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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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dealing with sexual orientation and gender identity. the catholic league and house republicans south side it was sack religious because it shows ants on a crews fex >> a close call for a canadian family after a landslide se boulders tumbling into their home. boulders pushed in walls and crashed through windows and barely missed a 7-year-old boy sleeping inside at the time. he was not injured. the owner said it sounded like a freight train hit his home when the boulders hit the house. i can imagine. >> and the 7-year-old probably didn't even know what was happening. that is a close cl. stay tuned. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. surprise snow. roads a rough this morning and
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it could make for long, cold commutes out there. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> tuesday, december 14th, 0. take a look outside. 5:00 a.m. 22 degrees. a thin layer of snow tlouts rt of our viewing area and it's still snowing in other parts. the snow is having a big effect right now. >> it's so cold it's stick to go any untreated surface. watch t for that in montgomery. regional radar showing those coming all the way down from the flaix great lakes to he. picking up moisture off the chesapeake bay to the southern part of the eastern hore. on local radar, we are picking up some light snow in northern montgomery as well as a tch ross southern frederick county. that's drifting south and east and may hold together to unload yet another perhaps quarte inch on top of the quarter inch that
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fell earlier. this winter weather advisory is for montgomery, howard, frederick, carroll county until 9:00. it is certainly cold. temperatures around 20 degrees now. windchills, look at that. just in the single digits. winds whipping north and west over 30 miles per hour in many locations. that's the story throughouthe rest of the day. highs near freezing. a look at wednesday, thursday, friday, in five minutes >> tom, a live look at the american region bridge from the maryland shoreline. there's e outer loop. there's the inner loop. you can see snow covered roadways. that's the story of the day. keep your pace and keep your distance. you'll be all right. just be very, very alert. virginia, 295 and i-95 looki pretty good so far. one more stop from t north along i-270 where just moments ago we received word of an accident. 0 southbound below 109 near
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the truck scales. authorities are headed there. clearly there's something going on. rescue crews headed to the scene. out to the rails we go. metro, vre and marc all having a good morning. pay no attention to that. everything is good far. joe and eun. >> jerry, thank you. >> montgomery county department of transportatiosaid it's cold. it's making for a rough trip to work or school this morning. news 4's tracee wilkins has a check on conditions there. od morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we've been driving all morning long. i drove northea to northwest and did n see a treated road thatas taken care of. same thing from northwest to olney. this is georgia avenu these roads have not bee pretreated, the stuff is sticking to it. what's worse is underneath this
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light falling ofsnow, if you look down here on the ground, this is what you have, ice. we're seeing this on the roways awell. inrsections are slippery. it is just a nasty-looking commute this morning. folks need to becareful. it's woe when you can't see what's under the snow. but the other thing we're seeing is road crews areout. we are seeing salt trucks, et cetera. a lot are trying to play catch up. so commuters just really need to be careful out there. we have been driving around washington, also driving up north here from d.c. to maryland. and i can tell you that we have not come across a roadway that looked like it looked really good. so definitely be careful we're here off georgia avenue. as you can see, the snow is still falling here. and, you know, there's kind of a light covering. let me tell you what's happening
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on the roads. it's almost like when you get that heavy snow and everybody is driving in themiddle of the roadway and th actual lanes. my suggestion, stick to the path that's alreadyeen created on the roads. you could end up slipping on ice out there. it's really messy. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks very much, tracee. stay safe int president obama's taproposal compromise could move to the house as early as today. legislation passed a key test vote in the senate yesterday and could be ready for a test vote tomorrow. the bill would extend the tax break for all americans for the next two years. president obama praid both parties for supporting the deal he word out with republicans. many house democrats say the economy could take a hit if weighing they americans get a tax break. >> it boils down to $25 billion for 6,600 families. >> the tax cut bill would reduce social security taxes in 2011
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and extend an expiring program of long-term unxloilt benefits. it includes a saled back estate tax that mostly republicans face >> henry hudson ruled a mandate that requires al americans to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. virginia attorney general cucinelli led the challenge. moran said it is a political move. >> this case is not about health insurance, not about health care. it's about liberty. and the judge said as much in his order. >> henry hudson is a republican appointee. unfortunately this has become very politicized. >> the white house says it's confident the law will remain
