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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a few layers left. >> you can never be too prepared. >> no doubt. yesterday it felt like a beautiful late september afternoon. and today it feels like november landed on your head even though it's only october 1st. outside plenty of cloud cover. these clouds are going nowhere. do not expect to see much in the way of sunshine on your weekend. it's not going to rain all weekend, you'll want to have your umbrella haddy. at almost any time you can get a five to 20-minute long rainshower. look at the current temperatures upper 40s to near 50 degrees around the washington area. a little bit milder along the bay and out on the eastern shore. here's a look at live doppler. springsle fairfax county, western and southern montgomery county. some light showers, you folks in martinsburg will be getting wet shortly. a few sprinkles south of town. everybody's got the clouds. everybody's got a chance for
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rain today and tomorrow. temperatures stuck in the 50s. be ready for the same story tomorrow. college football forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. new from overnight d.c. police are investigating a homicide this morning. it happened just after midnight in the 5300 block of dix street northeast. when police arrived at the scene authorities found a man shot multiple times. he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. right now they don't have a suspect or motive in this shooting. also new from overnight, police have partially identified a man found dead on the metro tracks in rockville. police tell us the man is 37 years old and from gaithersburg. he was found around 3:00 this morning just a couple of hundred feet from the rockville metro station. they say there is no evidence of foul play and no trauma to suggest the man was hit by a train. we'll bring you the updates throughout the morning as think come into news 4. one of al qaeda's most
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influential leaders has been killed in an air strike. anwaral-awlaki had ties to our area. he was killed yesterday in yemen. he had dual citizenship with the u.s. and yemen. he helped spread al qaeda's message through social media. he directed the failed underwear bombing attack on christmas in 2009 and was mentioned in the fort hood shootings last year. he was an imam to a mosque in falls church. members say they do not share his extremist views and people should learn more about islam before rushing to judgment. >> i think people need to be become a little more knowledgeable about the variances in each religion, about the extremists and those practicing to be honest individuals living a good life. >> members of the mosque did voice concerns that this assassination set a dangerous precedent for killing american residents without due processor.
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"the washington post" reports the justice department wrote a memo authorizing the attack. d.c. police believe that a george washington law student killed during an altercation outside a mcdonald's in northwest last week may have thrown the first punch. patrick casey's papers believed their son was attempting to break up a fight. now investigators say casey was involved and may have even started the altercation. police tell us at some point casey was punched. he fell to the ground and struck his head leaving him brain dead. all the suspects involved in the altercation have been interviewed. police say if it was simply an altercation only misdemeanor charges would be filed. that decision will like by be made by a grand jury. the first presidential primary isn't for a few more months there's already controversy brewing. a florida committee voted to move its primary up to january 31st. that move sparked for our states
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new hampshire, nevada, iowa and south carolina to move their primary dates earlier. iowa and new hampshire are vying for the first primary slot. new hampshire has said it's going to hold its primary in december if necessary. other states thinking about moving their primaries up before the march 6th date would have to give up half of their delegates. 2008 former presidential candidate and former new mexico governor bill richardson is going to give his take on the gop field. he's going to be a guest on "press pass" on sunday at 11:30. happening today put the cell phone down and law. a new texting law is in effect in maryland. the law allows police to pull drivers over if they're send organize reading messages on their phone. if you're caught, you could get a $70 fine and a point on your license. before today police needed another reason to pull you over before giving you a ticket for
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texting. you'll have to pay more at the dmv in the district. the agency is doubling its fees for a lot of services. the jump from $7 to $20 includes duplicate driver's licenses, duplicate learners permits, temporary licenses, i.d. cards and changes of address. the price for parking is going up as well. a residential parking permit is jumping $20 from $15 to $35. seniors will pay a bit less $25. a traffic alert for drivers around the chain bridge. the bridge will be closed this weekend between arlington and the district in both directions. crews will make repairs to the structure under the bridge. bike and pedestrian traffic will also be blocked this weekend. canal road does remain open, but drivers won't be able to turn on to the chain bridge. things should be back to normal for your monday morning commute. more major traffic news this morning. starting today drivers on the inner loop of the beltway won't
