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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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alabama. and this morning there is concern that number will grow because nearly 600 people are unaccounted for in tuscaloosa. closer to home, the national weather service has confirmed that two more tornadoes touched down in virginia during the storms, bringing the total deaths for the state to 12. two virginia residents saw the power and destruction of that historic outbreak up close. in the path of the strongest tornado to touchdown last week. one watched from his dorm room at the university of alabama. the other hid in a bathroom closet praying he would survive. news 4's darcy spencer has more on their unforgettable experiences. >> goalte >> got out as quick as we could. >> reporter: david cole goes through the items he was able to s salvage from his house about a mile from the university of alabama where a deadly tornado
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caused death and destruction. >> reporter: cole, a university sophomore said the windows started to break and the house shook. he hid in a closet when the twister rolled through. >> for about a minute in the bathroom in the closet praying, and the house was shaking. it was pretty intense, pretty scary. it sounded like a train was going by. you couldn't hear if i was right up to your ear screaming. >> reporter: when he walked outside, he saw the destruction firsthand. an oak tree had split his car in half. he was able to talk to his father about 15 minutes after the tornado was gone. >> life is fragile. when your child is caught up in something like that, it really pulls on the heart stringss. >> reporter: david's friend brandon tully is a freshman. he was on campus when he saw the tornado tear a path of destruction through the university. >> you see people walking down the street carrying a backpack and a trash bag, and that's all they have left.
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the i think the best description i've heard of how tuscaloosa is an atomic bomb went off. >> reporter: they both plan to return in the fall. >> i'll always have it in my head of what happened, but i think eventually i can put it behind me and kind of block out a little bit. i'm never going to forget that day. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 today. >> both say they'll have to return at the end of may to the university to take their final exams. what a memory. >> no kidding. >> just an awful thing to have to live through for any of the people that have been dealing with t >> absolutely. >> let's take the turn and talk about our forecast which is not quite as good as yesterday. >> yesterday was awful nice. hard to beat a day like yesterday. sunshine, low humidity, temperatures around 70 degrees. that's how most people enjoy the weather. we'll be close to 70 degrees today and the weather will be dry. but it's turning to cloud cover, and these clouds will eventually yield a few passing showers by
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later on this afternoon. certainly not going to be a washout. temperatures in the mid-50s. 57 in annapolis. 55 in quantico and leesburg. 54 in frederick and damascus in and maryland. you can see on the radar just a few drisly drops out west of the blue ridge, west of the mountains in west virginia and far western maryland. a few showers across parts of kentucky and tennessee. they're trying to move eastbound, but a lot of the rain showers are drying out as they come over the mountains. i think we'll have to worry about the risk of a passing shower or two. certainly not looking for heavy rain and no threat of severe weather. most of your sunday will be just fine. just keep in mind there may be a shower later on. >> thank you, chuck. in other headlines, nato air strikes have killed the youngest son of moammar gadhafi just hours after the libyan leader called for a ses fire. three of gadhafi's grandchildren also killed in the missile attack. it hit the house of saif al arab
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gadhafi in tripoli. his father was in the house as well. but government officials say he escaped unharmed. nato says it did hit a command and control building but has not confirmed the death of gadhafi's son. new today, poup john paul ii is one step closer to being named a saint. this morning the catholic church officially beatified the pope in a special ceremony. nearly 1 million pilgrims packed st. peter's square for the mass, conducted by pope benedict xvi. it's the first formal step before sainthood. with pope john paul ii passing just six years ago, this would be the fastest beatification in modern times. something cardinal and archbishop of washington donald wuerl says is fitting. >> we need heroes. we need people we can look up to. we need people cho achieve the very things we're attempting to co. >> a french nun who says her prayers to the late pontiff
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cured her of parkinson's disease put pope john paul ii on the fast track to sainthood. and the catholic faithful around the world are celebrating the beatification of now blessed pope john paul ii and is on the route to potentially being sainted >> that includes parishioners in our area who are also celebrating the day as divine mercy sunday. news 4's derrick ward joins us this morning from the cathedral of st. john the apostle and more. >> reporter: this is a big time, especially for catholics. a person many of us have known in our lifetime is now on the way to sanshood. indeed, pope john paul ii is one step closer to saint hood. hundreds of thousands have converged on rome to take part in the beatification mass for pope john paul ii. it's one of the ceremonial way stations on the bath to sainthood. he was one of the most popular popes.
