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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  December 15, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> our clear skies will soon be clouding up and snow will soon be falling. part othe washington area is under a winter weather advisory. >> the cold weather will continue to be a factor. meteorologist doug kammerer joins us from the weather center with the latest. >> it's about time that something else starts to take the blame as far as the cold is concerned. let's not talk about the cold anymore. now we have some snow moving in here. let's take a look and show you what's gng on. yes, it is still cold. temperatures, 32 degrees with some sunshine out there. and those winds are still blowing. west northwest at 18. the windchill today, around 20 degrees. those winds will die down overnight and into the day tomorrow. outside, temperatures in frederick around 28 degrees. 25 in hagerstown. still very cold there. down to the south, quantico around 33. look at fredericksburg, around 37 degrees. windchills though, still in the teens in many locations. especially to the north and we. sterling and baltimore coming in with windchills of 18 degrees. we do have that winter weather
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advisory in effect for areas down to the south. it does include areas like southern fauquier county, saint mary's county, even calvert county into maryland and other areas to our south including frederksburg and spotsylvania county. some locations could pick up a couple inches of snow. i have the snow map ready to show you coming up in about the next 15 minutes or. so i'llet you know who i think will see the mos snow from this next little storm. >> all right. thanks. e pentagon metro rail station was shut down for a couple hours this morning after someone reported a suspicious package. it turned out to be a harmless chrimas ornament. but as tracee wilkins reports, the incident caused big headaches for morning commurs. >> reporter: shuttles and passengers were lined up in front of the pentagon and there was a lot of frustration reported frosome pentagon metro passengers who were directed on to the shuttle buses. some folks chose the walk to their connecting station due to
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the confusion. >> the buses are all on different schedules so i'm lking here to pentagon city to get to the navy yard. good luck to me. >> there is no communication. there is no plan or apars to be any sort of process. go it is just difficult. >> reporter: just before 7:30 during the height of morning rush, the pentagon metro station was shut down due to what was believed to be a suspicious package. it was reported after a passenger saw some blinking lights coming from a trash can in the station. the situation was unnerving for some passengers. >> my concern is that so many of these recently, i'm just a little concerned that it is dry runs to check our response. >> reporter: the pentagon spokesman say pole agreed it looked suspicious. after evacuating the area and bringing in the explosive ornaments division, they determined it was a ttery operated christmas ornament harmlessly thrown away. at 8:45, passengers were allowed back into the pentagon system. but for many, it had already
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been a terrible start to a freezing cold workday. >> a cold morning to be out. >> it is inconvenient. i'm walk fromthat station to the pentagon now and i think you just do what you've got to do. >> reporter: the pentagon spokesmen stay proper procedure was followed here and they are very happy with their response to this situation. in pentagon city, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. some people who live in gaithersburg have been forced out of their apartments into the cold. fire crews were called into this building. let's look it a on muddy branch road for an electrical problem. when they arrived, they realized the problem was caused by a water leak in the basement. the firefighters condemned the building after determining it was unsafe. ride-on buses were brought in to keep the people warm until they could find a place to stax there's no word when the residents ll be allowed back in. the northwest washington nightclub at the center of a death investigation is
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reopening. the district's abc board suspended the u-reet board liquor license when five employees were arrested after a man died outside the club in october. witnesses stay workers chased that man and attacked hm after threw bricks through the window. charge against the man were eventually dropped and the club'siquor license suspension is being lifted today. more police presence, less crime. that's what some anacostia residents are demanding. they stage ad protest during the morning rush athe corner of martin luther king jr. avenue. they're angry over a recent strain of burglaries in their communities. residents say there have been at least seven robberies or home invasions in less than three months. they say they live in fear every single day. the senate passed president obama's tax compromise toda by a wide margin. if the house follows the senate's lead, taxes will not go
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up on january 1. >> reporter: with the senate set to vote on his tax compromi, president obama crossed pennsylvania avenue to urge corporate ceos to put more americans to work. >> i am looking forwar to getting good ideas from them but i definitely will talk to them about how we can get more hiring out there. >> reporter: it took something ceos wan corporate bosses in d.c. today and small business owners saying, they need to know what tax rates will be to plan ahead and make new hires. the senate moved to set those rates for two years in a bipartisan vote. >> the yays are 81. >> reporter: there will be no hike on small businesses. the mega rich would get a big estate tax break. the unemployed, 13 months more of benefits. that's the deal the president made with republicans knowing
