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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  May 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and some storms heading our way as well. meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the latest on where the storms are and when they will hit. >> be on the lookout. we could have severe storms late this afternoon into early this evening. right now no storms around. the radar is rain free scanning the sky. the 24-hour sentinel keeping us safe. right now no storms around. and it's off to a cool to mild start this morning. reagan national, 63 degrees. prince george's county, low 60s. it's near 60 in arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties. farther west and north, a few isolated conditions dipped to upper 50s, near 60. farther south and east, southern maryland, lower part of the bay, northern neck, temperatures there in the mid-60s on this tuesday morning. parts of the shenandoah valley into the upper 50s. central park. we have patchy fog that's forming in the open fields and rural areas right now over the jefferson memorial, partly
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cloudy sky. and sunrise is at 6:08 this morning. just a little more than an hour away. and we'll have a little bit of sunshine in and out through midday. a rapid warmup by 9:00 near 70. by noon, near 80. by midafternoon it may hit the mid-80s for a brief time. then late this afternoon, into this evening, strong storms are possible. some of which would produce damaging winds, an isolated tornado. a look at night planner in 10 minutes. tom, lake forest mall just getting initial reports of an accident. fire department just pulling up on the scene. reportedly a pedestrian has been struck on 355 near the mall. southbound lanes are open. developing story and we will stay on top of it.
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members of the senate expect to learn more about the specifics of the operation in pakistan when they are briefed by cia director leon panetta later today. several top lawmakers say it may be necessary to make the pictures public to equal
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conspiracy theories. in an opinion piece in monday's "washington post", pakistan's cooperation with the u.s. helped lead to bin laden's death. >> reporter: will u.s. officials release proof of his death and what do pakistan really know all along? pakistan's current president insists skpe his government did not know osama bin laden was the terrorist living near islam bad in this million dollar compound. a home eight times bigger than all the others in the neighborhood and just around the corner from the army's academy. former president musharraf did compliment the u.s. for good military action but complained pakistan's sovereignity was violated six they were not warned it would act within pakistan's borders. members of congress want to investigate now exactly what pakistan knew. >> he was in a million dollar home half an hour from the capital of pakistan certainly
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brings a lot of questions as much as it does bring answers. how was he able to evade us for the last 10 years? >> reporter: and as for proof of bin laden's death, american officials will probably release a video showing the at-sea burial of osama bin laden and could release photos of his corpse. some scholars slammed the u.s. for burying him in the north arabian sea, one saying the move was humiliating but islam demands placing it in a grave with the head pointed toward mecca. >> thanks very much, kimberly. we are getting an inside look this morning at the white house situation room during the tense moments of the raid on bin laden's compound. these official white house pictures show president obama and members of his national security team as they watched a live feed of the operation. you can also see secretary of state hillary clinton, secretary of defense robert gates and vice president joe biden. and president obama will travel to new york city later this week to mark the death of bin laden.
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the president will visit ground zero on thursday. the site of the attacks led by bin laden 10 years ago. he will meet with families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks. crowds have been gathering at the sites since mr. obama announced bin laden's death late sunday night. a member of the british monarchy will be in d.c. today. prince charles is coming to the u.s. he has a busy schedule during his three-day trip. first stop today, the supreme court. he will receive a scholarship alumni reception. and this evening a reception at the british ambassador's residence. also today, the montgomery county council will take up a bill that could add a couple cents to your grocery bill. they are expected to vote on a bag tax proposal by ike leggett. it would add a five cent charge
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for each bag to customers in the county. the business would retain one cent of each tax to help cover administrative fees and four would go to the county. one resolution ask that they be excluded from the initiative. it would require them to submit fingerprints of anyone arrested in the county to the department of homeland security. they will consider a rapid transit bus system on a bill that would prohibit county employees from soliciting donations at intersections on the county roads. several midwest cities are desperately trying to save homes and businesses from flooding. the mississippi river is up to historic heights near the town of cairo, illinois. they spent the past few days filling sandbags to stack up near their properties. army corps of engineer is exploding a levee in hopes of diverting up to four feet of water. a surging ohio river is