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be able to use the left exit to get to i-66 west. they have to use the right exit instead. the ramp is closed for a hot lanes project currently being built. v dot officials feel this move will improve safety for drivers so they don't have to switch lanes as often. today maryland homeowners who are facing foreclosures can get a helping hand. multiple housing agencies are joining together now to offer free help to those in need. derek ward is live at the event which starts in just under an hour from now. >> reporter: indeed it does. we're here at the bore ra park activity center. the activity is about helping homeowners save their homes. it can be a stressful time for homeowners when you're facing for closures. the last thing you need is to fall victims to scams. the last thing you need is to run around to get all the services you need. the department of housing will hold a day long event aimed at
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marshalling those services to save your home, credit services, legal counselling and more allon a one-on-one basis and free. joining me now is richard nelson director of housing and community affairs ff montgomery county. thanks for joining us today. >> in montgomery county we've seen about 25,000 families faced with potential foreclosure. and we've been trying to help them partnering with the state to provide free counselling service. we fund four counselling agencies one in rockville, one in germantown, one in gaithersburg and one in wheaton to provide the counselling help to get loan modifications. the other thing we found is that many of the families don't know that help is available. and they end up getting foreclosed upon without having asked for help. our key is to try to have as early intervention as possible. >> it's a time when people are vulnerable when they fall victim
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to scammers. some services people might be willing to pay for not knowing that they don't have to. >> the problem with the scammers you see all these signs in the roadway that offer stuff that sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. in many cases they ask for money up front which is illegal in the state of maryland. but usually if you pay that money, you won't hear from them again. i have the repeat the services we offer are free to the residents who are facing foreclosure. we encourage you to come out and/or to call the maryland help line. >> reporter: what will people need to bring with them if they're thinking about coming down here today? >> today is the initial screening to meet with counsel horse and attorneys. they don't have to bring the full array of paperwork. what they would do is set up a further counselling session with the individual counselors and counselling agency. at that time they will bring all the documentation related to their mortgage, the dlingsy if there is one and they will work
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that process with the counselor to determine what is needed for getting out of this problem. >> reporter: excellent. we want to show you a full screen of all of the times associated with this event. it starts about 10:00 and it runs until 3:00 this afternoon. and you see the location there on your screen. also if you can't make it down you can call 1-888-794-8830. that could plug you into some of the same services that are available here today. we're live in gaithersburg, back to you. >> thank you. today the wood bridge community will come together for a benefit concert to support more than 06 families left homeless by last month's floods. more than 100 homes in the community of holly acres were condemned after the flooding. the concert starts at noon today in the b. thrifty shopping center in wood bridge. the concert will go until 6:00 tonight. this week prince william county
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officials are expected to announce just how much damage that flooding caused. just a great example of a community really coming together to rally behind the victims. a lot of churches and organizations stepped up. >> it sure is. >> thoughts are with them. the time is 9:10. we are still at 50 degrees, folks. coming up on news 4 at 9:00 a.m. this morning, we're going to hear from the crews surveying the damage on the washington monument. too windy for them to go up today. find out what has them worried. it's not rappelling down the monument. ♪ no it's not "american idol", it's skating champion michael weiss and his daughter will help u.s. skaters bring home that gold.
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today. if the weather cooperates it's going to be a tall order today. engineers will be back up speaking of tall inspecting the washington monument for earthquake dang again. the parks service says the team has finished examining the pyramid top as well as the six levels of stones below it. they're scanning over inch of the land looking for loose debris or damage. they've removed several large loose stones that could have fallenen on people below. one adjuster realizing they are d.c.'s newest tourist attraction. >> people line up to watch us on buildings. this is a new experience for us to be up there with people watching. >> the inspection should wrap up by tuesday as long as the weather cooperates. well, you will soon be able to check out your favorite books on sunday's ndc.
