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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 15, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> i'm wendy rieger. a winter weather advisory is in if he can for part of our region. the timing could be aproblem for people trying to get to work in the a.m. let's check with doug kammerer with the up to the minute forecast. >> the earer you leave tomorrow, the better chance you have ofetting there safely. we will see that snow develop between 7:00 and 9:00. 30 degrees, the current temperature. you can see the winds still blowing. we will continue to see very breezy conditions. not as much as the winds today. 30, 40-mile-an-hour winds. down to 20 and 30 miles an hor. temperatures, 27 in frederick. right now, 25 in manassas. temperatures below freezing and all we need is some moisture to move innd it will be snow. that's what we have off toward the west. nothing right now across our area. we're all clear. the storm system itself, still well off to the west you can see it here entering portions of kentucky toward tennessee. the cloud cover moving our way. th clouds will envelo the
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region by this time tomorrow morning and th this is about the time we'll see thing start. probably around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. the wintereather advisory for areas south of the d.c. region toward frederksburg where they could peck up the most snow. washington, d.c., not going to see enough for advisorshich is about two inches. how much snow will we see? i'll have the updated forecast. >> thanks. theenate today passed president obama's tax cu compromise. it came with strong support from both parties. the vote, 81 yays and 19 nays. it faces a lot more opposition. especially from democrats. >> reporter: the house will be the hard part. when is the last time you saw a senate vote more than 80 to less than 20? now that the senate acted erwhelmingly in a bipartisan way, president obama is urging house democrats to put aside their concerns like he said he
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had to do. is that approve this tax plan without changes as is to he says strengthen the u.s. economy. with the senate set to vote on his tax compromise, president obama crossed pennsylvania avenue to urge corporate ceos to put more americans to work. >> i am looking forward to getting good ideas from them. but i definitely will talk to em about how we can get more hiring. >> reporter: it took something ceos want. corporate bosses in d.c. today, and small business owners sang they need to know what tax rates will be. to plan ahead and make new hires. the senate moved to set those rates from two years in a bipartisan vote. >> the yays are 81. the nays are 19. >> reporter: no income tax hike on individuals. none on most small businesses. e nation's mega rich would get a big estate tax break. the nation's unemployed, 13 more months of benefits.
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that's the deal the president made with republicans knowing some on both sides would object. >> we worked hard to negotiate an agreement that is a win for middle class families and a win for our economy. and we can't afford to let it fall victim to either delay or defeat. >> reporter: in today's nbc news poll, 59% approve of the obama tax deal. but many house democrats want defeat or delay. >> this is a bad deal for the american people. >> is it the right thing to do to borrow money from the chinese to give tax cuts to billionaires? >> reporter: theouse vote could be close. president obama still urging members of his own party to back his taxdeal. democratic leaders tonight say they don't yet know what will happen, jim, or when. back to you. >> thanks, steve. also developing on capitol hill, the house has voted to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy. the mill's ban on openly gay
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service members. the bill was introduced today by patrick murphy, a democrat from pennsylvania. this american sursimilar to one in the -- this measure is similar to one in the senate. backers of the repeal are anxious to get a vote this year with the potential of losing momeum when reblicans command more seats in the senate next year. new developments in the case of a murdered uva lacrosse player, yeardley love. her former boyfriend george huguely is accused of beating her last spring but his defense team is now proposing that huguely's actions did not play a direct role in love's death. craig melvin has the details on what happened at the hearing. >> reporter: a few days ago, there was talk that attorneys for george huguely, yeardley love's on again, off again boyfriend, might be close to reaching a dl with prosecutors. those same attorneys asked for yeardley love's medical records. the defense team hopes to prove that huuely's actions, while
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trauma, did t cause her death. at a hearing today in charlottesville, the attorneys called a former examiner testified that yeardley love had an abnormal heart condition and because of that, she likely died from a lack of okay generxygen brain. the doctors said that love's medical records could answer several questions including, did she suffer from chronic shortness of breath? did she have frequent chest pain? was she chronically tired? was she on medicine that might have caused an abnormal heartbeat? meanwhile, the current medical examine here performed the autopsy on love's body conclud she died from blunt force trauma to the head. prosecutors are calling the defense's request a fishing expedition but the chlottesville judge has decided that he will review love's medical records to determine whether the should be released to huguely's attorney. another hearing that's set for january 21st. george hugly from chevy chase.
