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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  December 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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frozen over. we didn't see a lot of snow but it is causing big problems. many i'd streets and sidewalks are nthing but ice. live team covage to tell you what the conditions a like in your neighborhood. good morning. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'moe krebs on this friday, the 17th day of december. we start with school closings and delays to tell you abou because of the snow and ice. >> closed list includes fredericksburg, stafford county, warren county, faulkier,
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culpepper, st. mary's, sponsylvania. delays are prince george's, frederick, arundel. manassas city schools opening two hours late. we should mention all federal agencies in the washington region will open on time this morning. >> all reported closings and delays running on the bottom of your screen. you can also find a list on and we're taking a live look outside. we have 25 degrees out there this morning. and looks like we still have some clouds above us. i don't know. if s that right, tom? i did see the moon when i was driving in. >> it's now set. it will be up again tonight and well be able to see it again. this morning it is frozen solid. any untreateded surface is an
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ice rink. 20 degrees. farther east-southeast, low 20s to mid-20s near the bay. away from the waters on the eastern shore, low 20s there. it's below freezing throughout most of the region. western maryland, west virginia, the mountains there, they are into the upper teens and low 20s. a little disturbance across the ohio valley zing just to our north. southern end, slight snow into western maryland. shenandoah valley, a few clurz into the panhandle of west virginia. increasing sunshine. we should get above freezing noon to 3:00 p.m. we'll freeze back up by late this afternoon into tonight. over the weekend, snow sunday. details in ten minutes. how is traffic? a live look at this hour. 395 northbound as you head from the beltway, duke street, continuing you to the 1st street
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brge. not bad at all. h.o.v. lanes appear to be in fine shape. good news there. see if that's the case in maryland, capital beltway, route 4. the only incident on the maryland beltway so far was an earlier truck accident, outer loop. everything is out of the road way. flashing lights may be a distraction but nothing to wor about there. headed through tysons corners, moving along well. no delays on metro. manassas 322. and marc reporting no early delays >> thank you very much, jerry. you caexpect another messy commute this morning. many area roadways are still snow covered and quite icy. >> the first snowstorm of the season is being blamed for 100 accidents in northern virginia alone. tracee wilkins is live this morning with more on what you can expect when you head out the door. how is it looking there, tracee? >> it was a mess trying to dre
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out of virginia yesterday. we were headingp 66 heading towads manassas, northwest. cars spinning out. folks having a very difficult time making it down the highway even though they were going very slow speeds. it was an issue. this morning here's what we have here. take a look on annandale. little river turnpike the road has been cleared. this is at major roads are looking like. wood land road, this is a good example how the side streets are looking. they're a little slushy and slippery. you need to be careful. that's the message from vdot. vdot has been telling me their job was to pretreat the bridges and overpasses as they make sure they were pass bibae for the morning mmute. 700 snow removal crews after rush. 700 crews out here in northern
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virginia. when the sun comes up they will scale back a little bit more. they're expecting temperatures to rise out here. 395 northwest washington on down into annandale. highways looking good. be careful. watch out for road spray. again, vdot officials say look out for icy patches because of the freezing. they're very happy with the work they did overnight. back to you all in the studio. >> looks like the traffic is moving along quickly. >> this morning, dozens of stranded passengers will fly home. delta kamd 100 from reagan national last night. angry passengers told us they didn't have any food or anyplace to sleep overnig. >> i got delayed several times. we got on board finally. as we go the on board, it canceled. >> right now the faa is not
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reporting any delays. check to make sure your flight is running on time. lawmaks burned the midnight oil to pass the tax compromise. >> the motion is adopted. >> they passed the bill just before midnight after several delays from liberal critics. it reduces the social security payroll tax, extends unemployment benefits and allows families to pass $10 million to their heirs tax free. anything more will be taxed 35%. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle voiced their concerns before the vote. >> it is s irresponsible. it contradicts everything as democrats we've been fighting for. >> jobs. focus on economic growth. >> president obama brokered the deal with republicans. the senate passed the same version earlier ts week. the bill now goes to the
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president for his signature. be prepared to get your bags inspected before you ride metrorail. the transit agency says it will start looking into riders's bags at random before it enters stations. metro insists this is not in response to a specific terror threat. similar programs are under way in boston and new york. coming up, meet the security guard being called a hero for taking down a gunman in the middle of a school board meeting. we all know you're never too old to get in trouble with mom. why bruce boudreaux'sother is not happy with him right now. 6:07, 25 degrees. this is a live look outside in marylan traffic moving quickly, but there are slick spots on the side streets and sidewalks.
