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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 25, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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michael j. fox and his -stars reunite on the "today" show beginning on nbc 4 at 7:00. going to be fun to see. >> maryland shoppers nowave a new place to get groceries. wegmans opened yesterday. shoppers lined up before sunrise to get a sight. jack johnson said it is not often this grocery store gets that kind of attention. they used to have to drive far. this wegmans employs 600 local restaurants. a cold day you know where. walmart is jumping into the e-book reared war. retail giant started selling barnes & nob's nook. it will start selling it on its website later this month. retailers are prediing good holiday sales for e-book readers. it sells between $149 and $199.
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welcomeback. the trial of a man accused accused of murdering d.c. intern chandra levy is expected to start this morning. we're live at thecourt. the escalators should be working for the first time in months at a busy metro station. we're live with what you need to know. plus, the redskins pull out a win against the bears. it certainly was not picture perfect. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome tonews 4 for this monday, october25th, 2010. a live look outside at 5:01. 60 degrees. felt nice when we woke up thi morning. gorgeous weekend, tom. >> we're still waiting for somebody to turn on the lights. >> our average high mid-60s. and it's not even dawn yet. we'll have another milder than average day.
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60 national airport. upper 50s in prince georges arlington. around the region we've got some clouds drifting from the southwest and bright moon in the western sky. 40s in the mountains this morning. 60s around the bay and tidewater. southwesterly flow bringing in mild weather and increasing clouds. rainn kentucky and tennessee should be coming our way late this afternoon and overnight tonight with thunder and lightning. mid-70s before that happens. tuesday, cloudy, small chance of a sprinkle. still cloudy. showers likely mainlyn the afternoon and evening maybe with some thunderstorms. then on thursday, partly cloudy with highs reaching the mid-70s. friday, sarday, sunday, sunny but cooler. highnear 60 friday and saturday. mid-70s on halloween. jerry, how is the traffic? >> a little volume here and there, but that's about it. inner loop of the beltway.
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really between green belt and the american legion bridge wide open. no early hangups. through northeast, pow! through northeast, washington, pow! new york avenue, travel lanes are open. 66 also looking good. it's a monday. it's my fault. back to you guys. >> all rig. thanks, jerry. in the news, itas been nearly a decade since chandra levy's disappearance became a mystery that gained national attention. the murder trial of the man accused of killing her. tracee wilkins joins us live from d.c. superior court. >> reporter: good morning, joe. after a week of jury selection, opening states do begin today. whatare are predicting will be an uphill battle for the prosecution. it's the beginning of one of the most controversial murder cases and is expected to be one of the hard toast prosecute. it is wrought with errors,
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accoing to legal experts. the prosecutor admitted that mistakes made early on have left virtually no physical or forensic evidence. no eyewitnesses, no dna and no weapons. >> the government lacks direct evidence. no fiber of clothing, a hair, something that would make it more diffult for the defense explain why he isn't guilty. >> detectives focused on one suspect. congressn gary con it did. he admitted to having an affair with levy, then a federal intern. he was imprisoned for attacking two and was serving time about police chargeded him with levy's caseast year. the break came from cell mates.
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both women guandique are listed of attacking are listed as witnesses. con it did may also take the stand. >> tracee wilkins reporting live. thanks very much, tracee. don't expect any hair cuts at this salon today. that's because a car ashed through the front window. police say an elderly driver lost control of her car, slammed into another feek and craed into the house of alexis hair salon. another vehicle was pushed into a dry-cleaner. one woman said she had to dive out of the way to avoid getting hit. >> i looked up and saw this white car comg really, real fast for our window. i tried to doif out of the way towards the floor and it came through the window and all kinds of glass floated everywhere. >> both shops will be inspected and expected to be remain closed until repairs can be made. three students will appear
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in court after police found a drug lab in a georgetown university dorm room. charles smith and john romano and john perrone charged with manufacturing a controlled substance. they found a suitcase with ammonia, turkey baster used to make dmt. it is a that lose genic drug that impairs motor skills and memory and can, in fact, be deadly. other georgetown students say the discovery is not quite what you would expect at a prestigious university. new today, with eight days too until election day, governor martin o'malley expanding his lead over former governor bob ehrlich.
