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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 17, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a little snow here and there. a whole bunch of banged up cars. >> the washinon quaerback donavan mcnabb has been bench for the season. the coach is making no guarantees for next year. >> and metro riders carrying bags will be searched at random. but first, millions of americans will not see a tax increase in the new year. good evening. >> doree against slir off tonight. in a display of compromise, president obama has signed into law an $8 billion tax cut bill. the bill extds the bush era tax cuts for two years. it also extends unemployment benefits for 13 mths. and includes a one-ye social security tax cut. steve handelsman joins us with more this evening. >> reporter: good evening. it is always display of republican political power. up here on capitol hill, the republican presidential -- and more seats on both sides of the capital.
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and they will have majority control of the u.s. house. they see this tax drama, ts political fight as a preview of things to come. president obama signed the tax bill into law lock current income tax rates forwo years. a pay roll tax cut for one year. giving the mega rich a big estate tax break and the unemployed a year more of benefits. movie when we can put aside the part saabship and the political games. we can put aside what's good for some of us in favor of what's good for all ofus, we can get a lot done. >> reporter: he compromised with republicans. last night's tax vote in the house was bipartisan. but three times as many democrats as republicans voted no. house speaker to be johnboehner today warned democrats. next year's republican house majority will get its by more big issues. >> we need to tend jobkilling spending binge. we need to cut spending
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significantly, including killing the job killing health care law. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell defeated the democrats' mve to push through their 2011 spending plan. >> next, we'll turn to cutting spending and cutting debt. the american people are seeing change here in washington. >> reporter: democrats are not rolling over. >> wre going to work every day. every day. until we finh this legislative session. >> reporter: they're pushing ratification of the s.t.a.r.t. nuclear treaty. a rpealed don't ask don't tell. aid to 9/11 first responders, and the dream act to give citizenship to undocumented students. democratsn a rush with their votes and their influence about to diminish. what politics, what philosophy is on the rise? speaker to be boehner noted yesterday was the anniversary of the original boston tea party, 1773. which a lot of republicans, cluding a lot of the new ones
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elected to take office next year say is their inspirati now to attack big government and cut spending next year. steve handelsman, news4. live from the hill. back to you. >> thank you. stoc on wall street ended kind of flat this week. the dow jones end the day down about seven points. the nasdaq closed higher by about six. the s&p 500 picked up one point. that little bit of snow we had yesterday hascome and gone with you there was word there might be more this weekend. are you still out that way in alexandria? >> reporter: we've been looking at this the past wk or two weeks. this storm will be a coastal storm. typically during la nina winters, they are not able to come up the coast with a lot of energy that's what will happen with this next one as well. i'm not expecting much snow. 34 degrees, the current temperature. windchill around 29. a very chilly night. as temperature fall below
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freezing, just about anything that meld will refreeze overnight. down to 28 in hagstown. fwhik baltimore. annapolis at 31 degrees. down toward leonard town, down to 24. same thing with salisbury. satellite and radar showing the stormystem down to the south. around texas, oklahoma, and arkansas. that's the storm that will move to our uth. what it will bring? we'll talk more abou that coming up. overnight and into early tomorrow morning, just the cold. we've been talking about this for the past two weeks. we're now dealing with the coldest december in ten years. 25 degrees at 5:00 a.m. 25 by 7:00. we'll be starting very cold out there on ouraturday as well. the cold air will stick around, too. we'll show you that in the extended forecast. we'll have it all for you including our holiday lights segment coming up. >> thanks. the cold weather may be a factor in a water main break in wheaton toda the problem started along the 11000 block of georgia avenue.
