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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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rhee is out but vincent gray is the man who will be the next mayor and says school reform will continue witht her. >> reporter: mayor adrian fenty has hand picked michelle rhee in the next chapter of d.c. educationconfirm what has been talked about for months. rhee is out. >> the thought of not being in this role anymore is heart breaking, to put it mildly. today chairman gray and i have reached the mutual decision that i will leave my post as chancellor of the washington, d.c. public school system. >> reporter: rhee with the presumptive mayor vin sen gray. in the past three years, there were teacher firing and shake-ups. gray promise i had changes will continue but without rhee. >> we cannot and will not revert to the days of incrementalism in our schools.
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>> rorter: gray introduced kaya henderson, a close deputy to rhee who was gray's choice to be school chancellor. she has worked for city schools 13 years and is widely seen having the people skills rhee lacks. >> we'll move forward, take it to the next level and work with the community so that all our stake holders are invested in the process. >> reporter: gray and henderson both asked all senior school management stay on during the transition to ease disruptions. >> should put any fears asi of what reform will look like under a gray administration. the answer to that question is that reforms will continue. >> reporter: henderson offed only a few modest sentences. >> [ indible ]. >> rorter: then later brushed past reporters whout answering questions. now coming up at 6:00, we'll hear reaction from parents about the shake-up and the future of d.c. public education. back to you guys. >> tom sherwood. and coverage of rhee's resignation will continue tonight with brian willis.
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for anyone out there believing you can bring about transformational change to a dysfunctnal system and have everyone be happy, that's just not possible. >> tune in to see raheema ellis's interview tonight on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams at 7:00 here on nbc 4. one man isdead. another wounded after a gunman opened fire in the d.c. public works parking lot. it happened this morni in the 1,200 block of w street in northeast. pat collins is live on the scene with new details. >> reporter: whoever did this had knowledge. knew about in their dpw yard. when the workers show up. what uniforms they wear. how to get inside unnoticed. this appears not to be any random act ofviolence.
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the scene, the department of public works sanitation division in brentwood. >> nothing like this should ever happen on the district of columbia government facity. reporter: the time, around 6:30 a.m. a time when scores of sanitation workers are reporting to their jobs. >> you never want to come to work thinking this. only two places you think would be safe, at home and at work. and now you have to declare that not beg safe. >> reporte the crime. murder. they say someone dressed in a dpw uniform walks into the yd, pulls a gun, opens fire. more than 20 shots in pid succession. >> pow, pow, pow. and silence. a dead silence. >> reporter: one man wounded. one man dead. 51-year-old larry hutchins shot to death.
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he has worked for dpw for 25 years. they say he has a stellar record. seven years ago, he married his wife. >> we all had to go one day but i never thought he would go this way will. >> reporter: he just went off to work this morning. >> went off t work. i talk to him at seven clog in the morning. call me when you get to work. he called me about 5:30 a.m. i dozed back off. next thing i know, the phone rang. i had a missed call. i don't know which way to go. i don't know if i'm coming or going right about now. ll be okay. all my support and family members. >> reporter: because of what happened, trash collection in the ty canceled today. grievance counsellors provided for the dpw workersnd police believe putting on a full court press to find a suspect in this case and close this case of murder. back to you. >> pat colli.