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if convicted co-spend the rest of his life in prison. and we should note here, the judge could rule on the medical records before the next hearing, set for january 21st. >> shouldn't we also note that yeardley was a lacrosse player. had been -- >> you would think if she had a heartcondition, that would have impeded her ability to perform at that level. >> all questions will hopefully be answered by january 21st. but yeah. today agrand jury indicted the driver accused orunning over a student at johns hopkins university. it happened in adams morgan. police say a woman named chamica edwards was driving the car that hit a pedestrian back in september when that car jumped the median. 26-year-old julia bachitner was killed. she died six days after the know. she was trying to get her master's degree from joms. edwards facing a long list of
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charges, including involuntary manslaughter and driving drunk. she is due back in court next month for an arraignment. a d.c. nightclub could be back in business tonight despite efforts to stop the reopening. it is called d.c. 9. it in northwest washington in the u street corridor. it has been at the center of controversy. a man was allegedly beaten to death near that club two months ago. darcy spencer is on ninth street with the latest on this. >> reporter: there's been a lot of last-minu legal wrangling. a petition was filed late yesterday, trying to block this club from reopening today. an appeals court judge denied that petition. dc9 could open here in the next few hours. a popular ninth street bar could reopen for the first time in two months tonight. it will haen under a cloud of controversy. 27-year-old ali mohamed died after police say he was chased, tackled and beaten by four d bar workers in the early morning
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hours of october 15th. police say he had thrown a brick through the window of the club. an appeal of the d.c. alcohol and control board decision allowing dc9 to open its doors was denied by an appellate court judge. >> the d.c. government, the liquor board, is not doing the right thing. >> reporter: initially the bar workers and owner were charged with second-degree murder in what the d.c. police chief called vigilante justice. the next day the charges are reduced to aggravated asault after the results were inconclusive. all charges were dropped. >> that club should 97 be open again. it is wrong. >> absent some formal action by the united states attorney, under some circumstances or another, the bar really had to reen. >> reporter: d.c.'s alcohol control board is allowing the bar to reopen with restrictions. dc9 will employ district officers to provide security and the bar will n employ the work here's were involved in the
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beating incident. the club is also installed more than a dozen surveillance cameras and provided extensive security training to barork here's have gotten background checks. some are looking forward to this popular establishment opening once again. >> a great neighborhood establishment. the employees who work there have always been nice and i quite frankly don't believe the charges that were levied and i think it is great they're being allowed to reopen. >> reporter: the club's website indicates it will reopen at 9:00 tonight. but there was a legal document filed that indicated it will open on friday. at this point we'll have to wa and see. reporting live from northwest, day spencer, back to you. >> thanks. federal investigators say that massive fire in baltimore's red light district was not an ow. it broke out on december 6 in the block. investigators believe someone intentionally set the fire in an adult video store. it caused about $3 millionorth of damage. it took crews four hours to get
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it uncontrol. no suspects and a $5,000 reward for the person responsible. the pentagon's metro rail station was closed for a couple hours today after someone reported a suspicious package blinking in a trash can. it trnd out to be a battery operated christmas or nnament. police shut down service for hundred of people in northern virginia. this come one day after it was revealed a northern virginia man was arrested for threatening to blow up metro trains. coming up, more protests in greece. a bold burglary suspect taunts his victim b posting on the victim's facebook page. the human age society said animals are being abused at a farm in virginia. after years of recall, the federal government has banned drop side cribs. the capitals saying it is crunch time. there is a cozy new deal in
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washington. donovan mcnabb trying to prove he is a starter. plus, enough is enough. the capital have a chance to snap their losing streak.
