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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  December 14, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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snow that piled up and some of the coldest air of the season. check the calendar,t's not officially winter ye good afternoon, i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. more on our cold weather in a moment. first, this afternoon, breaking news tonight from norern virginia. newly released court documents reveal the arrest of an arlington county man. authorities say he made the threats over the internet during chats with another man in louisiana. according to an affidavit, the man alerted the fbi. eunice talked about buildin pipe bombs and placing them on metro train cars. eunice was arrested december 6th. now more on o bone chilling weather. we're under a wind advisory, if you've been outside you know how cold it is. we're suffering through some of the lowest temperatures of the season. >> some in our area found snow
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on the ground when they woke up. frederick county schools delayed opening for two hours. is there any relief from the cold 234 sight or any more snow in the forecast? doug kammerer joins us live with the latest. >> i wou love to tell you there's some relief out there. unfortunately, i don't see it. and, yes, there is snow in the forecast. let's show you what's going on out there right now. temperatures have ayed in the 20s all day long. 26 degrees the current temperature out there. windchill right now 12 degrees. that's t way it feels out there on the exposed in. 12, look at the numbers. 23 in sterling, and 25 out towardndrews air force base. look at hagerstown, a windchill of 4 right now, 7 in sterling, 9 in clinton. out there toward the air force base. we're going to be seng some areas with windchills below zero tonight. the wind advisory has been extended through 10:00 tonight. it's just about our entire aea for the potential of wind guts over 45 miles an hour tonight.
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that will put our windchills into the dangerous area. that's why we have a winhill advisory to the north and west. this doesn't include northern falkeer county and portions of northern virginia. windchills could be between minus 10 and minus 5 overnight tonight. a very cold nit in store. i'll come back a little later on to tell you just how cold i think things might get tonight. and just how much snow we may see as well withur next storm system. ladies? >> thank y, doug. the gusty winds and passing snow showers make things a little tricky for folks who headed out this morning. it wasn't enough to keep some bargain hunters from lining up outside to get some free gear. nathan mcgrath is in georgewn with more on that story. >> a slippery surprise for many this morning. a dusting of snow froze to the asphalt in some areas, making things sck in northwest washington.
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>> a little slippery, as long as you drive relatively slow, they're fine. >> have you slid at all? >> a little bit. >> ddot had to call in additional crews to treat the roads. >> they're okay. it's a little slower than usual but they're not bad. >> unfortunately, there is no such fix for the cold weather. frigid temperatures combined th a wicked wind chill made walking the dog a bit uncomfortable this morning. ateast se's moving around. ese folks were literally standing in the cold. some of them for hours. all to cash in on a promotion at city sports. >> oh, my god my frozen hands. >> the store did pass out nd warmers to try to keep everyone warm. it was still a long, cold wait. >> i've been shivering, i ran to the bathroom to get some hot water running on the fingers. it's -- hopefully it will be all right.
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>> the temperature in washington is more like what it should be in february. and bundle , because it's going to be around for the next couple days. in georgetown, megan mcgrath, news 4. >>eather caused a few school districts to shut down for the day. others opened two hours later. students in monomery county were probably hoping they would get a chance to sleep in this morning. no such luck. no late starts no, cancellations. parents had mixed feelings about that. >> do you think they should have delayed school today? >> yeah, maybe two hours. >> school opened on time, that's a good thing. >> i think it looks great, we have four wheel drive. so it reay helps. >> to help keep you safe on the way to and from school, montgomery county officials are asking parents to report any icy spots you see on the roadways. >> we wrnt the only ones experiencing bitter temperatures today.
