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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  December 14, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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snowy surprise. lake-effect snow hit the area overnight. the snow left only a dusting, but it is causing a lot of problems. the streets are slk and dangerous this morning. good morning to you. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. m eun yang. look at the snow blowing over the washington monument. >> it really is coming down. i' joe krebs on this tuesday, 14th of december, 2010. several schools in the area are delayed this morning. maryland, garrett county schoo are closed. allegheny unty and frederick county schools will begin two hours late. virginia, paige county schools
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have a two-hour delay and grant county is closed. jefferson, mineral, delayed two hours. >> morgan and pendleton county schools as well. we will run the latest delays and closing information at the bottom of your screen all morning long. and the latest on the snow center tom. >> this is highly unusual to get it althe way to lake erie. that is usual. it's almost unpredictable for it to happen like that. all due to the very intense winds gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour. lake-effect snows into pennsylvania. they have made it this far south. bay effect snows, moisture evaporatingff the chesapeake bay. cold winds turning to snow showers on the eastern shore this morning. closer here, as we look at the radar, a patch of blue. a snow shower is moving out. southern ward, northern prince
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george's. it is frid. right now temperatures are only in the upper teens to near 20 degrees with wind gust toss 30 miles r hour. windchills are in the tee t just single digits. in fact, windchill 10 degrees in washington. that's what it feels like. winds are gusting to near 40 mis per hour farther to our west. we could get an additional gusting to an inch from passing snow showershrough midafternoon with strong wind gusts and highs near freezing. a look at tonight, tomorrow and the next couple days. tom, could be a tough one. folks over in virginia seem to have a fairly decent commute. this is capital beltway just off the american legion bridge. there appears to be snow on this side. this is the only spot that i can see anything that amounts to a much. be reful to the inner loop. that is definitely slick. let's see how we're doing elsewhere. montgomery county taking it on the chin big time. a stretch of one of the side
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streets in montgery county. notice how shiny. guarantee you that's ice. we have had several accidents reported. st a little hint as you approach the stop signs or stop lights. slow down. you'll be all right. one more stop. making the trip on the beltway north of town. prince george's, beltway seems to be doing okay. not too much to worry about at the moment weatheise. out to the rails we go. delays on the red line because of an earlier problem. disrtion at woodley par station. they are sharing the same track on van ness. vre, no delays. marc, brunswick 890 and 870 delayed at the moment.
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icy roads made for a tough commute in richmond. >> reporr: the roads are slick out here and the snow is hiding ice. georgia avenue, we're seeing school buses going to pick up the kids this morning and also folks heading into work, of course. traffic is definitely picking up ou here. it's just so important for everybody to know what you're dealing with, as i said, icy roads covered by this thin layer of now. we still have snow coming down in ulney. underneath this covering my boot is moving easily because this is ice. we're ju dealing with slip conditions out here. and as you've heard from everyone, as you're approaching st signs, red ligs, going up hill, you need to be careful. because of where it came from and how it formed, road crews
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didn't get to do all the pretreating we normally have in our area. ulney, georgia avenue, we saw plenty of slick intersections. make sure you're being careful out there. tracee wilkins live in ulney. this is the scene in minnesota where people are still recovering from a weeke laing. crews worked around the clock to clear a foot and a half of snow. inminneapolis, they are trying to figure out how to repay three large holes in the roof of the metrodome. the cave-in forced the minnesota vikings to play in detroit last night. richard holbrooke passed away last night. he served as president obama's special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan.
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his foreign service career started in vietnam in 1962. he has served under every democratic president since john f. kennedy. he negotiated the war. he underwent 20 hours of surgery over the weekend for a attorney aorta. he was 69 years old. this morning a grandmother and grandson are recovering after they werhit by a car on atlantic avenue in rockville just before 7:30. the vehicle did remain on the scene. no word if the driver will face charges. the two were taken to the hospital with serious but nonthreatening injuries. >> friends and family will gather to say good-bye to a local fashion degner killed in new york city. police found 33-year-old sylvie cachay's body in an upscale manhattan hotel room.
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her boyfriend is charged with her murder. shspent time in mcclain and graduated from merrymount in arlington. visitation will be today from 11:00 to 1:00 and 3:00 to 5:00 at the money and kg funeral home in vienna. wikileaks founder julian assange is speaking out through his mother at a bail hearing today. assange's mother visited him in pron today. in a 10-minute conversation she said the arrest has made her son more determined. he is being held in solitary confinement in the prison basement. the senate could hold a final vote on esident obama's tax plan. legislation cleared the senate in a test voteesterday. 83-15 in favor of extending a tax break for all americans for the next two years. president obama praised both parties for supporting the deal he wked out with republicans.