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in the "washington post" poll, 54% of likely voters said they would he vote for o'malley. 40% would vote for ehrlich. o'malley's lead cos despite the fact that the majority of voters are unhappy with e maryland economy. meanwhile, the two candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard trying to drum up last minute support ehrlich found the support of mayor rudy giuliani. he said he was the only candidate capable of restoring maryland's economy. ehrlichimself told voters the same thing. >> it is a serious time in our country. it's a serious time for your state. it's time for serious dialogue and serious positions between serious people with serious decision to be safe for the next four years. that's why we're going to win this race. >> he lost his reelection to o'malley back in 2006. >> o'malley spent part of the weekend campaigning in chevy chase. he attended a get out the vote rally there. he said the changes he's made the last four years were good ones and he hopes to contie on
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that track. >> i think a lot of people watch the debate. families are focused on which two will be best for moving our state forward into this new economy and cleaner, greener energy and all the things we want for our kids. >> both candidates agreed that thepreelectionolls do not matter. they said the most important thing right now is that everyone get out and vote on election day. >> you will talk about this new quarterback this season skins fans forgot they had a pretty good defense as well. d was definitely on display. quarterback hall had four interceptions tying an nfl record. he returned one of them for a touchdown. in the end the quarterback was the difference as they squeaked by the bears, 17-14. hall talked about his big game and how he had support in the stands.
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>> it'kind of mind blowing. i had my mom, my aunt, my two cousins in the stands. the first ball went to my mom. the second went to my aunt. next thing you know everybody had a ball. it was kind of like -- we know we call three a hat trick. we have to come up with a name for the four. i think i guy call it a hand bone. i don't know what that means. i think we're going to call it a hand bone. >> another rough game for donovan mcnabb. next up for the 4-3 skins, halloween matchup against the detroit lions in the motor city. >> hope it's not as scary as these recent games have been. >> at least we can say we won. >> that's true. >> 5:09. we're live with where escalators are expected to get people moving again. plus, how will the workweek weather shape up? weather and traffic on the ones coming up next
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good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. partly cloudy sky. highs in the mid-70s with thickening ouds. likely afternoon showers and evening showers. maybe some thunderstorms. then tomorrow cloudy, small chance of a sprinkle. mild. mild wednesday. showers likely. maybe some thunder. partly cloudy thursday, mid-70s. drying out and cooling down as we get into the weekend. jerry, how is the traffic now?
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>> a little bit of volume southeast corridor, 295, the parkway right here. pennsylvania avenue, inbound and outbound. no worries. one more stop. we'll see how things are progressing along 270. here they come. a little volume through rockville. that is about it. >> 5:13 is your time. 60 degrees. a man died after police say they were forced to taser him. nofamily and frids want answers a poplar metro station just opened for the morning rush hour. we're live with the escalators are getting peopl moving agai
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good morning. here are the top stories live from the newsroom this morning. defense was the name of the game in chicago as redskins squeaked by t bears, 17-14. deangelo hall are four interceptions, one for each family member, tying an nfl record. next up, a halloween day matchup against thelions in detroit. the jury is seated, opening arguments happen today. accused murderer ingmar guandique goes on trial. he is accused of killing chandra levy in 2001 at rock creek park. prosecutors are expected to rely heavily on that criminal history.
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what are you doing for the morning of november 2nd? candidates hope you make a priority to vote. "washington post" poll shows 54% will vote for martin o'malley. that's compared to 40% who say they would vote for bob ehrlich. o'malley's lead comes evenas the majority say they are unhappy with the maryland economy. both candidates have said polls do not matter, what matters is how many voters sh up on election day. joe, back to you in the studio. neighbors in silver spring are remembering a man who died after a violent altercation with police. 65-year-old kareem abdul ali passed away ree days after he was pepper sprayed and tased by officers. his friends and family members still want to know exactly what happened. news 4's darcy spencer reports. >> he comeeth forth as a flow and isut down. >> reporter: relatives and friends of 65-year-old kareem abdul ali held a candlelight vigil in his memory.