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wsse closed one northbound and one sthbound lane. crews made the necessary repairs. chopper 4 was over the scene as drivers made their way over the roadway. crews say that 16-inch pipe served 48 customers in that area. georgia avenue has been reopened. it is still a little too early in the season. we are seeing some hard evidence of h cold it has been. the potomac is freezing over. here's a look the icy water near jefferson memorial. pictures taken this morning. and as dg indicated, it has been the coldest december that we've seen in a decade. >>he snow yesterday didn't add up to mch on the roadways. today a number of school districts responded with delayed enings and president obama who essentially called washingtonians weather wimps last year threw some salt on the wound toda pat collins with more. >> reporter: i've got a lot of things for you.
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i got some car casualties. ugly snow residue. is that some snarky snow comments from the president of the united states. all of this today. the day after the storm. after the storm. car casualty count. it was just a little snow. but at walker towing, it led to this. glen royal. he gave us a tour ofome of the casualties. in the towing business, they have an expression for two-car accident. you called it -- >> a double banger. >> reporter and yesterday you had this you wialtima. >> it was a mess. a big mess. >> reporter: it is hard to believe the driver walked away from this one. this was a rollover. >> it happened -- a loss. >> reporter: after the storm,
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ugly snow residue. yeah, it's pretty when it lms down. but a day later, that snow that leaves some pretty ugly fingerprints. and you just can't stand to look at it. >> look at this. >> it looks terrible. >> you should be embarrassed to be driving a car like this. >> i am embarrassed. >> reporter: in crofton, th have this incredible see-through car wash with green and blue whirly washers and foam, a different colors of foam. it's like taking your car to one of those special loving spas. after the storm, a snarky snow comment from potus. listen to what president obama said to these kids today at the long branch elementary school. >> i'm surprised you guys are in school. a lot of time in washington,
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peel don't go to school when there is even an inch of snow. >> and this is not the fst time. here's what he said after a snow back in 2009. >> my children pointed out in chicago, school is never cancled. in fact, my 7-year-old pointed out that, you would go outside or recess. you wouldn't even stay indoors. so we'll have to try apply some chicago toughness. >> reporter: okay, mr. president, we get it. you're from chicago. city of broad shoulders and we're, well, we're just little itty bitty washingtonians. we're nothing. except maybe the capital of the free world. jim, back to you. >> that doesn't skews usfrom being weather wimps. he is not etirely wrong, pat.
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>> reporr: we're working on it. we're still a southern city, you know. >> we are that. thank you. appreciate it. here we go. you know, you've heard by now what they've done out at redskins park. they keep saying they've bched mcnabb. they haven't benched him. they've effectively fired the dude. that's what we're talking about. lindsay is out at redskins park to bring in rex grossman to go against the cowboys and whoever else we have to play for the rest of the year, what is going on? >> i'm glad you masked your frustration. so donovan mcnabb will be the third string quarterback. the redskins don't think mcnabb is the answer. that's the long and the short of it. mcnabb's agent said that this is a disrespectful move. obviously so many people out there agree with this. the bottom line is the redskins really feel like they're making the right decision. shanahan today said he made the decision after they were
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mathematically eeliminated from the playoffs. the redskins ha said he's been inconsistent. despite that he orchestrated one of his best last week, towed make the move now tosee how grossman does in a starting role. as for waiting until thursday to let them know, here was his exlanation. >> i'm dealing with offensive linemen, running bas. we don't let them know until the night before. i knew this was going to be a circus once i talked about this. two good days, not having a lot of distractions. that's what i told them. i did notant these questions coming in on monday or tuesday. >> it is always a very tough conversation when you deal with a hall of fame player. a player that is as classy as novan is to tell them that you're dog something that's in the best interests of the organization. not necessarily his best
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interests. he wants to compete and he wants to play which i understand. >> reporter: mike shanahan said he felt this is the best decision. you will not believe the reaction of mcnabb's teammates. not what you would expect at all. you'll hear that ming up in sports. >> look forward to it. thank you. >> people a leaving comments about shanahan's surprise py on our facebook and twitter pages. they're not mincing words. debbie wrote this. get ri of shanahan and snyder. no reason they shouldn't be watching tv on tv. she go on. why don't they get rid of the team. that would save the embarrassment of them opening their mouths. and gwen wrote, really, coach, for this game with our bitter mostest rival? how much more demoralized do you want the teamo get? you can add your comments by going to facebook and twitter. coming up in the broadcast,
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metro stepping up security after two recent bomb threats. bucky leak founder julian assange is talking about t.