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forecasters say it might be a few more days before some areas see any relief. jay gray has the story. >> reporter: a dangerous and deadly winter storm continues to cause problems from canada t the florida coast 37 in rural ontar ontario, truck drivers staed by the hvy snow were stranded for 24 hours befor help could fight through the severe conditions. while in buffalo, new york, residents we struggling to stay ahead of the drifts. >> it's lucky it's early in the season. we used to laugh about it, instead of grumble. >> reporr: the conditions are no laughing matter across the central states and much of the midwest. high winds, heavy snow and ice turning roadways into park lots or worse, wrecking yards. >> in chicago, it was so bitter, commuters had to bundle up to brave a walk downtown. in the sunshine state, they could use a little more of that sunshine. with temperatures more than 20
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degrees below normal. this group of manatees huddled around warm water outlets near a power plant. >> this is probably the coldest i've seen it in december this early. >> to fit that chill, farmers ironically coat their crops with ice which actually insulates the fruit from harsh winds and even colder temperatures. >> unfortunately for us, we he to go through another night tonigh it will be a couple days before we really know how much damage we have here. >> a frigid waiting game playi out across much of the country right now. jay gray, nbc news. six people including three young children are dea after a wind driven fire in baltimore, maryland. it happened just before 5:00 this morning in the 2300 block of home wood avenue firefighters say they were inside, but forc to evacuate when high wind gusts intensified that fire. it spread to three other homes before firefighters were able to put it out. that's when they searched and discovered the bodies of the six victims. they haven't been identified but
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a relative says they include a couple, theigranddaughter and her three children who are aged 9, 3 and 1. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. former white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel testified on his own behalf today in chicago. he left washington in october to n for mayor of his hometown. just last saturday he opened the campaign office in hyde park. critics are trying to boot him from the ballot. th say he doest need the cisi meet the city's one-year residency requirent. they lists chicago as their part time residence on their tax return. emmanuel continued to pay property taxes on the house he still owns in chicago, and that he maintained his chicago bank account and usedis chicago address on his persona checks. meanwhile, at ft. meade today an army surgeon who refused to deploy to afghanistan
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pleaded guilty. lieutenant colonel laken acknowledged that he failed to report to ft. campbell, kentucky for asecond deployment to afghanistan. he refused to go because he said president obama is not a natural born american, and, therefore, is not legally his commander in chief. colonel laken still faces a court mah martial on a second arge. instead of jail time, it's likely he'll be discharged from the army. the latest on tax cuts legislation making its way through congress. the founder of wikileaks asks the court to grant him bail in the sex assault case against him. we're waiting to hear from you. be part of our 12 days of giving and lend a hand to an organization that helps some of the district's poorest citizens. so others might eat.
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forty years ago, he wasn't worried about rerement. he'd yet to hear of mutual unds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't fused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their filies. from investments... to life nsurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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the senate surpassed president obama's tax compromi later today. it apprs the bill will pass the house in time to keep all the taxes from going up. a lot of democrats still don't like it, and the latest complaints are centered on pork in the bill. >> there's rare unity on one
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side of congress. >> this senate will overwhelmingly pass this package. >> most members in both parties back the obama tax compromise. some reluctantly. >> we had to move forward on this. >> we'll help economic growth, job creation. >> republicans get no tax hike on the top bracket. democrats get unemployment benefits extended and social security taxes cut. but almostunnoticed, the bill benefits corn growers. and ethanol blenders, oil companies with scial tax breaks. rum makers get breaks and nascar. thanks to friendly lawmakers. >> get a person with enough seniority they can use their politil muscle in town to sl this into the bill while it's being drafted. >> house democrats are outraged over a bigger issue. a huge tax break for the 6,000 mega rich.
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no estate taxes on the first 10 million of inheritance then just 35%. the old rate was 55%. the loss to the treasury would be $10 billion. >> we're going to borrow $10 billion a year, all the american people are going to borrow that money to give 6,000 families a tax break whore already doing quite well, thank you very much. how many jobs will that create? zero. >> reporter: there will be a battle in the house. but democratic leaders predict the senate later tonight and the house after that will pass the obama tax plan. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. the only community based organizaon in the district that offers a holistic approach to the homeless and needy. volunteers are taking your calls
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this afternoon. joining me now is tracy monson with so others might eat. it started as a soup kitchen 40 years ago, and it's evolved lot since then. >> absolutely. it began in 1970 as a small soup kitchen. day we serve 1,000 meals every day tohomeless and hungry people. and we also provide a full range of services to help people rega their independence. we offer medical and dental care, job training. affordable housing, and services for the elderly and poor. >> where does most of your funding come from? >> 60% of our funding is actually from private individuals. most of whom send in a small check on an annual basis that ally keeps us going. >> these are really tough times. the winter's set in, it's very cold. many people find themselves outside. does that impact you? >> it absolutely does.
