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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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strong summer storms blow into washington, catching many off guard. on the national mall tens of thousands run for cover as tree branches, barriers, even porta-johns topple. the heavy wind and rain brought fourth of july festivities to a screeching halt, and tonight we're learning that storm also took a life. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. we got word of that death a short time ago. that man was killed by a falling tree limb along the cno canal tow path in the poolsville area of montgomery county. we're told the 56-year-old man was riding his bike when the tree limb fell on him. he was pronounced dead at the scene. at this point officials are not releasing his name. we will of course pass along more information just as soon as it becomes available. meanwhile, hordes of people celebrating the independence day weekend, and there on the national mall they were caught right in the middle of those storms. officials had to rush to evacuate the area. derek ward was there as well. he's live at the u.s. capitol tonight. derek, what's the word? >> reporter: well, i can tell you now that the rehearsal did
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get started again after those storms blew through, and it ended a little bit earlier. they cut it short, and they wouldn't allow spectators back onto the west lawn to watch. but thanks to the quick actions of u.s. capitol police no one was hurt here. and as i say, the show must go on, even if that show is just a rehearsal. the stage became a shelter from the storm. just before that stage had been rocking. and then members of the u.s. army ceremonial band were wrapping up their run-through when the storm blew through. >> suddenly the wind came in, and the rain, and everything went dark, and it was kind of chaotic for a while. >> reporter: the storm sent spectators scurrying. >> people were running and -- and it just came by and just swooped right through the capitol -- through this area. >> we're going to the garage. >> it started raining really bad, and i was hiding behind this little capitol stand thing, and this really nice lady was like come sit in my car. so we kind of sat in there and
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waited it out. >> reporter: the capitol police had actually begun evacuating attendees ahead of the dark clouds looming. >> you can stay if you want, but i wouldn't suggest it. >> reporter: some were sent to the legislative garage to weather the storm, and not a moment too soon. were where they had streamed out just minutes before, this massive tree branch came crashing down. and then the cleanup began. all in a day's work on this day, yes. but before if was over some tents came down and toilets were toppled. but as the executive producer of a capitol fourth told us earlier, expecting the unexpected is par for the course. >> it's a circus. in a way. but it's a fourth of july circus. >> reporter: and after a quick cleanup the show did go on, just without all the spectators. and luckily, this happened today and not tomorrow, when there will be a lot more people down here and it will be an actual show going on. now, if the weather holds up, shouldn't have any of this
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adversity. but you can take some comfort in knowing the officials are watching the weather and they've got a plan. so if things do turn nafty, hopefully they'll be able to keep people safe once again. we're live here at the u.s. capitol. back to you. >> derek ward for us tonight. thanks. most of those storms, most, have moved out of the area, but there are still a few stragglers. kim martucci's in the storm center wan update on those. hey, kim. >> good evening. that severe thunderstorm watch now has been expired for most of the viewing area. the one place it's still in effect is over the chesapeake open waters from drum point, maryland to smith point, virginia. here's a look at the storms right now, the stragglers, if you will, down across the northern neck of virginia and extreme southern maryland for solomon, southgate, and st. mary city. up to the north we have one little thundershower south of harrisburg. it looks like it is raining itself out. so we'll keep an isolated shower chance during the overnight hours. but by and large the severe weather threat is over for the rest of the night. i'll be talking about what happens tomorrow for the july
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fourth holiday weather forecast when i see you in just a little while. >> all right, kim, thanks. tens of thousands are stilt without power right now. at last check more than 19,000 dominion power customers in northern virginia were in the dark. pepco is reporting more than 10,000 outages, while novec has more than 1,000 customers without power right now. there are a full day of 4th of july celebrations planned for the national mall tomorrow. the mall opening to the public at 10:00 a.m. there are special family events at the national archives and white house visitors center. the smithsonian folk life festival will start at 11:00. then just before noon the independence day parade will roll down constitution. the capitol fourth concert that derek was just telling us about, that starts at 8:00. and the big fireworks show will start around 9:15. don't forget the smithsonian, metro, and most roads around the national mall will be closed. and as always, you can go to for more information. to orlando now, where there
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was berating, laughing, and crying today during the closing arguments of the casey anthony murder trial. attorneys had another showdown inside that courtroom. jay gray was there and has more on that tonight. >> reporter: with pictures and video of caylee anthony framing his closing arguments, prosecutor jeff ashton described a web of lies the state alleges led to the little girl's death. >> casey anthony maintains her lies until they absolutely cannot be maintained anymore. >> reporter: and provided a day-by-day narrative of how they believe it happened. >> because she knew that that night she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and that caylee would be dead. >> the way the case was presented -- >> reporter: defense attorney jose baez fired back. >> if you hate her, if you think she's a lying, no-good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. >> reporter: baez said the lies and questionable behavior were the result of a dysfunctional family that hid secrets, including the fact that casey
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was pregnant. >> this is outrageous. >> reporter: he challenged state witnesses, evidence, and every key element of the prosecution's case. and as the emotion and tension in the courtroom grew, he challenged ashton as well. >> depending on who's asking the questions, whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself -- >> objection. >> sustained. >> approach the bench. >> the outburst in front of the jury led to a delay and an angry reprimand from judge belvin perry. >> enough is enough. >> you can't trust this evidence. >> reporter: as the closing arguments resumed, baez returned to his overriding theme. >> if it is difficult for you to find the truth, then this case is not proven. >> reporter: a search for the truth that will finally move to the jury on monday. the defense finished its presentation late today. tomorrow the prosecution gets one final rebuttal. then the judge will instruct the jury and they'll begin their deliberations. jay gray, nbc news, orlando. >> if convicted in that first-degree murder case, casey anthony could get the death penalty.
