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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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quote. she was responding to quotes that she had dabbled in witch craft years ago >> she spares the top spot with tony hayward. back in may you'll recall that he said i'd like my wife back. his words cape after the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history in which several people died. >> and you just wonder what was thinking at the time. >> what was she thinking? >> all right. stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. road concerns. crews have been out all night preparing for what could be a messy commute. and a kick in the teeth. just when the redskins looked like they might have a little life, murphy's law kicks in. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is monday, december 13th,
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2010. a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. it is 34 degrees out there. customer around the region. we saw snow coming down. it looked like it was coming down sideways. >> winds picking up, bringing in colder air. drilli cold rain yesterday. now with the linging msture and the cold air coming back we have passing snow showers. right now where you see the counties in blue, they're under a winter weaer advisory, washington, northern virginia, central maryland. and we do have patches of color. that is snow. right now light snow in fairfax, prince william, stafford, charlottesville. that is advancing north on i-95. there could be a dusting already there. and winds are beginning to pick up. right now the air temperature are at or a little bit above freezing. and the road temperatures are above freezing. the snowhat's falling is likely melting on the roads. it's going to freeze up, though, over the next couple hours, chris. peak wind gusts 30 miles per hour. it's frigid out of the mountains
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now. they're only in the teens. we could get a dusting to an inch midda strong winds this afternoon and mostly cloudy. highs mid-30s. dropping below freezing by 5:00 or 6:00 into tonig. a look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday in ten minutes. how is the affic, jerry. looking good. 66 through vienna, fair oaks, you can look very closely. you casee the snow coming down to the right. just a good indicator what we're up against for the morning commute. roads may not freeze, however, ey are certainly getting wet. 270 from frederick, most of the way to the beltway, gaithersb g gaithersburg, rockville, you may find it wet. see how we're doing in fredericksburg. near route 3 in fredericksburg that should in the shoulder. out on the rails starting off quietly. metro, vre and marc, no delays. joe? >> thank you very much, jerry. as tom and jerry both mentioned
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a combination of cold temperatures and wet pavement could make for one slippery commute this morng. from springfield just off i-95 where crews are getting ready for icy conditions tout there. good morning, tracee. >> just south of the mixing bowl. things looking fine on 95. we're going to get the camera up there on that so you can see we have light flurries but it's coming down consistently. winds picking up as well. road crews were preparing for this last night. we have a winter weather advisory from northern virginia to maryland. baltimore as well. this is effect until 9:00 a.m. today. they're expecting we could get up to an inch of snow out here. so what road crews have been preparing for, slippery roads. they've been working on this since last nht. >> it would be important for drivers to be careful. >> take it slower, to leave
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enough in front of t car in front ofhem a the car behind them. just take it easy. >> reporter: road crews have been out around our area, ryland, d.c., pretreating the roads and praring for what could be a slick commute. you know, we had all that rain yesterday. now we're dealing with flurries as well. as tomsaid, freezing temperatures are on the way for a large portion of our area. so just be very careful. tracy wilkins live in the studio. flights around the country have been affected by the wintry blast. 1,600 were canceled in chicago as more snow continued to blanket that city. d airports all over the midwest and the east coast experienced long delays because of the weather. passengers at rean faced delays as longs two hours because of the snow in other cities and our own rainy and cold weather. one man through from d.c. to st.
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louis we said conditions were bad. >> very blustery conditions. and it start to ice. they pulled us off t tarmac and it took a while to deice the plane. >> call your airline ahead of time to make sure your flight is still on schedule. we are following breaking news overseas in france. police say a 17-year-old armed with swords has taken several preschool children hostage. it's happening right now in a town four hours odds paris. the hostage taker released five children so far. its unclear how many more are still being held. we will bring you the latest >> from north korea, it warned that joint military exercises between the united states and south korea could push the region into a nuclear war. the warning cme as south korea started atiller drills three weeks after north korea's deadly attack on the south yeonpyeong island. shortly after that attack, the u.s. navy participated in
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exercises with south korea. meanwhile, north korea accuses the south of collaborating with the u.s. and japan to pressure it. south korea's current drills are expected to continue through friday. well, by the end of this day we could have a good idea whether the tax bi will get through congress. the senate will hold its first test vote on a deal president obama made with republicans. it would extend the expiring tax cuts on every american, not just ose who make less than $250,000 a year. many say they're prepared to accept a deal, but those in the house are not s willing to compromise. >> i'm not a member of the tail between the legs part of the democratic party. i think we still fight for the thin we care about. it would renew unemployment benefits. opponent's of prident a bam ma's health care have their eyes on virginia as it has a challenge on the overhaul.