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a soldier from for that virgnia was killed this week in the war in afghanistan. army speciali shawn was killed when insurgents attacked his unit in the province. he grew up in manassas. he graduated fr high schoo his family. he was a talented athlete. he even played college baseball. his wife is excting their
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first child in april. army specialist shawn was 22 years old. wikileaks fouer julian assange is speaking out in his first 24 hours of freedom. he was released on bail yesterday after spending more than a week in jail on london. he is fighting extradition to sweden whererosecutors want to question how many sexual assault charges. >>eporter: waking up on the grounds of an englishountry estate instead of britain's largest prison. julian assange can enjoy the fresh air but he has a long way to go before he secures his freedom. the founder and editor of wiki leak is at the prison but he still has to fight his extradition to sweden where he is wanted in connection with allegations of sexual assault and rape. allegations he strongly denies saying the swedish authorities are waging a vendetta against him. >> this has been a very .
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>> he made it clear they would release the 250,000 cables over the coming months. nbc news, london. >> today assange also addressed reports that u.s. prosecutors re steek build a case against him for tleek classified documents. assange told nbc news, heis less concerned about extradition toweden and more concerned that possible extradition to the u.s. the year was 1937.
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the big story was that of amelia earhart's attempt to crcle the globe. results from bone fragments found this past may and june. testing them could put to rest many theories. they have been sent to scientists at the use of oklahoma. they're going to try to use dna analysis to determine whether or not the bones are those of a humor those of amelia earhart. it fathers pieces could include a neck bone, a cervical bone and a finger bone. she was nearing the end of her journey when her plane disappeared over the south pacific. researchers say the results could take several months. coming up, somebody trying to steal people's personal information through a jury duty scan. >> folks in iowa found a couple inches of snow inside their house.
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a snowstorm recently in iowa and it really created one oblem for a big family. they were out of town so they asked their brother steve to check on the house. he did that. got in the door and found snow all or inside. they had a door blew open during the storm and the snow blew in and started piling up. you're looking at the inside of the house. >> wow! >> steve's brother intend and got a shovel and he started digging out. by the time steve and betty got home, most of the snow was gone but can you imagine the mess that they had to deal with there. >> that had to be quite a mess. >> bummer. there are some beautiful lights in alexandria. doug is out there to show them to us. hey, doug. >>and that house from christmas
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vacation does nothing to this house. it doesn't do it justice. an amazing, amazing house. we are here in alexandria. and they sent this from the international space station. i made that p. butit cod be true, bill. it really could be true. i want to you introduce your family. >> this is my wife jan and my son michael and my daughter. >> anna, she missed the first half-hour of the show. give a little wave to your friends. thank you very much. thank you very much. we he some neighbors here as well. i said how does this come up? and you said to be honestith you, it is an obsession. >> i would say so. >> would you say so? >> i would say it is absolutely an obsession. >> reporter: you said you started 20 yearsgo and you had a little something here and there. nd then it really, really grew. how many lights do you have? >> i have 5,000 lights.
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and 15,000 more than last year. i'm switching over the l.e.d.s so my carbon footprint is slinking. >> reporter: you said i need more deer. >> i have 88 deer. woo 32 stars. >> reporter: 132 stars. all that he made himself. when i first got here, dug that there is somebody i want to see. don't show the video yeflt i want to introduce your neighbor. you said u wanted to have him here and he was not going to show up. >> is is grant hamilton. he is my display's biggest fan. unfortunately he had a tonsillectomy so he can't talk very loud but i wanted hill to be here. >> reporter: and you are the biggest fan of this. aren't you? >> yes. i think he made that tree to be a reindeer head. >> reporter: he did. >> did you? >> yep.