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many house democrats argued that the economy will take a hit if wealthy americans get the tax break. >> i mean, literally it boils down to $25 million for 6,600 families. >> the tax cut bill would reduce social security taxes in 2011 and extend long-term unemployment benefits and an estate tax that mostly republicans support. coming up, health alert f anyone with a dental filling why the fda is now looking into whether they are safe >> and the new hotel experience. where there is now room service for running shoes. >> 21 frigid degreesut there. there is snow throughout the area. this is causing quite a bit of problems on the roadways. tom and jry are back with
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good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. we have snow around the sxreej several school systems delayed their openings and in western maryland some closed schools. montgomery county schools we understand are open today. good morning to you. can you tell us what your plans are for this orning? there are a lot of parents who are concerned about the road conditions especially for bus drivers and the sidewalks for kids who might walk to school. >> well, at this point there are no plans to close or open late or no plans to ose school. our county, we've been working
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withhe county. they've been out on the roads putting sand and salt down since very early this morning. we're getting our parking lots and our sidewalks at o schools cleared of and sanded so people can get there safely. at thipoint there's not going to be any delays or any closings. we ask people to be very careful. if they're having trouble getting to school, contact the school. use cauti. it's not a lot of snow. it's not a lot of ice at this point. >> all right. when dohe first buses head out to pick up kids and when are the first kids actually pickeded up by school buses? what time is that? >> well, our buses start rolling pretty early. some of our schools start between 7:00 and 7:30. high school starts first. we believe that it's safe for our buses to get out.
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our bus drivs are used to driving in a little bit of bad weather. they'll take a lot of caution. they're not going to take any risks. if there's an area where they can't get or it's too icy they will notify the school system. we will try to make alternative plans. but we don't anticipate that happening. >> so are there bus on the road at this hour and are kids actually standing out waiting for buses at this moment? >> i don't know if at this very moment there are. there may be some but i'm not sure at this verymoment. very soon the buses will be on the road. >> drivers need to be aware, too. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. once again, montgomery county schools and all the immediate washington metro poll tan suburbs are open as far as we know. we will bring y all the latest on your school closings and delays on news 4 today. >> running at the bottom of your screen. once again, if you're driving in any of these neighborhoods be on
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thlook out for kids waiting for school buses. >> this is all due to lake-effect snows from lake eri down close to washington. this is all due to very strong gusty winds that picked up moisture off the lakes and brought it down in the form of snow showers. the live picture was ulney, georgia avenue, where it is snowing right there. there is another ow shower in eastern montgomery county and on the howard count line. and far northwestern arundel. and west virginia got passing snow showers overnight. it's frigid. the snow that has fall sen frozen in place. winds gusting 40 miles per hour. and windchillsre near jt 10 degrees or below. and that's going to be the story the rest of the day. highs near freezing. not a greater chance of anysnow showers. cloudy thursday.
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looks like friday will be cold as well. maybe mid and upper 30s for highs briefly. a look at changes for the weekend. how is traffic, jerry? a live look at 355, 118 in germantown. again, road conditions not too favorable. rhode island venue, south dakota avenue, things moving along pretty well. travel lanes are open. everyone seems to be having a decent commute. 29 and briggs cheney road. snow is really coming down almost side ways at thishour. out to the rails. we have continuing issues on metrorail red line. due the a track problem at woodley park. vre, no delays. marc, brunswick 890 is delayed for the time being about six minutes >> thanks very much, jerry. snow on the ground and problems on the roadway. stay with us for the very latest on this snow. >> we'
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some parts of the district and maryland had a fre dusting overnight. the winter weather is causing slick conditions on the snow-covered roads out there. megan mcgrath is live in northwest th a look at the conditions. you had your own run-in with slippery conditions. >> yeah, i slid this morning. i put my car in four-wheel drive for the first time this season at this intersection. this is fox hall and reservoir road there's an angle, a hill that you're actually traveling up.
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we have slick conditions. we have the stop light. traffic istopped at the red light. th intersection itself is very, very icy. when people hit the gas, we're seeing a lot of spinning o wheels. folks are coming down the hill as they stop at the bottom of the hill. very, very slick conditions. we did not have a ton of snw. it was just a dusting of snow but it was enough to cause problems, primarily because of the cold temperatures out here. the snow is actuallyreezing to the road surface. it then gets a little more slushy and it's freezing to the road. we have a lot of areas. it's a hit or miss. but a lot of areas that are very, very slick out there this morning. so you're going to want to keep that mind. hard to say. so areas are clear. as you drive along and travel into another jurisdiction, you' find a spot tt isery, very eun, back to you.