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take a look at this photo by karen. it's a scene from culpepper, virginia. many of you have been sharing photos on our facebook page. joy anderson snapped several pictures of cryst city, virginia very nice. and if you have any photos, head to our facebook page to see the photos send your own photos of this great snow. i can say it's great. i didn't have many problems with the roads. if you were out like tom was, not so great. >> the best vantage point was sitting at home and looking out the window at the beautiful snow. culpepper county did get five inches of snow yesterday. closer to washington, we had one to two inches. a few isolated areas, up to five inches. untreated surfaces are frozen solid. near 20 degrees. much of the region except in washington, several maryland, low to mid-20s.
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over the last 12 hours, we have had quite a bit of cloudiness. light snow north and northwest of washington. that should stay north of our metro area. today we'll have highs reaching the low 30s. quite a bit of sunshine. freezing tonight. increasing clouds tomrow. could get light snow east of 95. saturday night after midnight through midday sunday. maybe dusting to an inch or so in the washington metro area and areas east. around the bay, eastern shore, two to four inches. how is traffi jerry? mogomery county police reported an accident below aspen hill road knew hewitt road. it appears to be an overturned salt uck. police are headed over there. probably will take care of any ice on that stretch of roadway. connecticut avenue, an accident near belpre road. that looks a little shiny. so could be frozen over. i-270 as you make your trip
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south o of clarksburg, no concerns. a little activity on the shoulder. out on the rails no, delays. vre, manassas, 322, behind schedule. joe and eun. >> thanks very much, jerry. >> 6:13, 27 degrees. power lunch for royal bride to be kate middleton. >> julian assange is out of jail. now there's word of a possible indictmt against him. interstate and main roads seem clear this morning but still there are many icy spots out ther you have to be careful. we'll show you where you might be slipping and sliding next. stay with us.
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good morning welcome back. winter weather could cause problems if you walk to work or school. sidewalks are up to the responsibility of the shop owners and the residents owners. megan mcgrath is live with details. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning, joe. yeah, you ha about eight hours after a storm to get the sidewalk in front of your home or business shoveled. we're starting to see some activity this morning across the street out in front of the pharmacy there. someone has beguno shovel the sidewalk there. what we're seeing out here is a mixed bag. some areas the sidewalks were taken care of esterd. other areas, they have not been touched. slick, icy snow pack this rning. people are waking up, making their way to work. a couple people slipping and sliding. one gentleman said the key here is, first of all, to keep our eyes open, pay attention to the
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ground in front of you and wear the rit shoes, preferably boots. >> it's slippy. but it depends what kind of shoes you have on that will make the difference. not wearing sneakers, but wearing boots is probably the best thing. you have to wear the right shoes. >> all right. you're looking at the walk sheer on 13th street. you can see it is really frozen. it's very, very cold out here. this is not shoveled. it is frozen and slick. this is u street, though. they took care of this yesterday. it's in pretty good shape. the streets are in pretty good shape as well. just be carel out there. take it slow. joe, back to you. >> good advice. thanks very much, megan. the florida security guard who protected members from a man who tried to kill them is being called a hero. mike jones said he was on the fourtfloor of the building when he received a phone call that clark duke was in the room
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with a gun. jones re-enacted the scene with reporters yeterday. he said he knew duke was serious and tried to lure him outside the board room. when that didn't work, he we in and faced him. >> when the superintendent came from behind that coter, it's like seeing your firstborn child. oh, man, he's alive. i just started crying. >> he insists he is not a hero, that he was simply doing what he was taught to do. near wikileaks nor its creator julian assange will face charges in australia for releasing secret u.s. documents.