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thank you. police activity shut down numerous roads in rockville this afternoon, creating a traffic nightmare. take a look. vehicle were rerouted around randolph road where a pedestrian was struck by a freight train. police suspect it was a suicide. the investigation delayed seral marc and amtrak trains. the brunswick line also stopped running. it should start moving within the hour. police think selmore burglaries in northern virginia mabe the work of that serial burglar. as of last week, 14 in prince william county,84 in fairfax, they all had similar similarities. they at the guy may have struck in the town of vienna. several homes there were hit and in all cases, someone slit the screen of a window to get inside. this brings the potential number to more than 100. and a kensington man is charged with attempted second-degree murder. in quick the quadruple stabbing
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outside a college, maryland bar. the man attacked four people including three university of maryland students yesterday morning at the thirsty turtle bar. all of the victims out of the hospital now. the bar is being investigated for underage drinking. now to the latest from chile where the rescue is progressing more quickly than expected. 23 of the 33en are now up and out. the mine here's spent 69 onizing days deep under the chileaners are being hosted one by one to freedom. there are hugs and cheers every time a miner reach the surface. so far sogood. no problems to report with the effort. in fact, all 33 men could be free before daybreak tomorrow. here's a live picture of the operation. it continue right now at this hour. the miners' vital signs are
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closely monitored. all are said to be in good spirits and good health. president obama said the resolve of the chilean people has inspired theworld. news4's john schriffen joins us outsidthe chilean embassy with more on a local company helping with the rescue. >> reporter: it is truly amazing. we are here at the chilean embassy. as y can see, this is a jumbo tron with a live feed of what's going on outside that mine. all day since 4:00 yesterday. people have come by to ceck out and see when is going on. we've noticed many people are saying, they've noticed how quickly this rescue effort is taking. much of that can be cdited to technology that has been flown in from all around the world including technology right here in our backyard. th crowd outside the embassy erupted in cheers last night, dancing and popping champagne as the first miner was brought to the surface after more than two
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agonizing months of waiting. >> last night was an incredible feeling. i'm proud to be chilean. m proud to have those professionals working. proud of the courage of the mine here's were able to face two months of no light, no food no, air. >> the jumbo tron from last nature's watch party is still up at the embassy as l 33 miners continue to be rescued throhout the day. many who pass by on massachusetts avenue have stopped to watch this spectacle many are calling a miracle. >> th is an pam mr. for the rest of the world. very grateful to see the spore from this country. >> reporter: compani from all over the worldave donated their services to this particular rescue operation including a heart monitoring company from annapolis, maryland. the past two weeks, zephyr technologies has quiptd the miners with these straps across their chests so when they exercise, doctors nearly a half mile up on the surface can take their vital signs.
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>> i'm tilting this backwards. what will happen slit lean back, you can see imoved. if write to run around, bouncing in my seat, you'll see it will go vertical and you'll see that the activity increase. >> reporter: the critical part of this technology is being played out on the screen toy as one by one, miners are being reunited with their families. >> as they're ascending up the drill hole, we're loking, we're watching the vital signs for various things like panic, hyper ventilation, increased heart rate, et cetera. then the folks at the top who are monitoring through video cameras and voice communication can help etalking through it or do thing to speed up, slow down, et cetera. >> reporter: now due to privacy reasons, the company is not able to disclose the vital signs of these miners at any point in the rescue orany point when they were in the mine but the company said they don't aid about $5,000 to $6,000 words of equipment, including an engineer on the
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ground right now in chile. he will stay there with the equipment until all 33 of these miners are rescued and brought to the earth safe andsound. reporting here live, john schriffen. back to you in the studio. >> quite a scene behind you there. we've just learned the 24th miner has been pulled up now. >> and the whole world is watching this. >> everywhere. it was wonderful. brace yourselves forsome wind and rain. we cooled off. >> it got nice and crisp and kind of autumnal. >> we saw 83 degrees yestery and today we have struggled to get out of the 60s. right now we're still pretty nice. a very nice fall day. plenty of sunshine and temperature sitting at 70 degrees. a nice afternoon with cal winds. humidity of 36%. it feels quite nice around the area. 64 cool degrees toward hagerstown and in baltimore. 62 in annapolis. down toward culpeper. satellite and radar showing clear skies around our area.
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a lot of clouds off to the wes back into parts of west virginia, kentucky and tennessee. that's the storm sysm. trying get to its act together and will do so overnight tonight. going to the night tonight. 58 by 9:00. 56 by 11:00. the clouds will be on the increa and it wwill have some rain here by tomorrow around 7:00 a.m. just as the rush hour is coming to an end. tomorrow afternoon's rush hour could be very, very messy a nasty thursday shaping up. i'll show it to you in my full forecast. >> thank you. when we come right back, barack obama and sarah palin cousins? even more surprising, who else researchers say is on the president's family tree. a local retirement community is helping residents live longer. and the workout routine they have to do, not easy. what they're doing to stay sharp. cracking the code. what to notice on your fikt reveal your chances of getting bumped from your flate or upaded to first class.
