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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the bellagio yesterday morning. he pulled up, walked over to the craps table and took the chips. he sped off minutes later and has not been seen since. >> imagine they keep good track of the chips. how is he going to cash them in? >> he couldn't cash them in anywhere else else. he would have to go back to the bellagio. >> news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. caught in the cold. another frigid morning. and tom is tracking what could be the next round of snow. also, foiled by facebook. investigators say online messages led them to a man plotting terror attacksin d.c. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang.
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welcome to this december 15th, 2010. on a bitter cold night,ozens of people were forced out into the bitter cold overnight. fire crews were called to this apartment building in t 400 block of muddy branch road for an electrical issue. when they arrived they realized the problem was caused by a water leak in the basement. fifighters condemned the building after determining it was unsafe. buses were brought to keep the residents warm. there is no word when the residents will be allowed back in. >> oh, that is very rough. >> not the right night. >> a morning like this on a ride-on bus sitting in the cold. >> well, you need to take any precaution you can to get out of the cold. it is ain unusually cold. thanully the winds died down a bit. high pressure moved in, which relaxed our winds. it's 20 degrees, weath watchers are reporting from shaw, buoy, upper marlboro, montgomery village. peak gusts around 30 miles per
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hour. as a result th windchills are still around 10degrees. winds today should be aittle bit better than yesterday. but we still may have isolated gus near 40. a look ou of the west virginia, western maryland. many locations in the low teens. they got more snow out there yesterday. now this morning going back over the last 12 hours we have seen the snow, lake-effect snow machine continuing, coming off lake erie, western pennsylvania, parts of washington, western maryland they have cloud cover and maybe a little more snow today. here we have a clear sky. lots of sunshine. temperatures only reaching 30 degrees. today's forecast will have winds gusting 35 to 40 briefly from time to time. sunrise, 7:19. sunset, 4:47. a look at tomorrow and into th weekend in ten minutes. live pictures ove the american legion bridge. right side of your screen, outer loop. left side, inner loop between
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tysons corner and rockville pike. the latest information, 395 to the 14th street bridge. no concerns. thers the outbound. looking good. capital beltway, south of town, reports of a broken down vehicle on the inner loop between route 1 alexandria and the interchange at telegraph road. starting off quietly >> a northern virginia man is behind bars accused of threatening to bomb the metro system. he posted the threats on facebook. tracee wilkins joins us live in arlington where the man lived. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this all happened after a chat conversation that happen in early december on facebook with a woman where fbi officials are saying that conversation became threatening and eventually got out of hand. these are photos of fbi agents serving warrants at the
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arlington home of 20 something year old awais younis, known as sonny. he explained how he would build a pipe bomb and where to place them in order to have the most casualties. the native of afghanistan had pictures posted on his profile of him in afghanistan holding weapons and posing with explosivess well. one had a quote that said, my family business. now, federal court, ere he was charged with communicating threats, he is now being held pending an investigation. the senate could vote on the bipartisan compromise tax plan. it has strong support in the
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senate and isexpected to pass. it would extend bush-era tax cuts for the highest earners and extend benefits for millions of americans. it would ee the estate tax, which would benefit the heirs of the wealthiest americans. we're going to borrow $10 million a year, all the american people are going to borrow that money, to give 6,000 families a tax break, who are already doing quite well, thank you very much. how many jobs will that create? zero. goose eggs. none. >> house democratic leaders want to bring back the 2009 estate tax levels, ich could jeopardize the house passage. states are moving ahead with a new health care law striking down a key measure. this week officials from 46 states are coming into the nation's capital to discuss setting up the newly created
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state-based insurance exchanges. a virginia judge ruled part of the new health care plan that requires everyone to purchase insurance is unconstitutional, saying congress does not have the power to do that. the white house is appealing that decision. they are trying to move the case directly to the u.s. supreme court. the house of representativing may be soon close to voting on the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. house majority leader steny hoyer said he will bringhat t the house floor soon. that bill stalledn the senate. d.c.-9 is expected to open its doors again tonight. the district's abc ard suspended the liquor license when five employees were arresteded after a manied
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outside that club. the workers chased that man and attacked him after he threw bricks through the window. charges were evtually dropped and the suspension of the club's liquor license ends today >> police need your help in finding a man who shot a woman in prince george's county. jerry williams jr. is accused of attempted murder after a woman surd a gunshot wound on monday in the 7900 bck of oxen hill road. police believe this was the result of a domestic dispute. anyone with information about williams's whereabouts is asked to call prince george's commute. police. the fire started just fore 8:00 last night in the 500 block of garrett a. morgan boulevard in capital heights. when they arrived they found fire spreading up e outside of a three-story hotownhouse. no one was injured and the cause of the fire is still under
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investigation. and a fire tore through one townhouse and spread to two others in largo, maryland. the two-alarm fire started 7:00 last night. and we had mentioned that story. again, those six families have now been splaced and they're looking for someplace else to stay. our time 5:08. a d.c. high school about to be ansformed. the red rolled. who the redskins got rid of after sunday's game >> more snow is headed our direction. weather and traffic after the break.