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some on both sides would object. >> we worked hard to negotiate an agreement. that's a win for middle class families and a win for our economy. and we can't afford to let it fall victim to either delay or defeat. >> reporter: in today's nbc news poll, 59% approve of the obama tax deal. many house democrats want defeat or delay. >> this is a bad deal for the american people. >> is it the right thing to do, to borrow money fromhe chinese to give tax cuts to billionaires? >> reporter: the house vote could be close. president obama still urging members of his own party to back his tax deal. >> house democratic leaders say they don't know yet what will happen or when. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. and the don't ask don't tell policy, patrick murphy introduced a stand alone bill and house majority leader hoyer
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brought it to the floor. the house already passed the defense authorizion bill that included a repeal of the policy but that stalled in the senate. we'll be following evelopments in t center and bring you an update ashe votehappens. when news4 at 4:00 continues this afternoon, the federal government moves to help children sleep more safely at night. a local family's effort to help their son through the fight of his life after a beating attack that nearly killed him. a holiday gift inside a northern virginia jail for incarcerated thers. and it's day six of our 12 days of giving. we feature work of a group called mentoring to manhood which helps teenage boys navigate the pit falls of adolescence. lend a helping hand.
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a mother in california has filed a lawsuit against mcdon d mcdonald's claims they exploit young children with the happy meal. she said the children do not have the ability to understand the marketing. neither is seeking money but both want the fast food chain to stop advertising toys to kids. acdonald's spokesperson said
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today that they're proud of their happy meals and will vigorously defend the brand. and visitors' hours took on special meaning for some inmates in northern virgia last night. that's because the mothers all got a rare chance to hug and kiss their children. jane watrel was there. >> reporter: a running leap into a mother's arm. for many of these arlingto county inmates, it is the first time they've held their children in seven months. >> i didn't want to cry. but it just came out to kn that someone is concerned. to let us see the kids and have a christmas moment with them. >> reporter: this christmas moment is part of a holiday program that allows female inmates contact with their children. the arlington county sheriff believes it will help lessen the impact of separation. while the women are incarcerated. >> the children are not the ones that have made b choices to
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end up in jai and as a mother, i think it really critical and very important for the kids to continue having relationship with their parent. >> reporter: for many of these inmates, it is the first time they've had any physical contact with their children since they arrived in the arlington jail. they're allowed only two 20-minute family visits per week behind glass. the mothers and children create gifts and get to eat a meal together. for vanessa, it is the first time she's hugged her daughters since february. >> it feels good to be with them. to hold them, talk to them. i haven't done that in a long time. >> reporter: not every reunion is a happy one. some children show resentment. others don't show up at all. every inmate has toarn the right to be here. >> in order to get here and to have this visit with their kids, they have to basically have to participate in the program. >>eporter: for the women, the message is clear. >> this shows me that i need to do what i have to do for my kids so i c be out there with them.
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>> reporter: the next jail house reunion isn't scheduled until mother's day. news4. each day leading up to christmas, we are introducing to you a local organize that's doing good work in our communy. and that needs volunteers and donations. menoring to manhood is a nonprofit program that targets young men ages 12 to 18 from prince george's coun. the mentor help turn the teen into well nurtured and productive leaders in their communities. lunteer are magic our phone banks this afternoon and we'll take your calls. joining me now is shawn flood who is with mentoring to nhood. tell us about the young man that you mentor. >> we mentor a dynamic group of young men. a lot of them are struggling in the aspect i their academics. a lotof them not having a positive male figure in their life to spend time with. to get to know, to do ch thing come downtown and visit
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museums or to have an opportunity to go to out of state college campus tours. >> you're filling a big void for many of them. how manyo you have in your program? >> we mentor up to 50 students per year and we're hoping to expand. >> youeed more mentor to do that. >> more to expand and that's one of our great needs right now. to currently we have five students unmatched. if we could get five volunteers to work with these two, that would be a great success. >> who are the mentors you're currently using? >> diverse backgrounds, lawyers, professionals, ceos of company. they generally care about the well being of young people and wanting to enrich the lives and give back. >> how much time does it take >> not much at all. one phone call per week and about an hour to two hour per month to make a huge impact. >> you're targeting a demographic, a group that is specifically challenged.
