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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 23, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm not sure there's a sense of peace but i can certainly tell you it is osure. >> reporter: a former federal interpret was last seen alive may 1st, 2001. r disappearance became international news when she was linked romantically with former congressman gary condit, who was 53 at the time. he was the subject of intense media scrutiny but never publicly named as a suspect. after heav yoo's skel toll remains were found in rock creek park in 2002, investigators began to focus on ingmar guandique, a man accused of attacking female joggers in the park. the case stalled for years until it was assigned to the cold case squad. detective had no eyewitnesses, no dna, no murder weapon, and litt physical evidence. >> it's not like it is on tv.
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and cases can be very complicated. and overtime working hard with a good prosecutor who can discover things that were not discoverable in the beginning. >> reporter: defense attorneys argued that the testimony of jailhouse informants was questionable. >> we owe ito everyone involved to go through the evidence completely. >> while today's verdict will never give them back their daughter, we're hopeful it gives them some level of comfort and aids them in movin forward. >> reporter: an attorney says he hopes , quote, vindicates his client. and there is some cleanup to do on the national mall after propane heater caught on fire. it was next to a small stand between the lincoln memorial and vietnam wall. it is staffed 24 hours a day. it's a place where veterans
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trade pins and other memorabilia. the structure went up in flames and is healy damaged. it appears it overheated, causing it to catch on fire. >> don't need much of a heater out there today. kind of balmy this a couple days before thanksgiving >> we have the beautiful past full moon. 54 at national airport. mid-50prince george's county. fairfax, in the 40s. most locations out of the 50s. upper 40s to near 40 degrees there. balmy throughout much of the entire region as we have a front approaching and a southwesterly flow ahead of that front. it is triggering rain from western pennsylvania across ohio, into kentucky, advancing east and should be moving into the mountains of west virginia and western maryland in the next four or five hours. and into the metro area by early to midafterno. before thene should see our
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temperatures jump quickly, into the 60s. may hit the 60s by 1:00 or 2:00. the rain should be over, though, by perhaps 6:00, 7:00. we'll turn much colder by this time tomorrow morning, into the 30s. a look into thanksgiving day, wednesday, and the weekend coming up in a few minutes. we start off in fair shape along the 95 corridor. overnight road work in several spots, particular northern virginia. moving along nicely. good news, dry pavement so far. let'head over and see how we're doing elsewhere. top side of the beltway, inner loop and outer loop between college park and silver spring moving without delay. no concerns either direction i-95 in washington, doing okay. >> thank you. 19-year-old alante saunders
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pled guilty to killing betts. they had made plans to meet online and betts agreed to leave the door his home open. police say saunders intended to rob the shaw middle school principal. the plea deal calls for a plall but one. dna helped solve a cold case 26 years after a brutal rape. police arrested hubert allen rlin in bethesda. his dna matched a crime commit indeed 1984 when a woman was walking home from her job at mogomery mall. she was beaten, raped and left on the roa police followed all leads but the case went cold until april of this year. detectives reopened the case and sent physical evidence for testing. they found a match and issued a
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warrant for his arrest. a serial rapist may beon the loose in the as salesperson hill area. another woman reported a case last month and another back in june. poce need you to get a good look at this picture. this is a composite sketch of the man. surveillance cameras may he captured an image of him. police believe two men carried out june's attack but the m in the sketch may have been involved. policeow arrested two teens for a second beating and stabbing at a shopping center in manaas. it happened a lot grant avenue saturday nig. the victim is expected to recover. police made the arrest sunday. they said the beating is gang related and connected to a deadly stabbing friday. in that case miguel hernanz was attacked on his way home from osbourne high school. two teens have been arrested and
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charged in his murder. a stampede during a festival in cambodia. it is believed some spectators faind causing massive panic. someone victims were trampled, while others tried to jump in the nearby river and drowned. they declared thursday to be a national day of mourpg >> the tsa released a new audio psa encouraging passengers to cooperate with new security measures. it comes to the heels of a new washington post poll saying o-thirds of americans support the use of full body scanners. it continues over enhance pat-down procedures. half of americans believe the hands-on searches go too far. tracee wilkins joins us live with more on the new poll. tracee, good morning
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>> reporter: good morning, eun. some people don't like the full patdowns and others who dot like the full body scanners. the way that it works is that if you opted out of a full body scan, they went ahead and did that pat-down. but they also had random paowns as well. it looks likehere might be a slight change in that. after all the outrage surrounding the very intimate tdowns, senior deposit officials say they arereducing the number of passengers who are randomly selected for a pat-down. the boycott is expected to cause choke points as people are patted down instead of going through the scanners. tsa and homeland security are reminding the public after the shoe bomber and underwear bomber they believe the threat is still very real. so the tsa asking people, please