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intact after it goes through the court systems. the key part of the law set to begin in 201 michael steele says he is running for reelection. he made the announcement last night on fox news channel. he said e gop is in good standing in washingtonnd he is making leeway for the diversity of the republican party. many argue the republicans won the midterm bause of fund raisinfrom tea party candidates despite the help from steele. richard holbrooke has died. he several as special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan. his career started in vietnam in 1962 and has served under every democratic president sincejohn f. ken different he collapsed friday and underwent 20 hours of surgery over the weekend for a torn aorta. he was 69 years odd. a grand history amother and
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are recovering. the vehicle remained on the scene. no word if the driver will face charges. the two were taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. still to come, it could be the biggestredskins's win of the season. plus, caught off guard. some snow fell overnight making the roads slick. weather and traffic are after the break. next, what one hotel chain is offering customers that
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welcome back. here's a new one. resorts are going to offer complimentary running gear. that's right. the chain is teaming with new balance. women can get shoes, sports and a sports bra and men can get shoes, shirts and socks. sounds kind yucky sharing your running gear with people you don't know. but matt points out, it's like towels and sheets. peop slept in them before and you wash them. >> and do they clean the shoes inside and t and shorts and sports bra. >> i would think so. would you rinse or borrow? >> sure. why not? >> i wouldn't wear a sports bra,
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no. i would not do that. >> unless it's really clean. >> oh, aye, aye, aye. >> you wantto layer up whatever you have in your clset, put it all in. this is the coldest weather we ever get in a winter. on radar we have snow falling. you see that patch of blue in southern frederick county. it's advancing to the south. and this is going to be wh us from time to time all the way through midday. passing snow showers possible. right now only near 20 degrees. windchills in the single digits. windy cold pattern today, tonight and tomorrow. it will warm up thursday, cloudy. sun back on friday. a look at the weekend. changes on the way at 5:21. how is traffic, jerry? >> checking things out in town. folks in the northeast, not a thing to worry about now.
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new york, kenilworth fine. southeast corridor is doing okay. different story elsewhere. i-270 southbound we have trouble ahead now as you begin the commute into frederick, hytstown. accident southbound below 109 near the truck weigh station. at least one travel lane is closedawe. think about 355 and pop over there. elsewhere, the commute is picking up a little volume. those of you making the trip around town. metro, vre, marc, everything a-okay. joe and eun. >> looks good. thank you, jerry. we're going to go to the department of transportation. john, good morning to you. >> actually, he's with ddot. >> i meant ddot. hi, john. >> how are you doing this morning? >> i'm okay. how are you all? >> good. what are the situations on the roads ouide th distct. >> i haven't heard of any
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nditions with the roads or accidents, which is good news. it does sound like this kind of was a surprise storm we were notified about early this morning by the national weather service and accuweather said there was a narrow band of snow coming through the district. and we already had about 15 trucks out to salt the major roads, and we called in an additional 20 to 25 trucks. we have a number of trucks out there just spots and the hilly rds a the main arteries. far haven't heard of any issu. there might be slick roads that peop should be aware of. hopefully by the time most people hit the road this will no longer be an iue. but people shou definitely take -- be careful out there until we know exactly what the situation is. >> do you expect the situaon to affect traffic in some of these trouble shots?
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a number of people were coming into work saying their wheels spun out and they hit slick spots out on the roads. >> i think it definitely could affectome folks. i think right now, you know, if people are aware -- if people come across some slick spots when they get to where they're going, if they had call 311, the mayor's call center, and let us know if there's particularly treacherous spo and we can send a truck out right away and put salt down and alleviate the siation. so i think right now this wasn't something anybody was expecting or planning for. but we do have trucks out there and we can get some salt down. we just need to know where the slick spots are. >> the trouble is the road surfac are very, very cold. any moisture that hits the roads
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is really going to cause slippery areas. i mean, just the major roads and all the neighborhood streets. thanks very much for joining us. good luck. >> john is with the distribute of columbia department of transportation. thank you, john. 5:16, 21 degrees. ahead on news 4 today, why one local man is thankful for the redskins. look at the mouths of americans. what julian assange told his wha[ female announcer ]d his safeway talks hostess gifts. you know what i want for the holidays? do tell. true love. true love is a myth. [ gasps ] you're a myth! excuse me? [ female announc ] it's the thoughthat counts. and the gift. safeway. ingredients for fe.
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when you don't have to cook, you have time for other things. yeah, like what? i don't know. fishing. fishing?! i, uh, i said wishing. [ female announcer ] when we do the coong, you do the enjoying. safeway. ingredients for life. wikileaks founder julian assange is due in a london courtroom today for a bail hearing.
