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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  October 25, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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they are both georgetown students. charles smath and john romano are both students and john perrone was visiting. dmt is a that lose genic drug said. >> i had no idea people were even capable of manufacturing stuff like that in the dorm rooms. it's certainly not indicative of the culture of georgetown at all. >> the entire building had to be evacuated for 12 hours for evidence. they und glass jars containing a clear liquid. nine years after chandra levy was killed her accused killer will go on trial.
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opening statements will again in the trial of ingmar gene day qaa. he is accud of attacking her in crock creek park in 2001. her body was found one year later. guandique is already serving time for two similar attack that also happened in rock creek park. 4:31 is the time. we had anher, another glorious weekd. let's keep this up. well, it's going to stay mild. we have a chance for rain later today. a dry start, thoug to this monday. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. 60 at national airport. upper 50s in prince george's. arlington, upper 50s. montgomery and fairfax, mid-50s. west and north it's dipped down to 50 degrees. the lower bay ithe eastern shore and tidewater, low 60s this morning. out of the mountains, a bit chillier. mid-40s in maryland. peak autumn color.
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rain pushing into kentucky, tennessee, north and east. should be arriving here later this afternoon. highs reaching the mid-70s. and that rain activity may continue into tonight, ending by midnig midnight. small chance of a sprinkle. drying out thursday. friday, saturday and into halloween should be cooler and dry. jerry, good morning. welcome back. how is our traffic? >> hey, tom, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. it is good to be back. happy mond northbound and southbound. overnighroad work but certainly not having too much a effect this early hour. let's head over to the american legion bridge. inner loop, tysons corner moving along nicely, outer loop pretty quiet and dry pavement. joe, eu good morning to you. >> good to have you back with us. bethesda salon will be closed today after a car smashed
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through that shop's front window. it happened at the bradley shopping center yesterday morning. an elderly driver lost control, slammed into another vehicle and crashed into the house of alexis ir salon. one woman said she had to dive out of the way to avoid getting hit. >> i looked up and i sathis white car coming really, really fast for the window. so i tried to dive out of the way and towards thefloor and it just came through the window. and all kinds of glass and everything floated everywhere. >> fortutely, no one was seriously injured. both will be inspected and are expected to remain closed until repairs can be made. neighbors in silver spring are remembering the life of a man o diedfter a violent altercation with police. 65-year-old kareem abdul ali passed away three days after he was pepper sprayed and tased by officers. his friends and family members
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still want to know exactly what happened. news 4's darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: relatives and friends of 65-year-old kareem abdul ali held a candlelight vigil in s memory. two weeks ago he was tased and pepper sprayed during a confrontation with montgomery county police on lockwood drive in silver spring. he died three days later. >> we don't really know the details. myself, i'm concerned what the details are. it's about healing for our family. ali's relative demanding answers. he had psychological issues but he was not a violent person. he had apparently been drinking the night of confrontation but familyembers say he w a devout muslim and didn't drink alcohol. >> i remember when i was 8 or 9 years old he came over to our
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house and he always came out to do his prayers no matter what was going on. >> they gathered in the stairwell where the confrontation with police started. they were called for a suspicious situation. an officer found ali in the stairwell. as they began to escort him out he began to struggle. a witness called 911 saying an officer needed back adjustment he was takesed and pepper sprayed when he continued to resist. >> i did not see him as a reat to the community, nor did i see him as a threat to armed uniform and trained police officers. >> reporter: police y when they were locking him up they noticed he was unresponsive and wasn't breathing. he was taken to holy cross hospital where he remained on life support until he died. this death is still under investigion. two county police officers remain on dmin strachb leave
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while the matter is being looked into. this morning a family is still dealing with a disaster they found whe they returned home from church. a fire broke out around 9:15 yesterday morning in the 20,000 block of green river terrace. a neighbor saw smoke pouring from the river and called 911. firefighters were initially told someone could be trapped inside. luckily, after searching the home they didn't find anyone. investigators believe the fire may have started in a utility oset or laundry room in the basement. new day, with just over one week until election day a new poll shows martin o'malley with a substanal lead over his challenger, former governor bob ehrlich. in the "washington post" poll, 54% of likely voters said they would he vote for o'malley. o'malley's lead comes despite the fact that the majority of voters are unhappy with t maryland economy. meanwhile, the two candidates
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are hitting the campaign trail hard trying to drum up last minute support. ehrlich found the support of mayor rudy giuliani. he said he was the only candidate capable of restoring maryland's economy. ehrlich himself told voters the same thing. >> it is a serious time in our country. it's a serious time for your statement it's time for serious dialogue and serious positions between serious people with serious decision to be safe for the next four years. that's why we're going to win this race. >> he lost his election to o'malley back in 2006. >> o'malley spent part of the weekend campaigning in chevy chase. he said the cnges he's made the last four years were good ones and he hopes to continue on that track. >> i think a lot of people watch the debate. families are focud on which
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two will be best for moving our state forward into this new economy and cleaner, greener energy and all the things we want for our kids. >> one thing they both agreed on is the preelection polls do not matter that much. they said the most important thing right now is that everyone get out and vote on election day. >> today parents in fairfax county are encouraged to attend one of several meetings, talking about plans to change many school boundary. they wld relieve overcrowded classrooms and would affect 23 schools. meetings will be held tonight and tomorrow night. tonight's meeting will be 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at greenbriar, unionvil in clifton and virginia mill in centreville. whe you were sleeping the 10th hurricane of the season made landfall. hurricane richard came ashore battering belize with high winds and heavy rains. category 1 storm had susined
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winds of 90 miles per hour but is weakening as it moves inland. it is expected to move into guatemala and southern mexico. forecasters say they expect richard to have relatively little impact on the united states. this morning more troubling news coming out of haiti where cholera epidemic is blamed for 250 deaths. officials say, however, things seem to be stabilizing. the hop is the disease does not spread to the capital of port-au-prince. it is a bacterial infection spad through water and can cause dehydration and death in hours. a press conference this afternoon right here in washington. 4:39. 59 degrees. ahead on news 4, family and friends mourning the loss of a university of virginia graduate who died at a swim meet.
