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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a four-year-old boy shot on a playground. police say a five-year-old
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pulled the trigger. good evening. i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. investigators in temple hills, maryland is trying to figure out how the child got the weapon and to whom does it belong? jackie bensen right now has more on our story. jackie? >> reporter: jim, the little boy is recovering here at children's hospital in washington, d.c. tonight. he is lucky to be alive. >> it's a tragedy from everything. >> reporter: neighbor devon adams is in shock to hear that a four-year-old boy was shot on the playground by a five-year-old boy. >> he's a nice little boy. i never would have thought anything. he's not a troubled kid. i used to see him go to school, come back and play. i took him to the swimming pool a lot. it's just crazy in this whole area, man. >> reporter: the scene the police found were horrifying. just before 4:00 p.m., the two were playing with others in the
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complex. the five-year-old had somehow gotten his hands on a gun. it went off. the bullet struck the four-year-old in the shoulder and penetrated through the other side, narrowly missing his heart. the frightened five-year-old ran into a nearby building. police questioned the boy and recovered the gun. >> right now we're just trying to figure out how this child got the weapon. after that we have to figure out who owns that weapon. from that point on, charges could be filed. >> reporter: an adult who allows an unsecured gun to get into the hands of a child can face criminal charges in maryland. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen. thanks, jackie. police are on the scene right now of a deadly stabbing at university town center in hiat hiattville, maryland. up to four people may have been stabbed, one person died. no word on any arrests or why it happened. a tribute tonight for a man
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killed during a shootout between rival gangs. 43-year-old robert foster, jr. was killed saturday night on gresham place, northwest, just a few blocks away from the caribbean festival in washington, d.c. police say foster and three others who were wounded were innocent bystanders. mayor vincent gray attended the memorial tonight. he called on others to take a role in stopping the violence. >> you can have a strong police presence, but it's also important to have neighbors involved in crime prevention. >> 19-year-old terry hjimenez hs been charged in the murder. darcy spencer is in tyson's corner with more on this story. darcy? >> reporter: jim, for many teenagers, their driver's license is their most prized possession. officials are hoping the threat of them losing that license for a year will keep them from drinking and driving.
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if you're under 21 and you get caught drinking and driving in virginia, starting friday, you could lose your license for one year. >> fines too often are rendered meaningless by the parents writing a check. but there's no teenager on the planet who wants their mother driving them on a date and it's the driving sanction that's going to do it. >> getting caught drinking one beer, they could get convicted. drivers could be forced to pay a $500 fine and perform 50 hours of community service. and it's a misdemeanor on their record. >> i'm hoping that they'll see it being onerous, as i think they will perceive it, and hope they'll make the right decision which is to not drink and then get behind the wheel of a car. >> the zero tolerance stands on underage drinking ask driving. instru instru instructors are already getting the word out to driving schools. >> that's something they'll pay
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attention to, i believe. especially being young, you're so happy to get your driver's license, the last thing you want is for it to be taken away. >> reporter: but at least one student says she doesn't think it will be much of a deterrent. >> drinking and driving shouldn't happen. it hurts everybody involved. but when you're drunk, you don't think about that. >> reporter: officials are hoping the threat of losing the car keys will be enough to make teens think twice about having a drink and getting behind the wheel. senator dave marston was one of the bill sponsors. >> don't think, well, i've only had a beer or two so i'm not going to get convicted of anything. that's not the case. you will be, and it will be serious. >> reporter: the law takes effect here in virginia at the stroke of midnight tonight. reporting live from tyson, darcy spencer. jim, back to you. another law in virginia allows people on bikes or mopeds to pass a red light after waiting two cycles of that
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light. that law is designed to help people who have a vehicle not heavy enough to trip the sensor. you'll also be allowed to take your own wine into restaurants in virginia. and in maryland, the sales tax on alcohol goes from 6% to 9% tomorrow. if you're dining outdoors, you may be able to take your dog with you. restaurants that will allow pets have to notify the state health department and post signs where those dogs will be allowed. a developing story now involving the sexual assault case against former imf chief dominic cheskoff. that case is on the verge of collapsing. the accuser has repeatedly lied. a lawyer for strauss-kahn is scheduled to be in court tomorrow morning. strauss-kahn has been on house arrest since may after a housekeeper at a hotel claimed that he attacked her in his suite there. prince georges county
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councilmember leslie johnson is refusing to resign despite entering a guilty plea in court today. johnson and her husband were arrested in november as part of a federal corruption probe. prosecutors say she flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet and she stuffed almost $80,000 in cash in her shirt. johnson pleaded guilty to witness and evidence tampering and apologized outside the courtroom. >> i made a mistake for which i today accepted responsibility for my conduct. i only ask not to be defined by this mistake. >> leslie johnson intends to stay in office until she is sentenced in october. she's facing up to 18 months in prison. her husband, former prince georges county executive jack johnson, pled guilty to bribery and extortion. he'll be sentenced in september. the u.s. senate has canceled
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its july 4 recess to work on raising the nation's debt limit. senators are scheduled to have the entire week off. instead they'll reconvene on tuesday for a vote. congress has until august 2nd to extend the amount the nation can borrow or risk serious economic collapse. today the public has invited president obama to the senate to talk about their disagreements. the president instead was out of state. coming up on news4, adoptions on hold. we'll tell you why a local animal shelter said it had no choice but to euthanize all of its cats. a man got on a plane and flew across the country foron a ticket that wasn't his. we'll tell you how he managed to sneak past security. lawyers for casey anthony failed to prove two pieces of evidence in her case.