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>> my began, thanks so much. a federal judge shot down a key part of the new health care law and ruled a mandate requiring all americans to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional because it goes beyond its power. cucinelli said theandate requiring all americans to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. the white house is confident the law will remain intact after it goes to court. the key part of the law is set for 2014. meanwhile, the food and drug administration will look into the silver fillings people have in their teeth. advocacy groups say new udies found they can cause brain conditions, including alzheimer's disease. they have been used for more than 150 years in the united states and elsewhere. it is official. republican national committee
6:21 am
chairman michael steele says he is running for reelection. he made the announcement last night on fox news channel. he said the gop is in good standing in washington and he is making leeway for the diversity of the republican party. many critics argue the republicans won the midterm election because of fund-raising from tea party candidates despite the help from steele. time for a look at traffic and weather on the ones. tom joined us in the studio. >> it is windy and snowy. as we have seen from our live shots from megan mcgrath and tracee wilkins, all it takes is a thin coating of snow to cause problems. the road temperatures only 20 degrees. what is falling is staying in place throughout much of the rest of the day because we're not gog to get above freezing. closeup view showing lingering snow showers in montgomery, frederick, howard, northern prince george's and extreme rthern arundel county.
6:22 am
they will pass through from time to time throughout the day. the big story,though, is the frigid air that's over it. just near 20 degrees. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour or higher later today. maybe a passing eisenwer from time to time. tomorrow, teens. teens again thursday morning. friday, partly cloudy. upper s for highs. over the weekend, cold. might get a snowstorm saturday night into sunday, saturday ternoon through sunday. this is just a preliminary outlook. stay tuned. it could change >> a sampling over the key bridge. th's one place you want to be careful. it's obviously elevated. as a result could be very, very slick. we'll head over and check another bridge, 395, 14th street bridge. not too bad for the moment. kenilworth avenue doing okay. let's headn over and see if
6:23 am
there's anything to worry about elsewhere at this hour. out on the rails, had that problem on metro's red line, woodley park. that has been cleared but there's lingering delays. vre, delays. marc 890 and penn 503 both delayed right now. 21 degrees. in a few hours golden globes will be announced. which names you will hear over and over again. a 500-year mystery may be solved. a man arrested. what he is accused of doing over and over again.
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well, here's a new one for you. beginning today westin resorts will offer complimentary running gear. they are teaming with new balance. women will be able to get shoes, shts and a sports bra. n can get shoes, socks. they will cleanverything inside and out between uses. one would hope so. >> running gear is so personal. i don't know if i would do it. >> how about a towel and sheets and pillowcase. they do all those. >> now you make me not want to stay in a hotel room, joe.
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>> and how about a napkin? they're not renting toothbrushes yet. >> please. let's not go that far. this year's golen globe nomies will beannounced live on the "today" show. the best in movies and tv. films are already getting a lot of buzz, including the social network, black swan and 127 hours, based on a true story about aiker who amputated his arm to survive. the golden globes will be handed out january 16th right here on nbc 4. historians in italy think there may be something lurking behind the eyes of one of the most famous portraits in the eyes. experts took another look at the mona lisa. they say there are tiny letters and numbers behind her eyes. they believe da vinci painted them there.
6:28 am
they're not visible to the naked eye. right now it is unclear what they mean. doo, doo, doo, doo. >> we'll probably never figure out what that means. >> leo is n around to ask. >> 6:28, 22 degrees. have you looked outside yet? you may be surprised to see what you see. >> a line of lake effect snow is making for a rather dangerous and treacherous commute with a lot of roads frozen over.