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news 4 has made changes to its emergency closing system. if you have not received updated information from us in the past six months, or if you want to sign up your school, business or church, please call 202-885-4 3 202-885-4663. time tget up and get dressed and get dressed again and maybe get dressed again. it's a cold morning once again. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. 20 degrees aroundthe region. and we have a clear sky. but the windchills are just near 10 degrees. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per
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hour. highs just near 30. increasing clouds. this time tomorrow morning, a little light snow. perhaps light snow off and on through the day on thursday, quickly ending by afternoon. as far as two inches may fall in areas south of washington. austing to an inch in the tro area. hardly anyone in maryland, except southern maryland. we warm up a little bit. jerry, how is traffic? >> we'll travel into northwest washington, over near washington circle. very quiet. everyone seems to be sleeping in is morning. lucky them. let's see if that's the case elsewhere. south to woodrow wilson bridge. innernd outer loop doing okay. but, again, we did have that vehicle reported broken down on the inner loop between route 1 and teleaph. new york avenue, kenilworth doing feign. southeast-southwest freeway, no
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worries. rails, no delays, no deys, no delays. back to you. it is 5:12, degrees. news 4 today. claims of a medical break through. what one man said cured him of hiv. also ahead, who is reporting that donovan mcnabb may not be the redskins starter this week. >> a lone survivor of a medical heli ♪electronic santa song
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our time is 5:15. here's a look at the top stories we're following. a northern virginia man is accused of making threats on facebook to bomb the metro some. awais younis said you could use pipe bombs to kill people on the
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metro station. the district's abc board suspended dc-9's liquor licse when a man died outside the club in november. a suspension of the club's liquor license ends today. >> the senate is to vote i tax cut compromise that would extend the tax cuts for all americans for two years, extend unemployment benefs and c social security payroll tax. the sole survivor of a medical licopter crash in maland filed a lawsuit against the faa. jordan wells was being flown by medevato the hospital when the chopper crashed in district heights due to foggy weather. she lost her leg. four others on board were killed. air traffic controllers failed to give pilots updates on weather information and did not properly alert paramedics at the scene of the cra. wells has had more than 30
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surgeries >> the federal government is getting ready to go after bp. the justice department is expected to join hdreds of civil lawsuits over the gulfil spill. the lawsuit will likely be filed today. the government will accuse bp of enviroental protection regulations which could trigger billions of dollars worth of fines. doctors say a very unusual blood cell transplant appears to have cured an american man living in berlin with hiv. he had blood stem cell transplant to treat leukemia. it had a gene mutation. now three years later the medical report said the man has no sns of cancer or hiv. doctors are warning people not to get their hopes up because the approach is too risky and impracticato be widely used. once known for academic excellence for african-americans and school grounds, dunbar was given a windowless facade that many considered to be ugly in
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the '70s. that's about to change. mayor fenty and elect gray announced a new campus will be built on the dunbar site. it will house 1200 students, 500 more than it can currently hold. students say they're excited about the makeover. coming to the school. wish we had this and that the school looked like this. >> i think the school will be a great environment for the upcoming students and upcoming clses. i wish i could go to this school. the school should be ready by 2013. a quick start against the reigning champs could not carry the wizards last night. they lost 103-89. without john wall the wizards ultimately just couldn't keep up
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the pace. the highlight was nick young's play off the bench. he had 21 points on the night. ♪ >> the redskins offense may be riding the bench this weekend. the website pro football talk and espn are reporting grossman may start over donovan mcnabb at dallas on sunday. mcnabb was benched in favor of grossman elier this year. kelly johnson says those rumors are not trushgs quoting a team source. grossman and mcnabb have been splitting time at a practice in the past several weeks. some of you will definitely not seen the field hunter smith. the redskins cut him yesterday. he is the first victim of the fallout from sunday's botched snap that cost the redskins a chance to tie the game. santana moss says it's not too much of a surprise considering how the season has gone. >> i feel like hunr has been doing a prettygood job punting
5:20 am
wide. i hope the reason ain't the reason. you know what i mean? at the same time, there's a lot of stuff going on. i hope the best for him. he's a guy that should get another shot somewhere else. >> smith averaged about 40 yards per punt thi season. some say that's the reason why he got cut. that's two yards below h normal average and well down in th pack for nfl kickers. well, it will be a while fore the vikings can return home. next monday night's game against the chicago bears will have to be played at the university of minnesota stadium. the metrodome roof collapsed on sunday, forcing vikings to move their game to detroit. inspector said yesterday that the repairs to the roofould not be finished in time for next week's game >> and the cleanup is under way after a rare tornado touched down in a small oregon town. you can see the damage right
