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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 18, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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couple has planned for after they say i do in a live report from wales. see where pnce william and kate middleton will soon be calling home. that's this morning at 7:00 a.m. >> a lot of talkbout that royal wedding coming up. >> she wascouting locations. i don't think she checked out the elvis chapel in vegas? >> yeah. >> would have been nice, though. it would hav been nice. >> might have been inresting. romance. nothing says romance like an elvis chapel. look out below. what caused a chunk of the ceiling to come crashing down at a metro station. >> plus heightened security. a d.c. school is on alert after a vicious attack on a teacher. >> and standing pat. the head of the tsa takes a firm stance in front of some angry members of congress. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang.
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we're going to take a live look outside right now at 5:00 a.m. it is now 44 degrees. chilly start. look at all the twinkling stars in the sky. very nice, tom. at least at this hour of the day. >> yeah, the autumn constellations are up and also the leonid meteor shower is occurring right now. as you step out, allow yourself a few minutes to look at the sky, be patient, give it a few minutes,ou'll probably see a meteor streak the sky here this morning. right now it's cold in the western and northern suburbs. many locations, low and mid 30s. right now in washington, 43 at national airport. upper 30s prince george's county. and right near the bay it's in the 40s. out of the mountns now near 40. they've had clouds there overnight. so not quite as cold due to the cloud cover there. we do have increasing clouds from the midwest. there's some rain beginning to move into indiana and kentucky. that's a disturbance that will be coming trough our region later today, bringing clouds. just a small chance of a sprinkle. highs reaching the mid 50s. sunrise today at 6:54. the sunset, 4:52. then overnight tonight it looks like we'll have that big, bright
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full moon up. just a few clouds in the evening. and by dawn tomorrow, near freezing starting off friday morning. a look at friday, saturday, sunday in ten minutes. >> a lot of overnight roadwork. most of it is in the process of being picked up. on the inner loop of the beltway as we mentioned we had the left side of the roadway blocked between university boulevard, and new hampshire avenue. you can see the last of the construction barrels being pulled out of the roadway right now. outer loop, all travel lanes are open. no worries there. in from the west, interstate 66 much better today than yesterday at this time from hay market through manassas, no worries there. see how we're doing, one more stop making the trip in through southeast, along south capital street en route to the douglas bridge, smoothsailing. metrorail, vre and marc reporting no real issues. eun? >> jerry, thank you. the farragut north metro station is open again this morning after part of its ceiling collapsed yesterday. firefighters say construction crews working on the road above
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station in northwest washington hit somethg to cause a chunk of concrete to fall. the station eventually closed but remained open at first, even though part of the platform was closed and littered with pieces of the falling ceiling. riders weren't only inconvenienced they were frustrated that no one was telling them what was going on. >> i think they need to do a better job communicating with their riders. this is just another example of where we could have walked up to dupont circle or something else if we knethere was an issue. but they're not communicating with us. >> no one was hurt in the incident. security is stepped up inside and outside elementary schools around the district this morng after an elementary school spanish teacher nearly died after being robbed and beaten. this attack happened just before noon on monday near the intersection of howard and pomeroy roads in southeast washington. across the street from garnet wilkinson elementary hool. a masked gunman demanded the teaches purse. she refused. the robber then hit her three times in the head with a gun.