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attorney general cucelli said americans should not be penalized if they don't buy health insurance. 20 other states have filed similar lawsuits against president obama's health care plan. also today, republican national cmittee chair michael steele will announce whether he will step down as chairman. steele has been criticized for his leadership and inability to manage the party's funds. many believe he will not seek reelection. former lieutenant govern of maryland was elected in january of 2009. the 168-member republican national committee will elect a chairman in about a month. richard holbrooke is in critical condition after undergoing heart surgery. he underwent an additional procedure to improve his circulation. doctors worked for more than 20 hours friday and saturday to repair a torn aorta. the 69-year-old is u.s. special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan. holbrooke was meeting with
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secretary of state hillary clinton friday when he collapsed. president obama says he anthe first lady are praying for his recovery. 5:07. dozens of dogs pulled from a fire at a nationally known kennel in maryland. a gray cloud is sitting over the redskins. and the pouring rain. the team let a comeback slip away. next, rain i change to go snow across the area. a winter weather advisory in effect for the district and the area
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time for weather and traffic. good morning. early on this monday morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein. we have light snow fallingment live picture from springfield, va vampt page county schools in shenandoah valle opening two hours late due to slick spots there. the snow is going to continue to fall throughout the morning to midday. we would love to see your snow photos. right now on radar where you see the patches of color, it is snowing in fairfax, prince william, stafford and charlottesville. that is advancing noh. and these counties in blue under a winter weather advisory for maybe a dusting to an inch of snow maybe on on grassy areas. right now most of the temperatures are a little bit above freezing. but it's going to be dropping
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below freezing off and on the next couple hours. a little bit above this afternoon. dust to go an inch possible. strong gusty winds this afrnoon. overnight tonight and into tuesday and wednesday. frigid through the end of the week. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. how is traffic now, jerry? good news, no major indents report except for one accident on 95 in fredericksburg. but that should be over to the showered. other than that,ven with the wet roadways, we're moving along well. >> 95 northbound, north out of larton headed up. there's national airport. there's downtown. that's moving along nicely. dry pavement here anyway. everything doing fine. metro, vre, marc, all with no delays. joe, eun >> 5:12, 34 degrees. why today could be a holiday record breaker. >> plus, oh, snap. the redskins find a new way to blow a game. what they're saying about it
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this morning. and caught on tape image of stium roof comes crashing down because of snow. ♪
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tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. it's 5:15. i'm kimberl suiters in the newsroom with this morning's top stoerchlts stories. our area bcing for winter weher with a snow advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning with snow accumulations predicted up to an inch, road surfaces could be slick for your morning commute. d will you continue to catch a break on your taxes? the senate votes up or down today. the compromise between the president sdp the and the republicans would keep income taxesrom going up january 1st and renew long-term unemployment benefit sfwloos today north korea warned cooperation between e u.s. and south korea could bring a nuclear war to the
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region. the south began a week long artiller this morning. kimberly, thank you. the boyfriend of a local fashion designer found dead in new york is behind bars this morning charged with attempted murder and strangution. a judg denied bond for 24-year-old nicholas brooks saturday. authorities found cashay in an upscale manhattan hotel submerged in a bathtub. she was trying to break off her relationship with him. they worked for major designers moog tommy hilfiger, marc jane objects and victoria's secret. a re at a kennel killed four dogs this weekend. early yesterday morning flames
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destroyed a farm in calvert county, maryland. rescuers were ab to save more than 100 dogs housed in a kennel on the property. the facility is a nationally known facility for its championship american staffordshire terriers. happening today, fed expects it will be the busiest shipping day of the year and maybe their busiest day ever. can you believe we are less than two weeks away from christmas? th predict it will be the busiest 24 hours in company history. u.p.s. will work through 430 million packages this hoday season. the year 85% of online retailers are offering free shipping at some point during the season >> school lurches are about to get healthier and more students in need will eat for free. today president obama will sign the school lunch bill into law. michelle obama lobbied for the $4.5 billion measure to stop childhoodbesity and feed hungry children. some lawmakers say the law is
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too expensive. and the best in the nba. the president will honorhe los angeles lakers for getti their consecutive title last year. the lakers will also meet very special kids at the boys and girls club o mississippi avenue in southeast to conduct a skills clinic. the president will also be at the club most likely participating in the drills as ll. well, the redskins are just kicking themselves this morning after yet another game of missed opportunities, this time on special teams. skins had a chance to take the game to overtime with 13 seconds left, down 17-10. donovan mcnabb hit santana moss on the fourth down for a touchdown. all they needed was the extra point but it was a high snap and the ball slipped through the fingers of hunter smith. watch it here. there it goes. and right through the hands. hunter smith. and that is the game. redskins lose, 17-16.
