrant reveals that police dogs detected the smell
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of human remains in the cars of the parents. the stepmother confessed to writing a ransom note that was found in the girl's house. police say they have no idea exactly when that child disappeared. some parents who believe their child was harmed bring routine vaccinations are ting their case to the supreme court. it will be decided that the family has grounds to sue the makers of the vaccine. kristen dahlgren was in court today and has the story. >> reporter: at 18, hannah can't communicate. >> s echos certain words. >> today her story was heardn the nation's highest court. she was just six months old when she received what was a common dtp vaccine at the time. her fami says it led to severe seizur and developmental disabilities. >> she nee 24-hour care. she will never be a independent person. >> her parents try to bring a
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claim. when that didn't happen, they tried to take wyeth to state court and were turned away. >> if the federal agency denies your claim, can you get a second chance in state court or whether or not that's the end of the ball game? >> reporter: before the supreme court, the attorney argued there should be some legal remedy against the manufacturer that knew of an alternative. >> by the time hannah was vaccinated in 1992, there was a safer way to vaccinate children. >> reporter: attorneys for wyeth contend the current no fault stem protects companies that might t make life saving vaccines if they're faced with more lawsuits. >> the vaccine act has placed the responsibility r life saving vac steens in the hands of expert federal agencies rather than a patchwork state tort systems. >> reporter: hundrs of families watching to see what the court decides r the future of hannah. whose case might be much like their own.
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>> hannah doesn't have autism, but a vast majority the cases are now autism related. so far that court has cited scientific studies tt show no link between autism and vccines and the court has ruled that those cases are eligible for compensation. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. coming up tonight, disturbing test results on how much bacteria is found in some highchairs at restaurants. anybody who's purchased a ticket from ticketmaster in the last decade can get in on a class action lawsuit. that's going to [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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the white house sending the moratorium on ep water drilling in the gulf of mexico. that ban was imposed after the gulf oil spill while they figured out new safety rules for platforms ke that one. the ban ends about a month and a half earlier than planned. the administration has been under heavy pressure from the oil industry and others concerned about the loss of jobs. companies that resumed drilling must meet new safety standar on well casings, on centing, on blowout preventers and on their emergency response to problems. we've been on a real role in the weather department. today was another spectacular day. >> it's been gorgeous out there. and unfortunately over the next
6:23 pm
couple days -- a lot of people are saying, we're ready for this cooldown after very warm temperatures. others of you are saying, we'd like to keep it on tt roll and see more nice weather. things are going to change in a big way over the next couple days. it's time to get unite the jackets, and this time i think they may stay out. a great day for a bike ride. temperatures into the 80s once again, and take a look, even a couple people out the, running. got the baby stroller out there, a couple butterflies out there today, just absolutely beautiful you made your way out and about during the day today. look at the sun set now, the sun making its way beyond the clouds. the average high is 69 degrees. we saw plenty of sunshine, and as i mentioned, i think today ll be the last warm day we see for some time. 78 degrees right now under partly cloudy to mostly clear skies, dewpoint 55.
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humidity 45. the northerly component to the wind tells you we've already seen the change, the cold front is making its way through the area, behinds behind it out of the north. we're starting to cool down quickly. 72 in hagerstown, 75 in frederick. now down to 81 -- leesburg out in louden county, 75 degrees. the high today was 82 degrees, low this morning 58. fredericksburg, virginia 87 the high. were really going to see things cool down. you'll be in the 40s most likely tonight toward fredericksburg. not showing any rain. that's the good news as the front came through today. it's been on the dry side. no storms around ourarea, and really no rain at all either. just high pressure starting to build on in behind the front. here's the front.