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despite a tight budget martin luter king library will remain open on sunday afternoons, the only library in the entire system to do so. >> reporter: the martin luter king library in downtown washington is a distinctive, stark, black modern building first opened in 1972678 it's now on the register of historic places. d.c. resident and teacher josephine nicholson likes to come to the library to check out books for her students. >> there's nothing like holding a book in your hand. and also i work with kids and so i can't purchase every book that i'd like. >> reporter: but budget cuts for forcing the king library to start closing on sunday afternoons a time that normally draws more than 50,000 patrons to its books during the year. >> it's a cost cutting deal. it's a budget thing. and people from across the city came out to the budget hearings to say please, please, please do not shut the last library that's open on sunday. >> reporter: late friday there was good news for the king
9:16 am
library and the sunday hours. mayor vincent gray and d.c. council library committee chairman tommy wells said the city has found the $300,000 necessary to keep the sunday hours for the king library. it won't be closing after all. the mayor has said he's changed his mind. they found money the library will stay open on sundayss. what do you think about that? >> that's great. there's a lot of people up here -- there's a lot of services offered to us and the other patrons on sundays. >> at least this library open on sunday which is a great first step and we're really pleased. >> reporter: teacher josephine nicholson agrees maybe it's a good sign for more library branchs in the future. good for the children? >> yes. it would be nice if they're all open on sundays all the time, but times are hard. some of the most famous faces in figure skating are hitting the rink tonight in northern virginia to help young athletes bring home the gold. it's all thanks to two-time olympian and three-time u.s. national figure skating champion
9:17 am
michael weiss of northern virginia. every year the ice champions live event raises scholarship money for future skating stars. he says if it weren't for the support of strangers, he'd never be where he is today. >> i always felt like it would be a shame if somebody had a ton of talent, but they didn't reach their potential of an olympic team or medal because they just couldn't afford to be on the ice as much as they needed to. >> you can support the michael weiss foundation by enjoying tonight's spectacle on ice at the ice plex. ticket range from $20 to $50 with vip opportunities to chat with olympic champions. you can buy them at the door the show starts at 5:00. he's still got the back flips going. >> one of the highlights is sin kronized skaters. it's always really amazing. >> it will be good. go out and watch ice skating. today's weather will get you in the mood for ice skating.
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it won't technically be freezing cold, but it won't
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you're watching news 4 today. it's been awesome. we shot a couple promos with melissa mccarthy. this is too surreal. it's a night of firsts for "saturday night live." lady antebellum that i can their debut tonight. they'll be joined by fellow "snl" rookie melissa mccarthy. you can catch "saturday night live" tonight at 11:30 right here on nbc 4. if you're lucky you can catch jim's rendition of their song. >> after hours. only on commercial breaks.
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>> youtubal moment. >> that's a big "snl" tonight. >> it sure is. it will be a good night for staying inside. you're not going to want to book your favorite sidewalk cafe anytime over the weekend. november has fallen down on us. chilly weather is here all weekend long. be ready for limited amounts of sunshine. a gusty northwesterly wind and off and on chances of sprinkles through your weekend. outside on our saturday morning cloudy out there. a little bit of light rain. a couple of rain drops on our city camera's lens. cloudy skies and chilly conditions here all weekend long. 52 degrees our current temperature at national airport. winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. that gusty northwest swind going to be with us for much if not all of the day. look at all the 40s on the map.