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the teacher suffered a concussion and has had two surgies for bleeding in her brain. >> that's very dangerous individual. that's an individual that shows he doesn't really care that he's being seen, because around school there's usuly a lot of people around. so we think it's a very dangerous individual. a lot of times we have individuals now wearing masks so that gives them some, guess they feel some security where individuals know who they are. >> the teacher remains in the hospital this morning. the robber has not been caught. a pl is expected this afternoon in the murder oa popur scho principal. ian be. court documents show a second suspect in the killing sharif lancaster will pad guilty to robbery and using a gun during a crime. lancaster was one of three teenagers prosecutors say was at the silver spring home on the night of the murder in april. police say best was killed during a robbery attempt. another suspect, 19-year-ol sanders has already pled guilty to shooting best. lancaster faces a maximum of 35 years if convicted on all
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charges. >> for a second day, jurors will deliberate the fate of chandra levy accused killer this moing. the jury spent about six hours yesterday goingover the details of the case. ingmar guandique is charged with killing the washington intern back in 2001. jurors asked for two things, gloves to handlehe evidence, and a photo of theaccused killer then in rock creek park. guandique faces two counts of first degree murder. defense attorneys argue there is no physical evidence, though, linking guandique to the murtder. this morning the national transportation security chief says he will not change the policy that allowed those airport security pat-downs and body scans. john pistole tested. he said the new machines are necessy to keep travelers safe. the travelers say the body scans and pat-downs are invasive. >> the question is do i understand the sensitivities? yes. if you're aski am i going to change the policies, no. because i think that is what
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being informed by t latest intelligence, the latest efforts by terrorists to kill our people in the air, no, i'm not going to change the policies. >> he also says it is irresponsie to suggest th travelers opt out of the screenings. in germany there is increased security at airports and train stations. it is the result of a new terror alert. authorities say they have, quote concretenformation tha terrorists plan to attack the country at the end of the month. they say the intelligence matches leads they've gathered on their own. so far the u.s. state department has not issued a travel alert for americans. there have been no changes at u.s. bases in germany. the first guantanamo detainee to face a civilian trial has been found not guilty of all but one of the hundreds of charges he faced. ahmed ghailani was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to destroy u.s. property. and was acquitted on more than 280 other counts. he was accused of helping terrorists bomb two u.s. embassies in 1998, but his defense team painted him as
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mply a clueless errand boy who unknowingly helped al qaeda terrorists. a federal judge prohibited prosecutors from calling a key witness in the case. the witss had been identified while ghailani was interrogated at a cia prison. he'll learn his sentence in january. he could face life in prison. it's now 45 degrees. tiger is back. at least on twitter. and this morning he is taking another big step as he re-emerges into the public eye. >> also the wind has died down. this morning another noticeable change. we'll have weather and traffic ahead. >> but next, the first sign of the season in r area. an extravagant tree lighting. hey mom. i just got your package;
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nobody does it quite like us. >> wow, take a look at that. it's never too early to light a christmas tree. especially if it looks like this. this is the gaylord htel in national harbor. it lit up its tree last night with a spectacular display. 7,000 pound glass tree is covered in more than 2 milln lights. but who's counting. the classic dr. seuss character mr. grinch was there to help lead aour of this year's ice exhibit over there at national harbor. after the tree lighting. >> and that's what joe's looks
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like. did you start to build it up right now? >> haven't plugged it in yet. >> all right. very cool. oh, my goodness, guess we're thinking about christmas already? >> the leonid meteor shower competing with that this morning. we have the leonid meteors right now, if you have a chance before you head off to work and school and before it gets light look at the sky for a few minutes, you may see a meteor streaking the sky on this thursday morning we've got a mostly clear sky and it's chilly. suburbs and rural ars, many locations are down into the low and mid 30s. and closer to washington, it's right around 40. right near the bay in the upper 40s, and we'll reach the mid 50s later today with some clouds coming in. just a small chance of an isolated shower and tomorrow bright and sunny. a cold start. ternoon highs chilly. only the low 50s for a brief time. and sunny saturd and sunday. morning lows, low to mid 30s. afternoon highs upper 50s to near 60. saturday lowe 50s on sunda a look into next week at 5:21. let's check the thursday commute. >> tom, very quiet this morning