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threatening several illinois towns. expected to delay the tornado cleanup in southern alabama. people are trying to get tarps up on damaged homes before the storms move in. the tornado cut their school year short for university of alabama students, but some students are staying in town to help. one man was overwhelmed with emotion when a group came to volunteer at his home. these gentlemen that came here and volunteered, their services were super. >> preliminary estimates show that 226 tornados touched down in the united states last wednesday, making that a new record. the last record was 148 tornados in a 24-hour period back in 1974. charlie sheen says he's organizing a benefit concert for victims of last week's tornados in alabama. the actor traveled to tuscaloosa after getting an invitation on
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twitter from a university of alabama student. he showed up yesterday with one of his so-called god els. he has not set a date for this benefit, though. >> our time is 5:07. a little too close for comfort. where some people got vacation photos they never quite expected. a police officer bites off more than he can chew when responding to an animal disturbance. yikes! ♪
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say role reversal today on the nate berkus show. today nate is interviewing oprah. get a tour inside her home this afternoon at 2:00 right here on nbc 4. i'm sure she lives in a nice little fixer upper. >> i'm sure it's quite charming. you know what i mean? 5:11. tom is here with big changes in the forecast. hot day today, too. >> dress for a summer-like day. temperatures in the low to mid-80s especially just to our south. right now off to a bit of a mild start to cool in some locations. northern montgomery, upper 50s. low 60s southern part of the county. prince george's county, low 60s as well as in the district of
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columbia. mid-60s around the lower part of the day. jefferson memorial under a partly cloudy sky. sunrise, 6:08. by 9:00, near 70. a little sun in and out today. by noon time, mid-80s by afternoon. then late afternoon there is a chance for strong thunderstorms. unfortunately some of those storms could produce damaging winds, an isolated tornado. that threat would exist early to mid evening. and the storm should settle by midnight. lingering showers by dawn tomorrow. much cooler in the low 50s starting off tomorrow morning. and cool wednesday on top. a look at that the rest of the week and weekend. >> tom, montgomery county police with an accident involving a pedestrian northbound 355 near lake forest mall. there goes the ambulance right now. lanes reopen. this is the northbound side. right over there. the authority is still on the scene.
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i believe most of the lanes will reopen momentarily. let's pop it on the interstate. 395, wide open for the moment. beltway to and across the 14th street bridge. getting ready to head out, catch a train, looking good so far. metro, vre, marc, no delays. >> jerry, thanks very much. 5:12, 66 degrees. the man chosen to replace a local sports icon. >> an area already hard hit by one natural disaster hit again by this tornado. and what firefighters responding to a fire
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our time is 5:16. here are the latest developments in the death of osama bin laden. members of the u.s. senate will receive a private briefing on the operation today. that as the white house weighs whether to release photos of the 9/11 mastermind's body. meanwhile, the president of pakistan is denying his country harbored bin laden or knew about his whereabouts. and the cia is already poring over hundreds of hard drives and documents recovered at the compound in hopes of finding inside information about al
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qaeda. you've seen the headlines featured across america's newspapers on bin laden's death. but a new picture on the cover of a popular magazine portrays the terrorist mastermind in a striking way. check out this photo that will be the next cover of "time" magazine. it shows osama bin laden with a large red x through his face. the issue which hits newsstands thursday could be one of the iconic covers of our era. local officials are at a heightened state of alert. local agencies are stepping up security. coming up at 5:30 this morning, we'll show you what d.c. police and metro transit police are doing. french investigators say they found the cockpit voice recorder from an air france flight that plunged into the atlantic ocean in 2009. more than 200 people died in that crash. a submarine helped recover the machine that records cockpit conversations. crews raised it from the ocean today.
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they found the flight data recorder this past weekend. this morning a man is recovering after a neighbor rescued him from a house explosion. explosion in triangle, virginia. you can see the house was blown into bits and pieces. no one was living inside. firefighters reported a heavy gas smell. firefighters found what looked like a gun while battling a blaze at a housing complex for american university students. this happened last night off wisconsin avenue here in northwest. firefighters called in d.c. police. they determined it was a b.b. gun. >> a d.c. public charter school will shut down at the end of the year for failing to educate its students. d.c. public charter school board revoked the license in southwest. they don't believe school leaders can turn the situation around.
