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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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. good morning. bleak breaking news, an emional scene playing out in copiapo, chile this morning as those 33 miners are brought to the surface. that word, california's gubernatorial candidates spar after a slur used by one of jerry brown's staffers that was recorded. >> this is a five-week old private conversation picked up on cell phone. >> every californian and especially women know exactly what's going on here and that is a deeply offenve term to women. >> what really matters to voters
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in november? and beheaded. the mexican police commander investigating the death of an american tourist is found murdered. we'll talk to his wife "today," murdered. we'll talk to his wife "today," wednesday, october 13, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. >> the ninth miner has just come out of that mine. and you think that tse men have been down there for 70 days, each time one comes up, it's just a remark m image. they embrace family members and they look incredibly well. >> they are sending that capsule down a half a mile under ound,
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about one miner per hour being brought to the surface and as you mentioned, the scene when they get to the top is emotional to say the least. >> when the second miner came up, also named mario, he got out of the capsule, and he ran around the crowd leading them in a chant. now they're calling him supermario. >> some of the miners bringing cks up with them. you would thi they would have seen enough of rocks in the last few ys. the makeshift village set up at the mine has been dubbed camp hope, nataleeorales. >> it is an emotional scene, it has been a very long and exhausng night, a very long
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and exhausting 70 days r these families, but this is a scene that is going to be played out over and over again "today" and possibly even into tomorrow. a miracle at the mine, after 70 days trapped under ground, the first miner emerged. just after midnight local tim wednesday morning, 31-year-old florencio alvaros. was brought to the surface. the raw emotion is captured by hundreds of supporters. it's impossible to have a dry
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eye, as you can see those very first moments, the very first hug, a very emotional experience. and seeing the grown men out there t reporte out there covering this story, everybody's crying. one hour later, the second miner emerged. mario sepulveda embraced his wife. then an unexpected moment. sepulveda reached inside his bag and brought out only rocks. and this miner known as the comedian of the bunch, laughed it up with t presidentf the chile. this all began on august 5 when the golden copper mine collapsed. 17 days later, a sma drill broke through with remarkable news, the miners september a
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noa note to the surface saying they were alive. for more than two months the world watched as the miners hoped and prayed for a rescue. above ground, more than 1,000 experts planned the meticulous rescue, while family members gathered at what is now called camp hope, tuesday many of the women spent the last few hours getting ready, havingheir hair done, putting on makeup. baby esperanza which means hope is waiting for her father. throughout the overnight, almost every hour on the hour, rescue after rescue after rescue. over and over these brave men won the hearts of people all over the world.
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33 miners, once strangers, now international heroes. and as you just saw, the ninth miner just pulled out of that hole. he's actually mario gomez, he's been ten into the triage area where they're going to do a medical evaluation. mario gomez is the oldest miner, he's 63 years old and they had some concern about his medical condition, he does have a heart condition and he has some respiratory conditions as well. they brought him up with an oxygen mask. they put the oxygen mask once again over his face as they sent him to the triage area. all of the miners have been in incredible physicalnd mental condition. the minute they jump out of that capsule, and some of them have literally jump out of that cab suddenly.
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-- capsule. >> it's somotional up here, you and natt have been up all night. can you describe the emotions there? >> it's electric, everybody's running on adrenaline. the folks who have been camping out here for 69, 70 days, who never gave up are wired. they are wired. and what i find interesting is some of the family members after their loved ones have ce up, because we now have nineiners who have come up, the loveds ones aone s are remaining here to watch the others come up. it's they have bonded the way the 33 miners have bonded. the nation here has unified in a way that rarely happens in any country. >> and in fact, if our cameraman, carlos, can pan over
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there, you can see an example of the crowds with each rescue you see there, a show of solidarity, a celebration here, this is what is going on over and over again now with the ninth rescue, next will be number ten and of course this is a very long process. it's going to be a very long day following a very long and emotional night. so clearly everybody's still on pins and needles until number 33 is out, they're not going to breathe a sigh of relief. >> to see the engineers pull this off, but it is working like clock work, everything they said this fenix capsule was supposed to do, it is doing. all indications are that it's working like a charm. >> natalee, as we understand, the last guy out will be the shift supervise from that day,
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someone who has bece kind of a leader down there? it's interesting because they were all fighting over not who would be first out there, but who would be last and he is leader, luis, osua who actually helped them, who said we're going to ration the food like nobody's business we're only going to have two spoon fulls of tuna each a da in all crisis situations, it takes one person to take the helm. and the reason he's coming up last, is like the captain of a ship, he's the last one coming up. >> so many hugs here, meredith, and a lot of thanks to the rescuers and all of th people who have been involved in this really superhuman and miraculous effort. >> it really is, natalee and
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key in copiapo, chile this morning, in a great moment of national pride. we're going to head outside to the plaza where "today" correspondent amy robach is going to see how it feels inside that capsule. >> with me is bill arnold, he is executive director of the fenix first response. and while we talk about this illustration, we're going to demonstrate what it's like for a miner to get in the capsule. what are the dimensions of this? >> it's around 22 inches on the outsid 21 inches on the inside and just over nine feet tall. >> how does it compare to the cab suddenly they're using in chile? >> the capsule in chile is about three feet taller, but the inside dimensions on the same.
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>>'m going to give it a shot just to give it a real feel of what it's like to be in that cab suddenly. how was it used during that rescue effort in pennsylvania? >> quecreek, we couldn't get the men out through the portal because the mine was flooded so we had to drill a boor hole down from the surface and extract them from the top. >> this is actually a very rare vehicle. worldwide, how often is this used? >> it is. in all reality, it's only been used twice, here in chile and then in quecreek in 2002. the capsule was developed in 1972, specifically in response to a similar disaster. but it was fortunately not used until 2002. >> it doesn't happen to be used
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very often, but it's a very safe haven for miners being rescued. >> i can feel the excitement of these rescuers, the same way we did at quecreek. it's a very successful rescue, but they're cognizant that this isn't done until they're all out safely. >> meredith, back to you. and now closer to home, we're now less than three weeks from the midterm elections, candidates in some hot contested races have faced off their final debates before election day. kelly o'donnell has the details. >> reporter: good morning, medith. and today a new face heads out on the campaign trail. first lady michelle obama heads out to wisconsin. there were important races, the connecticut senate race, the california governor's race and those candidates d not hold
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back. >> let me answer that if you wouldn't mind. >> reporter: defining the race is simple. republican and former ceo meg whitman. >> my business is creating jobs, your business is politics. >> reporter: veteran politician democrat jerry brown. >> she's been in the bleachers looking at what's happening in government. >> reporter: tom brokaw raised the latest controversy. >> somebody in your campaign referred to ms. whitn as a whore. >> reporter: that was caught on voicemail after brown left a message but failed to hang up. his staff's conversation was recorded. >> we have heard no outrage from yo >> reporter: brown was defense at f ive at first and then apologized. whitman hit back. >> the fact that you're defending your campaign from a
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personal attack on me is not befitting of california, it's not befitting of the office you're running for. >> reporter: whitman had her own controversy, she had employed an illegal immigrant. >> it broke my heart, but i had to fire her. >> reporter: brown added his own. >> after nine years, she didn't even get her a lawyer. >> reporter: turning to connecticut's nal senate debate, a nastier grudge match, with a hissing, booin audience. >> dick blumen thal attacked linda mcmahon and to the wrestling empire that made her rich. >> my opponent has notnly marketed sex and violence to children, but she actually paid hundreds of millions of dollars to lobby in washington against penalties for sex and violence marketing to children. >> reporter: mcmahon countered that the wwe provides jobs and
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became more family entertainment. but also acknowledged there were problems. >> i think there were times when we pushed the envelope. >> reporter: she knocked blumenthal again for falsely claiming he fought in vietnam. >> the people of connecticut knew you, but i think what they know now is that you have great difficulty in always telling the truth. >> reporter: a there will be more debate spectacle tonight with christine o'donnell and chris cos will be facing off . it is 7:15 and here's matt. according to a new "wall street journal" report, pay is on track to break a record high for a second consecutive year. jim cramer is host of "mad
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money" on cncb. >> $144 billion. these are the people who got us into the financial mess, they're making record amounts of muffin while i lost my job, my homend my retirement savings, is it an emotional argument or is it rational? >> it's completely rational. don't forget also that these companies would not be making any money if the government had not bailed them out. >> here's what one business analyst said about this, quote, pay is the 800-pound gorilla on wall street and the gorilla does not nt to go on a diet. a lot of these firms say wait a second, if we don't pay top doar in salaries and bonuses, we lose top people and we can't compete. >> there's 10 million people who work for a quarter of what these ople work for. i cannot believe how outrageous
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these guys are being. >> public relations wise, you talk to these people on wall street all the time. >> i have known them for years. >> do they also realize that god forbid if a fure bailout is needed, the peoe of this country are going to say no way. >> they're going to make so much money between now and then they don't care. >> are the same people who got us in this mess still working for these firms by and large? >> there experienced, that're the 800-pound gorilla that demands to be fed. >> what is it they need to do? >> they're going to continue to keep rates low. i think they're creating an atmosphere and ben bernanke is doing a great job which says look, hire soone, don't worry about it, rates will stay low. good man, trying hard. >> you can catch jim on mad
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money, that's week nights on cn. we have got amy outf the capsule and back to the news desk. we begin with a high profile resignation of washington, d. school chancellor michelle reid highlighted in the film "waiting for superman" she is considered by some to be the national face of education reform. rehema eis joins us now. is this a surprise? >> not at all. in fact it wasnticipated tha the man who hired her for the job lost his business for re-election last month. she was brought in to make some bold changes in one of the worst school districts in the country and she did. she shut down two dozen faing schools, fired 500 teachers and negotiated a landmark teacher contract. but some people say she was like a bull in a china shop, not paying attention to politics which she said she was not mindful of and she alienated teachers, parents and voters.
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if there's more work to be done in this schooldistrict, it will have to be done by a new chancellor. a plane crashed into a mountain outside kabul, eight people were on board and it appears none survivesurvived. a man was swept more than a mile after his safely line got unhooked. the obama administration has lifted a ban on deepwater oil drilling, drilling firm also have to meet new safely regulations. george clooney met tuesday with president obama asking that the u.s. work to prevent violence ahead of sudan's january election. clooney said if there's any way to get ahead of this and stop this before it happens, we
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better. president obama is related to sarah paip and rush limbaugh. they say both of tm are the president's tenth cousins. and in a scene that could be out of the tv sw "glee," a high school boy born with cerebral palsy, was allowed t live his dream of a football player, not only getting in the game, but also scoring a touchdown. it is n 7:20, back to matt, meredith and al. good for him. mr. roker, h are you? >> i'm pretty good. we're keeping an eye on a nev nor'easter, possibly.
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>> good morning. that rain will be moving in here by tomorrow morning. right now off to a dry start. mostly clear sky. it's chilly. things have changed with a northeast breeze. 50 degrees in the suburbs. 40s in many of the rural areas. ghs today climbing into the 60s with sunshine. but then clouding up today and this afternoon. rain likely off and on through thursday. highs near 60 endinghursday night. small chance of a shower friday and saturday. and that's your latest weather. al, thank you very much. still ahead, much more from
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good morning. clear and chilly this morning. temperatures in the 40s and # 50s. high in the 60s with increasing clouds. rain tomorrow with a high near 06. saturday andsunday, sunny, highs in the 60s. dry in t next week. how's the traffic, jerry? tom, tough times making the trip in on new york avenue. a broken down truck on brentwood parkway. look out for the sunshine.
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one more stop, the drive to maryland and vaf loaded up from at least germantown. aaron? >> ahead on npbc 4, amazi and [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dolla surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in e nation.
