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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you're watching nbc 4 washington's news leader. now live in hd this is news 4 today. marylanders beware. a new texting law is now in effect. what you need to know before you get a ticket with a hefty fine. the u.s. kills a top al qaeda leader with ties to the washington area. we have local reaction on the deadly drone attack. traffic alert. getting around the washington area will be a little challenging this weekend. we're going to show you what areas you may want to avoid from the roads to the metro. good morning. folks, it is the first day of october and we have got some cool numbers out there. let's get your first forecast
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with meteorologist chuck bell. refreshing start. >> new month, new atmosphere, new everything. >> i busted out the scarf and the winter coat this morning. >> you're going to need it. you're definitely going to need it this weekend. be ready for a november like weekend in october. we skipped the whole month of october. the leaves are still green, but man, has it cooled down out there. 40s and 50s to get your weekend starleted under a mostly cloudy sky. it's blustery out there as well. i had the sunroof open on the way to work. 49 degrees in haguerstown, maryland. 55 right here in downtown washington. upper 50s along the bay side down towards chesapeake beach. mid 50s towards culpeper. here's a lock at live doppler. some light sprinkles out there don't stray too far from the rain gear as you make plans to enjoy saturday.
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nothing too heavy some sprinkles from haguerstown to the west side of frederick, maryland. out along interstate 81 and sprinkles to the south and west of washington. a lot of clouds around this weekend. it isn't going to rain all weekend. there will be a chance that you could get wet any almost any time for today and tomorrow as well. so cloudy, chilly, passing light rainshowers, blustery around here for today. if you're packing up the car and driving down to blacksburg, clemson and virginia tech. a big one in blacksburg tonight 6:00 kickoff. 47 at kickoff out there. and west virginia mountaineer fans headed up to morgantown another chilly day for football. 48 degrees in morgantown. if you want your college football forecast on the air. send me the note. who's playing, when they're playing, where they're playing. we'll get as many as we can on during the 9:00 hour. >> thanks, chuck. new from overnight metro
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transit police tell us they are conducting a death investigation after a body was found on the tracks. a maintenance crew found the body of an adult male near the rockville metro station. police say it is not a metro worker and they're unsure how the man died and how he got on to the tracks. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning as they come into news 4. new from overnight, d.c. police were called out to the 5300 block of decision street northeast on reports of a shooting after midnight. when they alived at the scene authorities found a man shot multiple times. he was pronounced dead a short time later. right now they don't have a suspect or motive in the shooting. there's a tough new law in effect aimed at drivers putting down their points. if you're caught it's a point on your license and a fine. the new law in maryland says driver ks not accepted or read text messages. it doesn't matter if you're in motion or stopped at a light. as darcy spencer shows us, there are significant questions about
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how the law will be enforced. >> driving at times usually it's just a matter of convenience and i try to get away with it or sneak it. >> reporter: but starting saturday it will be illegal to send or even read a text message while you're behind the wheel or stopped at a red light in maryland. >> honestly, i believe that, you know, texting while driving is very dangerous. >> reporter: cops will be allowed to pull you over if they catch you texting and hand you a ticket that carries a fine and a point on your license. >> this will make people more mindful of how dangerous it is when you drive and text at the same time. >> reporter: but will police be able to enforce the law and prove their case in court? this defense attorney has serious doubts. >> i think it is an impossiblity to enforce this law because there's vickly no way for a police officer to know whether a
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person who is operating a motor vehicle is actually texting or reading a text while driving. >> reporter: under the new law you'll be able to drive and use a hand held gps device and some say that's going to create more confusion. >> i think they'll just pull you over if you look like you're reading a text. i know for me sometimes i get lost and i use my gps on my phone. >> reporter: police say no matter how challenging, they'll ticket drivers who they think are breaking the law. >> if he believes that the person is texting or receiving a text, then he would make the decision whether or not to pull someone over. >> reporter: here's one more aspect of this new law, if police determine your texting caused an accident you'll face a $110 fine, you'll get three points on your license. the number one man on the cia's kill or capture list is
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dead. he was a top leader for al qaeda in yemen and had ties to our area, too he was killed yesterday by u.s. drone strike. he was born in the u.s. and was influential in spreading the organization's message via social media. he had the nickname the bin laden of the internet. he directed the failed underwear bombing attack on christmas back in 2009 and was mentioned in the fort hood shootings last year. president obama called this a major blow to the al qaeda network. >> the death offal-akwaki is a blow to al qaeda. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula remains a dangerous, though weakened terrorist organization. >> the drone strike appears to have killed al qaeda's top saudi bomb maker. >> meanwhile local reaction is mixed on the death. the al qaeda leader did doctor
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yal work at george washington university many the early 90s and was later an imam at a church in falls church. >> i think people need to become a little bit more knowledgeable about the variances in each religion about the extremists and those practicing to be honest individuals living a good life. >> members of the mosque did voice concerns that this assassination set a dangerous precedent for killing american citizens without due process. "the washington post" reports the justice department wrote a secret memo authorizing the attack before hand and there was no dissent from american leaders. d.c. police now believe that a george washington university law student killed during an altercation outside a mcdonald's in northwest last week may have thrown the first punch. patrick casey died of his injuries after the altercation on 19th and m streets here.