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almost immediately after his death, talk of this day and what lies beyond it, sainthood, began circulatin circulating. the speed at which it has happened was as unprecedented as the popularity of this pontiff. we did get reaction from local catholics. >> he was such a loved figure worldwide. he seemed to have a real connection with people. it made sense there would be eventually an outpouring of support for him to be a saint. >> he was an outstanding pope, outstanding person. did he a lot for humanity. it's to be expected of this. >> and the church needs an uplift, do you think? >> it definitely needs an uplift. the wedding and now this. i think everybody's extremely happy. >> and in another local related development, the archdiocese of washington has formally announced the formation of a new seminary to be named after pope john paul, the blessed john paul ii seminary located on taylor
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street near catholic university. that is scheduled to officially open this fall. we're live outside st. matthews. now back to you. the world's most famous newlyweds have released their official wedding pictures. the photos of the happy couple and their family were taken in the throne room of buckingham palace after friday's wedding. william and kate have announced they are delaying their honeymoon as well, citing privacy issues. tomorrow it's back to work for the prince as he'll resume his job as a military search and rescue pilot. >> good for him. i think it's sad when a honeymoon has to be delayed. you want a couple to go off and enjoy the moment. >> the normal honeymoon is, what, a week? a month, i'm sure. >> six months. go around the world. 9:07 right now. new developments in lindsay lohan's latest run-in with the law. the deal the troubled actress may finally be willing to make. and apparently not everybody has bieber fever. the incident that made the pop
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she was a star on the reality tv show "d.c. real
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housewives," but marianne shines as a woman who focuses on women's causes. this week is cancer. this weekend she's hosting one of her most ambitious events yet. mary is joining us to talk about how you can join her in this fight. >> thanks, kimberly. great to be here. >> cancer is the cause. $100,000 the goal. fran drescher, the inspiration. how did that all come together? >> the nanny. >> yerbgs ts, the laugh. >> she really does talk like that in real life. i was inspired by fran's story. she's a ten-year uterine cancer survivor. she went through years and doctors being undiagnosed. she was desperate to figure out what was wrong with her body. she wrote a book about her whole escapade and then started this foundation called cancer shmancer. her husband at the time was very optistic and said you got this.
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this is nothing. she beat it. fortunately, it was only in two. so she just has made this message of early detection and prevention of female cancers. >> we'll hear from her on wednesday at this event. >> she's coming. >> also at this event on wednesday, you're going to show a tribute to elizabeth edwards. how has she touched your life? >> she has touched me in huge ways because of the way she was so courageous and gracious about how she battled cancer and was very private and courageous on the campaign trail and all of the controversy she went through. to me, she's a warrior. >> you relate to her? >> i do, very much so, yes. >> in the political limelight. >> very inspired by her. we're going to pay tribute to her, and we're also bringing mark bower. >> the designer. >> the big designer. he's big on the red carpet. he dressed melissa leo this year. >> and you love to combine, obviously, fashion and charity at the same time. let's get to the details of
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modus union. modus union people may say what's that? simply uniting fashion and philanthropy. wednesday at 6:00. tell me about the locale. it's a cool area you picked. >> i'm really praying for good weather because we're going down to yard's park, and it's a beautifully redeveloped area down there, it's a boardwalk. it's a covered pavilion. we'll be covered if there are weather issues. >> you see ticket information here. how do people -- do they call or go to a website? >> website. labels for, and it's very easy to figure out how to get tickets. >> i'm really looking forward to this event, co-emceeing with boxer from wmcq. before we go, i have to ask. why do you think d.c. housewives did not catch fire here? >> i think it's quite obvious why our show got cancelled because it definitely was edited into sort of one episode of the white house incident. i think they had a really hard time developing our characters outside of that whole incident.