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back here in gaithersburg a family get-together turned deadly last night. now one man is charged with second-degree murder. 24-year-old brandon dashiell was arrested today. police say he assaulted 28-year-old justin eugene carter at a family gathering. the two men started arguing at a house on steven court, and police say dashiell hit carter in the head several times and left him unconscious. carter was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. tonight a group of maryland parishioners is vowing to rebuild. lightning struck and started a fire at their mount area church. when firefighters arrived they found marvin chapel methodist on fire just hours before services were set to start this morning. lightning from last night's storm hit the steeple and caused extensive damage inside the century-old building. >> see the damage done inside of that building, it just takes your breath away to realize that it is nothing but just debris
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everywhere. >> the congregation moved today's service to prospect united methodist. the make church will continue to hold services until repairs are finished. meanwhile, marvin chapel members, they say they are determined to rebuild that church. august 2nd. that's when the united states government will reach its credit limit. and if congress does not do something between now and then, it could become very difficult for the government to pay its bills. talks about how to go about raising the debt limit fell apart last week, and now congress has canceled its recess to continue working on a solution. democrats want to raise money by adjusting taxes. republicans want some massive spending cuts. but new today, some are starting to suggest ideas that could lead to a compromise. >> jon kyl was in negotiations, as you know, with the vice president, and he said there were certain revenue raisers and other areas that perhaps we could work on. >> some democrats have also suggested that even without a deal the president can keep spending.
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they're citing the 14th amendment that says the debt of the federal government "shall not be questioned." we're following several big stories in the week ahead. on wednesday a grand jury is set to hear new charges against the bus driver behind the wheel in a deadly crash on i-95 near king's dominion in may. charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter for the four passengers who died. each charge carries up to ten years in prison. president obama's taking to the virtual world to talk about the economy and the job market. the president will hold his first ever twitter town hall this wednesday. the white house made the announcement last week. people can submit questions using the hash tag "askobama." one word. the commander in chief held a similar event on facebook earlier this year. and it will be the end of an era for nasa this week. the 135th and final shuttle mission is scheduled to lift off friday from the kennedy space center. about a million people are expected to travel to florida to watch. while in space "atlantis" and
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its four-member crew will visit the international space station. "atlantis" will eventually be on permanent display at the kennedy space center flight museum. still ahead on this independence day weekend, meet those left behind by the casualties of war as they ban together to move on. we'll tell you about that. plus, if you think maryland crabs are the best, you're not alone. they are coming in at the top of the class. and a man on a mission. why he is traveling thousands of miles to washington, d.c. in his modified wheelchair. what you got, lindsay? coming up on "sports final," novak djokovic stays perfect against rafael nadal in 2011. also, the nationals take one on the chin against the pirates. and we catch up with former redskins offensive tackle shar pradonish, who's become a successful businessman. that and much m
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independence day is not only a time to remember those who have fought and died for our freedom but also those who've been left behind. military widows. peter alexander tonight with the story of one remarkable group of women united in loss finding a new passion for life. >> ready, set, go. >> reporter: they are fun-loving -- >> oh! >> reporter: -- and fearless. a brief group of women with something else in common, too. they are all military widows who lost their loved ones in iraq and afghanistan. taryn davis was just 21 when her husband, michael, was killed by a roadside bomb in iraq in 2007. >> one of the last things i said to him was "i love you more than life itself." >> reporter: living without michael is an everyday struggle. >> when i went out into the world, i just felt like they didn't want to embrace, you
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know, who i was, which was a military widow. and in the back of my mind i'm thinking, that title, it symbolizes my husband's sacrifice and my own. and if i can get through it, you know, maybe one day it can signify my survival. >> reporter: to help her own healing taryn began reaching out to other widows. but talking alone wasn't enough. soon taryn started organizing events like parasailing, surfing, even swimming with dolphins, to bring this courageous group of women together in what she called the american widow project. >> i found myself laughing and smiling for the first time. and i look around, and here's a group of extraordinary women who know the level of pain that i've been through and have that want to find life again like i do. and i kept laughing and i kept smiling. we're like battle buddies. we're going to go through this together. >> reporter: from the golf course where they hold an annual tournament, this year raising a record amount -- >> a check for $120,000.
