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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 14, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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messages on cebook and contacted authorities. it was his facebook page that drew him to the attention of the fbi. during a facebook chat from his arlington, virginia home he said he could place a pipe bomb under a sewer head in georgetown at rush hour to produce the greatest number of caslties. court documents went on to say he further stated that the third and fifth cars in the metro trains had the highest number of commuters on them, and he could place pipe bombs on these locations and would not be noticed. his family has lived in arlington for many years. neighbors say th are shocked. >> they are good people. i was so shock ed.
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>> eunice's facebook profile reportedly contained a picture of a pipe bomb. >> pictures of the metro were taken in preparation forhe attack. the plan appeared unsophisticated and undeveloped. let's turn to our weather. school districts were either closed or they opened two hours late. they have to deal with strong winds. the worst is maybe yet to come, doug kammerer is in the weather center with the latest. >> the worst yet to come earlier today we did see some snow.
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it was early this morning, it did pose a lot of problems, especially around northwest washington where we did see a dusting snow. that dusting came on temperatures that were below freezing and any time you have that, there are is no melting of that snow. can you see it there, it did pile up on the roadways, it did cause problems this morning. i drove through midnight this morning. not too many problems. have you to slow down a little bit andake it in stride. 24 degrees, the current temperature out there right now. windchill, how about ten degrees. that's the current windchill around the area. lo at the numbers. manassas coming in at 21 degrees. the current windchills in the d.c. are 10. sterling out toward herndon, ashburn. 4 degrees in winchester coming in with a windchill of2. i think we can easily see numbers below zero tonight as far as those windchills are concerned. we're gog to be talking more about that, plus there are two chances of rain in the forecast.
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wind and how much. i'll show you coming up in my full forecast in a little bit. >> thanks, doug. the senas expected to pass president obama's tax cut compromise later tonight. the measure isxpected to meet tougher opposition in the house. they'll vote for, but they don't have to like it. steve handlesman joins us with the latest. >> the late set maybe tonight. if it happens, it will look like bipartisanship, which sometimes up here comes from warm and fuzzy or patriotic feelings. most of the time comes when both parties up here for different reasons happeno want the same thing. th's what's happening maybe tonight on taxes in the senate. >> there's rare unity on on side of congress. >> this senate will overwhelmingly pass this package. >> most members in both parties back the obam tax compromise. some reluctantly.
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>> we had to move forward on this. >> we'll help economic growth, job creation. >> democrats get unemployment benefits extended and social security taxes cut. but almost unnoticed,he bill benefits corn growers and ethanol blenders, oil companies with special tax breaks. rum makers get breaks and nascar. thanks to friendly lawmakers. >> you get a person wit enough seniority that they can use their political muss ilin town to slip this into the bill while it's being drafted. >> house democrats a outraged er a bigger issue. a huge tax break for the country's mega rich. the old rate was 55%, the new rate just 25%. >> we're going to borrow $10
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billion a year. all the american people are going to borrow that money to give 6,000 families a tax break who are already doing quite well, thank you very much. how many jobs will that create? zero. >> reporter: the will be a battle in the house. >> democratic leaders are predicting in the senate maybe tonight, may push to tomorrow. and in the house, probablyater this week that the obama tax compromise bill will pass. live from the hill i'm steve handlesman, news 4. >> thank you, steve. also on the hill today, senators on both sides of the aisle took a moment to remember ambassador holbrook. the admire ambassador passed away after surgery for a tear in his aorta. his service career began in vietnam in 1962. he served under every democric president since john f. kennedy.
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>> when you talked to him, he engaged u because of his deep commitment and love of work, and understanding that diplomacy is understanding not war. >> he continued his efforts to help afghanistan and rern to power. >> ambassador holbrook was 69 years old. an emotional day for friends and family of silvi cache. her wake ended a few moments ago. her body was found last week in an upsle manhattan hotel room. she graduated from marry mount university in arlington. her boyfriend has been charged with her murder. six people including three children are dead after strong winds helped fuel a house fire until baltimore that happened st before 5:00 this morning.