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now 200,000 joblost. o'malley covers upobs report that proved maryland's economy slled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you. 7:30 now on this wednesday morning, october 13, 2010 that is the latest miner rescued. i'm meredith viera alongside matt lauer. we're going to check in with natal natalee morales in a bit. coming up, "today" investigates just how dangerous your words can be when you don't really know who can seethem. and david arquette opens up about his separation from
7:31 am
courteney cox in a surprisingly candid interview. the disturbing new development tied to the murder of an american tourist allegedly by mexican pirates. the mexican police commander investigating that shooting has now been murdered. janet shanlian is in mccowan, texas with more. >> reporter: this story has taken a very dark turn, the lead investigator in the case has been decapitated and his served head delived i a suiase to the mexican military. what started as one couple's personal tragedy has now turned into a sign of mexico's escalating drug war and its spillover right here. what was supposed to be one couple's fun day on the water has turned into an international incident, sning a bright light on the escalating violence in the mexican drug war, as the investigation into the murder of vid hartley grinds on for two weeks now, grim news tuesday, a local mexican police commander, the lead investigator on the
7:32 am
case was found dead, decapitated. >> this offer was an innocent victim of the ongoing drug wars in mexico. >> reporter: and the escalating war has hampered the search for david's body. they had to suspend the search because of threats from mexican drug cartels who have taken control of the area. david's wife tiffany is concerned aut mexico's handling of the search for david. >> until we get some more footage and video or pictures that say this is what they're doing, you know, we're just kind of hoping and praying they're doing what they say there doing. >> reporter: two brothers were suspected in david's murder. and the documents reportedly came from the same mexican official that was savagely killed. >> again, directly involved with the supposed identification of the suspect. i believe the death of this
7:33 am
investigator is very much linke to the death of david hartley. >> reporter: for david's grieving family, it's just another horribleloss. >> it's just a terrible, terrible, another terrible tragedy adding to what we're going through. >> reporter: david and tiffany's outing two weeks ago was supposed to be their last adventure in texas before heading to colorado. the couple seen here eight years ago at theirwedding, happy moments captured on video, now all tiffany has left. mexican officials vow to continue the search, but the family's hopes are fading that david's body will ever be found. >> i think he will note found. falcon lakwill more than likely be his headstone. >> reporter: the murdered investigator is the one who had named two suspects in the case. high ranking mican officials said there were no suspects at
7:34 am
all and today those same officials are saying this murder is in no way related to the jet ski murders. >> david hartley's wife and his mother are with us this morning. tiffany, let's start with you, this has to be devastated news, first to lose ur husband and then to find out that the led investator on this case has been beheaded. what was your reaction when you first heard the news? my heart broke. i can't even explain. i mean i'm grieving him too, the loss of him because i mean i met him, i wasitting next to him through a translator talking to him and you know describing where david was at and i just grieve for his family and my heart just aches for his family because they're now having to go through what we're going through. and just like everybody says to me, there just aren't any words
7:35 am
to explain how sorry i am and how much i hurt for his family. >> does this man's name rolando flores villaga, what are your impressions of him? >> he seemed like he really wanted to help and i believe he was helping us and you could just tell that he wanted to be able to serve his country and he was doing a job that isn't easy over there. especially in the field that he was in. but he seemed very sincere and compassionate. >> are you worried now tiffany that this will have a chilling effect an the investigation, perhaps the mexican authorities will be worrieded about continuing with it? >> i don't know. i don't know. but we do still, are under the impression that they are going to continue their search and
7:36 am
that, you know, they're going to keep doing what they have been doing so as far as you know, seeing the investigation, don't really think that that's going to happen, but i can't really speak for him, i don't know. >> pam, by the same token -- >> i hope it doesn't. >> absolutely, but by the same token, you have to be concerned that someone else could get hurt in the course of this search for your son? >> yes. i mean, david, you know, wouldn't want anybody get hurt for him. but it's ---it has to continue that they find people that have been -- that are missing and if they need to -- they need to get control of that area. and it's like i don't want anybody to get hur an my heart breaks for theiramily. >> david's dad has said that he
7:37 am
does not believe that his sos body will ever be found. pam, do you remain hopeful that they will find david? >> yes. i stand strong that god will make this ppen. it was -- david will come home. >> i think we're all in agreement with that here. we're still standing in our belief and standing in faith that, you know, he will be brought home and we can honor him the way he would want t be. >> tiffany, mexican authorities have said that they would like you to go to mexico to file a formal report in order to have more details about this case. is that something that you are considering? will you go to mexico? >> no. no, i will not go to mexico. they -- we have filled out the paper work that they told us that we had to fill out. we spent 4 1/2 hours after their office and we re assured that they were going to get the paper work to mexico city to the authorities there and they were
7:38 am
going to be takg them to ranosa that same day. but no, i will not go to mexico. >> are you worried for your own safety if you were to go to mexico? >> yeah, we're all under agreement that thais not a wise decision. that who knows what would happen if i do go over there? >> all right, tiffany and pam hartley, thank you very much. we really appreciate you being with us this morng. >> thank you. >> thank you. and let's turn to nbc news analyst clint van zandt who's a former fbi profiler. good morning to you. mexican authorities say there's no cnection between the death of this lead investigator and the investigation into the whereabouts and possible death of david hartley? what do you make of that. >> i don't know. we know that this man was the lead investigator, we know that these two cartel members that
7:39 am
were identified, this was work by men working for him, investigators working for him. life was so challenged down there, for example, over 50 americans have been kille just the first six months of this year along the u.s.-mexican border. this is a total that may well surpass last year's total of 80 and this terrible method and way he was murdered, decapitation, meredith, this is taking a page out of al qaeda's playbook that these drug cartels have been doing for about the last three or four years now trying to come upith the most grotesque form of murder they can to intimidate authorities and to intimidate the citizens of mexico. >> so is it possible authorities are saying that because they feel intimidate. >> yeah and i think they are. we saw just last week on the "today" show when the sheriff was interviewed, the u.s. sheriff saying that he didn't want to send people into those waters, they might get into a
7:40 am
gun battle, now you have potentially u.s. forces, sheriff, intimidated, the message has been sent to the mexican authorities, to the police, i believe if you investigate this case, you're going to die, you know, few of the homicide of americans this year or any year for that matter are really solved. so the chances of this case being solved with these two alleged members of a drug cartel, remember, these are two main mexican cartels that are fighting each other for control of the drugs that flow into the united states and any amecan that gets in the way, i'm afraid could meet a similar fate. >> do you think that tiffany is wise not to go to mexico? that she wld be in possible danger if she were to go, even though they're asking her to go? >> i think she's making a personal choice right now, but with the murder, with the killing of that lead mexican police official, i think she's probably making a prudent
7:41 am
chce. she's done everything she can, we all wan to see this crime solved and her husband brought home again, but again i think the chances a pretty slim since the mexicans took a week before they really mounted an investigation to begin with. >> clint van zandt, appreciate your perspective this mo
7:42 am
good morning, here an autumn chill has blown in on a northeast breeze overnight. right now upper 40s to near 50s in suburbs and rural areas. mid-50s in washington and near thbay. highs reaching 06s and then clouding up this afternoon and overnight. rain likely tonight and off and on on thursday, cool with highs near 60. friday, partly sunny, blustery and cool. small chance of a shower. sunshine saturday the 60s. more of the same sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. and up next, criminals who target you because of what you reveal in your online post. "today" investigates the dangers of social networks sites right after this.
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7:46 am
are, like a vacation or a night on the town, you are also letting people know where you are not and that could be an open invitation to thieves. >> it was a horrible feeling, seeing our video just intensifies it. >> reporter: the burglar is seen here on home security video, stealing two lap tops a plasma tv and other valuables worth thousands of dollars. >> just having your house broken into and things being tak is the fact that someone was in your house. >> reporter: what was even more upsetting, one of the burglars was someone kerry actually kn. he lived right across the street from me for 15 years. >> reporter: in fact shaun sou was one of her so-called friends. at least on facebook, and though they hadn't communicate in person for many years, kerry says he knew exactly where she
7:47 am
was that night. >> my fiance and i were going out to see a band and we had posted on facebook where we were going and what we were doing so friends could come along with us. >> reporter: thanks to that facebook post, the thief realized her home was empty and pounced. >> you can't trust who is on your facebook apparently. >> reporter: the two men have been arrested and ve entered pleas. national new hampshire police recently busted a criminal ring. these individual who is committed these offenses obtain this information through social net working. >> reporter: police say the group thieves broke into at least 18 homes here because figuring out when nobody was home was very easy. >> visibilities of these particular buraries were posting accounts of what they were doing. >> reporter: experts warn you and your children should be very careful about letting your online friends know your location. >> i think a social net worki
7:48 am
site is a great idea, but using it wisely takes a lot of thought and a lot of time. >> reporter: a new concern is rising over checking in, the latest online trend where savvy cell phone users let their online friends know in real time what stores and restaurants they're visiting. >> checking in, the whole notion is to let people know where you are, connecting with your friends, but a bigger thing is that people will know where you are and are not. >> you've got to be careful what you tell the world. >> reporter: the check in trend alarmed boyd van austel who started please rob his please rob me site was designed to name and embarrass people who were haphazardly letting the online world know they were away from home. >> if you would say you're checking inomewhere at a restaurant, you're saying your
7:49 am
house isot being guarded at this home so people can get your stuff. >> reporter: the website no longer shares people's check ins, the point's been made. >> the warning we were trying to give out, it's easy, it's use common sense. >> reporter: that's something kerry mcmillan had to learn the hard y. >> i think people should see is as a lesson learned. i do not post where my fiance and i are going or what we're doing until after we do it. >> the average facebook user has 130 friends. experts say when using any social net working site you should always consider your audience and be sure to adjust your settings ifou haven't already so that you only share information with people you actually trust and know. matt? coming up, david arquette opens up about his separation from courteney cox andis encounter with another woman. we'll hear from him but first these messages. we went around the country asking women to speak frankly about something no one wants to ta about.
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7:53 am
al. >> i have no idea. >> that's a seed from a bird of paradise. >> i was goi to say that. >> i thought it was a sun flower seed. >> number three, real quickly. that's joe michaels. >> that is something we have going all over the world. a zebra fish. [ woman ] i had this deep, radiating pain everywhere...
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a few clouds and some cool air to greet you on this wednesday morning. 55 degrees right now. your forecast in a second. first, it's 7:56. good morning. welcome back on this wednesday, october 13. i'm aaron gilchrist. "news 4" has learned that she will announce her resignation later this morning. itill be set for the end of the month. mayor expecting to name another. police are investigating a potential homicide blocks from the metro station. they found him last night on blair road. he had what appeared to be a puncture wound in his chest. weather and traffic com
7:57 am
7:58 am
just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our maple cheddar breakfast sandwich. breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter. good morning. sunny and chilly on this dnesday morning. high into the 60s.
7:59 am
increasing clouds later today. rain like lu tomorrow with a high near 60. a small chance of a shower on friday. blustery and high winds on saturday and sunday. sunny both days. it should be dry and cool io the first part of next week. jerry, how's the traffic now? >> take a live look along 395 northbound. really loaded up from just insi the beltway across the 14th street bridge. no accidents. police just dispatched to an accident between montse and falls row. they're headed to the scene right now. we'll keep you later. >> amazing and odd. >> amazing and odd. el enmeets talented people and bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them...
