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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 25, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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eventually he left. police have not described his relationship with theville. atirst they were treating it as death investigation but soon suspected murder. >> her car is missing. they've also found signs of a forced entry andhey found signs of a struggle inside the home. >> reporter: 52-year-old sue ann marcum lived in the house since november. she was a popular accounting professor at american university. shhad been there since 1999 as a professor. she was also a student there. instigators spent a lot of time at the back door monday dusting for fingerprints. they're will trying to figure out who would want rcum dead. >> investigators are asking friends, family and co-workers about what she's done this past weekend and what her future plans might have been. >> reporter: they're looking for marcum's jeep and the person or persons driving it. >> we may find the vehicle parked somewhere, abandoned or occupied. if there are folks in it, we'll want to talk with them. >> a woman visiting the next
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door neighbor thinks she saw the jeep this morning. >> i thought maybe it was a lady next door. it was the me color. the jeep cherokee light color. i didn't think any more of it until the police started arriving. >> that was craig melvin reporting. the mother of chandra levy faced her daughter's accused killer for the first time today as the trial of ingr guandique got underway. opening statements were held this afternoon. then the first witnesses took the stand. our pat collins was in the courtroom today. he joins us live outde d.c. superior court with more on day one. pat? >> reporter: the prosecutor said the cops were obsessed with gary condit that it derailed the investigation into chandra levy's murder for years and years. chancera's mother, susan ley, at superior court facing the accused killer of her daughter
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for the first time. can you give me your thoughts? >> no, thank you. the weather is nice today. >> reporter: can you tell us what you think of the opening statements? >> no. i can't make any comments. >> reporter: or guandique? >> no thank you. >> reporter: when chandra went missing in may 2001, susan levy won't a crusade to focus on the case and force police to search for her daughter. in court, prosecutor amanda haynes described chandra as attractive and vivacious 24-year-old woman. but she said chandra had a secret. an affair with gary condit, a married congressman, 30 years her nior. the prosecutor haynes said in some ways, law enforcement let miss levy and h family down. they were so distracted by the juicy story of the congressman and the intern tha it led to the ruination of his career and
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derailed the investigation into chandra's death for years and years. charged in the murder of chandra levy, 29-yeaold ingmar guandique, he wears a turtleneck in court to cover up gang signs tattooed on his neck. he wear head phones to listen in spanish to an interpretation of the case. now, though there are boxes of evence here, prosecutor haines said much of the evidence is missing. you see, chandra's remains were found in rock creek park more than a year after she went missing. the prosecutor says much of the evidence in this trial is circumstantial. but she said, gudique made three mistakes. he told confidantes he killed chandra. he had injuries consistent with the attack on chandra.
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and he attacked two other women in rock creekark in lock step milarity to the tike chandra. with one exception. those two women survived. the defense says the government can't fix their failures in this case. they say they're trying to make guandique into some sort of a scapegoat. coming up at 6:00, testimony from one of ingmar guandique's victims. i'll see you at 6:00. >> nine years later. pat collins, still on the story. thank u. federal agents are trying to determine what deroyed an historic alexandria church late friday afternoon, a blaze broke out in the main chapel at the virginia theological seminary using more than $2 million in damage. investigators had to wait several days until it was safe enough to go inside. the dean of the seminary says the churc will eventually
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rebuild. a big banks promise to restart foreclosure on, the government continue to investigate the foreclosure mess. ben bernanke attended today telling group feral investigators continue to look into whether mortgage companies cut corners on their own procedures when they foreclosed on pele's homes. and there was a bit of good news on the housing mark today. home sales were up 10%. despite that the hoing market may be thawing, some experts say we have a long way to go. >> by no means are we out of the woods yet. we have millions of homes and it will take long time to get through that. >> bernanke expects preliminary result by next month a rare look inside the construction site for the dulles rail project. dulles rail is a 23-mile metro extension from east falls church