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>> are you disappointed? >> i am a little disappointed, but i'm actually kind of relieved because i was sort of on the fence about doing it again, and i have other bigger aspirations for television and some philanthropy. i'm excited. >> you'll have to come back and tell us about it. >> i will. i have a lot of things in the works. >> thank you so much for being with us today. chuck, aaron, back over to you. >> sorry. you've got to see us now. two beautiful women, and they cut to us. >> oh, well. >> find something pretty outside to look at, chuck. i don't know. >> naomi, take the city cam. let's take a look at some flowers. plenty of gray skies. there's a beautiful picture right there of the white house, comfortably nestled as 1600 pennsylvania avenue northwest. complete check of your sunday forecast and the week ahead. a great looking lawn like this,
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so in a week and a half, lindsay lohan has a pretrial hearing for her stolen necklace case. a source close to lohan says she is considering entering a no contest plea to end this trial thing all together. the source says the troubled starlet just wants to put this case behind her and refocus on her acting career. by pleading no contest, lohan would not be admitting guilt and is looking to settle the case
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quickly. the singer mariah carey is a new mom to twins. the singer and husband nick cannon celebrated the birth of both a girl and boy. justin bieber has millions of fans, but apparently a few that are not fond of the pop star let him know about it during a concert in australia. bieber was performing when six eggs landed just inches in front of him. the pop mega star didn't miss a beat. he backed away so the mess could be cleaned up. after the song, he threatened to end the concert right there. eventually, he went on with the show. bieber's fans are furious, you might guess. one fan tweeted, quote, you now have 9 million beliebers after you. be afraid. >> i keep thinking of a beehive, you attack a swarm of believers. >> does he now have 9 million fans mad at him? >> the person who threw the
9:19 am
eggs. >> what can i say? we don't want 9 million people not liking the bieber. that would never happen. for us, we have cloud cover. for now anyway. a little chance for rain coming in later in the day. certainly not going to be a washout, though. you don't need to worry about canceling too many outdoor plans. just have a little backup plan ready to go in case one of the 15 or 20-minute rain showers finds its way over your house or outdoor activity this afternoon. plenty of cloud cover. sunshine, we had a very pretty sunrise this morning. that is a thing of the past. there's a live picture of washington. it's a grey but a bright gray sky at this point in time. i do think it will turn a darker shade of gray a little later on this afternoon as the clouds thicken and the rain chances sneak up a little bit. yesterday i really thought the rain would hold off completely other than a few drops in the mountains today. looks like some showers may live long enough to get over the mountains and rain on a couple spots around metro washington. 55 degrees with full overcast outside. a light wind out of the south at
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6 miles per hour. mid-50s, pretty much area wide at this point in time. even with the clouds, we're headed for high temperatures today in the upper 60s and low 70s. here's the latest satellite picture overcast around washington. there are little breaks of sunshine, thin spots in the overcast down towards culpepper county and fredericksburg. you're getting a little sunshine. here's a look at live doppler, sprinkles in the mountains of west virginia as well. there are more showers across parts of central kentucky, and the computer models are still trying to dry most of this up, as it comes over the mountain. nonetheless, that's an awful lot of moisture. very showery sunday from pittsburgh down through west virginia, kentucky, and tennessee. severe weather down across tennessee and northern parts of alabama. no severe weather threat for us. very limited sunshine with high pressure in charge. it's eventually going to work its way off the eastern seaboard, so that by 8:00 tonight here on our futurecast model, cloudy skies and a risk of a couple of light rain
9:21 am
showers out there. i think primarily west of d.c., but just couldn't give you the all clear on the rain chances around here for today. clouds stick around overnight tonight into early monday morning. a mostly cloudy sky. then tomorrow. i think we'll get a few breaks or two of sunshine in the day. a chance for a shower or two tomorrow. again, just like today, most of the day will be dry. keep that in mind. here's your forecast for today. mostly cloudy, a few passing showers possible. you'll have many dry hours. highs upper 60s and low 70s. same for tomorrow. more clouds and sunshine. risk of a shower or two tomorrow. the steadier, rain shower chances move in for tuesday and for wednesday. might even have a rumble or two of thunder on tuesday afternoon. wednesday, most of the rain should be in the front half of the day. it's still going to be cool, cloudy, and showery. the sunshine returns for thursday and friday of this coming week. a little something for everybody there. >> sounds good. thank you. this week's kids post proves it really does pay to have good
9:22 am
