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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  May 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the united states has conducted an operation that killed owe sam a ma bin laden, the leader of al qaeda and a terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. justice has been done. >> breakinging news. president obama makes the announcement americans waited nearly 10 years to hear. osama bin laden, public enemy number one, is dead. sparking spontaneous celebrations here in d.c., new york, and around the country. good morning. i'm eun yang. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. at 6:00, we're learning more information about the operation to kill bin laden. here's what we now know. a small team of americans carried out the attack at a compound in pakistan. bin laden was shot in the head after he and his or guards reportedly resisted attackers. who president obama addressed the nation he said, quote, justice has been done. early this morning, u.s.
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officials confirmed that bin laden's body has now been buried at sea. they say it was handled in accordance with islamic tradition and had to be done within 24 hours. we'll have the very latest on the death of osama bin laden and reaction arbdz the country. but first we're going to check the forecast with meteorologist tom kierein, who tells us more about what the day is going to look like. >> yeah. a lot of cloudiness around. yesterday we had sprinkles on sunday. we had a few overnight. we had a few sprinkles around northern virginia, maryland, the districtment they're headed off to the east. clouds lingering by 9:00. we'll still be in the 50s right now, low and mid-50s. sunrise is now about nine minutes away. and we have the first light of dawn showing up on this gray monday morning. now you will need an umbrella and light jacket perhaps today as we have a slight chance of an additional shower this afternoon, a little sun may break out midday. highs reaching near 70 degrees. a look at night planner in 10
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minutes. how is the monday morning it was somewhat of a surreal commute? >> tom, good morning. moment as fans at a baseball chopper 4 on the job for us in game between the phillies and maryland along i-95 where it meets the capital beltway. mets learned of osama bin very quiet morning both laden's death. directions on 95. they broke out in chants saying usa. at the top of the ninth inning, overnight road work around icc many could be seen checking should be wrapped up. so southbound coming out of their cell phones as they learned of the news. powerful moment last night laurel in the beltway looking at this baseball game. good as we are northbound. virginia, loading up and slowing tom, looks like we might have clouds out there, despite. down i-95 northbound en route to >> it is cloudy. a few sprinkles on radar this springfield. monday morning. grab the umbrella. no accidents. just a little volume. southbound, your travel lanes you'll need a light jacket as are open. see if there's anything to well. the green may be light shower. concern yourself with from the south of washington, prince first. 270 out of frederick to high william, stafford. these are drifting west to east. kwrats town, germantown. and it's in the 50s throughout no hangups and that is good the entire region. 56 a at reagan national. news. one more stop, dulles airport, cloudy sky over capitol hill. looking good. and by 9:00, we'll be still in headed out to catch a flight. the 50s. small chance of a shower the no concerns as far as traffic goes. rest of the day. out on the rails, no delays maybe a little sun midday. metro. highs reaching near 70 vre, fredericksburg 300 slightly midafternoon. night planner. cloudy evening. delayed. temperatures by this time marc, camp ben 841 and brunswick tomorrow morning near 60.
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a look at the rest of the week and weekend in 10 minutes. 870. the mastermind behind the tom, to new york avenue 9/11 attacks is dead. the crusade to capture the inbound at 4th street as you terrorist leader has been years make your trip toward the third in the making. it was august of last year when street tunnel. no concerns there. president obama was brief said i-270 southbound out of on a u.s. intelligence lead that linked bin laid tone a compound gaithersburg to the split, travel lanes are open. in pakistan. one more stop out on the rails. last friday the president no delays metro, vre, determined there was enough intense to authorize an fredericksburg 300, 302 delayed. operation. then last night we received word camden 841 and brunswick 870. that u.s. special forces killed bin laden in a firefight at his joe, eun. >> jerry, thank you. heavily guarded compound. >> 6:13, 56 degrees. this morning we're learning more about that compound where >> chris he was found and the raid that led to his death. >> reporter: kimberly suiters joins us with more details coming into the newsroom. >>reporter: eun and joe, only a select few of u.s. officials knew about it. allies were not informed. pakistani intelligence was not told. there was one pakistani man on twitter who nearly unwittingly blew the u.s. cover. more on that in just a moment.