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metro station at the dulles airport and beyond to ashburn. today crews were showing off the face of the twin nnels which go under a portion of tyson's corner along with tyson's e station site. the first pse of the construction runs from east falls church westward with four stations in tyson'sorner east edge, on the east edge of reston. the first part of it is scheduled for completion in 2013. that's the wheel station. wheeling station. you're having trouble today. >> thank you. i'm not going there. tyson's i got. it's smooth commuting in bethesda today. escalators are finally back up and running after six months of repairs. metro tells us the escalators were shut down for a planned overhaul. it takes about 12 weeks per escalator. during the outage, commuters have been using one stationary escalator to get in and out of
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the station. we don't know if it is raining in the wheelie area of northern virginia but light showers are starting to move across parts of our area. jim? >> all right, doug. how about it? >> houng how i know wheelie avenue? i moved to herndon avenue. it now runs behind my old house. see you later, land, hello, wheelie avenue. that's h i know wheelie avenue. >> we understand it is a lovely road. >> yes, it is. and it sbekts with fairfax coty parkwayhich is also not there. now i have no time to talk about the weather. look out there now. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. 74 degrees outside right now. winds out othe south at 14 miles an hour. nice and mild. we'll continue to see this mixture of sun and clouds but mostly cloudy clouds. la plata at 74. look at the wind gusts over toward the air force base. 31-mile-an-hour wind gusts there. dover, delaware 32 miles an hour. we'll continue to stay rather breezy toughout the evening hours. look at the rain as it makes its
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way toward us. it goes right around. we may see a couple oflight showers but that's really going to be about it. i don't expect much in the way of rain at all over the next 24 hours. but there is a better chance of rain as we move into the day on friday. so right now we're sitting around that 73-degree mark. 68 degrees at 7:00. an isolated shower this evening. that's going to be about it. 64 degrees by 11:00 tonight. it will be very mild overnight but then a better chance of rain ming into the forecast. i' show you that as a major storm is taking place across the country. coming up in my full forecast. we'll see you in a bit. have you ever seen so many interceptions? the redskins now have the same number of wins this year as the team had all of last year. >> and aren't we happy? and we can all thank deangelo hall. lindsay is live with the festivities there. the good mood there. >> repter: it is a good mood. nobody is here because they got
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a victory monday. the redskins, that defense that you just talked about headed into yesterday's game. ranked last in the league but they held the bears to one offensive touchdown. deangelo hall, as you said, was the star. he had four interceptions. one that he returned for a touchdown. let me take you back to chicago. this is a game, this defense will not forget third quarter, 14-10, ccago. jay cutler floated the pass toward johnny knox. an incredible pass. carlos rogers was there to provide support as hall took it 92 yards for the touchdown. the redskins took 17-14 lead on an interception. his tale mate said it s simply sick. we go to the fourth car, 17-14 under 2:30 to o. cutler again throwing to knox. it was intercepted again. hall's fourth of the game. the redskins run out the clock and get the win. they are 4-3 but mike shanahan isn't reading too much into comparisons between last year
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and this year. >> we're a 4-3 football team. a chanc obviously with six wins. 're not obviously, a chance folosses as well. you are what you are and you have to earn them. our football, smart enough to take it one game at a time, as the old saying goes. you have to fina way to win the tight game and hopefully we can do it. >> mike shanahan with the pok face. nfl coaches never let themselves look like they're excited. he was also pleased with albert haesworth's performance. i'll talk to you a little later. >> we'll see you in a bit. coming up at 5:00, living the american dream. >> the catholic charities is helping moving into a facility that will not break the bank. also coming up, cell phone video ctures the destruction as tornadoes much the down in
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investigators say tlrp there were signs of a struggle and the professor's jeep cherokee is missing. the trial in the murder of chandra levy is now underway. she was killed in rock creek park in 2001. the prosecution began its case against ingmar guandique by trying to link him to otr attacks on women in the park. day one saw levy's mother facing guandique for the first time. some banks are promising to restart foreclosures but the federal government continues to investigate that wle foreclosure mess. ben bernanke said he is taking it seriously andxpects to limit the results from the foreclone you arenvestigation to come out next month.