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in greece, the economy is in desperate trouble. the government has made some drastic cuts in an effort to deal with that. a lot of people don't like it so they've been protesng. today it turned violent once again. hundred of protestors clashed with police in athens. police fired tear gas and stun grenades when it escalated a it began to spread across the city. the greek government approved some austere measures last spring. they did that for the financial
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bailout. today's clashes wer violent but they weren't as bad as what that in may when three people were killed in protests at that time. authority say they believe the gunman who opened fire in floored on a school board had been planning it for some time. the man is deribing him as a gentle giant who wasust confused, she said. chris clackum has our report. we want to warn you this video is intense. you might not want watch it. >> reporter: the terrified school board members who were the targets of tuesday's rampage in panama city, florida, were gratefulent for having survived. >> there are bullet holes all over the place. >> reporter: after 56-year-old clay duke painted a red "v" on the wall and pulled out a pistol, he ordered everyone but male members out of the meeting. he then began a rant about rich people and th firing of his wife by t school system for which the superintendent took responsibility to get duke to release the others.
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>> i'mhe one that signed the per, right? okay. i don't remember and i don't kn who she is. but let them go. i'm the one that did it. >> reporter: at another point, the board member ginger littleton who was allowed to leave tried to intervene and end the deal. >> ginger. >> i don't think anything was going through my mind except these guys were sitting duck. they were lined up like pigeons on a wire. >> reporter: in the part of the video that we again warn you is the most intense, duke, after more rants, opened fire. bod members dove for cover and remarkably, none were hit. that's when security guard mike jones burst into the room. exchanged fire with duke before he turned e gun on himself. >> obviously mr. duke h come here with a purpose work extra magazines and extra rounds, security out for the. by mike jones being able to
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engage him immediately and draw to it a quick conclusion saved lives. >> reporter: investigators say theyow have evidence that he had been planning for some time to do this. chris clackum, nbc news. investigators say they discovered the gunman had circled yesterday's date on a calendar. he also ranted about the school board on his facebook ge. the obama administration is suing bp and eight other companies in question, the gulf oil disaster. the justice department hopes to recover biions of dollars. it is an effort to help pay for the cost of removing the oil and repairing damage to the environment. the federal government estimates that the explosion pulled the some 200 million -- spilled 200 million gallons intohe gulf waters. "time" magazine disclosed its person of the year. the criteria for this cover is the man, woman or organization that has done the most t influence the events of the year for better or worse.
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mark zuckerberg was chosen as the person of the year for 2010. >> why this year? >> ts year they passed 500 million users. it is an extraordinary number. this is something thats transforming our lives. >> reporter: zuckerberg is 26 years old. time also run a reader's poll for person of the year. they selected wiki leak leader julian assange but he was put in third place. nx this cold weather has eated something really interesting to show you. > and the health benefits of yogurt.
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this is the season for giving and some people have already donated 10,000 gifts for the toys for tots program which is sponsored by the police. there is a tremendous need for another 45,000 toys. to make sure that every less fortunate child inhe county has a merry christmas toys can be dropped off in the locations where you see the toys for tots boxes. >> we'll be getting a prewhite christmas tomorrow. >> yeah. if christmas was tomorrow, it would be white. but it's not tomorrow last time i chegd on the calendar. do you want to see something white? you guys showed this earlier. this is fantastic video. frozen sea spray. sometime you hear of frozen sea spray warnings. ever hear of that? this is a lighthouse. amazing what happens here. you can see what happens.
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the ocn actually comes up. you see the ocean crashing into the wall and the sea spray actually freezes. okay thank you. the lake then freezes on the white house. that's some really cool shots. i'll tell you at. they've been dealing with a lot of nasty weather over the last couple days. that ice coats everything up there. it is cold acros the area as we look at the river. temperature are very cold. the high, only 34 degrees. another ve cold day with that wind. that put windchills in the teens once again. 14 of 15 days so far this december have been below average. this is the coldest december we have seen in ten years. that's just how cold it is. believe it or not, it will get colder. 30 degrees, the temperature out there. the windchill of 21 with those winds out of the west northwest at 12 miles per hour. 23 right now in hagerstown. 26 in sterling.