8:00 am
except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budge d bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust. wee back now with more of "today"t 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 13th day of october, 2010. we have got 49 degrees out on the plaza. it's windy, there's a bit of -- out on the plaza, i'm mat lauer along the meredith viera and al ror. >> we know david arquette and courteney cox announced their
8:01 am
trial separation on monday. he talked about the separation, for lack of a better term, sexual exploits since the separation. why h went public, i don't know. >> dn't he say he hopes they get back together? that was part of the agreement with the separation, they could see other people. also ahead, what is it like to live with extreme eating habits or eating disorders. there's a new telision show that takes people inside that often misunderstood show. we're going to talk to two of the women who were actually featured on that program. plus we have a revealing new interview with the first lady michelle obama and she opens up about why she is so passionate about the arts. >> all right, lots to get to. ann is off, amy robach is at the news decks. joy and relief are growing
8:02 am
greater by the hour this morning in copiapo, chile as those miners are brought to the surface one by one. natalee morales is in the middle in the of that jubilation, a lot of emotion there. >> reporter: a lot of emotion, and a lot of exhaustion on everyone's part. this morning the tenth miner to be brought out, 31-yr-old alex vega rescued to cheers and big hugs as you can imagine a scene playing out over and over again here. on day 70, the rescue operation well under way, it had gone without a hitch so far, they have been able to rescue one miner about every hour or so, everything has been futioning perfectly. the first rescue took place around midnight loc time. florencio avalos was greeted by his son and then he was led to
8:03 am
the triage ar. and mario sup peepulveduepulvep practically jumped out of e cab suddenly. after 70 days under ground, these men are proving to the world that faith hasarried them through to this very moment as this resc is well underway. >> natalee morales, thanks for the latest from chile. the afghan army says there were no survivors after a cargo plane crashed. and the search for a 10-year-old girl in north carolina has taken an ominous turn. police now believe zahra clare baker dead. her mother is charged with trying to deceive investigators.
8:04 am
>> reporter: little zahra baker wh uses two hearing aes was reported missing on saturday. but on sunday police arrested alisa baker. police now say baker admits she wrote the ransom note after her 10-year-old stepdaughter disappeared. in the note, police say alisa baker wrote to her husband, we have your daughter and your pot smoking redhead son is next unless you do what is ask. police say this is no longer a missing pers's case, it's a homicide investigation. >> outside the immediate mily, we cannot confirm that anyone has seen zahra in the last month. >> reporter: a search warrant obtained by nbc news reveals police dogs detected the smell of human remains on cars belonging to the bakers. >> it had a bad smell to it and
8:05 am
there was this red goo all in it. >> reporter: like blood? >> that's what it looks like. >> homeschooled and rarely seen in public, investigators describe zahra's life as miserable. locked in her room for days at a time. an adorable little girl who struggled with cancer and her hearing is now believed to be dead. >> and now here's brian williams with what's coming up on nbc "nightly news." >> coming up when we see you tonight on nightly news, the first lady is hitting the road for the democrats. when you think about it, she's got an approval rating almost 20 points higher than her husband. she'being put to work where she's needed across the country. we'll have that story and more tonight on nightly news. amy, for mnow, back to you. it is 8:05,
8:06 am
8:07 am
here it's clear and it is chilly. a big chill coming in on a northeasterly breeze overnit. right now it's only 53 degrees in the suburbs. many of the rural areas are down in the 40s. mid-50s in washington and near the bay. highs climbing into the 60s later today with increasing clouds. tomorrow, rain likely all the way into the evening. high near 60. blustery wind. >> and that's your latest weather, matt? all right, al, thank you very much. when we come back, david arquette talksather candidly about his separation from courtney cox. we'll talk about that right after this. the grand canyon twice as fast. uhoh. we get double miles every time we use our card. i'll take these. no matter what we're buying.
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8:11 am
we are back at 8:11. just after announces their trial separation, david arquette opened up with surprising detail about his split with courtney cox. >> she may be a cougar now, but to most of , she'll always be that neurotic friend. >> i have been waiting my whole life to be engaged and unlike
8:12 am
some people, i only plan on doing this once. >> reporter: courty x's real life relationship with david arquette was one of those hollywood marathons, 11 years and counting after they first met o the set of "scream." >> do you mind if i join you? >> not at all. >> reporter: arquette to the airwaves with this. >> we had not had sex at that time a month or so. >> reporter: just a day after the couple announced that they were separating to better understand themselves, arquette called into howard stern's radio show to air some of their pillow talk. he was shockingly candid and he says the couple was on a break of sorts. >> i had sex with a girl once. >> so she's not your girlfriend? >> under the terms of the
8:13 am
separation, i was allowed to meet other people. >> reporter: the other person is reported to be jasmine waltz. she was act necused of punching lindsay lohan at one point. >> it wasn't a big surprise to people in hollywood that he might have been hooking up with this girl. >> reporter: will it matter in a possible divorce? most agree probably not. >> it very well could, but from a legal perspective, it has no play. >> reporter: courtney is allowed to play the fld too? >> so she's free to see people too, that's what she wanted? >> t star said she wants to be just friends with her spouse. so the is a "friends" curse? the stars on that show only have about a 50/50 chance of living in wedded bliss.
8:14 am
lisa and david just revealede just got hitched to his long-time girlfriend months ago. as for courteney cox and david arquette both insist they're still friends. whether their break becomes permanent, still up in the air. lee cowan, nbc news, san francisco. >> indicate -- good morning to you both. so let me start with you, on monday they announce the trial separation, they ask the media to show them some respect. the next day david arquette is on the radio talng in very explic detail about his life, sex life or lack thereof. were you surprised at how quickly he went public with this? >> very surprised, generally when you hear of a celebrity split, what you're expecting is the standard, please respect our privacy as we go through this difficult time. and there's usually quite a long
8:15 am
period o silence before one or the other is willing to talk about what went wrong. and when they do talk about what went wrong, it's usually couched in very vague terms. for him to talk so soon and be so candid is unusual. talking about his other couests, how it made him feel manly? >> what was his motivation for that? >> if you listen to the ma, many thing he said durin the stern broadcast. buried in there is he wanted to make it clear that he sn't cheating. he seemed to want to explain this whole trial separation and he was free to see other people so he wants it known that he's not someone who cheated on his wife. that appears to be the impetus, but of course he wandered into many other topics. >> at one point when he's talking to howard stern, he says she initiated the breakup right
8:16 am
after the anniversary of the 11 years of marriage and said that she didn't want to be his mother anymore. >> a lot of couples go through that, everything is going well, and it comes out that there was some rift around the parent and the child and the child happens to be the partner. and after a while, 11 years they have been together, she may have flipped the script a decided she just didn't want to play that role anymore. and that happens in a lot of cases. and quite frankly, if he'll calling howward stern and he's airing this onradio-- >> they had talked openly about getting married, counseling when they needed it, talked about thei infertility problems prior to having their daughter cocoa, the fact that they have gone public in this way, does this damage any hope they night have had? >> they're talking about a trial separation, and trial separations can work, but they
8:17 am
need to work on it. they've got to get the help they need and they have got to get down to the business of working through whatever the problems were so they can get to the are root of it. quite frankly with hollywood and all of this supposition swirling around them, it probay won't work. >> thank you very much for your perspective this morning. up next, the oft misunderstood world of eating disorders ter these messages.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
back at 8:20 now with a look inside the world of extreme eating habits. a new six-part documentary on eating called "what's eating yo follows people who have eating compulsions. >> i can't go through every day thinking of food, body, calories, wanting things and not lets myself have them. >> i will eat out of the trash if i see something that somebody's thrown away that i'm like oh, my god, i want that. i take it. >> jennifer who you see in that clip, is it hard to watch that, you know, when you're practicing those behaviors on television? >> it is. it's embarrassing. there's a lot of shame that goes
8:22 am
with this teach of disorder. >> we touched on the basis of what you're doing and this has been going on for more than 20 years, you binge, you personal, you have been known to take food out of the trash. is there an emotional trigger that you have been able to identify? >> with me, it's kind of no rhyme or reason, it's very random and i think that's why it's very difficult for me to try and deal with this. you know, a lot of this is accidental. >> i was reading about your particular story and i was thinking, well, this is something her family must have been so worried about and then i was surpris that you really kept this from so many people for so long. how did you do that? >> i think a lot of people with eating disorders are very good at that, at being secretive. i think my family newsom, but i
8:23 am
don't think they knew the extent. >> is there something in your childhood that you think is perhaps the root cause ofll of this? >> i was teased a lot and i suffered some sexual abuse and later i had verbal and emotional abuse from my grandmother and i think people don't know the trauma that can go along with teasing and bullying, as evidenced by the rent -- >> we have been talking about it so much as of late. mona, you were also a binge eater, you had a lap band back in 2007. i want to show your story and talk about your situation. >> i want to start with creamy chicken soup. anything that would slide through the bands is called slider foods and that's what i live on. round two, mashed potatoes and gravy. this is round two for tonight. >> i continued to eat after my
8:24 am
food pouch was full. >> the lap band procedure is a major procure, and if you're going to go through that, it would shock a lot of people that you would circumvent it by eating those so-called slider foods. >> unfortunately, i got theap band that doesn't stop binge eating, because that need is still there to binge eat. that's why i lost 150 pound and gained the weight back becse i was eating just because of emotional reasons. >> that's what rlly makes mona a bulimic, she was an overeater, and she was a binge eater, because of the lap band surgery without connecting to her emotions. >> i thought to myself, am i just naivnaive, or does this ha more often than people realize.
8:25 am
>> 10 million people and 1 million males out there have classic an anorexia/bulimia. >> you have both gone through treatment and therapy. was the goal of going on the show to be cured? >> i just kind of want to get a handle on this and i don't want my dirty laundry aired forhe world, but i have never received help, and "what's eating you" was a great portunity. "what's eating you" changed my life because i didn't even realize i needed therapy until i started it. when i first started it, i thought it probably is not going to work. and then probably in the first few weeks, my eyes were just open. i realized that i am justating myself to death. and this has helped me so much. >> and if someone else is watching and thinking, wait a minute, this sounds familiar, this might be me, the advice is?
8:26 am
>> o if you feel that you have an eating disorder, you should seek treatment. 8:26 is your time on th wednesday, october 13, 200. good morning. i'm eun yang. we're following a story out of northeast washington where two department of public wrks employees has been shot, one of them is in grave condition. let's go live to tracee wilkins. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. around 6:15 someone entered the lot of dpw in a dpw uniform, shot two workers here on the lot. one person, as you said, is now
8:27 am
in grave condition. another is in good condition according to the police. they're looking for a suspect. they will not confirm if the suspect who entered in a dpw uniform works here or not. they have plenty the of witnesses who re here on site as well as cameras here as well. we'll be back to look at the weather and traffic.
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. sunny in the 60s. dry and cool for the weekend. how's the traffic, jerry?
8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 13th of october, 2010. a nice crowd here on rockefeller plaza. and we're always glad that they decided to spend some time with ustoday. and ahead in this half hour, what is it like to be in a little kis world? >> you want to know that
8:31 am
>> we're going to find out. also ahead, we're going to head into the kitchenith our friend mark bitman, he's back with what he calls the best recipe for vegetable soup ever. >> ever? >> ever. and we're going to hear about mib shell obama's love for the arts, she opens up about that. we're going to tell you what she had to say. and it's inevitable, you go to a party and you spill something like red wine or salsa on yourself and you're never invited back. but we're going to show you how to get those stains out once and for all. we're going to go too
8:32 am
copiapo, chile, after a series of emotional rescues. now let's get a check of the weather. let's see what's happening as far as your weatr's concerned. as we look on today, we're looking at a lot of heavy rain an autumn chill has blown in on a northeast breeze overnight. good morning. we've got the sunshine but it is chilly. only in the 50s. mid-50s inashington and near the bay. highs today reaching the 60s and we'll have increasing clouds late this afternoon and overnight. rain likely tomorrow rning and through the day on thursday from
8:33 am
time to time. could get up to an-inch before it tapers off. friday, blustery and cool. a small chance a shower. >> and we have got some nice newlyweds here, what a. all the best. >> and you can - it's a great wedding tradition to check your weather every day on the weather channel or online did you know that? >> i knew that. >> and another great tradition, willard scott's going to announcement your birthday. >> thank you very much. >> but not yet, not for a while. you're a ways away from smucker's jar. >> a lot of people go to sanibel, florida. and one of the giants of tourism down there passed away last week. and we love him so much, and our love to his family.