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>> we don't mind cloudy, rainy monday. >> a little on the humid side today. not a lot of shower activity. just enough to get the windshield wipers going alittle bit. all in all, not a bad day. let's look outside and show what you we've been dealing. with it s been a mixture of the sun and the clouds a little earlier. more sunshine and now more cloud cover. we'll continue to see the clouds streaming through the area. as a storm system is doing the same. most of the rain has stayed to our noh and well to our south. current temperature well above average. 74 degrees, the temperature out there right now. winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour. stl rather breezy during the evening hour. it will stay tat way. 74, the current temperature. 79 in culpeper. quantico at 69 degrees. look at the wind gusts. 20 toward winchester. 31 miles an hour out there at the air force base. a little on the breezy if not windy side from time to time helping to bring down more of those fall leaves. the rain to the north and to the
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south. this is a fractured frontal boundary coming through. showers and thunderstorms, some big time thunderstorms toward north carolina and into the southern soueast portion. for us, a couple light showers from time to time. that will be about it. it all because of a system that is well to our west. and the warm conditions as well as hig about five to ten degrees above average. the storm system is back toward the west. toward the chicagoland area, we'll see winds upwards of 30 miles an hour over the next couple days as we continue to e that persistent southwest flow. be chance of rain i think will come during the day on wednesday. maybe about a half inch in some locations. this evening, mostly cloudy. a few showers. 65 to 70 degrees.
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tomorrow morning, can't rule out a possib shower. breezy and mild. as we make our way through the day, the temperature will be well above average. wis gusting to about 25 miles an hour. there's the four-day forecast showing 78 degrees on wednesday. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. 73 on thursday. that sto system starts to get out of here and then 60 on friday. ch cooler as we head into the halloween weekend. it will feel very nice. we want to see your pictures. if you decorated your house or you know someone with decorations, send them to weather at nbc you and >> thank you. dozens of families will soon have a place to call home. catholic charities held a ribbon cutting today in northeast washington. to celebrate a new housing facility they call a place for hope for working families. pat lawson muse has our report.
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>> reporter: with the cutting of the ribbon, along with city and community leaders they celebrated the grand opening of the sum at st.rtin's. a sparkling new mixed income complex that some 178 working families and individuals will soon call home. and the world called a miracle. it's the first affordable housing project ever built by catholic charities and it helps address the shortage of affordable housing in the district. >> we're obviously having some audio issues. we'll try to bring that to you later. a strong smell came from the home. neighbors complained so police were call in.
5:19 pm
see what investigators found inside. officials at one viinia university are saying sorry because a concert that created some tense moments between school and its neighbors. > running the marathon can help people getn shape. researchers say it could take a toll on your heart for months after the race.
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bob ehrlich's 24 years in politics. in congress ehich voted with george bush 90% of the time, protecting the special interests. as governor, ehrlich cut education, increased college tuition by 40% and vetoed an inease in the minimum wage. and after losing his election, bob ehrlich joined a lobbying firm and got paid $2.million to representasinos and wall street banks. bob ehrlich--24 years of putting the special interests first.
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a storm spotter caught this powerful tornado cutting through a city south of dallas yesrday at speeds of up to 120 miles an hour. the twister ripped through at least a half dozen home in rice, texas. it also battered a school the and a texas emergency management official caught in the scene on his dash cam. only four people, how, suffered from minor injuries. as a result of that. the head of the national public radio said she should have handled the firing of analyst juan williams differently. he was fired last week after saying he gets nervous when he gets on an airplane and sees people in muslim attire. last week, vivian cller sent an apology to the staff. she said she stands by her decision to part ways with williams but deeply regrets how was handled. fans lined up to watch the taping of the daily show with jon stewart. it is taking place at the
5:23 pm
shakespeare theater for the next four days. it is part of the undecision 2010 coverage. the taping of all four shows will be called, when grizzlies attack, the daily show mid-term tea party ganza. that a long title there. then on saturday, jon stewart and needian stephen colbert will be there. she was there for her grandson's appearance before the judge but she ended up in jail. plus, we've got much more ahead so stick around. a war of words in the battle for virginia's eighth congressional district. why one politician is now on the defensive after attacking his opponent's milit
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[ mouse squeaking ] click. we even earn rewards for getting money at the atm. it's new checking with rewards at capital one banks all over the dc area. what's in your wallet? mr. snappy! fast forward through headlines, federal agents are trying to figure out what started the fire that destroyed alexandria church. broke out friday in the main chapel of the virginia theological seminary. the dean says says they will reild. an update on the progress of construction for the dulles rail project. the dulles vail a 23-mile metro extension from the falls church metro station to dulles airport. the first phase of construction runs to the eastern edge of
5:27 pm
reston and is set for completion in 2013. four interceptions by the quarterback deangelo halhelped lead the zoiredskins to victory. hall tied an nfl record. they now have the same number of wins this year as the team had for all of the entire last season. let's fast forward to weather. >> looking pretty good out there. 74 degrees, a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll call it mostly as we look outside. winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour. gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour in se locations. live digital doppler radar, not a lot of rain but a couple showers back toward western maryland to the west of hagerstown and portionsf eastern west virginia as well. you'llee a couple of light showers throughout the evening hours. 75 in manassas. 69 toward quantico. most us will stay dry overnight. take a look at therain moving right around our region. some to the south. some to the north. for us, just call. isoled showers.