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smith said afterwards that the blame should fall on him. >> i ended up being a part of that. when you're just losing and you know that you had a chance to win -- i'm not talking about the last play but throughout the me, throughouthe years, throughout the weeks, throughout this year. when you're losing and you don't have no say-so why, that's why it hurts. that's why i feel the way i feel. i'm just getting tired of it. >> our sentiments exactly. the brht spot of the day was running back terrain who had a career best 172 yards in his first game back from injury. so redskins nation, we want to know what you think. what changes do you think need to be made to the team? anything is on the table. uh-oh. head to our facebook page and send our ideas. we want you have plenty of them while slippery fingers in washington, slippery scenes in minnesota. check this out. the seams of the roof split. the heavy storm proved to be too much for the metrodome roof in
5:20 am
minneapolis. boom! all this snow falling on the field. the teflon roof caved in under more than a foot and a half of snow early yesterday. no one was injured but the vikings/giants game has been moved to tonight and will be played in detroit. all the tickets to that game will be free. the who had seats at the metrodome can get a refund. that storm shut down more than just the metrodome. 1,600 flights were canced or delayed in chicago yesterday. even reagan national had two-hour delays. several major highways were shut down in several mid-western states. get this, e salvation army had to pull all of its bell ringers and donation celkettles because the blizzard-like conditions. those bells probably didn't even ring. >> you know it's sad when you've got to, you know, beat the salvation army. >> that was a brutal storm that hit the upper midwestment we're
5:21 am
being affected with parts of it. the main part is passing to the rth. it is bringing in much colder air for us. we've got winds whipping out of the north and west. it mixeith lingering moisture. we have snow where you see the patches of color in the counties in blue. we are getting snow in parts of prince george's, the district, montgomery, fairfax and down interstate 95. prince william, stafford, charlottesville, this passing to the north. passing snow showers from time to time r the next several hours through midday today. right now temperatures are generally at or a litt bit above freezing. page county schools, opening two hours late this morning. so a dusting to an inch of snow from passing snow showers through midday. strong gusty winds will falout of the 30s to the 20s tonight. highs only near 30 on tuesday. and wednesday, strong gusty winds. winds will die down but still cold thursday into the weekend. and sunday, we might get some
5:22 am
snow. stay tuned. jerry, how is traffic? >> off we go. a little samplin folks saying what about us in the district. you're doing fine. live pictures new york avenue inund. no concerns. travel lanes are open. dry pavement northeast into northwest. northern virginia it is definitely a different story along i-95. if you squint you can see the snow coming down now. just arriving inside the beltway, north of landmark, headed up. travel lanes are all open. everybody is taking it appropriately slow. metro and vre doing fine. marc brunswick 870, 14 minutes behind schedule. joe and eun. >> thank you, jerry. i can see the snow coming down. >> yes. indeed. engagement photos the world -- well, at least some of the world has been waiting for. also, redskins may have left fans feeling down, threw there is one lol team bringing a championship to the district. >> snow is falling, the trees
5:23 am
are lit, now it's beginning to sound a lot like christmas in the district.