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they could not find any violations of australia's criminal laws. that will not affect a u.s.-led investigation into possible violations of american law or sexual aault allegations in sweden. u.s. officials are trying to figure out whether assange should be charged with espionage or any other krils here. army private bradley maing is expected to have leaking all that information. he is being held in a military jail in the washington area. assange is currently under house arrest in london after being released on bail. he fights extradition to sweden. investigators want to question him about those sexual assault allegations. wikileaks posted $316,000 bond and thanked his supporters after prosecutors lost an appeal to keep him in prison >> royal bride to be kate mid e
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middleton had an important lunch date, queen elizabeth. th annual pre-christmas lunch before the queen heads off for her seasonal hole day. this is believed to be the first time she has met the entirefamily. observers say she was extremely happy when she ft. >> well, the mother of caps head coach bruce boudreaux is not happy right now talk a listen for whyhe is upset. >> something is not [ bleep ] going right. it's not [ bleep ] in the last ten days. [ bleep ] gets your heads out of your [ bleep ] and [ bleep ] [ bleep ] make it work. >> get your heads out of your ocker. that salty speech is part of hbo's 24/7 coverage of the capitals before the winter assic. the coach has heard criticism for his potty mouth from his mother. momma boudreaux says she'sot happy with her son's
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not-safe-for-work language. he said he is not definitely changing his language. >> you bleeps and bleeps and storms out the door. well, mother nature is apparently wreaking havoc for the redskins's matchup with the cowbs this weekend. they had topractice at an off-site faility. they hope this nday's game goes as well against their season opener at fedex field. the but gaend and gold beat thir dreaded rivals in thrilling fashion. do you remember that game so long ago? playoff hopes have been faded by now but don't tell them this sunday's game doesn't mean thinking. >> the rivalry is still there. they want to beat us, we want to beat them. we're going to go in and give it our best shot and hope we come out with a victory. we're going to go out and it's going to be a batle. it's going to be physical.
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hopefully we'll come out on top. >> we do too. kickoff sunday se for 1:00 p.m. and any timehe redskins play the cowboys it's a big game. >> yeah. i remember that game. as i recall, they won that game only because of a penalty on the end. somebody had a hold of brian a rack bow. >> most our wins this season has been very, very close. >> tom is here for a look -- will we be lucky with snow this weekd? >> we'll see. stay tuned. we're dealing with the aftermath of yesterday's snow. what was untreated is frozen soid this morning. near 20 in the suburbs and rural areas. mid-20s by the bay. a suburb answer. a little light snow in west virginia, western maryland that. may bring a few flurries the incomes couple hours. sunshine back. a little above freing by midafternoon. freezing back up tonight. increasingly cloudy saturday.
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saturday from midnight through noon time sunday there might be light snow. twoo four inches around the bay and eastern shore. right around washington, might pick up an inch or two. as we get in next week, a chance of snow on wednesday. jerry, how is traffic? >> tom, breaking traffic news that will definitely affect your commute. live pictures chopper 4 over the capital beltway in maryland. multicar crash, inner loop between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. quick check elsewhere, 395 looks okay to t 14th street bridge. out to the rails, no worries right now. metro, vre, one delay. manassas, 322. marc looking good. joe, eun. >> not a good start to the
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morning commute. big mess on the beltway already. >> thanks, jerry. >> 6:23, 27 degrees. a lot of women confused this morning. >> a group of students goes to the hospital after eating brownies. why police are now investigating. the end of an era. the king has left the studio. join the jaguar platinum celebration ! come celebrate excitincars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebratthis holiday season with the gift of platinum.
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>> authorities recommend that astin no longer be ud to treat brain cancer. that led the food and drug administration to approve it for that use pending further research. but new studies show the survival benefit is not as significant as once thought. in fact, studies sh it increased the risk of side effects including high blood pressure and heart failure. today marks the beginning of a new era in television. >> one of our true kings of tv is no longer on the air. larrying bid farewell to his
6:28 am
cnn talk show last night. he hosted the show for a quarter century. he was saluted by president clinton and serenaded by tony bennett. he will still host four secials a year for cnn. and we hear he might even do stand-up comedy. imagine that. >> yeah. it's certainly better than being serenaded by bill clin. congratulations on many, many years. next at 6:30, live team coverage to see how the roads and the sidewalks look this morning. plus, tom is talking more snow. when i saw all the jobs disappearing,
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the big re-freeze. the big snowstorm of the season is still causing problems. anything not plowed or shoveled is now ice. live team coverage to tell you what the conditions are like in our neighborhood. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it could be tricky and trechous on friday, december 17th, 2010. we have school closings and delays. schools close indeed maryland, calver charles and st. mary's counties in maryland all closed
6:32 am
today. >> the following maryland schools are on a two-hour delay. prince george's county, montgomery, arundel, howard county, frederick county, washington county and allegheny county. > now to virginia schools close include prince william county, stafford county, culpepp culpepper, king george county, sponsis sill vane yann, page county, shenandoah and warren the. >> two-hour delays inclu fairfax county, loudon county, manassas park city schools and winchester city schools all on a two-hour delay. >> west virginia, here are the schools closed berkeley county, headlamp shire, jefferson counties. two-hour is hardy county and morgan county schools. now, the d.c. schools have not reported any closings or delays. and the full list is running at the bottom of the screen. and of course you can see it at nbc and we shall see how the
6:33 am
school buses and children fair this morning. a lot of slick spots on the sidewalks still remain, especially after the re-freeze overnight. >> we're down to 20 degreesn much of the region. it's going to take a while all the way through the morning hours before we get above freezing. and it's 26 at national airport. and right near the bay in southern maryland, mid-20s. elsewhere, 20 degrees. quite a bit of cloudiness on this friday morning. light snow western maryland and highlands of west virginia. otherwise, dry throughout much of the region today. sunshine back. freezing by noon time, by 3:00 p.m., 4:00 pmt. that region may get two or three degrees. will melt a bit. it will freeze by 6:00. overnight, back through the 20s to near 20 degrees by dawn on saturday. we may get snow on sunday.