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according to u.s. officials, military forces found osama bin laden on a million dollar compound in the town of abbottabad. an area full of retired pakistani military. that compound was only 100 yards from a pakistani military academy. but the key to tracking down bin laden, a courier. the courier was so trusted by bin laden, following his trail led right to that compound. it had 18-foot high walls, barbed wire, two security gates. the cia believed it housed a major terrorist figure but didn't feel it was bin laden entirely until this february. after weeks of meeting with the national security, president obama approved the raid on
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friday. one of bin laden's sons was killed. his brother was kid. bin laden himself was shot in the head and killed. the entire mission took less than 40 minutes. president obama calling his death a shared victory for peace. >> we must also reaffirm that the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. usa, usa, usa! i've made clear, just as president bush did shortly after welcome back at 6:15. 9/11, that our war is not a city that lost nearly 3,000 people 10 years ago in attacks against islam. bin laden was not a muslim led by osama bin laden, the news leader. he was a mass murderer of of his death had new yorkers flooded into the streets. most gathered where the iconic muslims. they slaughtered scores of muslims in countries including twin towers once stood. our own. chris gordon was there when people took to the streets in that enormous celebration. >> now, as secret active as the >> more on what he experienced overnight. chris, good morning. mission was, one man nearly blew thanks so much for joining us. what was your takeaway from being there in the heart of it
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the cover. last night? within wins he tweeted i hope >> reporter: well, first of all, this is not the start of something nasty. i was in a family wedding. then he believes the chopper at first i thought i'm out of crashes. that was actually the navy crew position to help news 4. i said, wait a second, i'm in detonate a malfunctioning chopper. hours later when all the dots new york city, ground zero. i went down to church street. were connected the man tweeted uh-oh. now i'm the guy who live blogged the osama raid without knowing when i was there hundreds of people were there. by the time i was done, it. eun and joe, back to you in the thousands. shoulder to shoulder blocking studio. >> very fascinating. and the timeline. intersections at ground zero at the world trade center. apparently he started doing that around 1:30 or so pakistan time. they were waving u.s. flags, wearing flags. so we know exactly when this all took place. it was clearly the middle of the night when the raid took place, they had, some of them climbing up street poles. presumably the people inside that compound were asleep when they had a sign that said obama, it started. >> that's right. under the cover of darkness. 1, osama, 0. >> he tweeted a few images of that raid and aftermath. they were chanting nyc! it's interesting to see the they were singing proud to be an power of twitter and the number of people who found out as well. american by lee greenwood which >> he's been overwhelmed with had become an anthem for the requests for interviews and i military years ago. don't think he wants anything to do with it. these were young kids, most of >> kimberly, thanks very much. them college age, some of them
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well, a television station in pakistan aired this video of in eighth grade when the twin what is believed to be bin laden's compound. towers were attacked and went down. the large complex on fire and pakistani troops guarding the and they were just so proud and area. >> for everyone who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks that wanted to demonstrate that. brings some sense of closure. >> that's why upon hearing the and they gathered at the world news so many people took part in trade center. patriotic victory rallies across the sidebar, there were a couple the country. of soldiers there and they were treated like royalty. tracee wilkins is live outside they were treated like heroes. the white house where people have been gathered all night for someone who lived through long. tracee. reporter: good morning, joe. vietnam, i had not seen this. most folks have left. so far we're expecting more i can't remember when i saw people to come. i talked to lots of people who that. and there was also a time that a said they had friends on the couple police officers had to way. we talked of folks earlier from walk through the crowd. it was almost dangerous. we were packed so tight. virginia beach who came as soon as they got the tweet that folks i was in the middle of it, were outside the white house. shoulder to shoulder. you never felt in danger. as the police officers walked how so many students from the through and said, you know, get area also gathered because of to the right, get to the left, twitter. but i'm telling you as we're spread out, these young people following the search it's amazing you can't read one tweet applauded the police officers, new york city police officers. without 20 or 30 more being it was quite an historic night. posted. this is what got students up