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firefighters say they were inside but were forced to evacuate because of the high wind gusts intensifying the flames. it spread to three other homes before they could put it out. and that's when firefighters searched and discovered the six bodies inside. relatives identified them as an elderly couple, their daughter and her three children. it's not clear if the home had a working smoke detector. the man who shot and killed a popular hip-hop music producer will be behi bars for a very long time. sentenced today to 140 years. it brought a sense of satisfaction to the victim's family. >> justice is served, he is serving the me he should be serving for the rest of his life. >> it took more than four years, today at the prince georges county courthouse. danielle brown says she got the justice she was looking for.
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danielle brown. the widow of well known music producer raymond scotty brown. gunned down in his mitchellville neighborhood back in octob 2006. killed by a guy who was trying to steal the wheels off his chryslercar. danielle brown says that day changed her life forever. >> it broke me. there would be months at a time when i wouldn't even come out of the house. i would sleep all weekend. i would cry, i would wakeup, have nightmares. it was unbelievable to me that somebody would take a life over a set of wheels and not give a second thought to it. >> the gunman, the killer, jamaal alexis, sentencedoday to 140 years in jail.
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linda brown is the victim's mother. >> i'm still dealing with the fact that he's not -- >> that's all i have to say. i wanted to thank the people that brought this nightmare to a close for me. >> this was a complex criminal investigation that took years to piece together. >> it took a while for the police to put the case ogether. it took a while to get the trial done. justice delayed wasn't justice denied here. >> convicted killer jamaal alexis is 24 years old. he'll be eligible for parole in 2080, when he's 94. i'm pat collins, news 4, prince georges county. coming up, wikileaks founder beg held on sex charges tonight. but some big stars are offering up thousands of dollars to bail him out. army doctor goes to court maryland.
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he's refusing to deploy to afghanistan because he claims president obama is not a natural born american. the golden globe nominations kick off the hollywood awards season. lindsay, what's happening in sports tonight? >> just ahead, we go live to verizon center to preview the wizards and lakers game. bruce boudreau gets defensive about job security. and a
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forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future
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but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retrement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free us retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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julian assange was in court in london today for a bail hearing. he was arrested a week ago because prosecutors in sweden want to question him on a sexual assault charge. ter a week in jail, today's hearing went the way he wanted
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but his release did not last long. stephanie goskreports. >> reporter: julian assange was granted bail of $315,000 in a courtroom today in london. supporters outside the courthouse cheered the decisi, but assange will not be released pending an appeal by swedish authorities. the challenge will be heard in british high court sometime in e next few days. >> theyen watt to put mr. assange through more trouble, more expense, morehurdles. they clearly will not spare any expense but to keep mr. assange in jail. >> if they lose the appeal, the founder of the website will be released. but he will not be able to roam free. there are restrictions to his bail, he's turnedn his pass port will have to check with police daily and wear an electronic tag. won't be too miserable. a wealthy supporter has offered up his 600 acre mansion in
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southern england to the 39-year-old while he and his legal team fight extradition to sweden. controversial american filmmar michael moore has contributed $20,000 toward a bail fund for assange. if wikileaks had existed in 2002, the s. may not have gone to war in iraq. at ft. meade today an army surgeon who refused to deploy to afghanistan pleaded guilty. terence lincoln acknowledged in a military court he failed to port to ft. campbell kentucky for a second deployment to afghanistan. he says president obama is not a natural born american and, therefore, not legally his commander in chief. colonel lincoln is facing a court-martial on a second charge and could face up to 18 months in prison. it's more likely he will be
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discharged from the army instead. >>steny hoyer says a stand alone bill to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy will be brought to the house floor soon. that bill was introduced today by patrick murphy, a democrat from pennsylvania. the measure is similar to one the senate sponsod by senator's joe lieberman and sue kohlens. the house already passed a bill that approved an amendment that repealed gays serving openly in the military. scientists believe they may have discovered a key factor to prevent middle aged women from gaining weight. at least 300 drivers are stranded in a brutal snowstorm and snow plows were stopped cold as well. that will be back wit more on what we could be seeing around these parts. good evening, we have big delays all around the area.