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30 toward quantico. andrews air force base it wasn't 28 degrees. around 8, actually. single digits. 14 in sterling. toward manassas and quantico, not a lot of wind there. the windchill of 30. what are we dealing with? still that persist ten area of low pressure to our nor and west but it is starting to move off. tomorrow we don't be dealing with wind. what will we be deal with? a little snow. i do mean a little snow. here it is toward the west it is arting to get its act together. there is an area of low pressure coming out of colorado that will make its way through the plains and it will progress off toward theast biffle this time tomorrow morning, we see some snow toward the western suburbs. cold air in place. you know that already. this is about 8:30 in the morning. that's about when i expect to it make its impact.
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talking about loudoun county. for the most part, this may miss most of you during the early moing rush. that will be some very good ne. here's more good news. it will be a fast mover. and by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, most of it will be movin out. so the afternoon rush could be problem attic. if you leave later, you may miss some of that snow. we'll have that period of rain where it snowing on the light to moderate side. then high pressure moves in. that area of high pressure moves in. it clears that system out. we won't see much of it. or much in the way of snow. down to the south including fauquier county, stafford koirng spotsylvania county, fredericksburg, i think your area toward leonardtown cork see the worst of this. the washington, d.c. area, not under a winter weather advisory. the threshold here is for two inches. ght now i'meding one to two
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inch at the most for that area. you can see here. one to two inches, sterling, washington, to the north of that. hagerstown. less than an inch. once you get into pennsylvania, nothing ere. this evening, clear skies, breezy and cold. wind diminishing as we make our way through. tomorrow morning starting off on the cloudy side. once the snow start, it will stick. the temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. and they're not going to rise all that much. between 28 and 30 for a high. light to moderate snow. the heaviest snow will be down to the south. on friday, it gets out of here. friday, a pretty nice day. 38 on saturday. and i've taken the snow out of nday. that is some very good news. that storm system looks like it will be even further off the coast. that will bring in more cold air. >> we're used to it. coming up, police have a pretty good clue if they want to catch a crook who may ve posed
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th the stash on facebook. in virginia, police pick up a doctor accused of fonding some patients. and a farm is being accused of abusing the animal it is breezing. >> reporter: this is chris gordon. fairfax county police are cracking down on shoplifters this holiday season. i'll have a report. coming up interesting capitals desperately need a win. donovan mcnabb dodges the drama but his coach does not.
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the senate today passed the tax cut compromise with strong bipartisan support. the bill extends tax cuts and unemployment benefits. it now goes through a difficult battle in the house. the defen lawyer for george huguely are questioning the cause of death in the case of a former girlfriend yeardley love. today a doctor call by the dense that theutopsy suggests love may have died of a heart problem, not from blunt force trauma to her head. as the medical examiner has concluded. a nightclub in northwest d.c. could reopen after a man was beaten to death outside of it. it is callhe dc9. the workers at the center of the investigation are no longer employed there. charges against them were dropped. d.c. police have a solid piece of evidence a rekroent home burglary because the suspect apparently decided to gloat about what he had done. >> the suspect allegedly posted
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picture of himself with the stolen items on facebook. it all happen in the house. >> reporter: mark fisher works for the "washington post." he is a good man. he is a goodwriter. he is a good dad. last friday he got an e-mail from his 15-year-old son. it was just one word. it sa "help." so mark fisher, erased home to see what was going on. >> we were immediately ushered out of the house by the police who searched on the theiry the thief might still be in the house. >> reporter: you see, someone broke into mark pusthor's he and stole his son's ipod, his son's money, his son's computer. that thief even took mark fisher's brand new winter coat. it was still in the box. now if that was not bad enough, that burglar used mark fisher's