5:28 pm
that's really all we're going to see throughout the evening tonight into tomorrow morning. overnight, down to about 64 degrees by 11:00 skoofl degrees by the time we're heading out the door around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the four day forecast coming up a little later on. thanks. charges were dropped today against one of the two georgetown university students accused of operating a drug lab in a dorm room. >> his roommat and a campus visitor are still in all-. darcy spencer joins us live from u.s. district court in northwest d.c. >> reporter: hi, wendy. prosecutors gave no reason for why those charges were dropped. that student never even appeared in court. he has since been released. his attorney said he hopes he can remain a george toup student. georgetown university freshman charles smith and his friend university richmond student appeared in federal court. the two 18-year-olds are charged with making a synthetic
5:29 pm
hallucinogenic drug. the charges were dropped against hn romano. >> he has been released so we're obviously extremely relieved that the chargeseredropped. that hopefully he can now get on with his life. >> reporter: the drug lab was found inde a freshman dorm after police received a report that drugs were being sold there. experts believe they were making dmt. court records stay memorials they found were precursor chemical used in drug labs that are flammable, explosive and highly dangerous. >> i'm surprised. i think it is pretty irresponsible for students to do that. especially in a freshman dorm. there are students are facing felony charges. conspiracy to manufacture and poe seing with intent to distribute an illegal drug. they could land in prison r two decades. >> they were very upset. they knewhey made an awful decision. i'm sure they real ties consequences. >> reporter: inside the dorm room, hazardous materials teams
5:30 pm
foun a cooler with duct tape containing mason jars with a clear liquid inside and a black suitcase pulled the with ammonia, lighter fluid, gloves, and a turkey baster. it prompted a 12-hour evacuation of 400 students at the dorm saturday morning. is is a former resident at a time. >> i'm not your mother. i'm not here to tell what you you can and cannot do. at the same time, be respectful. don't put yourself or anyone nelson dager. >> reporter: a judge ordered the two remaining dendants to remain in jail without bond pending a hearing scheduled for wednesday afternoon. reporting live from northwest. darcyspencer, news4. back to you. >> all right. thank you. the university of mary washington is apologizing tonight to residents of fredericksburg, virginia, after an outdoor concert over the
5:31 pm
weekend. that's local rapper performing at the homecoming celebration. nearby residents xlaint colained. they wrote larry saying if the school had known about the lyrics, the concert would have been indoors. nearly 20 cats have been removed from a home in fairfax county after complaints by neighbors. this is in the 14000 bloc on saturday, neighbors complained to polic about strong smells coming from the home, animal control and code compliance officers responded and there they found and removed 18 cats. they've not charged a home own we are any wrongdoing. with just eight days to go until election day, new poll numbers show maryland governor martin o'malley with a substantial lead over his challenger, former governor bob ehrlich. the "washington post" survey shows that 54% of likely voters
5:32 pm
with wld vote for governor o'malley. that's compared to 40% who would vote for ehrlich. o'malley's lead comes despite the. the majority offers are unhappy with theconomy. murder quli is an iraq war veteran claim moran said military service, his military service, is not public service. chris gordon is here with the latest. >> reporter: congressman jim moran said his comments at a community appearance are being distorte moran said he has not questioning patrick's military sense but instead, his lack of community involvement. republican congressional candidate patrick murray is a 24-year army combat veteran who retired from active duty last week to seek the seat of congressman jim moran. he said moran is questioning his qualifications to run.