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my first year working, we actually distributed long underwear from our clothing room, and i remember being there for four hours and the line didn't let up that entire time. the need is tremendous, and for people who are exposed to the elements, really is a serious thing. >> so it's not only cold, these are the holidays, another tough time for people to be without a home. >> it is. we really do the best with some of the help of our volunteers and donors to make the holidays more cheerful for people. we provide shoe box gifts in our dining room the week before christmas. and we collect and distribute gifts for the children, formerly homeless children that live in our housing programs. >> the way that people can help. if you haven't finished your christmashopping or your holiday gift-givinglist, it sounds like a good idea? >> it would be wonderful. pick up mething extra for someone who's in need. and there ar opportunities to give on our website. >> all right. >> tracy monson of so others
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might eat. our volunteers are standing by take your phone calls. 202-686-nbc4. a little later on, we're going to talk to one of your clients who 'an employee? >> she's a front desk supervisor. if you can help so others might eat with this very worthwhile mission. it's a tough job. thanks so much, tracy. we look forwarto hearing from our viewers on 202-686-nbc4. a new postage stamp honoring president ronald reagan has been unveiled in his home state of california. nancy reagan did the honors in simi valley. the stam honors the 100th anniversary of reagan's birth which is february 6th, 2011. the artwork is based on a photograph taken in 1985. he served from 1981 to 1989. and coming up on news 4.
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incredible video just released of a close call by a policeman, and the driver he pulled over. keep your eyes on the skies. you may get a gat view of a celestial show. for all your news, be sure toollow news 4 online just search nbcwashington on faceok an
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it is not too late to catch the best light show of the holidays. the meteor shower is still producing fireworks. this monday night was the best night to see what one giant asteroid was shedding. there will still be a few more shows. you're better off getting away from the bright lightso the big city. just see it happen. >> that's one bright spot in all of this weather out here on the ground. we can wrap up, and star gaze. >> you may be able to see them tonight as well. >> 60 to 100 an hour if you're willing to braveero degree windchills. that's what we have out there. that's exactly what we're going to have over the next 12 hours. i think temperatures tonight could dip down into the single digi and teens.
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windchills may be below zero in some of the area overnight tonight. especially off toward the west. we're looking at sunshine, cloud cove as well. temperatures well below average, they're not just well below average, we were 20 degrees below average today. that is sin credible for this time of year, 26 the current temperature out there. windchill at 12. the wind out of the northwest at 21 miles per hour, winds are still gusting upwards of 30 to 40 mes an hour. 25 in manassas. it's not just the temperatures, it the wind. look at the winds, gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour right now. we're going to continue to see these winds overnight tonight. that's why we have a wind advisory in effect through 10:00 tonight for just about the entire area, potential for winds upwards of 45 miles per hour. at least a 20 to 30 mile an hour sustained winds. that's what we're seeing out there. i said below zero. we're close to zero now. 4 degrees in hagerstown, 10 in
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frederick. seven in sterling and five back toward winchester. that's why we have that windchill advisory for portions of our area. windchills could be between minus 10 and mine us 5 degrees, especially in some of the higher mountains out there. watch out in that area, an extremely cold night. no matter where you are. satellite and rar showing what's happening. we still have lake effect snows. today they're a little to the north of us. last night we had a littleake effect band right around d.c. and the potom. that did cause problems early this morning. some areas picking up accumulating snows. windy and cold today. that's been the story of the st couple days. it will continue to be the story tomorrow. then things are going to change a little bit. this is why. here comes an area of l pressure. you know we have the cold air in place. any time you add moisture, you get snow. that's what i think we're going to get during the day on thuray. it's not going to be a lot snow.
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depending on the track of this, some areas could pick up 1 to 2 inches from this. we're going to watch this system closely. it will move off by late thursday night. how much snow will we see? we're going to have to wait and see what track that continues to take. coming up at 11:00, i will show you what i think as far as the snow totals it go. 22 to 25 degrees. tomorrow morning, look at these numbers. 15 to 18 degrees. windchills between minus 5 and plus 5. and that's even in d.c. with winds gusting upwards of 35 miles an hour, as we move through the day tomorrow. partly sunny, win a cold. it's still going to feel like the teens all day long as we move on through the four-day forecast. pretty good chance of snow on thursday, frid and saturday. we're in the upper 30s. but it's still 10 degrees below average. >> accumulating snow, you think? >> i think so, especially from the district south. we're going to have to watch
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this one very closely. >> thank you, doug. starting today, all westin resorts will offer a little something extra to its guests complimentary running gear. the chain is teaming up with new balance. women can get shoes, shorts even a sports bra. westin says it will clean the shoes and presumably everything else inside and out. >> i should hope so. >> check in and go running. work out a little while y're staying at westin. still to come, the case of the jaed founder of wikileaks tas a twist. he's asking a court to let him out on bail. and a good samaritan, a woman comes to the rescue of a police officer when a suspect starts resisting arrest. st with us.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly tonight. >> folks who ventured out this morning had the icy streets and sidewalks. as you see, extr salt trucks were called in to treat the roads. our cold spell isn't over just yet. more than a dozen deaths over the past tw days have been blamed on the bitter cold and the harsh contions. the massive system stretches from canadato florida. temperatures are more than 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. >> firefighters in baltimore investigating a firehat killed three adults and three children early this morning. high winds fuelled the flames and forced firefighters to retreat from fighting the fire from inside the structure. >> president obama's tax cut compromise is expected to pass
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the senate tonight and move on to the house. house democrats are still angry about the estate tax breaks for thextremely wealthy. they are ultimately expected to pass the measure in time to prevent a tax hike. >> wiki weeks founder julian sange is one step closer to jail. he's wanted in sweden for questioning on sexual assault charges. a british judge granted him bail until his next extdition hearing. assange was not immediately released. stephae gosk has the latest from london. >> julian assangeas granted bail of $315,000 in a courtroom in london. supporters cheered the decision. but assange will not be released pendin an appeal by swedish authoritie the challenge will be heard in british high court sometime in the next few days. >> they want to put mr. assange through more trole, more expense, more hurdles.