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casey's parents believe their son was attempting to break up the fight. now investigators tell us casey was involved and may have even started the altercation. >> we believe it was mr. casey, it may have been someone that was with me. we're still ironing that out. that was the initial push. >> police say someone then punched casey. he fell to the ground and hit his head leaving him brain dead. all the suspects involved in the altercation have been interviewed. police say if it was simply an altercation only misdemeanor charges would be filed. that decision will likely be made by a grand jury. happening today, you'll now have to pay more at the dmv many the district. the agency is more than doubling its fees for several services. it is raising fees from $7 to $20 for duplicate driver's license, duplicate learners permits, temporary driver's license, identification cards,
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change of address and printing duplicate registration cards. the price for parking is also going up. a residential parking permit is jumping $20 from $15 up to $35. senior citizens will pay a little less they only have to pay $25. i should make that nice trip to the dmv a little more fun. we all love going. >> just what we need. that's quite a jump in all those categories. somebody's making some money. >> just for parking. take the bike. the time right now nine minutes after the 6:00 hour. coming up on news 4 today, we're going to hear from crews surveying the damage on the washington monument. found out what has them worried and it's not rappelling down that monument. ♪ name that tune. she's got a good voice. ice champions hit the rink. how skating champion michael wise and that was his daughter
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we've got a major traffic alert for drivers this weekend. listen up chain bridge will be closed this weekend in both directions between arlington and the distribution fblt the closure is for structural repair under the bridge. bike and pedestrian traffic will be blocked this weekend. canal road remains open. the drivers won't be able to turn on to chain bridge. things should be back to normal for your monday morning commute. more traffic news, drivers on the inner loop of the beltway will not be able to use the left lane to get the 66 west. they must use the right exit instead. v dot officials tell us they feel this move will help improve safety for drivers so they don't have to switch lanes as often. four of the five metro lines will see minor delays this weekend because of track work. riders on the red, orange, blue and green lines should add about 20 minutes to their travel times.
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the biggest change is on the blue line where trains will end the spop early and a special shuttle will take people to springfield. all the track work should be finished by monday morning. engineers they're going to be busy again today inspecting the washington monument for earthquake damage. the parks service says a team has finished examining the pyramid top as well as the six level of stones just below it. they are scanning every inch of the landmark looking for any loose debris and damage and they've removed large loose stones that could have fallen possibly hitting people below. one adjustment is realizing they're d.c.'s newest tourist attention. >> the acrobatics we do to get out in the windows on the side of the building. it's a tight squeeze with all the ropes and weight behind you. trying not to make a fool out of
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yourself. >> the inspection should wrap up on tuesday as long as that weather cooperates. you will soon be able to check out your favorite books on sunday's again in d.c. despite a tight budget. martin luter king library will remain open on sunday afternoons. the only library in the entire system to do so. tom sherwood has the story. >> reporter: the martin luter king library in downtown washington is a distinctive, stark, black, modern building first opened in 1972. it's now on the register of historic places. d.c. resident and teacher josephine nicholson likes to come to the library to check out books for students. >> there's nothing like holding a book in your hands. i can't purchase every book that i'd like. >> reporter: but budget cuts were forcing the king library to start closing on sunday afternoons. a time that draws more than 50,000 patrons during the year to its books, computers and
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research materials. >> it's a cost cutting deal. it's a budget thing. people from across the city came out to the budget hearings to say please do not shut the last library that's open on sunday. >> reporter: late friday there was good news for the king library in the sunday hours. mayor vincent gray and d.c. council library committee chairman tommy wells says the city has found the $300,000 necessary to keep the sunday hours for the king library. it won't be closing after all. the mayor has changed his mind. this library will stay open on sundays. >> that's great. there's a lot of people up here -- there's a lot of services offered to us and the other patrons on sundays. >> at least this library open on sunday which is a great first step and we're really pleased. >> reporter: teacher josephine nicholson agrees maybe it's a good sign for more library branchs in the future. good for the children? >> yes. it would be nice if they were all opens on sundays all the
