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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  May 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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investigators on the scene. >> can we call this an act of road rage, a hit? what is this so far? >> we're not sure what the motive was for the shooting. that's something that the detectives are sorting out. >> what do you know if there were shots exchanged between the two. if there was a gun found in that vehicle that's still here in the parkway or not. >> i'm not sure about that right now. our detectives are looking into all of the elements of the often. that's going to be figured out as they interview the people. >> where the car was coming from and where it's going as well. >> it's part of where the detectives are looking into, what the activities were during and shortly after this accident. >> for commuters, how long are we looking for the bw parkway being closed down this morning. >> some impact on rush hour. closed between riverdale road and 495 that's the early part of the rush hour. >> thank you so much. sergeant schlosser joining us this morning.
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riverdale road 495 northbound lanes of bw parkway closed until further notice. they're expecting this to impact the morning commute. we're sure that's going to be the case. we want to find an alternative route around the bw parkway this morning. i'm tracy will kin live in greenbelt, back to you in the studio, joe. presidentoday president oba go to ground zero where people gathered to celebrate the death of osama bin laden. it's been ten years that he masterminded an attack that killed 3,000 people. president obama will lay a wreath on the grounds and meet with family members. >> my number one thing is to thank him for being a man of his word. he said what he was going to do and he told us. i'm glad he did it. as one father to another, i'm going to thank him for doing that. >> after today's wreath-laying ceremony, president obama is expected to visit the 9/11
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memorial preview site set up not far from ground zero. nbc will have a special report as soon as president obama arrives at ground zero. watch it here on nbc 4 this afternoon. after some debate, the white house has decided not to release photos showing bin laden's body. the white house described them as gruesome. twice by the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s, once in the chest, once in the head. releasing the photos will not show who we are as a country. there's concern that it could cause osama bin laden ice followers to incite violence. >> stay with us for more including live reports at new york city and get the latest information any time on our website. >> tom kieran is not here joining us in the studio to talk about today's forecast. tom? >> check your iphone. what month is it? >> 46 degrees? >> oh yeah, holy cow, it's cold.
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>> early march rather than early may. our temperatures around the region are down to the low 40s. the radar scanning the skies. no more precipitation. 47 at reagan national. down to the mid 40s now in arlington, fairfax, prince gorges counties, montgomery counties as well. off to the north and the west. 40 degrees in the mid 30s in western maryland and many locations in virginia. a few spots could have freezing temperatures in the next couple of hours. it's in the blue zone all the way down as far south in to northern tennessee. the partly cloudy to clear sky in the washington monument. a live picture from our city camera. the sub roo-- sunrise is 6:06. a bright sunny day. highs near 70 mid afternoon.
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not quite as cold tonight. look at your planner coming up. >> good morning, everyone. happy thursday. we're getting closer and closer to friday. it's just around the bend. the american legion bridge, good start. no hangups to report dealing with dry pavement this morning. tyson's corner around the pike for that matter. head on over to virginia along interstate 66, westbound, overnight construction leading fallston to falls church. eastbound, it's open. north from riverdale parkway to the beltway remains closed. the police activity. you can use 50 or kennel worth avenue as alternate routes. breaking news out of iraq this morning. 13 people are dead after a suicide bomber crashed into a barrier outside of the police building. it happened in hila south of baghdad. iraqi officials say the force of the blast knocked over concrete
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barriers that surround the building. 30 others were wounded in that attack. residents of one fairfax county community are living in fear as police look for a man who sexual assaulted a woman there in broad daylight. the victim was attacked as she took the trash out of her home in franconia. we have the latest on the investigation. fairfax county police detectives went door-to-door looking for information, people who may have seen something odd or unusual recently. the street abuts a heavily wooded area that separates it from a cul-de-sac on water lilly court. a 62-year-old woman was taking out the trash on april 12 when she was grabbed from behind by a masked man who assaulted her and raped her. >> if this individual was willing to commit this kind of act in the day. you have to be concerned he'll do it again. >> a police canine tracked the suspect's path into the woods
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and on to franconia lane. neighbors say they are aware of the nearby assault and are taking extra safety precautions. >> i have one that drives so e she -- she works around the corner at the church down the street, st. lawrence church, and she's -- we're very cognizant that she's -- she has somebody go with her. >> the victim says the suspect's face was covered. she was able to provide something of a description. says he's about 5'7" with a tan complexion and medium build wearing a brown polo shirt and black pants. jackie benson, news 4 today. dc council member mary shea was out of jail after she was arrested for dc state hood. she and seven other women are arrested in a rally last night on capitol hill. the demonstration came on the same day the house passed a bill
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that made permanent a ban using dc law. some of the protesters arrested alongside of mayor vincent gray are due in court. they paid a $50 fine to get out of jail and have the charges against them dropped. mayor gray was one of them. but 15 demonstrators have a court date instead of paying that fine right away. three other protesters arrested the same week appeared in court today. once again, a season's worth of expectations are dashed as the washington capitals are sent home from the stanley cup playoffs. the top-seeded caps couldn't muster a win against the fifth seed lightning losing 5-3 to finish off a four-game sweep.