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tyson jammed up 123, beltway, you name it. a lot of people trying to get out to holiday shopping. georgia avenue is also a mess. northbound we had low hanging wires. they blocked two lanes and as you can see, they're not going anywhere fast. if you're traveling along 95, heavy out of springfield. those days stretch through woodbridge. if you're planning a trip on the capital beltway, you most certainly doave company. big delays. no major
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montgomery county invested more than $160,000 to develop a high-tech computer system that will let residents know if it's safe to drive when it snows. you simply log on to the county
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website, click on the link and type your address. while you're online, you can check out images om 190 cameras set up at intersections that will show the road throughout the county. >> if we can just see what those roads are going to look like on thursday a maybe on sunday. >> these a the two days we're worried about now. >> if you could come up with an app for that, i would praise you and that would be fantastic. >> you could e-mail me down at my house and in the caribbean. >> that's one place it is warm. because in florida it's not warm at all. i talked to some people on my fa facebook page. everybody is feeling the deep freeze. especially our area right now. windchills could be below zero. some place that's going to be below zero. southwestern ontario. this exact same storm brought
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them a tremendous amount of snow and made people -- 300 people stranded on the roadways. have we not heard enough abou people stranded on the roadways so far this year? look at that. a jackknifed semitruck went off the road. we haven't had anything like that to deal with, no blizzards, so far this year. again my forecast, my prediction is that we're not going to see any blizzards all winter long. that's the goo news. we also predicted a very cold start to the winter. that's what we have out there right now. high temperature today only 28 deees. we did not get above 30 today. this does not happen very often to see high temperatures only reach the upper 20s. that's what we're dealing with now. right now 24 degrees. windchill is 10 degrees. that's jut how cold it is outside. the wind blows on right through you. with the gusts, we're seeing windchills lower than that. the current temperature 21 in
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manassas. down toward fredericksbu, you're looking at 25 degrees. you add in the wind. still gusting over 40 miles an hour, 24 right now, manassas, 29 toward la plata. wind of about 30 miles an hour. look what you get with that, you get windchills in the single digits. it feels like four in martinsburg. 9 in quantico, 11 in annapolis. you add in the wind gusts andit puts the windchills below zero. i think we're going to see that overnight tonight as well. that's why we have the windchill visory. it does include our highland area out there toward western portions of virginia and most of west virginia. windchills around minus 10 to minus 5 degrees. it will be brutay cold here with winds gusting upwards of 40 to 50 miles an hour. for us, we will see windchills at or maybe a little above zero. you don't hear us say that very often.
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northwesterly winds still showing the snow coming off the great lakes. we don't have it today, we did have it earlier this morning, as we showed you some of that video. one thing we do have, windy and coldtemperatures, that's going to stick around. high pressure around our region right now, we'll start to dive down to the south. as it does, we're going to stay cold, the winds relax b late in the day thursday. that's going to give way to another storm system. this system will come through the region. this will be very weak and quick storm system. we could see maybe one or two inches. this is not going to be a big snowstorm. with temperatures well below freezing for the last couple days, it could cause oblems. watcout out there, we'll continue to watch it for you. mostly clear for tomorrow morning. windy, very cold. minus 5 to plus 5 degrees with
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windchills. windchills between 10 and 18 all day. another brutally cold day. another chance of snow coming up on thursday. it'sooking better and better. friday and saturday, a little bit warmer, so that snow will thaw on friday and saturday. highs around 39. and there's that chance osnow coming up on sunday. right now i think the storm system will go off to the east. we have to put it in there just in case. >> you're staring at your radar? >> thanks, doug. still ahead, d.c. mayor vincent gray takes atrip down memory lane in an offer to revilize his alma mater. >> i'm the one fighting, okay? not you, not you. the complete list of golden globe nominees. president obama just signed the telework bill.13 centers inn
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area have been told their funding will soon disappear. i'll explain coming up. capitals coach bruce boudre talks aut his frustration with the team's losing stak. the redskins hand out a pink
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an arlington county man is under arrest, charged with making threats to bomb metro. court documents show eunice was arrested december 6th. the stlets were allegedly made on a facebook chat. >> the senate is expected to pass president obama's
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bipartisan tax compromise tomorrow. the measure will then move on to the house where democrats are signalling they need some changes. jamaal alexis was sentenced to 149 years behind bars today for the murder of a popular hip-hop producer. raymond brown was shot four years ago. he was murdered when they chased a man who was trying to steal the wheels of his car. hundreds of federal workers who enjoy a substantially shortened commute may be joining the rush hour congestion once again. 13 workers are losing their funding. this comes at a time when the government is supposed to be encouraging teleworking more than ever. >> reporter: malkohl am mccloud hits the road at 4:15 a.m. on the days he commutes into waington, d.c.. two days a week, there's a reprieve, he works just ten minutes from home at this gsa