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time, but times are hard. >> some of the most famous faces in figure skating are hitting the rink tonight in northern virginia to help young athletes bring home the gold. it's all thanks to two time olympian and three time u.s. national figure skating champion michael weiss, every year his ice champions live event raises money for future skating stars. he said if it weren't for the support of strangers he wouldn't be where he was before. >> i thought it would be a shame if someone had talent but they didn't reach their potential because they couldn't afford to be on the ice. >> you can support the foundation by enjoying tonight's spectacle on ice at the ice plex. tickets range from $20 to $50 with vip opportunities to chat with olympic champions like brian boy tanno and ilya kulick.
6:18 am
>> she's still got it. doing the back flips. >> very talented. skating weather for us outside. a little chilly. >> don't go out on the shallow ponds around the area. the ice is not thick enough. it sure does feel chilly. autumn has turned into fall many the blink of an eye around here. we'll have a complete weekend we'll have a complete weekend check of your forecast in two
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today. >> it's been awesome. >> we shot a couple promos. this is all too surreal. >> grammy-award winning group lady antebellum make their debut tonight "s.n.l." they made their debut with "i'm a little --." they'll make their debut with melissa mccarthy. you can catch it at 11:30. that should be a good show. >> i thought melissa mccarthy was the hit of "bridesmaids." >> i did, too. >> we can't say any of her quotes. they're not appropriate for morning television. especially if you haven't had breakfast. let's move it into weather.
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>> what a turn of seasons around here. yesterday another beauty of a day yesterday turned out to be. sunshine turned out late yesterday afternoon. mild as well. mid 70s you can forget that. that weather is now long gone and it will seem like it's just been years since you felt the sunshine. although we really didn't get much sunshine in the month of september. don't expect much this weekend, either. the clouds are going to be tough to budge out of the region. a general north to northwesterly wind is going to keep temperatures way below average. outside on your saturday morning a good way to get your weegd started a few harmless clouds in the eastern and northern skies. more clouds out to the west you folks in the blue ridge and schenn doe ya valley full overcast. 55 degrees our temperature at national airport. winds out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. you should expect a very blustery north and northwest wind all day, all night and all tomorrow as well.
6:23 am
very fall like around here. temperatures now upper 40s in northern most maryland. upper 40s and low 50st in northern montgomery county. mid 50st for southern parts of prince george's county. as you make our plans to get outside and attempt to enjoy your saturday clouds, clouds, and clouds today. going to have a chance for a light passing sprinkles from time to time. rainfall amounts are going to be very, very light this weekend. however, sometimes it just doesn't take much to get you wet and make you mad. a little bit of sprinkle activity to the west of i-95. this is all generally lifting up to the north. you folks in the panhandle of west virginia if it's not wet where you live right now you'll get more showers later. another area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream spinning its wheels to our west. that's going to keep the clouds and chilly temperatures in place for all of the weekend. the temperatures in the low to mid 40s out to our west.
6:24 am
be ready for a chilly day today and more of the same coming tomorrow. this same area of low pressure, watch this, it's going to sit here and spin around. a little loop over the eastern shore back into parts of southern pennsylvania. back out to west virginia. this story is going to be repeated all weekend long, as long as the low pressure hangs around, you'll have a chance of getting a spit of rain. cloudy and chilly. light rain from time to time. blustery today highs in the upper 50s to near 60. same story for tomorrow. not much of a sunshine filled weekend, i'm afraid. breezy, cool, damp today and tomorrow. the bulk of the rain will be either today or monday, but still shower chances are off and on through sunday as well. sunny and nice and gorgeous and wonderful middle of the week coming up so be ready for that. you're headed out to annapolis, 59 degrees there at kickoff. 58 in college park.