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we had a reprieve a little bit today, but it's going to get hot ove
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a police officer has been injured in a two-vehicle crash. it happened just after 10:00
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tonight at randall circle in northeast washington. that officer was taken to the hospital with injuries that are said to be serious but not life threatening. the driver of the other car was also said to be injured. it may be a result of a police chase that started in prince georges county. casey anthony will not take the stand in her murder trial. her defense team rested its case today without providing evidence to substantiate its claim that two-year-old caylee anthony accidentally drowned in a family pool. the defense also never produced any witnesses to support their claim that casey anthony was molested by her father. prosecutors began their rebuttal this afternoon. new evidence subpoenaed today could delay the start of jury deliberations until next week. the fairfax county animal shelter has euthanized all the cats in that facility. 80 animals had to be put down after a highly contagious virus was brought into the shelter
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back in mid-june. veterinarians thought they had the virus contained, but when it started to spread, they had no choice, they say, but to put down all the cats and to clean the entire facility. >> the staff is pretty devastated by this. they come to work every day hoping that their work and their care and attention improves the life of an animal. and to have to put these animals down, and some of them were not showing symptoms at the time, but protocol says it doesn't matter. >> humans and dogs are not affected by that virus but dogs can carry the virus on their coats and infect cats in the same household. the shelter has temporarily suspended all cat adoptions. coming up tonight, a serious security breach at an airport. i'll tell you how a guy managed to get past the tsa agents and on a plane without even buying a
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ticket. some scary moments torture i for tourist says inside the washington monumen
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a tough break for people stranded at the top of the washington monument tonight. d.c. fire officials say 16 people got stuck in the elevator around 6:45 this evening. 400 feet up they were. firefighters had to manually lower the elevator to the ground. that process took about 20 minutes, but everybody got out safely. the people waiting at the top of the monument for a ride down had to take the stairs. the tsa is sending some of its agents back for more training. they're doing that after a guy flew across the country without a valid boarding pass. the man went from new york to los angeles on friday using an
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expired boarding pass that had somebody else's name on it. he almost did it a second time. pete williams has our report. >> reporter: the embarrassing saga began last friday when a u.s. citizen of nigerian background managed to board a plane and fly to los angeles without ever buying a ticket. 24-year-old used an i.d. from the university of michigan where he was a student five years ago and a day-old boarding pass belonging to somebody else to get past the u.s. checkpoint at jfk airport where tsa agents examine boarding passes and i.d.s. at the gate, they allowed him to board their flight even though his name was never on their passenger list and he had an outdated boarding pass listed to someone else. >> $80 billion spent on exactly this facet of our security, for it not to work raises huge
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questions. >> reporter: passengers complained about his personal hygiene, and attendants wondered who was in a high-class seat that was supposed to be empty. the boarding pass belonged to a new york city who lost it after taking the subway to jfk airport the day before. they then kept a close eye on him while they delved into his background. just yesterday, he tried it again. he got past the tsa checkpoint at the los angeles airport, and as the fbi watched, tried to board a delta flight to atlanta where he has relatives. this time the airline stopped him because he again was carrying a boarding pass that was not in his name. court documents say when agents arrested him, they found he was carrying more than ten other boarding passes in various other individuals' names. >> it's time we got this straight. once that individual gets on an airplane, that's when the trouble could begin. >> he has been charged taking a
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flight without paying for it. he's facing up to five years in prison. we had some absolutely lovely weather for the last couple of days. >> yeah. >> it's not going to last, though, is it? >> it's not going to last, although i do think tomorrow will be another day, kind of like we saw today. maybe a little warmer, but humidity is not going to really start to return until the day on saturday. so one more day to have that lunch outdoors or do whatever you want before that humidity moves right back in. outside right now, it is just a spectacular evening, a splendid night outside after what was a fantastic afternoon. 88 degrees was the high temperature today, but with low humidity, it was simply a great day. high temperature, 87. we now sit at 79 degrees. that dew point 53 and winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. once again makes it feel very comfortable outside. look at the temperatures already. down to 64 in frederick, 60 in