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♪ well, that was nice. that was one note from mariah carey. she was joined by ellen degeneres, who did not sing, i don't think, for the annual charity event christmas in washington. before the performances, the
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obamas were at the white house welcoming children dressed as elves. are they cute or what? proceeds are going to the childr's national hospital. are they darling? they really are. those are some serious earrings e first lady has on. >> they all look very nice. this morning an intimate lk at theoyal couple. there are two photos leased over the weekend, one is form and one is casual. prince william is holding his bride to be in the6th century st. james palace. celebrity photrapher mario tostino took them on the 25th, a week after their engagement was announced. very nice. a rock star who calls the washington area home is calling the area home. he got married with his twin brother.
5:27 am
richie is known for "the simple life" and recently started her own fashion line. they have two children together and dated for four years. >> just think, you'll have paris hilton at your house. >> just think. >> 5:27. the nuclear threat from north korea. still to come, why wikileaks has new competition in the secret spilling business. next, you may see salt trucks on the roads. crews have been out all night getting ready fo ♪ ♪ ten thousand watts of xmas cheer ♪ ♪ ten thousand watts glow brhtly clear ♪ ♪ the colored lights will shine sincere, h ho, ho ♪
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what if that story were true it is. ♪ take a look. snow is falling. you are looking at i-395. look closely and you can see the flakes. a winter weather advisory is in effect right now. it's nice to look at but tricky to drive on, as you know. what crs are doing to ready the roads. and good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. welcome back to news 4 fd, monday, the 13th day of december. a winter weather advisory is in effect for most of the washington region. want to let you noe couple school systems have chang their plans because of the weather. paige county schools, two-hour
5:31 am
delay. garrett county schools in maryland closed. >> in the metro region, we are still getting snow. few flurries. light snow is falling. where you see the areas of color, snow in montgomery, prince george's, the district, fairfax,rince william, charles county,calvert, northern st. mary's, as well as across the potomac to staffd, charlottesville, this advaing to the north. it is just the beginning of more passing snow showers that we'll likely have later today. right now temperatures are at or above freezing throughout much of the area. that is going to begin to stick on grassy areas. these are the latestind gusts in miles per hour. peak gusts 30 miles per hour. frigid in the mountains now. they are going to get it looks like up to a foot of snow later today as strong winds come in there, bnging moisture off the great lakes. dusting to an inch through midday. strong, gusty winds, hhs
5:32 am
mid-30s. falling into the 20s tonight. jerry, how is traffic? >> take a live look around town. we're increasing in volu. the snow is coming down. 395 northbound inside the beltway as you head up from edsel to duke street. the roads are going to more than likely get wet, not necessarily frozen. be careful. h.v., regular lanes, moving nicely. maryland near new hampshire avenue. right there is new hampshire. both directions moving along well. e more stop, we'll head over and take a gander and see how things are looking. out on the west side of town, we have reports of an accident on the prince george's beltway over near the football stadium. we don't even want to talk about that. route 5, reports of an accident. getting ready to head out to check the rails, metro doing fine so far this morning. no issues to report there. vre doing all right. marc brunswick 870, 16 minutes
5:33 am
behind schedule. >> jerry, thank you. crews have been out all night trying to make your commute safer. the combination of dropping temperatures and wet roads mea there could be slick spots out there. you've got to be careful. tracee wilkins joins us live from springfield where crews are getting ready for winter weather. is it still snowing where you are? >> oh, yeah, take a look at this. we have been out all morning watching the roads, watching the skies but have serious snow coming down now. it's much heavier than it was early. a little bit of precipitation turned into what looked like this area snowfall. we are under this winter weather advisory. it's happening from north virginia through d.c., up to maryland. all of these areas a being affected. they're saying until 9:00 a.m. we're looking at the possibility of an accumulation to an inch of snow. so road crew have been preparing for slick roads today. we have rain that we were dealing with yesterday. now this snow. all of thistuff has been