6:25 am
towson playing maryland. 58 chance of showers. pack your slickers to be on the safe side. cool college football weather in the east. >> pack your slickers and a positive attitude. maryland needs it this weekend. let's talking some profootball. the redskins take on the rams on the road tomorrow. >> plus we check out the high school football game of the week. good morning everyone. your sports minute begins with football. the redskins on the road at st. louis against the 0-3 rams on sunday in st. louis has won two of the last three meetings against washington. the redskins might be without wide receiver anthony armstrong and fullback young. beau were limited in practice this week because of hamstring injuries. both are game time dis. kick off is set for 1:00 in st. louis. high school football game of the week, churchill hosting unbeaten gaithersburg. third quarter churchill 7-0, 14 yards for the touchdown.
6:26 am
two-point conversion good. churchill takes an 8-7 lead. end of the game, gaithersburg trails by two. trojans in the red zone. lincoln reyes can't handle the snap. the bulldogs hang on to win it 15-13 handing gaithersburg the first loss of the season. preseason hockey last night at verizon center. caps taking on the sabers. game goes to a shootout. backstrom looking to put the caps on top and he does. up next for the sabers, luke adam trying to keep buffalo alive. vokoun says i don't think so. makes the save. the caps win 4-3 in a shootout. they'll host chicago in a preseason finally on sunday. in the major league baseball playoffs, it be raies beat the rangers 9-0. the tigers/yankees game was suspended last night because of rain they'll try to play game one later this evening. that's your sports minute, have a great day. today the world's largest theme park is celebrating 40 years in making dreams come
6:27 am
true. >> welcome to a little bit of florida here in california. this is where the early planning is taking place for our so-called disney world project. >> in october -- on october 1st, 1971, that project became a reality when the magic kingdom at walt disney world opened to the public. 40 years later the resort now boasts four theme parks, two water parks and is one of the largest employers in the country and is visited by nearly 17 million people a year. a new theme park hasn't opened there in 13 years, but disney world officials say a larger fantasy land at the magic kingdom will open next year to mark the anniversary. >> it's like a different country. >> i was down there. i got to visit one of my favorite evens, one of my favorite parks, where it's a small world where it shows the dolls from all the countries. they can always have room to expand. it doesn't matter when you go,
6:28 am
it seems like it's always quite the crowd. >> so true. they've got about 30 degrees on us today. it is still 54 degrees. time now 6:27. coming up in our next half-hour of news 4 touchdown ark new texting law goes into effect in maryland. we break down what you need to know. plus a new trend in copper thefts is endangering lives. found out what
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you're watching nbc 4. washington's news leader. now live in hd this is news 4 today. drama in the courtroom. the first paramedic to treat michael jackson on the day of his death testifies in the trial of dr. conrad murray. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, october 1st, 2011. we're going to get a look at our first forecast with meteorologist chuck bell who
6:32 am
says, bust out the sweater. you're going to need it. >> you brought in your winter coat. >> i did. i had my scarf swaddled around my head. i actually laid it out last night i knew it was coming. boy, was it nippy out there. >> very chilly outside this morning. be ready for a very november weekend. that old song "the winds of november" have come early. you'll have that song stuck in your head all day now. that's what it's going to feel like. we skipped the month of october almost completely as far as the weather is concerned. yesterday was 75 degrees september afternoon. today it's barely going to make 60 degrees in any neighborhoods. temperatures to get your saturday and weekend underway mostly many the low to mid 50st around town, there are some upper 40s northern and western maryland barely into the 50s now. here's a look at the radar. some of that isn't reaching the
6:33 am
ground there are sprinkles to be found. temperatures will stay in the upper 50s to nearly 60s. a blustery day. in fact winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. if you're headed down to charlesville only 57 degrees at kickoff and a 40% chance of sprinkles as they take on idaho. if you want your college football send it to me. we'll get it on in the 9:00 hour. >> you put mine in? >> yes. florida and carolina. >> thanks, chuck. new from overnight. metro transit police say they are conducting a death investigation after a body was found on the tracks. a maintenance crew discovered the body of an adult male near the rockville metro station. police say it's not a metro worker and they are unsure how the man died and how he got on the tracks. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning as they become available. also new from overnight, d.c. police were called out to the 5300 block of dix street
6:34 am