8:34 am
happy birthday. always a pleasure, not many people left to remember in december. edna new of gloucester, massachusetts, 111 years old. attributes her longevity to eating a bag of chips every day and always staying positive. and frances gannon, 103, can't say no to corn on the cob. you should eat all you want in the summertime. only a coupl of weeks when it's really good. tom waters of marion, iowa, 100 years old, a vet and still works at the barber. ann stratton of columbia, tennessee. a breast cancer survivor. 100 years old. and we have lula craig, nebo,
8:35 am
north carolina, a teacher of many years and the oldest known ving alum of appalachian state university. finally we have walter hanlon of aneim, california. claims eating a pickle will clean out your system. have a vlassic. >> willard, thank you very much. when we come back, russell brand gets personal in his new memoir. we're going to talk to him. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 7:37 with actor russell brand, best known for his roles "forgetting sarah
8:38 am
marshall jshsz. he's out with a new memoir, his time it's personal." this book was pretty personal and raw. >> yeah. >> you talked about everhing, your heroin use, prostitutes, a lot of stuff. >> this time it's personal is a joke because of the highly intimate nature of the first book. >> oh, i get it. well, the first book was about sort of your rise from rags to riches, what is is book about? >> i think it's a love story about how for falling in love and romance, you can conqu seemingly insurmountable addictions and appetites, carnal appetites. >> and you're being serious when you say this, you fell in love with katie perry? >> it did happen, i remember it happening. >> you're very personal and privatabout that. you're going to get married
8:39 am
pretty soon. >> we're going to get married. >> and the arctic is the place you're going to get married t india. >> the arctic, ina, on a pyramid, on the earth's core. i try to spread difrent rumors so on the day we can sneak off. >> how has it changed you? >> it's changed me. i've got a lot more energy when i'm on tour, primarily. and i stay out of mischief a lot more. it's really good. it's been quite a devotional for me and lovely. >> do you remember when you met her. >> she threw a bottle at me. it struck me in the head. i received a heeither a head injury or true love in a moment. it's really a true things that happened to me. it may not have haened to you and your partner. >> a couple of months ago you defend her when she was
8:40 am
paparazzi were getting a little too close to her at the l.a. airport and you goarrested. do you regret that? >> so you did what y thought you had to do? >> what have you learned about celebrity, i mean now that you have made it? >> what i think, it's good if you're like me, but when i was a kid, i thought it would solve all my problems. but primely i realized that you have to really love the thing that you do because all those stupid fishy things that come around celebrity don't always satisfy you. >> your mom raised you, your dad left when you were just a little guy and you mentioned in an interview that she never read your first book, maybe iwas too personal for her? >> she had cancer three times.
8:41 am
when i was little i had to stay with relatives and i think she didn't reait because it was a bit sad. >> and you talked about some of the awful thingshat you went through. would she be glad to read this one? >> this is o is a roller-coaster ride, she'll love it. >> what are you up to these days? >> nick nolte, he's a man with a certain amount of pheromonal or aggression. he was using my foot to hoist me, he useded this area of my body as a fulcrum. >> really? >> i was o a high ledge, i expected to assist me by the foot. not byhe groin. i mean obviously it would be more than an appealing idea.
8:42 am
but nick nolte has really rough hands. it was a wonderful experience and avery, very exciting movie. but i think it may delay children for a couple of years. >> and the other extreme is the tempest we have you're doing. >> it was an amazing experience. it was an awesome experience. and i got to wear a dress. no one is judge me for that. >> you're getting married, c we expect children pretty soon? >> i've got a job, katie's got a job. >> i have a job, i had kids. >> how many? >> three. >> well done. >> i was out there. >> you certainly were. the book is "bookie wook 2." this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] joe here likes saving money.
8:43 am
th's why joe likes aetna's payment estimator. he gets to compa out-of-pocket health care costs before they come out of his pocket. that's awesome. [ female announcer ] nowet's say every joe in america uses it. looks like everyone likes saving money. ah, the potential of putting people first. thanks joe. know more. get better. get a smarter health plan. ♪
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8:45 am
we're back at 8:44. we're lking about comfort ups. mark fittman is the author of the "food matters" cook cook. these are soups that are a whole meal? >> these are soups that are so filled with flavor and great vegetables that you really can make meal out of them. >> the two such s >> the two suchoups we're going show is bacon for flavor. >> i'm kind of trying to get to the point where meat is the star. >> this is a recipe that you stole from an old woman in tuscany. >> well, the idea is that you
8:46 am
cook, just pretty much ordinary vegetables in batches, a lite bit at a time. >> why batches? >> carrots, celery, onions and then you get varying textures so the first batch becomes very, very soft andç the second retas a little bit more bite. >> okay and when you're talking about vegetables here, you're using the last gas -- gasp of summer and a little bit of fall. >> this is a little bit of cabbage and some tom mate toe paste. >> this is parsley, which in here is just wonderful. you're driving the water out of the vegetables and just leaving theiflavor behind. >> when we get to the beans, what kind of beans are these? >> they're white beans, they're catalini. varying textures, at of
8:47 am
different flavors, beautiful colors. you're almost done, really, anotheten minutes. >> you put the beans in now in? >> i want them to end, but for appearances sake, we can put them in there. >> this is healthy, it's got all the incredible nutrients for flavor. >> this one doesn't have bacon. is one year eating for breakfast, everybody's raging, the best vegetable soup ever. >> move on to the second one. what are we making? >> the second best vegetable suit. it's butter nut squash cut into chunks with apples. >> and how do you like that combination of flavors? >> you get the two different kinds of sweet and the two textures, and onions, and once you roast them, they're also sweet. these are not so secret ingredients. >> but it's bacon. >> eugh for flavor. and then a lot of garlic. and some olive oil here too.
8:48 am
>> we're going to roast at pretty high heat for 20 or 30 minutes until stuff has really, really softened. ltpepper, of course. and when you're done -- >> so you're going to add some stock to this. >> take it back out of the oven, a little white wine and sort of stir that up. >> what would you use there? >> i would use anything dry, so pine -- just trying to get everything up off the bottom. and you see things break up by emselves. and then you put a little bit of stock, and a little bit of sage also. >> what kind of stock. >> chicken stock,ut any time you use butterut squash in a soup, you need to use water. butter nut squash and baco what could go wrong? >> some people make it in a puree. but this is not the consistency,
8:49 am
you're looking for a broth and vegetable soup. >> you can also put bread in here, but i'm looking for something that's kind of a whole meal. >> from start to finish, how long would it take to cook this one? >> 30,5 minutes. >> if you wanted to serve this as a meal and you wanted wine to go with them, a lot of people would sayhite mine, because you put white wine in there. >> but a fruity red i think is just gorgeous. on a cool evening, this soup with a little bit of wine, just perfect. >> the best vegetable soup ever. coming up next, first lady michelle obama, shining the spotlight on america's most promising young performers, but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in.
8:50 am
inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund
8:51 am
to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nati. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-ected, o'malley will rse taxes again. whether he does, is up to you. the power to make careers and in the november issue of "harper's bazaar," michelle obama opens up about her passion for the arts and the next generation of performers. the special projects director. tell me about this article, the title of it is "michelle obama
8:52 am
america's got talent." she's passionate about the arts and young people and promoting the two. >> it's very much in ms. obama's dna, she's very much pri advertised the arts as being very important to her family. and what she wants the white house to be is to be a great forum for all these young performers because at the end of the day they're going to be shaping tomorrow. >> she talks toou about the fact that when she was growing up, something i didn't know, her grandfather plad jazz 24/7 and he dad had a lot of artistic abilities too, so it was ingrained in her as a young child. >> her paternal grandfather would play jazz all the time. and her mom would say you need to learn to sleep through jazz, which i found was an amazing image. and her father used to paint before he got ill. it's from her past but she's bringing it all into the future in where she is now and the
8:53 am
forum and the great stage she has in more ways than the one. >> one of the the wonderful pictures is her with a group of dancers, and dancing is something relatively newhat she brought in. what was that like? >> it was the first-ever white house dance series that day. and you walk in and there's indian dancer in one corner and billy elliott twirling around in the other. she lood up in the morning and she said there was a dance series going on in the morning. so we have all these dances together and we combine the troops and the bangor motion dance, all these different cultures together, cross cultural exchange. >> she's such an amazi influence on fashion, does she see her role in arts the same way, that she almost hasn obgation to expose people to this?
8:54 am
>> mrs. obama is into young people, period, just in what she wears, she can make a designer's career. but her focus now is music. because some of them that come to the white house, they come with -- once they open those doors, and they perform for her, she can mak their careers and she's very, very serious about that. >> and she's also aware of the diplomatic role she can play. >> the spouse program and basically the spouses often showcase music and dance to each other when they're away. she was saying when they were in france, she andhe president gave a gibson guitar to carla bruni sarkozy. she's undergoing diplomacy in a a different way, but it's no less impactful. >> paul mccartney who sang michelle and she said when she heard that, she said i can go
8:55 am
home now. and i thought, you can, it's just upstairs. >> the pictures of you are so great. >> i was an honor to do it. >> and your first time on the "today" show, many more. >> bri it. >> thank you very much. just ahead, fast and easy ways to remove annoying stains, even red wine.
8:56 am
8:55 is your time. 55 degrees. the fall back. good morning. i e e-mail eun yang. wore following breaking news ow of northeast washington. that's where two department of pub luck works employees have been shot. it happened at city facility at 12th and w streets. one of the victims is in grave condition, the other in good condition. he was wearing a department of public works uniform. the soter is still at large. stay with "news 4" for more on this information.
8:57 am
bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% incrse in college tuition. and nohe's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers d increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader...
8:58 am
we can trust
8:59 am
an autumn chill in the air. good morning. a cool wind cools us down. in the 50s. later today, in the 60s. increasi sunshine but clouds later today. rain likely tomorrow. high of 60. perhaps a passing shower on friday. weekend looks nice, friday, saturday, sunday. jerry, how the traffic. 66 westbound out of boston trying to get through. jammed because of an accident. one more stop, 270, we're still very loaded up southbound, but right now all lanes are open. >> thank you. coming up on c 4 nate ber ka is going to show you how to ka is going to show you how to synctaxes 60 percent. property woman 1 syi did't owatrnor. man 3: he worked for ak 10 billn
9:00 am
doanother bamillion.apsed.axers7 h big s don't need help. middle class marylanders do. we're back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. it's the 13th day of october, 2010. it's a brisk morning here in the northeast, blue sky and some very handse, beautiful people out on the plaza this morning as always. i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall is joining us as well. a lot of nice people are here, a lot of the eyes of the world on what's happening in copiapo, chile, where the scene is just remarkable, those 33 miners who
9:01 am
have been trapped under ground for 70 days now, are being brought to the surface one at a time. just an incredible reunion with their family members. and it's wednesday, that's the day we always like to help folks with their financial emergencies, with our "today's" money 911, today we'll be telling you how to put away a little bit of money even if you're living paycheck to paycheck. we'll be answering oppressive money questions "today." >> how do you plan a holiday celebration? sharing tips on how to get stains out of yr dress or jacket if you party too much. tips on how to get stains out fast and easy. also earlier we talked about hollywood couple courteney cox and david arquette who talked about it on a very candid radio
9:02 am
interview about their relationship. >> at's crazy. >> it you want to get back together it might be crazy. >> that trial could become permanent. let's go inside, amy robach standing at the news desk. we have got a check of the headlines. >> good morning, matt, good morning, everyone 33 miracles at the mine after being trapped half a mile under ground for more than two months. 33 mins in chile are being hoisted to freedom. "today" national correspondent natal natalee males is in copiapo, chile. >> the rescuers are now continuing ahead of schedule, the 11th miner jorge diaz, the hugs and the tearsnd the emotional scene that continues to play out over and over again here "today."