5:34 am
causing a mess at the airports. road crews have been preparing the roads for slippery spots. they're saying that has been their main concern. >> we're really expecting the temperatures to drop after midnight and possibly continue with precipitation. the wet pavement becomingcy pavement is really our main concern. >> reporter: so remember especially when it's drk out here this morning, be very careful when you're driving. they're expecting some slick spots here on the roads. they have done some pretreating. know to look out for the areas we warn you about, the corners, bridges, overpasses. these are the areas you need to be careful of as you're driving out here this morning as the snow begins to pick up. live in springfield. back to you in the studyeo. >> tracee, thanks so uch. airports could experience delays today. reagan national airport. passengers experienced t-hour
5:35 am
delays yesterday. we could see ose delays retn today. make sure if you are flying, contact your airline to see if your flight is still on time. today we will see the first two tests on how much support a tax compromise will get. the u.s. senate is voting to extend a tax cut. kimberly suiters joins us with arguments from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: this is part of the deal. tax cut legislation would renew bush-era tax cuts even for those making $250,000. that is the sticking point for democrats who say they don't want to lie dn and take the compromise. they argue there's too much for the rich, not enough for the poor and middle class. republicans argue tax increases on anyon are a bad idea in a rebounding economy. many senate democrats say they are prepared to accept thedeal,
5:36 am
although some say they hold thei noses while doing it. but as usual, the house will be much more challenging. >> i'm not a member of the tail between my legs part of the democratic party. i believe we still fight for the things we carry about. >> the tax cut extension will passed but not with my vote. >> reporter: now, besides keeping tax rates at current levels, the legislation would renew lg-term unemployment benefits and provide a one-year cut in social security taxes. again, a vote in the senate expected today. joe, now back to you in the studio. >> kimberly, thanks very much. a ruling is expected today on virginia aels challenge to president obama's health care overhaul. attorney general cucinelli said americans should not be penalized if they don't buy health insurance. 20 other states ve fil similar lawsuits against
5:37 am
president obama's health care plan. we are following breaking news overseas in france. police say a 17-year-old armed with swords has taken several prchool children hostage. it's happening right now in a town four hours outside paris. the hostage ker released five children so far. it is unclear how many more are still being held. >> from north korea, it warned that joint military exercises between e united states and south korea could push the region into a nuclear war. the warning came as south korea started artillery drills three weeks after north korea's deadly attack on the south's yeonpyeong island. shortly after that attack, the u.s. navy participated in exercises with south korea. meanwhile, north korea accuses the south of plotting against it with the u.s. and japan. south korea's current drills a expected to continue through friday. one team can brag about being champio
5:38 am
beacon house falcons pop warner team won the 75 pound and under championship, winning 19-0. the beacon house is a nonprofit after school tutoring and rec center for at risk and low income kids in ward 5. they got together yesterday to watch the redskins game and to celebrate their junior peewee championship. it felt great to be the first team to win it, under 75. >> i'm happy because they committed themselves to this goal and they achieved it. >> one of the players also had some advice for suspended star albert haynesworth. he says to control his anger issues and to keep his head on thgame. great advice. >> good advice for all of us at any time i would think. >> exactly. good for them. congratulations to the falcons. >> terrific. terrific job. our times 5:38. who he is is getting into the document dumping business to challenge kileaks. why you should not expect airline fees to go away any time
5:39 am
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news 4 has ma changes to our emergency closing system. if your school, church or organization has not received updated information from us in the st six months you want to sign up to become part of the system, call 202-885-4663 or e-mail closinghelp at 202-885-4663.