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5:18. >> in the day ahead, prince george's county schools will kick off breakfast in the classroom. it's part of five major school districts across the country are receiving a share of a $3 million walmart foundation grant. the money will expand free breakfast for all students and moves it from the cafeteria to the classrooms at 21 different prince george's county public schools. it is to improve grades and childhood development for all schoolchildren. bob mcdonald moves to times square today. he is not sight-seeing. he is representing the state. he will ring the closing bell for the nasdaq this afternoon at 4:00. some amazing weather video just in this morning of waterspouts in hawaii. take a look. they were seen near honolulu international airport. no reports of damage from the water spouts. but the island is under a flash flood warning due to heavy rain. power was knocked out on much of the island. also new this morning, check
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out this dramatic video of a tornado in new zealand. the twister whipped across parts of auckland today. the funnel cloud cut across a suburb of new zealand's largest city midday today their time. the roof of one shopping mall reportedly collapsed. reports of one death and other injuries could not be confirmed at this point. this area is the same area hit by an earthquake earlier this year. >> i guess a waterspout is a tornado at sea, right? >> right. and they do sometimes come ashore but not usually do much damage because they're so full of water they're heavy, they don't rotate that much. usually only about 35 miles per hour. still, if you're in a boat it could certainly capsize you. no waterspouts, no tornados, no severe weather around now. however, later this afternoon we could have strong storms. so keep close attention to the forecast. pay attention.
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we'll be keeping you inched as the day progresses if we have any watches and warnings. right now no problems. temperatures in the low and mid-60s around the region. 63 at reagan national. prince george's in the low 60s. arlington and fairfax in the 60s. northern montgomery, loudon, maryland and virginia in the upper 50s. panhandle of west virginia. now there's the washington monument. jefferson memorial under a partly cloudy sky. light fog in the rural areas. sunrise, 6:08. by 9:00, near 70. sunshine in and out through early afternoon. in fact, may be near 80 at noon time. and mid-80s for a brief time midafternoon. then late afternoon there is a possibility of strong thunderstorms developing. unfortunately some isolated storms could produce wind damage and hail, isolated tornado between 5:00 this afternoon all the way until maybe around 9:00 this evening. and if you do hear thunder, of
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course get inside immediately. turn on nbc 4. we will let you know if any storms are threatening your neighborhood. we'll be down into the low 50s wednesday morning. much cooler tomorrow. morning and midday showers possible. a little sun back tomorrow afternoon. a high only near 60. 40s on thursday morning. but bright and sunny during the day. should warm us into the upper 60s. upper 60s on friday. partly cloudy. a chance of a passing shower. here's a look at the weekend. might have a passing shower on sunday, up into the 70s. jerry, good morning. how is traffic? >> tom, good morning. good morning, everyone, downtown on the southeast-southwest freeway, 395. increasing volume a little bit. but so far so good. any overnight road work on the approach to the freeway or the freeway itself has been picked up. westbound toward the third street tunnel again moving along quite nicely. report of debris in the roadway
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inner loop around connecticut avenue. couldn't find it. hopefully it's been cleared from the roadway. outer loop, a little bit of volume. out to the rails. so far so good. metro, vre, marc, no delays >> jerry, thank you very much. hacked again. more trouble again for sony's online gaming network. hackers stole data from 25 million more users of its pc game system. sony online entertainment hosts game played on the internet. the data included names, addresses, e-mails, birthdates, phone numbers and other information. sony was also hacked two weeks ago and that breach affected 77 million users. a new era is about to begin for george mason basketball. new head coach paul hewitt is in town. he was let go by georgia tech in march -- after 11 years and
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191-62 record at the school. he led the yellowjackets to five ncaa appearances and lost to uconn in a national championship in 2004. he said he appreciates mason giving him another shot. >> big shoes for him to fill. >> a perfect spot for me to have this opportunity. i think the basketball program, what the coach has done here has been an unbelievable example and it shows you what can happen if you continue to work hard. >> he was about to take a vacation with his wife when george mason came calling. she probably wants a rain check, though. >> he's probably still explaining that to his wife. the quest for the stanley cup is on the line tonight. it is a must win fort caps. they lost the first two games of the series at home and find themselves in a hole to say the very least. primary culprit for the caps has been the power play failures. they were 0 for 6 in sunday's game with the extra man. and for local hockey fans, it
5:25 am
brings back bad memories of last year's first-run loss to the canadiens. coach bruce boudreaux says they are trying to improve. >> we're going over these things with a fine-toothed comb. we made it -- we're trying to make adjustments as we go. and it's those guys who have to do it. we all want it to happen. but it's not going our way. >> the caps will try to take their first game of the series tonight in tampa bay. you can watch the game on versus channel. the puck drops at 6:30 tonight. if the lightning can beat us two in a row on our home turf, why can't we beat them two in a row on theirs, right? >> that's a good question. why can't we? maybe we'll be explaining that tomorrow. >> i hope not. a florida sheriff's deputy bit off more than he can chew.