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funded telework center. the general services administrationas rectly put the centers on notice. funding will end in march. most will be forced to close. >> it was a surprise and a bit of a shock. i'm very disappointed, as i have enjoyed the telework concept and the telework center. >> the announcement comes just as barack obama signed the telework bill designed dramatically increase the number of federal employees who telecommute. but a gsa spokesman says in tight budget times the centers cost too much. $3 million a year for 300 people. frank wolfs a long-time advocate of teleworking. but he says advances in technology means the centers are no longer necessary. and the goal of the bill is to get workers off the road all together to have them work at home. >> everyone now can telework. again, internet, wifi, laptop, skype. the technology has so
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revolutionized this, you don't need the telecommute centers. >> reporr: but there is still a need for the facilities. >> currently we do have a few interested parties who want to help us continue to maintainhe telework centers. again, they are a great asset for the local communities. that way these folks don't have to drive up north every day. >> at least two centers have found alternate funding. the fairfax county center and another in winchester will be able t stay open. a group that oversees safety in the metro system has new power. the tristate oversight committee makes regular safety inspections. top officials have now agreed to suspend or cancel their funding of metro's frastructure cost. the man accused of
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kidnapping a virginia girl after the murder of her mother has waived extradition to the commonwealth. jerey easley is charged with kidnapping and credit card fraud in the disappearance of brittany smith. authorities issued an amber alert for the 12-year-old last week after her mother was murdered in their home. an alert woman spotted brittany in a california grocery store and called police. >> him for a second but mainly her. and the hair on my arms stood up and we never took our eyes off each other. formally she'd look away or i would look away. i just couldn't. it may be the girl from virginia, the situation doesn't look right. >> her instincts were correct. police moved in quickly. easley will likely be returned to virginia in the next 48
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hours. dunbar high school once had beautiful building, and it was known for its academic excellence. the recent decades have not been kind. that's about to change. tom sherwood reports. >> this was the classic dunbar high school built in the early 1900s. the city's first black high hool and a beacon of academic excellence for decades. names after paul lawrence dunbar. >> mayor elect vincent gray was a proud graduate from the old school in 59, well before it was replaced in the 1970s with hulking skin windowless concrete. windowless architectural style that closed in students and turned its backs son the neighborhood. >> this was nothing but a prison with open space >> reporter: mayor fenty and a tree gray announced tey would
6:35 pm
construct a modern campus for 1200 students while the original site of the dunbar school. >> we want our students and teachers to go to schools that are statof the ar it sends a tremendous message to our students and families when we're able to send them to buildings that befit the kind of education we think they deserve. >> current student who is suffered the concrete version welcome the new school. >> we'll be coming to the school, we wish we had this and that. the schools looked like this and that. i'm grateful. >> i think the new school will be a great environment forthe upcoming students and the upcoming class. i'll be able to go to this school. >> the new school should be ready in 2013. tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> students will be stang in the old building while the new building is being constructed. >> it looks pretty nice, doesn't it? it looks lovely. a lifestyle that can help
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you keep pounds off throu middle age. navigating thenew high-tech reality of texting and the many pitfalls lurking out there for teens.
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hello, everybody,and welcome back. temperatures out there right now on the cold side. 24 degrees, the current temperaturwith the windchill of 10. and we could see some numbers below zero tonight as far as the windchill is concerned. actual temperatures down to 15 in frederick. 15 in winchester. ght now, 17 in upper marlboro. tomorrow, 32 in the district. it will stay on the windy side. windchills will be between 10 and 18 degrees to the north and west staying below that 30 degree mark again.
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we've sign a lot of extremes over the past year. we saw blizzards last winter, we saw extreme heat this winter, and now we're in for a lot of cold out there. mother nature has it in for us, i think. also some snow in the forecast. i'll show you what i'm talking about coming up in a few minutes. >> the little windies are gettina workout. the nominations for the 68th annual golden globe awards are out. and there's one movie ahead of the pack leading with a total of 7 nominations. >> ma barger has more. ♪ >> reporter: a film about a king's battle to overcome a speech impediment led the way this morning. the king's speech earned seven nominations overall including best drama and best actor for col colin firth.