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he's accused of s crimes against two women. the judg denied bail last week when he turned himself in. assange's mother visited him in prison today. in a 10-minute conversation she said the arrest has made her son more determined. he is being held in solitary confinement in the prison basement. city leaders held a public meeting last night. plans to revamp old town historic waterfront have been in the works for years. it includes a pathway and park redevelopment and 200-foot pier. city leaders want to make the year more appealing to tourist. montgomery county is hoping to get approval to build its first new hospital in 30 years. between germantown and the frederick county line. right nowwo companies are compete to go build the hospital. advent health wants to build it
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in clarksburg off 270 and trinity health prosed building it in germantown. the final resultill be next month the food and drug administration will once again look into so-called silver fillings. they ruled mercurynfused fillingsid not pose a health threat but advocacy groups said it could cause brain issues, including alzheimer's disease. they have been used for 150 years in the u.s. and elsewhere. th redskins may not be that lucky this season but one virginian got lucky playing the redskins lottery game. >>e won $1 million playg the redskins legacy scratch-off game. he said he was very surprised, especially since this is his second big win in a scratch-off ticket. >> the redskins ticket is one of the tickets that i buy.
5:21 am
i got one, scrated it the way i always do. when i saw the million i had to look at it two or three times. i went out to my car and called my wife. >> seven years a he won a quarter million dollars on another scratch-off ticket. and there are three $ million prizes in the redskins legacy game, which means there are still two more left. at least one good thing about the redskins. >> that' the key. scratch it the way you always do and then you'll win. adventures of licliff lee h come full circle. five-year 00 million contract with the phillies. he passed up an offer for the yankees and a seven-year contract with the rangers.
5:22 am
he joins roy holiday inn one of the most starting rotations in all of baseball history. things have worked out for the phillies. cliff lee, i think that's a great place for him to be. new york, all the focus would have been on him with all the glare. texas, they would have expected him to carry the team. here's he's now in the best starting rotation of all of baseball. >> i was holding out hoping he would come to the nats. >> spring training in late february. it feels like late february on this december morning. good morning. temperatures around the region near 20 degrees. we have snow showers continuing to advance out of the mountains, this far south. you see the patch ofblue on the radar. that is some snow in southern frederick county. it is advancing to the south and will continue to pass through
5:23 am
the region from time to time throughout the day. it inear 20 degrees now. and the windchills are just single digits. gusting to 35, 40 miles per hour. that's the story the rest of the day. maybe a passing snow shower. overnight passingnow showers. slick spots. watch out for that. highs tomorrow near freezing. teens tomorrow morning. cloudy and cold thursday. friday, cold. highs mid and per 30s. and we could get some snow saturday afternoon, sunday. it's possible. this could change, though. this is e extended outlook. how is traffic? a live look around the area. northern virginia, 66, traffic appears to be moving along very, very nicely. no concerns there. back into the district as we heard earlier. things looking good on south capital street toward atlantic avenue, southeast. they did have a light dusting possibly in that location. now coming in from the north,
5:24 am
i-270 -- i'msorry. 395 first. that looks good to the 14th street bridge. 270, accident southbound in hyattstown. so far metro, vre and marc all doing fine. joe and eun. >> thank you very much, jerry. 5:24. 22 degrees. coming up, the ultimate thinking man's game show about to take on a machine >> plus, why mcdonald's is at the center of a security breach that put customers's personal information at risk. >> next, why the mona lisa may be at e center of a decades ol [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties to choose from. a it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious cofe in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choo. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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it's the way to brew everyone's favore cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. historians in italy think there may be something lurking behind the eyes of one of the most famousortraits in the world. experts ok another look at the mona lisa. they say there are tiny letters and numbers behind her eyes. they believe da vinci painted them there. right now it is unclear what they mean. >> don't tell me that s a paint by number picture that he did. don't tell me that >> the ultimate venue for a showdown between man and machine. the question is, what is jeopardy? the classic television quiz show will host a competition between an ibm super computer named
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watson and two of the most successful contestas in jeopardy history. it will be an important test of artificial intelligence. the episodes will air in february. make alec trebeck say, what the heck >> roads are snowy and slick and messy and treacherous look. at that backed up traffic. we're live next. ♪electronic santa song