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another area of low pressure going to give us rain over the next couple days,hat's making its way toward the east. it's not affecting us right now. to the north of that front, much cooler, 51 in buffalo, 61 in detroit. only 68 in new york today, 78 degrees. we're going to see those cold temperatures move down overnight tonight. that's going to lead to much cooler numbers over the next couple days. yesterday we saw 88. we're going to struggle to make it out of the 60s tomorrow. at least int the middle 60s. this area of high pressure dips on down. that high, not very strong. it will make its way to the east, as it does so low pressure will start to fill in behind it. this area of low pressure will move up the coast. the best news, thiss going to be a big storm for places just to our north and east. new york, boston going to see a lot of rain from this, a lot of wind behind as well for us. it will give us rain during the day on thursday, sean really pick up the winds and bring
6:26 pm
temperatures down in a big way. hurricane paula has winds of 100 miles per hour. a small, compact storm. watch out, this storm is expected to meander in this location for about the next three to five days, it's not expected to affect the u.s. this evening, mostly sunny, continued warm. i think the last nice evening, as temperatures fall down into the low 70s. by tomorrow morning, they'll be falling down into the 40s in many locations. 52 around the city, mostly clear, turning much cooler, you'll notice the difference tomorrow, look at the hi tomorrow, only around 65 to 68 degrees. sun and clouds, much cooler, nice for fall. i think tomorrow will be a fall like day. it's going to feel quite nice. then the bottom really falls out. high of 63 on thursday, not just rain, but also wind by late in the afternoon. friday a slight chance of a shower, but more wind. 60 degrees on friday, 65 on saturday. and as we move through the extended he see a l of
6:27 pm
sunshine. temperatures will be at or below average. thursday and friday, we could see winds of 20 to 30 miles an hour, it's going to be nasty out there. >> the party's over? >> yeah. i would say so. >> there's always an after party. >> thank you, doug. coming up, sex tests for middle schoolers with questions that are too graphic for some of the paren. as many as 40 states are teaming up to call for a moratorium on home foreclosures. georgetown library has been restored after a fire destroyed p. police officials say some underaged maryland studentses went inside the thirsty turtle bar. got drunk, got in a fight and later got stabbedoutside the bar. officials say they want to shut the place down. coming up in sports, the redskins defensive star hitting his potential. and also a emotional ending for
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sync: i did as ged my property taxes 60 percent. woman 1 syi didn't owatrnor man 3: he worked fork 10 billion doanotr bahamillion.d.axers 17er h big: he worked fork 10 billion s don't need help. middle class marylanders do. we go back live to the scene of thehilean mine where the 33
6:31 pm
miners are trapped. it looks like it may be just a matter of minutes before the first of the miners trapped underground for more than two months are hoisted to freedom. this is a live look at the rescue efforts underway there. you see the capsule that will pull the mine tosafety. they tested it, it's ready -- they're ready to send it back down there. no one in mining history has been trapped for so long, 68 days and survived. chile has gone to great lengths to protect the miner's privacy right now. they will use a screen to block off more than 1,000 assembled journalists. the miners will be ushered through an inflatable tunnel. they're tting ready to rcue the first of those miners. we'll let you know if any new developments happen. in the meantime, back here at home, four people including three students were stabbed last
6:32 pm
night outside a bar just steps from the university of maryland's campus. all three students were underaged and highly intoxicate >> last night's violence highlights another major problem. that is local bars that turn a blind eye on underaged drinking. pat collins has our report. >> it was at the thirsty turtle bartha police say some underaged maryland students got drunk, got into a fight and later got stabbed outside the bar. and the university of maryland police chief wants to ose it down. >> in short, the thirsty turtle has become an attractive nuisance. >> based on what you know now, chief. if you had your way, would you close the thirsty turt snell. >> sure. >> you'd shut it down? >> shut i down. >> officials are retrieving tape from security cameras as they try to hunt down a suspe in
6:33 pm
this quadruple stabbing. police released this security camera picture of the suspect wanted in connection wh the stabbings. >> police tell the story this way. 1:30 this morning, a fight inside the thirsty turtle five gu, three students, two nonstudents. they all get tossed out of the bar, but it didn't end there. they end up on this cornerhere. baltimore avenue and knox road. the fight continues on, when one of the students, g with a mohawk pulls out a knif he stabs the three students. he even stabs his bar bud dirks the other nonstudent. and then h takes off. erybody drink something. >> absolutely. everybody was intoxicated and that's also a big issue for us to deal with today. >> and the three students -- reporter: he used undercover