6:41 pm
the social networkand 127 hours were also nominated. >> i'm the one fighting, okay? >> the fighter also brought mark walberg a nominaon for best actor in a drama. the field includes jesse eisenberg for "the social network" james franco for "127 hours" and ryan gosling for "blue valentine." michelle williams is among the nominees for best actress. she's joine by halle berry, nicole kidman for "rabbit hole" and natalie portman for "black swan." >> it's huge. >> alice in wonderland leads the contenders for best comedy or musical. angelina jolie is also nomina d nominated. "the kids are all right" is also in the field for best comedy musical. with nominations for annette bening and juln moore.
6:42 pm
the awards will be handed out january 16th. mark barger, nbc news. >> a lot of catching up to do. >> yeah. the redskins aren't the only team suffering out there. losing is beginning to wear on the capitals as well. a homecoming of sorts for a member of the two-time defending champion the lakers.
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we're waiting to hear wh happens at redskins park tonight. >> the wizards are trying to snap out of it after losing four straight games tonit. they face a familiar opponent. the los angeles lakers and wizards. the wizard hope to keep it close. before we talk about a lakers player familiar with the territory verizon center, why are you wearing all purple? >> i didn't even think about it
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today. it only seems worse becau i forgot my jaet. and i'm surrounded literally by lakers fans. they're everywhere. i'm looking right, strait ahead and looking left. there are nothing but kers fans. one new very popular player on this lakers team, especially to lakers fans ithe area has to be steve blake. he w a national championship as a college player at the university of maryland and he went to the lakers with the hopes of doing the same thing, winning an nba title. he's the consummate blue guy. drafted by theizards in 2003. he was allowed to leave as a free agent to go to the blazers. bounced around and then was a hot mmodity, he signed a four-year,16 million deal with l.a. i caught i with him in the locker room a few minutes ago, thisuy couldn't be happier to be part of a franchise ere winning is truly a habit. >> why do you feel like it's worked so well?
6:47 pm
because you're so -- like chameleon? >> i think it's worked we with the team. they get you in the right positions. coaches realize where you need to be. i do my job and knock down shots. be a good basketball player. >> fil question. is it different when you're on a team this good, and you know you have a legitimate shot at a ring? >> yeah, every night you know you can win. i mean -- you just take your game to another level when you're playing with players. for coach jackson they try the offense. really good for us as a team. it's a great opportuni. a lot of press, every night. and we always get the team's best shots. it's fun. >> lakers point guard steve blake said he had extra time in town o this road trip. he paid gary williams a visit at the university of maryland. one final note for the wizards
6:48 pm
tonight. they will belaying without andray blatche and john wall. it will be a tough road to home if they're going to win this one. we'll save a seat for you on press row. >> all right, i'll be down there. go borrow someone's jacket in thelocker room. sometimes teams can gelber through losing streaks than they do when they're winning. the capitals are going through a rough spot right now. theongest during bruce boudreau's tenure as head coach. usually when a swap happens, people question whether a chge would ke a difference. today bruce boudreau showed his frustration when asked about his security. >> i knew you were goi to ask that question. i don't think about it at all. it is what it is. >> and we have a great group. i'm not going t ask such a dumb question. i hate losing, you know? i mean, it's something that weighs on me, because i take it
6:49 pm
personally. i think have a big part with this team. you don't like what's going on, i do believe in everybody in the room that it's -- we're going to get out of it. >> that was bruce boudreau frtrated, obviously, because the losses are mounting. he got a little heated. the capitals will snap their losing streak wednesday at home against the ducks. after sunday's game in which redskins kicker missed two field goal attempts and the unit botched the extra points to lose the game. players involved were devastated. it was hunter smith, the 12-year nfl veteran who said if anyone should lose his job it should be him. today they cut hunter smith and signed a new punter. through the nine games he played this season, hunter smith has averaged 40.5 yards per punt. but his mistake in the final seconds against the buccaneers cost him his job. the team decided to part ways after the botched attempt sunday
6:50 pm
when he failed to get a graph on the football. the skins missed that opportunity and milost the game. when i was a star quarterback in maryland, the ravens watched the texans erase the lead. that's when wilson went into overdrive making the biggest ay of the season for baltimor we're in houston, ray lewis and ed reed trying to keep the ravens ithe playoff hunt. meanwhile matt shaw trying to get the texans to the finals for the first time. he finds time, finds the fantastic target in andre johnson, the back of the end zone. unbelievable. caps off a 95-yard drive. texans get the two-point conversion. we're going to overtime tied at 28. texans deep in their own end