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morning mess. just take a look at i-270. a blast of winter weather overnight is already bringing a commute to a halt. >> it's a mess ou there. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. eye joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, december 14th, 2010. frederick county, maryland schools are oping two hours le as a result of the snow we have on the ground in parts of the region. >> we'll have other closings on the bottom of yo screen. this is olney, marylandhere the snow is still continue to go fall out there. >> and it's blowing. >> a lot of heavy winds out
5:32 am
there. wonder how long this is expected to last? >> this is lake-effect snow. we talk about that. michigan gets it, indiana, ohio anpennsylvania. it doesn't get all the way down here. it rarely comes to maryland. this far south, very rarely. be prepared for that. we have the snow coming in from the great lakes this morning. and this is going to continue off and on through midday. a wide view of the radar. lake-effect snowin pennsylvania. but also some bay effect snows in the lower part of the eastern shore. moisture off the chesapeake bay is creating snow showers there. closer view our radar is showing the band of snow in montgomery from nearunney, south of damascus, southern frederick county. that is advancing to the south. we'll lay down another coating of snow. these counties that are flashing in this northern and eastern suburbs, point north and northwest are under a winter
5:33 am
weather advisory due to the passing snow showers. it's frigid. near 20 degrees. windchills in the single digits. temperatures will climb to near freezing. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. a few passing snow showers. a lo at wednesday, thursday, friday, in ten minutes. tom, take a live look this hour. along interstate 66, not bad at all. things very nicely on dry pavement. virginia folks at least for the moment seem to be having a decent commute. 270 southbound you can see it crawling. if you look very carefully right there below 109, hyttstown, flashing lights. very close tohe truck weigh station. so a lot of folks are bailing over and taking 355 to clarksburg. let's see what that isike as an alternate. it's one lane. it is literally creepinging creeping, creeping. there's your alternate 270, pick
5:34 am
your poison. out to the rails we go. metro, vre and marc, no delays. overnight snowfall could make for a tough morning rush. here you can see cars try to drive down the snow-vered roadways >> there's also been issues with ice out there. tracee wilkins has a check of the conditions there. still snowing, tracee? >> yes. it's still snowing out here, jo let me show you what it looks like on georgia avenue. i wish the camera could show you how slippery it is out there. you look at at it and it looks like you he a clear path here. most roads we've experienced in our area are slippery. let me show you down on the sidelk what i'm talking about. underneath the covering of snow, this is what we're seeing, slippery ice, basically. tosays we're looking at freezing temperatures throughout
5:35 am
the morning. so long after this snow stops falling we'll still haveicy roadways. it will be that way uil they get the chemical down on the ground and try to break some of this up. this was aurprise. we weren't expecting this storm to come this far south and affect us. what it means, folks, is you really need to be carul when you're driving. every intersection was slippery. we had to be careful with how we hit the brakes, coming toward the red light. there was slipping and sliding. you definitely wan to go slower than you normally do. joe, back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much, tracee. the road to your right behind you is that a road or parking lot? what street is that that looks like it's covered? >> reporter: my other right.
5:36 am
that would be the sidewalk behind us, joe. we're near the parking lot of a little shopping ceer here. they have a pretty good covering. what you're also seeing is the wind that's blown the snow. specifically right here in this area where it is really white on the sidewalk. yeah, they have a good falling. >> a look at conditions inside the district. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning. we're at fox hall road and reservoir. if you're familiar with the area, there is quite a hill in this spot here. we have very slick conditions. you can see the folks that are stuck at the sptop light. i put my car in four-wheel drive. as i went to hit the gas, i just spun eels. i was able to continue up the
5:37 am
hill without a problem. we have very slick conditions here and in spots all around the gion. we had some snowfall. not a ton but enough to blanket the area. because it is so cold out here, when cars start to run over and melt it down a little bit, it's freezing on the surface of the roadway and causing very, very slick conditions out there. people are going to have to take it easy outthere. th was a bit unexpected in terms of the extent of the slick conditions. road crews are really playing catchup. 15 crews overnight treating roadwa roadways. they called an additional 20 to 25 in. the crews will be coming on, out there salting and sanding and putting down salt in some of the slick areas. they're asking for help from folks. they don't know where the trouble spots are so they need folks to call 311. if you go to an area, see it's