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statistics show that more than half of african-american households are headed by single parents. so you have children growing up. they don't have father in the house. they dot have the male role mol, the stern hand. so you told me earlier about a young man who is bullied in school. one of the students yore mentoring. >> right. >> tell us more about him. >> as he great kid. about 16 years old and does not have tha positive male figure in his life. when he goes to school, he has little to no self-esteem. and so one of the thing that we think would help him a great deal, he had a male mentor that was zprong could just help him to raise his self-esteem, we believe that would also help in his academics and his grades would be raised as a part of that. >> you're doing verymportant work. there shawn flood with mentoring to manhood. and if you can donate a little of your time becse that's what they need. to mentor teenager in our community, call the volunteers at 22-686-nbc 4.
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barbara? >> thank you. tis the season for giving. when it come to giving pets as presents, hold off. the best time is when a household is calm. shelters become packed during and immediately after the holiday season because that's when people realize they're not ready for their family to grow. the spca also suggests picking older animals. puppies and kittens are cute but they require a lot of attention. you're set on giving an animal as a gift, make sure the recipient is prepared emotionally and nancially. and it is a good idea to let that person pick the pet themselves and you just cover the cost. this way, they're choosing what is right for their lifestyle. coming up, winter's icy grip is not letting us go. our neighbors to the south, too, are suffeng through some pretty low tempetures. breaking records, in fact. and these elephants won't forget opening day at the new zoo digs. mired in controvsy.
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this cld weather is costing florida farmers cold hard cash. citrus growers could lose millions because of frozen crops. that will be our loss whene pay more for fruit at the grocery store. hope for another home game are slipping away for the minnesota vikings. team executives say next monday night's game against the chicago bears will have to be played at the university of minnesota's bank stadium. the metro doms roof collapsed under the weight of 17 inches of snow on sunday forcing the vikings to move their game to detroit this past weekend. spectors said yesterday, the repairs to the roof would not be finished in time for next week's game. back here at home, we're not thinking about sports. 're thinking about snow. >> we won't see a lot of it and that's the good news. because we've been so co, anything that fall will stick to the roadways very, very fast. once it starts, i think by tomorrow morning, we'll see some
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problem out there on the roads. and most of those problems will be south of most of us. let show you wh we're dealing with. it doesn't look like snow is coming, does it? men of sunshine. bright blue skies. a lile better than it was yesterday. the tide did reach the freezing mark. at least in the d.c. area. to the north and west we stayed into the 20s. 32 degrees, the current temperure. windchills of 20 degrees. we're still dealing with the bitter cold windchills. many areas dealing with the windchills in the teens. here's the number. 28 in frederick, 25 in hatia hagersto hagerstown what are we seeingindchill wise? 18 in sterling, 18 in frederick toward baltimore. down to the south, a little warmer. 25 in quantico. frederick with 32derees. the temperature are cold enough that we'll see some snow. it is way toward the west. it is not a very big system or very well organized system just yet. the actual parent area of low pressure is back to the west.