6:34 pm
underaged students to test the carding policy at the thirsty turtle. thbar didn't pass. >> they were asked for their maryland driver's licenses which they had. that clearly demonstrated they were under 21. it seemed as though those standing at the door, one of whom, by the way was the owner, were very interested in taking the money. the money was taken, they were admitted inside. >> chief mitchell says he's going to push for an emergency meeting of the liquor board to go after the thirsty tule's license. >> news 4, college park. >> according to county documents, that bar was fined in 2009 for srving alcohol to underaged patrons. a firefighter photographed naked in a d.c. firehouse is now on forced administrative leave. the firefighter was offduty when he was photographed after a retirement par in the columbia
6:35 pm
heights station this summer. the investigation is still going on, but so far they found no evidence of alcohol at that fire station. they also say the investigation is now narrowed to the one man in the picture. police in fairfax county say a serial burglar may have struck again. while canvassing the area, police found signs of at least one other attempted break-in. police had two reports of burglary attempts and a vehicle was broken into. investigators y these crimes may be connected to nearly 90 other robberies and attempted robbery as cross fairfax county. >> some parents at hardy middle scol in the direct are outraged after their children re given a health survey with graphic questions on it. parents believed that some of the items in the questionnaire are too graphic to be given to 12-year-olds. john schriffen has more on the
6:36 pm
response. >> reporter: as part of a sex ed program, students were given a controversial test to find t their sexual knowledge. some were basic, others given to students as young as 11 years old were significtly more graphic. in one section first published, how sure are you that you can name all four body fluids that can transmit hiv? another question asked, how sure are you that you can correctly put a condom on yourself or your partner? >> they're much too young to be asked those kinds of questions. i think that if parents were not alerted ahead of time, it was also in error. >> is it appropriate at this age? i woulthink so. but i would prefer me as a parent to discuss it with her first. >> reporter: in a statement to ws 4, d.c. public schools address the controversy saying the opt out letter to parents regarding this unit in the health cls, went home on the
6:37 pm
same day the assessment was administered. it was not enough time to allow for parental response. the nonprofit organization that conducts the survey says despite the mistake, this information is critic for teenagers to learn. >> we want to make su that we're getting results, we do the preand post surveys to make sure kids are really getting the inrmation they need. they have the skills and know how use them, and can protect themselves in the city that has the highest aids and hiv rates in the nation. >> the d.c. school system has invited parents to attend a discussi on human sexuality as part of the d.c. school curriculum. a lot of germs lingering on highchairs at restaurants. did you know that. a court battle overees could help people get their money back from ticketmaster.
6:38 pm
i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in troub.
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we're worse off than we were four years ago: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect thbay -- finally. it'shy i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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here's something to think about the xt time you put your child in a restaurant highchair. a new study is suggesting they might be dirtier than public toilet seats. the research was done at microban. that's a company that makes anti-bacterial products and sells them. their researchersooked at 30
6:41 pm
restaurant highchairs. they found varying levels of bacteria from restaurant to restaurant. on some they found e. colind staph germs. parents should take it upon themselves to clean the chair before kids use them. coming up tonight at 11:00, baby monitors are supposed to keep kids safe. federal officials say there is a deadly risk with these devices. >> six children have died in the last six years after being stngled by baby monitor cords, one of those chilen died just months ago right here in d.c. 10-month-old savannah perrera. >> she was in her crib and somehow the accident happened. she had reached a milestone in her life, apparently, where she suddenlylearned how to stand. and that was e end of her life. >> a new warning, baby monitors, that is tonight on news 4 at 11:0 sad and difficult story to
6:42 pm