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along interstate 66. and route 50. headed for the inbound lanes of the roosevelt bridge, which is right up there. all the travel lanes are open. 66 westbound also moving along pretty well at this early hour. from the north, frederick, hyattstown, points beyond moving along very,ery nicely. one more stop, let you know that route 50 is moving nicely and there are no worries right now between the baltimore beltway, capital beltway, along i-95. out to the rails, metrorail, vre and marc with no early issues. 46 degrs. ahead on "news 4 today," tiger woods taking to the airwaves to repair its tattered image. >> plus love itr hate it, there's a face-lift coming to three different d.c. neighborhoods. >> and after the break, why a pastor is placing a ban on facebook. 3q
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in network docts and pharmacies whenever or wherever she needs them directly from her mobile phone is important to wendy. ♪ where to next, wendy? ♪ know more. get better. get a smarter health plan, 5:14 right now. a look at some of the top stories. day two of deliberations for the jury in the ingmar guandique murder trial. they spent five hours yesterday
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considering arguments and evidence to decide whether he killed chandra levy. at one point they asked the judge for a photo of guandique, taken by his girlfriend. >> princ charges police sergeant richard dell greer has a detention hearing today. this is part of that feral corruption investigation in the county. prosecutors say he was paid to transport illegal cigarettes and liquor. the farragut north metro ation in d.c. will open on time. a chunk of the ceiling tere collapsed yesterday afternoon because of the construction going on above ground. no one was hurt. that's a quick check of the headlines. joe, back to you. >> thanks very much, aaron. >> breaking news right now out of the district. police were involved in a shooting in the 2500 block of southern avenue southeast. megan mcgrath is live on the scene now with the latest. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. this started with a traffic stop here on southern avenue very early this morning, right around 2:30 and then it ended when an officer, a u.s. park police officer, fired his weapo at a
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suspect. now i'm joine by sergeant david sh losser with the u.s. park police. kind of describe here what happened this morning. >> abou 2:30 this morning an southern avenue, the u.s. park police officer made a traffic stop, and in the course of t traffic stop he did discharge his rvice weapon. nobody was hit but the vehicle fled the scene. and a short distance later, the vehicle was located and u.s. park police detectives right now e speaking with the person that was driving that car and charges will be pending. >>ny idea what prompted the officeto fire his weapon? was there any kind of an argument? what happened? >> right now we're early in the instigation. i'm not sure what transpired he at the scene. that's something that's going to be sorted out with detectives when they interview the person. >> so nobody hurt? not the suspect, n the officer? >> that's right. the round that was fired by the u.s. park police officer did not strike any person. >> do we know if that suspect had a weapon? >> right now early in the
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investigation. i'm not sure what transpired at the scene. >> thanks for joining us here. should mention to folks who travel through the area here we do have a lane of southern avenue. this isasically the overpass where this happened. the overpass across suitland parkway. you can see the officers' vehies right here. they do have that lane blocked off. not sure how long it's going to take them to wrap up their investigation here. but if you do travel through the area, ey're letting folks through. bu basically you're going to have to cross onto the other side of the roadway. so it's kind of a stop and go situation. it can't be two-way traffic. you might encounter that, a heads up with that if you travel through the area. >> all right megan mcgrath. thank you. this morning tiger woods will open up about the events that have changed his life over the past year. the world's most famous golfer will be a guest on espn radio's mike and mike show. woods just wrote an essay in "newsweek" magazine called, how i've redefined victory. he describes how he has changed as a person since his notorious car accident lastnovember, around thanksgiving, and the sex