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>> he came face to face or grill to snap with a seven-foot-long alligator into the front bumper of the deputy's cruiser and refused to let go. the deputy tried to back up. that didn't work. finally, though the alligator did get up and a licensed trapper came in to watch him. fortunately no one was injured. but the bumper has seen better days for sure. wonder if he has an alligator rider on his insurance policy. >> maybe in parts of florida you can get that with your car insurance. i can only imagine how strong his jaw's are. that's insane. >> you wouldn't want to be a car bumper. >> no, not at all. and i hear they move fast, too. >> yeah, they do. they're very fast. >> scary. >> our time 5:26. coming up this morning. >> a major show of force. noti
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can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. the death of bin laden bringing new questions this morning. some lawmakers demanding more information on the mission and wondering how much pakistani leaders knew. what is being done to keep
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people in the district safe. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> welcome to news 4 today on this tuesday, the third day of may. a live look outside. we have 65 degrees already. a little brightening in the skies this morning. and tom kierein says it will get warm and could be stormy today. >> walk and quiet. to travel problems. dress for a summer-like day. in fact, we should be soaring into the 80s by later this afternoon. so short sleeves. right now you may feel cool. radar scanning the sky. no precipitation. no storms. but low to mid-60s in washington. prince george's, arlington, fairfax. dipped into the 50s if aulkier, western maryland. southern maryland, northern neck, near the bay, mid-60s right now. and the sky over washington is beginning to brighten a bit. our sunrise is in 38 minutes.
5:31 am
and we will have our temperatures climbing to near 70 by noon time. and near 80 -- i should say 70 by 9:00. low to mid-80s by afternoon. late afternoon we have the possibility of some strong thunderstorms. unfortunately there is a risk today that an isolated storm could produce wind damage, hail or an lies lated tornado. if you hear thunder, get inside and turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know if a storm is threatening your neighborhood. how long the storm may persist with night learn. tom, start with the beltway where there had been a broken down vehicle on the outer loop at route 7, tyson's corner. that has been cleared. right now no damage done. this is the georgetown pike, 193 in virginia. travel lanes open. quick work by vdot out of the roadway. pedestrian accident.