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snowy surprise. lake-effect snow. yes, lake-effect snow hitting the area overnight, catching a lot of folks by surpse. the slick, icy ro conditions are catching a lot of commuters by -- causing them a lot of shock this morning. cars are slipping an slidin everywhere. good morning. welcome back tnews 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> it is going to be a tough commute. i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, december 14th, 2010. we also have several school closings and delays to report this morning. maryland, garrett county schools are closed. allegheny county and frederick county schools wil start two hours late. in virginia, paige county have a two-hour delay. west virginia, grant county
6:32 am
schools are closed. headlamp higher harding jefferson and mineral county are l delayed two hours. as well as morgan and pendleton county schools in west virginia are closed. those are delayed two hours. i'm sorry. we'll be running the delays and closing information at the bottom of your screen all morning long, of course >> tom, we are waking up with a lot of snow. dusting on the ground. still causing a lot of problems because of cold temperatures. >> that's the thing. upper level disturbance and the moisture coming off the great lakes. that combination enough to squeeze the moisture out of the area and turning it into snow showers that have been passing through te last night to predawn. it does continue. this is over the last four hours. we have had the one persistent snow shower into montgomery. much of that dissipated. and bay effect snow showers, lower part of the eastern shore. right now thankfully the one
6:33 am
snow shower the last couple hours is beginning to break up a bit. a few lingerinflurries now. but the damage has been done. the snow is not going to melt. temperatures are only around 20 degrees. wind gusting to 40 miles per hour. so windchills down to single digits this morning. you need your warmest winter gear. 10 inches of now snow in maryland and west virginia where temperatures are only in the single digits. windchills below zero. highs near freezing. might have an additiona passing shower through midafternoon. and a look over the next couple days, wednesday, thursday, friday, in ten minutes. how is traffic, jerry? tom, start this time on the top side of the capital beltway. just word of an accident outer loop near new hampshire aempt brake lights beginning to develop. i suspect the accident may be around the bend between new hampshire and university beltway. police are headed righ overnt we'll keep you updated on that. head or to virginia. trip from the west. interstate 66. no worries here at the moment.
6:34 am
travel lanes open. just beginningo load up in several long stretches. if you look carefully, don't shee much in the way of poor conditions. let's head over one more stop, 395, 14th street bridge. saw flashing lights moments ago. may have a problem mid span. we'll zoom in and let you know in just a moment or two. had a problem on metro, red line. the problem has been solved but delays continue both directions. so be aware of that. vre, no delays. marc, brunswick 890 and penn 503 both delayed for the moment. joe, eun. >> thanks very much, jerry. overnight snow fall making for a dicey morning commute. and there also have been issues with ice. tracee wilkins is live in ulney this morning. how ar the roads looking out there? >> the roads are looking dusty. we had slickspots out here on
6:35 am
the roads as well. even more importantly, it is freezing out here. the winds are making it oh, so cold. and that's going to keep the snow that we see out here on the roadways around basically all morning long, if not all day long. georgia avenue what we're dealing with. as the drivers or as the cars are going over the snow that's fallen here and melting it and with the freezing temperatures it's really causing slick spots on areas that have not been treated. road crews are playing catch up and cleaning up the roads to the best of their ability. the storm caught us by surprise. it was not supposed to come this far south but itas and we have a lot of catching up to do. montgomery county schools we heard from a spokesman saying schos are opening on time. they are aware that the roads are slick in some spots. what they're asking folks to do, if you and your kids are running late, did you're coming across problem areas, give them a call to let them know that and to let
6:36 am
them know where their problem area is so they can get out to treat those as well. give yourself plenty of time. we drove re from northwest on georgia avenue, saw plenty of slick intersections, lots of problem areas. be careful. acee wilkins live in ulney. >> are y seeing any salt or sand trucks out on the roads this morning? >> reporter: yes, we are, but, eun, not that many. i would love to ow you one but very few this way. no, we're not seeing a whole lot of trucks out here but we have seen some trucks on our way here and maybe like one passing in this general area. >> all right. they have a lot of work to do, you're right. >> reporter: a lot of work. >> thanks so much, tracee. we have breaking news to tell you about now. a tragic story from baltimore. at least five people have been killed in a row house fire in baltimore. this is in the greenmont neighbhood between clifton park near t.b. hill.
6:37 am
the fire broke out just a little over an hour ago in the 2300 block of homewood avenue. at this point we don't know what caused the fire, but we do know the high winds made it very difficult for baltimore city firefighters to fight that blaze. once again, at least five people have been killed in a row house fire in baltimore city. one of united states's most admired diplomats has died. richard holbrooke past away last night. he served as president obama's special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan. holbrooke's career started in vietnam in 1962, and he served under every democratic party since john f. kennedy. he collapsed friday and he underwent 20 hours of surgery over the weekend for a attorney aort he was 69 years old. this morning a shuttle driver is accused of nearly half
6:38 am
a dozendozen hit and run crashe the way to deulles airport. police arrestes driving close to 100 miles per hour when he raed oth drive along interstate 66 in virginia. one witness who was hit tells news 4 what happened. >> he hit some mo people. he kept hitting people, kept hittg them. >> a woman and toddler were treated for minor injuries. the were no passengers on the shuttle during the trip. coming up, new plans to turn a local waterfront area into a tourist attraction. also ahead, one major airline is adding a new fee. before you get upset about it, this could actually save you some money. 6:38, 22 degrees out there. all this cold weather and these low temperatures are freezing the little snow on the ground. messy problems out there. we will be right back with your
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news 4 has made changes to its emergency updating system.