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a fast forward through headlines. d.c. schl chancellor michelle rhee is stepping down after three years. she call her decision heart breaking but necessary. rhee ovrsaw a massive shake-up in management and fired hundreds of teachers. her deputy kaya henderson will take over at the end of the month. a manht is underway today in northeast washington after a
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double shooting ended in murder. it happened this morning here at the department of public works parking lot. 51-year-old larry hutchins of suitland, maryland, was killed. police say he was working at the time. the other victim is in good coition. the shooting is believed to be a planned attack. and it has been a smooth ride to the surface for the miners trapped in that chilean mine. the rescue operation to free the 33 men is progressing more quickly than expected. moments ago, we showed you the 24th miner was lifted out. the last miner, the shift pervisor could emerge later tonight. they keep moving it up. they're adjusting for lighting. >> i love that they said, they were so happy to see the sun and the stars. stuff that we take for granted. you don't realiz it until you've been trapped underground for68 days. we won't be seeing the sun for a little bit, will we? it will disappear. >> weave tan it for granted. it has been so nice. now it will get so bad.
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all right. let's be a little optimistic it won't be all that bad but it will be quite nasty out there during the day. we saw 88 on monday. 83 yesterday. a beautiful day yesterday and today. we've hit 70 degrees with abundant sunine. it is just gorgeous out there right now with calm winds, but yeah, this time tomorrow it will be anything but ne across our area. right now across the city, men of sunshine. look at that blue sky. just a gorgeous day as we move through the afternoon. temperature now, 70 degrees. we will see the number going down over the next couple of hours. and they're going to fall rather quickly. dew point only 42 degrees. the numbers for clear skies will fall quickly tonight. en we'll see the clouds develop. temperature around the region, 68 in frederick. 64 in ball. 67 in sterling. winchester, around 67. daniel alfredsson, 67 and 68 degrees respectively. satellite and radar showing high pressure over our region.
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and two areas of low pressure. one back here toward chicago. another toward georgia. what's going to be happening, high pressure will start to move ouof here and here come our areas of low pressure. they will converge right off the coast. and this storm is goin to be a major storm. but the good news, is it will start to really intensify just to our north. boston, areas like that, ll see 40, 50 miles ahour winds. for us we'll see chilly and very windy conditions. tomorrow afternoon into the day on friday. our wds will be may 20 to 30 miles an hour instead of 40 to 50 like they're going to see in part of northern new england. this will be a big time storm. fortunately for us, we're only going to see the back end of it. rainfall potential could be a lot. about three quarters of an inch across the area. some locations, upwards of an inch aswell. i don't expect any flooding. that's good news and this will be a quick moving system. it will be out of here on friday. at least the rain will be out. light winds, temperature into e 60s this evening.
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by tomorrow morning, we're looking at number cooler. 44 to 52 degrees. rain moving in and here you go, guys. how about this forecast on thursday? at least it's a thursday. not a saturday. temperature tomorrow, cool, rain, some heavy. beco windy. chillicoty day. winds becoming northwest to 15 to 20 mis an hour and they will increase friday into saturday. maybe some gusts upwards 20 to 30. >> you know what i'm thinking? >> nope. >> it's a day for soup. we're going to need some soup here. >> and wendy is cooking. she'll bring big vat. bring those big cardboard boxes of soup in. >> we shout it out on the air and nobody -- >> all right. okay. you know the oriole we get, the more we want to slow down. the older we get. >> for one group of seniors in maryland, they believe they found secret to staying young and active.