5:21 am
there. trees right on top of that house. strong winds ripped off several roof stops and sctered debris. no injuries reported. this is only the fourth in the past decade in oregon. >> that's a part of the country you don't ar about rnados. >> a big storm hit the pacific northwest yesterday. here, well, we're dealing yet again with another cold stt. right now just near 20 degre weather watchers are reporting from takoma park, chantilly, damascus, clear sky. peak gusts near 40. high today, near 30 degrees. overnight don't, increasingly cloudy. tomorrow morning, 20 degrees. light snow developing from early morning perhaps into afrnoon. a weak area to our south will spread light snow to the d.c. area. much of maryland may not see any snow. a dusting to an inch tomorrow
5:22 am
bu two inches in areas south, fredericksburg, rimond. highs near 30 tomorrow. a bitarmer friday and saturday. here's a look at the weekend. sunday there is a chance from a coastal storm we could get some snow. stay tuned. co into next week. right now things looking pretty good. quiet morning over there. those of you traveling through southeast washington, south capital street, not much at all. everybody seems to be taking an extra five minutes this morning, which we all deserve after yesterday. 66 inbound, no concerns. travel lanes are all open. out to the rails. see if there's anything to worry about. metro, vre, and marc, no early issues. >> thank you, jerry. 5:22. coming up, something to be proud of this morning. new technology that could let you know whether your street is plowed before you even step outside. nationals trying t
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good morning. welcome back. that curly white w found on every nationals jewelry head and piece o fan pair fer nal ya may soon pop up on the metro map. team executis want approval from the neighborhood advisory commission to change the metro station's name to include the w. that's vice president gregory mcahur told the commission
5:26 am
that fans strongly identify with that logo. they will draft resolution which will go to committee, then to metro board members. nation's capital has plnt of catal. washington area is the wealthiest area of the country. our area is more than just wealthy. it is also well educated. five local counties were among 17 in the country with most residents who have at least a bachelor's degree. rich and smart? rich and smart. >> is a good thing. >> so, what am i doing her >> me too. >> 5:26. 23 degrees. why rahm emanuel had had to take the witness stand in chicago. video of a dramatic standoff at a school meeting. what drove a man to open
5:27 am
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messages. i'm eun yang. good morning. i'm joe krebs. it is wednesday, the 15th day of december. there's the sce frozen in space. 23 degrees right now. it is quite cold out there. at least we're not getting any precipitation today. >> i don't know if that's much of a consolation. it's painful to be outside. >> that wind yesterday of just incredible. you couldn't be out in it very much. a saw a postal worker bundled up with a hood. i thought, what a job to have. and construction workers right now are out in this cold weather. theyeal with it somehow. we need to deal with it once again. right now on radar we are getting a few flurries in frederick county just sou of the mountain park there. elsewhere, though, a mostly clear sky this morning. we don't have any difficulty weatherwise. here cally, mostly dry pavement around the entire region. temperatures near 20 degrees, though, om petworth to lanham,
5:31 am
falls church. windchills near 10 degrees. winds are gusting 20 to 25 to 30 miles per hour. and those cold winds will be with us today. they got snow out of the mountains yesterday. there it's only in the teens. over the last 12 hours we have seen this flow continuing north and west. it will be with us today. high pressure should relax the winds a bit. we may still have isolated gust toss 40. by noon time, still below freezing. wind should die down tonight. by this time tomorrow morning, a little light snow. talk about that coming up in 10 minutes. jerry, how is traffic? off we go. mang the trip from west -- oops. got those backwards. i-66 as you begin the commute from fair oaks headed to the capital built way. lanes e open. now to the douglas bridge. south capital street, things are looking good there. i-270 southbound as you begin the commute from frederk, headed down below shady grove
5:32 am
road. something doesn't look right to me. we may have an accident. i'll get back to you. one more stop. no worries. look at that pavement. all nice and dry this morning. joe and eun. out on the rails, one delay, marc brunswick 870, 16 minutes late. joe? >> okay. thank you very much, jerry. a shocking discovery de on facebook. the fbi says a northern virginia man was threatening to bomb the metro system and he talked about it with his facebook friends. this is the second arrest involving a metro threat in just eight weeks. tracee wilkins is in arlington where this recent suspect lived. good morning. >> reporter:ood morning. fbi found out about this man because of the person he was havi the facebook conversation with. she allegethe conversations got it of hand and became threatening at times as well. these are the photos of fbi agents serving a warrant at the arlington home of awais younis.