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scandal and divorce that followed. woods writes that, quote, the physical pain from that car accident is long healed. but the pain in my soul is more complex and unsettling. it has been far more difficult to ease and to understand. the push to reop a popular d.c. night club has been shot down. just one month after five of its employees were accused of beating a man to death. th district liquor board ved unanimously to keep d.c. 9 closed yesterday. friends and family of the man killed, ahmed mohammed, gathered outside the hearing to protest the reopening of the club. police say employees chased and beat the 27-year-old silver spring man after he allegedly threw a brick through the club window. district prosecutors dropped the sharnlgs against the employees because of lack of evidence. another hearing on the club's reopening is set for december 1st. >> d.c. police are on the lookt for someone who is snatching iphones right out of people's hands. there were at least four robberies over the weekend in northwest. in each se the victims were
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approached while talking or carrying their iphones. the popular phones have also been stolen off of restaurant tables. police ction everyone to be aware of their surrounngs and avoid walking alone at night. it appears alaska has a winner in its race forthe senate. republican incumbent lisa murkowski won re-election as a write-in candidate. murkowski lost the republican primary to tea partyer joe miller who was backed by sarah palin but e's decided to run as a write-in candidate. there was a long delay, so alaska election officials could count all of the write-in votes to make sure they spelled murkowski's last name correctly. they determined that she won the race, making her the first senate candidate t win a write-in campaign in more than 50 years. >> there's no apathy when you have to take out that bracelet and you've got to look at it upside down and you've got to figure out how to spell it. alkans knew exactly what they were doing and they showed their intent with every letter that they put down on that ballot. >> as for the runner-up in this
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close race, joe miller says he will, quote, see this thing the whole way through to make sure every vote is counted. >> as for palin, she says she is, indeed, mulling a run for the 2012 presidency and she says if she runs she would beat president obama. palin says that she's having intern discussions with her family first, because that's, quote, the most important consideration here. if the former governor does decide to run she'll face stiff opposition not just from president obama, but from the american public, apparently, as well. a recent gallup poll reports that she has a 52% unfavorable ting. that's an all-time high. a warning this morning from the u.s. air force about facebook. according to multiple reports, the air force is telling oops not to post their location on facebook or twitter. the warning was posted on an internal website. it said careless use could have devastating operations security and privacy implications. the u.s. army is set to send a similar warning to its troops a new jersey preacher wants
5:21 am
his church leaders to quit facebook in order to save their marriages. the reverend cedric miller is the senior pastor of the living word christian fellowship church in neptune, new jeey. he says that reconnecting with old romances could lead to marital problems. miller is on vacation and spoke about the issue by telephone. >> -- shows up and reaches out and conversations start, and most times they start innocently and in time escalate. before you know it the conversation hits an inappropriate level and sooner or later the spouse finds out. >> the pastor says he will delete his facebook account, as well. he will make the announcement this weekend. >> t air force says such havior could have devastating operations security and privacy implications if you do that. >> that's true. traffic and weather on the 1s. >> iwonderful celestial delight, the leonid meteor showers are peaking right now. you have a pretty good chance of seeing a meteor streak our sky
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this morning. it's clear and look at the sky for a few minutes. right now it's chilly you need to layer up this morning. it down near freezing in many locations in virginia, and in maryland. and rit near washington near 40 degrees. later today in the mid 50s. clouds coming in in the afternoon. clearing out tonight, near freezing tomorrow morning. sunny friday and chilly. highs only in the low 50s. sunny overhe weekend. saturday and sunday, morning lows and dn into the low and mid 30s. afternoon highs upper 50s. saturday, low 50s sunday. here's a look into next week. shld be dry monday and tuesday. a bit milder. could get rain wednesday. how's the traffic, jerry? >> time to take a live look at this hour along 16th street. silver spring headed on down toward walter reed, very quiet trip if you're headed in that direction. head over to route 7 just outside the beltway at tyson corner also moving along very nicely. elsewhere, no concerns on the beltway, either direction, between i-95 in springfield, all the way on up to 66.
