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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight, a jewelry thief in and out in a matter of minutes. but this couldn't prevent his face from being frozen in time. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> new tonight, the owner of that skbrul jewelry show showed the thief worked so quickly. jane watrel joins us from manassas with more. jane? >> reporter: the robber caught on videotape is clearly the star of the show out here. this break-in and theft captured by about six different angles. >> walked up to the front door, he threw the brick through it.
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came into the vestibule, threw a brick through the second door. >> reporter: he describes the movements of a brazen robber who stole $6,000 worth of watches from this downtown business. it happened early friday at ashby jewelers. >> christmas shopping or birthday shopping. he was picking out different things. i don't know if he was going to try to sell them. >> reporter: the robber took roughly 40 watches in a matter of minutes. capturing it all were nearly one dozen surveillance cameras set up inside and outside the store. many right out in the ownpen. when he owner saw the video, he was shocked. the robber was there twice including saturday. >> the two times he came in he was smoking a cigarette or cigar that had been smoked and he put it out which is kind of odd to come in with an unlit already smoked thing.
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it was kind of strange. every time he did go to the watch -- he mean, he was looking at watches. >> reporter: he believes the robber lives nearby and has faith that someone will call police to crack the case. >> when i saw the video, i was, like, i know who that guy is. he's been this here before. i think the same -- they'll know a name instead of just a face. >> reporter: the current owners of ashby jewelers have been here for 26 years. the robbery, they say, is their first. but with their release of videotape, hopefully it will be the last. in manassas, live, i'm jane watrel. back to you. >> jane, thank you. really pleasant out there this evening. but there are some big changes coming through the area right now. and a real concern that what played out today might be more of a problem tomorrow. big winds helped spread a brush fire along route 100 near the mall. doug's in the weather center
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with more on this. even bigger winds tomorrow, right? >> about double. we saw winds upwards of 30. tomorrow those same winds could be up to 50 or 60. we do have that potential for fires. today, amazing. 77 degrees. a record high 77. it was gorgeous on this friday, but if we get this warm in february, you know we're getting that warm for a reason. there's going to be changes behind that. that's exactly what we'll see. 62, the current temperature out there now. winds out of the west-northwest at 12. gusting to about 20 inside the district. but some areas already seeing winds upwards of 40 to 50. gusts tomorrow, upwards of 60 miles an hour. a high wind warning in effect for the day tomorrow coming up i'll let you know just how cold temperatures get. and what lies ahead for both presidents' day and the day after. talk about that coming up. >> thank you, doug. the change in our weather
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happened very quickly this evening. and many are wishing mother nature had waited a while. jackie bensen is at the rockville town center with that story. hey, jackie. >> reporter: hello, doreen. here in montgomery county, recent weather-related power outages have left people a little on edge. pepco says they have extra crews on hand in case any of the winds this weekend cause damage. by 8:00 p.m. the flapping flag signals the arrival of more weird washington weather. after a day of unseasonal temperatures that soared past 70 and sent people outside in droves. nightfall brought change. gusting winds whipped and tore at anything that fluttered at this tyson's corner auto dealership. at rockville town center, it was good-bye t-shirts and shorts. time to put the coats and jackets back on. >> it was different. >> it was. we went in, it was nice and warm. all of a sudden we come out and
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the wind is blowing. >> very windy out today. >> very windy. a lot colder, chillier. you can tell the change is coming. >> you need a jacket. >> reporter: pepco says those extra crews will be on hand throughout the weekend. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, jackie. a firefighter was injured trying to save a house in northeast washington tonight. flames started about 8:00 along channing street. we're told that house was abandoned. the firefighter suffered a minor burn. still trying to figure out what caused that fire. brandon banks is out of the hospital. he is home. after getting stabbed a week ago. this evening the redskins issued a statement saying that banks had a tube removed from his chest. after there was no longer danger of his lung collapsing. banks was stabbed during an altercation outside the nightclub. in downtown d.c., witnesses went before a grand jury in a sexual
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abuse complaint. the waitress at the "w" hotel accused haynesworth of groping her last weekend. haynesworth's lawyer maintains his client did nothing wrong. thousands of people filled the rotunda inside the wisconsin state capitol building today while tonight the governor asked democratic lawmakers to come home. state troopers went looking for 14 senate democrats who left wisconsin yesterday. they left to stall a proposal that cuts the pay, benefits and collective bargaining rights of government workers. republicans have the votes needed to pass those cuts, but they can't vote until a democratic present. teachers have been forcing schools across the state to close. here in washington, the u.s. house appears to be headed for a very late night. there are still close to 50 amendments he s left to debate. if each of the amendments is discussed tonight, the latest estimates for a vote are between
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4:30 and 6:30 in the morning. months after a man got off for passing a school bus in fairfax county, lawmakers in virginia have passed a new version of a misworded law. they did that today. last june john mendez passed the stop school bus in springfield. he was never charged with reckless driving because the law that prohibited passing the bus had incorrect grammar and actually made it illegal not to stop the bus. not pass a stopped bus. it's closed the loophole. it takes effect immediately. still ahead, a mother testifies about her daughter's death while the grandmother sits in the defendant's chair. we'll take a look inside the medical investigation unit at nih. it's home to the real-life dr. house. irchls and later, a dog rescued from the mail gets a new address.