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a fire destroys a sem mary more than a ctury old. pl, how will the workweek weather shape up? weathe [ ehrlich ] four years ago unemployment in maryland was under four percent. today, it's nearly double. and nearly a quarter of a million marylanders are looking for work. in addition, we face a national health care plan that will hurt small business and cost us jobs. so we have to ask, are you better off today than you were four years ago we're heading in the wrong direction. we need strong leadership. say no to things we can't afford. fix our health care plan. and refuse to raise taxes. martin o'malley can't do it. i will.
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martin o'malley can't do it. unless it's also a scrub. lysol complete clean du action wipes have 2 sides that go beyond ordinary wipes you can feel the difference. one side for everyday touchups. and one to scrub tough messes. all while killing 99% of germs. for tips on a healthy home visit good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein on this monday morning. temperatures 50 to near 60 degrees. highs reaching low to mid-70s. cloudiness after morning sun.
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we could get afternoon showers, likely evening showers maybe with thunder tonight. tomorrow, cloudy. highs mid 70s. upper 70s on wednesday. showers and likely thunder. mid-70s and turng chillier with dry weather on friday. jerry, how is the traffic? >> starting off quietly through northeast. ken elworth, maryland, eastern avue towards the bridges. heading out over to virginia leaving the capital beltway, northbound looking good to the 14th street bridge. joe, eun. >> thank you, jer sgli 4:43. still to come, what caused a iversity of virginia graduate to die at a swimming coetition. worshippers hold on to memories at a verify dating fire at a church. the fire gutted this chapel on seminary grounds more than a century old. countdown is on to the
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the new standard of the world. 4:45 is the time. top stories in the news today, defense was the name of the game in chicago as the redskins squeaked by the bears, 17-14. quarterback deangelo hall h four interceptions tying an nfl record. a drug lab was found in a georgetown universitdorm room. charles smith and john romano and john perrone are charged with manufacturing a controlled substance called dmt, a synthetic a hughes genic. a trial in the man accused of killing chandra levy, ingmar guandique. he's already serving time for two similar attacks that also happened in rock creek park.
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competitive swimmers are mourning the death of a sudden prominent american athlete. fran crib indied yesterday in dubai in a swimming competition. she never finished. divers found his body in the open water. >> they were sad because he had gone missing. >> some other swimms had complained that the water temperature was too high but overexertion was the cause of death and that heat w not a factor. federal agts are now part of the investigation into what caused the devastating fire at a historic alexania church. atf is assisting local firefighters in determining the cause of the blaze. much of the main chapel was destroyed when the flames broke out on friday.