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>> and can't imagine not only here outside the white house last night. it saul started with george the enormity of the crowd but the emotion and the joyful washington university students. let me show you what it looked emotion i imagine that you felt like outside the white house. it is safe to say there were in that crowd. must have been something to thousands of folks out here behold. >> it was joyful. gathering and taking part in what they considered to be an important moment in history. it was also sad to some degree. you have to remember these students were predominantly kids there were people from pace when september 11th happened and college who stopped by and lit have been living under the consistent threat of osama bin candles. laden and known no world without i asked them why and they said for those who died. homeland security. without this consistent idea that this man was out there, there were some firefighters who said this is joyous but it's someone who the country wanted also sad because the families who lost loved ones are reliving dead for many, many years. memories. but it sounds like victory. so for many this was deeply it felt like a night that people personal. >> i was 14 years old when 9/11 happened. i was finishing middle school. just didn't want -- all these all we have ever known has been college kids are telling me, i this fear, constant fear of the have finals. i have a paper. but i wanted to be here. taliban threat, of osama bin >> it's a moment they certainly laden. will never forget. that's all we've ever known chris gordon, thanks so much for throughout my teenage years and calling us after a very short
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college. college all i studied -- i night for you. majored in security. thank you. >> get some rest, chris. terrorism and violence and for thank you. as you know, during the september 11th attacks, one of us to this evening to know this might be the beginning of the end of that era. the hijacked planes hit the everything we've ever known. pentagon. >> news 4's megan mcgrath was that's so liberating for us. the first local reporter on the scene. what are you hearing from folks, >> reporter: normally to megan? >> reporter: well, we're hearing demonstrate in lafayette park a great sense of relief from you need a permit. people. police allowed these students we're also hearing some concerns. and all the other folks to some concerned there could be demonstrate without a permit retaliation because of osama bin mainly because this was a very peaceful crowd. back to you all in the studio. >> certainly would be nice to laden's death. think this might be the beginning of the end of that he was able to evade capture era. but we'll have to wait and see. nearly 10 years. thanks very much, tracee. something that was very, very difficult for the people who >> 6:09, 57 degrees. lost loved ones in the 9/11 coming up, much more on osama attacks. well, his luck finally ran out bin laden's death throughout the this weekend. news cast, including the new today many are awakening to hear the news that osama bin laden travel warning from the state department. and more of the random has been killed. celebrations from around the country as word spread late last night. as i said, many people are feeling a sense of relief that this is over. for others it's the closing of a
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difficult chapter for them. they can finally take comfort in the fact that the man who brought so much pain to so many is now dead. >> good. it is happy. he killed too many people, right? >> i'm shocked but i'm very relieved. it took a while to find him and we findly did. i'm relieved. i'm glad we finally got him. justice was served. >> he was definitely a major part of it. so being we cut the head off part of it we can probably sleep better now and america can worry less about everything that's going on. >> and i expect it would be a very emotional day at the pentagon today. many were perhaps visiting the memorial reflecting on the news that osama bin laden is dead. >> megan reporting live. thanks very much, megan. the state department put u.s. embassys around the world
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on alert, warning of possibly anti-american violence. the state department warned u.s. citizens living and traveling abroad to be on alert as well. time for a look at weather and traffic on the ones. tom is here. a little drizzle around here. >> just a few sprinkles. you'll need a light spring jacket and umbrella. these are drifting west to east. crossing the potomac out of maryland and virginia. temperatures on the cool side. low to mid-50s. 56 at reagan national. cloudy sky over capitol hill. by noon time, we should be in the mid-60s. a break in the sunshine by late morning and early afternoon. cloudy the rest of the afternoon. slight chance of an additional shower. highs upper 60s to near 70. then tomorrow near 80 and partly sunny. some likely showers and thunderstorms. maybe lingering showers midday wednesday. much cooler wednesday afternoon. here's a look at the end of the
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week and the weekend. highs near 70. chance of showers friday. over the weekend, small chance of a shower >> tom, chopper 4 over i-270. unique perspective. follow the right side of your 300, 302. marc camden 841, brunswick 870 both delayed. who has the momentum now as the series shifts to cam ta bay.