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doreen is here with news for your health. >> reporter: their fountain of youth is exercise thembelieve getting active and moving every day is letting they will live a longer and better life. >> i don't think i've ever been in better shape than i am now. >> reporter: anthony will be 77 years old this month. but he doesn't act like it. >> usually i bike over here early in the morning. about 7:00 and exercise for a little while. then go out biking another0, 50 minutes. >> the 74-year-old janet and her husband harold said their workouts keep them feeling strong and energetic. >> i just don't feel good if i don't ercise. >> i want to live as well as i can right up until the very end. >> they say they spend more time pumping iron and time at the gym than a lot. people half their age. it is part of this retirement
5:20 pm
community's health ability residents which help them stay fit and live longer. >> if you cannot get out of bed in the morning and getup and go do things that are important to you, then you're sort oftuck. >> repter: the pogram focuses on fitness depending on their ability level. while some could be splashing around in the pool working cardio others are focusing on strength and balance, a big usual you've for many seniors. david denton is the executive director. >> i think strgth training, particularly in the lower extremities is critical for older adults to prevent fall. >> reporter: since this program began a year ago, he said they've seen a 20% improvement in arm vts the. a 14% increase in endurance and a 9% increase in balance. >> the number themselves demonstrate that the work we're doing has made a significant
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difference in the lives of the residents. >> reporter: they are both 78. they said maintaining their fitness has meant spending more precious time with their granddaughter. >> i probably wouldn't be able to do thehings i do now. i chase a 6-year-old granddaughter. >> i don't know about that. those senior citizens at did bury methodist village are very happy they have access to abilitin fitness program where they live but there are plenty of local community centers and gym that offer programs focusing specifically on seniors. be sure to check out all of your options. also the wii. you can do that at home. jim, wendy? >> they looked great. >> they're inspiring. new warning on a popular class of osteoporosis drugs. the fda says -- i practiced the
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word in the newsroom. they will now need a new warning label because patients taking these drugs are more likely to suffer an unusual type of thigh fracture. we told you there are no guideline for how long patients shou take the drug and the fda says the fractures may be related to the use of these bone strengthening drug for longer than five ears. patients should continue taking treatments unless their doctor tells them to stop. when we come right back, buyer beware. finding a deal on phet medicine online -- pet medicine seems like a good idea but it could be dangerous for your pet. he went for a run but what's the problem? the naked truth. >> is called the triple bypass burger. why it landed one business in some legal hot water and it has nothing to do with the
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now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that prove maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you. two conservative under that two conservative pundits have more in common wth the president. >> and a new name for the culinary monstrosity. all stories that make you say
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what, mita, in finnish. could they really be related? that's the claim from the online genealogy service called ancest they are 10th cousins and limbaugh is that to be a 10th cousin once removed. in both cases the ties are on the maternity side of the president's family according to the website. >> right down to florida we go. don't tase me, bro. want to know why the police are chasing this going tole? he is wearing goggles, folks. he is jogging in the nude. he wouldn't stop so the cop had to tase him. police said he appeared drunk and did not know where he was. now he's in the hospital being evaluated. a washington state restaurant is looking for another name for its triple bypass burger. it has cheese, temperature that you area fried -- tempura fried
5:27 pm
bacon. it is served between two chedar and swiss grilled cese sandwiches and it seem the restaurant in arizona already trade marked for the triple bypass all in so back to the awing board for a new moniker. any suggestions out there? >> take that, kfc double down. next on news4 at 5 clog, the foreclosure fight rages on. who is now spping in to keep families from being forced out of their home? bill gates travel to alexandria. what he is doing here and how plans to help others while keeping his mother's memory alive. >> reporter: jericho city of aise is one of the largest churches in prince geor's county, perhaps in the world. it was built by pastor betty peoples who has now died. this is chris gordon.
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police make an arrest in quick a colge shooting. leonardo ramos is charged with second-degree murder. three of the four people stabbed are unersity of maryland students. the bar where the fight started is being investigated for underage drinng and overserving alcohol. police now believe several more home break-ins may be the work of that serial burglar. this time someone has broken into several home in vienna and the cases have striking
5:31 pm
similarities to the more than 100ther cases in loudoun, prince william and othe parts of fairfax unty. and police activity has traffic moving at a snail's pace in rockville. vehicles are being rerouted around randolph road where a pedestrian was struck by a freight train. police suspect it was asuicide. marc and amtrak trains arelso experiencing delays. the brunswick line is shut down. it should start running by 6:00 this evening. let's fast forward to the weather. we've seen anoer great day. temperature a lot cooler than they were. by 15 degrees. it is gorgeous out there with plenty of sunshine. it will be a nice evening. 70 degrees outside. winds are calm under mostly sunny skies. high pressure dominating now but that area will move out. at will move back in? how about rain? highs tomorrow in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees with rain. some of that rain will be heavy at times. it will get rather windy in the afternoon. a big difference in the next 24
5:32 pm
hours. thworld's riffest man had a learning center named for his mother. >> bill gates was there for the opening of the mary gates center at the united way worldwide headquarters in alexandria. hey, jane. >> reporter: despite all of his wealth, microsoft founder bill gates is an introvert who quietly gives away billion of dollars to charities. today, the donation to the united way took on a very personal meaning. bill gates take in the grounds of the new center dedicated to his late mother. the mary m. gates learning center ss on the banks of the potomac. a $17 million state-of-the-art facility that will train united wa staffers fr all over the world. >> both she and i came to this building as members of the united way board. she believed in that a lot.