watch. >> thanks. if you have used ticketmaster in the st ten years, you might be entitled to a refund. there's a class action lawsuit which challenges that company's order processing feend the fees for ups deliveries. the challenge says those charges are deceptive and they're also overpriced. it applies to tiets sold between october 1999 and may of this year. considering ticketmaster sold more than 95 million tickets in 2002 alone, that makes for a lot of potential claims. ticketmaster disputes the allegation. >> like 90% of the population. >> pretty much. >> you might have a claim. what do you think about that, doug? >> i think i hopefully get34 money back. that's what i'm hoping. a beautiful day out there today, i think this is the last of the warm days before thing get a little more fall like. 78 degrees right now, a very
6:43 pm
nice evening. winds out of the north. that shows you we're seeing cooler air making its way in. 42 in frederick, 52 around the d.c. area. a lot cooler than it has been. dakota in manassas says hey, give us the bus stop forecast. 42 to 52 as you step out the door tomorrow. highs tomorrow moving into the 60s instead of the 80s. guys? >> all right, tha you, doug. game last night with brett favre. >> wasn't that mething? >> ye. >> he's had a lot to deal with. brett favre rises and falls. also, the hawks come to town, we'll get vance's reaction to take on the wizard a key player. and the redskins play
6:44 pm
bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increed state spending by record amounts. ehrlicraised $3 billion
6:45 pm
in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay f them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
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wiz ar ards at home tonight, new ownership, new deals, new stars, new team. the keys have been handed to john wahl. how do you feel about that? >> i think it will open a lot of doors. >> after the wizards preseason, john wahl will make his debutt the verizon center. flip saunders is so confident in his leadership he named him a team captain.
6:47 pm
dan ellie is live at verizon center where there's other news about another player a lot of folks were interested in seeing on the court tonight, dan? >> gilbert arenas is supposed to make his return to the verizon center tonight. he will not be playingecause of a stiff knee. it's nothing too serious. they've had two hard practices and gilbert's going to take it easy tonight. someing we could see throughout this season with that knee, something that's bothered him before. john wahl doesn't want to get to excited, obviously looking forward to making his verizen center debut. nick young's going to replace gilbert in the starting lineup. the other guard's going to be kirk heimrick. you can see atlanta running out behind me. that's the team they're going to beplaying tonight. here's kirk heimrick on that three guard starting lineup. >> i don know if it was a deal where we've had some injuries and stuff like that, andit was
6:48 pm
just an experiment. we may be able to do it in spurts, i doubt we're going to do it for long stretches of time. >> you're a captain. first year, you've been here three minutes and you're already a caain. tell me about that. >> i don know. i guess i just come in, try to have a good attitude from day one, and just work hard, any other teams i've be on where i've been captain it's just been -- i started off leading by example, as you get older, you become more comfortable start being more vocal. right now, just still getting to know the system, gettingo know the guys, and, you know, hopefully i can gel into that role pretty well. >> all i said yesterday, at this point those are the guys that show the mostleadership, and they've been our leaders. captains are people follow them. no matter who's got the c on their chesor not it's a matter of who's going to lead. at this point both kirk and john
6:49 pm
have been the two guys that have been the most vocal and have been leaders, and the gys that have followed them. >> reporter: you heard flip saunders there, it's not actually official that kirk and john wahl will be captains, hower, it sounds like that will be the case. flip also said, this is the first time in his entire nba coaching career that he gone this deep into the preseason and hasn't known his starting lineup. a lot of positions up in the air. not just for our roster spot, but for a starting spot for the wizards. a very young team. and it's going to be exciting to see exactly what they can do tonight even without a coupleof their big guns, including gilbert arenas. real quick, before we go, have you seen gilbert? what does the injury look like? can you tell any signs and how significant it can be? >> i don't think it's a big deal. he was out here shooting a little bit. he sat on the bench and relaxed for a little while.
6:50 pm
i think he wants to take it easy. >> thanks. to the nfl, monday night football, was the end of a long day for minnesota quarterback brett favre. yeerday afternoon he held court, apologized in a meeting for being a distraction and amid an invtigation that he sent inapopriate e-mails to former teammates. we pick it up in the third quarter, the vikings were down on the jets' 37. he finds randy moss, how about that, welcome to my team, buddy. favre's 500th career touchdown pass. moss had an 81 yard catch. favre trying to win it, intercepted by lowery.