5:17 am
two weeks ago ali was tased and pepper sprayed during a confrontation with montgomery county police at this apartment complex onockwood drive silver spring. he died three days later. >> we don't really know the details. myself, i'm concerned what the details are. it's about healing for our family. reporter: ali's relatives are demanding answers. they say he had psychological issues but he was not a violent person. police say he had apparently been drinking the night of the confrontation, but family members say h muslim and didn't drink alcohol. >> i remember when i was 8 or 9 years old he came over to our hoe and always came o to do his prayers no matter what was going on. >> reporter: they gathered in the stairwell where the confrontation with police
5:18 am
started. they were called for a suspicious situation. an officer found ali in the stairwell. as they began to escort him out he began to struggle. a witness called 911 saying an officer needed backup. ali was tased and pepper sprayed when he continued to resist. >> i did not see him as a threat to the community, nor did i see him as a threat to armed uniform and trained police officers. >> reporter: police say when they were locking him up they noticed he was unresponsive and wasn't breathing. he was taken to holy cross hospital where he remained on life support until he died. his cause of death has n been officially released. montgomery county police say this death is still under investigation. two county police officers remain on administrative leave while the matter is being looked into. in silver spring, darcy spencer, news 4. escalators will be up and running again after six months
5:19 am
of repairs. megan mcgrath joins us where they are once again seeing the joy of moving stairs. >> reporter: for months at the bethesda station have been hoofing it up and down, one single nonworking escalator basically a set of stairs. it's been quite a choke point for people who used this metro station. one of the escalators was undergoing a complete overhaul, completely redoingit. whe that work was being done, it was not in commission. basically they went down to one escalator that was stationary, not working, nning from a platform to the fare card machines. up and down traffic was sharing that nonmoving escalator. it was quite a choke point, really slowed things down during the rush hour commute. and for some it was unwanted exercise going up and down the stairs. the escalator has reopened. so shouldn't be a prlem
5:20 am
beginning today for folks who usthis mro station. metro has had yon going problems with its escalators. they weren't working there either. it was a big inconvenience for many people. recently the tri-state oversight commtee released a report calling metro to do more in terms of maintenance. they said the maintenance on the escalator system was deficient anthat moreeeds to be done so they're in compliance. they certainly need to improve that maintenance schedule here for those escalators. now, in terms of this situation he this was actually a scheduled overhaul. it was not a breakdown. but it lasted about six months. it was a big problem for a lot of folks. we're goin to try to talk to the riders. eun, back to you. >> megan mcgrath. megan, thank you. new today, a look at this amazing video of a tornado ripping across a highway. wow. in north texas.
5:21 am
that is incredible. all that debris flying around in the air. the twister tore through rice, which is near dallas. people also reported hail the size of baseballs. veral homes were damaged, as well as one local school. only four people are reporting minor injuries. forecasters calling for clear skies the next few days. >> the power of the tornado. >> yes, indeed. here this morning we have tranquil weather, thankfully. we had a terrific weekend. yesterday, 30,000 runners enjoyed it yesterday morning we had great weather and traffic weather all throughout the weekend. now this morning got the bright moonlit sky. high clouds drifting southwest. 50s to near 60. cloudy this afternoon. overnight tonight thunder and lightning. highs in the 70s. cloudy. tomorrow, small chance of a sprinkle.
5:22 am
drying out on thursday but still mild. but cooling down friday into the holiday weekend with shun shine. >> tom, traffic aund town very, very quiet. traffic on the key bridge in between georgetown and rosslyn, very light volume. looking good. let's see if there's anything to worry about out on the interstates. not worry at all. 395 up to gleeb road to and across the 14th street bridge. moving along well. good to go. metrorail, vre and mark all reporting new early delays. joe, eun. >> thank you, jerry. >> tha you. >> our time right now is 5:22. coming up, a familiar name returns to the skies. find out when pan am airways will take flight again. and new security measures in place for the holiday travel season. fairfax county is talking school rezoning today. school rezoning today. we'll show where you can voice
5:23 am
bob ehrlich's 24 years in politics. in congress ehrlich voted with george bush 90% of the time, protecting the special intests. as governor, ehrlich cut education, increased college tuition by 40%, and vetoed an increase in the minimum wage. and after losing his election, bob ehrlich joined a lobbying firm and gopaid $2.5 million to represent casin and wall street banks. bob ehrlich--24 years of putting the special interests first.