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if you have not received updated information from us in the past six months or if you want to sign up your schoo business or church, please call 202-885-4663 or e-mail this is the sign-up for the system not to close or delay openings. time for weather and traffic. snow showers coming in from the north. could get a few more snow showers later today. big story now, it's frigid. temperatures only near 20 degrees. winds are gusting to 35 to 40 miles per hour. windchills, single digits. windy and cold today, tonight and tomorrow. a bit milder but still frigid frid. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. how is traffic, jerry. off we go. live look. we're watching the bridges very, very carefully. they hava tendency to freeze
6:43 am
first. it is slick but everybody is moving slowly. i told you something might be going on at the 14th street bridge. it appears there's a problem inund on the 14th street bridge. my cameras are not changing. we will get to that in just a motel. i-270 southbound at this hour loading up very quickly. lanes open from the earlier wreck. out on the rails, days on blue line because of an earlier problem ativan durin. vre is all right. marc penn 503 is delayed and brunswick 890 and 892. and man versus machine program. what is expected to happen today when juln assangeepose before a judge. judge rules a law to be unconstitutional. wh
6:44 am
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6:46 am
wikileaks founder julian assange is due in a london courtroom today for a bail hearing. he's accused of sex crimes againstwo women. the judge denied bail last week when he turned himself in. assange's mother visited him in prison today. she said he remains committed to revealing more secret information. he is being held in solitary confinement in the prison basement. it goes beyond congress's
6:47 am
power. virginia attorney general ken cucinelli led the challenge. they are confident the new law will remain intact. that key part of the law is set to start in 2014. tax cut deal negotiated by president obama and republican lawmakers will likely move to a final vote today. in a test vote, the senate passed the bill to ensure federal income taxes don't go up january 1st. mberly suiters is keeping a close watch from our newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again, eun. 83-15, the vote. the senate showing strong support for that tax cut deal president obama made with republicans. the president saying it proves both parties can wo together. the pressure cleared its first major hurdle. the bill could pass the senate and be sent to the house as
6:48 am
early as today where the president is urging swift action. it is expectedo win approval in the house but not before the democrats attempt to make changes to the estate tax. >> once the senate completes action on this bill, it will move over to the house of representatives for its consideration. i've been talking with several members of that body. i recognize at folks on both sides of the political spectrum are unhappy with certain parts of the package, and i understand those concerns. i share some of them. but that's the nature of compromise. >> on the left end of that spem trum, they would like to tax the rich more. on the right, they want to spend. if everybody is mad, must be a pretty good compromise. eu back to kimberly, thank you.
6:49 am
montgomery county is hoping to get approval to build its first new hospital in 30 years. between germantown and the frederick county line. right now two companies are compete to go build the hospital. advent health wants to build it in clarksburg off 270 and trinity health proposed building it in germantown. the final result will be next month. and the community will get to weigh in on finalized plans for a party front face lift in alexandria. a series of public hearings wrapped up last nig. right now draftsinclude plans to redevelop pathways, parks and a 200-foot pier. developers are expected to release designs next month >> two new car recalls, one from toyota, the other from honda. courtney reagan joins us live with more on this story. courey, good morning. >> reporter: hi. good morning.
6:50 am
they are recall 2011 seen that mini vans. toyota says replacent part will be ready by february. honda is checking 2011 accords and cr-vs because of a possible engine oil leaks. comcast is testing a new service to combine tv and internet. you can watch web videos and search for live on demand and recorded programs as part of an effort to compete against apple and google tv. there's no pricing or timing yet on a nationwide rollout. continental airlines will let passengers loc if if ares. it will cost $9 for the week. >> courtney, thanks so much.