9:23 am
still a little milder down towards southern maryland and out on the eastern shores. here's your planner, then. for today cloudy skies. pretty much all day long. mostly cloudy temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s here for the rest of this morning. sneaking up into the mid and upper 50s for a brief time by later on this afternoon. don't stray too far from the umbrella. we will have chance for the light rain and off on through the day. the light doppler a couple of showers in and around the capital beltway. a few showers towards loudon county. some sprinkles in the panhandle of west virginia. this is going to continue off and on. if you're going to be spending any time outside especially in the higher terrain better chances of steadier showers in the high spots. all being driven by another area of low pressure which has been
9:24 am
cut off from the jet stream. as a result it's going to meander around the mid-atlantic for the entire weekend. it will drag in the atlantic moisture. then it comes back right over washington late tonight into early tomorrow. it spins back out to the west once again. keeping us in the cloudy skies for chance for showers around here if not most if not all of the two, three days. cloudy, chilly, light rain. temperatures in tupper 50s. same story tomorrow. i think we'll have better chance for rain today as opposed to tomorrow. that doesn't mean you'll see much in the way of sunshine tomorrow. better went on tuesday, gorgeous weather for wednesday, thursday, friday. mountaineers fans in morgantown, bowling green takes on west virginia 48 degrees with a 90% chance of rain and a blazing northwest wind 20 to 30. that's going to be tough. minnesota the golden gophers are in michigan 47 degrees in ann
9:25 am
arbor. georgia southern in burlington, north carolina sunshine, but breezy and 62. notre dame is in west lafayette taking on the boiler makers of purdue. 53 degrees there. many more college football forecast coming up for local teams. >> it feels like football. >> sure does. >> need that stadium blanket. don't forget it. >> thanks, chuck. the redskins take on the rams on the road tomorrow. >> plus, we check out the high school football game of the week. good morning everyone. your sports minute begins with football. the redskins on the road at st. louis against the 0-3 rams on sunday. st. louis has won two of the last three meetings against washington. and the redskins mooi might be without wide receiver anthony armstrong and fullback da real young. both were limited in practice
9:26 am
because of hamstring injuries. both are game time decision. kick offset for 1:00 in st. louis. high school football game of the week churchill hosting unbeaten gaithersburg. third quarter, scampers 14 yards for the touchdown. two-point conversion good. churchill takes an 8-7 lead. end of the game gaithersburg trails by two. trojans in the red zone. the bulldogs hang on to win it 15-13 handing gaithersburg its first loss of the season. preseason hockey last night at verizon center. caps taking on the sabers. game goes to a shootout. niklas backstrom looking to put the caps on top. he does. here we go. up next for the sabers luke adam trying to keep buffalo alive. thomas vokoun makes the save. the caps win 4-3 in a shootout. they'll host chicago in their preseason finale on sunday. in the major league baseball playoffs, the raies beat the rangers 9-0.
9:27 am
alt the tigers/yankees game was suspended last night because of rain. they'll try to play game one later this evening. that's your sports minute. have a great day. >> a busy weekend. time now 9:26. coming up next in the next half-hour of news 4 today, a new texting law goes into effect in maryland. we break down what you need to know to avoid a hefty fine. and we have a major traffic alert. we're going to show you what area you may want to avoid. plus a busy ramp is now shut [ rock playing ] ♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪ and the neighbors' kids run and hide ♪ deep inside you, there's a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you.
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you're watching nbc 4 washington's news leader. now live in hd this is news 4 today. if you stepped outdoors you know what we're talking about. good morning. it's saturday, october 1st, 2011. as jim had mentioned you might have noticed a chill in the air if you did step outside for a moment.