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winchester, 64 in manassas. some areas about 15 degrees cooler than the district. you step outside and you notice that little chill in the air. chill relatively speaking. of course, we're talking about summer happening outside right now, too. plenty of clear skies. those clear skies are going to continue through the day tomorrow until we see some partly cloudy skies. out to the west, big-time thunderstorms in chicago. they saw some very large hail. i think we'll be seeing some pictures of that. we'll most likely have those tomorrow morning during our newscast starting at 4:30. nice weather. as far as our weather is concerned, one more day tomorrow and high pressure will be dominating the region. that nice weather is not going to last because it will get quite hot. the hot weather moves in on saturday, and really on sunday as that heat index could get up to 95 and maybe over 100 degrees dur during the day on sunday. wind out of the north about 5 to
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10 miles per hour. warmer, still nice, 85 to 90. some areas may be over that 90-degree mark, but without the humidity, it won't be too bad out there at all. 92 degrees on saturday. with that humidity, heat index should be around 95. on sunday, i think that will be the hottest day. we do have a chance of isolated thunderstorms. one or two of those maybe on the strong side and then the fireworks mother nature doesn't bring, but maybe we do. fireworks activities will happen on the fourth of july right now. still on the humid side on the fourth of july and staying on the warm side as we head into next week, but nothing really, really hot. >> july. that's all. right? cool. cool. >>
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it seems like there's as much sport news now in the courtroom as there is on the field. >> that stinks. >> did does. >> it stinks for the fans, and i don't like it because i want to report on the good stuff. the guys are having fun playing the games. but you got to cover the news, and i tell you what, after failing to reach a new labor agreement, the nba is calling an indefinite time-out. at 12:01 the league will officially lock out its players. the last nba lockout locked out 50 games. and although the schedule isn't set to begin until october, it's already in jeopardy. 41-year-old antoine jamison says he believes players are ready to lock out a full season. the players, including union vp
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and wizard forward maury seventh on the left here, are trying to make a deal that would raise the players' income from 5.7 to 7.7. here's reshard lewis. >> it's actually happening now that we're getting ready to go into it. hopefully it will end before the season starts, but as of right now, it may go into the season. >> obviously the clock is now running with regard to whether there will be or won't be a loss of games. so i'm hoping over the next month or so that there will be sort of a softening on their side and maybe we'll have to soften our position as well. but right now it's kind of unpredictable. >> i'm not scared, i'm resigned to the potential damage that it can cause to our league.
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as we get deeper into it, these things have the capacity to take on a life of their own. >> david stern says he's not scared, but he should be scared because the discussions are expected to get nasty between those sides. the nationals have the night off but one national chose not to. all-star baseman ryan zimmerman hosting his second national night at the park. all the proceeds go to the zimmerman foundation which fights multiple sclerosis. ryan's mother cheryl was dg diagnosed in 1995. the event also featured a performance by country music star rodney adkins. roughly 400,000 americans are affected by multiple sclerosis. zimmerman has watched his mom fight ms since he was 11 years old. >> growing up, obviously seeing what my mom went through and always saying if i ever have a chance to do something, i'll do it. now i actually have the chance, and to be able to do something
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as cool as this and as fun as this and to be able to raise money and just help people out is something that you dream of and you think will happen, but it never really does, and this has actually happened, so it's pretty cool. >> it's very gratifying to see him progress to the point where he -- you know, to the point where he opens a lot of doors for us. i mean, we're fighting to get rid of this disease, and he can help us get in front of some people that we probably wouldn't have been able to get in front of before and do some good things, and what better town than d.c. to do some good things in? >> that's ryan's dad keith and his son ryan doing some great work off the field. in baltimore, orioles trying to avoid a sweep. they face garcia with a man on. he gets a hold on one. his 15th. the o's cut the lead to 3. berkman crushes it to utah
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street. a monster shot. berkm berkman's second home run of the night. matis gave up eight runs. they'll face the pirates, the cubs and
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tonight the smithsonian got a new dose of love, peace and soul. soul train donated memorabilia to the iconic show to the national museum of american history. tonight's announcement included a discussion about the show's impact on entertainment and race relations during its 35-plus years on the air.
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some kids from a local high school are going to compete on "america's got talent." the dance team from westfield high was picked from thousands to take part in the northwest virginia show. they competed on nine other acts on youtube. the voting is july 9. the winner will perform live on nbc and eligible for a


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