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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight, temperatures are
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dropping. leftover snow tuing to ice. schools making decisns about the morning and in the meantime, there could be another storm this weekend. good evening. i'm jim bets. colleen is off tonight. i'll tell you about some frustration at the airport. but first, what's up for tomorrow? >> very cold temperatures. not just very cold. some of the coldest numbers we have seen this season. we have said that just about each night over the past week to weeknd a half. some numbers already downto the single digits. let's show you what's happening out there right now. we'll take you back 12 hours to where the srm is winding down. snow making its way out of here, and behind it, we saw cold air move on in here. right now, temperatures to 25 degrees across the area. some areas pickingup 1 to 3 inches of snow during the day today. some was ale to build up on the road. they will re-freeze overnight. 9 in frederick.
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16 in sterling, 14 in manassas. a very cold morning tomorrow. then the potential storm for the weekend. i'll let you know what i think about that suny storm, coming up later on. >> thanks, doug. getting home tonight took longer than normal for a lot of people on the roads. some at the airport never got out. darcy spencer is at national with more. >> reporter: one airline canced 15 flights at reagan tional airport. it seems a very little of snow caused a lot of probms for travelers and commuters. it was no more than a couple of ines of snow, but it was enough to cause gridlock for evening commuters in northern virginia. traffic at a virtual standstill in tyson's corner, as commuters headed home following the first significant snowfall of the season. >> it's taking a really long time. it's taken 25 mites just to get down the street here. >> reporter: transportation crews plowed the major roads and
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cautioned drivers to taket slower. dozens of accidents in northern virginia. >> a lot of crazy driving. it has to do with t first snow and everybody just panicking. >> reporter: cold weather can be tough on cars that haven't been ready f the winter. zack dimento tod several vehicles that broke down in the snow. >> a lot of accidents, broken cars everywhere. >> reporter: main roads wet and congested, side roads were more difficult to pass. no major complaints as residents cleared the light, powdery snow off their cars. >> this neighborhood right here, they did a pretty good job. >> reporter: no slipping and sliding? >> no slipping and sliding. >> reporter: it also caused problems at the airport. angry passengers say they were left with no food and no place to spend the night, except for a seat in the terminal. >> it got delayed several times. we got on board finally. and after we got on board, it canceled.
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>> why can't y get back there? >> delta arbitrarily and capriciously canceled the flight over 2 ihes of snow. i would think they could handle 2 inches of snow. apparently not. >> reporter: several travelers we spoke to tonight, said they planned to go ahead and spend the night here inside the terminal and try to catch the first flight out tomorrow morning. reporting live, darcy spencer, news 4. jim, back to you. >> a lg night for them. thank you, darcy. several school districts announced closings and dela for tomorrow. prince williams, spotsylvania, will be closed. you can find all of the delays and closing at the bottom of the screen. coverage of the storm continues. workers have a long night ahead. >> reporter: they certainly do. cre inside th massive salt dome here behind me. they have been here around the clock. the shift that's on right now
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will be here until 7:30 tomorrow morning. salting and de-icing around prince georges county. talking to officials, montgomery and prince georges county are certainly ready for the snowfall. many residents got a lot more thanhey expected than a few inch of snow. it's been a long day for kenneth. after working a full shift at the busy mall in groan lt, now he's just trying to get home. but mother nature isn't making easy. >> i had a mishap. to avoid somebody, i hit the bank and my car busted. and i got a doughnut. when i put it on, see. >> reporter: thursday's snow, even though it wasn'tmuch, gave plenty of drivers trole on the road. this cab driver dealt with traffic all day. >> i just come back. >> reporter: how many hours did it take you to make the trip? >> about three hours. >> reporter: and how long is that trip usually?