9:31 am
it's a lot cooler this morning than what we're used to. meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us about it. >> i was out running yesterday afternoon 76 degrees and the sun was coming out. this is really nice. unfortunately we couldn't keep it around. >> i thought it was supposed to stay. >> really. >> i thought we were supposed to have more sun. >> i don't know what went wrong with doug's forecast. just teasing. what a change we had. clouds have moved back in overnight and now rainshowers are on the radar as well. temperatures are tumbling now what the rain is coming down temperatures are drifting ever downward into tupper 40s and low 50s. expect a chilly, raw day outside. here's a look at the radar. not a lot of rain today. where you're getting the drizzle it feels more miserable thanks to the wetness out there. a blustery north and northwesterly wind today. averaging 20 to 30 miles per hour at times. the flags will be flapping today. cloudy and chilly light rain, blustery temperatures will
9:32 am
struggle to make the mid to upper 50s. the tight rers in college park taking on the terrapins. back the umbrellas. air force academy in annapolis. 50% chance of slickers there. that's a noon kickoff. windy there as well. cavalier fans heading down to charltsville for the day. 57, light rain. not as breezy. a chance of a shower, 40% chance of rain in charltsville, the hokeys a big one in blacksburg, clemson comes to town. it's a 6:00 kickoff. 47 degrees again with a blustery northwest wind and a 30% chance you're going to get wet. have the umbrellas and the slickers ready to go if you're going out to support your team today. >> thanks, chuck. >> thank you, chuck. flu from overnight this morning police have partially identified a man found dead on tracks near rockville. police say the man is 37 years
9:33 am
old and from gaithersburg. he was found around 3:00 this morning a couple hundred feet from the rockville metro station. there is no evidence of foul play and no trauma to suggest the man was hit by a train. also new from overnight d.c. police were called out just after midnight to the 5300 block of dix street northeast on reports of a shooting. when they arrived on the scene authorities found a man shot multiple times. he was pronounced dead a short time later. right now they don't have a suspect or motive in the shooting. happening today, a new texting law is now in effect for drivers who live in maryland and drive in maryland. it allows police to pull over drivers they see sending or reading messages on their cell phones. if you're caught you can get a $70 fine as well as a point on your driver's license. before today police needed another reason to pull drivers over before giving a ticket for texting. another heads up for drivers.
9:34 am
you might want to find a new route around the chain bridge this weekend. the bridge will be closed between arlington and the district in both directions. crews will make repairs to the structure under the bridge. bike and pedestrian traffic will also be blocked this weekend. canal road remains open, but drivers won't be able to turn on to the chain bridge. things should be back to normal for your monday morning commute. and starting today drivers on the inner loop of the beltway will not be able to use the left exit to get to i-66 west. they have to use the right exit instead. the ramp is closed for the hot lanes project currently being built. v dot officials feel this move will improve safety for drivers so they don't have to switch lanes as often. four of the five metro lines will see minor delays this weekend because of track work. riders on the red, orange, blue and green lines should add about 20 minutes to their travel times. the biggest change is on the blue line where trains will end on a stop early and a special
9:35 am
shuttle will take people to springfield. all the track work should be finished by monday morning. it's the last weekend to enjoy a d.c. landmark and one of the city's oldest pubs. the famed hawk n dove and capitol hill is closing after 44 years in business. tomorrow's last call. the popular tavern has been sold and will be turned into a bee stroe. but you can own a piece of the history. they will auction off memorabilia and other items like bar stools and neon signs online starting october 2nd they've got some cool stuff there. >> sure do. we want to pass along a correction to you. the benefit concert for the flooding victims in prince william county is going to happen tomorrow. again the concert starts alt noon tomorrow that's in the b. thrifty shopping center parking lot on jefferson davis highway in wood bridge. the time right now is 9:35. and the taste of d.c. is coming back after a
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seems hard to believe after seven years the taste of d.c. is coming back with the help of a contestant from "the apprentice." joining us is stewart martins. >> thanks for having me. >> you were all the way at the top with the trump before. tell us how you got involved in this? >> i got the opportunity about a year and a half ago to take on taste of d.c., bring it back to life. it was over that time period when i got off "the apprentice" it was something i wanted to bring back to life. i'm passionate about restaurants and hospitality in the district. there's nothing better than taste of d.c. to showcase what a culinary power house this city is. >> you've lived heral your life, but this is a restaurant town. what does this event mean for the city? >> we feature over 65
9:40 am
restaurants. lots of restaurants. over 100 different beers, 100 wines. a huge music stage. this year we're bringing in big nrk rich, stix, rusted root. we're changing the music scene too. we've got our culinary pavilion part of the old taste of d.c. we kept that alive. a few other unique aspects to this year's event that will make it fun and different. >> we've got something with ben's chili bowl. this is not a cook off, but a competition. we're going to have some serious chili eaters. >> just like nathan's hot dog eating contest, we are eating the professional major league eating eaters in for taste of d.c. on our main stage. we're going to be eating as much chili as they can in six minutes. we got joe -- >> oh my goodness. >> we've got joey chestnut he's the world hot dog guy. and sewn ya the black widow.