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>> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> let's get on the airplane. come on! >> reporter: to the skies. carrying on the camaraderie their husbands once shared. in may the widows took an unforgettable leap of faith, diving out of a plane at 13,000 feet and in the process honoring their husbands' adventurous spirit. jamie patterson lost her husband, nick, in 2007. >> this is the picture that my husband jumped with every single time. and so i just wanted to jump with it today too. >> reporter: a unique sisterhood, embracing life -- >> yeah! >> military widows -- >> reporter: and celebrating their husbands' memories. >> oh, man. >> do it. >> reporter: peter alexander, nbc news. >> taryn davis's organization has connected with nearly 800 widows. fantastic group right there. >> without a doubt. >> once their -- you called it.
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we saw some pretty heavy storms tonight. >> yeah. the thunderstorm threat is still out there during the overnight, but the big severe weather threat has diminished, i'm happy to say. >> good. >> we had a lot of trees down. we've had some very gusty winds. and we've even had some hail. let's get started with live digital doppler and a check around our beautiful city. now taking a breather. you know, 4th of july weekend is always tricky. there are so many outdoor events and rehearsals going on. glad most everybody got off the mall safely tonight as they rehearsed. here's live digital doppler. and our showers and storms are basically to the south. extreme southern maryland seeing this right now. and up towards st. mary city, other than that, things are quieting down. there's a few more off to the west in west virginia beginning to move off to the east. 75 degrees is where we're at, and we had a high today around 92. we picked up 87/100 of an inch between the morning rain and this evening's rain. humidity is up there, 79%. as we look around, we had some
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severe weather. no need to tell you that. let's talk about where it happened. how about right on the capitol lawn? the west lawn. we had trees down, thanks to those high winds. then as we look west and head across the potomac and over towards roslyn, they had a wind gust. guess how high. 58-mile-an-hour wind gusts out there. we had trees down the george washington parkway, for example. then as we head west across northern virginia out towards del plane, we also had hail about the size of 1 1/2 inches. so needless to say a lot of severe weather across the area today, and things finally are quieting down. but we're watching some of these storms in west virginia here. a few of them might propagate eastward and make it into the blue ridge and into the shenandoah valley later tonight during the overnight. temperatures will stay pretty much parked where they are now, maybe drop a degree or two, but not much more. we'll head down into the lower 70s. some western storms, some southern storms. i think we're going to stay dry in d.c.
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and tomorrow, painting a dry scenario. but please remember, just south of this is going to be where the front is parked and we could spark a storm during the day as close as fredricksburg and warrenton, maybe even upper marlboro, but i'm going with a dry forecast for fireworks. mostly clear skies to partly cloudy skies here, and as for the fireworks at 9:00, 84 degrees, and it's going to be warm and humid. let's put it in writing. 68 to 72 by tomorrow morning. storms diminishing. the afternoon partly cloudy. temperatures back into those 90s again. and planning ahead with may, we'll get a break on tuesday. that is my weather pick of the week. more storms wednesday, thursday. and it looks like lasting into next weekend. sunday is looking a little better than saturday for staying dry. everybody, please be safe out there. >> yes. thank you. appreciate that, kim. still ahead here on news 4 at 11:00, testing america's independence day iq. what your fellow countrymen don't know will probably shock
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so one nats player's going to the all-star game. >> for sure. >> you launched a one-man crusade. more on that later. >> i'm going to be the campaign manager for michael morse. he's my boy. >> i love it. >> first baseman. trying to get him to the all-star game. >> who is going? >> i'll tell you right,000. one big league manager describes nats r. leaver tyler clifford like this. he's the guy with the funny glasses that pitches all the time. well, now the guy with the funny glasses is an all-star for the first time in his career. clipper's 57 strikeouts ranks second among major leaguers. morse is among five national league players for the national fan vote. meantime, nats wrapping up their series against the pirates
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today. and when clipered found out he made the all-star team he said pretty shocking, pretty awesome. jason marquee facing andrew mccutchen with a man on. he drives one into right center. andrew mccutchen not on the all-star team. that might be a snub. garrett jones scores. part of a five-run second. marquee lasted an inning and a third. gave up six earned runs. ouch. top four, colin balancester in. this is the play of the game. roger bernardina on the move. dives on the warning track. see it again. that, folks, is a great play. but there was no rally today. the pirates had 16 hits. they crushed the nats 10-2. the nats host the cubs tomorrow 1:05. in atlanta orioles against the braves. os catcher matt wieters will represent baltimore in arizona. his first all-star game. top three to score starting pitcher up. britain puts a good hit on this one. out to right.