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providing some snow into portions of nebraska and now moving into iowa as ell. we'll be waiting for this to make its way to our south. the storm system itself will be down to our south. that's where most of the precipitation will be as well. cold and very windy during the day today. we will stay cold and we will stay cold enough for snow. all snow, just about our entire area from fredericksburg to the south. there may be a little chgeover bu i'm still thinking fredericksburg, you might get hit. with a couple inches as that ar of low pressure moves through. it should start tomorrow morning between 7:00 and 9:00 and then continue throughout the afternoon. this will be a very quick moving system. and by tomorrow night, it will be t of here and we'll left with some white ground. highressure will move back in on friday and actually, temperature will rebound a little bit even though iis after the snowfall. the temperature may get close to 40. in some locations. there is a winter weather advisory. it did you not include northern virginia and most of maryland. only the southern counties down toward saint mary's county, charlie county, calvert county,
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also down toward fredericksbu, southern fauquier county, stafford county, you're in that winter weather advisory. any time we see that winter weather advisory, that mean the national weather service thinks we'll get at least two inches. to the north, it doesn't look like two inches. how much do i expect? about an inch, down to the south in washgton, around the metro area, one to t inches here. then to the south, this is where that winter weather advisory is. i'm thinking two to three ines. some locations, maybe upwards of four locations. that could post some problems. give yourself a lot of extra time tomorrow evening. this evening, clear skies. breezy and cold. the winds will be diminishing. 26 to 30 degrees. the windchills will be a factor this evening. by tomorrow, we culd say goodbye to the wind and goodbye to thewindchills. that's the good news. 15 to 20 degrees. mostly cloudy but snow will be moving in and it will stick right away to anything that it toucs because we've been so
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cold over the last of couple days. light to moderate. we actually warm up behind the storm system. that's good. highs around 38 both friday and saturday with less wind. thing are looking good and then another system on sunday. we'll watch that one as well. as we've been saying, this one will move out to sea so it won't be a big mess for anybody. the only chance i really see is maybe the eastern shore getting some of that snow. >> geing back t tonight and tomorrow, the time line. >> i think the start will be between 7:00 and 9:00 depending on where you are. if you are west, near seven. around the district, 8:00, 9:00. we may luck out as far as early rush hou goes but late afternoon could be a mess. >> thanks. a new exhibit at the l.a. zoo that ignited a battle between two group of animal lovers open this week. the zoo's $42 million elephants of asia exhibit includes two elephants work the that just
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arrived last month. the zoo is hoping to focus attention on the endanger species. yet animal rights tivists are suing. they swla is fun for spectators is not fun for the animal and the six-acre habitat they say is way too small. >> these elephants in their natural habitat walk00 mile a day and they can't wa 100 miles a day in this exhibit or any exhibit. >> l.a. strapped budgets disaee. a few critics disree with spending million for elephants when the city is strapped for cash. the exhibit could open tomorrow while the lawsuit shutting it down. beginning today, you can pack heat when you pack your thing for a ride on amtrak.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> the pentagon rail station was closed a couple hours due to a suspicious package that turns out to be a blinking christmas ornament. it disrupted the morning commute for hundred of people in northern virginia. the senate passed president obama's tax cut compromise today
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in a strong show of bipartisanship. it now moves to the housewhere it expected to face more iense opposition, although democratic leaders say they ultimately expect to pass it in time to prevent a tax hike. a mother in california is suing mcdonald's claiming the company ploits young children by advertising toys in happy meals. she is not sikh money but she said she wants the fast food chain to stop advertising toys to kids. a mcdonald's spokesperson said they're proud of their happy meals. the date over repealing the don't ask don't tell is undeay on capitol hill. ste ste steny hoye brought it to the floor. it stalled in the senate. authority say they believe the gunman who opened fire on a school board meeting in florida had be planning that attack for some time. the gunman was killed but no one else was hurt.