5:33 am
according to an affidavit, younis described during an online chat on facebook with a woman on how he would build a pipeomb and where he would place them within the metro system and georgetown as well. the woman reported it to the fbi. they got subpoenas to investigate his facebook accoun he had pekts posted on his profile of him in afghanistan holding weapons and posing with weapons. one picture had a quote of "my family business." he's being held pending a mental evaluation. tracee wilkins, live in arlington. >> tracee, thanks very much. the senate is expected to vote todaon a bill that could decide how much you pay in taxes for years to come.
5:34 am
news 4's kimberly suiters is live on the hill with more details on the obama tax plan. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. today at midday the tax package that they negotiated is expected to sail through the senate. earlier in the week there was a test vote. it got massive bipartisan support. republicans in this deal get no tax hike in the top bracket. democrats get unemployment benefits suspended. corn growers, even nascar. but a huge break for the heirs of the super rich. no tax on the first $10 million of inheritance. then a lower rate. that will equate to a $10 billion loss. >> we're gngo borrow $10 billion a year, althe american people are going to borrow that money, to give 6,000 families a
5:35 am
tax break who are already doing kwoit well, thank you very much. how many jobs will that create? zero. goose egg. none. >> reporter: you're going to hear a lot of that as soon as the deal passes the senate and moves to the house. that's where the greatest concerns are for the tax breaks for the wealthy. on the far right you will hear concerns about how much it will increase the deficit. senate republicans are saying to the house look, any anges you might propose could kill this bill. eun, now back to ou. >> kimberly, thank you. states are moving ahead with a new health care law despite a court ruling that struck down a key measure of that ball. frishls 46statesre coming to the nation's capital to talk about the newly created state-based insurance exchans. a virginia governor ruled part the new health care plan that requires everyone to buy
5:36 am
insurance is unconstitutional, saying congress does not have the power to require that. the white house is appealing the decision. meanwhile, they urged to bypass the appeals process and try to move this directly to the supreme court. pennsvania democrats patrick murphy iroduced a stand-alone bill yesterday. house majority leader steny hoyer said he will bring legislation tohe hou floor soon. the house already passed a defense authorization bill. it stalled in the senate. former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel could be back in the hot seat today. he testified for 12 hours yesterday. more than two zen complained he has not lived in the city for a full year, which a candidate must to to be eligible. he and his attorneys contend he did not forfeit his chicago
5:37 am
residency by going to work in washington for two yea. today the northwest washingtonightclub at the center of a death investigation will reopen. dc-9 is expected to open its doors again tonight. the district's abc board suspended the club's liquor license when five employees were arrested after a man died outside dc-9 in october. the workers chased that man and attacked him after he threw bricks in the windows. the charges wre dropped and the liquor license suspension ends today. a fire swept tough a row of town homes. the fire started just before 8:00 last night in the 500 block of garrett and capital heights. firefighters say when they arrived they found fire spreading up to the outside of a three-story town home. the two-arm fire spread to two neighbors town homes. no one was injurednd the cause of that fire is still under investigation.
5:38 am
ahead on news 4, disturbing findings along a popular beach. why police say they mig be looking for a serial killer. waiting for word. why julian assange may receive an annual distinction is just a little while. tom is tracking more 3q
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time for weather and trfic early on this wednesday morning. look at that. beautiful picture there. live picture of the capital
5:41 am
tree. that's about 67 feet tall spruce from the teton mountains of wyoming. what a beautiful tree. and it is cold this morning. you need to layer up once again. temperatures around the region hovering 20 degrees. one flurry along route 13 north of frederick. right now it's just near 20 throughout the entire region. and we have winds gusting a little bit up to 30 miles per hour or so. windchills near 10. blustery day throughout the day. highs near 30. this time tomorrow morning we could have light snow south to north out of virginia, across potomac and parts of maryland. fast-moving system should be out of here by tomorrow evening. highs near 30. higher amounts of snow may be 30, 40 miles south of washington, a dusting to an inch around the metro area. sun back friday and saturday. above freezing both afternoons. a look at sunday in a moment.