9:03 am
a miracle at the mine after 70 days, trapped under ground, the first miner emerged. just after midnight local time wednesday morning, -year-old florencio avalos made to it the surface. his 7-year-old son made it to the surface. the family reunited for the first time in more than two months. in a tent not far away, florencio's brother watched on tv. it's an unbelievable scene here, it's impossible to have a dry eye, as you can see, the very first moment the very first hugs, one of the most emotional experiences, seeing the grown men out there, the reporters covering this story, everybody's crying.
9:04 am
one hour later, the second miner emerged. mario sepulveda embraced his wife. then an unexpected moment, sepulveda reached inside a bag and pulled out some rocks, handing them out to rescuers as souvenirs, and this miner known as the comedian as the bus laughed it up with the president of the chile. every hour on the hour, rescue after rescue, after rescue. over and over these brave men won the hearts of people all over the world. 33 miners, once strangers, now international heroes. and the mine minister now says he tweeted jt a short while
9:05 am
ago that they have been able to increase the speed of the rescue operation, one miner every abo 45 minutes or so. meanwhile an interesting point here is that chile's children, the school children have actually been given the day off from school, amy, sohey are celebrating this almost as a national holiday. >> as it should be. natalee morales in chile, thank you. nato says six service members were kiled today by three separate attacks in afghanistan and in a separate report, eight crewmembersied when a plane crashed outside kabul. and just back from sudan, george clooney met with president obama asking that he do all he can to stop the violence. clooney said in his words, if there is some way to get ahead of this and stop it before it happens, we better a georgia woman was stunned when she received an electric bill for more than $1 billion.
9:06 am
a company official laughed at the mistake and then quickly fixed it. it is now five minutes past the hour and here's al with another check of t weather. >> morning. looking toward the west. we're beginning to see some autumn color even here in northwest washington. around the region it is a cool morning, still in the 50s.
9:07 am
it's 56 at national aiport. highs today climbing to the 60s later this afternoon. we'll have increasing clouds. rain likely tomorrow morning through tomorrow afternoon and early evening. highs near 60 tomorrow. sunny saturday and sunday. high 60. great music for "today' money 911. whether you're living paycheck to paycheck or saving for retirement. our team of experts is here to help. we havgot jean chatzky, author of "money 911." and the author of "start over finish rich." let's get started. we have got an e-mail, our first question is from kelly, she asks, i have $50,000 in student loans a 15,000 car loan and $8,000 in credit card debt, my
9:08 am
husband and i do contribute to our 401(k) plans at work. how can i save more for the future when i'miving paycheck to paycheck. should i stop contributing to my 4 1 k and focus that money towards bringing down my credit card debt? >> see i you can qualify for some sort of income based repayment program that could lower your payment. bottom line is i don't want you to stop contributing to your 401(k). you may have to make a more difficult choice. look at the rent that you're pay foggi ing for that apartment in the city. maybe you can look a little further outside t city or another borough. >> you don't want to dip into that savings to pay for your credit cards. make sure you have some emergency savings too. >> let's head out to the west coast via sky, let's say hello
9:09 am
to annie who's joining us. what is your question? >> my husband and i were married for 17 years and he just passed away. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> thank you. we kept our finance separate including our house and in going through his finances, it looks like he was very far in debt. >> how much credit card debt are we talng about? >> six figures. >> and you did not co-sign for any of these credit cards? >> that is correct. >> that's the good news, and i'm really sorry about your husband's loss. first of all, when someone passes away, the estate basically has to be settd. so typically what will happen is the estate is settled and debts are paid off first and anything that's left over is paid out to the beneficiary. in your case, if the estate has
9:10 am
more debt, quite clearly what will happen is that you more than likely will not pay those credit card debts. depending on the state, every ate has a different law. you're in a different state right now. if you get yourself an attorney and you fight this, you're going to come out and you're going to win, because you didn't co-sign for the loan, your husband patch passed away, you had no knowledge of his credit card dead, andou can show that you didn't use anything that he bought. so i would get an attorney before you pay any of those debts off. >> thank you and again, we're sorry for your loss. now let's go to janice from cherry hill, new jersey. janice, how are you? >> i am fine, thank you and good morning to all of you. >> what's your question for the panel. >> my husband is here as well and we both want to thank you all for taking ourcall. we are retired and we have been
9:11 am
advised to put our retirement funds into a variable annuity. could you please explain what variable annuities are and if you think they're a wise investment for retire reties. >> janice and joel are very smart to be looking into what these are because i'm not a huge fan of them. they can be very confusing and very expeive. but basically here's wt a variable annuity is, you're going to take a chun of course your retirement fund and put it in this investment insurance hybridnd y can select from the ones that they make available to you and then you're going to get a regular payout, like a paycheck, it's going to go pannup and down bas on the market's riations. why i'm not a big fan is sometimes you can take a big chunk of that payout to go to those fee and that can be very
9:12 am
expensive. and there are a lot of different types of annuities that you can choose from, you want to make sure that the person that's trying to sell it to you doesn't have a financialncentive to try and get you to get this product. if you're getting social security, you're getting a guaranteed income stream there. and if you have any kind of a pension plan, you might not need to borrow, u might look at all the options that you v. >> a variable annuity is an investment account and you're paying for insurance inside a variable annuity to have tax deferral. you don't need a variable annuity inside a tax deferred account. >> janice and joel, i hope that helped you out. thanks so much. for those of you on the east coast, sharon epperson is going to be sticking around in the next hour to answer your urgent fincial questions. don't let a stain ruin your
9:13 am
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it's happened to most of us at one point or another, you're at a party, someone bumped into your glass of wine. rosemary ellis is editor-in-chief of good ho housekeeping magazine. let's get to the red wine, your top or whatever is ruined. >> the unavoidable red wine stain, someone is always backhanding at a dinner party. but there's an easy fix. i'm gng to make a mess here. so this is what happen what you want to do right away is get a towel or a paper towel and blot up the excess. >> a lot of people think club soda or water. >> water is fine and you can use club soda too. but first of all you want to get the main amount of liquid out
9:17 am
and then you do want to sponge it with cold water, and there's a really easy trick that you can do, so you can take, you want to dilute the stain and then put a paper tow underneath and a paper towel above. this is very well secured here. and then you can just take a serving dish, and put it on top and let it sit and while you're finishing your dinner party, the paper towels under the weight of the serving dish wil help absorb the wine. the salt is a great trick. you just take the salt shaker and you put a little mountain of the salt right on top. cover the stain completely, just keep going and you leave it alone until the next day, and the stain will dry up into the salt, wait until it's totally dry and it will not be there at all.
9:18 am
>> people end up with a lipstick smear on your coar. >> this is what you get. it's a tough stain to get out, but there's a very easy fix. just get one of the premoistened makeup remover towel lets, you want to squeeze it until you see the liquid. >> makeup remover won't hurt what you're trying to remove? >> you turn it upside down, and you want to dry this out,ot rub it in. and you squeeze it until you can see it come out and then you transfer it. and then you tamp it and sort of rub it. you only have to do this for a few minutes. it's very nice, it makes a transfer and then you're done. >> let's get to the salsa. >> sal is tough, because tomatoes really stain so what you do, is when you've got salsa on, again, the first thing you want to do is you takoff the extra, you turn it upse down, you rinse it with water.
9:19 am
okay, so i'm just going to dip it here too. okay, and then what you want to do is, you treat it wh -- you turn it over, you treat it with a littletain remover treater and you let that sit for a few minutes. >> what if the item is dry-clean only. >> this works on table -- most table cloth and napkins are not dry-clean only. what i would do is i wou blot it immediately. the sooner you treat a stacin, the easier it comes out. u take white vinegar, a little vinegar will actually negate the licopene and that takes the color out. >> and gravy. >> you don't even have to get up from the table. what you want to do is you take the end of the spoon or a knife
9:20 am
and you scrape the excess off. and here's a great trick. get a piece of bread. put it down. cover it up. this will absorb the stain. >> you're great with stain removal. >> this is an oil based stain s water won't work on this. >> rosemary ellis, thank you very much, i think people will find this valuable information. up next, they heated up our plaza on monday, 51 sexie 1 hot bachelors in the country. enjoy things again. to [ woman #3 ] i feel these aches and pains. [ woman #4 ] the guilt [ man ] my sleep just isn't right. [ woman #5 ] i'm so anxious. [ man #2 ] i need to focus. [ female announc ] depression hurts.
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9:24 am
win. but last night the 2010 bachelor of the year was crowned and this morning, editor-in-chief is here with that bachelor. what do you door go a living? >> i cook at a restaurant in cleveland. >> he cooks. women like that. and who nominated you? >> a friend of mine from college, his now ex-girlfriend. >> his now ex-girlfriend. why did you all choose him? it was a tough choice? >> great body, great personality and he's a martushev. -- chef. >> how do you feel about the win? >> it's awesome. i rtainly wasn't expecting it and i'm a lucky guy. >> are you happily single or are you looking to change that status? >> let's see what happens now, what got me here was happily single so we'll see wha happens. >> did you find any love interests at the bachelor party
9:25 am
last night? >> i had a good time. >> congratulations, nick, we apprecia the segment every year. next up, local news and weather. . we knew the perfect place to go. man: cheers, everyone. i guess i did okay. i knew they'd love him. introducing olive garden's two new sacchetti dishes. stuffed pasta pouches filled with four italn cheeses. with herb marinated chicken breasts in a garlic cream sauce. or with savory sauteed shrimp. both served with our unlimited salad and breadsticks. it was a great time. and good practice for my parents. olive garden. when you're here, you're family. go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up.
9:26 am
good morning. it's 926 on this wednesday, october 13, 2010. i'm aaron gilchrist. we're following breaking news out of northeast washington. two department of public works employees have been shot. this happened at 12th and w street. one is in grave condition, the other is in good condition. police say the suspect was wearing a department of public works uniform. he's still at large. traffic and weather are coming up next. stay w
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. sunny and cool. a northeast breeze,nd it's just in the 50s now. high today in the upper 60s with sunshine. rain likely tomorrow with a high near 60. a smallhance of a showerener friday. sunny saturday and sunday. highs in the 60s. how's the traffic now? >> we stil have plenty of rush ur going. delays begin in shirlington. it's crawling to the 14th street bridge. one more stop. top side of the capital beltway.
9:29 am
outer loop from i-95. connecticut avenue loaded up with the lanes open. >> coming up on nbc 4 nate berkus shows you how to take advantage of auctions no matter
9:30 am
the demographic study i proved to beost popular, males 11 to 24. of course you don't look a day over 12. does the force require you to work out? >> no, ma'am, because of my boyish good looks, muscle mass and acceptance as a police officer. >> courtne cox and david arquette met on the scene of "scream." they have a 6-year-old daughter together. they announced they're going through a trial separation. they say they're going to be parents and best friends.
9:31 am
they were pretty candid about what was going on. . >> also ahd, if you're planning on a vacation, but you're looking for a place with a lot of activities for the kids, we're going to show you a lot of places. >> sometng close to myeart and my tummy,
9:32 am
sunny and chilly here. good rning. big change overnight with a northeast wind. right now we've got lots of sunshine and increasingly beautiful autumn foliage around the reon. we'll probably reach near peak foliage in call of weeks. right now we're in the 50s. increasing clouds late afternoon and overnit tonight. rain likely tomorrow morning all the way into the evening and highs reaching near 60s. small chance of a shower on friday, blustery and cool. sunny saturday and sunday.