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>> reporter: how is that tonsillectomy doing? are you feeling better? >> i'm better >> reporter: we're happy you made it by. we didot think you would make it. thanks for being on tv. are you looking at yourself on tv now? give yourself a little ve. i like to do that every now and then. led look at the weather and show you what's going on. some of the neighborhood kids were asking about snow. a lot of people were out of school. but if you have work you'll probably have to go. 34 degrees, the windchill of 29 degrees. around the rest of the region. temperature are falling below freezing. so anything that has melted will refreeze. down to 29 in sterling. 26 in baltimore. 27 down toward la plata and also over toward quantico. what are weoing to be seeing? satellite and rdar suppose storm system that is down to the south. right now toward arkansas and a lot of times like last year, these storms were able to come up the coast and gi us a lot of snow. this will not happen with this
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storm. most of this storm will stay out to sea. high pressure dominating the region. that's why we're going to see clear skies. that's why we continue to see this cold air. thereome that area of low pressure. it will stay off the coast. however, it will provide some snow to south eastern virginia, maybe to delmarva, places like ocean city, maryland, salisbury, you have a pretty good chance of seeing some snow. i don't think it will be a lot but there will be some snow to the east. mostly clear tonight. this evening. not too bad at all of light wind. 29 to 35 deges. tomorrow morning, temperatures, partly cloudy. temperatures, 15 to 25 with some good spots throughout as you make your way through the day. light winds, 34 to 36 degrees. the next four da, 38 on sunday with a 30% chance of snow. 35 on monday. another chance of snow on esday. maybe a little better chance. we watch that as the little clipper system moves in. temperatures stay well below average. at least maybe we t the 40-degree mark coming up on thursday and 48.
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we have a half-hour left of the show. we'll show you more of this tremendous light show out near alexandria. >> that would be real nice. to be able to see all that. it is quite spectacular. hopefully we will see ithe next time up. coming up, retailers are pulling out all the stops for the last weekend of shopping before christmas. >> bags of some metro rider will be searched randomly. there are some heart breaking letters being sent to santa. the virginia budget back in the black. the governor told lawmakers how he wants to spend the extra bucks. donovan mcnabb's teammate's responsibilities might surprise you. rex grossman ready to prove his teammates wrong.
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president obama signed the tax cut today and it will extend unemployment benefits for 13 more months. >> yesterday's snowstorm didn't add up to much on the roads.
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it is still being blamed for a number accidents. at redskins park, they have benched donovan mcnabb for the remaineder of the season. rex grossman is supposed to start the game against the cowboys. we'll have more coming up in a sports report. >> a large scale anti-terrorist effort is underway on the entire metro system. >> beginning immediately, security officers will search at random any passenger carrying a bag. this is causing mixed reaction amo riders. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: bags on any given day. just about everybody has one of one kind or anher. everybody who rides metro is subject to having their bags checked for explosives. >> this is an additional security measure we're taking to ensure the safetynd security of our passengers, employe, and the protection of our property. >> reporter: just today, a suspicious package report
6:32 pm
briefly closed an entrance to the l'enfant station. they are ramping up the preemptive posture. they are initially nonintrusive. a chemical swabbing to detect explosive material. that would lead to a more thorough search, actually opening a bag, if explosives are detect. some riders say they would be okay with that. >> it makes perfect sense. >> if it will help make thing ecure and make it better for the public, okay. >> reporter: those elected for the search could say o. they would not be able to ride with the bag in question. a couple riders that we talk to say they would not allow it. >> i have no idea about me legislating anyone look in my bag without a search warra and going through the proper channels and whatever. no. i don't think i would like that at all. >> reporter: metro's police chief said the process should be quick without much inconvenience. >> there will be a slight inconvenience. we expect maybe anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: not good enough for at least one rider. >> what wuld be the probable cause to do the search? just because there might be a possibility of something in my bag. >> reporter:ike it or not, this new level of scrutiny is coming. >> it is possible it could pop up at any metro facility. any bus stop throughout the region. >> reporter: the way they plan to get around any accusations of profiling is to do a count of passengers past a certain point. it will be a number predetermined for scrutiny. if your number come up, you get search. it has work in boston and new york and they think it will work here. investigators with the maryland state office raided the home of a political consulant over robocalls made during the last election season. the attorney general has reportedly filed a civil lawsuit against julius henson. henson was on the pay roll of the bob ehrlich gubernatorial campaign when 100,000 robocalls were made.