5:32 am
this is route 355 northbound. southbound looks like the bulk of the activity is right on oden hall. although northbound on 355 lake forest mall remains tied up. let's see how we're doing for those of you traveling 66. overnight road work should be wrapped up. out on the rails at this hour, one delay, marc camden 841. other than that, vre and metro, no delays. joe? >> thank you very much, jerry. to the latest on the death of osama bin laden. members of the senate expect to learn more about the specifics of the operation in pakistan when they are briefed by cia director leon panetta later today. and this morning the cia is pouring over a virtual treasure trophy of documents recovered in the raid. they are examining hard drives, and dvds. and this morning there are
5:33 am
growing questions about what pakistan knew about bin laden's whereabouts and when they knew it. tracie potts has more on what the pakistani leaders are saying. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. some of the lawmakers are raising questions about whether or not pakistan knew or how they could have missed osama bin laden virtually living in plain sight. only 60 miles from their capital of islam bad, only one mile from one of their major military operations. lots of questions being raised whether their military should have suspected, if they didn't know that he was there. now, they have done raids, the intelligence officials there, with the u.s. before. but not in this case. the u.s. says it was just too delicate to let anyone know except for minutes before it happened. the official reaction from pakistan, they are hailing the united states for this raid. but there are groups within
5:34 am
pakistan, including the taliban, that are vowing to retaliate. >> well, tracie, there's been a call by a lot of folks for some sort of proof to be provided by the white house to prove, in fact, that was bin laden and that it was he who was killed. what do we know about the white house's plans for that? certainly they must have tried to figure that out well before this thing ever happened. >> reporter: absolutely. you bring up a good point. we are told one of the reasons they didn't bomb the compound, that they decided to do this much more dangerous and delicate operation of raiding the compound with navy s.e.a.l.s is so they would have prove. there are pictures of him being shot, we're told, over the left eye. there are photos and video, we believe, of him being buried in a white shroud at sea. obama administration has not said whether or not or when they will release that information. i'm told there was dna testing done to make sure it was osama
5:35 am
bin laden. >> tracie potts, thanks very much. the president will travel to new york city later this week to mark the death of bin laden. the president will visit ground zero, the site of the attacks nearly 10 years ago and meet with families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks. of course crowds have been gathering at the site since the president announced bin laden's death late sunday night. local officials are at a heightened state of alert. tracee wilkins is live at union station with stepped up security. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. police chief made it clear when she said d.c. is undoubtedly the most important city in the world. after sunday's event, it's important for the people charged with our protection to be proactive. that's exactly what they're doing. you will see increased uniformed security on vre, marc, metro and airports. expect more bag checks and
5:36 am
random gate screenings a lot airports. metro is considering bringing back its random bag checks as well. d.c. police are working with federal law enforcement and reinforcing transportation security around the city. police are also keeping a watchful eye on area mosques and synagogues. tsa is coordinating with mass transit agencies to duplicate similar security efforts where it's necessary. in some cases you're going to see these uniformed officers. in others they are stepping up their more covert actions to try to keep folks safe. they're saying their first line of defense is definitely the people. they want to make sure people are reporting anything they find that may be suspicious. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks very much, tracee. you will notice extra security at the airports across the country. extra bomb-sniffing dogs and officers specially trained to spot suspicious behavior are on
5:37 am
the job. tsa already bans sharp objects. they are inspecting shoes and limiting liquids, all measures that were in place but will be fully enforced. pat-downs will not go away any time soon. 5:45 this morning, an inside look at the navy s.e.a.l.s. we're going to hear from the man who started s.e.a.l. team 6. that is the elite team that carried out the mission to kill or capture osama bin laden. 5:37 now. two major rivers are threatening several cities in the midwest. mississippi river is up to historic heights in cairo, illinois. i you they spent the past few days filling sandbags to stack up near their properties. army corps of engineer is exploding a levee in hopes of diverting up to four feet of water. a surging ohio river is
5:38 am
threatening several illinois towns. expected to delay the tornado cleanup in southern alabama. people are trying to get tarps up on damaged homes before the storms move in. it's raining in tuscaloosa right now, tom says. preliminary estimates show 226 tornados touched down in last week's storms. more than 340 people were killed. >> and our hats off to those students. >> that's wonderful. >> really being a part of the community like that. that's great to see. >> as i said, they treat it as if it's their hometown. >> it is 5:38, 65 degrees. a royal visitor. prince charles is coming to town, and he is going to be busy. why he's making a stop at a local garden.
5:39 am
also, what's inside the box? it will soon be on display in the district. when we could see steer storms here today. [ female announcer ] why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan. food when you're hungry. and taking off your shoes, only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela. [ male announcer ] amtrak guest rewards members earn up to triple points this spring. visit for details.
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[ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate.