5:33 pm
getting them to share their best practices, even got some worldwide activities. this center will facilite that and i'm sure she would be very happy about it. >> reporter: the gates family has had a long relationship with united way. mary gat was the first woman to chair the board in the seate area. her daughter libby gates. >> until then the board had been reserved for cporate leaders who could raise money tough their businesses which meant it had been reserved for men. but my mom earned her wayon that board because sheas diligent and extremely smart. >> reporter: the learning center will feature high definition video conferencing, a we cast technology that will link united way workers and volunteers from 45 countries. >> this center will be both a face to face exchange in terms of learning on social issues, and it will be a virtual exchange. >> reporter: virtual learning has been a bag of bill gates
5:34 pm
whose foundation just launched a $20 million grant program to improve college graduation rates by online tenology. >> education in the united states isn't working as well as it needs. to having more effective teachers is the key thing there but particularly as kids get older, the online piece can play a major role for a kid who is behind, learning more, being able to have community college lectures so you can watch whenever you want. so some real opportunities there. >> reporter: the mary gates learning cter opens tomorrow and leaders from the unite way's latin america region. the virginia, maryland and d.c. attorneys general join leaders in every other state to investigate foreclone you are practices today. the dision follows announcements by some major bank that's they're stopping foreclosures while they conduct
5:35 pm
their own investigations into alleged robo signing of foreclone you are documents. they're accused of repo segregation home without verifying key details. some analysts are worried halting foreclosures uld hurt the housing market even more. there are new clues about what has been behind those recent escalator a elevator problems at metro stations. an independent audit reveal that switches were not cleaned or adjusted properly. it also says water is sometim making its way into the machine rooms and the work areas, and that some mexican i cans are not trained properly. >> one of the biggest churches in prince george's county has lost its founder and spiritual leader. apostle dbie peoples died yesterday. r she built the way that many have passed. it provides game day parking. jericho city of praise.
5:36 pm
>> with all of those places tearing down, god says, you back. reporr: many her parishioners called merry mom. she led one of the largest church in the world with room for 11,000 people in the main sanctuary. she built jericho city of praise with her husband, the late dave peoples jr. who died in 1996. it rose out ofumble beginnings. >> can y imagine starting with 31 people? can you imagine taking a paycheck of roughly $30 and going in and starting a ministry that comes here today? and where you sit, everything is paid for. everything. there's not a mortgage on where you're sitting. >> reporter: jericho city of praise is located at the corner
5:37 pm
of bishop peoples and jericho citydrives. on the road into fedeck field. they have since added jericho residences with apartmentsor senior citizens. a business development center where companies are locating and creating jobs. and there is a school. jericho cistian academy. which servestudent from 2 years of age to eighth grade. all of this was based on the leadership and vision of ptor betty. >> she was a tough lady. a strong woman, full of knowledge of god's word, love for the people, love for the children. and that she imparted in us tat we can now continue on and impart that with an acknowledgement to the students so they can go out to the community and be that strong spiritual leader that we all need. >> reporter: funeral services are now being planned for the pastor. >> chris gordon. thank you. still ahead, check your boarding pass. the one letter that will make
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all the difference when you travel. >>lus, keeping fido safe. why searching for bargains online could do more harm than online could do more harm than good. bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state speing by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob rlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust
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in tonight's wednesday's child, we know the most
5:41 pm
important thing we can give to a child is love. you don't have to be able to hear it to feel it. >> that's what we're hoping to find to a little girl we've introduced you to before. barbara harrison takes to us meet rachel. >> imagine if you could not hear this health sxoe weren't sure why youere here. imagine even the signing interpreter is someone you've ner seen before. imagine how scary that might be. especially if you also have some learning challenges. >> we've got a great day planned. we'll go to imagination stage. >> reporter: diane, the director of acce at imagination stage, welcomed us. made our way past the theater to a rehearsal room where she was invited to take a dance class. veronica that she thought a hip hop lesson would be fun. but she was a little hesitant about the idea until she met the teacher who was able to speak
5:42 pm
her language. like many of the others here. >> my name is fred. i'm fred. >> reporter: shes a little shy when she meets people for the first time. as a foster child, she has not had a real sense of belonging. dancer fred bean gave her f moves to try but she was not too sure she wanted to show off in front of he have one. she felt less inhibitedhen we all joined in. it is hope that she will one day be surrounded by people who care about her who she can count on to always be there. >> she would do wonderful with a family that's very active. that loves to do things, very outgoing. that's the type of child that she is. >> reporter: at the end of the class, there were some surprises for rachel. >> i have a present r you. >> reporter: she also has tickets for her to come back and see a show. but perhaps what surprised her the most was the photograph so
5:43 pm
the memory of today would live on more than just her imagination. barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. and if you have room in your home and your heart for rachel, please call our special adoption hotline. you can go to our home page at when we come back, the science behind getting bumped or getting moved to first class. what your airline ticket says that could help determine how
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5:46 pm
hello. welcome back. a beautiful day out there with plenty of sunshine. say goodbye to th sunshine. take a long look at it, too. rain is in the forecast. currently 70 degrees in the d.c. area. 66 down towardthe air force base. satellite and radar showing the high pressure that will move out. in behind it, rain. a nationally day tomorrow. 60 degrees for a high. we begin looking at rather wndy conditions through the day on saturday. thanks. the next time you take a flight, youay want to check your ticket for more tn your departure team and your gate assignment. there is an airline code that can tell you the chances of getting an upgrade or getting bumped from your flight. grant stinchfield has the story. >> reporter: when it come to air travel -- >> you have to be here early so you can make sure first of all you don't get bumped. >> reporter: no one wants to ri getting bumped.