6:51 pm
zone. schaub feels the pressure. intercepted by josh wilson. returns it for the game wing touchdown. a huge moment for the former maryland terp. schaub stunned houston faithful. the ormond night game giants and vikings in detroit because of the metrodome roof collapse. the big story was brett favre's consecutive starti streak over at 297 games. he would have to watch this from the sideline. the first time he's done that since 1992. >> i bet he didn't like that feeling. >> not what he wanted to see in the first quarter. his replacement handing off to adrian peterson. they knocked knees and both fall down. peterson and jackson would have to sit out a bit, but they would return. obviously, when you watch brett favre, you think, this can't be going on. second quarter of the game, the giants recover from that
6:52 pm
sluggish start. brandon jacobs, remember what he did against the redskins? down to the minnesota 14 yard line. he would punch it in four plays later for the touchdown, the giants cruise to a win after the game. you can see brett favre pretty upset. you know he wants to be o there. could be the end of his career. >> fortunately. >> he had a great run. >> brett favreis going be back no questions. again and again and again. coming up, a secret santa handing out cash forhe holidays. and for all your nes, be sure to follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on facebook and on twitter.
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forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutl funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortnately, somebody else was. at usaa we pvide rirement solutions for our military, veters and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free aa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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a fright thing situation outside a school board meeting in florida.
6:56 pm
we want to warn you, you may find this video disturbing. a man approached the podium to question sool board members in panama city when he pulled out a gun. our nbc affiliate had a photographer inside that meeting. you can see the gunman fight off school board member before he eventually fires a gun. we'll have more on the situation tonight at 11:00. the weight you gain as an adult could depend on how active you were duringour youth? researchers at nortestern university followed more than 3,000 men and women for 20 years, they discovered that living an active lifestyle as a young adult has benefits that can last through middle age. women who say they were very active gained 13 pounds less than those who didn'tork out much. active men gained six pounds less. anyone who knows teens, knows they stepped a lot of text messages. but while the technology can
6:57 pm
bring lot of opportunities, there can be serious pitfalls. a meeting held here in washington today to try to tack some of those issues. >> i send about 100 texts a day. >> his mom is doing her best to help him manage life with it. >> he doesn't realize what he puts on face book, twitter or that he's even texting, because in the long run could hurt him. >> they're not alone in dealing with the challenges of generation mobile. texting has skyrocketed from 38% in 2008 to 59% in 2009. one in three sends more than 100 texts a day. >> as a matter of fact i bet at least one person in the audience is texting right now.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: cyber bullying and sexting -- >> about 14% of teens say they have sent a nude or seminew age of themselves to someone else. >> reporter: sometimes a good old fashioned fact-filled conversation still works. >> don't just tel us don't text and drive, you know, if youtell us that 80% of teen fatalities are due to distracted driving, we'll get them. >> because the world isn't likely to get any less high-tech. >> how many of youheck social network sites. >> as mobile applications and potential for problems grow. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. a final check on our weather? >> 85 toy, mostly beautiful
6:59 pm
skies. beautiful day. >> where were you. 23 is the current temperature. wouldn't that be nice to go back into late august? right now the windchill 8 degrees, i was telling you we may get close to zero even here in the district. only 8 degrees away from that right now. four in sterling, seven in baltimore. down toward manassas 7 degrees. your four-day forecast showing a good chance of snow on thursday. some areas could see accumulating snow. we'll talk more about in a, i'll give you my snowfall prediction tonight at 11:00. >> we'll be watching. a man has been sneaking up behind people and handing them a christmas card. then he runs away. inside there's some money anywhere from 1 to 50 bucks and a note wishing them a merry christmas and giving them a few ideas on how to spend the money from putting in a bank, going out to dinner, adding some more money


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