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5:42 am
60s. later up near # 0 by noon time. sun in and out this morning. then a possibility of some severe storms late this afternoon, into this evening. unfortunately some storms from about 5:00 all the way until 9:00 or 10:00 could produce damaging winds or hail, isolated tornado. then lingering showers and much cooler by this time tomorrow morning. a look at wednesday, the rest of the week and weekend at 5:51. tom, leading up very quickly on the 270 corridor in the two-lane stretch. frederick to clarksburg. couple brake lights south of 109. that's about it. the trip into town, new york avenue, so far so good. minimal traffic light delays. for those of you headed on the trip 95 to virginia, north, stop and go on the way to spring fooled but no accidents. still doing okay metro and vre. mark camden 841 and brunswick 870 both delayed. 5:42 right now. 65 degrees. the local utility that wants to
5:43 am
dig deeper into your wallet with three proposed rate hikes. also, days removed from the royal wedding, prince charles is coming to the district. his busy itinerary that includes a trip to a garden. and inside one of the most elite military units on the
5:44 am
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5:46. here are the latest developments on the death of osama bin laden. members of the senate will receive a briefing on the operation today. that as the white house weighs whether to release photos of the 9/11 mastermind's body to avoid doubts over his death. meanwhile, the president of pakistan is denying his country harbored bin laden or knew about his whereabouts. and the cia is poring over hundreds of hard drives and documents recovered at the compound in hopes of finding inside information on al qaeda. when the navy s.e.a.l. team first learned its target there
5:47 am
was a thunderous cheer. make no mistake, this mission was carried out with pinpoint accuracy down to the finest detail. news 4's jackie benson spoke with the man who started s.e.a.l. team 6. >> this isn't just chasing anybody. this is the man, symbolic figure. >> richard founded s.e.a.l. team 6 in 1980. he says it's no surprise they would be the ones to take down the legendary, elusive osama bin laden. nbc news learned the team practiced since april in a full-sized model of bin laden's compound set up at a u.s. military base. >> you don't need hand and voice signals. they dance like bears. they know each other's moves. they eat, sleep, drink together. it is a team effort and it's a team job.
5:48 am
and that's what i say. and that's why they're s.e.a.l.s, why they have the edge. >> it was years in the making. aided by intelligence from cia interrogations of high-ranking al qaeda prisoners. >> we picked up items that had been collected during the clinton administration and worked those aggressively for eight years, and passed that onto the obama administration. they picked it up and they've been working on. >> marsinko said rather than bomb it from the air increased the degree of difficulty. to get out of a 40-minute firefight with the man behind 9/11 dead and no loss of life to u.s. forces, priceless, he says. >> they got invited to the world series and they won. nobody got hurt, so they won the oscar too. >> reporter: jkie benson, news 4 today. >> the men involved in this operation will likely never receive public recognition and the inside story of what happened inside bin laden's compound may never be told. admiral winters, the head of the s.e.a.l.s, sent an e-mail
5:49 am
congratulating his forces and warning them not to talk about the raid saying the fight is not over. the team gave away hundreds of free tickets to active and retired service members for last night's game. some said they had the work of the navy s.e.a.l.s in mind as they watched the game. >> well, i knew it would just be a matter of time. clearly, you know, you can run but you can't hide. >> it's a good feeling to know good things, positive things are going on with this war effort. >> large crowds made their way to the pentagon memorial as well. many paused to reflect on lives lost in 9/11. so not only the jubilant celebrations but somber remembrances as well. it was an emotional day for a lot of folks around the
5:50 am
country. >> as they did shortly after 9/11, late night comedians did it with humor. >> bin laden was shot twice in the face so it looks like dick cheney may have been involved. >> his new slogan is yes, i did. if the royal couple want a secluded vacation spot, they might want to choose pakistan. always taking the opportunity to joke around. today a member of the british royal team will travel across the ocean. prince charles is headed to washington, d.c. and he will make several stops during his three-day stay. megan mcgrath is live at georgetown university. megan, this is just one location he's getting ready to visit? >> he's actually got a very busy schedule. it was just a few days ago he was in formal attire, attending the wedding of his eldest son.
5:51 am
he's going to arrive at the nation's capital. one of his appearances will be here at georgetown university. he will give the key note speech at a conference on sustainable agriculture. prince charles has become very involved in modern green architectural techniques. and he will visit an urban farm in northwest during his visit in d.c. prince charles arrives this afternoon and he's going to be busy here the next couple days. let's take a look at today's schedule. prince charles will visit the supreme court, attending the marshall scholarship alumni reception. that program actually allows students from the area to do graduate work in the uk. he's also going to visit the common good city farm in northwest. that farm grows food for low income residents. he'll be attending a reception at the british ambassador's residence. and he will be attending tomorrow the future of food conference here at georgetown university. as i mentioned he will be the key note speaker at that
5:52 am
conference. variety of other receptions and embassy events will keep him very, very busy. and prince charles will be headed back home on thursday. joe, back to you. >> megan mcgrath reporting live. thanks very much, megan. >> sure. >> as for his son prince william, he is reportedly back to work today, just four days after his luck shower kwrous royal wedding. the duke of cambridge and the duchess postponed their honeymoon. he initially asked for a two-week lead. still no word where or when the pair will spend their honeymoon. i imagine we'll never know. they will take off and come back as they please. >> wonder if they're still kissing on demand. >> all right, tom. storms on the way, huh? >> possibly later this afternoon, unfortunately. so pay close attention to the forecast. if you hear thunder, get inside right away.