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>> about one hour trip. >> reporter: montgomery county police said the calls came pouring in after slick roads caused accident after accident. >> wth the cold, everybody trying to rush home, and not realizing that the there is no transaction. >> reporter: despite warnings from authorities to stay off the roads if you don't have to be, we found plenty of people getting behind the wheel and heading out. >> i was running my regular schedule. i'm a graduate at the university, for an inch of snow, you're not going to, you know, shift all your plans around. >> i'm looking fward to the same stuff we got last year, to be honest with you. like i said, it's fun. >> rerter: and here in prince georges county,fficials want residents that li in single-family homes and businesses to know that it's your responsibility for you to
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shovel your own sidewalk. if you don't, you uld face a fine, but the county doesn't want it to get to that point. john schrifen, back to you. earlier tonight, house members approved a change in the rules for debate on the tax reform bill. the change was made to speed uppity passage. the billors a two-year extension of the bush-era income tax cuts. if it's approved without any changes tonight, president obama will sign it into law as soon as possible. if there are amendments added, the bill goes back to the senate. the president delivered a progress report today on the war in afghanistan, one year aer he ordered a 30,000 troop surge. the assessment is that there has been progres as promised. the review says the surge has enabled important gains against the taliban in southern afghanistan. it islso said -- it also said
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at aggressive counterterror operations have caused major damage to al qaeda's leadership in kistan. but the report warns that the successes are fragile and reversible. the white house has set a date of the summerof 2011 to begin a troop drawdown. coming up, the beginning of randomly bag searches at metro stations across the area. mo than 1,000 retailers are offering free shopping tomorrow. but some have a catch. later, larry king's fare well. how about sport looks like offensive coordinator james franklin, currently at maryland, could be leaving college park. redskins, cowboys, not playing for much more than bragging rights. that rivalry, plus the wizards in new jersey desperately trying to win theirirst game on the road this year. we'll tell if you they can
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in the next few cases, metro will begin randomly inspecting bags at entrances to the station. that is sed on similar programs in boston and new york city. searches will be done randomly, and metro said they will be quick. rider who's refuse to be inspected will not be al lilowe into the station. and appointments announced to important public safety positions today. he nonated kathy lan year ier t remain as chief of police and ellerbee is chief of the fire department. he is currently the fire chief in sarasota, florida. mayor-elect's choice to keep
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lanier is supported by community and business leaders. >> we had two very lengthy onversations, both more than an hour, and i think through tho discussions, we both felt very comfortable this was a good fit. i know i did. >> the police union had mpaigned against chief lan year. these appointments require approval from the d.c. council. julian assange out of jail, but now he has to worry about charges in the u.s. and temperature could make for tricky travel in the morning.
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more than 1,000 retails are offering free shipping for online purchases tomorrow. stores such as nordstrom's,
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macy macy's, sears, are all taking part in free shipping friday. they all guarantee free delivery by christmas. some will require a minimum purchase in order to qualify for free shipping. on average, americans gain two pounds every year duri the holiday season. many of them indulge in calorie and fat-laden party foods, as well as lots of alcohol and desserts. tonight, kimberly suitor has a holiday party survivor guide with a former "biggestloser" contestant. >> holiday parties for me, and the food at them, it was kind of like -- i was the last person to leave. until that last pig in a blanket was gone, i was there. i wasn't going to leave that little soldier behind. >> reporter: that's where the 30-year-old's battle of the bulge began. he used to weigh nearly 300 pounds. the results of one giant weakness for food.
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>> reporte >> i would pretty much make a beeline for the food table. >> porter: since losing 130 pound on the show, he was season five at-home winner, he developed new strategies to make food a trusted ally. >> i feel very different when i go to a holiday party. i feel in control. it's all aut having a plan. if you' having a plan, you will really have a chance to suck side. >> reporter: he crafted his war plan with d.c. registered dietician rebecca stripfield. they both say, start by eating before the party. the right snack could stave off a binge at the buffet. >> i love things michael monds and i love to do some cheese with veggies, and do somethin like a greek yogurt. high in protein. helps you feel full and satisfied, and you'llan joy appetizers when you get to the party. >> reporter: at the spread, do
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surveillance. ck two or three things you really want. don't just stick to veggies because you think you should. >> get what you wan you won't overeat and you'll be much more satisfied. >> reporter: as for sipping, alcoholic drin are liquid calories. one foif-ounce serving of wine can have 175 calories. look how little that is. half a gss. try enying your drink first, savoring that flavor on its own. and if sweets hit the spot, keep portions small enough so they fit in the palm of your hand. and salazar's best tactic, reminding himself that food shouldn't be the focus. >> and it's all about not only looking and enjoying the food, but more importantly the people at the holidays. time to catch up. >> kimberly suitors, news 4. >> here is what you take from it. good to eat before the party, but not a cheesteak and a