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and more on the death of osama bin laden. ♪
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score! >> well, the caps find themselves facing an uphill battle after game 2 in overfinal
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against the tampa bay lightning. vincent scored 6:30 in to win it, though. the series shifts to game 3 tomorrow and game 4 also in florida. we are in a bad way, joe. >> how can you lose to a hockey team from florida? >> a chemistry teacher from frederick, maryland has been named the best educator in the entire country. michelle shearer will be aurpbed honored at the white house. she teaches at urbana high school. her co-workers say she has a true passion for teaching. congratulations to her. it's a once in a lifetime honor. there is no higher honor for a teacher. >> and wonderful, wonderful that she's from our area. >> yeah. >> coming up next at 6:30, more on the death of osama bin laden. how u.s. military forces swooped
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experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. usa, usa, usa! >> large crowds gathered outside the white house and around the country celebrating the death of osama bin laden. overnight we learned new information about how the terrorist leader was killed and
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where his body is right now. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. celebrations around the country started with this announcement from president obama. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed obama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda and a terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. justice has been done. >> this announcement finally brought some sense of closure for everyone who lost loved ones on 9/11. while bin laden's death marks a major turning point in the fight against terrorism, president obama made it clear that the fight is not done. in just a few minutes we will talk with jim at the pentagon. he pulled an all-nighter gathering new information about the attack on bin laden. first, we want to talk about the weather. >> tom kierein joined us in the studio to do just that. >> reporter: we have scattered sprinkles. you will need your umbrella as you head off to work and school.
6:21 am
patches of color is light rain and sprinkles across marylanding district of columbia. this is drifting east into southern maryland heading toward the bay. right now it's a cool morning. so you will need your light spring jacket as well today. we're in the mid-50s throughout the region. there's the cloudy sky over capitol hill this morning. just a few sprinkles in washington. by midafternoon, near 70. between now and then may see sun breaking out around noon time. chance of an afternoon shower, too. a small chance. night planner at 6:41. jerry, how is traffic? >> chopper 4 over 66, capital beltway. 1,200 feet off the grouped. a few rain drops. that may slow you down if the rain indeed is getting down to ground level. roads might get slick inbound along 66. let's head over and check the progress of cleaning up the
6:22 am
accident. still in traffic 395 southbound. left lane tied up. traffic off the 14th street bridge just a bit. south of town, woodrow wilson looking pretty good. check the trains and see how we're rolling. metro, no delays. two delays on fredericksburg 300 and 302. brunswick 892. delayed at this point >> thanks very much, jerry. >> u.s. officials have been trying to capture the terrorist mastermind for nearly a decade. last august president obama was briefed on a lead. last friday the president determined there was enough spwels to authorize an operation. last night we received word that u.s. special forces killed bin laden in a firefight at his heavily guarded compound. jim is at the pentagon. >> you were there late last
6:23 am
night as the results came straight from top officials. when did you start getting word that something big was happening? >> quite frankly, this took most of the medium world and many u.s. and intelligence officials who were not in that tight circle that need to know basis, by surprise. it was quite a shocker actually when i got the first word that, yes, indeed, it appears at that time that osama bin laden has been killed by u.s. special forces. one interesting thing about this, though. even when president obama issued the order on friday morning to go ahead with this assault on this compound north of islam bad, u.s. intelligence officials were not even certain osama bin laden was there. but based on all the evidence they had gathered over a seven or eight-month period from a courier, detainee who identified two other couriers close to osama bin laden, cia eventually
6:24 am
tracked them down, followed their movements to this massive fortified complex in abbottabad, 30 miles north of islam bad. everybody put two and two together and came up with osama bin laden has to be there. >> this operation only lasted 40 minutes. >> that's right. u.s. navy s.e.a.l. operations. two helicopters. one crash landed. it had mechanical difficulty. nobody was injured. osama bin laden himself was armed with automatic rifle. he was shot done by s.e.a.l.s. the two couriers were killed and unfortunate a woman used as a human shield by the gunman was killed in an incident. no navy s.e.a.l.s were injured.