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be patient, please go through security procedures and don't make it difficult for folks trying to get from one place to another during a very busy travel season. back to you all in the tudio. >> tracee, thank you. >> the energy department watch day said the agents sometimes got drunk while on the job. the inspector general's office said it reviewed 16 alcohol-lated incidents over three years. watch dog reports calls it potential vulnerability and credit national security mission. time, 4:38. 54 degrees. how a con man swindled the united states military. plus, just in time for the holiday rush. it may make you think twice before you fly. >> next, a check of the morning's weher and traffic. stay wit
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good morning. time for weather and traffic o the ones. 4:41 early this tuesday morning. many may be thinking about getaway day today. no travel problems this morning. temperatures are on the mder side. it's near 50 in the suburbs and rural areas. mid-50s in washiton and near the bay. we have a front brging rain across the midwest. that's heading into the ohio
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valley, moving into the mountains the next few hours. befo then some this morning. temperatures should shoot up to the mid to upper 60s by midafternoon. midafternoon here, metro area, midafternoon hours, showers passing through. clearing out tonight. cold tomorrow morning, into the 30s. sunny tomorrow, u near 50 degrees and clouding up late wednesday and wednesday night. wet day perhaps on thanksgiving day but not until late in the day. jerry, now how is the traffic? clear dry road surfaces. hopefully it will last a little bit. both the inner and outer loop traveling south to the wilson bridge moving along nicely. a little bit of volume out there. we'll stop a see how we're doing from the we on sp state 66. no early concerns manassas to the capital beltway. joe and eun. >> that you know very much, jerry. still to come, brand-new today. where d.c. falls on the list of
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worst rush hours >> and what sarah palin has in common with the pope. next, a deadly fire brings new concerns about
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4:45 is your time right now. here's a ceck on the top stories we're 2308g this morning >> after three and a half days of deliberations, jurors convicted ingmaruandique of first degree murder. he could fe 30 years to life in prison when he is sentenced in january. the tsa released a new audio public service announcement. it will be played over airport public address systems and comes on the heels of a new poll that shows 64% of americans support full body scanners but half of all passengers oppose the enhanced pat-downs
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>> south korea scrambled fighter jets and returned fire. one south korean marine is reported dead and 13 others wounded. this morning there's still questions about how a fire started in a home in northwest washington, killing one person. thfire broke out yesterday afternoon in the 3,600. it took between 60 and 75 firefighters an hour and a half to contain the blaze. it could have spread to neighboring row houses because the nearest fire hydrant at 16th and oak did not work. normally they're required to be labeled so crews don't waste their ti. this w broken and unlabeled. it literally came apart. it didn't have much impact on firefighting capability. fortunately fire crews had enough water in their trucks and found another hydrant close by. this is not the first issue fire crews have hadith broken hydrants. there's a pending $30 million against the water and sewer authority filed by peggy coor
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cafritz. she said it caused her huge mansion to burn down in the summer of 2009. this morning it appears a man who claimed to be a taliban leader and even led peace talks was a ke. the "new york times" that the imposter had high-level discussions with afghan leaders. afghistan recently created peace councils. karzaienied ever meeting with i senior al qaeda member >> today president obama and vice psident biden will visit an indiana transmission plant in kokomo. the chrysler transmission plant was saved by the federal bailout. received more than $4 million in stimulus money. the city also received $600,000 of stimulus funds to renovate downtown sidewalks. chrysler received an emergency $10 billion bailout but it has not repaid that.
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the chrysler group will be on hand for the presidential tour. a local woman who once told president obama she was, quote, exhausted from defending him so much has now lost her job. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, the change that i voted for and deeply disappointed where we are right now. i've been told that i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middleclass. i'm win of those people and i'm waiting, sir. >> thelma hart was chief financl officer for am vets paved in maryland. the upper marlboro woman was laid off as an effort to cut expenses. she now plans to focus on the positive and look for new opportunity. former vice presidential candidate sah palin is out with a new book, a handbook for a 2012 campaign.
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the book highlights some of her heroes, including ronald reagan and mitt romney and questions the president's patriotism concluding he has a stark lack of faith in the american people. she also attacks hillary clinton for what she calls her, quote, bra-burning militancy. she will begin her book tour in phoenix and visit texas oklahoma and swingtates like ohio and indiana but avoid blue states >> pope benedict is also out with a new book. the popehe church, the son and the times h sparked international interest because of the pope's comments about condoms. in the book, male prostitutes using condoms could represent a first step in assuming moral responsibility when it comes to stopping the spread of aids >> new catholic cardinal donal whirl will leave rome and return to washington today.