5:33 pm
>> when jim moran, who is the congressman in the district that has the most hallowed ground in the country, arlington national cemetery, says tt military service is not community service, i think that's highly objectionable and he should apologize to the veterans in this country and their family members. >> reporter: veterans supporting patrick murray include tom hadden who was a prisoner of war in vietnam. >> it means my military service unqual fuse any veteran for being a member of congress to represent our district. >> reporter: this video posted on youtube of congressman moran at a community forum has gotten more than 23,000 hits. >> what they do is theyfind candidates. usually stealth candidates. that haven't performed in any kind of public service. my opponent is typical. >> reporter: but congressman jim moran says his commentsave been distorted.
5:34 pm
he says he criticized his opponent's lack of civic involvement, not mill service. >> serving in the military doesn't prevent you from getting involved in the community and mr. murrayas decided not to be involved in the civic life of e community. and that's what i was saying. >> reporter: outside his campaign headquarters, he mustered his own supporters. >> nobody needs to apologize for jim. his record stands for itself. i know this guy has worked for us. worked for the service. and i can't say anything more. >> congressman moran said he is sticking by h statement that murray isn't qualified because he hasn't been active in community issues. and he speaks murrayoted locally last year for the very first ti when he decided to run for moran's congressional seat. back to you. >> all right. chris gordon, thank
5:35 pm
still to come, it's blowing up how president obama helped inspire a florida man's new business venture. they're makin waves in australia. wild dolphins doing a trick usually taught to dolphins in captivity. this wasn't a terrorist attack
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it was death by metro, death by mismanagement. i lled for an immediate audit, the results were chilling.
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so i insisted metro actually follow national safety standards for the first time the brass at metro wasn't happy, but frankly ion't care. i'm not the senator for metro, i'm the senator for maryland. i'm barbara mikulski and i approve this message.
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a grnd mother goes on attack. a man tries to profit often obama's bad habit. these are stories that make you say, say whatfrom the czech republic. a grandmother is facing charges after taking on a dety who was trying to handcuff her grandson. it was augusta, georgia, it was juvenile court. police stay officer was trying to take the teen into custody when grandma jumped on his back. she is now facing object struck of justice charges. >> smoke them if you got them. a new brand of cigarettes seems to be playing off the new smoker in chief. they're calls bamas and they have an oval ring around the name that promise some smokers to think about the president. the cigarette maker says they're flavoring and there is nothing political about the name. dolphin activists in strali say they are teaching
5:39 pm
wild dolphins a trick. it the tail walk. how do wild dolphins learn to do this? the scientists believe a female dolphin who was released back into the wild in 1988 taught it to other wild dolphins. experts say this would be the first time they've seen dolphins passlong the culture or social behavior from one generation to the next. >> that's very cool. coming up, we have a warning it is that time of year for kids as they prepare to go trick or treating >> reporter: i'm liz crenshaw. halloween costumes and fire. a dangerous combination. my story coming up. in sports, the skins won an ugly game yesterday thanks to two standout performances on defense. and what are you working on? coming up, new hope that the cholera epidemic is stabilizing in haiti. a team of refers may have figured out how to create a dug that can block the flu andwe'll meet a florida guy who
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thinks the odometer on his truck has reached a million miles. sync: i did taxes 60 percent.y woman 1 syi didn't owatrnor man 3: he worked for ak 10 billn doanother bamillion.apsed.axers7
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h big s don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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take a look at a great shot we have right now. i'm taking a look at the washington mob umt here. what a beautiful shot this is. the sun making its way in. just a great shot from one of our photographers in the washington, d.c. area this evening. as far as the temrature go we're at 74 deees. dew point, 63. the humidity is up there near 70%. a little humid feel out there. the satellite and radar, rain moving to our north.
5:43 pm
rain moving to our south. for the most part, most of us are remaining on th dry side. that's where we're going to stay. 52 degrees overnight. 56 in warrenton. 55 toward winchesr and up toward frederick. the temperature there expected to be about 54 degrees. tomorrow up to about 74 in frederick. 75 in the d.c. area. right now it looks like about 77 toward warrenton. think we will stay mostly dry but a better chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. at least early on thursday. some of the rain chances could be in the afternoon. we'll have more on that coming up. with ghosts and goblins heading to your door soon, it is time to think about keeping the spooky holiday safe. >> reporter: for children and adults alike, halloween is a time of the year to don costume and become someone or something
5:44 pm
else for the night. while dressing up is fu it can be a fire hazard. cute trick or treat order your door, jack-o-lanterns on your walk. the doctor is a burn and trauma center at the burn center of the washington hospital center. >> trick or treat. >> reporter: in 2008, a 7-year-old boy trick or treating in connecticut went terribly wrong. >> i heard some shouting and reaming. it turns out the boy gown from his costume which is a very drapy kind of a harry potter kind of a costume, caught fire and he was wearing a mask and touched his face and wound up with a very deep burn to his hands and his face. he was in the hospital for many months. he reuired, i'm sure, a dozen operations. >> reporter: halloween costume look harmless.