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they clearly will not spare any expense but to keep mr. assange in jail. >> if they se the appeal, the founder of the website that has released thousands of classified s. documents online will be released. but he will not be able to roam free. there are restrictions to his bail, he has turned in his passport, will have to check in with police dai and have to wear an electronic tag. a wealthy supporter has offered up his 600 acre mansion to the 39-year-old while he he and his legal team fight extradition to sweden. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. >> in the stunning case in dayton, ohio, a police officer got a helping hand from a good samaritan. this all started as aoutine traffic sto jonathan cedar pulled the car over because it had a missing headlight. the driver of the car became belligerent, resist add rest and began to fight. during the struggle, coleman
4:31 pm
tried to grab the officer's gun and taser. a woman passing by ran up and beat coleman in the head. the woman is credited for stopping what could have been a deadly situation. coleman is facing a lot of charges. dramatic dashcam video on a highway in ohio. the car slammed into the vehicle thatas stopped on the side of the road. that car hit the police officer, and the man he was talking to. both were injured and both were taken to the hospital. but ey are expected to be okay. twitter has become the water cooler of the 21century. so what was the buzz for 2010? the gulf oil spill, theorld cup, the movie "inception" and the earthquake in haiti.
4:32 pm
the incoming president of brazil runs second behind justin bieber about what you're tweeting about. youtube has rolled outts year ender list. the top 10 most watched videos of 2010. ♪ >> internet superstar antwaan dodson topped the list, the attempted rape of his sister during a home invasion became viral after it was remid into the bad intruder song. >> a group of wise crackers made it to number four. the musical parody group tick top made it to number twoon the list. grayson chance singing lady
4:33 pm
gaga's hit on the ellen show. your man could smell like old spice commercials. if you were wondering, justin bieber made it to number nine on the li after surprising a young fan on the jimmy kimmel show. his muse sick number one on the most watched music list for 2010 and the most watched video in youtube's history. can you believe that? justin beeber is pretty hot. >> he is hot. i'm hearing the same on the street, especially with kids. more to come on news 4 at 4:. what type of man appeals to rich women? that story is coming up. we want to hear from you as part of our 12 days of giving. today we're focusing o so others might eat. the number to callis 202-686-nbc 4. give them a call if can you give
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to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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today we're focusing on the wonderful work of so others might eat. a soup kitchen that started out 40 years ago. now serving the needs of many of the homeless and disadvantaged in washington. we're taking your call at this hour at 202-686-nbc4. in the meantime, i want to introduce you to a wonderful
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woman. employee with so others might eat. you didn't start out that way. >> i came through a treatment program five years ago, after being homeles needed some help, didn't know which way to turn, and decided to see what theyad to offer and realized they had a lot. >> they had a lot to offer you, and you tookdvantage of it. you went from the treatment program to working for them? >> yes. >> tell me the kind of work you're doing. >> right now i am the front desk manager and administrative asstant of behavioral health services. i manage and supervise the young ladies at the front desk that work in the dental medical clinic and i also do administrative work in behavioral health services. >> how do you like it? >> i like it. it has it's moment where is it
4:38 pm
can be stressful. but for the most part, i enjoy what i do. i get to see people come through the doors just like me, get help and know th if they keep coming back and getting our services, that one day their lives will be on track. >> their lives will change too? >> yes. >> can change. >> you were woing with clients who need medical help. and in this economy, you're getting more people than ever who are coming in because they need tsee a doctor. >> not only a doctor, a dentist. and, you know, sometimes mental health issues people may have. we are seeing -- the numbers are staggering nowadays of the amount of people that we get. and families now more so than ever. i've been there for three ars. and i'm seeing more and more families come in. >> you obviously are doing a lot of work for a lot of people. and you ed a lot of help? >> yes, lots andots and lots of help. >> any little amount can lp.