handwriting. here's joe krebs with a look at that and some of the other features you'll find this week. >> this week on kids post on tv, a handwriting prize, a book about lies, and parental advice that is not too wise. i feel like dr. seuss. joining us again is tracy grant of washington post kids post. hi, tracy. >> great to see you, joe. >> first of all, we're going to talk about a contest that requires a steady hand. >> well, a couple of weeks ago kids post wrote a story about a boy who won a handwriting contest even though he didn't have any hands. amazing story. and we challenged our readers from ages 4 to 14 to write the phrase i love kids post. this is our winner in the under 6 category. look at how neat that is. >> that is very neat. >> especially for a kindergartener. >> wow, look at that. >> this is beautiful, perfect palmer penmanship. and kids today think that
9:23 am
penmanship doesn't matter, but look at how beautiful that is, and look at what a nice representation that is. and the whole point of the penmanship contest -- and this was our favorite. look at the beauty in that "k." >> and the individualism. >> right. the a way to express yourself. not everything is sent via e-mail. and the winners are in monday's kids post. >> look forward to that. and you also have a feature on a funny new book. >> this is a great book by gary paulson. it's called "liar liar." it tells the story of kevin, who is 14 and who, like many kids, thinks that there's no real harm in telling a white lie. he actually thinks that he lies for the greater good. and during the course of this very, very funny book, he discovers that's not necessarily the truth. >> in fact, your pants will catch on fire. and you're also proving this week that not everything your parents tell you is just perfect. in today's kids post, in sunday's kids post, we look at
9:24 am
some of the warnings that we were probably told as kids that we tell our parents as -- we tell our kids as parents. going outside with wet hair on a rainy day will, in fact, not make you sick. >> are you sure? >> i am absolutely sure. it has been medically proven. >> okay. >> it may make you cold. it's really not necessary. i was stunned about this one. it really isn't necessary to wait for an hour after eating to swim. your body can digest and swim at the same time. >> so you won't get a cramp and sink and drown? >> you won't get a cramp and sink and drown. >> i still do that. i still will wait an hour before i swim. >> i always wait an hour. >> so i'm being silly. >> you're being silly. and also, if you swallow gum, it will not clog up your inside. >> i wasn't too worried about that. >> kids think this is true. it's not a great idea to swallow gum, but it won't do any permanent harm. >> tracy, thank you very much.
9:25 am
and for some fun family activities, visit or and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. i'm joe krebs. >> i still believe all that stuff. >> we had dinner the other day with kids, and they ate and ate and ate and went running, and one of them was green rolling around. >> the gum thing, i thought it takes ten years for your stomach to digest it is what i was taught as aed kid. >> it doesn't stay in there, though. >> ten years is a long time. >> it goes out. that's for another lesson. the caps look to regroup after a disappointing playoff loss. chuck is over here shaking his head. the redskins wrap up a busy 2011 draft. here's hakim dermish with your "sports minute." good morning, everyone. your "sports minute" starts with the stanley cup playoffs, game two between the capitals and lightning is tonight at verizon center. in game one, the caps were 0 for 5 on the power play, and it's a credit to tampa bay. the lightning have killed off 39 of 40 penalties in the
9:26 am
postseason. but when trailing in a series 1-0, washington has a 7-5 record in game twos. face-off is set for 7:00 later tonight. in the nfl draft, the redskins selected 12 players, the most since 1985. in the fourth round of the draft, washington traded up and picked 6 foot, 220-pound nebraska running back roy helu jr. he ranks fourth all time on the cornhuskers career rushing list. in the sixth round, with the 177th overall pick, the redskins selected penn state running back and former westfield high school standout evan royster. royster is the all time leading rusher in penn state history. college basketball news, george mason hired former georgia tech coach paul hewitt yesterday. hewitt was fired by the yellow jackets last month after spending 11 years at the school. he led georgia tech to five ncaa appearances including a run to the 2004 national championship game. he'll be introduced at a news conference on monday. in baseball, nationals third
9:27 am
baseman ryan zimmerman will have surgery on tuesday to repair a torn abdominal muscle l. zimmerman is expected to be out for six weeks. on the field yesterday, nationals hosting the giants. bottom of the ninth, nats down 2-1. giants closer brian wilson facing adam laroche with the bases loaded, and he gets him swinging to end the game. giants hang on to beat the nationals 2-1. same two teams today at 1:35. that's your "sports minute." i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. 9:27 right now. a gun battle brewing in the district. how one man's lease shut down the registration process for the entire city. and lit death toll from one
9:28 am
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the deadliest storms in recent u.s. history may be about to soar even higher as rescuers continue their search for hundreds of people that are still missing. good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm kimberly suiters. the number of dead stands at 342. this morning rescuers are quickly shifting their focus to the missing. >> nearly 600 are unaccounted for in tuscaloosa alone. as the hours pass, the chance for survival in the rubble left