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and that's over. os take a 1-0 lead. mark reynolds up with two outs and a man on. scott procter puts the pitch in reynolds' wheel house. two-run homer to left. third homer in two games. 18 the for him this season. orioles come back to beat the briefz 5-4 and snap a five-game losing streak. wnba. mystics hosting the seattle storm. go ahead and get down with your bad self. nice moves. second quarter, mystics trailing 22-17. victoria dunlap pump fakes, then around the defender up and in plus the foul. she went for a team-high 19 points. mystics keeping it close, but the mystics couldn't stop this woman. seattle's tanisha wright with the ball drives baseline and throws up the reverse layup. wow. the seattle storm defeat the mystics 73-63. hey, what's coming up on "sports final"? here's lindsay czarniak. >> hakem, coming up tonight on "sports final," we've got d.c. united head coach ben olsen in the house. ben, your team came so close to beating number one philadelphia. i thought it was going to happen. what's the problem? >> i don't know.
11:25 pm
but it needs to stop. >> i think you're not working them hard enough. >> i think so. that might be possible. we're almost there. we're working. we've got a lot of positives. i know they seem like losses, but they're both ties. and we're moving forward. we're disappointed in the results. but we're working. we'll work on it. >> all right. real quick, the biggest difference between being a player and a head coach in this city of washington, d.c. when you go out and about. >> the time spent at home. i used to get nice two-hour lunches and go take a nap. naps. no more naps. >> all right. so d.c. united should be sending checks to ben olsen's family. that's more on that tonight on "sports final." hakem? >> ben olsen our guest tonight. he has two little kids, two lovely little kids. they're not allowing him to nap anymore. he's got a lot of work on his hands. >> thanks, buddy. still ahead, he cannot move his legs, but that didn't stop this guy from traveling 4,000 miles with a message for washington. washington. we'll tell y
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on this holiday weekend you do not have to go far to get the best seafood in america. maryland's chesapeake bay takes the top spot. that's according to a ranking compiled by maryland's eastern shore was picked for the countless places to get what the website calls the freshest crabs in the country. coming in second, baton rouge, louisiana for its crawfish. boston made the list for its oysters. georgetown, maine was highlighted for its lobster. and charleston, south carolina was picked for its atlantic shrimp. a man is arriving in d.c.
11:29 pm
tomorrow after traveling nearly 4,000 miles across the country in a wheelchair. chet dyerson is working to help find the cure for spinal cord injuries. he was paralyzed in a motocross accident 11 years ago. five weeks ago he set out from southern california to the nation's capital in a motorized wheelchair that he built himself. that chair goes about 55 miles an hour. so he gets a lot of looks from drivers and he gets a lot of questions from police. >> i built this gas-powered wheelchair, and i decided that i would go do something for spinal cord research. something i've never done anything like this before, and just kind of jumped into it. didn't know what i was doing, learned a lot on the road. >> chet dyerson says he hopes to get the attention of members of congress and the president before he leaves d.c. after the break, an all-american pop quiz on this independence day eve. >> ooh, i love quizzes.
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celebrated. on this, the eve of our national celebration of independence, we thought it might be a good time to test our 4th of july knowledge. prepare to be disappointed, folks. when did america declare her independence and from whom? don't feel bad. a lot of folks don't know. according to a new marist poll, 26% of your fellow countrymen do not know that we broke the shackles of tyranny tying us to england. 42% don't know we did it in 1776. happy 4th of july. that's it for us. "sports final" straight ahead. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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