9:41 am
one of those two are expected to win. they're supposed to eat over five pounds of chili. >> whoa. i would like to see that. i would not like to be around them afterwards. >> they have to spoon it in their mouth with a spoon. they can't drink the bowl. >> there will be umpires watching this. >> this is big business. >> what can people expect other than the music, you're providing wine and beer, too, we should let people know that it's many the same location as it had been and it's free. >> correct. it's on pennsylvania avenue between ninth and 14th street. free admission to come in. you need tickets to taste food and to get wine or beer and to come into the concert pavilion you should prebuy your tickets on if you prebuy your food and beverage tickets now online you save $5. >> you've got a lot of partners that are benefitting from this. >> definitely. we are raising money for four local charity, bread for the
9:42 am
city, american red cross, d.c. central kitchen and luke's wings. >> next weekend's the weekend. >> it is. >> thanks so much for coming in. appreciate it. back over to you. thanks, jim and stewart. if today's any type of indicator they're going to be bundling up next weekend. >> you need to eat the chili this weekend to stay warm. we'll see if we can't get some sunshine back for next weekend so it's more fun to go outside and enjoy the taste of d.c. the taste this weekend is a bit on the soggy side. on the soggy side. we'll detail it ne my fashion blog is about my personal style and things that inspire me. i like to think of myself as the voice of real girls. since i post new looks almost every day... i have to shop almost as often. t.j.maxx is great because i can score designer fashion... without spending like there's no tomorrow. that's what it's all about. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i post for fashionistas... but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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you're watching news 4 today. so a little bit of drizzle to worry about this weekend. >> a little drizzle. best describe the rainfall problem this weekend, there's a very high chance of a very small amount of rain. >> okay. >> you're going to get wet, but it isn't going to be one of the
9:46 am
deluges like we've had. we won't have five and seven-inch rainfall amounts. rainfall amounts are probably going to be .10 to .25 an inch of rain. but if you stretch it out over 48 hours, that's what it's going to feel like. plenty of clouds, wind out there as well and chilly. stick your nose out the window and you'll find out for sure. cloudy skies on your saturday morning with a little bit of light drain, drizzle and mist around downtown. here's the look at the u.s. capitol building. temperature at national airport has been going down steadily. i got up at 3:00 this morning it was 59 degrees at national airport. now we're back down to 52. there's that northwest wind still gusting better than 20 miles per hour at times. the sustained win now at 15 to 20 with gusts higher than that. temperatures still in the low
9:47 am
and mid 50s into southern maryland. a chilly one today with temperatures i don't think anybody's going to get back up over the 60 degree mark on your saturday. i don't think too many people are going to get over 60 tomorrow either. here it is on doppler. sprinkles around the washington area. zoom in sprinkling on the national mall. sprinkles out here to the north side of fairfax and falls church. a little bit of light rain up towards poolsville and western montgomery county. some moderate showers southwest of mar tinsburg, west virginia. the problem another cut off area of low pressure across west virginia. notice these showers like that, they're going to be wrapping back around and coming back through here late tonight into tomorrow. this is an extended period of some cloud and rather unsettled weather as that area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream drifts southbound to virginia and central virginia today. makes the turn. goes up towards the eastern shore and the northern parts of
9:48 am
the bay. goes back west into pennsylvania tomorrow. and comes back around here late sunday night into monday. this is really going to be an ugly stretch of cloudy weather for us. again, rainfall amounts won't be a lot. it will be a little bit of rain spread overmany, many hours. cloudy, chilly, light rain, blustery as well. northwest winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. higher than that for the high spots. here's the extended forecast today and tomorrow not a completely lost cause because it's your weekend and you probably have the days off. good book reading weather. no doubt about that. better weather begins to return on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday look absolutely great that good weather should stretch into next weekend. college football nebraska in wisconsin in madison taking on the badgers. 52 degrees it's an 8:00 at night kickoff. down near 39 degrees by the end of the game. that's their first entrance to the big ten. for angie north carolina.