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doanother bamillion.apsed.axers7 h big s don't need help. middle class mylanders do. security is going to be a little tighter for those of you who travel over the holiday this year. secure a flight a tsa program, used to better match terrorist witness stand watch lists, will begin november 1st. that requires airlines to collect a traveler's full name, birth date and gender at the time of booking. if the information is not provided at least 72 hours before a flight the airline will
5:26 am
not ise a boarding pass. about 300 body scanners are being used at airports around the country with more to come by the end of the year. an old name is returning to the skies. pan am airwaysis planning to start flights to several latin american destinations. the original airline begann 1927, one of the world's biggest until it collapsed in 1991. air service will begin with cargo flights with passenger service starting thereafter. it willcoincide with the 2016 olympic gas. it's now 5:26. 59 degrees. a fast-moving fire left a family without a home. we'll ta a look at what's left in montgomery county. two students among those arrested after a drug lab was arrestedit's fall.rug lab was so you know what to do, right? break the rake! fall is the best time to feed your law
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fore they come out of his pocket. that's awesome. [ female announcer ] now let's say every joe in america uses it. looks like everyone likes saving money. ah, the potential of putting people first. thanks joe. know more. get better. get a smarter health plan. ♪ tornado touchdown in texas. here's a look at the dramatic pictures. we'll check out the damage. relief for metro rirs this morning. the escalators are working for the first time in months at a busy metro station. plus, the rskins pull out a win against the bears, but it wasn't picture perfect. and that's been the story all season long. we're glad they won. good morning.
5:30 am
i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. it's monday, the 25th of october, 2010. a live look outsi right now. 59deees. still mild here in the nation's capital after a glorious fall weekend. and tom is here now with our forecast. and we're basking in the afterglow. >> we certainly are, tom. >> it's still mild. starting off with temperatures near 60 at washington and the bay. montgomery, fairfax counties in the 50s. except around tidewater and the bay and southeastern virginia. western maryland and west virginia it's chillier. 40s in a few locations. we have increasing clouds out of the southwest. there's rain beginning to move into kentucky and tennessee. that is going to continue to come our way. after it crosses the appalachians and heads our way this afternoon, will likely weaken. so we'll probably just have showers, maybe thunder and lightning late afternoon and overnight tonight ending by midnight.
5:31 am
low to mid-70s with thickening clouds. small chance of sprinkles. mid and upper 70s on wednesday. more showers likely. maybe some thunder, too, mainly in the afternoon and evening. thursday, partly cloudy, mid-70s. re's a look at friday and the ekend. should be sunny and cool. morning lows in the 40s. near 60 on friy and saturday with bright sunshine. now let's check traffic for this monday morning. how is our commute going now, jerry? >> the commute going very well. loading up very quickly. we will start this go round in northern virginia, i-95 corridor. north out of dale industry, prince william parkway, larton. a lot of volume in the main lanes. h.o.v.s picking up customers. all the way to the beltway to the 14th street bridge, all lanes open for you. indeed, we can celebrate. beltway, both directions doing
5:32 am
okay. we do have word of an accident in maryland, inner lo near marlboro road. airport, along 95 in maryland, there's an accident. southbound 95 near the exit for bwi. northbound traffic may be afcted because of rubber necking. how are we doing? we're doing great. metrorail, vre and mark no early delays. eun. >> jerry, thank you. new today, look at this video of a tornado whipping across highway in north texas. it tor through rice, which is near dallas. people also reported hail the size of baseballs. several homes were damaged as well as a local school. only four peoplere reporting minor injuries. and forecasters are calling for clear skies the next few days. speaking of storms, while you were sleeping, hurricane richard made landfall. this morning it's being downgrade to a tropical storm. richard made landfall as a category 1 huicane, battering
5:33 am
belize with high winds and heavy rain. the tropical storm sits over gaut mal guatemala with 65-mile-per-hour winds. forecasters say the expect richard to have relatively litt impact on the u.s. this morning opening statements are set to take place in the trial of the man accused of killing chandra levy. a jury was seated friday afternoon in the trial of ingmar guandique, accused of attacking levy, a former federal intern in rock creek park back in 2001. it wasn't until a year later before her body was found. guandique is serving time for two similar attacks that took place in rock creek park. two georgetown students and a university of ricond student will be in court today facing serious charges. they were manufacturing drugs in aeorgetown dorm room. kimberly suiters joins us live with the latest information. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. what a wakeup call for the
5:34 am