5:45 pm
a pretty princess, a rate, vampires, mix them with open flames and that's where the trouble can start. some costume say keep away from fire, the safety administration say they should be flame resistant. if a fab 56 flame resistant, the fire will go out when the flame is pulled away. let's lie to vampire cape. the flame goes out on its own. but not so with the princs costume which burned and bned and burned. and the pirate which burned until it was a smoldering pile. for children and adults, accessories like this feathe boa make great halloween costume but watch out. wiin 30 seconds, the feather boa most completely consumed. the same dangerous deal with this wig. >> the lady gaga wig said keep awayrom fire. believe it. one of the most dangerous for a home made costume, a 100% cotton
5:46 pm
sheet. within 20 seconds, the sheet is completely ablaze. if you want to reduce the risk of your costume going up in flames, the washington hoital cent has a recipe that can make your costume more fire resistant. mix four ounces of boric ya witness nine ounces of borax. dissolve in a gallon of warm water. soak the costume and let it drip dry. for homeowners, one measure of precaution, keep lighted jack-o-lanterns out of the math of trick or treaters. >> it is a really devastating thing. i can tell you tat the found this occurred in has already made it mandated that it is a flameless halloween. the entire town decided. >> that's one option. while that lighted jack-o-lantern is a symbol of halloween, if you dope have one, dot place it where the little ghouls and goblins are walking.
5:47 pm
you can drop a flashlight in. >> amazing how quickly they go up. >> people think 100% cotton. that's the fastest one. >> thank you, liz. >> you're welcome. be careful. the redskins are back from turnover town, chicago. fans are celebrating but it wasn't real pretty. >> reporter: i like that, turnover town. the redskins are very excited about this win. it was a little bit sloppy on offense. coach shanahan said he is not surprise that had deangelo hall was able to have the kind of game he had. he said he had an exceptional week of practice. and tre were rumbling that's deangelo had gotten into it with his defensive coordinator. that was all overgrown. the thing about deangelo is, if his ak ever against a wall he will perform. exactly what he did yesterday. an unbelievable game.
5:48 pm
let's hear about how he found out after the game. >> i've never seen so many turnovers and back and forth like that. >> it doesn't matter how, as long as we get them. they won't all be pretty. you take your hat off to our defense. i mean, those guys played their butts off. >> i've been part of a game like this where we fell short. so to be a part of a game like this where we got the victory, hey. what more coulyou ask for when you didn't play your sfwheft. >> reporter: no question who the ga ball goes to deangelo hall. >> caught it with one hand like this. he did that same thing in practice. it definitely translated. great hands, great vision. as he big time play maker. >> we have to come up with a name. i think the guy called it a ham bone. i don't know what that means.
5:49 pm
but they called it a ham bone. video games. you know? >> i've never more than two picks in a game, six in a season. to be sitting right there, five and a half, four in one game, it is mind blowing. i had my mom, myaunt, two cousins in the stand. first ball went to my mom. second to my aunt. next thing you know, everybody had a ball. it was like - >> reporter: while he was gidy, albert haynesworth was somber. he played his best game as a redskin and the first since the death of his younger brother. >>e were warming up and stuff, i was thinking about it and it was kind of hard. my younger brotherould be like, you're crying over me? so i've been trying to go throughout and be a big brother and play ball. >> we know he can play. once he gets in the system and replies, he can play. he's annbelievable player.
5:50 pm
>> i think it is the best game he's played since he's been here. he played hard. he have play he was in, 33 plays. liked what did he in the past rush and the running game. played hard. that's what we expect. we expect that type. effort out of him. we know the ability he h. >> reporter: that's code for expect to see a lot more from albert haynesworth beginning this weekend whenhe redskins will face the detroit lions. >> thank you. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] want a better wato track what you spend?