5:38 am
slick and icy, call 311 and report it so they can send a truck out. look at that wheel. spun out as the light turned green and they hit the gas. he's waving to us. you can see it's not impassable. we're not talking that kind of a snow. but you have the thick layer of ice out there. as people continued on tir way. they seemed to be doing okay as they head up the hill. bottom line, slick conditions. we're not talking about a blizzard or anything like that. it's a dusting. but the problem is it froze. it's warmer in billgs, montana right now than it is here. >> there's a thought, megan. wow. you're right. it can be treacherous out there. even a little bit of speed can mess you up. >> if you can put off your departure, that will be better. itives them a chance to clean
5:39 am
the roads. straight ahead, who is threatening to pull money from the smithsoan? shuttle bass on a rampage. what o driver is accused of doing. >> our weather coverage continues. stay
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time for weather and traffic o ones at 5:41 this tuesday morning. good morning. that patch of blue on the radar is snow in southern frederick
5:42 am
county, southern howard county. that's advancing south and east. that's on top of other snow shows that passed northwest of washington overnight, montgomery, frederick county, putting down a coat of snow and northern loudon county too. it's frigid. near 20. winds whipping northwest. single digit windchills. highs today near freezing. a passing snow hour fromime to time. still frigid wednesday. a bit warmer thursday and friday. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. >> as you make your trip to hyattstown 270 at the truck weigh station, 109. the traffic, because of the accident, is crawling. 355 is the alternate. nodoing much better. things will be tough unti you clear the accident scene. then your pace will pick up. conditions are quite slick. bear that in mind.
5:43 am
395, completely different story in modern virginia. nothing to worry about all the way into owntown. parts of montgomery county, i wanto show this to you. that's what it looks like in takoma park on philadelphia avenue. if you're heading out, jst be aware. out to the rails quickly. metro, vre, okay. marc brunswick 870, five minutes. one airline charging a fee that may save passengers money. stay with us for coverage of the winter weathe snow is falling on the roads
5:44 am
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5:46 am
>> 5:46. here's a look if he top stories. we are waking up to snow covered roads. maryland and d.c. saw a quarter inch, enough to blanket lawns and highws. virginia got a good dusting >> a woman and child are recovering after they were hit by a car on atlantic avenue in rockville before 7:30 last night. the vehicle did remain on the scene. no word whether the driver will face charges. the two were taken to the hospitalith serious but nonlife threatening injuries. wikileaks founder julian assange is expected to appear foa bail hearingtoday. he could be extradited to sweden where he faces rape and
5:47 am
molestation charges. >>ax cut deal negotiated by president obama and republican lawmakers will move to a final vote today in the senate in a test vote, the senate passed the ll to ensure federal income taxes don't go up on the 1st of january. kimberly suiters is joining us. good morning. >> reporter:ood morning, joe. the vote was 83-15. the senate showing support for a tax cut bill president obama made with republicans. the president saying it proved both parties can, indeed, work together. this measure cleared its first major hurdle. the senate agreed to move the bill that renews the bush era tax rates. the bill could pass the senate day and as early as today where the president is urging swift action. it is expected to win huse approval but not before democrats attempt to make changes to the estate tax.
5:48 am
>> once theenate completes action on this bill it will mov to the house of representatives for consideration. i have been talking with several members of that body. i realize people are october sides are unhappy with the package. i sare concerns. that's the compromise. >> they want to tax the rich more. on the right, they want to spend less. to paraphrase, if ever is mad, must be a good compromise. >> that seems to be the way it works. thanks, kimberly. >> president obama is unphased after a federal judge shot down a key part of the new health care law. hudson ruled a maate requiring all americans to have health care is unconstitutional. >> this case is not about health
5:49 am
inches. it is not about health care. it's about liberty. and the judge said as much in his order. >> henry huds is a republican appointee. unfortunately this has been very a little bit sized. but i wod relyn the court of appeals to make an unpolitical objective decision. and when they do so i have no doubt they will up hold the constitution ality of the law. they are confident the law will remain intact. the key part is set to begin in 2014 >> mcdonald's is working with law enforcement oicers on a security breach. a subcontractor exposed information that included e-mail, birthdays and addresses when it improperly handled a database. the database did not kep financial records or social serity numbers. customers gave mcdonald's the information when they signed up
5:50 am