5:23 am
accident on g.w. parkway a little bit south of the beltway. police are hded over there. out to the rails we go. ill doing fine. metrorail, vre and marc with no delays. >> thank you very much, jerry. you may want to avoid the beltway in alexdria this weekend. work related to the wilson bridge project could cause some major traffic headaches for you. the far rightane will be closed between the eisenhower avenue exit just east of telegraph road starting friday night. that will cut off access to the north kings highway, huntington avenue and telegraph road exits. >> metro is looking to make it easier on people traveling over the thanksgiving holiday. on thanksgiving day metrorail will operate on a sunday schedu opening at 7:00 a.m. and closing at merchandise night. on friday, metrorail will operate on a regular weekday schedule and on saturday and sunday it will operate on a regular weekend schedule. also on sunday, metro will monitor the trains going to and from reagan national tosee if more need to be added.
5:24 am
metrus will also have additional buses on standby ifs in. if you plan on driving to your thanksgiving deination you will not alone. aaa predicts a double digit increase of people traveling this year over last year. toelp i get there with the least amount of traffic and stress, craig melvin has some tips. that story is coming up at 6:15. coming up, you have heard of passengers being kicked off planes over clothing and even their weight. this morning a new one. why one man says he nearly got kicked off the plane because of a tattoo. plus, "discovery" is dng something this weekend it has not ne since the hostage standoff >> and ahead, a lot of cleaning up to do, a look at the damage done to a d.c. post office. why itould have been even
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after the break a major announcement that means jobs and options for d.c. shoppers.
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good morning. welcome back. three new walmart stores are coming to d.c. new jersey avenue northwest. georgia and missouri avenues in northwest. and east capital and 58th streets in southeast will be the locations of the new stores. the stores will not only offer consumers low price option for groceries and a lot of other
5:28 am
things but will help with the district's unemployment problem. news four's jaie benson has the story. >> within two years a walmart store is expected to transform the intersection of georgia and missouri avees in northwest d.c. those who live and work near this area of few retail options y it's good news. >> it's got to be good for the community and i like shopping at walmart myself. >> i think that's nice, walmart right here around here in this area, like on columbia we have everything. we need something right here. >> according to walmart there are currently plans for three stores of a radically new type, somewhat smaller for a city environment but with full grocery and pharmacy departments. the locations are 80new jersey avenue northwest. in a planned mixed-use development. georgia and missouri avenues in northwest d.c., and east capital and 58th streets in southeast washington. >> i met with representatives from walmart yesterday, and representatives from the
5:29 am
developers that willeveloping in ward six, the new store for walmart. >> ward six council member tommy wells says he expects some concerns from constituents and others about walmart's record on labor practices. but the company's promised to hire some 1200 employees in neighborhoods where unemployment is as high as 50% gained his support with some conditions. >> as long as there's a commitment to fair wages, the commitment to being a good partner in the district of coluia is having a good civic corporate responsibility in our cities, then i think there's a place for them. >> walmart said there could be more stores in the city. jackie bensen,news 4 today." the news continues right now at 5:30. the sky is falling. it seems. a piece of metro station ceiling came crashing down. what that means for the morning
5:30 am
commute today. also, two requests. whatheurors in the ingmar guandique murder trial asked for on day one of deliberations. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> gd morning to you, i'm joe krebs. welcome to "news 4 today" on this thursday, the 18th day of november. there is still a lot of cleaning up to do after those severe storms rolled through our area. that's especially true at the brentwood post office in northeast washington. strong winds caused a two-story wall behind the fility to collapse yesterday, early yesterday orning. nearly 200 workers were quickly evacuated and two workers who were outside had to be treated for some minor injuries. the storm also knocked out the glas in more than 130 postal delivery trucks that were sittinout there in the parking lot. >> we didn't know what was going . >> it's really bad. as you can see, it's brick, it's cinder block. never in my wildest imination would i think that something like that would tear through here and have that much damage in such a quick moment of time. >> it will likely take several
5:31 am
weeks to place the broken glass. and all the delivery vehicles. no word on the wall. the national weather service could determine as early as today whether a tornado caused all of thidamage yesterday in baltimore. a storm tore through northeast baltimore during the very early hours of the morning, uprooting trees and ripping a roof right off an apartment building. ree people were injured, including a child. all of the injuries, though were minor. heavy winds, gusty winds caused all that damage. >> one wind gust, could be a straightline wind, could get under that roof and peel it right off. well, here tis morning the winds have calmed down thankfully. and our sky is clear. great for seeing maybe a few of the leonid meteors right now. it is cold out in the suburbs right now down into the low 30s to mid 30s in many locations in prince george's, fairfax, montgomery and arington county and elsewhere farther to our west, it'sear or a little bit below freezing a few locations. and southern maryland, too, a few spots, calvert and st.
5:32 am
ry's away from the bay down into the low and mid s. right now lower parts of the eastern shore are in the upper 30s. and in the mountains, because of a cloud cover, no as cold there this morning. it's right around 40 degrees. we have increasing clouds coming from the west. it's a weak wave of low pressure. then it will bring in some clouds, highs reaching the mid 50s. small chance of a sprinkle midafternoon. sunrise is at 6:54. sunset 4:52. a look at friday, saturday, sunday at 5:41 jerry, how's the traffic? >> tom, very quiet morning along i-95. we're dealing with dry pavement, thankfully. no early worries from dale city headed on up passing the fairfax county parkway to the beltway up 395 into town. very, very good news. hopefully it will last a little bit. we'll see. over the americanegion bridge here's the outer loop across the bridge span, moving very nicely. inner loop no worries. all the way around the rockville pike. overnight roadwork at new hampshire avenue is gone. and over the key bridge, both directions, looking good. out to the rails we go.
5:33 am
metrorail, vre and marc reporting no delays. >> good news fr metro ra riders e district the farragut station is open. a day after the road work above it caused part of the ceiling to collapse. metro says it is inspecting the station and found it safe despite yesterday's accident. news 4 tracee wilkins is live outside of the farragut station with the latest now. tracee, good morning. >> yes that is good news for commuters who didn't want to have to go through dupont metro. they do have the option now of coming here to the farragut north metrostation. i tell you, the saving grace of this whole issue is that concrete fell between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. because it happened during that time there weren't a lot of people inside of the station. no one was injured. but officials are saying that construction over there on connecticut avenue, that's what caused thi concrete fall. this morning, structural engineers examined that connecticut avenue construction.
5:34 am
also they re looking inside of the metro station to make sure that it was safe to reopen. they decided in the end that it was. concrete fell from the ceiling of the farragut north station in northwest onto the platform leaving chunks of debris. we understand that one piece was as large as a human head. again, no passengers were injured. v-dot spokesmen say their construction work on connecticut avenue caused the accident. >> we're actually putting in a median on connecticut avenue, and it appears that the drawings that metro lad and that we had show a little more depth between the bottom of the roadway, and the top of the tunnel within the metro station. so it appears that we hit something, it fell through the ceiling, and it actuallyyou know, fell into the station. >> thas not good news. obviously v-dot metro are gng to have to work out some things as they continue their construction here. for folks commuting this morning, farragut north metro is opering.