9:31 am
behind is quickly diminishing. nbc 4's chris clackum has more. >> reporter: the race to help tornado victims in alabama is matched only by the massive need. >> we have some of the greatest people that care about their neighborhoods, and it was evident today. every place that we went, we had -- we saw so many volunteers. >> reporter: with a tatterred flag recovered from the rubble of tornado ravaged tuscaloosa raised for inspiration, the mayor calls this a crisis. >> although we were ravaged, we still remain the shining city on the hill because the world has seen our faith in good and our faith in each other. >> reporter: the searches here have intensified, though, because tuscaloosa still cannot account for over 600 of its residents. >> going through the rubble looking for those that are missing, we are taking the list of 570 that we have now and cross-referencing it with sites and mapping to ensure that we
9:32 am
track down every single lead. >> you know of people who did not survive or who remain missing? >> i do not, no. we have not heard no names. >> reporter: it's a problem in pleasant grove too although betty and earl bosack survived with granddaughter andrea in the basement of their now leveled house. >> and we were all right here just standing like this. >> there are so many people out here who weren't adds lucky as we were. >> reporter: some luck is what's needed for a daunting recovery and clean-up too. expected to take months and to be remembered forever. plus early estimates have that tornado that hit here and 40 miles away in tuscaloosa as actually being on the ground for 80 miles. in pleasant grove, alabama, chris clackum, nbc news. >> it's 9:32. 57 degrees in our area. shaping up to be a mild weather day. >> that's it. let's move on to the next story.
9:33 am
>> does that mean i can go home? or am i going to have to start reading the prompter? that would be really tricky stuff. >> that's what scares us. >> cloudy skies on our sunday morning. still a chance of seeing a few little braekds eaks of sunshine go through the day. clouds are definitely in charge of sunday. tep temperatures in the mid-50s. climbing towards the 60 degree mark. no one's made it there just yet. won't be too much longer. here's a look at live doppler. a few sprinkles along interstate 81 and into western maryland. have a chance for showers in kentucky and tennessee to clear the mountains by mid to late afternoon today. it looks a lot scarier on the radar as far as amounts go, but a lot will dry up as it goes over the mountains. off and on, rain chances for this afternoon. temperatures will reach up to near 70 for a brief time. more clouds and sunshine again tomorrow. a chance of rain both today and
9:34 am
tomorrow, but most of both of these days are going to be dry. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about the seven day. police have arrested two virginia parents after making a disturbing discovery outside their home. on friday night authorities in gloucester county found the remains of an infant buried under a shed. this is the very same house where just the day before police found a young girl caged inside a crib badly malnourished. there was also a newborn in the home, but the baby was unharmed. those are the two parents you just saw there. police arrested them, 29-year-old brian gore and 25-year-old shannon gore. they've been charged with felony child abuse. the mother has also been charged with attempted murder. in jessup, maryland, a 5-year-old boy was found alone inside a vacant home with the body of his father. police discovered the two in a home on mary lane. they don't know how long they'd been there or how the man died. he's been identified as 26-year-old najib abdullah. the boy was not hurt. the two were last seen leaving a
9:35 am
relative's home on tuesday after what police are calling a domestic incident. 10-year-old le shawn armstrong is the sole survivor of a tragic murder-suicide. now the local football players are stepping in to mentor him. le shawn was able to escape his mother's van as she drove him and three other children into the hudson river in new york. ray lewis said he wanted to do something. so he and former cornerback reggie howard along with the united athletes foundation have createded a fund for le shawn. they also plan to mentor him and provide counseling and other assistance. starting today, litter bugs might want to start using trash cans in the district. today marks the beginning of a crackdown on littering in d.c. anyone caught littering in most of ward 4 and parts of ward 5 will get a $75 ticket. it's part of a pilot program from the d.c. council. now, even though the program
9:36 am
starts today, police only will issue written warnings until june 1st. 9:35 right now. it may not be illegal to register a gun in d.c. anymore, but now it's impossible. the only business authorized to register guns in the city has shut down. owner charles sykes tells wtop he had to close up the shop because he lost the lease on his office space. some are blaming the d.c. government saying that zoning restrictions in the district limit where gun registering businesses can operate. but one d.c. councilman says it is simply a matter of supply and demand. >> there has not been a huge demand. it's not the kind of demand we thought. and therefore, there isn't a market, which is why there's one dealer. >> sykes will have to it go through a permitting process to set up his registration business in a new location. he says that will be expedited to get it started up again. he also says another potential dealer has expressed interest in operating here in the district.