6:34 pm
they targeted voters to stay home. henson has already admitted responsibility. there is a warning about a so call jury duty scam. according to officials in loudoun coty, here's how it works. scammers tell people to say a warn has been issued for their arrest because they failed to appear for jury duty. during phone call, the scammer asks for social security number and other information to verify the jury notice. if you giveut any of that information, you a at rick of having your identity stolen. parents in virginia and students faced with ever increasing college tuition bil have a new ally. he hated out budget priorities in richmond. the governor wats to boost higher educati funding if the universities will keep tuition in check.
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the applause for the address is trition. but this year there's something to cheer. a $400 million budget surplus. and governor bob mcnaldaid one of his top priorites is using a big chunk of that to boost college and university funding. he called it a down paymen on hissal bis ambitious goal. >> i am fully committed to 100,000. to reverse a decade of this. we have not funded the operations of universities well. >> with increased higher education funding came with a stern warning. a warn about tuition hike. >> tuitionor virginia students have doued in the past ten years. doubled. a staggering number. i would say this is unacceptable. ? the governor took aim in particular atirginia commonwealth university where hundreds of northern virginia students earned their degrees each year.
6:36 pm
they hiked tuition 24% this year. there students from northern virginia say the consequences are clear. more debt for some while others have to lea school for a time or take fewer classes to keep costs down. >> myself and the students here are already in debt and stuff. >> becoming hardeand harder to graduate within four years. the too i go hikes might be making people drop out earlier. >> he said his new partnership with virginia's university comes with conditions. theyeed to keep tuition down to get renewed funding. to underscore the point, he urged lawmaker to thhold part of the funding until i sets tuition rates for next year. some lawmaker question singling out one school for blame but say mcdonald's fcus on higher education is welcome. >> i thin this is a step in the right direction. i think the money as suggested is a positive thing for virginia. i think this will be warmly embraced.
6:37 pm
julie carey, nes4. >> these are tough time for a l of families. some children are writing some heart breaking letters to santa. the u.s. postal service says many of the letters received are pleading for help. not for toys. >> i am a single parent and would like only the if it possible that you can help me out. i have been jobless for some months and need help making christmas for my kids. >> if you would like to help a flame with eir christmas wish this year, stop by the brentwood post office in northeast washington or the national capital post office on massachusetts avenue by next tuesday. youan get mo information from our website. iñ
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larry king signed off the air last night. he has hosted that show "larry king live" for a quart century. he had a lot of stars and dignitaries. regis philbin, donald trump,
6:41 pm
president obama, i know what former president bill clinton. >> by the way, the suits wanted me to remind you what the zipper club is. if you've had open heart surgery, they have to zipper it up. i thought everyone in the world knew it. >> we did not get that. did not know that. >> do you have any questions for the president? >> i'm glad you clarified that. >> see what you mean. oh, oh. >> the zipper club is a reference to people who have had open heart surgery. the larry king show repeats until pierce morgan fills that shot. back out to alexandria now and get a little more on the weather and see more of those lights. >> reporter: we're with the family here. we'll roll those lights and let you see what we've been doing. one of our photographers got out d shot the lights. while they're doing that, bill, you actually have a website.