6:34 am
the latest on that in ten minutes. jerry, how is traffic? following breaking news on the capital beltway. authorities on the scene of an accident. three cars involved. chopper 4 is over the scene. live pictures inner loop of the beltway. accident, i'm told, is just after georgia avenue. you can see fire crews making it to the scene now. only one far right lane is squeezing by. inner loop eastbound 495, rockville pike. it is going to be very, very slow, indeed. good indicator that all m not be well as far as road conditio everywhere go. south of aspen hill, an accident involving a salt truck. heading out elsewhere at this hour, pretty far shape west on i-66. not too bad. don'tet complacent because some of the shoulder lanes you
6:35 am
may find ice on the far left and right lanes. metro, no delays. manassas, 322 slightly delayed because of equipment problems. about 15 mnutes behind schedule. marc, no delays. joe, eun. >> thank you, jerry. plan extra time for your commute this morning. the roa could be a mess after esterday's snowstorm. tracee wilkins is live with more on what you can expect. tracee, good mornin to you.
6:36 am
[ inaudible ] a heads-up right now if you a taking amtrak today. amtrak is experiencing signal problems between baltimore and philadelphia. amtrak tells usome trains are canceled because of this oblem. if the train is running, expect delays up to two hours.
6:37 am
amtrak experiencing major delays along the northeastorridor. it could be smooth sailing if you are flying out of town today. none of the area's airports is experiencingny major delays, at least as of yet as a result of yesterday's storms, the weather did cause some issues for travelers last night at reagan national airport. more than a dozen flightsere canceled leaving some flyers stranded. lawmakers burned the midnight oil to pass the tax cut compromise proposal. the bill extends the so-called bush-era tax cuts, reduces the social security payroll tax, extends unemploynt benefits, and allows families to pass up to $10 million to their heirs tax free. lawmakers on both sides of the
6:38 am
aisle voiced their concerns before the vote. [ inaudible ] >> president obama brokered the deal with republicans. the senate passed the same version earlier this week. now the bill goes to the president for his signature. 6:38 is the time. 27 degrees. still need to do some holiday shopping? well, the big incentives being offered today. take a live look outside right now. the roads may be clear on some of the major highways but side streets an sidewalks still very treacherous.