4:39 pm
any little thing your time, anything you request possibly give, donations, monetary and nonmonetary donations would be great. >> you're great. >> thank you. >> tha you so much. keep up the good work. >> i will. >> you're an inspiration to a lot of folks. >> thank you so much. >> if u can help them, they will take your help gratefully, call our phone bank volunteers at 202-686-nbc 4. help somebody out with this cold weather. it's difficult to get the homeless in outside of the cold they'd rather stay in the cold than gto a shelter. >> yes. that's not good. >> no, it's not good. when news 4 at 4:00 rurns, hollywood kic off its awards season. >> black swan. the fighter. inception. the king's speech. the social network. >> find out who's up for a golden globe award. and it's no secret airlines
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are raking in the dough because of the fees they charge. find out about aew one before you book your next flight.
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heads up everyone about a new rline fee you may encounter the next time you book a fight. continental charge a fee so you can lock in ticket prices for up to a week. the fees sta at $5 for a three-day hold but go up from there. the price is determined by a lot of factors, for instance, where and when you're going and how long you need to put that ticket on hold. >> they're going to start charging you to heat the plane, which is goi to be a problem the next couple days. >> fees i wouldn't mind paying. >> for sure. i mean, the heat is definitely on everywhere. it is cold outside. not just cold, we're looking at some of the coldest numbers not just so far this season, but really so far in the last couple years. we've only seen high temperatures in the 20s three times in the last six years in the month of december. amazing that we have it out there right now. high today so far, 28 degrees, we're currently sitting at 26 degrees, with the windchill up 12. look at the numbers down to 21
4:44 pm
already in hagerstown, 23 in sterling. out toward leonardtown. when you add in the wind, ill upwards of 30 to 35 miles an hour in some locations. the wind is really what makes it cold. the windchill down to in hag hagersto hagerstown. 12 in annapolis. 10 in waldorf. the warmest windchill on this map, 17 in culpepper. that's not good. high pressure currently over the area, that an arctic area of high pressure, windy and cold overnight tonight. windy and cold during the day tomorrow. watch what happens thursday. an area of low pressure moves through. i think this will provide parts of the area with snow. best chance from the washington area, really 270 down to the south, north of that,aybe not a whole lot, but we're going to be watchg this one closely, if it does come a little further to the north, then everybody would get in on the action, and we
4:45 pm
coulsee some accumulating snow. right w i'm thinking 1 to 2 inches, we're going to continue to refine that. it will fall on very cold ground. it will stick immediately on thursday. this evening, mostly clear, windy and cold. 22 to 25 degrees, ndchills between 5 to 15. tomorrow morning mostly clear, windy and very cold. windchills tomorrow between minus 5 and plus 5. temperates 15 to 18 degrees, the winds will still be howling. for the day tomorrow, high temperatures 28 to 32 degrees, at least we get close to the freezing mark. windchills between 10 and 18. it's not going to feel much better than it felt out there today. chance of snow on thursday. i have it as a 50% chance. high thursday of 32. friday and saturday, high temperatures around 39 degrees. on sunday, we're going to watch another system that could bring us a chance for snow. some of the computer modelant to bring us a lot of snow. right now, i think this system will try to stay off the coast, that's the pattern, the trend
4:46 pm
coming up this winter, off the coast storms, i think it will stay off the coast. we're going to have to watch that one closely. right now, sunday we'll continue to watch as well. >> all right. >> it's wintertime. >> not officially winter, right? >> no, we don't sta that for another seven days. >> what's in a date in this case. >> really. >> thank you, doug. hollywood awards season kicked off today with nominatis for the 68th annual golden globes. and one movie in particular has a number of chances to win and win big. mark barger shows us some othe movies in the running. ♪ >> reporter: a film about a king's battle to overcome a speech impediment led the way at this morning's golden globe nomination. >> i know the algorithalorithm.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: the category also includes "the social network," "127 hours" and "the fighter." that film also brought mark walberg a nomination for best actor. along with colin firth, ryan gosling. michelle williams is among the nominees for best actress. she's joined by halle berry, nicole kidman, jennifer lawrence and natalie portman. alice in wonderland leads the contenders for best comedy or musical. it also brought johnny depp a nomination. angelina jolie is nominated as is the film itself. the kids are all right is also up for best comedy or musical.