5:42 am
along interstate 270, doing okay. i looked around shady grove where i saw flashing lights earlier. right now i don't see anything as far as disruptions. clearly the volume is beginning to peck up. heads-up along the way. word of a broken down vehicle reported to be in the right travel lane. ken ill worth, looking pretty good so far. picking up volume as you make your tri from maryland, northeast washington, lanes available there. outbound moving along nicely. metro, vre, no delays. marc, brunswick 870 is 20 minutes late. 890 is 8 minutes late. >> thank you, jerry. 5:42. new technology that will let local people know when their streets are plowed. a daring height at a casino.
5:43 am
next, a terrifying standoff caught on videotape. what police say drove a man to open f ♪
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♪ ten thousands of xmas cheer ♪ ♪ ten thousand watts glow brightlylear ♪ ♪ the colored lights will shine sincere, ho, ho, ho ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ♪
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5:45 is your time now. here's a look at the top stories we're following this morning. i agents arrested a northern virginia man teatening to bottom the metro system. awais younis posted on facebook
5:46 am
that he cod use a pipe bomb to kill pple on the transit system and in georgetown >> nightclub dc-9 is expect to reopen tonight. their liquor license was suspended when a man died outside dc-9 in october. the suspension of the club's liquor license ends today. today the senate is expecte to vote on the tax cut compromise. it would extend bush-era tax cuts for two years, extend unemployment befits and cut social security tax. > a routine school board meeting down in florida turned into a tear taking scene after a man apparently angry that his wife had been fired began shooting at board members. it was caught by whg. it could be very disturbing to some.
5:47 am
>> reporter: witnesses say a man identified at clay duke talked briefly with school board members about his wife's firing. >> we have no idea who you are talking about. >> she was fired. >> reporter: after spray painting a red figure, he ordered men and children t leave and took those remaining hostamonthstag hostage. >> reporter: a female school board member tried to knock the gun out of his hand with a purse. he knocked her to the ground. what you're about to see is disturbing. >> please don't. please don't. please. >> reporter: duke fired his weapon. and although nobody was injured by the initial gunshot, duke was confronted by a security guard. after reviewing video police say duke exchang gunfire with the guard, then killed himself.
5:48 am
>> rounds were expended. the gun he had was real. they were not blanks. >> reporter: the school board security said school board meetings f future meetings will be discussed. a city on edge. an investigation is under way. >> and wjhg reports that the securityfficer who retned fire was taken to a nearby hospital. police in long island are looking for a possible serial killer this morning. four bodies were found along the beach in suffolk county in recent days on oak bea. three remains were found monday on oak beach. that discovery came after skeletal remains were found over the weekend. it could be weeks before police can identify any of the victims. they're not sure if there's a connection between them at this point. julian assange is waking up in jail. a judge grted bail but he must wait 48 hours before sweden appeals the decion. he was arrested a week ago because prosecutors in sweden want to question him on sexual assault charges.
5:49 am
supporters are trying to raise $300,000 to post bail. they say he is being unfairly held because his website leaked thousands of u.s. documents. bradley manning is the personal responsible for giving all that information to wikileaks. manning has not admitted to being the source of the leak. the army intelligence specialist was stationed in baghdad. he is charged with illegally downloading thousands of classified documents and passing them on to wikileaks. his hearings are being held at fort mcnair in sthwest washington >> julian assanges up for a distinction of his own. he is one of the finalists for "time" magazine's person of the year. in fact, an online poll of readers put him in first place.
5:50 am
the tea party, chileaniners mark zuckerberg and lady gaga are up for it as well. readers don't make the pick. coming up on the "today" show, you can find out who is "time" magazine's person of the year. the federal government is getting ready to go after bp. the justice department is expected to join hundreds of civil lawsuits against bp over the big gulf oil spill. the lawsuit will likely be filed today. the government will accuse the oil company of violation of irmt environmenl protection regulations, which could trigger billions of dollars worth of fines. if you live in montgomery county you can use a high-tec cool during winter storms to see if it's safe to ventur out of your house. the county has a new on-line system.