5:35 am
tracee wilkins live in northwest. back tyou in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. the metro board is vowing to review a proposal to change completely how the transit agency is run. the counl of government and board of trade released a report yesterday, recommending a major shake-up. the task force harshly cricized metro, calling it an outdated an ineffective government structure. in particular, the proposal would streamline metro's board, impose an independent airman, and increase the general manages power. it also recommends that the states of maryland, virginia, and the district take a stronger role in running metro. >> we feel the cnge is needed now at metro, and there is a sense of urgency in the recommendations that we are making today. well, that leads to less riders. it leads to less funding. and who is going to put more funding in to a confidence-losing system? >> some of the recommended changes could be implemented right away. others would require local, state and even federal legislation. in just few hours jurors
5:36 am
will get back to work decidin the fate of ingmar guandique. he's accused of murdering federal intern chandra levy in rock creek park nine ars ago. the jury got the case yesrday morning. aaron gilchrist was in the courtroom all day long and joins us now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. 9:30. that's when the jury of nin women and three men head back into a jury room. those jurors spent about 5 1/2 hours yesterday examining evidence and loong at arguments they could come bac with a vdict sometime today. now during the deliberations yesterday, the group made two requests. they asked for glove to handle evidence. and late in the afternoon, they asked for a photo of ingmar guandique. it was taken by his girlfriend in rock creek park in 2001. the girlfriend couldn't say on the stand exactly when that photo was taken, but it was entered into evidence as a photo of guandique just after chandra levy disappeared. in that photo, he had no scars that might indicate he struggled with someone he may have attacked. chandra levy's remas were
5:37 am
found in the park a year after she went missing. prosecutors built the case accusing guandique of her death around two things. his convictions in two attas in the park that also happened in 2001. and the testimony of a cell mate who said guandique confessed to him. the defense calls the government's case fiction, saying there was no hard evidence, dna, a murder weapon, even a cause of death, for their client to be convicted of chandralevy's death. now the lawyers spent all day yesterday arguing what evidence and transcripts would be allowed in that room with the jurors. today we'll be monitoring the deliberations and have live reports whenever a verdict might come down. joe? >> aaron gilchrist reporting live. thanks very much. more problems for super jumbo jets. qantas airlines says up to 40 engines on a380s need to be replaced. the move comes after an incident in which an engine broke apart in midair. the airline grounded its fleet since the november 4th incident. no one was hurt and the plane landed safely. singapore airlines and lufthansa
5:38 am
briefly grounded some of their super jumbo jets after the qantas incident but returned almost all of them to service after conducting a safety check. this morning, the national transportation security chief says he will not change the policy that allows those airport security pat-downs and body scans. john pistole testified before congress yesterday. he sd that the pat-downs and new screening machines are necessary to keep travelers safe. but some tralers say the body scans and pat-downs are invasive. >> the question is, do i understand the sensitivities of people? yes. if you're asking am i going to change the policies? no. because, i think that is what is being informed by the latest intelligence, the latest forts, by terrorists to kill our people in the air. no i'm not going to change the policies. >> he also says it is irresponsible to suggest that some travelers have the option to opt out of the screening. a los angeles-based photographer was nearly kicked off a flight because of his tattoos. adam pearson ha the words, adam
5:39 am
bomb tattooed on his knuckles. he says it's a childhood nickname. but a passenger on a delta flight complained and said he seemed uspicious. pearson was asked to leave the flight but was allowed to stay after talking to security officials. pearson says he just wants an apology from delta. >> there you go. have you seen what's on my knuckles? >> well, when he tattooed that originally he probably didn't realize all this -- >> apparently not. >> 5:39 is your time now. 47 degrees. still to come this morning why you may want to hold on to your ipod a ltle more tightly. >> plus a brutal attack near a school. a teacher beaten and robbed. what's being done to keep students safe? >> a next a look at the morning' weather and traffic.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on this thursday morning. prare yourself for a cold start. suburbs and rural areas down in low and mid 30s. closer to washington near 40. we have a clear sky now, increasing clouds later. highs mid 50s. small chance of a sprinkle. suy and chilly friday, saturday and sunday. look into next week at 5:51. how's the traffic, jerry? >> here we go. so far, so good along i-270 both ways between the beltway and frederick. let's head over to virginia, we're checking reports of an accident on the beltway near the ute 1 inster change in
5:43 am
alexandria. auorities are headed over. northeast, new york avenue, kenilworth avenue, all doing well. if you're headed that direction, out to the rails right now, metrorail, vre and marc, it's all good. >> thank you, jerry. >> 47 degrees. this just in to our newsroom. a terrorist scare on an international flight. >> we'll be back in two minutes with that breaking news.