6:25 am
he was buried at sea, because of islamic tenets that call for burial within 24 hours of death. but also by burying bin laden at sea it prevents his grave from being a sideline for terrorists, joe and eun. >> what do we know about the burial at sea. was he taken out by ship, dropped from a helicopter? >> he was taken by helicopter. we presume. we haven't had confirmation. but we presume that helicopter went out to an aircraft carrier which should be operating in the north arabian sea area. we're betting that's what happened. but haven't had confirmation from that. >> very quick, critical question, in this day in age, some people doubt that the president of the united states was even born in the united states, what kind of con
6:26 am
confirmation, proof, dna evidence, whatever, that this was, indeed, osama bin laden is going to be available. do we know? >> u.s. officials tell us overnight there was extensive photographic evidence comparisons to the person who was killed and photographs of islam ma bin laden, detailed kpeur sons. also, they are running dna tests which should be available noon our time today. they did get some of his family dna some time ago just for this very kind of occasion. >> jim live at the pentagon. jim, thanks so much. >> you bet. a television station in pakistan had this video of what is believed to be bin laden's impound. his compound was located in abbottabad, 60 miles from islam
6:27 am
bad. according to the white house it was about eight times larger than any other home in the area and worth a million u.s. dollars, including 12 to 18-foot walls with barbed wire, two stewart gates. it had no phone or internet access. three families lived in the compound. one matched the size and makeup of his family, including his youngest wife. >> the actions of osama bin laden will never be forgotten. >> news 4's tracee wilkins just us live near the white house where more on location reaction. good morning, tracee. >> good morning, joe. yeah, this all went out on twitter and is still going out on twitter. every time i look at one message, there are another 20 to 30 waiting. if you do a search for osama bin
6:28 am
laden still posted on twitter and organized tpegt to the white house last night. it started with george wa with university and quickly spread. safe to say we had thousands of students in which was a peaceful demonstration. these students were killed when september 11th first happened. they don't remember without the consistent threat of osama bin laden. and they experienced personal tragedy associated with the pentagon attacks and wanted to be here to express their support from what has happened here. and also just to be with other people who could understand how deeply personal this was. >> the year before i went into the world trade center. the next year it was gone.
6:29 am
just to hear that he's dead -- it's a relief. i think it's relief. and i feel like it's an excitement but it still is like vindication. vindication. >> my cousin, his father was in the pentagon. he was able to get out. but i remember all the phone calls we made that day trying to find out who was where and just checking on everybody we knew and loved. >> normally groups need a permit to protest outside the white house. but police loud the demonstrators to staying on the ground because they were pretty much a peaceful group. the crowd has now disa paeted but they do plan on coming back. live outside in the white house. back to you all in the studio. >> tracy, thank you very much. the early morning newspapers and how they're portraying this moment in history.
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♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs. good morning. i'm tom kierein. patches of blue on radar light rain passing west to east through the region right now. and temperatures are cool. we're just in the low and mid-50s. right now at reagan national,
6:33 am
56. there's the loudy sky over capitol hill. and clouds throughout the morning with a chance of a passing shower as well as this afternoon. sun midday. highs reaching near 70. cloudy tonight. in the 60s. >> increasing volume as evidenced around braddock road. lanes are open. good news, accident off the 14th street bridge removed so the lanes are open. loading up northbound, 270 corridor, but manageable. frederick to the a little bit. jammed leaving the landmark. out on the rails right now, no delays, metro. still one delay vre. camden 841 and brunswick 892 both delayed. >> thank you, skwrer i. 6:44. 57 degrees. >> up next, we're going to go live outside the pentagon and
6:34 am
also to new york city where people are
6:35 am
6:36 am
osama bin laden's death is front and center on newspapers worldwide. front page of the "washington post". justice has been done. ugs forces kill osama bin laden. and from the "new york times", bin laden killed by u.s. forces
6:37 am
in pakistan. declaring justice has been done. hundreds, if not thousands, took to the streets after learning of bin laden's saegt. >> many have returned their their homes but they remain jubilant. more on the overnight situations. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, joe. good morning, eun. that sell bra tore feel active near swroupbd zero. they have thinned out and given way to commute as we kick off the commute. they come right here at kwroupbd zero taking that transportation before 9 shrfrpb 11, after the/11. a a special as they continue to build this area.
6:38 am
once they learned osama bin laden had been killed, many taking to the streets here at grand zero, chanting usa. many of them draping themselves in american flags, carrying signs all throughout the city, whether their cars, honking horpls, relief that osama bin laden is no longer a threat. many first responders and also feeling relief but they're feeling many of the painful memories from 10 years ago when 3,000 poem died. they say even they they need they are not a threat. al qaeda is still active. this is not the khoerber but the next chapter for the country and the world. >> michelle, thanks so much.