9:37 am
>> after a major breach in security, sony executives gave a very rare and traditional apology this morning. the executives bowed in a traditional japanese apology. personal data from about 77 million playstation user accounts was stolen last week. head of stony's playstation unit says security will be improved and acknowledged the company hadn't done enough to protect consumer information. names, birth dateses, e-mail addresses, and credit card information believed to have been stolen. the fbi also involved in the investigation. it is 9:37. still ahead this hour, he found plenty of eggs at the white house easter egg roll, but he's still in search of a permanent home. no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald, and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like did we fake the
9:38 am
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barbara harrison introduces us to due jor, who hoped he might run into one of his heroes in the easter egg roll this week. >> big doings at the white house. one little guy really looking forward to being there. >> barack obama. >> you're looking for barack obama? he's here somewhere, i bet. maybe he'll be outside. let's go see if we can find him. >> outside 7-year-old dajor was keeping his eye out for the pt. you really want to find barack obama, huh? why? >> because he's my hero. >> while hunting for a glimpse of mr. obama, dajor spotted a few of his other heroes. here he comes. look. he said one of his favorite storybook heroes is none other than cat in the hat. dajor asked for thing one and thing two, but the cat was mum about their whereabouts. we continued on our journey in
9:42 am
search of the president. we didn't find him at the white house basketball court, but dajor proved to be a hero there. >> put it up there. >> oh, give me five. give me five. >> dajor came to us as a result of abuse and neglect. he's been in our care since 2006. and since that time, we've been looking to find an adoptive home for him. >> it's not that easy to roll an egg with a wooden spoon across damp grass, but dajor did it well his first time trying. >> you won. that's great. >> he liked hanging out with radio jock tommy mcfly. he says he'd like to be a different kind of jock someday. >> i would like to be a football player. >> oh, really? >> no, batman. >> what do you like about batman? >> because he saves the world. >> yeah. would you like to save the world someday? >> yes. >> those who know dajor say he could grow up to be just about anything he wants with a family
9:43 am
to send him in the right direction. >> i believe if he were able to be in a nurturing home, he would be able to grow and be very productive in the future. >> dajor went home with a basket full of goodies and a head full of wonderful memories about the heroes he saw and the ones he's still dreaming of being exactly like someday. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> you have room in your heart and your home for dajor or another child who's waiting, call your special adoption hot line. the number is on your screen, 1-88-to-adopt-me. if you have a smartphone, you can scan the qr code you see right there on your screen. you can do it right now. give you a second. that's the item that looks like a bar code. that will take you right to the wednesday's child section on our website >> very cool. pro football player or batman? >> i'd go for batman.
9:44 am
> >> probably a little more fun. though it's a little more solitary. you live in the bat cave with alfred and robin. >> you get to do the bruce wayne part too, socialite with all the people. >> i forget about the bruce wayne part of the equation. >> i was thinking about doing good for the world. >> right. i was thinking about the stuff. the plane, the car, the mansion. >> especially the car. >> especially the car. and keep your smartphones out. we've got your qr code for your extended forecast coming up in ex[ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. unlike bargain brands, which have up to 40% sand, sawdust, even gravel, turf builder has no filler. it's 100% food, for a deep feeding you can see, feel, and enjoy. for a lawn that can't be beat, get a fertilizer that can't be copied. scotts turf builder. now is the time to feed and kill dandelions. use scotts turf builder plus 2.