northeast on reports of a shooting after midnight. when they arrived at the scene authorities found a man shot multiple times. he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. they don't have a suspect or motive in the shooting. day four of the conrad murray manslaughter trial. the men who tried to save michael jackson's life took the stand to give their account of the moments leading up to jackson's death. they say murray's story simply doesn't add up. stephanie stanton has the latest. >> reporter: testimony on day four focused on what happened just moments after this ambulance arrived at michael jackson's home. the lead paramedic testified that jackson was in full cardiac arrest. >> his skin was very cool to the touch. >> reporter: according to testimony he asked dr. murray repeatedly if jackson had any underlying medical issues and if any drugs had been given to the pop singer. >> he said nothing. he has nothing. >> did you hear dr. murray
6:35 am
provide information regarding any medications that he had given mr. jackson? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: but fellow paramedic martin blunt testified that he saw three bottles of a drug near jackson's bed. >> what is it? >> it's a heart drug. >> did the paramedics administer it to mr. jackson during the resuscitative efforts? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: the defense tried to offer insight into why murray didn't tell the paramedics about the propofol and other drugs right away. >> you asked dr. murray if mr. jackson was on recreational drugs. >> i don't remember if i asked that or not. >> reporter: both paramedics described repeated attempts to resuscitate jackson before he was take on the the hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. lawyer ifser the man accused of shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords have filed a motion trying to stop his treatment. they want to keep layoff ner from being sent back to a
6:36 am
missouri prison where therapists want him to stand trial. on wednesday a federal judge extended the treatments saying it appears to be working. layoff ner is accused of the shooting that injured six including giffords. the husband of giffords will get to spend more time with his wife. mark kelly is officially retiring today from nasa and the u.s. navy. he commanded the next to the last flight of the space shuttle program taking endeavour on its final mission. kelly and giffords have a book deal for a joint memoir. they are working on it as she recuperat recuperates. drivers in maryland will want to leave their phones alone behind the wheel. a new texting law went into effect this morning. it allows police to pull over drivers reading or sending messages on their cell phone. if you're caught you can get a $70 fine and a point on your driver's license. before today police needed another reason to pull drivers
6:37 am
over before giving a texting citation. today the wood bridge community will come together for a benefit concert to support more than 60 families left homeless by last month's floods. more than 100 homes in the community of holly acres within condemned after the flooding. the concert starts at noon today in the b. thifty shopping center parking lot. the concert will go until 6:00 this evening. this week prince william county officials are expected to announce just how much damage that flooding caused. communities around the country affected by a string of natural disasters will be eligible for aid again. president obama signed a short-term spending stopgap measure yesterday that keeps the government running through tuesday and replenishes disaster assistance funds. fema was quickly running out of money after a summer of hurricanes, floods, fires and tornados. lawmakers will have to vote on another measure this week that will fund the government through mid november. a potentially huge shake up
6:38 am
in the 2012 presidential primary schedule. a florida committee voted to move its primary up to january 31st. that move sparked four other states, iowa, new hampshire, nevada and south carolina to work on moving their primary dates even earlier. iowa is in a battle with new hampshire for having the first primary date. new hampshire says it will hold its primary in december if necessary. other states thinking about moving their primaries before march 6th would have to give up half of their delegates come convention time. 2008 presidential candidate and former new mexico governor bill richardson will give his take on the gop field this sunday morning. he'll be a guest on "press pass with david gregory" on sunday morning at 11:30. a traffic afor drivers along the chain bridge. the bridge is going to be closed between arlington and the district in both directions.
6:39 am
crews will make repairs to the structure under the bridge and take note. bike and pedestrian traffic will also be blocked this weekend. canal road remains open, but drivers won't be able to turn on to the chain bridge. things should be back to normal for your monday morning commute. more major traffic news. starting today drivers on tiner loop of the beltway will not be able to use the left exit to get to 66 west. they must use the right lane exit instead. v dot officials feel this move is going to improve safety for drivers so they don't have to switch lanes as often. so at least there is an option. >> yep. >> stay a to the right. >> options. we like it. the time right now is 6:39. coming up on news 4 today, there's a new trend in copper thfts and it's endangering lives. find out what neighborhood the copper thieves are now targeting. coming up in sports this morning we have an upset special from friday night football as a local unbeaten team is taken
6:40 am
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible.