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son's computer to take a picture of himself holding the stolen money, wearing the stolen coat, and he posted that picture on mark fisher's son's facebook page. >> with a sneer on his face and his fingers pointing to just what he ha gotten from our house. it was meant to taunt and gloat and it certainly had that emotional powerful especially because it invaded the space that a teenager, my son thought of as very private. >> reporter: that night police told mark fisher they were not too optimistic about solving burglary cases. >> the police said, the fact is there are thousands of burglaries every year and the courts don't generally do anything to the people who commit them. the police themselves don't feel any great need to put a lot of energy into it. >> reporter: what's the lesson here? >> when you live in a big city, nobody is safe and unfortunately we live in a society where some people are struggling and don't have the moral fiber to struggle
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in the rightay. >> reporter: so it fathers suspect may have created his own wanted poster. if you recognize him, if you know anything about the case, police want to hear from you. i'm pat collins, news4, washington. a vginia doctor is accused of molesting to of his patients. his name is mohamed hussein. police say he touched a 36-year-old woman inappropriately in september. inside his woodbridge virginia practice. he is also accused of kissing a 54-year-old patient in his fice inoctober. hussein was arrested on charges of sexual battery and assault. he's been released on his own recognizance and is set to go to court in january. federal and local law enforcement officials said they took down a notorious mexican drug cartel that was trying gain a foothold in d.c. prosecutors say nine illegal --
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very dangerous. the officers are extremely here oik in their ability to go out and do what they do to protect people in washington, d.c. >> eight people are now in custody in atlanta and north carolina. all will be brought to face the charges. more, or some people who live in the historic anacostia neighbor demanded more police presence in soueast d.c. they did that today. they held a protest this morning on the corner of martin luther king jr. avenue and w streets southeast. they're angry over recent string of burglaries in the county. residents say there have been at least seven robberies or home invasions i le than three
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months. they say they live in fear every day. police i fairfax county are cracking down on prossional shoplifters. the special unit patrolling local mall has arrested dozens ofuspects this holiday season and they've recovered hundred of thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise. chris gordon reports. >> reporter: professional shoplifters often work goat obstruct clerks from seeing they're stealing merchandise. sometimes they team up and grab thousands of dollars in merchandise which is gone in the blink of an eye. they use all kinds of distractions, but what they don't know is that security is often watchi. this video from store surveillance cameras was supplied to us by the national retail federation. >> according to our research, about 82% of retailers have reported organizedetail crime in their stores. so this is an issue that impacts everybody. >> reporter: fairfax county police are wokking in team this holiday season.
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in the malls, to catch shoplifters in the sxakt make arrests. some of the suspects are from out of state. others are local like a gup which came here from prince george's county. >> they were arrested in the parking lot of the macy's parking lot. and we subsequently recovered the vehicle. the vehicle had about $13,000 in stolen merchandise from various malls. >> reporter: police provided these pictures of expensive clothing that had been stolen. this holiday season, police have recovered hundreds of thousands ofdollars in merchandise. fairfax county police teams are monitoring local malls seven days a week. >> the message i want to convey to folks, if you come to fairfax county and you're coming to a shopping mall, we in there. if you shoplift, we will catch you. >> reporter: these men from new york city were arrested just last saturday. with 50 stolen identification cards, marijuana in their vehicle, and aruckload of iphones bound for poteial resale in new york.
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chris gordon, news4. the humane society has its eyes on a virginia farm accused of abusing the animals it is breeding. investigators say pigs being bred at a subsidiary of smith field foods in waverly are cram into gestation crates. many are found with open sores because they cannot move or turn around. the images posted onhe humane society's website come from a month-long undercover investigation that occurred last month. employees can be seen tossing piglets into carts. the company says it has zero tolerance for any behavior that does not conform to its established animal well-being procedures. yogurt manufacturer danon has agreed to pay the federal government $21 million. that's money in part of a settlementhat danon reached with theftc over false advertising. the company's ads say that its activeia yogurt could he's regulari.
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it also claim its dan agoive drink can reduce the risk of catching a cold. the government says there is no evidence that backs those claims. coming up, a guy in nova scotia says his dog is the oldest one in the whole wide wod.