5:51 am
you can enter your address t see the streets near your home and it connects you to 190 real-time cameras so you can see what the roads are like. >> a choice. while they're sitting at home they can make a decision, an informed decision, whether to venture outside their house. >> montgomery invested $160,000 in this new computer system. we are saying now you don't have to get up out of bed to look out your window, just type it online. >> and that was a big issue during the big blizzard last winter. when is my street going to get cleared? days went by. not knowing was difficult no snow except here on radar. we are picking up a few flurries on route 15, north of frederick to the east side of south mountain. and that is just a small little flurry that is occurring there. you see snow flurries tre. clear and cold on this wednesday morning. right now weather watchers reporting just near 20 degrees from shenandoah valley, blue
5:52 am
ridge of virginia, across virginia, maryland, district, eastern shore, southern maryland, northern neck, teens to 20 degrees. another unusually cold morning. this is unusually cold for december. low single digits around shenandoah valley. gust toss 30 miles per hour, especially on the ridges. peak gusts have been 20 miles per hour. windchills 10 degrees. these are the latest gusts. winchester gusted to 30. reagan national peak gust in the last hour has been 15 miles per ho. out in western maryland, west virginia, southern highlands. more snow yesterday. their temperatures are only in the low teens there. around southern maryland tidewater and the bay, temperatures there are around 20 degrees. bay water temperatures are just in the low to mid-30s now, while th ocean temperatures are in the mid and upper 40s. as we go back over the last 12 hours, the view from space with
5:53 am
radar showin streams of snow coming off lake erie, western pennsylvania. not as much snow as what happened yesterday. for students at the bus stop, you need to layer up once again this morning cold winds out of the northwest. temperatures upper tns and low 20s the next several hours. here's today's forecast. we won't get to the eezing mark until after noon time. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. overnight tonight, most clear. nearly a full moon out. by dawn tomorrow, clouds closing in. light snow off and on through the day on thursday. metro and points north may not get as much. maybe just a dusting to an inch around the metro area. highnear . upper 30s for highs on friday and satury. we could get another snow system on sunday, a coastal storm. depending how it tracks, here
5:54 am
around our metro area. it doe look like it will be farther east. clear, dry road surface, which is good news. capital beltway, north of town. outer loop, no hangups to report. head over and check out traffic on key bridge, between georgetown and rosslyn, looking good. no early issues. canal roadlooks all right as well. out to the rails go. metro, no delays. marc rail, tough morning on brunswick. 870 is 23 minutes behind schedule.890, 19 minutes behind. jo >> thank you very much, jerry. travelers may be packing more thanust presentshen they ride amtrak. passengers allowed to pack ammunition into their luggage. that checkeduggage must be put into designated cars.
5:55 am
you must make a rservation no more than 24 hours in advance. they must becored in approved containers. amtrak band weapons after 9/11. three telework centers may be closing. they save a few hundred government employees to commute into the district every day. but federal funding will end in march as president obama signed a bill to increase the number of workers to telecommute. the goal of the bill is to get more people to work from home. the highways wille extra busy next week. aaa predicts 92.3 million people will travel at least 50 miles between december 23rd and januar2nd. that's up 3% from last year. more than 90% of those people will drive. the average person is expected to spend nearly $700 on their trip. > you will likely see more
5:56 am
than just a christmas nativity scene on the grounds of the cows in leesburg, virginia. after months, they are allowing a mixture of displays. last year all displays were banned. later this week, luke skywalker will be on display to promote e jediism. not everybody is happy with the idea. >> love it. manger. that's the meaning of christmas. i love the christmas scenes. now, the other things you're talking about, not so excited about that. >> instead of having a nice christmas look to e courthouse, beautiful historic courthouse, we eded up with hodgepodge. >> under the new rules, up to ten permits were issued on a first come, first served basis. a man sle $1.5 million worth of casino chips.
5:57 am
a thief on a motorcycle robbed the bellagio early yesterda morning. he pulled up, walked over to the craps table and demand chips. how one lone crook stole more than $1 million. check this out. in the right place at the right time. the crew was doing a story about robberies at atm. while filming they watched as a man pulled a hood over his head and snuck up on the driver of a suv atm. he was seen trying to punch numbers in and get money out. the crew called police. a few minutes lat officers arrested thesuspect. good, quick thinking and quick action. coming upext at 6:00 a.m., some military personnel are
5:58 am
banned from a number of news web sites. by time we could be seeing more snow. stay with us. meteorologist tom ki
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