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time for weather and traffic on the ones at 6:41 this friday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. overnight we froze right back up again. what's untreat sd frozen solid. 20s in the suburbs and rural areas. mid-20s in washington and near the bay. a weak disturbance north of us. high hands of west virginia and
6:42 am
pennsylvania. oud cover breaking up as the day progresses. freezing this afternoon. clouding up saturday. mid-30s. light snow after midnight saturday through midday sunday. totals generally a little bit higher around the bay and the eastern shore and drying out next week. a look at that coming up in ten minutes. how is traffic, jerry. >> tom, contin to go follow breaking news having a major effect on your commute in maryland on the top side of the capital beltway. authorities remain on the scene of a multicar crash. thiss the inner loop georgia avenue. left half blocked. three cars. hard to tell because it's dark. one far right lane is getting by. outer loop, all of your lanes are open. it is going to slow early because of rubber necking out of the i-95 interchange. so pleasee careful. in the meantime on the beltway, both directions between springfield and i-66 near robinson terminal, looking pretty g. one more. head out and see how things are progressing new york avenue over the anacostia, bladensburg road,
6:43 am
continuing to the third street tunnel. no hangups reported ahead of you. right now no delays all theway. joe, eun. >> 6:43 20 degrees. big budgetuts for one school district. new security procedures on metrorail. why it might slow down your commute. and we will show you the christmas tree of all christmas trees. it cost eight figures, people. for one
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winter weather could cause problems if you walk to school or work. the district cleared the snow from the streets but the sidewalks are a different story in certain places. megan mcgrath is live with details. megan, good morning. [ inaudible ] >> she was showing us video on the sidewalk of 13th street northwest where there is a whole layer of ice and snow because the temperatures re-froze. big reminderoday just be careful when you're drivg and especially if you're walking to work or school, sidewalks. many of them not cleared throughout the region. take caution today. most importantly reminder, it is your house or your business, it is your job to
6:47 am
clear the sidewalk. >> don't be surprised if a police officer asks to search your bag the next time you ride metro. the transit agency will start inspecting bags at random at station entrances. metro won't say when the searches begin but insist ey won't take long. refuse to comply and you won't be allowed to bring your bag to the station. it is part of a continuing effort to try to keep riders safe. > police are looking for two women behind a rash of wallet thefts in bethesda. take a look at surveillance. polic say they were stolen -- they have stolen wallets from various schools and churches and used credit cards in the wallets at grocery stores, to buy gift cards and other stuff. call immediately if you see ther of the two women. next time you drive-through falls church, be sure to stop at the red lights or you could be
6:48 am
ticketed. one is corner of east broad street and south cherry. the other is west broad and annandale road. seven students ate brownies and then complained of a rapid heart rate and that they felt uneasy. they were taken to the hospital. police took samples of the brownies to get tested to figure out whether they were tainted with drugs perhaps. and prince george's county schools are looking at drastic cuts to try to deal with a budget csis in the county. some of t proposal include freezing school employees's pay and eliminating middle school sports. right now the county's budget is $1.69 billion for the year 2012. class sizes would stay the same and other cuts will be made to school administration and
6:49 am
support staff. new county executive baker had proposed an elimination of furloughs but that would cost $24 million for the county. if you're thinking about buying a holiday gift online, today may be just the day to do that. today isfre shipping day. this is the third year for the promotion. it includes toys "r" us, old navy and target all promise to diver by christmas day, december 25th if you order today. of course there is a catch in some places. some stores require you to make a minimum purchase in order to get free shipng. to find a list of participating retailers, head to it's really going to be hard to top this christmas tree and this decoration. look at this. this is a 43-foot faux fur tree in abu dhabi hotel, which cst more than $11 million. the tree and the decoration, that is. it is covered in gold and
6:50 am
diamon and sapphires. it's a jeweled christmas tree. how about that? the hotel will ask the guinness book of world records to certify it as the most expensive christmas tree ever. >> all those real diamonds and sapphires, you thinkhey could spring for a real tree. >> is there a tree -- i guess they would have to get it from the grand tets. >> have ithipped from washington state. >> i wonder about security. they must have a lot of security guarding it. >> you haven't ben invited to go e it. >> they know me too well. i would stick the whole tree in my house if i could. >> you would have to have a tall celing, though. >> i would cut my ceiling out to get that tree in. >> well, here we've got a lot of christmas decorations are now up in many of the homes decorated, outdoor lights are glittering and snow on the ground. certainly looking christmassy. these are photos sent to nbc4
6:51 am
tay facebook page. these are scenes from yesterday's snow. and out some culpepper county that's where they got the mt snow. highest reports, 4 to 5 inches fell in the higher spots, western part of culpepper. that's one of the shots in culpepper. close to washington, one to two inches, a few isolated three-inch amounts in virginia. now let's take a look outside. od morning, siberia. >> what? >> it's actually washington. but look at the ice on the potomac river. be glad you're not in siberia. wind chill, 65 below zero. >> no! >> next time you think it's too cold, think siberia. the high will be 40 below zero. >> thank you, tom. >> don't you feel better? >> i do feel better. >> it's balmy, almost tropical 26 degrees compared to siberia. but don't go to the beach.