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investigators had to wait several days until the charred remains were stable enough to enter. the loss is more sentimental than material. >> parents were among the founng members of the church. i was baptized here. >> we were married. >> almost 47 years ago. the fire still hasn't gone out. >> so far investigators do not consider the fire to be suspicious. eight days and counting until the midterm elections and both sides feeling confident in their chances. republicans are predicting big games next tuesday but the democrats are bringing out big names to court voters. after heading out west for a few days, president obama was back east pushing for last minute support. former president bill clinton waslso out on the campaign trail bleeding for democrats to
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give more time to try and fix the country. >> you ve them eight years to dig the le. if i was half that time, four years, to get us out of it. you will see america will be going to the 21st century. >> you will see a wave, unprecedented wave on election day that will surprise a lot of people. >> president obama is continuing his cross country camign. in addition to stops in ohio and pennsylvania, he will be heading back to illinois to try to save the senate seat that was once his. >> meanwhile, tonight, candidates get their chance to speak to the public. the league of women voters of loudon county areholding the forum at 7:00 p.m., dominion highchool. it will follow a meet the press format. the public is encouraged to attend. the show will be taking at
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the speaks spear theater company harmon hall four days beginning tonight. it's all part of indecision 2010 coverage tour. all four shows will be called when grizzlies attack. daly show mid party ganza. jon stewart and stephen colbert hold a national ticket on the mall. 60 degrees. 4:50. still mild. can't wait to see what kind of day we're going to have today. >> i think we have changes coming in th form of rain, right, tom? >> and this morning we're starting off with another mild morning. and we've got that bright in the western sky. 60 degrees at national airport. upper 50s in prince george's county as well as in arlingt county. much of montgomery and fairfax in the mid-50s. looking farther to the west we
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have temperatures in the 50s to near 606789 southern maryland, chesapeaken this monday morning, low 60s in many locations. low to mid-60s. it's a bit chillier as usual in western maryland, west virginia. a few locations in the 40s. we have a southwesterly flow that's been with us the last couple days. it's been spreading rain into kentucky and tennessee this morning. some of that rain will be moving in here later this afternoon. looks like late afternoon. perhaps a little bit earlier in the shenandoah valley and areas southwest of washington. perhaps by 3:00 or so there. into the metro area. between now and then, increasing clouds. highs reaching mid-70s by midafternoon. sunset 6:16. overnight tonight, passing showers likely with a little thunder and lightning through
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mid evening. cloud dwr, near 60. highs reaching the low to mid-70s again. weapons, a bit milder. still cloudy. a front coming through that will likely trigger showers and thunder showers ring wednesday afternoon. then on thursday we'll begin to dry out and cool down. morning lows near 60. afternoon highs into the mid-s. now a look at friday and the weekend. friday looking like it's going to be sunny but chilly. mornin lows in the low 40s. afternoon highs upper 50s to near 60 with bright sunshine. saturday, very chilly. some locions in the 30s. afternoon highs near 60 after a morning low near 40 closer to the metro area. we'll have lots of sunshine. tore halloween on sunday, it looks like it will be dr afternoon highs mid-60s for
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sunday. now let's check trffic. jerry, how is it looking? >> a little bit of volume. very typical for this time of the morning as we're off and running along interstate 270, hyattstown. dry pavement. no incidents. overnight road work northbound through rockville. sohbound, your lanes are all open. southeast washington, along pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, be careful. some utility work going on. travel lanes are open for this morning's commute. joe? >> jerry, thanks very much. your commute will get a little more expensive. gasoline price are up across ur area. as a matter of fact, the entire country. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.82, up 11 centsrom just a month ago. drivers are paying 2:91 a
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gallon. the average is 280. virginia, $2.71. the hike is due to a weaker dollar and higher crude and ethanol prices. our time right now is 4:54. 60 degrees. before you send your kids off to school you may want to remind them to wash their hands. we'll show you the places where the worst germs linger at school. plus, new security measures will be in place for your holiday trip. we'll break down whayou need to know. >> a new grocery store opens in prince george's county.
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celebrate with up to 10,000 amtrak guest rewards points. details at well, if you plan to travel over the upcome holidays, get ready for more security. secure flight, a tsa program used to better match terrorist witness stand watch lists, will begin november 1st. that requires airlines to collect a traveler's full name, birth date and gender at the time of booking. if the information is not provided at least 72 hours before a flight the airline will not issue a boarding pass. about 300 body scanners are beg used at airports around the country with more to come by the end of the year. a famous old and storied name is returning to the skies. pan am airwaysis planning to start flights to several latin
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american desnations. the original airline began in 1927, one of the world's biggest until it collapsed in 1991. air service will begin with cargo flights withassenger service starting thereafter. schools can be one of the dirtiest places for your kids be. scientists at the university of arizona swabbed classrooms and common areas and found the five germiest spots at most schools. allare community spots that every student uses. computer mouse. paper towel handle. the water fountain and sink faucets. so how can you keep your kids to keep cleaner classrooms? provide disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer. tell your child to avoid
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touching bathroom surfaces and encouraghand hygiene. study was conducted by the researchers at the university of ariza. every one, fire up your flux capacitators. >> back to the future is, well, back. 25 years ago today marty mcfly traveled back to 1955. it spent 11 weeks as america's number 1 film back in 85 and it spawned two sequels. all three movies are coming back in a blu-ray release and fans are still talking about this iconic sky i comedy. >> it was just so original. nothing we had ever seen before. >> not to mentioned delore yann is a cool car.


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