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after all of last winter's massive snowstorms, the office of personal management has decided to change the leave guideline for federal rkers. it is providing a new option called unscheduled work. >> thimean that anyone that has a teleworkgreement can notify their boss that they'll be working from home that day. so the govnment's work gets done and the employee gets to keep their leave. >> opm says some agencies will begin offering it this win. >> i'm wondering if that would work maybe for us? >> yeah. with the new computers, yeah. yeah. >> doug, what do you think? >> i'm phoning it in tomorrow. that's what i'll be doing for sure as we get the snow across the area. a pretty nice night and the sun
6:43 pm
has gone down. that means a good night for holiday lights. these lights out there, and arizona right in northwest d.c. pretty nice light display and we'll be live at a fantastic light disreply on friday. if you haven't caught our light display, check this out. we have a house that will amaze you. 30 degrees, the current temperature right no the winter weather advisory for areas south of district. it does not inude the mro area but it does include areas like fredericksburg, la plata, leonard town. two to three inch of snow. highs in the upper 20s. 30 degrees in the district. snow likely for everyone. one more time, i'll show you how much we expect coming up. >> what have you got? >> a little hockey. this is a bad, bad slump.
6:44 pm
>> they have taken on the anaheim ducks. d.c.'s newest $100 million man. it brings power, not drama. plus, who is starting the quarterback for the redskins against dallas? could it be this guy? or maybe another?
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>>we've got another superstar. a superstar at a super salary. >> we have the capitals who have been struggling. when you look at the sport team, you have the nationals. five straight losing seasons. the redskins me the playoffs three time in the last 18 years. wizards on pace to qualify for the third straight year. thank goodness we've been ab to lean on the caps. at least until the playoffs. this year their struggles have started early. the worst we've seen during the regular season under bruce boudreau. washington trying to avoid losing seven straight for the first time in nearly four years. lindsay czarniak at verizon where bruce boudreau's job status has come into question and the team is the focus of an hbo series. all at the same time. some craziness going on. >> reporter: craziness. since the crews showed up, the
6:48 pm
capital haven't won a game. that's when they started losing. certainly the capitals would love to turn things around. they do, allow, still hold the best record the league for home wins. they have 12 on the season. so bruce boudreau and his team are adamant that they can turn it around tonight. if you think that losing so many games in a row is bad, the one thing that really gets the capitals was the way they lost their last game against the rangers. the final score, 7-0. the caps haven't lost by that much in a year. the teamas been shut out four time in the last 13 games. prior to that it was four time in the previous 190. bruce boudreau says the team is getting back to basics, he hopes that they find an answ this evening. >> i'm anxious. when you get beat 7-saurk you want to play you don't want to keep getting that question asked until the next game. >> when you play well, you want to karat oh. carry over, carry over.
6:49 pm
whenou're not playing well, you don't want to karat oh. you want to end it. so a a group, as cliche as it is, you live in the present. >> we want to know what has happened in the last six game. it wouldn't improve us. weeed to realize what we've done, what we're capable of doing. i think a little advsity this time of season is good. >> that's one way to look at it. alexander semin will not take the ice. they are hoping to turn it around. after the hbo special, parental discretion advised. especially in the case of boost bood role of he get very, very ery. >> you have the caps game around 7:00. you have the special at 10:00 and then news4 at 11:00 so i think everody has their whole schedule made out for the evening. >> perfect. >> thank you.