6:51 am
>> reporter: thank you. well, in the past nine months, major airlines have made $4.3 billion on fees mostly from checked baggage and fees to changed tickets. delta has taken in the most from the fees, $1.2 billion. travel experts say they expect airline toss add even more fees next year. > the question, the ultimate venue for a showdown between man and machine. the answer, what is jeopardy? the classic television quiz show will host a competition between an ibm super computer named watson and two of the most successful contestants in jeopardy history. they include ken jennings who won 74 straight contests. ibm said it will be an important test of artificial intelligence because jeopardy includes questions that involve irony and riddles, things that computers find hard to detect. the episodes will air in february. and that's all i have, is artificial intelligence. >> i'm ptting my money on ken
6:52 am
jennings. what do you think? >> i don't know. mr. watson from ibm might do pretty well. it will be interesting to see how it depose, though. >> 6:51. a big morning to you. >> the answer is snow. th question, what will it do? all it takes is a thin coating. that's what we got overnight from passing snowhowers as a result. icy, slick roadways north and west of washington, loudon, frederick, howard county, northern prince george's. have a coating of some light snow, as does northwest washington. right now here's the sky over the potomac river. cityamera is looking north towards prince george's county. wind swept waters of the potomac. strong gus down thepotomac. gust at national airport 30 miles per hour. their temperature there only 23. and the air is very dry. you definitely need skin lotion and layer up this morning. it is only near 20 degrees
6:53 am
throughout the entire region. weather watchers are reporting. thk you for checking in. windchills single digits to near zero. farther east, 10 degrees in washington and around the bay. that's what it feels like when you step outside. these are the latest wind gusts. they've been 30 to 35 miles per hour to near 40-mile-per-hour gusts farth west where temperatures are only in the single digits. western maryland, west virginia, on it here they could get 10 inches of fresh snow today. maybe an additional passing snow shower midday. layer up at the bus stop. watch out for the slick sidewalks. a thin layer of snow is causing treacherous ooting. a passing snow shower later today. highs only near freezing. teensy this time tomorrow morning after a windy,old night tonight. another frigid day tomorrow with gusty winds still much colder than verage. temperatures briefly above freezing both days. there's an indication we could
6:54 am
get a snowstorm later saturday afternoon, sunday. it's just a preliminary outlook. this is subject to change. stay tuned. how is traffic? >> that is the sound of me hitting the door. 395, 14th street bridge, told you earlier i thought there was something suspicious going on. indeed, a broken down vehicle right side of the freeway, inbound. loading up very quickly as you head north out of shirlintonment picking up volume. north of town, inner loop, georgetown road, initial reports. in town at this hour, through nortast washington, kenilworth, new york avenue on in and the major roadways through southeast, a fine commute. no concerns. out on the rails this hour, still have the blue line delays because of an earlier problem. vre and marc now no delays. good news there. joe, eun. >> thank you, jerry.
6:55 am
>> as you heard, the winter weather is causing slick conditions. megan mcgrat is live in northwest with a look at conditions there. still slippery and slick? >> yeah, it really is. we have seen the wind kick up in the last half hour or so. gusts bring the temperatures down. we're standing here at the intersection of fox hall and reservoir road. you can see snow covered and icy conditions we have here. didn't get a ton of snow last night. it was a dusting but in you to cause problems. as the cars drive over the snow, they're melting it a little bit. because of the coldemperatures and the wind, it's freezing on the surface of the road. we are seeing areas all around town where there is sort of a frozen snow coating. this has been a problem all morning long at intersections in particular where you have to come to a stop at stop lights. when you hit the gas when it turns green, a lotf spinning of wheelsment a lot of people having trouble. here's the conditions. here's what they say about the
6:56 am
conditions they've encountered. >> it's really cold. i mean, the roads are fine. they're a little slippery. as long as you drive, you know, relatively slow, they're fine. >> have you slid at all? >> a little bit on the bottom of the hill. >> now, you will find other areas just fine. it depends on how much snow came overnight and how much melting and weather the road was treated. but a lot of slick spots out there. take it easy. back to you alln the studio. >> looks reallyicy. megan, thank you. 6:56, kimberly suiters has this morning's top stories from the newsroom. kimberly. >> reporr: good morning, joe. five people died in a row house fire in baltimore this morning. the fire start odd homewood avenue in east baltimore city. high winds fueled the deadly fire, which destroyed three homes. and diplomat richard holbrooke passed awayast night after suffering from a torn aorta. he served as president obama's
6:57 am
special envoy from pakistan to afghanistan. he was 69 years old. facebook movie. coming up on the "tay" show this morning, the golden globe nominees will be announce ltd. black swan and true story 127 hours also expected to fetch globes. here in washington, we're just one big snowglobe. eun and joe, back to you. >> that's what it feels like. thanks, kim her. that is news 4 today. thank yofor starting your day with us. >> "today" show is next. we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. hope you'll join us then. stay warm and safe
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