5:47 pm
>> i come as early as i possibly can. >> reporter: before you stress out too much, y y want to look at the airline code. if you see a ychb, you have little chance of getting bumpbed and a big chance of scoring a free first class upgrade. >> a full coach fare is very unrestricted. you can walk on to the plane any time. >>eporter: "y" is the universal code for full fare meaning you probably paid a fu price but the airline will often reward you for it. sometimes even awarding extra frequent flyer miles. >> the seat management perspective, how they manage the seat. >> reporter: if your particular shows a code like l or v, you're in the sub class. l usually mean the deepest discounted tict with few rights and lots of restrictions. which mean you're often the first to go if you show up late. >> money talks. that's how it works. >> reporter: the only way to improve your code is to pay
5:48 pm
more. something most leisure traveller don't want to do. >> i live on a budget. try to find the cheapest one. >> reporter: bottom line work a cheap ticket check in early. online if you can. and if you score that coveted y class code, ask for an upgrade. >> i think there is a privilege there. if they fly enough that they have a code, hey, they deserve it. >> reporter: if you see an f or a p on your particular, you're most likely booked in fit clasalready. >> if you do have a code such agency "l" indicating you paid the lowest fare, there is little you can do to keep from getting bumped beyond showing up for your flate earlier than someone as well as the same code. but knowing about it can help you be prepared for the worst. well, e redskins face the colts on sunday. >> melissa is here. she is a huge football fan and you may be surprised to find out
5:49 pm
who she is rooting for this weekend. >> yeah. marissa coleman, a former star at the university of maryland and currently a small forward for the washington mystics. she also happens to be a huge fan of peyton manning. here's t problem. she is a local girl. she went to st. john's college high school. you have to wonder who she is going to be rooting for. the colt or the redskins. so first tell me how you became such a huge peyton fan. >> i used to be -- once he retired, i fell in love with peyton. i read a lot of article about him and how great of a leader he is andent on from there. >> so is this your little girl, you're a fastball fan and troy aikman is cute or is this, you're legitimately a peyton manning, ty aikman fan because theye good quarterbacks? >> i'm going with option b. >> tprovoke guys? i love peyton.
5:50 pm
>> he is such a great leader. is that what you like? >> that's one of the great qualities. and the more iread about him, any time a player retires he writes them a handwritten letter. i think that shows the character he has. the kind of person he is. >> he sends you the jersey and the hat. the story i heard, you were featured in "sports illustrated." they do something every week where they ask a cole different athletes questions and you listed peyton as your fate athlete and he saw that. he send yothe gear. >> i was pretty xcited. did i the questions for "sports illustrated." and one have to questions was like, tom brady makes you want to -- i said turn my tv off. maybe a month after that issue, the coach called me in the office and she hands me a box and there was a letter saying he saw the article and wish me luck. i still have both. some of my most prized
5:51 pm
possessions. >> and it actually fits, too. >> i bought the jersey. i just got the hat. >> that's a little tight. >> yeah. i don't think he could fit into it. >> i went to tennessee with peyton and i don't think even then co-fit into the jersey. >> am i going to see you on the sidelines? >> i hope so. i might catch insome flak if i show up in this jersey. >> are you going to? >> i'm on the fence. i might get some beer thrown at me or something from the english fans. >> there have to be some guys on the redskins who you have run across at events or who you know, if they see you here, they're going to say what's going to? >> i know. everybody gives me such a hard time. everybody can blame it on my dad. he one a redsks fan. he is not really a fan of anybody. kind of growing up, had no choice. >> will he talk about mystics for a minute. you guys, first, look at that. how did anthony armstrong do?