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. and the reason behind the split of courteney cox and david arquette. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night, why go one more round ? you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restl sleep you need. lunesta has me risk of dependency. when taking nesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activies while asleep without remembeng it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsing of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occurarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is rightor you
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9:36 am
now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope wi every cup of activia. . they're calling it a trial separation, courteney cox and david arquette not only come confirmed they split up but they have been apart for quite some time. >> reporter: she may be a cougar now, but to most of us, she'll always be that neurotic friend. >> i he been waiting my whole life to be engaged and unlike some people, i only plann doing this once. >> reporter: her real life
9:37 am
friendship with david arquette was a hollywood marathon, after they first met othe set of "scream." but she may have screamed a bit tuesday when arquette took to the airwaves with this. >> we he not had sex in quite a- at that time, a month or so. >> reporter: just a day after the couple announced that they were separating to better understand themselves arquette calls into howard stern's radio show to air some of their pillow talk. >> she said i don't wt to be your mother anymore. i got it. >> reporter: he wanted to fend off rumors of infidelity and he says the couple was on a break of sorts. >> i had sex with a girlfriend once. >>o she's not your girlfriend. >> under the terms of our separation, i was allowed to meet other people. >> the other person is reported
9:38 am
to be jasmine waltz, well known in celebrity circles. she was even accused of punching lindsay lohan at one point. but she had no cment tuesday on any relationship with arquette. >> when her name came up, it was ant big surprise to people in hollywood that he might have be hooking one this girl. >> reporter: will it matr in a possible divorce? most agreeprobably not. >> it coul but from a legal perspective, it has no play. >> courtney is free to see other people too. >> maybe. >> she wanted to be just friends with her spouse, so is there a "friends" curse. it seems that they only have about a 50/50 chance of living in weddepolice. matthew perry, still single. the exceptions, lisa coup droe and david sch-- as for courtene
9:39 am
cox and david arquette, both say they're just friends. >> great vacation ideas to that get away with the kids right after this.
9:40 am
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9:43 am
to show us some great places t go with e kids. i think all parents are looking for that, and for them to have some structured activities. do most pces offer directed activities? >> they'reried and true. some places do have things included, some places don't. we have two clear signs we're going to be talking about. on a cruise ship, everything's included. so you know you d't have to worry at all. >> we're getting into that peak travel time so are there still some good deals to be had out there? >> if you're still thinking about your thanksgiving and christmas pls, we're talking abou look widely and good prices attached. >> let's start with the inn at
9:44 am
palmetto bluff. >> this is the prorty that nabs number one in all the u.s. and canada. it's beautiful, it's plantation style. there are no cars allowed. so you can really enjoy nature up close and personal. >> next we have the water color inn in florida. and they actually have a kid's camp there? >> they have a kids camp and a tes camp because the older kids don't like to hang out with the younger kids and they don't even like to be called kids. they actually have a great program. they are number one in florida. an actually i love, which is a friday night kids night which
9:45 am
basically to me means that basically that means that the parents - >> free baby sitting. >> parts night out, whether you want to go to the spa or to a great restaurant. 600 acres of powdery white beach. >> the homestead in. if you are looking for lots of activities, the homestead inn is the place to go. it dates back to 1902, so this is a place with a lot of historic southern charm. and everybody loves a little southern hospitality. if you want to go fly fishing, trail riding, they have an arcade, they have a bowling allie. there's nothing you can't do. $185 a night, starting rate. >> it seems like that would be so expensive. >> it has almost 500 rooms so you're likelyo find availability there which is very important. >> let'salk about those cruise offers. the first one you're going to
9:46 am
tell us about is a larger cruise ship, we know that disneynows how to do kids really well. >> disney knows how to do kids and a lot of people don't realize that disney knows how to do cruising. so you're going to get the welcome from mickey mouse. the kids are going to be able to play with snow white or send darrell la. there's also adult entertainment away from ds because they're going to be so busy they won't even miss you. >> we keep talking about alone time, adult time. but that's really what it's all about. >> a vacation isn't just for your kids, it's for you so you need a little r and r. >> let's also talk about another cruise ship, this is a smaller one for famies. it's affiliated with naonal geographic. does this mean it's going to be
9:47 am
a little bit more adventurous? >> you know exactly what you're talking about. whether you're going to the gal lgal -- you're going to get, their staff to guest ratio is 1 to 16. that means there's not a lot of guests there. it is expensive, but these trips of a lifetime. these trips to the galapagos, you're not going to get the same exrience if you're there with people who are not trained. they have underwater moving vehicles like a submarinelmost that people can use. and microscopes that are video microscopes so when you pick up something from the ocean, you can examine it. >> trips of a lifetime. >> exactly. >> coming up next, "today's" kitchen.
9:48 am
but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nion of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. cruises from baltimore and new jersey. visit today. because life takes wendy places. and life takes her family places. hi, mom. [ female announcer ] so knowing she can find in network doctors and pharmacies whenever or wherever she needs them
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9:50 am
♪ brendan haywo here with recipes from his new cookbook, 1,000 ways to cook southern. this is one big book and it's got a lot of recipes. you start with a castron skillet. this is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in the kitchen. >> what you can do now is y can pick them up at your lol grocery store. but the one that you get from your mother or your grandmother, they can be aittle bit rusted so i'm going to show you how to season it.
9:51 am
take some vegetable shortening and i go ahead and rub it well into the cast iron skilt. just rub it, and once ts is done, you stick it into 350-degree oven for about an hour, upside down with a little sheet of aluminum foil to catch the oil. that's it. >> so you've got a chicken cornbread casserole? >> we can actually flip it out. and whenever flip, i always make sure that the plate is substantially larger than my actual pan. so we flip it over. >> and the flower's in there. >> and we c get a little wedge to this and it makes the best cornbread and the pan is just so versatile. >> you don't want to buy cornbread, you want to make this? >> you can use a mix if you
9:52 am
want. i'll not hold it agast you. i'm going to show you another versatile way that you can use a cast iron skillet. we're actually going to make a casserole. this is our chicken and cornbread casserole, it's kind of like a cornbread sandwich. i want you to stir together the cornbread. and once you do that, we just layer half of that into the bottom. just half. and i'm going to finish sauteing is with a little bit of oil. so what we're going to do is we're going to add the rotisserie chicken here, you can pick tha up at your local store. we'reoing to add that into this. then i want you to dump in the eggs right there, and the mushrooms and the seasoning, that's red pepper and a little bit of sr cream. go ahead and mix that up.
9:53 am
>> that's all good. and we're going to layer it right in here. there you go. and then we pop it with the remaining cornbread mixture that we have. now we're done, all we have to do is let this rest for a second. slide it into a 350-degree oven for about five minutes, then we're going to put some cheese on top. there's onmore thing you can do with cast iron. breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. what we have is o pineapple upside down cake. i want you to put the cherries in there. >> maraschino, cherries. i. >> i actually used a cake mix. we're all about making it easy. >> the judges took some points off. >> but what you can do to make
9:54 am
cake batter taste better, we added a little bit of the pineapp pineapple juice. >> so you put that on. >> i came help you. >> we put this in a 325-degree oven for about 30 minutes or so. try that. >> and then this is our fen initiated cornbread chicken casserole. . >> 1001 ways to cook. [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in.
9:55 am
9:56 am
inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeakbay fund to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you.
9:57 am
good morning, everyone. the time right now, 9:56. it's wednesday, october 13, 2010. i'm barbara harrison. we have breaking news. just learned one person has died after a shooting at a departmt of public works facility in northeaswashington. we're looking at a live news conference right now with the chief of police here. the person who was kill order shot, identified as 51-year-old larry hutchins, a 24-year employee. it happened in the 1200 block of w street this morning. that shooter is still at large. stay with news 4 for more updates on this situation. and tom joining us now for a look at our forecast. tom? >> cooldown your night. it's still cool. rain is likely tomorrow with a high near 60.
9:58 am
them on friday, a small chance of a shower. otherwise blustery and chilly. friday into saturday, sunny in the 60s. a problem is an accident on 395 downtown at the exit for the u.s. pital. police, fire and rescue crews on the scene. one more stop to see how wre doing. outer loop the heavy. i-95 too. barbara? >> thank you, jerry. coming upon "news 4," nate berkus showing you how to take
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television in nbc news, in the "today" with kathie lee giffordnd hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. it's a winless wine day on this 13th day of october. we're going to get there. >> i love the dress. >> thank you. >> you were in -- i forget. >> i do, too. >> it is buceautiful. >> you're running on fumes, hoda. how you doing? >> we taped martha stewart
10:01 am
yesterday, and we were live with joy behar last night. she's a trip. we're running from place to place doing stuff forhe book. >>ace yourself. >> it's been fun. >> tell everybody where you're going tbe. >> the nbc experience store is here new york. if you're wandering in, wander in. why not wander in? >> come over and say hello. guess what? your book is number 67 already on amazon on the best seller's list. condoleezza is number 52. you're 67? plook at justin bieber. >> we shouldat leas beat justin bieber. >> it ain't over. it's a marathon. can his fans read yet? how old are they? hillary duff, we had so many authors on yesterday. >> a lot of books out.
10:02 am
>> you're dng great. you're going to be in atlanta. >> yes. i'm going to be a busy bee with that book. >> you're going to be exhausted, but you're going to get out there in america and realize how many people love their hoda. they love you. >> whatever your name is. >> you know what the whole world is falling in love with? these miners. everyone has a story. >> when you watch those images and those miners coming out one by one and they're bringing one out out every hour, now every 45 minutes. it fills you up. think about your day. they're filled with lot of angst and issued, you turn on the tv and the politicians are spanking eachother, everything is all blah-blah. then for a minute you look at the screen and you say, oh, my gosh. this makes you feel great about the globe, the planet really. >> this is what it's all about. the camaraderie and one said,
10:03 am
the ones that had faith who got through and the ones who didn't now have it. >> iet you they'll be like those guys who went to afghanistan together and iraq in those battalions, because you get so close. there's noing like a reunion, but when tha little boy ran over to greet his dad. >> he didn't want to let him go. >> and the ladies getting ready. they have to smell like trolls out of there. the wives are still getting all beautiful for them. nails, hair, makeup. i mean, i can watch this veo -- >> they say it's number x, y, it it doesn't matter. you can watch it all day long. they've been without incident. when you think about it, the number of miners who came out and are fine, it's so fulfilling to know that it's workg with every ngle one. >> has git cothe guy with the we and mistress come up yet?
10:04 am
i wa to see that. there was a nice thing in the "daily news" about you and your party as donny deutsch's apartment the other night. that's the museum of modern art. >> i saw him on morning joe. donny gets around. >> no kidding, and then some. and people are hearing about a lot of breakups. >> this one was jarring to me. it's not jarring in terms of will this couple stay together or not. it's how it unfolded. courteney cox and david arquette has beenarried for 11 yes and have a child named coco. yesterday on the howard stern radio show he called up and started talk about how he has basically a sexless marriage and said he hadn't had sex with his wife in a month and before that it was four months.
10:05 am
why don't you listen to what he said on the radio show and you decide. >> we have not had sex -- in a month or so. she said i to be your mother anymore. i don't have a girlfriend. part of the terms of our separation was that allowed to meet other people. >> she's free to see other peoplethat's what she wanted? >> maybe. >> what was that? >> here's the thing. >> he sounded out of it, didn't he? >> even approximate if they stay we haven't had sex -- there's a huge difference between having sex and making love. that says everything about - we haven't made love, meaning there's problems in our relationship and there are other way s to make le. people that have accidents. i asked jimmy gram how his wife was doing because she was quite ill.