5:42 am
yove got to get your information into the system, especially on a day like this. you never know. we have paige county in shenandoah valley opening two hours late. garrett county in maryland, their schools are closed today. where you see the patches of color, we are getting snow showers here across northern virginia, the district and parts of maryland on this monday morning. temperatures are at or above freezing. so the snow is generally melting initially. it could accumulate with passing showers midday up to an inch. strong, gusty winds. we had gusts near 30. gusts higher than that this afternoon, tonight, through sdpus wednesday. frigid. remaining much coer than average into the weekend. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. >> tom, we're picking up volume and snow over on the capital beltway. no aidents springfield on up. you can see the flurries coming on down. let's pop over and update the american legion bridge. there's the outer loop. inner loop looki good. for those of you heading out,
5:43 am
out to the rails we go. metro, vre,fine. marc brunswick 870, 17 minutes behind schedule. >> o time right now is 5:42. which tea party politician had the quote of the year? plus, terror shock. an attack on a country that has not seen one in more than three decades. ♪ it comes along just once a year ♪
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♪ on winters wings, decembers rear, ahha humbug faces come and dear ♪ ♪ then appears at perfect christmas time. ♪ ♪ a tiny tree, christmas, tinsel, the lights ♪ ♪ the star that sings top your tiny tree, yeah ♪
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tang a look at some of the
5:46 am
top stories in the news, north korea is threatening a nuclear war if south korea continues to collaborate with the united states in what it says is a plot against it. the warning comes as south korea started a week of artillery exercises in the week today. they will vote on expiring tax cuts today. it would give a one-year cut in social security taxes. more heartbreak fort redskins after tying the game with lessthan 13 seconds left, the extra point slips through their hands literally. that seals the game, 17-16. kicker graham ganaut missed two field goals. more people a spending mo money this year. that means big business for other companies besides retailers. fedex expects it will be the busiest shippingay of the
5:47 am
year. megan, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. yeah, not just the buest shipping day of the year for fedex, but they're expect to go set an all-time company record today. we're here at the facility in herndon. you can see just how busy they are. they have the conveyor belts going. they have an entire flt of trucks. they're getting ready to h the highway here. again, the busiest day in company history. they're expecting to ship 16 million packages today. now i'm joined by hinkel, senior manager at fedex. talk about today, what you're expecting and how you will handle all this. >> we should see 16 million ipments today, the busiest in history, a 12% increase every year. tomorrow will be a very busy day as well. but we have 140 some routes ready to hit the road today to deliver packages to our customers. >> what is the increase all about?
5:48 am
what are you seeing? online retailers will say they will see a 15% increase. we are definitely seeing that in our volumes right now. >> have you noticed anything in particular? is there a hot item? are you seeing electronics? what are you seeing? >> electronics, cl phones, ipods, computers. lots of electronics. >> reporter: whais the rule of thumb for the procrastinator who still wants to get that packa there for christmas? >>eporter: the last y is december 17th. fedex express they can ship on the 23rd and still get it christs day. but they need to ship it early. >>. >> reporter: out in the midwest they are getting clobbered with snowstorms. >> that's not affects us right now. it has no impact on us whatsoever. >> reporter: all right. thanks for joining us. you can see how busy it is. it will be a busy day and a busy week for them as well. >> reminder, we have to get our prnts out, megan. >> reporter: that's right. get doing it, girl.
5:49 am
>> megan, thanks so much. >> reporter: sure. imprisoned investment banker bernard madoff may not be able to attend his son's funeral. mark may dau hanged himself two years after he told about his father's ponzi scheme. bernie madoff swindle $65 billion in an elaborate ponzi scheme. under prison rules, only inmates with two years o less can go to family funerals >> many people inhock in squeaken after a suicide attack there. one passer-by captured this video showing fire and explosion. they received an e-mail threat just before the attack. the person refers to swedish soldiers in afghanistan and a controversial cartoon of the
5:50 am
prophet mohammed. it was the first terrorist attack in more than 30 years in that country. wikileaks is facing major criticism from the state department. politicians and the white house. now it has its own competition as one of the co founders has broken off and is planning to start a rival website that would leak official secrets. that site will be called thco founder says wikileaks has become too focused on julian assange and it has weakened the organization. he said openleaks's goal is to act as an intermediary and to deliver information without being identified >> republican national committee chairman national steel will announce whether he will step down as party chairman or seek reelecon. he has been criticized for being unable to manage the party funds. the former lieutenant governor of maryland was elected in january 2009. the 168-member committee will
5:51 am