for on-line promotions >> friends and family will gather to say good-bye to local fashion designer killed in new york city. police found 33-year-old sylvie cachay's body in an upscale manhattan hotel room. she spent time in mcclain and graduated from merry mount in arlington. visitation will be today from 11:00 to 1:00 and 3:00 to 5:00 at the money and king funeral home in vienna. police arrested 25-year-old hoe handled toshale. they say he was iving close to 100 miles per hour when he rammed other drives on interstate 66 in virginia. one who was hit tells news 4 what happened. >> he was flying. he hit more peempt he kept hitting people, kept hitting them. >> a woman and toddler were
5:51 am
treated for minor injuries. the national portrait gallery could take a financial hit after they moved a controversial exhibit called "fire in my belly." the museum director said video art was part of an exhibit dealing with sexual oriention and gender identity. it was depicting the suffering of an aids patient. some complned it was sack religion because it showed ants crawling on a crucifix. time again for traffic and weather on the ones. got a mess out there, tom. >> yea fresh coating of snow overnight. loudon county, frederick, montgomery, half an inch fell overnight. passing snow showers. do you have any photos, send them to our facebook page and we'll show them and shir them with everything opinion it shows
5:52 am
passing snow showers that cme from lake erie down to central maryland and getting bay effect snows. closer to you on the radar showing there is one band of light to moderate snow. mainly to the east of interstate 270 and all the way dow to nohern prince george's and southern howard. that's moving off and holding together it looks like. may make it into southern prince george's the next half hour or so. so far no precipitation ernight except northern virginia. the counties flashing lavender are winter weather advisory, the district, montgomery, howard. a few under passing snow showers. winter storm warnings out of the mountains for 10 inche of new snow there. upper teens to 20 degrees.
5:53 am
and the windchills are brutally ld. now just single digits. manassas, only 3 above. hagerstown, 3 ave. they had a wind gust of 36 miles per hour. we have had gusts 25 to 30. temperatures in the mountains only in the single digits this theirs are below zero. westernaryland and west virginia, highlands and eastern west virginia. they could pick up 10 inches of new snow. for us passing snow showers this morning. but the big story the cold wind at0 miles per hour. you definitely need wrur warmest winter gear. upper 20s by noon time. winds coming to 40 miles per hour. highs near freezing. sunset 4:47. windy and cold. a small chance of a passing
5:54 am
eisenhower. highsgain tomorrow only 30 degrees. still frigid thursday. could get flurries in virginia. partly cloudy. milder on friday but still cold. over the weekend there is a chance we could get a snowstorm saturday night, into sunday. stil preliminary outlook. this could change. things could be very, very tough. folkin damascus, route 27, germantown, brink road, this is what road conditions rely look like. as you approach the light, give yourself plenty of extra breaking distance. let's head over and give you a couple other savings. takoma park, stretch of philadelphia avenue, that's at it looks like there. colesville at franklin doing okay. here's the american legion bridge. let's go over and check the rails and see how we're doing at
5:55 am
this hour. red line delays on metro. we'll detail that in just a second. but red line delays just in. metro no delays. joe, eun. >> jerry, thank you. well, you can now take the mega bus from d.c. to ten new cities. it mainly traveled between washington and new york. startingomorrow it will include boston, charlotte, pittsburgh, hampton and richmond, virginia. they offer daily departures from h and 10th streets northwest. fares start as low as $1 >> continental is introducing a new fee. you can pay in a fee to lock in a pre and avoid fare hikes. $9 to hold it for a week.
5:56 am
but the feedoes depend on the destination, number of passengers and when you'll fly. for three for a january flight to new york, new jersey would be a fee of $44 just to hold the ticket. a house where president bill clinton spent part of his li will open a museum. it has since had more than 80,000 visitors. naonal park service will officially recognize it as a historical site on january 2nd. a new 44 cent stamp will honor the 40th president. former fir lady nancy reagan helped unveil the design of a postal stamp featuring the late ronald reagan. it shows a closeup of reagan's face with his santa barbara, county rarch in the background. it goes on sale february 10th.
5:57 am
usually sports champions get the honor of meeting the president at the white house. this year the lakers took the opportunity to win. th met up with president obama at the boys and girls club of c. they put togher care packages for injured veterans and the homeless. >> they need to know that no dream is beyond their reach. so when they see people like the los angeles lakers, who are willing to spend time with them, that sends a message to them that they're special. and you guys can't give a better gift than that durg the holiday season. >> the lakers will face the wizards tonight at the verizon center. and in just a few hours the golden globe nominations will be out. at 6:00 a.m., many of you
5:58 am
waking up to snow on the gund. lake-effect snow hit the area and it's making a tarngous commute with the roads frozen over in
5:59 am


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