10:06 am
he said she can't t around much and can't do this and that, and he looks at me so we continue our romance with our eyes. >> i love that. >> it broke my heart, because there's true love there. people now are getting divorced like their changing their clothes, they're changing their partners. >> he sounded out of it to me. >> that's david. we've had him on before, and we found him charming. >> let's pretend. he said we haven't had sex in a month, i bet you there are a lot of couples watching we're busy, too, and sometimes it gets like that. >> it depends on what the person -- they're on location sometimes more than a month away from one another. >> he's got to regret -- i can't imagine giving that interview and then the day after knowing you have a daughter and seeing it now splashed in allthe new york papers. that has to be one of those things you do and say, why the heck did i do this? >> he says he wants to get back with her, and now he does that. the thing i find interesting, i don't want to be your mother
10:07 am
enanymore. he's acting like a spoiled little boy. grown men do not go on radio shows and discuss intimate details of their personal life. you just don't do that. >> boy, this one's going to blow up, i think. >> ll, anyway, speaking of children. >> if you were watching "dancing with the stars" we said bye-bye to one person. we were curious it would be bristol palin or mike "the situation." it came down to those two, and it wound up at the end of the day -- let's listen. "the suation" got voted off. now i think we have a sound bite, because this is interesting. what is "the situation" going to see when he gets voted off? let's listen. >> backstage when brooke asked you if you thought it was fair that the judges gave you 4s and
10:08 am
you went, ha, ha, ha. can you put words to that that we n keep on the air? >> i mean, i rely hoped they really weren't 4s, but like i said, it is what it is. i tried my best. at the end of the day, somebody has to go home. it's fourth round, a if i made it to the fourth round, that was my best, i guess. >> he looked like a man. he's one of the smart ones. you don't see snooki bra we have the situation t-shirts. look what it does with the abs? >>hat do you think? would you buy this, wear in? >> definitely, definitely. sure. all day. >> you are sexy. >> how much do you work out? >> hold on. let me see him. bring him over here.
10:09 am
come here. >> dny, you're one of the few that can wear it that way. >> even i draw the line. this is not coming out. these are ke, by the way. i had to put on an extra chain. >> all right, guys. i love it. >> thank you for the awesome party the other day. >> my career is officially over. >> all righty. >> let's see what's cooking over there. >> i totally agree with you on that phone call. i thoughthe sounded funny. >> he soundedoff. >> david always sounds off. >> people think they should get back together because he mentioned he wants to after all that, and lynn lsd i was so shocked to hear. this he really crossed the line with his interview. that is so disrespectful. other people said they should get back together. yaenl time you can save a marriage both parties want, of course. >> it's hard town ri unring tha
10:10 am
bell. his voice will live out there forever. >> nobody knows what goes on in anybody else's bedroom and the home and thir commitment to that child. we hope the best for everybody. in this first segment, you guys, there's a new batch of housewives downstairs. >> they're from beverly hills. >> not too shabby. >> we'll talk to them after this. c erar extra power. [ bottle two ] bro, will you relax? i'm pretty sure ere's not much we can do about it. ugh. he's not even trying. he is actual magic. not iressed. [ gasps ] no! i didn't even know that could get dirty! can we even clean a leather shoe? what do you mean? what is a shooee? he's cleaning things that we don't even know what th are. gloves? brush? chime in any time here. [ male announcer ] effortlessly removes more grime per swipe. clean all around the house with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. clean all around the house want to transform dinner from blah to oh la la? cook with campbell's. with touches like a splash of fresh cream or sauterne ne.
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10:13 am
bravo's theeal house wives is opening door this week in a new zip code, "90210." >> this is going to be something. that's beverly hills in case it's been a while. they have the mansions, cars and diamonds that go with the territory. >> we went all out for this trip. the jets and limo. we were whisked off to a beautiful restaurant. >> this is exactly right. >> it's so elegant. >> cover your -- oh, my god. cover your what. >> taylor armstrong, lisa vander pop, ki la richar, kim richards, camille grammer and adrian maloof. look at the new group of housewives. >> we have to get to know them. it's just goingo be premiering, but tonight's the night, right? >> tomorw.
10:14 am
>> i know you. she owns a fabulous restaurant in beverly hills and some others one too. camille we met before. camille was married to the fabulous kelsey grammer. >> we're going to get to know all of you. you are sisters. let me ask you the tone of the whole thing. every housewives show seems to have their own tone. some are a ttle rougher like jersey is a little rough, new york has its own. how would you describe the to of yours, taylor? >> we live in the most glamorous zip code in the united states, 90210. you'll see a lot of glamour, sophistication, style. look at these beautiful women, and a lot of drama. these are six women used to getting their way. >> did you know each other before? are these legitimate, authentic relationshi relationships? >> camille, you sure? you're thinking about it can see. >> i new adrian, adrian and i were friends. key la's husband and i worked together, he's our realtor.
10:15 am
>> you bought a lot of houses while -- >> well, we made some money. >> so sisters, one wou think you two would be like glue, close, tight, together. is that the case with the sisters? >> at times. we are sisters, and we're deinitely different so we do classic at times. >> kim, is that the case with the two? >> i think in this situation it's probab the most fun i've h with my sister and yet the biggest conflict yet. >> how many of you are married? raise yr hand. >> camille, the divorce final or sn not? >> it's not final yet. >> what's it been like? everyone has a different take when the cameras follow you around. what's it li for you? >> the first week it was intimidating, and then you have to let it go. then they follow you a lot. i found sometimes i said things i wish i hadn't.
10:16 am
that's jus nature of the beast. once it's out there, you just can't take it back, unfortunately. >> adrian, when you watch the -- you obviously have seen the episode. was true to what happened? did it feel like you were depicted in the right way? >> yes. it's very real, and i think all the girls come off as being themselves and very genuine. >> you guys arelamorous and have lots of money. everyone is going through a tough economic time. do you think they'll look at it and say, oh, god. >> everne has to cut back no matter what you have. >> right. when you're wealthy and have to cut back, it doesn't hurt, right? >> absolutely. >> starting new businesses and things like that. >> we have mothers and we have companies. >> will we see plastic surgery? >> my husband is a plastic
10:17 am
surgeon, so you'll see some on the show. >> we're seeing it now. >> oh, really. >> you did it on the air? >> yeah. >> botox or -- >> that's filler, and paul, adrian's husband, did that procedure. >> one of you said in the notes, listen, this is beverly hills. there is not a woman over 20 that hasn't had something done to herself in beverly hills. zool absoluty. >> i'm thele only one with skrou's feet. >> we know it will be a fiery one. good luck with your new series. >> thank you. >> you can see the premiere tomorrow at 10:00/9:00 central on our sister station bravo. up next, gather your girlfriends, we have great get-aways that will have you packing after this. [ man ] each bottle of clorox 2 stain fighter & color booster
10:18 am
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10:20 am
"today's travel" is brought to you by expedia. where you book matters, expedia. its time for "today's travel" and great reasons to get the girls together fo a well-deserved get-way. >> do you want to relax on the beach or hit sin city, we've got destinations at prices that will leave you with enough money to really hve fun if you know what i mean.
10:21 am
>> we took a little girls trip. >> i read that chris feign na aguile came back from a girls get-away from sabo san lucas and her marriage broke up. after she went off with her girl fren friends, she came back and told her husband good-bye. it said that in the newspaper today. knowing that, we'll -- >> florida is a spo you're thinking of. >> girls want to have fun. we recommend the first destination is st. pete's beach in sout florida. >> people don't realize how beautiful little ths. >> it's a 1950st surf lodge, horseshoe throwing, $139 a night. plenty of money to spend in other ways. you get a complimentary bottle of wine upon arrival. very beautiful. >> are y right on the beach? >> you are. it's beautiful. >> good surfing there in the winterme. >> from theast coast let's
10:22 am
head west. san diego is beautiful year-rounlye year-round. >> you can't beat it. >> you can't beat it because of the fantastic shopping. the u.s. grant hotel has a deal for $250 a night. it's a beautiful hotel, and it's 5.3 miles from fashion valley mall. so they give you $100 to bloomingdale's plus 10% off. the mall has juicy to j. crew to ann taylor. if you're looking for preholiday deals, this is a great place. >> are the prices going to continue to be great? >> they will continue to be great. it's a pre-shopping holiday package. they want to attract women just like us. >> this one's my favorite. i'm sorry. >> new orleans. if you're looking for culture with your girlfriends, consider the w hotel in the french quarter. it's made to look like a french rive get-away. there's a leafy court yard and
10:23 am
pool. it's close to bourbon street and the house of blues where willie nelson is performing tomorrow. >> the best thing about new orleans hotels in the quarter, too, from the outside they look like nothing. when you go in nooks and crannies and fountains. >> it's a great way to go. >> there's a lot of drinking to new orleans, so you walk right back to the hotel, right? yo don't have to drink and drive. if you can still walk. >> another place you doncan wals las vegas. i recommend the lowe's lake las vegas which is 30 minutes away from the strip. yocan have a speed limitary shuttle. you have the excitement of the strip and all the beautiful hotels but a spa treatme is thrown in for $209 a night, there are fire pits on the evening. it's a great family get-away and a place to go with your girlfriends. >> the hudson river valley t.
10:24 am
there are 14 trains that go there every day. we recommend the mount marino manor. the foliage is beautiful this time of year, continues through the end of october. there's apple picking, there's all sorts of art galleries, delicious foods. if you're looking for someplace this weekend, it's a beautiful option. >> if you're looking for men, the place would be vegas, you think, or a few sailors in san diego? >> yes. >> there's other options available at stepping out in style this fall with boots under $100. >> with enough money left over to throw a fabulous wine tasting party. we'll play who knew with hoda after this. see, expedia lets me mix and match airlines. so i can takone airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i cafind the combination
10:25 am
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10:26 am
mmm, this iseally good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia. >>in just minutes an announcement is excted on the school chancellor michelle re. coming up this morning we'll have a press conference that uld mean a big change for d.c. schools. also coming up we'll have an update taking place on chile. 13 miners ha been pulled to the surface. that story coming up at midday. ♪ ♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i love waking up [ chuckles ] ♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonna be ♪ a sweet day [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness wi honey nut cheerios cereal.
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10:30 am
usually i'm across the street around this time,ut we're back on this wine day with more of today in a special version of our "who knew" trivia game. we thought we'd see how many people have read hoda's book so far. how i survived war zones, bad hair, cancer and moi. we go to the digital cafe where she hands out $100 to the people thatnswer correctly and her book instead of my cds. i'll be back there next week. jane is theco author of this book with me, she's a very, very
10:31 am
close friends. you had a ball writing this together, didn't you? >> i swear, we were just picking the tape recorder out. >> it's been a year. >> it has been a full year. >> so we're going to find out everhing about hoda from this book or just the juicy stuff? >> you know hoda. she's very open about her life. we did pick and choose what we waed to tell, because things are meant to be private in some ways. >> some things need to be sacred. let's go over there, hoda. i can hear what you're saying. i'm totally plugged in. >> take it away, sweetie. >> where are you from? >> michigan. >> your name. where was this hoda born? >> cairo. >> cairo, egypt.
10:32 am
>> jane, we knew that was going to happen, didn't we? >> that was a sneaky one. >> what is the real answer? >> norman, oklahoma. >> her parents are from cairo. >> they are, and her dad was a petroleum engineer and came to norman because they had oil field there is and he was going to do field sdy and go to college there as well. one of th things i love that we did that we never would have done as friends even though we've known each otheror 20 years, we thought what should we write about your life, your family. she popped in a home video, old films of her mom and dad over in norman, oklahoma. i loved seeing her dad, because i was never able to meet him. >> she's an american as apple pie in that sse. >> dan and christa. it's their 25th anniversary. we're so closure here. >> from missouri. >> how many different televion jobs did hoda interview at before landing her first tv job.
10:33 am
3, 16, 27, or 100 job interview scien is? how many rejections before goit my first job? >> three. >> another loser. yes, i love it when they lose. >> 27 tv stations. she wore out her mom's car and a green suit and drove around. persistence paid off for her. >> one of favorite stoes in the book. go ahead, sweetie. >> where are you from? >> pennsylvania. >> which of the following items do i have t of? stli lipsticks, ipods, phones, or daily planners? >> ipods. >> wait, i want to point out she's mart broken because all she gets is $100. >> that's all right. she can buy a hoda book.