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a few showers, yes, but most of us will remain on the dry side. sunset tonight about, 6:16 and about 22 1/2 minutes. winds out of the south at 20. partly cloudy for tomorrow morning. breezy and mild. teerature, 55 to 62 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. they'll be picking up, especially oe the sun come up. they will start to pick up during the day tomorrow. i don't think you'll need the jacket. 72 to 76 degrees. we'll see a mixture of sun and
5:54 pm
clouds. an isolated shower, jl though most of us will be on the dry side. you may want to carry around that small umbrella. winds gusting upwards of 25 miles an hour. those winds will stick with us on wednesday helping to warm us up to 78 degrees on wednesday. a good chance for some rain. some much needed rain. we are still below normal for not just the month but the year as well. we will see a good chance of rain on wednesday. 50% chance of rain thursday morning. temperature around 73 degrees. then much cooler after a cold front moves through. a high on friday. only around 60 degrees. temperatures in the 60s for halloween. halloween looking at it should this time of year. nice and cool. about perfect to get those kids outside for a little trick or trting. >> thank you. if you've been traing for the marine corps marathon this week, you could be causing damage to your heart. canada researchers are finding marathon runners expience temporary heart damage while
5:55 pm
running the 26.2ile race. the heart does mend itself in about three months. but it could be one reason why some people have died during these events. the researchers found that better training and hydration can decrease that heart damage. ever wonder why some peoe feel refreshed after four hours of sleep and others can barely function? the university of pennsylvania researchers say it could have something to do with our genes. the study looked at 129 healthy adults. some had a gene associated with narcolepsy, a dispore causes daytime sleepiness. the others did not. researchers watched everyone sleep for just four hours during the night. these had the gene didn' exactly have narcolepsy but they didn't sleep as well. their rest was more flagments making them more tired during day. >> i was yawning ding that, yes. dozens of families will soon have a place to call home. >> catholic charitieheld a ribbon cutting to celebrate a
5:56 pm
new housing facility they call a place of hope for working families. pat lawson muse takes a look. >> reporter: with the cutting of the ribbon, the cardinal designate along with city and community leaders, celebrated the grand opening of the summit at st. martin's. a sparkling new mixed income complex some 178 working families and individuals will soon call home. and that they called a miracle. >> we often think that god works miracles all by himself. but god counts on all of us to do our part to make the miracle happen. >> reporter: it is the first affoable rental housing project ever built by catholic charities and it help address the shortage of affordable housing in the district. >> as the city evolves and grows in a very dynamic environment, you don't want it to be a place where people feel like they're pushed out. it is projects like this that
5:57 pm
will allow them to continue to live in this area. >> reporter: residents who live here will enjoy a host of features including two bedroom units. some with breath taking city views. community meeting spaces, a library, court yards as well as a playground and underground parking. ground breaking for the project happened two years ago but was slowed by the recession and on that significant by some in the community who feared it would hurt property vaes. >> if you look at affordable housing across the country, it does not happen. as we began the see the type of facility we were building, their concerns began to dissipate very quickly. >> this is a testament to what we in the public sector should be doing, working with the private sector to make sure that every american h a decent home and a suitable living environment. most of the apartments will be rented at 60% of the area's median income. the rest at 30%.
5:58 pm
and th're going fast. these residents are thrill. >> i can remember over the years, that we couldn't live in this part. so i'm very, very happy that this building was putere for us. >> affordable housing. especially when you're trying to go to school, take care of family. we need that. >> pat lawson muse news4, washgton. . >> to make way for the complex, an historic convent was moved 200 feet. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> we are a tornado! >> we'll show you the view from inside a tornado that tore through texas. police looking for who have it was that killed a professor
5:59 pm
at the american university. political ads get nasty in the final full week of campaigning and the democrats lashing ouat the white house. >> when i said to the president is, that this process about endorse. s isn't something i'm concerned about. and take the endorsement and shove it. >> we gin with the first opportunity to go face to face with the man accused of murdering her child. good evening. >> chandra levy's mother appeared in court for the first time today. her daughter was the capitol hill intern who was murdered in rock creek park almost a decade ago. pat collins is at d.c. superior court with the latest on this. hi, pat. >> reporter: doreen, it happened more than nine yars ago. but retelling the story still brings her to tears. she described him as crpy. said that he tracked her with his head as she jogged by. today, we heard from one of ingmar guandique's victims.


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