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chris clackum has e latest but first we want to warn you the video from this attacks intense. >> the terried school brd members who were the targets of the rampag in florida were grateful wednesday for having survived. >> there are bullet holes all over the place. >> reporter: after 56-year-old cl duke painted a red v on the wall and pulled out a pistol, he ordered everyone but male members out of the meeting. >>ou may leave. you may leave. >> repter: he then began a rant about rich people and the firing of his wife by the school system, for which the superintendent took responsibility tget duke to release the other >> time one that signed the paper, right? okay. i don't remember and i don't know who she is. but let them go. i'm the one that did it. >> reporter: at another point, the board member ginger littleton who was allowed to leave trd to intervene and end the ordeal. >> ginger. >> i don't think anything was going through my mind except for
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the fact these guys were sitting ducks. they were lined up like pigeons on a wire. >> reporter: in the part of the video that we again warn you is the most intense, duke, after more rants, opened fire. board members dove for cover and remarkably, none were hit. that's when security guard mike jones burst into the room, exchanged fireith duke before he turned the gun on himself. >> obviously mr. duke had come here with a purpose. with extra magazines andxtra rounds to carry out this deed that he had set into play. and so by mike jones being able to engage him immediately saved lives. >> reporter: investigators say they now have evidence that duke had been planning for some time to do this. chris ackum, nbc news. wikileaks founder julian assange still in jail awaiting a hearing on whether his bail should be revoked. yesterday a judge in london ruled that he could be released on approximately $320,000 bail
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while he fought extradition to eden. but swedish prosecutors appealed the decision and it is set for tomorrow. he was arrested last week because he is wanted for questioning in sweden on sex ime charges. if he is released on bail, he'll stay on the 600 eric estate own by one of his supporters. he raise someday eyebrows in court yesterday when he asked the judge to keep the address a secret. the judge refused. one las vegas's poshest casis is looking for a man who stole more than $1.5 million worth of chip. police say a chief on a motorcycle robbed the bellagio yeerday morning. they stay armed man pulled up to the casino and took the chips. he hasn't been seen since. investigators believe he may be the same man responsible for a similar heist at e sun coast hotel and casino last thursday. travelers may be packing more than just presents when
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they rid amtrak. starting today, passenger are allowed to check gun an ammunition in their luggage on certain rail cars. there are some restrictions though. first you muste traveling between stations that off checked baggage service and your luggage must be put in that baggage car. the weapons must be unloaded and stored in approved containers. you must make a reservation no later than 24 hours in advance. amtrak had previously banned weapons from its trains after 9/11. speculation is over this morning. "time" magazine disclosed its person of the year. the editor made the announcement on the "today" show. >> "time" magazine's person of the year for 2010 is mark zuckerberg. the founder of place bofacebook that's that is transforming our lives. >> why this year though? >> this ar they passed 500 million users. it is an extraordinary number.
4:34 pm
the scale of this facebook now is something that is transforming our lives. >> the magazine's person of the year is generally a man or a woman, sometimes an organization who has don the most to influence the events of the year for better or worse. zuckerberg is 26 year old. "time" runs a reader's poll for person of the year. they surrounded wikileaks founder julian assange but the magazine edors put him in third place behind the tea party. there's more to come. an online survey discovers the pick-up lis that work most often. >> and we're waiting to hear from you to be a part of our 12 days of giving. call 202-686-nbc 4 to lend a helping hand to an organization that helps mentor young men.
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more on our 12 days of giving. our program today is called mentoring to manhood. they are writers, politicians, attorneys, all in various walks of life to help other young men.
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they're committed to the success of youth in prince george's county and volunteers are taking your calls this afternoon in our phone bank. the number is 202-686-nbc 4. joining us, thomas from the group, mentoring to men. you started this six years ago. with your neighbor. so what was the inspiration. >> the inspiration was simply that there were kids out there. young men out there that didn't have the positive role models actively working with them on a daily basis or en on a weekly basis. and in some cases, they're single parent home. parents are out working very hard to provide a roof ov their child's head. at the same time, there are other things of guidance and importance for children and so what we do is we give option and that opportunity to work with a male role mod and he will give them some guidan, whether educational orivic uties. >> was this a personal pursuit for you? was this born out of your own personal experience? >> absolutely.