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police in northern virginia are trying to get the word out about a dangerous trend in the area. they say thieves are targeting vacant homes in search of copper. james says his wood bridge home which is under renovation was a target. he said it cost him $5,000 to repair the damage after they stole piping from his house. prince william county police say at least 25 vacant homes have been targeted in the dale city and wood bridge area. they warn that that's put a lot of people's lives at risk. >> when they leave that is potentially creating a build up of gas, which goes undetected in many cases for an amount of time and that creates not only a hazard to the citizens, but also to first responders. >> prince william county police are asking anyone with information about these thefts
6:44 am
or if you see suspicious people walking around vacant homes to give them a call. an office manager for a sterling based landscaping company is accused of embezzling a half million dollars from her employers. the 48-year-old worked at great falls landscapes. prosecutors say between 2004 and 2010 she add ed fake names to the company payroll. then deposited her paychecks into her personal bank account. she's accused of using company credit cards to buy concert tickets and electronic. she was indicted on 15 counts of wire, bank and mail fraud. the "today kwtsds show is next. >> amy joins us from new york. >> coming up this morning, a special edition. we are live in italy covering the amanda knox appeals case. will the american be freed from prison. the verdict is expected on monday. we'll have the latest and talk
6:45 am
with amanda's friends. we're also following the trial of dr. conrad murray. did he kill michael jackson in the trial began with explosive testimony from those inside the room when the singer died. we'll take a look back at the week in court. plus, just released the jailhouse videotape showing casey anthony at the moment she learned her daughter's remains were found. why were they released and what do they reveal? and then supermarket science, what some stores are doing to get you to spend more munch we're going to share some of their secrets with you. we'll have that and more coming up. >> a busy morning. >> how to make me spend more money at the grocery store, lower the price. everything's two for one. i'll take it. >> i need ten tubes of tooth paste. >> that's what you always end up getting. for us, enjoy whatever teeny, tiny sliver of sunshine you may see this weekend.
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it's going to be hard to come
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you're watching news 4 today. feeling like fall. finally. >> oh, yeah. it feels like summer for so long. now it's the hard left turn outside the atmosphere has really just gone totally crazy. >> wakes you up fast. everybody has an extra pep that their step. >> you open the door to let the dog out and get the paper, what happened to october? beautiful weather has come to an abrupt turn around here. and it is really going to feel far more like early november than the first day of october today, that's going to be true again for tomorrow. there are brighter, milder days on the seven-day forecast. they're just not going to get here in time for your weekend. outside right now a mostly cloudy sky awaits you to get your weekend underway. for those of us that do enjoy getting outside and spending time bike riding or walking or jogging, not a terrible loss of a weekend, but you just need to be ready. it's going to be about 18 or 20
6:50 am
degrees cooler that afternoon than it was yesterday afternoon. 55 right now at national airport with a northwest wind at 13 miles per hour. that's the other half of the weekend forecast. that west to northwesterly wind is going to be zipping for most of today, tonight and tomorrow. so temperatures which are in the low to mid 50s has a little bit of a feels like factor into the 40s. your day planner sun's up at 7:04. temperatures hover in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. there's been a chance of off and on patches of light rain as well. dry to our east. showery weather sprinkles out to the south and southwest of town. a few springsles south of i-95. more light rainshowers lifting up into the panhandle of we've. be ready for springly weather. a little break in the weather and chance for rainshowers tomorrow. this real pocket of very chilly air out to our west.