georgetown university community. this happened after 6:00 in the morning on saturday. students in harbin hall called police of a strange odor. they were evacuated for 12 hours. at first police thought they were dealing with a meth lab. but they found ammonia, salt, lighter fluid, gloves, and a turkey baster they determined the students were making dmt, a businessman's trip, because the high is soshort-lived. it can orten your life, too. >> with dmt we do know it is say dangerous hallucoinogenic. messes up your motor skills. your brain. and you can die. >> charles smith, john romano and john perrone. it put a dorm full of students
5:35 am
who were at risk. well, today parents in fairfax county can attend one of several meetings to talk about plans to change many school boundari boundaries. it would affect 23 scools. meetings to discuss possible options will be tonight and tomorrow night. it will at the greenbriar west elementary in fairfax, union middle in clifton and the virginia run in centreville. bethesda salon is closed today after a car smash through the shop's front window. it happened at the bradley shoppingenter sterday morning. an elderly driver lost control, slammed into another vehicle and crashed into the house of alexis hair salon. another vehicle was pushed into a dry cleaners. one woman sa she had to dive out of the way to avoid getting hit. >> i looked up and i saw this white car coming really, really
5:36 am
fast for the window. so i tried to dive out of the way and dive towards the floor and it just came through the window. and all kinds of glass and everything floated everywhere. >> fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. both shops will be inspected and expected to remain closed until repairs can be made. one gaithersburg family still picking up the pieces after their townhome was destroyed by fire. thisorning a family is still dealing with a disaster they found when they returned home from crch. a fire broke out around 9:15 yesterday morning in the 20,000 block of green river terrace. a neighbor saw smoke pouring from the river and called 911. firefighters were initially told someone could be trapped inside. luckily, after searching the home they didn't find anyone. investigators believe the fire may have started in a utility closet or laundry room in the basement. new today, with just over one week until election day a new poll shows martin o'malley with a substantial lead over his challenger, former governor bob ehrlich. in the "washington post" poll,
5:37 am
54% of likely voters said they would te for o'malley. compared to 40% who said they would vote for ehrlich. o'malley's lead comes despite the fact that the majority of voters are unhappy with the maryland economy. repeated redskins takeaways. quarterback deangelo hall had four interceptions tying an nfl record. he returned one of them for a touchdn, 92 years. in the end the quarterback was the difference as the skins squeaked by the bears, 17-14. hall talked about his big game and how he had support in the stands. >> it's kind of mind blowing. i had my mom, my aunt, my two cousins in the stands. the first ball went to my mom. the second went to my au. next thing you know everybody had a ball.
5:38 am
we know we call three a hat trick. we have to come up with a name for a fourth. i think the guyin the lby called it a ham bone. i don't know what that means but maybe we'll call it a hamone. >> another rough game for donovan mcnabb. next up for the 4-3 skin halloween matchup against the detroit lions in the motor city. it is w 5:38. 60 degrees. escalators are working after a major overhaul in a popular station. and th devastating fire in alexandria. it gutted a chapel at a seminary more than a century old. > yourweather and traffic on the ones next.
5:39 am
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tonight's all new "chuck." his dreams of finding hisother may be his worst nightmare. linda hamilton stars as chuck's mom. she comes face-to-face with chuck's girlfriend. tonight 8:00 right here on nbc 4. >> not a good sign when mama is packing heat. good morning many i'm
5:42 am
meteorologist tom kierein. no tubles travelwise. it's 60 at national airport. near 60 in prince george's. 50s, montgomery and fairfax. generally in the 50s to near 606789 a mild morning out of the mountains it's a bit chillier. highs low to mid-70s. mito late afternoon, showers moving through. likely showers late afternoon and overnight tonight. might even have thunder and lightning. tomorrow, cloudy and a sprinkle. a small chance of that. 70s wednesday with showers likely mainly in the afternoon and evening. thsday, partly cloudy and still mild. but turning much cooler for friday and the holiday weekend. jerry, how is the traffic? >> certainlyetting very busy now even without the sunshine. i-66 from manassas through center vil, fair oaks and vienna. travel lanes are all open. westbound, no worries out to
5:43 am
fred royal really. word of an accident. had the accident. just out of the adway. 95 sbbd below the baltimore beltway from bwi. travel lanes should bereopened. joe, eun. >> all right. jerry, thank you. >> our time is 5:43. the daily show comes from washington. where the popular comedy show will be. worshippers hold on to memories after this devastating fire in alexandria. the fire gutted a chel more than 100 years old. and good news for folks who use the bethesda metro station. you're not going to have to ho it up that nonworking escalator
5:44 am
bob ehrlich's 24 years in politics.