elect a chairman in about a month. this morning several passengers aboard aoyal caribbean cruise ship are waking up with bruises. the ship called the brilliance of the seas ran into a violent storm in the mediterranean sea over the weekend. passengers took pictures showing damage. the ship was on its way to alexandria, egypt at the time. 1,600 americans were on the ship. top quotes of 2010. >> i'm not a witch. >> those words from delaware tea party candidate christine o'donnell have earned her share of a top honor. according to yale university, o'donnell's "i'm not a witch ad" is tied for this year's best quote. in the end, o'donnell was responding to reports that she had dabbled initch craft years ago. she shares the top spot with bp former ceo tony hayward. back in m, he said i would
5:52 am
like my life back, after the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. a lot us say things and we would like toave our words back. >> once th're out there, they're out there for good. >> and they're probably going to be on youtube somewhere. >> forever. >> foreve yeah. >> 5:51, tom, it's snowing out there. >> i said it and i'm not taking the words back. we are getting snow showers. in fact, up to an inch of snow this morning through midday. right now as we look outside, live picture in springfield, virginia. and you can see the traffic moving along 395 and 95. and it is snowing there. in fact, the snow may begin to stick a b on some of the brids and some of those elevated ramps. watch out for that. there could be slick spots there. looking at the radar where you sethe color, this is all snow. across northern virginia from near charlottesville to fredericksburg, along interstate 95 and across the potomac, southern myland, howard and frederick and carroll counties,
5:53 am
as well as calvert, charles, st. mary's. ye it's snowing now across the potomac down through central virginia. this is advancing to the north. this is just the beginning of passing snow showers that we would ve from time to time through midday today. right now temperares are at or a little bit above freezing throughout much of the area. here in blue ridge, below west, it's a little bi freezing. garrett county schools, western maryland they will get a lot of snow today. closed. right now peak wind gusts 30 miles per hour. it's only ithe teens in western maryland and west virginia. still in the upper 30s around tidewater and the eastern shore. for studen at the bus stops, be prepared for a win and cold morning with snow showers. upper 20s and low 30s the next several hours. and dusting to an inch of snow possible by noon time. it will fally taper off. windy and cold this afternoon. mostly cloudy. we'll fall out of the 30 to the 20s overnight. sunrise, 7:17.
5:54 am
sunset, 4:47. windy and cold tonight. windy and very cold tuesday and wednesday with highs near freezing. windchills, single digits. on thursday, still cold but a diminished wind. friday, saturday, suny, highs, 30s. morning lows, 20s. and there's some uncertainty but we got get snow sunday. > a live look around town. we are loading up very quickly. interstate 66, heavy traffic through centreville. fair oaks. you saw earlier the snow is really coming down earlier along the 66 corner. so things definitel wet there. elsewhere, pop on over and take a live look at the g.w. parkway. snow is coming down near national airport. good news is traffic is moving albeit on the slow side. national airport on the g.w. parkway. metro and vre, no delays. i take that back.
5:55 am
vre has one delay and that is on fredericksburg line, train 300. marc brunswick 870 is 17 minutes behind schedule. joe and eun. >> jerry, thank you. well, if you're flying get ready to pony up a little money for baggage fees. chris clacken tells us airlines are looking for other fees for flyers as well. >> baggage fees have been so lucrative for the airlines that some hotels are now offering to pick up your tab just to get your business once you arrive. >> hotels are really trying to do their part to offset not only the ancillary fees but the higher costs people are paying for airlines in general, particularly over the busy holiday period >> reporter: how much they made last quarter will be reported later today from the federal bureau of transportation statistics. we already know the es grossed nearly $1.7 billion for the airlines in the first half of
5:56 am
the year and added even more in the third quarter. but are they close to maxing out? >> ultimately, i think the airlines realize that, you know, they're going to hit a ceiling in how much money they can derive fm baggage fees. >> reporter: if that happens, travel experts expect the airlines to resort to other fees. >> and i think some those will include in-flight wi-fi, continuing to bundle things like premium boarding and premium seats, some new meal options and other things like that. >> reporter: it probably not what travelers want to hear. heading into the holiday travel season. chris clacken, nbc news. well, you may want to spend a little less on presents this year and save money for gasoline.
5:57 am
oil industry experts predict the average price of gasoline could hit $3.15 by the end of the year or even higher. they say domestic dema is dropping but demand overseas is on the increase and that could push crude over $90 a barrel. the average price for a gallon of gasoline hit $3 in many stations in our area. in d.c., gasoline is $3.10 a gallon. maryland is right at $3. the cheap gas is in virginia where the average is about $2.89. a flashmob from 5:00 to 6:30. organizers are using facebook and twitter to get people to show up and sing carols spontaneously. head there to join in or just listen. you have to brush up on your christmas careless, jingle bells, frosty the snowman. if this happens at 5:00 i could be a commuting problem,too. heads-up there, for people trying to get on the metro station depending how many people show up. >> it cld be fun. it could be hayes el. next at 6:00 a.m., a change
5:58 am
in childhood nutrition. snow is falling across the area. meteorologist tom kierein will let us know how muc
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