4:39 pm
i had always mentored throughout the years from college on. i grew up with a full family. a great loving family. father, mothe everybody was always there. one thing i noticed, the kids that i was friends with, they didn't have a full family. so when i thought with the successes i've had in life, when you look back, you think about the encouragement that you get from a full fledged family or just a good male role model like my father was. so it was just no question that this is the rht thing to do whenever the opportunities come out. and my neighbor, rob malone at the time, who was our president, he just happened to be nxt door. and he was saying, man, there's something we need to do for these young guys. and i said absolutely i'm on board. >> so the mentors, tell us how much time it takes, what it takes to become a good mentor. >> it doesn't take a lot of time. i think a lot of times when you are just being a role model, you're doing the positive thing. if you're someone who is working, who is dedicated to their fily and community
4:40 pm
overall, just demonstrating that to your, it could be your middle school or high school mentee. you could go to movies or attend game but it is just being yourself. demonstrating what kind responsibilities you have and being that male role model. >> how many hour a week or a month would it take? >> usually we request about four hours with thatarticular will student every couple weeks. phone calls, maybe an hour or. so just touching base with them. asking how homework is going. asking what's going on in their lives. we need somebody to be concerned. and usually when kids see that there is a concern there, and that they see in ery day life, a male in their life, it is a lot easier to go on a answer the questions that come up before them when they arrive >> all right. stepping in and filling in a very -- filling an important role in the lives of many young
4:41 pm
men. thank you for being with us. and what you nd are volunteers. volunteers who can become mentors to these young men. the group is mentoring to men. 202-686-nbc 4. barbara? >> thank you. when news4 at 4:00 return, fancy footwork. the shoe that gets you ready for the hiking trail and the ballroom. and another hollywood heart breaker. a new celebrity couple who coul
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forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we prode retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families.
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from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirment guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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this is the stilletto. it appears to be for the super model always on the go or the woman who wants to look good hackie sacking at the fish market. they're available in two styles and they cost about $330 a piece. >> pretty high fashion, aren't they? >> they are. are you supposed to be able to run and hike in them, too? >> i don't think . it is it's for the super model who wants to look like that. >> they certainly wouldn't work now with the weather we're having >> and tiva had their day with the sandals. >> we'll see who has them on. >> we'll need some snow boots
4:45 pm
tomorrow. >> you will need some snow boots. we won't need a lot this win but morrow morning, i think you'll definitely need the snow boots. maybe the extra jacket out as u make youray outside. tomorrow will be another cold day and another snowy day. take a look. the sun makes the way down. a beautiful shot. the temperatures have been cool. the sun moving its way down and one of theoldest days we've seen in quite some time. yesterday a high of 28. today a high of 32. ye a little above where we were yesterday. >> 30 degrees in sterling. 28 in frederick. the windchill tell the tale. 12 is the current temperature. fall church coming in with 19 degrees. here's our storm system. right now, windy and cold conditions. out toward the west, just after st. louis, the storm system is trying to take shape. it will move in here tomorrow morning between, say, the 7:00 and 9:00 hour for many of us. some areas will see it around 10:00 and then it will move out
4:46 pm
of here by around 6:00, 7:00 tonight. this is a very fast moving storm system but it will have enough snow to produce a couple inch of snow. because of the cold air. this will stick. that's why we have a winter weather advisory mosly to the south in the district toward southern maland and into southern portions of virginia. say, fredericksburg down toward la plata. into portions of the eastern shore as well. from one to three inch. here is what i think we can see. less than an inch in the baltimore area. less than two in washington and maybe two to three and there could be some icing there as well. especially closer to richmond. clear skies. winds diminishing. 26 to deliver degrees. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. the snow wilmove in and it will stick tomorrow afternoon, 28 to 30. some snow, light to moderate as we workhrough the next four days. clearing out. highs around 38 degrees. sun, a high of 36 with only a slight, slight chance of snow.