5:45 am
in congress ehrlich voted with george bush 90% the time, protecting the spial inrests. as governor, ehrlich cut education, increased college tuition by 40%, and vetoed an increa in the minimum wage. and after sing his election, bob ehrlich joined a lobbying firm and got paid $2.5 million to represent casinos and wall street banks. bob ehrlich--24 yearof putting the special interests first. 5:45 is our time righ now. here's a look at your top stories. defense the the name of the game in chicago as the redskins
5:46 am
squeaked by the bears, 17-14. quarterback deangelo hall ha four interceptions, tying an nfl record. opening statements will begin today in the trial of the man accusedf killing chandra levy. he is accused of attacking her in rock creek park in 2001. her body was found one year later. fran crib indied yesterday during a swimming competition in dubai. the -year-old was competing in the 10 kilomet worl cup but never finished. after a two-hour search divers found his body in the open water. >> they were weeping openly. they were sad because one of
5:47 am
theirs had gone missing. >> some other swimmers who participated in the race had complained that thwater temperature was too high. but health officials say overexertion was the cause of death and heat was not a facr. atf agents are now part of the investigation into what caused a devastating fire at a historic alexandria church. much of the main chapel at the seminary was destroyed after flames erupted on friday. investigators had to wait self days until the charred remains were stable enough to enter. for many parishioners the loss is extremely sentimental. >> my parents were among the founding members of the church. and i was baptized here. >> we were married here. >> almost 47 years ago. >> this fire still hasn't gone out. >> the prence of federal agents is normal for a fire at a
5:48 am
place ofworship. this fire is not thought to suspicious. your commute will be a little easier this morning. it's not due to extra trains. escalators are finay up and running again today after six months of repairs. megan joins us live from the bethesda metro station this morning with more onhisstory. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. for months the riders here have been sleping it up and down a nonworking escalator from the platform up to the fare card area. they did a major overhaul on one of the escalators. completely took it out to do th work. riders going up and down have had to share a single stationary escalator. basically reduced to a set of stairs. and that's caused major problems here. the big choke point is everyone has to slow down and go up this nonworking escalator. it was a issue for folks who had issues in terms of health and age.
5:49 am
people with strollers. it was a difficult situation. good news ere, the escalator is back up and running. this is the first rush hour we will see thatack in service. as you be imagine, folks here are happy about it. >> it's not working as well. so it's very difficult for older people, people will children. it slows everybody down. >> reporter: you're happy? >> yeah, very happy. >> reporter: metro has had issues with escalators. dupont circle had major problems just a few months ago. that's where this video was shot. metro's escalator maintenance program was deficient and they are only couple pliant with standards 56% of the time. they said they need to improve that to make sure the escators are up and running and we don't have a lot of breakdowns. the work done here at the
5:50 am
bethesda station was not a breakdn. it was already scheduled work. the problem was in order to do that they had to take it out of commission for about six months. that, of course, caused problems here. thgood news is this morning if you're headed off to work and you were using the bethesda station it is now back in service. >> a lot of relief today. megan, thank you. >> eight days and counting until the midterm elections. republicans are predicting big gains next tuesday but the democrats are bringing out the big guns to try to court voters. president obama was back east in rhode island pushing for last minute support. former president bill clinton was bldipleading for democrats
5:51 am
give more time to try and fix the country. >> you gave them eight years to dig the hole. i was half th time, four years, to get us out of it. you will see america will be going to t 21st century. >> you will see a wave, unprecedented wave on election day that will surprise a lot of people. >> president obama is continuing his cross country campaign. in addition to sto in ohio and pennsylvania, he will be heading back to illinois to try to save the senate seat that was once his. >> meanwhile, tonight, candidates get their chance to speak to the public. the league of women voters of loudon county are holding the forum at 7:00 p.m., dominion high school in sterling. it will follow a meet the press format. the public is encouraged to attend. 5:51 your your time. time for weather and traffic on the ones. we are still basking in the glow, as you said, from the wonderful weekend we had. >> fabulous in this wonderful mild trend is going to be continuing throughout much of this week coming up. so prepare accordingly. we will have some dry weather starting off your monday