5:52 pm
>> a lot better than i would do if i tried it. >> he said he has been running that through his head for a long time. did you guys do that? do you go up, get foul? make the basket? do a little dance? >> me persally i cannot dance. i have no rhythm. the most you'll get is a chest bump or a high five. i have no dance. >> that makes me feel better. i'm one of the worst dancers in the world. >> wave bad danceoff is what we'll have to do. great regular scene for you guys with the mystics. you get knocke out of the first round. playoffs. much like the capitals who had a great regular season. how hard was that to take after you had such hey expectations >> it was tough. entering the playoffs, we had a lot of moment dlul. we thoughte could go to the finals. it didt fall in our favor. atlanta played great basketball. we can look at the tape and see. >> that's marissa coleman, the all time leading scorer at st.
5:53 pm
john's high school. she is a national champion at the university of maryland. a professional basketball player and she is a peyton manning fan. that's okay because i'm a tennessee guy. but i wish you were a redskins fan, too. she can't be perk. i know she look perfect but she is not 100% there. >> thank you. >> and her security detail is waiting for her in the lobby. >> provided by the redskins. >> sure. >> thank you, guys. it has been a busy wednesday afternoon. >> yes, it has. here's a preview. >> down in chile, those guys were picking up the pace of the rescue them expect to have all of those miners there. perhaps by tomorrow morning. also tonight, a guy wearing a uniform walked into the lot at the department of public works. kill one of the worker and wounded another. >> and gilbert arena didn't play.
5:54 pm
we'll tell you why he did what he did. those stories and more coming up. >> we'll see you then. up next, a warning for pet owners. if your dog or cat needs medicine, where do you go? >> aer the break, what do you need to do to keep your furry fa synctaxes 60 percent. property
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
woman 1 syi didn't owatrnor man 3: he worked for ak 10 billn doanother bamillion.apsed.axers7 h big s don't need help. middle class marylanders do. a popular method for thrifty
5:57 pm
shoppers. >> when it come to buying it for your pet, relying on the internet can be dangerous. >> reporter: 63% of american households include a pet and our furry members account for mo than $10 billion worth of spending a year just on medication. >> we've been on these three for different ones, one is steroid and the different sicknesses. >> reporter: even most well meaning owners can fall prey to bad medicine that's come from out of country online vendors. >> i've had couple animal with burning skin, seizures, diarrhea from the products. >> reporter: she said one of her patients went online to buy the popular flea medication. the oblem is the product was bogus. these photos show an expiration date and a made in australia label. two thing the real front line wouldn't have. a company who is copying the front line.
5:58 pm
the packaging is very close but not quite close enough. and they're producing in it australia. the true front line is made in france. the owners are seeing fleas in a week instead of a month. >> i don't rember the name of the website. >> reporter: he remember he bought advantage from an auralian web. it took six weeks to arrive and it didn't work. >> i still get e-mail constantly saying do you want to reorder, do you want to reorder. no. i'm going to stick with what i know. never do it agn. lesson learned. lesson learned. >> reporter: lucky important both owners, there were not any lasting effects but it is tough tonow which to avoid because there is no database of who is doing bad business. best advice, stoik nationally known sitelike go 1-800 pet medicine. some will match the online price or at leastpprove the site you're using. that's it for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
i put may blood, sweat and tears into the children of the district of columbia for the last three a a half years. and i have completely enjoyed every minute of it. >> this is school chancellor michelle rhee resigned today. a new woman will take her place. a man opens fire at the district's department of public works, killing one worker and injuring another. >> first we begin with the rescue operation down in chile where things are going so well that in just a few hours, all of the miners are expected to be out of there. good evening. >> right now 26 of the 33 miners have been rescued. these are live pictures from the scene in chile. the rescues are happening more quickly than expected. as often as one every 30 te


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