4:47 pm
you may have noticed celebrity marriages don't seem to last as long as noncelebrities. now a new one is going in the books. natalie morales looks at a slew of recent stars who have untied the knot in tinseltown. >> reporter: people's sexiest man alive in gq's baby of the year are now officially single. on tuesday, the hollywood couple called it quits after two years of marriage. for months, there were rumor the marriage was in trouble and when johansson won her first tony award this june, her acceptance speech left some wondering a she thanked the cadian who she lives. with despite the speculation, the very private couple took a european vacation and even purchased a home in l.a. this summer. >> they re trying to make this work for months. this is a relationship that basically fell apart due to their "a" list stat us and the demands on them and their
4:48 pm
careers. >> reporter: the model and actress elizabeth hurrily was also forced to address the swirling rumors about her own marriage. over the weekend the loon tabloid reported that hurrily was having affair with an australi australian cricket star. she took to twitter. not a great day. for the record, my husband and i separated a few months ago. she married the indian text time tycoon. the wedding elaborateith two ceremonies. one in a castle in england. the other, a palace in india. >> ironically, it was their difference that's sort of forged the end of this marriage. they came from two different worlds. >> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. >> with with happy ns -- >> michael c. hall, dexter. >> came a sad announcement. on the same day he was nominated for a golden globe, xter actor announced he and wife jennifer carpenter -- >> i have something to till. maybe i shouldn't. i don't know. >> reporter: who plays his
4:49 pm
sier on the show filed for divorce. they weathered good time and bad. carpenter was by his sides he battled cancer earlier this year. they were married just two years. >> there's always been that notion of the seven-year itch. in hollywood it seem the itch come a little early and most couple can't make it past two or three years. >> too bad. >> too much outside pressure. >> yeah. coming up the ugly truth about people who missed their beauty sleep. the local nightclub at the center of a death investigation is reopening. but the case is far from over. and the teen fell 50 feet as his parents watched in horror. doreen gentzler has more on that teenager's road to recovery.
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there are a lot of pick-up lines, sombetter than others. however the best line sow to have attract women is, you dress beautifully. now a site says that's the best line in the u.s. except if you're in rome, use
4:53 pm
this line. you have beautiful lips. >> here's another interesting story about a new study that discovered the importance of sleep on your looks. and now a new study says don't imp on those zs if you don't want to wake one a case of the uglies. volunteer after eight hour of sleep, then they photographed the sam volunteers after 31 hours of no sleep. now, people rated the pictures of the volunteer who got their beauty sleep as much more attractive. >> we probably knew that. anyone who doesn't sleep 31 hours is bound to show a little wear and tear on the face. >> sometime with our work, we don't get a chance to sleep eight hours. still ahead, the government takes action to keep baby safe while
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if family of a western university student beaten into a coma on campus spoke out this morning. 21-year-old ryan grew up in ashburn. he played football and baseball throughout his entire life but that all changed back in november. he was walking with a group of friends near campus when a pair oftrangers approached. the group got into a viole argument.
4:57 pm
witnesses say the group kicked him in the head until he lay unconscious. he was taken to the hospital in a coma with just about 48 hours to live, doctors said. his parents didn't give up. after nine surgeries, he is now living at home, still i a coma. >> you know, my love for our family and for ryan, we've always been really, really close. he is my baby, you know. i can't live without him. i need him to, you know, wake up. >> helping ryan as opposed to helping with the research. traumatic brain injury is so unknown. the brain is such a complex organ and ryan will be going through this new sort of research. >> the say they are now struggling to pay many. medical expenses their insurance doesn't cover. if you want to donate, just go to and search key word ryan. the government is banning
4:58 pm
the sale of drop side baby cribs. more than and infant toddler deaths have been blad on them in the last ten years. erica edwards has that story. >> reporter: the sides that move up and down were originally designed to help lift babies out of bed. but the consumer product safety commission says they are ngerous and deadly and has banned them from stores. >> they are a fundamental threat to the lives of infants and young children. that threat today stops. >> reporter: the cpsc says now functioning hard wear or assembly problem can cause them to detach and create a gap between the rail and the mattress where babies can get stuck and suffocate. 32 babies and toddlers have died that way in the u.s. during the past dece. michelle's son tyler was one of them and died at just 10 months old. >> i rocked him, i put him to bed at 1:00 in the morning after his 1:00 a.m. feeding and i never imaginedhat would happen. >> reporter: the new rules would
4:59 pm
create stronger mattress support and hardware and establish better safety testing. nbc news. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts now. first at 5:00, a winter weather advisoryn parts of our area. that means some of us could see several inches of snow tomorrow, creating trouble for the morning commut there's good news. good afternoon. welce to news4 at 5:00. i'm wendy rieger. >> jim handly is off tonight. cold air and guy winds across the region. we have live team coverage of the weather conditions and begin with chief meteorologist doug kammerer with a look at what we can expect over the next 2 hours. >> we're going to be dealing with first what we've been dealing with toe past 48 hours. that's the extremely cold temperature. the temperatures today struggled toeach 32 degrees. they've struggled to


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