5:52 am
morning. live view from city camera. zephyr son memorial under a mostly clear sky. bright full moon in the western sky. naonal airport, 60 degrees. southwest, southwesterly breeze with more mild weather. right now it's near 60 in prince george's county. fairfax county, arlington, generally in the upper 50s. mid-50s in montgomery county. low 60s in southern maryland, northern neck of virginia, around the chesapeake bay and eastern shore on this monday morning. elsewhe, southeastern virginia in the 60s. 60s across much of the region to our south. in fact, getting some rain right now in eastern kentucky and eastern nnessee. out of the mountains in the 40s out ahead of that. we have rain just about to come towest virginia in the next couple hours. it will holdtogether, come into the metro area by later this afternoon. now, i don't think we'll get any
5:53 am
strong storms but ere may be thunder and lightng by late this afternoon and early this evening. if you hear thunder, get inside. but we may have some. for students waiting at the bus stop, dry and pleasant morning. 50s to 60s the next several days. midday hours, near 70 with thickening clouds and cloudy this afternoon. low to mid-70s by afternoon. rain moves into the metro area by late afternoon. by 7:00, 8:00, by midnight, we'll likely have that rain tapering off and ending. highs by dawn tomorrow near 60. highs tomorrow, cloudy and mild. small chance of sprinkles tomorrow. more rain around on wednesday. maybe thunder and lightning as well. sun back thursday. w to mid-70s. sunny and mch cooler friday and the holiday weekend. >> tom, we're certainly picking
5:54 am
up a lot of volume. woodrow wilson from the maryland shoreline, inner loop and outer loop. lanes are open. no hangups. we're picking up some customers on new york avenue, anacostia, bladensburg road. metro, vre and mark all reporting no delays. and that is good news. joe? >> well, thank you very much, jerry. if you have to stop for gasoline on your way to work this morning, get readyfor sticker shock. gasoline prices are way up. the national average is $2.81 a gallon, up 11 cents from a month ago. drivers are paying $2.93. maryland, $2.80. virginia, $2.71. industry analysts say it is due to a weaker dollar a higher
5:55 am
crude. this morning, new troubng news out of haiti where a cholera epidemic is blamed for 22 h200 officials say, however, things seem to be stabilizing. the hope is the disease does not spread to the capital of port-au-prince. it is a bacterial infection spread through water and can cause dehydration and death in hours. a press conference this afternoon right here in washington. we'll show you the places where the worst germs linger at school. parn towel handle. sink faucets. so, how can you help your kid
5:56 am
get a cleaner classroom? disinfect the so-called h spots, provide the classrooms with hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes. tell your child to avoid touching bathroom surfaces. and adopt the same cleaning standards for home. every one, fire up your flux capacitators. >> back to the future is, well, back. 25 years ago today marty mcfly traveled back to 1955. it spent 11 weeks as america's number 1 film back in 1985 and its popularity spawned two seque sequels. all three movies are coming back in a blu-ray release and fans are stl talking about this iconic sci-fi comedy. >> it was just so original.
5:57 am
nothing we had ever seen befe. >> michael j. fox and his co-stars reunite on the "today" show beginning on nbc 4 at 7:00. >> maryland shoppers now have a new place to get groceries. wegmans opened yesterday. shoppers lined ubefore sunrise to get a sight. prince george's county executive jack johnson said it is not often this grocery store gets at kind of attention. many customers told us they used to have to drive far for an upscale food store. this wegmans employs 600 local residents. fans of the daily show with jon ewart will get to be part of the audience in d.c. this week.
5:58 am
the show will be taking at the speaks spear theater company harmon hall four days beginning tonight. it's all part of indecision 2010 coverage tour. all four shows will be called when grizz ♪
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