6:51 pm
after the game, favre was asked more about those allegations. >> i said what i had to say. you know, i -- i'm disappointed we lost this football game. if you want to talk about football. i can't say i'd love to talk about football. but once again, disappointing that we lost but there's some encouraging things i think that we can build offof. >> brett favre has some inspiring words for his teammates, one of his teammates said it he are reminded him of how a teammate reacted. >> sorry for the distractions, guys. the only thing he needs to do now is talk to mr. mrs. favre, she's probably going to kick his butt. other than that, he doesn't owe anybody anything. moving along.
6:52 pm
la von landry is so committed he told my frnd at the post that he works out saturday nights before games to slow jams in his hotel room. they knock on the door to check him, he's there wi candles, slow jam. push-ups. nobody pushes himself harder in actice, he's s dedicated during the week, his teammate said he worries for the wide receivers. this new defense is allowing landry to be a game changer. what he did sunday helped save the game for the redskins, 12 minutes to go in overtime. he intercepted aaron rogers. add that to his 13 tackles, 4th fumble, can you see this could be his all pro year. landry is confident, you know, either way it was going to be a big play. >> either you caught the ball and hit him, or made a play like i did. but you know what, i ran it the
6:53 pm
whole game. they played the whole game. this defse fits me well. it enabled me to be close to the line of scrimmage and play physical. i don't have to many reads. that's my style of play,fly around and make tackles, and it's instinctive. >> he amazes me, to be hone with you. i've been around a lot of football players in my career. to watch a guy play that hard and consistent week after week. it's only the fifth game of the season, but he's fast, he's a hitter. i mean, he loves to play. it's a pleasure to watch him. he's that way every snap. obviously, a great football player. >> coach shanahan would like to program slow jams on everyone's ipod i think. to baseball, the last remaining series division -- division series will conclude tonight the tampa bay rays host the texas rangers for game five. last night it was the end of a
6:54 pm
stellar career for braves manager bobby cox. cohad 2500 and four wins. he would need 25-5 to stay alive in the playoffs. top of the seven, game tied at two, the braves would need another rally to keep cox's career going. what had happened, we flip forward to the bottom of the ninth inning, the score, 3-2 giants. tieing run on second for the braves. cabrera groundto third base. juan uribe throws to first. they move on to the nlcs to play the phillies bting the braves 3-1. an emotional loss for bobby cox. >> great career. >> thanks, lindsay.
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
the historic georgetown public library was destroyed in huge fire just a little more than three years ago, after a 20 million dollar renovation, it will be ready to reopen on monday. tom sherwood reports. >> we lost the whole collection in the fire. the fire started just above this children's room. >> d.c. chief librarians giving a tour of the georgetown library. gutted by fire in april 2007. >> that was an amazing d. i've been a librarian for more than 30 years and i've never seen anything like that fire that day.
6:58 pm
>> my clothes smelled of smoke, it was an amazing thing. >> luckily, no people were hurt in that fire. >> it's three floors of rooms are now readyor new generations of children and adults. >> this is the space where you check your books out. >> a renovation that preserves the historic look of the library and its spacious rooms when it reopens to citizens on monday. i hope they will still recognize the library they have loved. many people tell me they use this library when they were children and they're still very happy to bhere now. we have meeting space, the likes of which we've never had before. we have a meeting room before, now we have a really lovely space for bothibrary programs and community meetings. >> from marie's drive way to the first ever wheelchair ramp outside. to new fixtures, the library is rushing to have everything just right for monday morning.
6:59 pm
and to continue the 57-year history the georgetow gathering place. >>al this stuff will be gone? >> yes. >> we'll be ready to open on monday. >> tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> there's a couple in florida who call themselves yard sale junkies. they recently came across an unusual find just in time for halloween. judith and mitch fletcher went to a yard sale in tampa, came across a box with a skelet inside. they thought it was a halloween decoration, paid $8 for it. then they looked closer and realized it's not plastic, it's a real human skeleton. they called the sheriff's office, who took the bones to the county medical examiner's office and they decidedyep, it's real. and they think it probably came from a medical school or perhaps a university. let's just say they're going to be a bit more careful now what they bring


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