5:44 am
new today, u.s. park police are
5:45 am
we have breaking news overseas. a scare on an international flight after a terror warning. aaron gilchrist, good morning. >> german officials just confirming this information for nbc news. we learned that there is a
5:46 am
suspected bomb that was found in a suitcase. this was on a flight or was going to be going on a flight from namibia in africa to munich in germany. that suitcase found before it was loaded on to an air berlin flight late yesterd. we're told at this point investigators are trying to figure out if it was a fake bomb or if there was actually a threat posed by whatever was found inside that suitcase. german officials also getting in on this investigation. this is all after a warning was issued yesterday by german officials. they said they had credible information that there was a threat of some sort of attack on the airports or train system in germany. sometime at the end of this month, that terror alert went out yesterday at all airports and ain stations across germany. and now again today we're learning that there is a suspected bomb found in a suitcase tt was to be loaded on an air berlin fight headed from wind hope, namibia to germany. right now authorities trying to figure out if that was, indeed, a real bomb or someort of fake
5:47 am
device. we'll have the latest for you as more information comes in. now back to you guys. >> we'll check in with you. aaron, thank you. also new today, u.s. park police are investigating what led an officer to fire his weapon during a traffic stop. park police arrangent david shlosser says the officer was conducting a routine traffic stop when he fired his weapon. the car fled but was caug a short time later. no one was injured. police are interviewing the driver but has not said whether heas carrying a weapon. two months after a hostage situation shut down discovery's headquarters in silver spring the discovery garden will reopen. the public garden was shut down after the incident on september 1st when a gunman stormed into the building's lobby and held three people hostage before being shot and killed by police. now, according to maryland's, th park will reopen during daylight hours only on weekends. according to an agreement with montgomery cunty the garden must be open to the public becae it is the only green
5:48 am
public space in downtown silver springs. >> security is stepped up inside and outside elementarychools around the district this morning after an elementar school spanish teacher nearly died after being robbed and beaten. this attack happened just before noon on monday near the intersections of howard and pomero roads in southeast across the street from the garnet wilkinson elementary school. a masked gunman demanded the teacher's purse. she refused. the robber then hit her three times in the head with a gun. the teacher suffered a concussion and has had two surgeries for bleeding in here brai >> it's very dangerous individual. that's an individual that shows doesn't really care that he's being seen. around schl there's usually a lot of people around. so it's a very dangerous individual. a lot of times we have individuals now wearing masks so that gives them some, i guess, some security individuals know who they are. >> the teacher remains in the hospital this morning. and the robber has not been caught. a second suspect i the murder o popular school
5:49 am
principal brian betts is expected to plead guilty. court documents show sharif lancastewill plead guilty to robbery and using a gun during a crime. lancaster was one of three teenagers prosecutors say was at betts' home on the night of the murder. police say betts was killed during a robbery attempt. another suspect 19-year-old alante saunders has already pled guty to shooting betts. lancaster faces a maximum of 35 years if convicted on all charges. >> one of the police officers arrested in that wide-reaching criminal investigation in prince george's county will be in court today. 45-year-old sergeant richard delaverer will have a detention hearing this afternoon. yesterday federal prosecutors revealed videotape evidence against another police officer, simic, and a judge orded him held without il. investigators ben watching simic and an accomplice after learning the officers were being paid to transport illel untaxed cigarettes and liquor. meanwhile there's an online
5:50 am
push to get leslie johnson to resign her seat on the prince george's county council. actually not take her seat. she was just elected for the first time this past election, to represent district six. johnson is accused of tampering with evidence, and destruction of evidence. court documents showed that she hid nearly $80,000 in her bra. she and her husband jack johnson why arresd last friday during the corruption crackdown. nurses at the washington hospital center will report to work next wednesday after all. they canceled a one-day strike after magement agreed to postpone salary cuts. both sides say they will resume negotiations later this month. the nurses union and the hospital have been atdds over several issues including wes, benefits and staffing. some parents at one fairfax county high school are furious after the principal there decided that students who cheated on tests would be able to take them again. "the washington post" reports that west potomac high's principal is allowing teachers to offer cheaters retakes, instead of just giving them zeros the examine. he says that cheating is a
5:51 am
disciplinary problem, not an academic one. this is the same sool that recently banned "f" grades. general motors will make an historic return to the new york stock exchange this morning. gm will sell 478 million common stock shares in its initial public offering toda the sale could end up raising more than $22 billion, making it the largest ipo onecord. this is a major comeback for the automaker, which just last year used government loans to ay afloat. the u.s. government holdses a 61% stake in gm and the bulk of the stocks being offered belong to the government. this money will now help pay down some of the taxpayer bailout loans. today you can get a free slurpee from 7-even. the company dispatched several trucks to d.c. today they've arrived at union station. urpees will be handed out from :00 this morning until 2:00