6:42 pm
>> you can see my display and all the technical information. when we may have rain days or whatever. check it out. >> you want to make sure he has the lights on before you come oh. and you work for somebody very important for us yesterday. >> do i. i work for v-dot. whenever it snows, we all pitch in with snow duty and it is dangerous and it is hard work. and so i justant to say thank you to all our guys who have just come off the snow duty shift and thank you to our contractors. >> up 12-hour shifts. they may have a little bit to do with temperatures getting into the teens tomorrow to around 25 degrees across the area. i'll that have four-day forecast for you. there are the lows and t highs back into the 30s. >> all right. thanks. lindsay? what's up? >> not much going on out here at redskins park.
6:43 pm
only mcnabb being benched. rex grossman says you know what? you doubters. i'll ready to show up and claim back my role.
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6:45 pm
i am very curious to hear what the players have to say about this mcnabb thing. we'll hear what they say publicly. would love to know what they say privately as well which of course you can't reveal. but let's get the public part anyhow. >> reporter: i can throw a couple of them under the bus.
6:46 pm
i would never do that. no. interesting thing. i've been excited to talk to you about this. there are two things and i'll take a little different angle. there are two thing that really stuck out to me. the first was at the press conference, when mike shanahan said he went on to say to navan mcnabb that he would not guarantee he would be here next year, that's the first time we've heard him be that honest and that vocal about the situation. he seemed very weathered. he was tired and it looked like the situation had really gotten to him. the second thing is the players. when donovan machine knack was benched, they really came to his support. they wereiffed and they let it go. today it was different. it was indifference. donovan mcnabb, i think it is over because t redskins want to draft a quarterback of the future. mike shanan made the move after the redskins were
6:47 pm
mathematically eliminate he acknowledge ad phenomenal drive but the redskins want point on the board. mcnabb's teammates response, very, very surprising. very different from his first benching. today they seem strangely apathetic. >> you want to see what he has next shift. to see if he can be the same guy that you can count on next year. now you want to go with rex. i mean, i think it is an opportunity that most guys want. and i hope that hwill go out and do his thing. >> nothing surprises me. it is a decision that coach made. a decision the team is embracing. and all we're worried about is beating dallas. a football team that's totally different from the last time we saw them. a good football team and trying to co out with a victory. >> you kind of see it but i didn't think would it happen.
6:48 pm
we're football players. he's the coach. we have to play with him. >> donovan has a decision to make. he made a decision by signing the coract. i guess the way it's worded, it will be determine. i guess we got the deal we want. this is part of the evaluation process. rex grossman can win a game order can't. he thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. >> reporter: that's deangelo hall. i can tell when these guys are towing the coil line. i did not get that vibe today. jim vance. doubted they're brainwashed? >> no. i think they have job and families to support and i think they're wise engh and mature enough to undersnd that there are some times the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shot. or be as vanilla as you possibly
6:49 pm
can. tha's what i think. >> reporter: meanwhile, a huge opportunity for rex grossman. rex grossman said that all week long, he has had hints there have en certain ways tha people have been talking to him meaning coaches. he said that there were certain reps that he was taking in practice that gave him the idea that he might be named the starter. shanahan said he hasn't seen enough of this guy. that's why he's doing this. grossman said he talked about with it mcnabb. he's been staying late at the facility a couple nights which make me think he had an indication earlier. has a 19-12 regular season record as starter. and rex grossman said all you doubters, i hear you ld and clear. >> i told donovan that there's nothing co-do in the three game that would influence me of what he's done over the last 13 games.