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there was a scary ride for passengers at the foggy bottom metro station this morning when several steps of an escalator suddenly collapsed. nobody was hurt. escalators at the station were out for several hours. metro says mechanics have since repaired the hole. metro is currently in the process of replacing all three escalator units. defense lawyers for a woman
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accused of throwing her granddaughter off a skywalk in tyson's corner say they are now working toward an insanity plea. 50-year-old carmen de la rosa is charged with murder. she is accused of dropping 2-year-old angelin six stories high. she made her first appearance in court today. during the hearing her daughter gave tearful testimony, recalling the night and said that the grandmother had said before that she had thought of killing herself. the former chief of staff to jim graham pleaded guilty today to accepting bribes. ted loza entered a guilty plea to two felony down thes. he was arrested in september 2009 and accused of accepting bribes to influence tax legislation. he'll be sentenced on may 12th. he faces between 8 and 14 months in federal prison. coming up, a father's journey to washington to learn what's killing the children in his family.
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>> we did everything. >> those they're turning to diagnose diseases. those winds are ushering big changes in our forecast. doug is back next. and electing
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you could say it's like a real-life version of the television show "house." a place hidden in the national institutes of health. some of the best doctors in the country work as detectives trying to diagnosis diseases that no other doctor has been able to identify. >> we've seen all kinds of doctors. so i'm going to give you hope. some of them can't see what is going on. >> reporter: gregory and dulce are in a race against time. it's a race against a mysterious disease that has already killed two of their daughters and is now striking their youngest son. >> we did everything we could. and that's what brings us here. >> reporter: the oteros left their home in sarasota, florida, to come here, the national institutes of health clinical center, home to the undiagnosed disease program. doctors play medical detective here, trying to determine the causes of diseases that have eluded diagnosis for a long
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time. >> they want a name for their disease. >> reporter: dr. william gall is the program director. he says their cases have stumped some of the country's best doctors. >> many people would consider this a last-chance effort to come to a diagnosis because diagnosis may lead to treatment. >> if they can find a cure, even but beginning with their first daughter, michelle. at just 15 months old, she had a stuff neck. th eventually making it unable for her to breathe. she died at 14. their third child symptoms she died at age 4.
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now their youngest son, greg, who -- they'll spend a week at nih. he'll see a variety of speciali specialist. >> what we'd like to do is find out the nen ekt cause and t they'll report back on what they found. he still has good use of his legs, something his sister's never had. >> i hope. since the undiagnosed disease program began in may of 2008,
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doctors have worked with 300 patients. they have fully reviewed about 160 patient cases and successfully diagnosed 35 people. we'll be following their story and bring you any updates from the doctors. after months of delays, nasa said today that space shuttle "discovery" will make its final launch athursday. cracks in the fuel tank have grounded it since ma din, a robot and a full load of supplies to the international space station. doug's here with the full weather forecast. t that was a beautiful moon, too. >> just about fool. what a gray day, i think about,
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in fact, it was a report. the low, 52. so even the low was well love opinion. that's why we have the fire potential danger. no campfires this weekends, that's for sure. winds upwards of. notice the front's been through. 55 in frederick. 55 this sterling. 57 in manassas. still a very file, but once the
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sun comes up, they are really going to turn up again. we'll see winds wus iing an inig >> this will if go 54 in chicago and 550 pin regards to rain. this front is just going to give us windy conditions. with temperatures into the low 50s and 30, 40, 50 miles an hour winds, theater
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monday we could get back into the 60s before falling back into the 30s on tuesday. rain first and then most likely change to snow. we could see windchills in the 20s tomorrow. then throughout the day, we will see sunshine, but not a nice day. 48 sunday. 63 on monday. >> today was nice while it lasted. >> that's right. i hope everybody got out there.
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tonight, a home wine opens the dines to everybody in family.
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talk a little basketball. this was fun to watch. did you guys get a chance to check this out? >> i didn't see it. >> all-star? >> the wizards don't have a single all-star playing in the all-star game, but they were well represented tonight. it was the opening act of the nba all-star weekend. and the wizards were looking pretty good. about the only thing john wall did not offer to his teammates
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was delivery kboot record to clip all night long. he shattered chris paul's record with 22 assists. we start in, this is what he was doing all night long. take another look. almost hits his head on the floor p how about that? a little playground action. that was so sweet there, whan. wh
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what? 12 points, 22 assists. he is the mcp setting a fans will be remembering the intimidator. the 500 truly up for grabs. jeff gordon. joour was sent to the wam could be the most exciting ever. >> i think we'll see the most exciting finish to the daytona 500 at least that i've been a part of. the cars drive positions they
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wasn't been cable >> that's carl edwards. michael waltrip, by the way, won the truck race at daytona. >> back to l.a. where before the rookie game, they had a celebrity game. justin bieber coming right out. he's already duncan. secretary of rormer taed bean. p >> as for this.
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16-year-old pop-haired win bow. i played against him in basketball one time. >> check your voice mail. up next, a baffled community
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there's a dog in minnesota that has a new home tonight. a woman named terri ford
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officially adopted gus, a schnauzer-poodle mix. he was rescued when his previous owner tried to send him in the mail from minneapolis to georgia. postal workers said they heard a noise and saw a package box move. the local animal control said they had more than 50 people trying to adopt that dog. a community in northern virginia is making news nationwide tonight for its civic association president. that's because residents unknowingly elected a dog. the owner put lee on the ballot when no one else volunteered. it was done in jest but when others saw the name, they assumed it was a person. >> we thought that it was what we had been looking for. but when we found out, to me it was funny. i thought, this is great. >> would you vote for the dog again? >> no. >> no. okay. >> i'd vote for my cat, though.
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>> we're told re-elected just a few weeks away, and this time of sammy's fish box.
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a landmark in fredericksburg, virginia, opened today to long lines. carl's custard opened for the season today. at one point the line wrapped around the block. the store's been in business 64 years. carl's custard keeps the flavor simple, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. that's it. but the taste has kept


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