5:52 am
this afternoon. triple is a combination of red and blue, a show of bipartisanship. president obama jokingly called for a slurpee summit with republican leaders after the midterm elections. of course, no word on whether that election will be happeng and there's supposedo be a meeting today with republican and democratic leaders but that's bee postponed to the end of the month now. >>hey'll just have to enjoy their slurpees in themeantime. >> do they melt? >> in the control room, especially, it gets all over all the buttons. you can't even stay because the buttons are sticking. >> yeah. >> everything is stking. >> this morning, a clear sk and there's the live view from oucamera showing the jefferson memorial under thislear sky. and if you're lucky you'll see one of the leonid meteors this morning. they're occurring right now. in fact it's still dark enough to see that. we've got a mostly clear y. it's 43 at national airport. sunrise is a little more than an hour away. and it's cold. you're going to be out looking at the sky for a few minutes you definitely need to
5:53 am
layer up. it's down near freezing in our western suburb, northern suburbs in the mid to upper 30s. right in washington now, it's in the low 40s. eastern suburbs, southern suburbs, low to mid 30s. many locations there out of the mountains not as chilly because there's quite a cloud cover there. increasing clouds from the midwest. a weak wave of low pressure that will be passing through. dry morning for students at the bus stop and cold. and later today, with increasing clouds, highs mid 50s and a small chance of a midafternoon sprinkle. we'll havehat bright full moon up tonight. and we'll have a clear sky by dawn on friday. tomorrow afternoon highs and low 50s. bright and suy. a chilly today tomorrow. looks like it will be chilly in the morning on saturday and sunday and cool in the afternoons with sunshine. next ek, a bit warmer. could get rain wednesday. how's the traffic, jey? >> clear, dry pavement this morning. that is very good news. we'll start this tour over on the belay. prince george's county near route 4. both the inner loop and outer loop traveling between college
5:54 am
park, past andrews to the wilson bridge, in very good shape so far. let's see if that's the case elsewhere thismorning. inbound along new york avenue as you head on down, no concerns there. travel lanes are open. into southeast, just a few folks out and about. south capital street up to the douglas bridge, travel lanes open as well. up to the rails we go, metrorails, vre no delays, marc, brunswick 87 '09 minutes behind schedule. >> the death toll from one of indonesia's most volatile volcanoes is growing. mount merapi began erupting late last month releasing hot gas, rock and debris. indonesia's disaster agency says most were killed by searing gas clouds and respiratory problems related to the eruption. more than 400,000 people have also been displaced. >> the defense department is now investigating plans for moving
5:55 am
nearly ,000 of its employees to alexandria. the emoyees would be moved to the ne center as part of a base realignment and closure process also known as brac. the recommendation comes after increased pressure om congressman jim moron. he wants the move to be suspended or delayed until transportation improvementsre wade. moran says traffic would be a nightmare for anyone who lives or works in alexandria. d.c. police are on the lookout for someone grabbing iphones right t of people's hands. there were at least four robberies over theweekend in northwest washington. in each case the victims were approached while talking or carrying their iphones. the popular phones have also en stolen off of restaurant tables. police caution people to be aware of their surroundings and avoid walking alone and talking alone at night. president obama will present the nation's highest civilian honor early next year. former presidents george h.w. bush and poet maya angelou are among the presidential medal of freedom honorees. here's a look at some of the
5:56 am
other 15 winners. investor warren bfett. civil rights leader congressman john lewis. st. louis cardinals hall of fame player stan musial. boston celtics legend bill russell. german chancellor angela merkel and cellist yo yo ma. the white house made the announcement yesterday. britain's prince william and his new fiancee kate middleton are wasting no time planning their royal wedding. middleton was photographed leaving westminster abbey last night where she was reportedly outing locations for the ceremony. according to the british press, it's emerged as her firm favorite to be the venue. westminster abbey hosted the weddings of queen elizabeth and the queen mother. it was also the site of the funeral for william's mother, diana, princess of wales. an later this morning on the "today" show find out what th couple has planned for after they say i do in a live report from wales, see where prince william and kate middleton will soon be calling home. that's this morning at 7:00 a.m.
5:57 am
you know that gorgeous ring she has on that 18 karat sapphire, apparently there have been hundds and hundreds of calls to jewellers to try to replicate that ring. >> really? >> that's theproblem. >> anybody know what that thing cost? >>ell it was worth $65,000 when diana bought it. but i heard value now is about $500,000. >>ow. >> kate is wearing a big boys of bling. so in case you're looking for christmas present ideas. >> that's more than a make in a week. so i don't think i could do that. y the nobel peace prize may not be handed out this year. >> also ahead thanksving is only a week away. what you need to do to beep the rush. the best time toeave and what roads to avoid. we'll be right back.
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