5:53 am
we hear at nbc 4 will let you know if any storms will be threatening where you live. radar, storm free. no rain. just a little bit of patchy fog in the rural areas on this tuesday morning. right now temperatures a little bit cool. we're in the upper 50s in a few royal locations in virginia, west virginia and north western maryland. washington, low 60s. montgomery, arlington, fair fox, prince george's and the stkrbgt of columbia. southern maryland near the bay, lower part of the eastern shore. out of the mountains a few locations dipped into the 50s this morning. now the wide view showing a line of storms that has been along a front stretching from southern ontario all the way to louisiana. rain moving into northern alabama. and some parts of wisconsin, kentucky up to southern ohio they're getting a few areas of some thunder. no strong storms. but this is the front coming our way later this afternoon. looks like it will be intensifying. and unfortunately we could have
5:54 am
strong storms. right now look at that serene sunrise over the potomac river. live picture from the city camera. our sunrise 6:08. by 9:00, near 70. a little sun in and out to early afternoon. near 80 by noon time. low to mid-80s by early afternoon. dress for a summer-like day. by late afternoon we have a threat of storms and maybe isolated severe storms with damaging winds, hail and, yes, maybe an isolated tornado from 5:00 this afternoon to around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight. after that storm activities should dissipate by midnight. until dawn, much cooler and maybe showers around. this time low 50s. much cooler tomorrow. sun back in the afternoon after a few morning showers. high near 60. near 70 thursday and friday. might got a shower. but we'll have sunshine over the weekend. partly cloudy saturday, near 70 degrees.
5:55 am
>> south of town, right side of your screen, outer loop as you leave springfield over towards eisenhower avenue, travel lanes open telegraph road to the wilson bridge. inner loop, same story. any activity is in the median strip. let's tack a look at key bridge. there's rosslyn, georgetown. moving along nicely both ways. g.w. parkway very quiet. one more stop, looking pretty good beltway, route 4. out on the rails, no major concerns. vre and metro doing fine. delays on camden 841 and brunswick 870. honda expands its recall. honda expands its air bag recall because some may have had faulty air bags installed when they were fixed after a crash. they can deflate with too much force causing the casing to
5:56 am
break resulting in serious injury or death to the driver or passenger. 2001 and 2002 accord and civic, 2002 odysseys, 2003 and 2003 cr-vs, and two and 2003 acura 3.2 tl and 2003 acura 3.2 cl models. owners will get a notice in the mail by the end of the month. dominion virginia power wants to raise rates to cover its fuel and transmission costs and pay for a new power plant. richmond based energy provider filed a request with state regulators adding $12.76 to the average monthly bills of its residential customers. it is due in part to rising costs in gas. a bill could add a couple pennies to your grocery bill. excuse me. a resolution asking that the county be excluded from the secure communities initiative.
5:57 am
that initiative requires local law enforcement to submit fingerprints of anyone arrested in the county to the department of homeland security. some argue that amounts to profiling. and today a bronze statue of president gerald ford will be dedicated in the rotunda. after agnew resigned and the corruption charges, he then became president when nixon resigned under threat of impeachment. ford was the only president to hold both offices without being elected either president or vice president. president ford died in 2006. today president obama pays tribute to the top teacher in the country, michelle shearer. she plans to take the next year off from teaching to travel the country as a national advocate for public education.
5:58 am
>> congratulations to her. a spring time tradition for coffee lovers is coming back. and "time" magazine is coming out with a special edition on osama bin laden's death. we'll show you the cover.
5:59 am
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