6:39 am
here is a fitting portrait of the joy felt in new york. take a look at the new york sometimes. it's a striking picture of firefighters celebrating the news of bin laden's death. and this history shot from the hrapbg phones. >> top as hinenburger, his wife on the plane that crashed into the pentagon. thanks so much for inning us this morning. >> fine. >> we're bell. first of all, your reaction as you learned the news. >> like many countless people we're relieved he was, a, caught, or b, killed. but unfortunately it does not bring any of the 3,000 victims. it doesn't bring michelle back. bottom line is in stpt change the game at all. even though you it the head off
6:40 am
the snake there will be something else to take his place and be in hi footsteps. it's sad it's not the end of the, what would you say, this war on terrorism in general. >> for you it has been a terrible long 10 years since this occurred. is there any kind of marker for you as you go forward? joe, the only thing as a marker going forward is it just closes one chapter in a copious volume if you want to say history. it's just the next phase. but, again, it won't bring the victims back. it won't bring michelle back. it will not bring my kids's mother back.
6:41 am
in the overall scheme of thing it doesn't change things at all. as i said a few momentsing on, am i glad this portion is over? in the long run it will remain the same without our loved ones. >> indeed. and that is sad. it's sad that many loved ones are having to feel the same emotions again. what about your thoughts on the celebrations spilling out on the streets near the white house, pentagon and ground zero? >> i just hope it continues. i hate to draw the parallel. but it's not even close. but when congresswoman tkpweufrdz was shot everybody said we have to get together as a nation and be more civil, which you're looking at right now. and i have not seen the fuss. but you're telling me there's this sense of unity. it has to consider the next 12
6:42 am
to 18 months through the election cycle and especially being halfway decent. we've got to balance the budget, take care of the deficit. i'm just hoping fort best. >> okay. well, thank you so much for joining us today. and i know this is difficult to just one more reminder piled on to the enormous tragedy that your family has suffered. thank you so much for joining us. always for reminding us that for victims of this sort of thing there really is no 1u67 thing as clear closure. life goes on. there's nothing that can take away the pain, the injury, the wound that families like they have suffered. thanks so much for joining us again, thomas. >> tom kierein is going to tell us about the forecast for today. >> cloudy sky this morning. here's a live picture showing the clouds over washington. they are producing scattered
6:43 am
sprinkles across massachusetts the district. we might have an sunshine. a small chance of passing shower with temperatures falling back into the 60s. this evening it looks like it will still be cloudy. small chance of a sprinkle tonight. during the day tuesday, warmer weather moving in. partly sun y. highs near 80. likelihood of late afternoon and evening thunderstorms. might have showers wednesday morning through midway. highs only in the afternoon. sunny on thursday. and warmer near 70. near 70 friday and saturday. mid-70s by sunday. small chance of a streupbg el on the weekend. >> feels like spwreupbg else. the roads may get slick so be careful there. just received word of an
6:44 am
accident. 66 eastbound in the roadway near the exit for nutley street. authorities are on the scene. fire equipment headed over right now. it will be the light side of the roadway towards the capital belt way. heavy, wet pavement. this is the time where it's just enough slickness out there to cause accidents. no delays, metro, mark camden 8 had 1 and pwrupbs bic 870. osama bin laden, mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks is dead. president obama made that announcement late last night. the u.s. did not share the information about the raid with any allies nor with pakistan. he said, quote, justice has been done. >> the death of bin laden marks
6:45 am
the most significant achievement to date in our nation's effort to defeat al qaeda. its death does not mark our effort. we must and we will remain vigilant at home and broader. >> according to u.s. officials, his body was burieded at sea early this morning. it was handled in accordance to islamic tradition and had to be done within 24 hours. washington area was affected deeply as one of the hijacked planes hit the pentagon. >> megan mcgrath was the first local reporter on the scene and joins us live from pentagon city metro station with information she's gathered this morning. megan. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this massive international man hunt has been going on for nearly 10 years. gains have been made in the war on terrorism, leaders of al qaeda captured and killed.
6:46 am
osama bin laden evaded capture. that was a difficult thing for the people who lost loved ones. it comes as relief to many. for others the man who brought so much pain to so many is no longer a threat. >> very, very important that they find closure. not about bin laden. >> do you worry about retalation. >> a little bit yes, i do. >> reporter: and we'll be gathering reaction throughout the day. back to you. >> thank you, megan. that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> "today" show is next. join us tomorrow morning. we start at 4:30. see you tomorrow. >> bye.
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