9:49 am
make sure they're kick it into the wind at the third quarter. jim, the florida gators. >> it's a big one. >> you've got the chomp thing going. alabama goes down to gainesville today. >> the swamp. >> 75 sunny, breezy, perfect weather for florida. oklahoma number one in the smarter oit have two polls is taking on bowling green this afternoon. i was out there for the game in norman last weekend. had a blast. that's the reason they won last week i think is because i was there. this week they have to do it without me. we'll see how that goes. >> they're on a roll. >> they are on a roll. we're hoping we can continue that roll, too. >> thanks, chuck. right now the time the 9:49. coming up on news 4 today we go back into the vault and check out when the redskins took on the rams. oh, have the times changed in
9:50 am
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you're watching news 4 today.
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the washington redskins take on the rams this weekend. so we're taking a trip back in time to one of the most lopsided playoff games you will ever seen. and for redskins fans, it was a great memory. >> it was. way back we're going. it was one of the several big time performances for darrell green during his rookie season. we have the redskins rewind. new year's day 1984. darrell no longer green. the los angeles rams in town for an n.f.c. divisional playoff game at a beat up rfk stadium. >> there was one portion of the field gets no sun from 15 october to one march. that is the hard part. however, to make it a little bit softer, we will put some sawdust on it tomorrow morning. >> it looks like a pig pen. exactly what we thought it was going to be. it's cold and frozen.
9:54 am
it's been tore up. been played on quite a bit. but that doesn't matter. they've got to play on it just like we do. >> nobody, and i mean nobody was playing like the skins that season. on the opening drive, john riggens carried six times. the last a three-yard plunge through a hole big enough to drive a diazle through it. skins up 7-0. next possession, joe theismann finds hall of famer art monk. a 40-yard hookup to brought the fun bunch out of hibernation. >> we're back. we've always been here. we only do it in certain situations. >> even before halftime, another theismann to monk touchdown. another fun bunch celebration. and two more t.d.s. added up to the largest margin of victory ever for the skins. a 51-7 trouncing of the rams.
9:55 am
>> a superball club. they do things so well. they execute. they don't make mistakes. they don't throw the interceptions. they don't fumble the ball. they are a sound football team. that's all you can really say about them. >> their team is so good. i mean, i don't think they really have to key on too many people. if everyone does their job like they do, they'll beat you. they humiliated us. >> from humiliation came jubilation of rookie cornerback darrell green. on one possession he was tested over and over again. the first round pick came up big every single time. fourth quarter, and the nfl rookie to have year eric dickerson can't hold on to the pass. the rookie to have year runner up darrell green returns it 72 yards. his first touchdown off an interception. >> he had a great game recovering on routes. our receiver would beat him
9:56 am
initially and then he'd recover to the ball real well. he'd have great recovery speed. that's one of the biggest assets. >> he has a great personality. he's a bubbly guy full of life. he gets down the field and he's a pleasure to watch. he'll overplay this and that. may not be techniquewise, but he's there. >> is this is kind of game that guys dream about as kids? >> it's the kind that i dream about. and today it was reality. i'm glad about it. i don't know how it all came out. i think he caught one pass on me. if i can do that every week, i might be going to hawaii. still looks the same. >> he does. the guy does not age. darrell green all the way. >> today the world's largest theme park is celebrating 40 years of making dreams come true. >> welcome to a little bit of florida here in california. this is where the early planning is taking place for our
9:57 am
so-called disney world project. >> on october 1st, 1971, that project became reality when the magic kingdom at walt disney world opened to the public. 40 years later the resort now boasts four theme parks, two water parks one of the largest employers in the country and is visited by nearly 17 million people a year. >> we could use some of that florida sunshine today. don't think we're going to get it. no, no florida sunshine for us. not today. >> bundle up. >> that's it for october 1st. stay warm everyone. thanks for having us in and walking up with us today. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning starting dark and early at 6:00 a.m.
9:58 am
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