6:52 am
the december record so far there the temperature at reagan national makes this the coldest december since 2,000. right now in the subur, near 20 degrees. montgomery, arlington and fairfax and points west, many locations in the upperteens to near 20. weather watchers reporting this morning. south and east of washington, southern maryland and northern neck of virginia, low to mid-20s there. on the eastern shore away from the waters, many locations there are just near 20 degrees. so this is another cold morning comparatively for us anyway. out in western maryland, west virginia, many locations there in the low and mid-20s. there are a few flurries coming from the west and the disturbance passes to the east out of the ohio valley. over the last 12 hours we have seen this activity off to the east. generally tend to go dry. there are few flurries and snow showers in pennsylvania. south, just a little bit of cldiness. it should be breaking up mid
6:53 am
morning to late morng. then we'll get sunshine breaking out after that. we ought to get a little bit above freezing. we could use that a little bit of melting. th is not going to occur until noon time, 3:00. sunris 7:21. sunset 4:48. so whatever does melt today is going to freeze back up again. by 6:00, right back down below freezing. an we'll have a nearly full moon up tonight, peek-a-boo with the clouds. midnight, we'll have the clouds a little bit thicker. by dawn saturday, just around 20 degrees. so another cold start tomorrow morning. now, do you have weekend plans? saturday looks like t best day for outdoor activities. just increasingly cloudy. afternoon highs freezing. freezing back up again saturday night. it does appear, and we've been talking the last several days about potential coastal storm system that will track close to us or far away from us. this is stl a bit of uncertainty.
6:54 am
right now the latest trends are it may track farther west. snow possibilities back into the forecast here. this is for aeas generally east of interstate 95. that would be from saturday midnight until sunday perhaps noon time as this coastal low does creep along the atlantic seaboard. if it goes farther east we won't get any snow in washington. right now there is some indication it may be close enough to us. a dusting to an inch of snow in the d.c. metro area and points in eastern suburbs, maybe one to two inches. but farther east, around the bay and e eastern shore, they could getwo to four inches from this fast-moving storm. then it will be out by sunday afternoon. monday, partly cloudy, mid-30s. next week it's still going to be colder than average. and on wednesday, a upper level disturbance, fast-moving clipper system may give us light snow. does not look like a major storm. a chance of that mid week next week. and now let's check traffic for friday morning. jerry, how is it looking?
6:55 am
>> tom, still following breaking news in montgomery county. chopper 4 remains over the scene of the accident involving two to three vehicles. this all occurred on the inner loop of the capital beltway, just after georgia avenue. you can see the police remaining on the scene. cars are still on the roadway. left half of the roadway is blocked. two right lanes getting by as you can see the cars, two right lanes getting by. however, inner loop delays at leastat rockville pike. outer loop, all lanes open. rubber neck. slow rarely out of the i-95 interchange. now, 270 southbound, word of a broken down tractor trailer near falls road. as a result, gaithersburg to rockville particularly tough. after that you're okay down the spur. please be very careful and be awarthere are still patches of ice out there. no doubt about that. o more stop, wilson bridge. both thinner and outer loop between alexandria and oxen hill. looking pretty good. trains, looking fine. met, vre and marc right now
6:56 am
reportg no significant delays. good news there. joe and eun. >> jerry, thanks so much. >> reminder, a lot of side streets are still covered with snow and ice. this is a live picture of the intersection of hammond and jackson streets in takoma park. beauful city. but it is covered with snow right n. a lot of ice still on the roadway. you can see. a lot of hills in takoma park. be careful if you're traveling around there. just be reminded in germ that your neighborhood streets, your subdivision streets are likely to be still covered with some residual ice at least, even after the cleanup of yesterday. and be careful, too, on the major roadways where it looks cleared. there could be black ice. >> heads-up if you are taking amtrak today. it is experiencing signal problems between baltimore and philadelphia. amp track tells us some trains are canceled because of this problem. if your tra is running, expect delays up to two hours. once again, amtrak is experiencing major delays along the northeast corridor.
6:57 am
it could be smooth sailing if you are flying out of town today. none of the area's airports is reorting major delays as a result of yesterday's storms. the weather did cause some issues for travelers last night at reagan national. more than a dozen flights we cancelled leaving some flyers stranded. that is news 4 today. thanks for starting your friday with us. >> the "today" show is next. we hope you have a fantastic weekend. and be sure to join us monday morning. start at 4:30. we hope to see you then. >> bye.zñ
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