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9:47 right now. it is freezing in the studio. >> you had the goose bumps all day long. >> i look like a chicken. >> we can't wait to get outside. >> i'm just right. it feels perfect in here, in my opinion. >> we're hoping for perfect outside or something close to that. >> it's not going to be a bad day. if you're going to get outside and spend a little time in the great outdoors today, it's not going to be a bad thing. a chance to thaw out a bit. humidity values coming up a smidgen. it will be mild and temperate outside this afternoon. still, though, the risk of a couple of light rain showers coming in before the day is through. keep that in mind as you make your plans to get outside. certainly not going to be a lot of rain. anybody that gets a few raindrops shouldn't be any more than maybe .1 inch. i think maybe it will be .01 inch as far as measured rainfall potential for today. outside cloudy skies have moved
9:48 am
back into our world here in washington after a beautiful day yesterday. our temperature at national airport has made it up to 55 degrees. of course, today is the 1st day of may. looking back at april, april is 2.7 degrees warmer than average. that made it the fourth warmest april in a row. last time we had a cold april was 2007. we set a record that year, five days in a row without making it above 50 degrees. that was an all time record for april. not the problem this time around. temperatures now on the 1st day of may in the mid-50s. we're on our way up into the upper 60s. plenty of clouds outside. you can see on the satellite picture. we're socked here in washington. there are thin spots on the overcast along the northern neck down towards fredericksburg, spotsylvania. the further south you go, the more sunshine. here's a look at doppler. a few lowly raindrops in the panhandle of west virginia. there are steadier showers in eastern kentucky, far western parts of west virginia. but the trend has been for these
9:49 am
to dry up as they come over the mountains. i think the majority of that will dry up. nonetheless, i do think that a few remnant showers may live long enough to get over the mountains and dampen, especially spots close to the blue ridge. might see a few raindrops in washington. here come the clouds. they're going to be with us the next couple of days. we'll have clouds today with the risk of a few showers. more clouds than sunshine tomorrow. a few breaks of sun during the course of the day tomorrow. as a result, we'll be a few degrees warmer than today. high pressure is in charge for now. that brought the dry air in place as it pulls away by late this afternoon and evening. 7:00, 8:00 may be a chance for rain. that should dry up overnight tonight. we'll be left with a mostly cloudy day with breaks of sunshine. mid to late afternoon, so a relatively nice day. just a slight outside chance of a shower. better rain chances return for tuesday and wednesday. for today, cloudy, quick passing shower not out of the question.
9:50 am
highs today upper 60s and low 70s. tomorrow more clouds and sunshine with the possibility of a light rain shower. steadier rain chances especially from lunchtime tuesday through lunchtime on wednesday. then the sunshine comes back. get your smartphones out. are you ready for the qr code for the forecast? there it is, scan your monitor now. see what magic place the bar code takes you to. >> i feel like there should be a prize for this. >> there is a prize. weather on demand. >> you get to read a little paragraph about the weather written by yours truly. >> awesome. >> special. >> thank you, chuck. 9:50 right now. it is one of the most anticipated nights in washington. coming up next, the zingers dished out at the white house correspondents dinner. here's a hint. donald trump was a target of many of them. speaking of the donald, don't miss him tonight on "celebrity apprentice" right here on nbc 4, and stay tuned
9:51 am
for nbc 4 news at 11:00 to see
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the chris matthews show follows us on nbc 4, and then "meet the press" with david gregory. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show," the president's extraordinary decision to put his birth certificate out this week put a challenge to one conspiracy claim, well, maybe not for everyone. and then when they stopped the birther talk, why did we start hearing questions about the
9:55 am
president's grades in school. is racively at the root of all this? plus not only did the president come out to present his birth certificate? he followed it with another oprah taping. that's become the rule, not the exception, with this president. has he added something to the job description for all future presidents, namely availability? all that and our favorite royal wedding moments. join me and howard fineman, gloria borger, kelly o'donnell, and clarence pate for a great roundtable. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press," here's david gregory. coming up, an assessment of the political landscape and the strange twists and turns of the 2012 presidential race. joining me mayor bloomberg, bob mcdonald, and former senior white house adviser now campaign strategist for president obama's campaign re-election bid, david alex rod. and the star of last night's white house correspondents dinner, from "saturday night live," seth myers.
9:56 am
all this morning on "meet the press." >> "saturday night live" head writer seth myers is used to poking fun at politicians, but usually his victims aren't in the very same room. >> that was the case last night at the white house correspondents dinner, and myers saved his biggest jokes for donald trump. >> donald trump has been saying he'll run for president as a republican, which is surprising since i just assumed he was running for president as a joke. donald trump often appears on fox, which is ironic because a fox often appears on donald trump's head. donald trump said recently he has a great relationship with the blacks. though unless the blacks are a family of white people, i bet he's mistaken. >> that one hurt. myers also ripped the president on aging rather quickly in the white house. he told him, quote, i don't usually do this, but maybe you should start smoking again. talking about the gray hair is what he was talking about.
9:57 am
but he told michelle obama she looks like she's gotten better looking as she's been in the white house. >> smart approach. >> and younger. >> lift the liediadies up. she is beautiful. that's it for "news 4 today." thanks for joining us, everyone. >> wake up with us tomorrow morning.
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