6:50 pm
>> talking so basketball. the nationals general manager mike rizzo sent an open letter to fans talking about -- did you say baseball? >> i did. >> you knew what i meant. rizzo saidhe franchise entered into phasii of their development meaning they're going to spend money for the first time in what seem like forever and sign free agents. case in point, jason rth. the nationals introduced their newest outfielder in 126 million man. his new contract stunned the baseball world because it was seven years in length and nobody expected that anyone, especially the nationals work fork over that kind of money. rse still, also includes a full no trade clause, meaning the work wilbe here for the entirety of the contract. and then like haynesworth's deal, it is all guaranteed. he will get all $126 million. as for landing in washington,
6:51 pm
the latest will. >> i'm excited about the situation. and everything that it brings. i feel like i was home a couple weeks ago and i blink and here i am. the whole process, it isuicker than i thought. you hear about the guys in january and we were able to get it done early. we got the right situation and the right team. i could not be more excited. i'm very thankful. >> i'm very excited to have a guy this athletic to add to our lineup. weot some good ball players. but we really got a lot of good athletes. this adds another guy. hes not one dimensional. he can run the bases. he can hit. he can do the thing that brian zimmerman does. ian desmond has that potential. we really feel like we're starting to put some good athletes on the field. >> the happiest man in the organization has to be ryan zimmerman. not only to have a partner in crime in terms of a really good playerut his contract is up in
6:52 pm
two or three years and he will get ready to be played, too. >> the happiest man in the organization is jason werth. >> and like i said, this is real money. this isn't like albert haynesworth, we talk about him getting $100 million deal. this is real money. he will collect every single penny and do it in washington. donovan mcbb has played 13 game with the redskins. if he has learned anything, it is that the grass isn't always greener. the same drama that plagued him in philly has followed him to the nation's capital. aecent report says rex grossman could start in mcnabb's place against dallas this weekend. mcnabb ss he is 100% and he expects to start. mike shanahan would not say definitively that mcnabb was starting. to be fair, he wouldn't say who was starting at any position. a weird season for mcnabb. statistically he's having his worst season since his rookie year. one reason they ranked 28th out of 32 team. but mcnabb is also o pace to
6:53 pm
break the redskins' single season passing record. more than 4,000 yas for the first time in his career. being healthy has helped. mcnabb hasn't miss ad game which is not the norm for him. he has missed at least onegame in six out of last seven seasons. as for the latest reports that he could be out of the cowboys' game, donavan is trying not to pay attention. go. >> i c afford to. if i don't get that from, you know, the guy who makes the decisions and i don't focus on it. >> i don't go to the starting lineups. i've told you that before. talking about it every week. sooner or later, you cometo the game and final out who is starting. >> i think if i spend too much time focusing on that, i wouldn't focus on the task at hand. i really don't worry aut that. and the only thing that i can rely put my mind on is what we need to do to beat dallas. >> he is definitely the consummate professional an we think he has a career in
6:54 pm
politics. he is in the right city right now. maybe he can go reprent chicago in the future. >> deangelo hall and donovan mcnabb. last night the basketll game, you were there. they showed them on the jumbo tron. about half and half. boos and cheers. i was surprise asked disappointed at the same time. maybe a lot of other fans there because so many lakers fans in the house. not cool though. pretty simple. still ahead, a ban on drop side cribs. be sure to follow news4 online. all you have to do is srch nbcwashingto [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choosfrom. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, including green mountain coffee. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. the u.s. government is outlawing the use of drop side by cribs. more than 30 infant deaths are
6:58 pm
blamed on them in the last ten ars. >> reporter: cribs with sides that move up and down were iginally design to help mom and dads easily lift baby out of bed. but the consumer product safety commissionays drop side cribs are dangerous and deadly and has banned them from stores. >> they are a fundamental threat to the lives of infants and young children. that threat today stops. >> reporter: t cpsc says now if you knowing hardware or assembly problems can cause the drop side rail to detach and create a gap between the rail and the mattrs where babies can get stuck and suffocate. 32 baby and toddlers have died that way in the u.s. during the past decade. michelle's son tyler w one of them and died at just 10 months old. >> i rocked him, i put him to bed at 1:00 in the morning aft his 1:00 a.m. feeding and i never imagine that had would happen. >> reporter: the new rules will create stronger mattress support and hardware and establish better safety esting. erica edwards, nbc news. a final check on the
6:59 pm
forecast. one more check on how much snow we're expecting for tomorrow. let take a look and show you what we're thinking right now around the d.c. metro area. 270 through 66. one to two inches, i think, do to the soufth fredericksburg. two to three inches, and north of 270, really, less than an inch for the most part. maybe up to an inch. as we look through the nt couple days, a high of 38. sunday i've taken the snow out of sunday. the storm system moves well out to sea. >> great. the world's oldest dog might well be moving up to nova scotia. her name is misty. she is a mixed breed. she was adopted in an animal shelter 18 years ago by a guy named kevin nelson. at the time, the vet told him misty s seven years old. that would make her 25 now, or in dog years, we're talking 175 years old. misty probably will not


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