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whirl was one of 24 new cardinals t only one of two from the united states. on thursday, he will celebrate thanksgiving mass at noon in washington. >> d.c. is dealing with a half billion dollar budget deficit. because of that, vincent gray warned major budget cuts are coming. gray delivered tough news saying nearly $200 million have to be cut by next month, and the rest of the deficit, which lawyers say was caused by lower spending and lowerrenue, needs to be wiped out by spring. outgoing mayor adrian fenty will propose the first rounds of cuts this week. redskins practice may be filled with a little pain or maybe a lot of pain. nonplayers left sunday's game with players. 16 are out wi bumps and bruises. hardest hit, the offensive line
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and running back corps. starter santana moss, deangelo hall and cedric ghoulston left but later returned and are expected to play next week. well, some schoolchildren are recovering this morning after getting caught in one of a series of midwest tornados. take a look at this home video of one of the twisters in loves park, northwest of chicago. witnesses say another one picked up a school bus and sent it tumbling into a corn field. no one was seriously injured amazingly. another knocked out power to thousands of homes. in lynn, wisconsin, a tornado toled trees and brought down power lines. no injuries there either >> wow. other weath looks a lot calmer than that, i'm sure >> i'm happy to report good weather forgetaway day. leaving town on this tuesday.
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no fght problems or travel problems around o region this morning. there's the washington monument under a clear sky on this tuesday morning. 54, national airport. and a light southerly breeze that's going to continue to sweep in mild temperatures today. right now it's in the 50s from enandoah valley to atlantic beaches. loudon county, pred rifrederick generally in the 50s. soeft of virginia, mid-50s. now, there is a front that's triggering some showers. it's the same front for severe weather yesterday. but it's weakening thankfully. this front is advancing to the east. moving into the mountainshe next several hours with rain. into t metro area by midafternoon. we'll have a chance of rain moving through.
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in fact, a likelihood of that. sunshine, rapidly warming up. 60s by early afternoon. after the rain gets going, back into the 50s and cleari out overnight tonight. tomorrow, chilly. down into the mid-30s. during the day we'll have sunshine in the morning, clouding up late in the da highs near 50. big change coming in. thanksgiving, it's going to be cloudy. temperatures climbing into the s. there's a chance of rain. probably not until after sunset. and thursday night and friday through midday, chance of rain. after that should clear out and get chilly again over the weekend. sunny and chilly, saturday, sunday and monday >> tom, doing pretty well so far. clear, dry road surfaces. maryland interstates on the east side of the capital beltway, landover to the will son bridge, college park to silver spring, moving along nicely. increase in volume.
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virginia, overnight road work. in the process of being picked up. you can see the left side of the roadway still partially blocked there. buoy, a problem with a tree down, 301nd pointer ridge. if you're traveling on 301, both direction, headsp for them. millions expected to hit the roads for the thanksgiving holiday. for most of you traffic is nothing new and now you have something to look at. d.c. area comes in right at the top at number two. big apple was the only ci to beat us out. san francisco followed up d.c. at number 3, followed by los angeles at number 4. and our neighbors in the cityf brotherly love, philadelphia, rounded out the top five. flying out of reagan national airport couldresult in a few extra pounds on you frame. reagan has the worst food for you. the physicians committee for
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responsible medicine promotes a " egan diet for everyone. according to the study, only 67% of what they call a healthy option placing them 15 out of 15 airport udies. dulles went from 13th last yr to 4th this year. >> well, anybody who ever thought you went to the airport to get a good meal is living in another world. >> extly. police almost go there for an excuse to eat bad food. >> really. >> uh-huh. >> no. >> like cinbon. 4:55. 55 degrees. at 5:00 a.m., dramatic new video just released of the explosion inside a mine in new zealand >> talk about lesson learned. how a student pilot set off an air scare. more drama in the sky. it place out like a scene from a movie.
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>> we now know leonardo dicaprio was on a plane that made an emergency landing in new york. the delta air lines flight just left jfc for russia sunday night when pilots saw a flash from one of the engines. pilots dumped fuel over the atlantic ocean and returned to the airport. none of the 200 passengers were injured. qantas airlines wants compensation. lls royce made the engine that failed while a super jumbo jet was mid flight.
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"the wall street journal" reports that the australian carrier is working with rolls roe. it finished safety checks on airbus a-380s that still have that engine. the airline will put e super jumbo fleet back in service this weekend. fighter planes intercepted a small plane that flew into restricted airspace. yesterday aftnoon, the north american aerospace defense command dispatched two f-16s as precaution. it turns out it was just a student pilot who took off from warrenton. they took a cessna to fo for escort. >> police need your help in identifying the man behind several burglaries in chevy chase. it was taken at mcdonald's on october 13th. the men used