10:34 am
>> take the next one, baby. >> here we . i'm going to cozy up. tell me your name. >> jim from allentown, pennsylvania. >> get it wrong for you. what do hoda and kathie lee do every week together? a, go for a run in central park, b go see a broadway show, c go to a nice dinner, or d get manicures. >> when in doubt pick charlie, c. >> another loser. my book is so good today. >> what do you do, jane. >> we go to a broadway show and champagne lunch. >> we have lunch and a broad way shoe every week, except for this week because she's on a book tou >> these are the jugs. where are you rom? >> chesapeake, virginia. >> they all have jugs t-shirts. i didn't ask where it was, and i don't care. are you ready? in what city was i work before
10:35 am
landing a job as a "dateline" correspondent,ew orleans, atlanta, chicago, or airo? >> atlanta. >> there you go. can i say something? this is the best day ever you got the book. >> new orleans, and that's really where hoda cut her teeth learning to drink on t air. >> it's baby jesus you're supposed to -- how long does it take? >> janie, janie, i can hear you. >> no, you didn't. >> tell your name and where you're from? >> sarah from tennessee. >> what sorority was a member of at vrginia snek tech. a, b, c, or d? >> c. >> she got it right. >> congratulations. >> hoda, we have time for one more, sweetart. >> all right. >> one more. >> all right. okay.
10:36 am
here's a question. what's your name? >> carrie. >> carrie. what does a man need to get about me if he wants a successful rlationship with me? a my nails, b feet, chair, or d height? >> your feet. >> another loser! >> they obviously need in book. >> tell us about this. >> we know it's her hair, and he better have a weher app on his phone, because when the humidity starts, he has to get that umbrella out. >> again, i'm here. i'm here. >> you're here, and we love you. come on over. jane, thank you smooch. y so much. >> she's one in a million. all the proof is in print now. up next the boo made fashionable for the season. you know what i'm saying.
10:37 am
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♪ ♪ these boots are made for walking ♪ ♪ one of these days these boots are going to walk all overy you ♪ >> whether you want to wear these things, tracy lawrence has it all.
10:41 am
she's the style editor for "glamour" magazine. >> these are hot. these are those high boots at go above your knees. >> yes. thiis a big, big trend right now. it's something that's probably not going to be around forever, so don't make a huge investment. don't spend more than $100. >> it looks impossible, but it's a little zipper on the side. that's a lot of detail for under 100. >> these are from bakers at 99 bucks. >> what is going on with tese right ser. >> this is our faux fur boot this season. every look at chanel was faux fu isabel toledo for payless. a lot of people remember her as a designer that michelle obama loves. these are only $60. >> not everybody can wear neez? >> leggings and a great tune in this case. this is casual and probably a
10:42 am
little younger. these are fun. don't take yourself too seriously whethn you wear them. >> wedges. >> they probably make sense, comfortable. >> these are comfortable and practical, and you get 2 1/2, 3 inches of height. these are from chinese laundry. the blue is great. whether it's unexpected, aed dress, a pink top, you don't have to be all matchy matchy. >> you do wear ankle boots with dresses and skirts? >> absolutely. one of the comments we get is how can we wear ankle boots, and we suggest with a dress and skirt. it adds edge to a feminine look. >> you have to be extremely tall and long-legged to pull it off. >> or an extreme amount of confidence. >> is she on your nerves? >> all right. it's hungover since last week. >> combat boots. >> this is for target. this is a brand a lot of celebrities love. it usually retails around 3
10:43 am
hundred or 400. the target version is $35. you don't have to undo all of these, and you get that combat boot look. they're kind of feminine. >> that's cute. >> i'm gd i won you over. >> these i hate with all my heart. >> these are from charleston rous. animal print are huge this season. a lot of people don't want good morning. i'm barbara harrison. we're leaving the "today" show for breaking news. c. school chancellor michelle rhee is expected to resign. let's go now and listen live.
10:44 am
good morning. welcome. everyone. i'm very cited to come here and contin to what i pledged to the democratic nominee both the night that he won and the morning after, that as long as i am the mayor of the district of columbia, which will be through january 2nd, 2011, and after that as a private citizen he will be able to enjoy my full support not only so that he is successful as the city mayor but most importantly that he'll be able to take this city forward to new heights and make this city the best in the entire word for the residents. i think today's announcement is in concert. the democratic nominee has asked me to make a very important hiring announcement, and that is that effective by the end of
10:45 am
this month, kaya henderson who has sved heretofore will transition into the interim chancellor of the public school system. i want to say two things. one one, i have had the portunity to work with her. i have as much confidence in kaya's ality to run this school. she's had roles in teach for america, worked for the d and has been with the schoolystem since 2007 when she started at a deputy chancellor. my second role here today is to introduce chancellor rhee. it would have been just about
10:46 am
3 1/2 years ago when with the support of the council including and led by the democratic nominee we took over the control of the schools under the mayor of the district of columbia at that time. i had only one requirement for e first chancellor of the district ofcolumbia, and that is that we would hire the best. when i interviewed michelle rhee, i couldn't have been more impressed, and i say that going into june 12, 2007, my expectations for how she would do coul't have been higher. as i come back 3 1/2 years later, i say without any reservation she has exceeded all of my expectations. it's not just the result that all of you know so well, the test scores are going up, the graduate rags, the dropout rate is going down. the collectioning bargain
10:47 am
agreement is now. she and r team brought the school system. the tough decision-making. what residents believe is breath of fresh air, the willingness to do what is right, even if it has political consequences. all across the country now because of the chancellor rhee team from the white house to dom meantries, people are touting d.c. as a model for how to attack democracy and get results in an urban school system and here in d.c., thousands of residents believe like i , that the future of our school system has never been brighter and the one person to thank amongst all others is the pson who 3 1/2 years ago took on the thankless job of chancellor of
10:48 am
the district of columbia public schools. please recommend to the microphone chancellor michelle rhee. [ applause ] >> good morning. today mayor gray and i have reacd the decision that i will leave my post. this was not a decision that we made lightly, but it is one that i believe is absolutely essential to allow chairman gray to pursue our shared goal of unifying the city behind the school reform efforts that are makinguch a large difference in the lives of the children across the city. in short we have agreed together that the best way to keep the reforms going is for this reformer to step aside. chairman gray has made his commitments to continuing the progress and the reforms cleared of me and my team of the staff who have doneso much to turn around our schools. his decision to make my deputy chancellor kaya henderson the
10:49 am
interim chancellor of dps put aside any fears. the answer to that question is that refms will continue. with kaya henderson at the help and the dps management system in place, everything e city needs to be able to continue the rerms will be in place. i have known and worked with kaya henderson for the better part of my professional career, and i can tell y that she is an absolutely unbelievable candidate, and i have the utmost confidence in her ability to lead this effrt moving forward. i also have a high degree of confidence in my team. they are the most talented and dedicated team of any school district ithe nation, and they will continue to focus on creating a world-class education system for our children. put my blood, sweat, an tears into the children of columbia for the last 3 1/2 years, and i have mpletely enjoyed every
10:50 am
minute of it. i'm honored and humbled to have had the turchlt to serve the very young people of the city. the thought of not being in this role anymore is heartbreaking, to put it mildly, but i do kn it's the right thing for the school system and t right thing, most importantly, for the children of d.c. as i tol chairman gray he should be ableto start his term as mayor with the same privilege i've been able to enjoy for the last 3s is 2 years which is to be able toe choose your team. the chairman ran a great cam parngs he will lead a great city, and he deserves the opportunity to work toward his goal of one city with a team that shares his vision, can keep the progress going, and bridge the divide. i want to thank the chairman as this was a difficult decision for both of us. in the course of our discussions
10:51 am
we found much common ground in our commitment to wanting to do what is right for the children of d.c. and i am proud to give him the best team of people to help in his mission and i'm confident in the continued success of the reforms under chairman gray. i also want to thank the parents, the teacher, and the community. you have e-mailed me, you've called me, come to my coffees, my office hours, and you've never been shy about telling me when you disagreed with me. and because of you, we are bringing change into every corner of this city. and, finally, to the students, you are the great echlt. i have the utmost of confidee the young people of the city to do great things andthey have not disappointed. finally i want to thank mayor fenty for the support he has provided me over the las 3 1/2 years. his commitment has been steadfast and his patience for
10:52 am
giving students the best education has at times surpassed mine. the children attending our public schools in this city are the true ben fish realize his care and leadership. thank you mayor fenty, kaya henderson d finally thank you to the next speaker, chairman vincent gray. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, chancellor. good morning, everybody. let me start by thanking mayor fenty for his very kind words this morning, for his outstanding service to the district of colbia, and among the many thingshat we share is the fact that we are both native washingtonians and deeply love it, ank you very much. [ applause ] >> i also wanted to begin by extending my most heartfelt
10:53 am
thanks to chancellor rhee for her service to the children of the district of columbia. the job of cncellor as we well know is not an easy one, but chancellor, you tackled it head on, making tough decisions as you went along. your efforts have placed school reform at the top of the public agenda, not just here in d.c., but as we all know, across the nation. this was not an easy decision for either of us, but as the chancellor said in her remarks, she and i gether, both believe this is the right desion, the right one for dpcs and our students at this time. i think this decision is a testament to our chancellor's commitment to school reform and on behalf of the entire d.c., chancellor, i want to thank you. [ applause ] >> now is the time for us to look forward. as i'veaid many times before,
10:54 am
school reform will move forward in the gray administration. we cannot and will not revert to the days of incrementalism in r schools. our schools mus continue to operate under the leadership of a strong and powered chancellor who will move school reform forward, take it t next level, and work with the community so that all our stakeholders are invested in the process. given unique situation we're in, i alsoant to make sure we minimize any disruption for our children in the midst of the skoll year and that we provide them with the continuity they need and deserve. for those reasons i asked mayor fenty to appoint deputy chancellor kaya henderson as the interim school chancellor effective at the end of this month and i again want to thank themayor for working so close to me e to effectuate that. kaya henderson is an outstanding
10:55 am
public servant. as you heard she was an officer with the new teacher project and teach for america in the district of columbia. as deputy chancellor she's proven hefrself to bean able leader. know she shares my commitment to moving the ball forward on school reform as well as reaching out and forging a real partnership with the mmunity. ads we begin to write the next chapter of school reform in the district of columbia i look rward to working with intem chancellor kaya henderson every step of the way. as i said before, i have no intention of mike rcromanaging. i believe in keeping the senior team, we can provide the stability and continuity that our children need and deserve at this critical time. i've also asked kaya to join me
10:56 am
in my upcoming town hall meetings so the members of the district of columbia will get to know her a sehow he plans to keep the schools moved forward. this is a challenging and exciting time for school reform and i aga want to thank mayor fenty fo making the apointment of kaya henderson and for her agreeing to serv as interim chancellor so please join me in welcoming her as interim chancellor of public schools, kaya henderson. >> good morning. to the mayor, mayor fenty, i just want to say thank you so much for you tremendous support over the last 3 1/2 years, for chairman gray thank you so much for having the confidence in me to appoint me this role, and, of course, michelle rhee, my friend, my mentor, my partener,
10:57 am
thank you so much forhe opportunity. i've been here in d.c. and working with the d.c. public schools for the last 13 years and never in my wildest dreams did i imagine we could reach such height in the did strict. i'm exciteward we are and i'm thrilled that thealkt team has agreed to stay on to continue this work. i look forward to continuing the progress and t continue serves the family and students of the district of columbia. thank you. [ applause ] [ inaudible ] >> well, so this is a press conference actually about the next step for d.c. i am going to take a littleime off and figure out what's next. definitely be traveling a little bit to sacramento. but my goal is to continue to be
10:58 am
able to serve the children of this nation. i think that one of the things i've learned over theast 3 1/2 years is that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done across the nation. lots of communities want to push these reforms forward, so i look forward to serving america's children in my next role as well. [ inudible ] >> and what? inaudible ]
10:59 am
>> actually logistically it worked out extremely well for me. i have a meeting right across the street that i left five minutes ago in order to be able to get over here. it sounds rather simplistic to say it's a logistical question but that's it more than anything else. [ inaudible ] >> let me just tell my successor that the media is not always going to agree with where you have your press conferences, and this maye the first example. but i certainly can't say enough about what i think the substance of the announcements are, and that is the school reform is continuing in d.c.


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