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milkshake. >> we had the holiday party tonight. >> you ate the mini burgers. >> they were good. >> not too bad now. snow is gone. biggest thing we're dealing with tonight, the fct that anything that melted today, and the melting comes as the cars go over the roads, they will re-freeze overnight into tomorrow morning, and another chance for snow and take a lock at that many coing up in a minute. what's going on out there, first off, take a lock at this. this is the fall church volunteer fire department. they do this every year, go to neighborhoods all around falls church. doing it for 25 years, going g. t between december 15th and 23rd, and people actually hold parties on the nights they go out. how about that? not a badight for that. outside tonight, we saw snow a little earlier. all of this pushes on out. we're seeing clearing skies behind us now. snow makg its way into portions of we virginia. but it won't make it's way over
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the mountains. as a matter of fact, we're looking at clearing skies. we saw two inches at etch isson, an inch and a half at leesburg. about 1 to 3 inches across the region and dring the afternoon. it's now all gone, besides the falling precipitation. with clear skies and snow on the ground, temperatures fall quickly. a high temperature of 27 degrees earlier today, with that, 1.5 inches of snow. there could be more in the forecast for this weekend. 25 degrees, the current temperature, windchill of 16. another very cold night, but you think that's cold? look back to the west. 9 in frederick. 8 in martinsburg, 16 in sterling. these are actual temperatures. temperatures will continue to go down overnight tonight. behind this storm system, cold air once again. cold day on your friday. plenty of sunshine friday. friday will be a little better
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of a day. we start to turn our attention to the south. a coastal system could move up the coast and give parts yafrt a pretty good snowfall. best chance of snow is south and east of the i-95 corridor, delmarva peninsula and eastern shore, definitely seeing the best chance for snow. we'll continue to talk about this over the next couple of days tomorrow morning, mostly clear, a very cold start. some of the colder areas, 21 throughout the city. tomorrow, 31 to 37. we'll see plenty of melting tomorrow. that just leads to refreezing tomorrow night. high of 36 on monday, and y not throw snore chance of snow in there in the middle part of next week as well. >> if you haveone, might as well throw in two. still ahead, a brawl in a parliament hall overseas. >>and in sports, remember
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are the wizards the only team in the nba still not to have won a game on the road? >> yes. they have the worst record in the eastern conference right now. this is why i'm going to do this. i'll tell you a couple of names i want you to remember. harson barnes and perry jones. freshmen at north carolina and baylor, also expected to b top five picks in the nba draft. you can expect one of them to be in washington next year. wizards lose on the road tonight. for the 13th time thisseason. they have the worst record in
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the east. the third worst in the nba. rookie john wohl and andray blatche out. and gilbert arenas, right of the head. are you kidding me? li the globetrotters and the washington generals. that was devon harris with a game high 29. and third quarter, cue the comeback, over to arenas, the man formerly known as agent zero, he 19. fourth quarter, wizards on the break. a bounce pass to al thornton. game tied at 75-75. wiards come back from as many as 23 down. but all for naught. harris to brooke lopez under the bucket. easy duk. wizards lose 97-89. fifth lss in a row. let's hope there is a lot of something, medication on the
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team flight on the way home. next up, miami heat on saturday at verizon center. our weather guy will be there in that fancy suite. >> or maybe they'll put him on the big screen. >> not a done deal just yet, but it appears james anklin, maryland offensive coordinator, may be looking for a new home in nashvle. franklin and vanderbilt are working out details that would make him head coach at vandy. franklin has been designated as the head coach in waiting. franklin told the paper earlier today that he had nothing to confirm, but it does appear is close. the terps geing ready for east in the mi the military bowl. not afraid to take it over
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on the chalkboard. skins, final full practice after golson the only player that did not participate. they should be in good shape heading down south. looking to beat the boys twice in one season, so they are playing for something. last time redskins played the cowboys. the rekins benefited from some mistakes. deangelo hall getting the touchdown. they fired wade philli, and jason garrett tookover. jon kitna the quarterback now after injury toromo. and cowboys playing much better. neither team playoff bound, but redskins still say it is one they would like to have. >> the rivalry is still there, and hopefully we'll come back with the victory it doesn't change anything. it's still the cowboys, and we're still the redskins to them. we're going to go out and it's
11:27 pm
going to be a battle. hopefully we'll come out on top. >> we're still here. it would still be good to beat the cowboys. any time we lose as a team. once you beat the cowboys, it's not ahead. >> and rogers is expected to play against boise. >> got to my in that e, right? look, i don't want to work forever.
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the man who founded the wikileaks webse is out of jail tonight, but he might have a new problem. he was arrestedine days ago in england after sweden issued a warrant forring ing alleged sex offenses there. he confirmed his lawyers told him he may bet fus of a grand jury investigation here in the u.s. assange is from australia,y the way. investigators are looking for evidence that he helped an army ecialist suspected of leaking the information. tempers flared in the parliament in ukraine today. a fight broke out when lawmakers who support the president tried to stop a protest by the opposition party. five members of the group who were part of the protest were
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>> when i started 25 years ago, at a little studio in washington, d.c., i never thought it would ever lastthis long or come to this. >> larry king said good-bye for the final time tonight. he was saluted by president bill clinton and serenaded by tony bennett, in fact. his wife and two young sons joined him on the


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