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they showed his nerves putting five goals on 37 shots. washington has been bounced from the playoffs by a lower seed. coach boudreau said the light anything just outplayed his caps. >> if you looked at the series, i would say they had in all four games, they had a better period than us in one point or another. that wasn't necessarily we didn't work for 60 minutes. it's they played better than us for 60 minutes. it's simple. >> the lightning awaits the winner of the boston-philadelphia series. as for the capitals. there's a lot of questions. the big one is whether bruce boudreau will keep his job. >> huge question. it's a shame. 4:38 is our time. ahead, a major sign of progress from japan overnight. >> a do it yourself project let to the explosion that destroyed
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s on this thursday morning. i'm tom kerein, right now, a chilly start. mid 40s in washington and the nearby suburbs. some of the areas have dipped
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down to 40 degrees. clear skies. sunrise is at 6:06 by 9:00. near 50. lots of sun today. a bit of a blustery northwest wind will be below 60s by noontime. 60s to 70 by mid afternoon. here's the night planner after the sun setter. we'll be right down to the 50s. 40s again. not quite as cold as this morning. as well as out of the mountains. not a freeze there. there is a freeze in parts of the mountain this morning. a look at changes under way in the mother's day weekend. how's traffic? >> the police investigation keeps the northbound lanes of the baltimore washington parkway keeps the beltway closed. all traffic will be diverted. there you can go to kennelworth avenue. important to know, southbound laurel to the beltway continuing in southbound. all of the lanes activity.
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how's it treating us 270, nothing to worry about frederick to rockville. stop over in virginia, i-66, not much traffic so far. >> keep you up, we hoped. >> thanks, jerry. >> 47 degrees. still to come after the break, a brand new call already recalled. also, a terrifying takeoff, a jet shakes and wobbles in midair while people in the ground watch it.ñq
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new from overnight, workers in japan have entered the damaged fukushima nuclear power plant for the first time in nearly a month. the plant's operated tokyo electric company told reporters crews are going to install ventilation machines to absorb radiation inside the building. the radiation levels are too
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high. but new readings showed some levels dropped in some areas. the work is expected to take four to five days. and improperly installed natural gas dryer that is to blame for the explosion that injured two people yesterday. it exploded early they recall morning. the man is in serious conditions and the woman suffered life-threatening injuries. he was trying to convert a gas drier to electric by himself. it caused damage to nearby homes in the amount of $750,000. a blind teacher will be back to work in the district two years after she was fired. >> i look forward to going back to work. and pick up where i left off. >> an arbitrator ruled yesterday that denise hamilton was wrongfully fired by dc public schools in 2008. it fired her from her job
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teaching visually impaired children because she hadn't submitted proof of a valid teaching certificate. she reached an agreement to complete her license as her professional license expired. the arbitrator ruled she must be reinstated and receive more than $200,000 in back pay. the yearlong battle to reach a contract agreement for nurses at washington's largest hospital may finally be over. the washington center in the union representing 700,000 nurses announced a deal that needs to be approved by the union members. the nurses have been working without a contract for a year. you may remember the strike back in march after the negotiations locked down. it ended up with the nurses being locked up from work for four days. nurses hold an official vote on friday and saturday on whether to ratify the contract. now to decision 2012, newt gingrich opens campaign headquarters in atlanta. gingrich is renting office space above the repibb party
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headquarters. the former speaker of the house is expected to enter the race for president next week. he's set to address the convention next friday. mitt romney is ahead in the minnesota hn poll. the poll favors the massachusetts governor giving him a lead over the nearest competitors. donald trump, rudy giuliani, and congressman ron paul received 28%. none of the 17 other candidates reached double digits. prince charles returns to england. he wraps up the three-day trip by providing what is known with the divestiture ceremony by presenting the mother the queen to three americans. he's talking about the important of sustainable farming. in a one-hour-long speech, charles met with president obama and had a private dinner with senator john kerry with his home. we are watching to see gas
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prices rise overnight. since january, it's risen 91 cents to $3.98 as the price at the pump keeps rising, the demand for gas is falling. it has been. some analysts expect them to hit $5 a gallon. triple a reports the price is $ $4.80. west virginia, it's $4.11. the recalls, the 2011 cruz sedans. gm wants to check new models to make sure that the intermediate steering shift and the linkage were properly installed. >> repairs are taking longer than expected. the shuttle could be delayed again. nasa says it found a blown circuit in the shuttle's fuse box. endeavour was supposed to blast off last friday.