6:51 am
this area of low pressure is going to wrap the cool air and moisture into the area. sunshine a break of to of sunshine from time to time. by and large most of us are going to have a cloudy weekend filled with spotty showers from time to time. today, cloudy, chilly, light rain. blustery. highs today in the upper 50s and low 6 0z. tomorrow same story. cloudy, chilly, passing showers. breezy tomorrow as well with highs 55 to 60. with all that talk of gray and gloomiliness where's that sunshine? it comes back late monday into tuesday. tuesday is our transition day back to nicer weather. sunny and gorgeous weather all the way through wednesday, thursday, friday. hokeys fans headed to blacksburg. clemson and virginia tech kick off is at 6:00. 48 degrees with a northwest wind at 15 to 20 miles per hour. hold on to your hands. if your headed out to navy marine corp. memorial field. the air force academy coming in to try to beat our u.s. naval
6:52 am
academy. i don't think so. navy's only loss was to your carolina gamecocks. pack the slickers and umbrellas. >> that was a close one. >> if you want your game on send it to me. >> thanks, chuck. the time right now is 6:52. coming up, the upset win in high school football. it's our game of the week after this short break. this short break. so stick around.
6:53 am
oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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6:55 am
you're watching news 4 today. all right. we previewed the redskins game against those rams. >> it's going to be a biggie tomorrow. we check out the action on the diamond. we have your morning sports. good morning, everyone. the rams have not been tough this year. in fact, they've allowed the second most yards and second most points in the nfl this season. should be an easy win for the redskins, right? not so fast. consider this, st. louis has won two of the last three games against washington. and tight end chris cooley knows the rams won't just roll over. >> when you look at them, they play very hard. i think they're very solid, well coached football team. so it's a challenge for us. everyone likes to say that we're just saying that because that's what we're supposed to say, but that's the facts. >> i remember my mother used to tell me don't fight someone that has nothing to lose.
6:56 am
they have nothing to lose. they're in a situation where you don't want to set them off. you dent want to put yourself in a predictment. it makes your hopes and dreams unattainable. >> redskins rams 1:00 on sunday. high school football game of the week. churchill hosting unbeaten g-8ersburg. third quarter churchill trails 7-0. 14 yards for the touchdown. two-point conversion. churchill takes an 8-7 lead. fourth quarter 15-7 churchill. but gaithersburg answers. reyes to billy brown. cut the deficit to 15-13. gaithersburg with the ball, the lion king roars. races coin the sideline knocked at the ten yard line. trojans in business. very next play reyes, can't handle the snap. it's recovered for churchill. go crazy. the bulldogs hang on to win it
6:57 am
15-13 handing gaithersburg its first loss of the season. hometown hockey. the capitals open up their regular season at home one week from tonight. last night preseason hockey at home against the sabers. thomas vo vokoun getting the start in net against washington. third period caps down 3-2. caps win the face-off. mike greene the shot from the point. matt hendrix scores on the rebound. 3-3. we go to a shootout in. the shootout, niklas backstrom looking to put the caps on top and he does. here we go. up next for the sabers. luke adam trying to keep buffalo alive. thomas vokoun says i don't think so. makes the save the caps win 4-3 in a shootout. they'll host chicago in their preseason finale on sunday. talking baseball. after two word series titles in eight seasons manager terry francona is out in boston. yesterday the red sox and francona decided to part ways
6:58 am
after boston's historic collapse. the red sox are the first team to miss the playoffs after holding a nine-game lead in september. meanwhile the team that won the wild card the tampa bay raies came out swinging yesterday against the rangers. game one of the divisional series in arlington, texas. this is 6-year-old cooper stone throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. he's the son of the man who tragically died after falling to catch a ball that was tossed into the stands by josh hamilton. nice moment there. top three, 3-0 raies. crushes one to center. check out the fan here. makes the catch and then he throws it back. i don't know if that was a good idea. a good souvenir. a three-run homer for him. the raies blank the rangers 9-0. also the tigers/yankees game was suspended because of rain. they'll try to play game one later this evening. that's your morning sports. have a great day. it's the last weekend to
6:59 am
enjoy a d.c. landmark. the famed hawk n dove on capitol hill is closing after 44 years in business. tomorrow is last call. the popular tavern has been sold and will be turned into a bee stroe. you can own a piece of history. hawk n dove will auction off memorabilia and other items like bar stools and neon signs starting october th. >> something to remember it by. a sad day. they can drown their sorrows and maybe wash the redskins game. >> the harris mortuary clock that would be a good souvenir. >> or the disco ball. >> i've already got one. i don't want to have that whole thing going on in the house. >> as for weather if you're headed out today, you want to bundle up. >> you're going to need something with a lining and some sort of headgear protection with the possibility of a light rain. >> ear muffs? >> not ear muff weather quite


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