6:50 pm
i said i was proud of when i am the 7 yards. that could have put us in position to n the football game. right now you have to do what i think is in the best interests of the organize. to get a good fe. >> until you prove yourself on a consistent basis, you're going to have doubters. i don't care what pro forget you're in. i'm human. how could you not be motivated to show everybody who is talking on the radio or tv, thinking ey're smart. i am totally motivated to go out and prove not only to them but myself and my teammates that i'm a bonified starter in this league and can lead the team to a championship one day. those are the types of goal i have. so motivation won't be a factor. >> an emphatic statement from rex grossman who will be the starter this week against dallas
6:51 pm
cowboys that mean this week donovan mcnabb is the back-up quarterback. from that point out he'll be the third ring. >> do they have tape machines there? he said he kneads to seeex grossman. can they look at all the tapes? >> they have plenty of em. >> a lot of evidence. >> but jill vance, y'd better hope they don't pull the one from 2006 when he played and started all the regular season game and led them to the super bowl. >> and i am not knocking rex grossman. i'm spaying shanahan seems to be talking out of two sis of his mouth at the same time. and i ask you again, did anybody say anything about an offensive line that will give a quarterback half a second to find the receiver before you say i've seen enough of you and you can't play. >> they did not. i will come back at with you this. did you see how many dropped bals there were in the last
6:52 pm
game? and did you see some of those throws that weren't so great. whereas i'm with yo i am a support he of donovan mcnabb. i do not agree with the timing of this move. the offensive line has played very strong over the past o games. this situation is so interesting. you wonder, you look at haynesworth and what they. did you look at everything else and you think this is the franchise getting back to disfungal ways. if they're going to change, they have to start from the bottom up. >>r start from the top down. >> you can call jim vance at 555 -- ving on before we both get fired. the wizards tomorrow night. man, they welcome the heat. and it will be a great game. lebron james, maybe he can pl quarterback. he can come suit up for the washington redskins. last night, they did not have a good time. the wizards are winle on the
6:53 pm
roefld did you know that? >> yeah. >> reporter: rookie john wall, blatche. sitting out. second quarter, arenas tried to pass themselves give to it devin harris. up and in. a game hh 29 points. wizards trail by 18. third quarter. cue the comeback. gets it back. nails the three. arena scored 19 points. the wizards cut the lead to five. for you quarter, to al thornton. the game tied 75-75. wizards come back but they're now 0-13. i'm getting out of here before snider and everybody else come to get me and take me i don't know where. >> i apologize. >> rorter: i like it. >> at least he says what he's thinking. >> i ain't even started yet. >> still to come, big holiday shopping
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with only a week left before christmas, many traditional stores are bracing for som heavy foot traffic into next week. >> a big reason retailers are braced for an onslaught of last minute christmas shoppers is because of what happened last weekend. there was a deep freeze and kept shoppers away from shopping. >> i'm going out on my lunch breaks, after work. >> if you're last minute, i hope something is still here or get a gift certificate. that's what i'm doing today. >> reporter: even before this weekend, the national retail federation raised protections for holiday sales.
6:58 pm
3.3% over last year. >> consumers look like they're willi to splurge. >> reporter: that means splurging on discretionary items, too, like jewelry. >> last year was a little rough. people were tight on mon. th year it seems like it has been pretty good. >> reporter: the pu will continue right until ne weekend. toys are us will stay open for 48 state hours. >> we know our customers have p stalled. >>reporter: one out of three shoppers is that to be only halfway through their christmas shopping. nbc news. a final check on the weather? >> reporter: it's about, we're about done here. a beautiful night. we're done but you're not done. youo this every night from 5:00 to 10:00.
6:59 pm
right along collinwo road. a lot of people stop to tak in the lights. we'll put them on our website. you can go to his website. let look at the forecast one ore time. a chance of snow on sunday. to the east. including the delmarva and the beaches. a slight chance of snow on tuesday. one thing we know, it will stay cold out here. thanks for having us. we really appreciate it. that's awesome. >> it is spectacular. here in washington, christmas is coming when the president lights the national tree. from providence, rhode island, they have the dancing cop. this guys incredible. he is back doing his thing. his name is tony. he retiredrom the force in 1988. get your moves on. but he was missed. the mayor talked him coming out of retirement to help out downtown traffic. during the holiday shopping season. his reappearance became a holiday tradition.


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