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but fuel line heaters did not turn on during the final countdown. the earliest the shuttle can launch is next tuesday. >> well, president obama has declared a state of emergency for three states suffering from major flooding. tennessee, mississippi, and kentucky are now all eligible for help from fema and other sources of disaster relief support. officials in memphis are working frantically to help protect the city from rising flood waters. thousands have been evacuated as the ohio and mississippi rivers may continue to rise and the worth might not be over yet. the mississippi might crest sometime next week. >> they're having problems in the midwest. >> yes, things have dried out. but you need your winter gear this morning. you need to roll out your fleece again as temperatures are down in the 40s. the furnace kicked on overnight. and right now the radar is scanning the sky. no precipitation. but look at these temperatures.
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it's down in the hoe to mid 40s throughout the entire region and colder than that in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. washington, 47, privilige privilige, upper 40s. mid 40s in montgomery, arlington, and fairfax counties. upper 40s in the eastern shore of the bay. 30s in the blue zone. western pennsylvania, western maryland, most of west virginia in the 30s. a little above freezing. deeper valleys may get below freezing in the next couple of hours. a clear sky. a few hours coming through right now. the washington monument on this thursday morning on the mostly clear sky. by 9:00, should be near 50 degrees. lots of sun, and northwest wind will be blustery today gusting around 20 to 25 miles per hour as temperatures by noontime reached low 60s. upper 60s to 70 by mid afternoon. by 5:00 in the mid 60s. by 7:00, a clear sky this
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evening. still have the winds diminishing. by midnight, down to the mid 50s. low to mid 40s starting off friday morning. in the day sunday morning, clouds reaching the afternoon. highs reaching near 70 again. then there's a small chance of a shower and an afternoon thundershower. partly cloudy, morning lows near 50. afternoon highs low 70s. sunday, mother's day. looking for a chan of a shower. otherwise, mostly cloudy. afternoon highs reaching the upper 60s. a look to next week. on monday, tuesday, and wednesday each day. highs near 70 or so with morning lows near 50. we'll have clouds in and out just a small chance of a shower on wednesday. check the weather any time. weather channel on cable. jerry, how's traffic now? head out northbound. it's the police investigation. those of you who travel the bw parkway toward the capital
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parkway, all of it diverted on 10 riverdale road. take riverdale to kennel worth avenue to continue. inbound your lanes are open. let's see how the trip is on kennelworth avenue. so far, so good over here. one more stop along the 395 corridor, landmark shirlington to the 14th street bridge, zipping right along nicely. thanks. 4:53. 49 degrees. coming up, the justice department getting involve in a heats sports debate. >> what he says about the players. >> scare in the air. what caused a plane to
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take a look at this video. pretty scary. a military plane flew out of control shortly after takeoff. this is all caught on video. look at that plane wobbling in the air. there were no passengers onboard. the military officials say this was only a test run of this plane. the russian military says that the plane's steering system apparently malfunctioned and praised the pilots for landing safely without any incidents. that's pretty amazing. >> scary. in iman, the large-- in a m
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the boeing a-380 will start to make flights. the superjumbo jet is two levels and designed to fit as many as 850 passengers. dulles will be the third u.s. airport to use the mammoth plane. jfk and los angeles's lax have flights with the a-380. >> perfect for those who don't like to fly alone. dc's mayor out at dulles international airport. the mayor says he supports the decision but understands the concerns about the price tag. he recently spoke to the governor by phone. the mayor plans to speak to dc members of the board overseeing the major airports about their votes. the underground station would cost about $300 million more than an above ground station. >> more than 100 people will be out of a job in prince william county by early summer. the layoffs in the defense
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contracting plant in woodbridge. the marine corps has decided not to buy the amphibious fighting vehicles from general dynamics. the government will lay off 112 employees. the layoffs will happen on july 1. >> the department of justice is asking the ncaa whether the bold championship series is fair to every school. why does the association have a playoff system? the letter says there's serious questions as to whether the bcs violates federal antitrust laws. 21 people have asked the department to conduct an investigation. but the director of the bcs slammed the director saying, quote, it seems like a taxpayer money have the government looking into how college football games are played. well, speaking of professional football, the redskins have gotten criticism from fans and sports writers but now a former skin is speaking
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out. running back willie parker slammed washington for what he called lackadaisical attitude for football. they care more about having a good time off of the field rather than playing well on it. a 30-year-old called a pittsburgh radio station, quote, they didn't care about football. i didn't feel good about day one there. parker never played in a regular season game for the skins. but if they had a choice, they'd rather go back to the pittsburgh steelers, a team he played for for six seasons before signing with washington. ouch. you would think that the bad attitude is something that mike shanahan ought to baseball to fix. >> let's hope so. we need a turnaround for the season. >> if there was a season. news 4 today continues right now a at 5:00 a.m.


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