4:48 pm
the song and dae show "burlesque" rounds out the nominees for best comedy or musical. the awards will be hand out january 16th. mark barger, nbc news. coming up on news 4, a security breach at a fast food company puts some persal information of customers at risk. > tonight at 5:00, breaking news. a virginia man is accuses of posting threats aimed at metro, how he got caught and what investigators are saying about your safety on the transit system. out with the old and to the 21st century. we'll tell you where this d.c. high school is getting a major makeover. a local county courthouse has major sces and the christmas tree to celebrate the season. that's not the only display you'll see here. what els will be showing up this holiday seaso
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the fda will again look into silver fillis, officials decided after previous investigations that the mercury infused fillings did not pose a health threat. four consumer advocacy groups find the fillings can cause brain conditions like
4:52 pm
alzheimer's disease. security breach at the golden arches may have put your personal information at risk. a subcontractor may have mishandled the database. cuomers gave t company that information when they signed up for on line promotions. a new study shows rich women like their mates a little olr. one newspaper has dubbed it the clooney effect. rich women shop for george clooneys much like rich men do for super models. where as rich men go for young blondes. rich women like aittle salt and pepper in the hair. it's not that they don't factor in looks. we understand they do, apparently. it's just that rich women in their survey, like the older
4:53 pm
virile sean connery types. >> okay. >> i was waiting for your comment on that. >> i like salt and pepper. but i'm not rich. tackling some tough issues like cyber bullying and se
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move over couch potatoes, make way for cyber surfers. for the first time ever we're spending as much time surfing the internet as watching television. that comes to about 13 hours a week. it's not that tv watching is down so much as online habits are way, way up. we wish the mercury were way, way up, but it isn't. doug has the latest on our weathe >> normally this te of year, we say, hey, head down to florida. they're dealing with some of their coldest numbers in years as well. wee going to continue to see extremely co temperatures. not only right through the next couple days, but into the next week, i think at least maybe right through christmas. that's how much cold air could be in place. out there right now, we have partly cloudy skies. i did say christmas. that's two weeks away.
4:57 pm
26 degrees the current temperature, wind out of the northwesat about 21 miles an hour, the windchill is 12 right now, and look at the dewpoints. 2 degrees, that's a very dry atmosphere, i'm sure you can feel it on your skin, in your eyes, i'm sure you can feel it in your hair as well. 23 in frederick,21 in martins berg, west virginia. winchester coming in at 20 degrees. down to the south, you're coming in around 25 and 26 degrees. around 24 right now at the andrews air force base. also at andrews air force base, look at the windchill. the current windchill is 9 degrees, manassas, leonardtown all around 9 degrees. winchester coming in with a wichill of 4 degrees. if the winds continue to stay up, and i think they will, we're going to see some areas below ro. especially toward hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester.
4:58 pm
we could all see windchills below the zero mark there. windchill advisory through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. no longer a wind advisory in effect. that does not mean we will not see strong winds. winds will be gusting up to 20 miles an hour tonight. winchester out toward frederick county, virginia. warren county, page county, shenandoah county. all seeing windchill advisories. madison county toward the southwest as well. windchills below zero in frederick county. that's the first time we'v seen that in quite some time. your good night wakeup forecast. 19 by 11:00, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, we're looking at temperatur around 18 degrees, this is only the third time we have seen temperatures this cold this early in the season. as far as december is concerned. by 7:00 a.m., we're looking at 18 degrees as well. let's take a look at graphic 18,
4:59 pm
23 we could. that's the radarpicture. right now, currently nothing to show on that radar picture. we're going to continue to see clear excise around the area, i think. and -- do we have the radar? >> okay. because we will continue to watch out for that over the next couple days. if we do see snow, it would be during the day thursday. we're going to be watching out for that very closely. live digital doppler radar. not showing anything, last night we were talking about lake effect snows thatere making their way through the area. some of the lake effect snows came right through the areas. southern montgomery county, we saw them in sthern frederick county, right on through northwest washington where some areas did see a coating on the roadways. that did cause problems earlier. as can you see, we are not dealing with that across our area. what is the forecast looking like, let's go bac to the graphics now, can you see this evening, we're looking at mostly clear skies, windy and very cold conditions. windchills between 5 and 15 degrees.


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