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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they started out strong, then things got a little scary. but in the end, the washington redskins held on to beat the 0-3 rams in st. louis. good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. it wasn't pretty, but it was a win. a victory over the rams put the redskins at 3-1 for the first time in years. hakem dermish is here with highlights of the game. a win is a win, right? >> that's what everyone's going to say in the nfl. you get a win, that's all that matters, you move on. these highlights, though,
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they're going to highlight the good things. that's what we do here. all right. first, we have to start with this. the cowboys go down, the eagles go down, and well, the redskins almost went down as well. washington escapes st. louis with a victory, thanks in part to ryan terrain, remember him? the all-terrain vehicle. he rushed for 135 yards and a touchdown and t with win, the redskins go into the buy week. rex grossman floats it up to santana moss, gets both feet down. touchdown, redskins. washington up 7-0. grossman's only td pass of the game. also had two interceptions. handoff goes to ryan terrain, the atv. 19 carries, 135 yards. redskins up 14-0. just over two minutes to play, rams trail by 7. last chance, bradford back to pass, looking down field for austin pet teest.
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the redskins beat the rams 17-10 and go into the buy with a 3-1 record. >> when you get a victory, you've got to appreciate the things you did to get those 17 points. so no doubt we could improve and we will improve, but you know, we're 3 and 1. got a chance to kind of rest a little bit and, you know, got a big game against the eagles. >> it is a big game against the eagles. and really, my gold star, though, doesn't go to ryan terrain, goes to the defense, a season-high seven sacks. more coming up in sports. >> looking forward to it. thanks. now we turn to politics. presidential hopeful rick perry is taking some heat for the name of a hunting camp his family used to lease. that camp had a name that started with the "n" word. it was painted on a rock at the camp's entrance. "the washington post" first reported this story. perry is downplaying it, saying the rock was painted over in the 1980s. perry also says he stopped leasing that property in 2007.
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republican candidate herman cain is calling perry insensitive. >> and for him to leave it there as long as he did before, i hear, that they finally painted over it, is just plain insensitive to a lot of black people in this country. >> perry agreed that the name of the camp was insensitive, saying it had, quote, no place in the modern world. this weekend cain also picked up another surprise straw poll victory from the national federation of republican women. he took close to 49% of the vote. rick perry came in a distant second. well, it is the beginning of the october, but feels more like mid-november right now. what happened to fall is the big question. chuck bell is in the weather center with more on this october chill. chuck? >> hey, there, aaron. yes, indeed. 52 degrees was our high temperature at national airport today. that ties the record low maximum temperature for the day. the only other october 2nd that was this cold was back in the 1930s. yeah, 24 degrees colder than average. 52, our high today, would be an
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average high temperature for the last day of november. not the second day of october. outside and along with the cold, we have a little bit of wetness to deal with as well. so as you make your plans for your sunday evening, cloudy and damp. temperatures stuck in the mid- to upper 40s. if you're going to be going to or watching the jets and raven in baltimore, 49 degrees at kickoff and a bit of a wet, nasty night for football up there in baltimore. what about the sunshine, we'll see it soon. talk about that in the seven-day. >> thank you, chuck. there are new safety guidelines for those engineers inspecting the washington monument. the announcement came after new video surfaced showing one of the climbers being blown by the wind. nbc news shot this video friday evening. it shows eric sang apparently at the mercy of a strong wind gust. darcy spencer live on the national mall now with more on this story. >> reporter: aaron, those inspections were canceled today due to the gusty winds that
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continue even know. earlier today, the national park service issued this press release, saying that there will be some safety adjustments, but it doesn't say what they are. images of inspectors repelling the washington monument have captured the world's attention, but now this image, one of those climbers being blown off the wall by a strong gust of wind and swinging back into the building has the engineering firm making changes to its safety protocol to better prepare for unanticipated wind gusts. wind blew a climber about 30 feet away from the wall, from the west side to the south side friday evening. prosecuting manager dan lemieux said at the time that it was not unusual. "our guys are trained to deal with this kind of event. erik's fine and i think he even enjoyed the event." >> everything that's involved with this project is on a scale bigger than we used to, but it's still a dat job. it's still a building we're
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getting out there and taking our hammer and tapping away at it and removing what we can to keep it safe for ourselves and everybody else. >> reporter: following the incident, safety members from the company said minor changes will be made to the safety plan, but no specifics were provided. the project manager said in a statement that the climbers do at times encounter unexpected events like wind gusts. "it is the hours of training and actual experience in the field that typically allows our data team to react calmly and safely and continue without injury." team leader said earlier this week, the climbers don't feel like they're in any danger. >> i think our job is very safe. we kind of compare it to going up in an elevator. when you're going up in an elevator, you only have one rope. we have two ropes. we always have our fail-safe system.
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>> reporter: those engineers spoke to the media on friday and erick indicated that his 3-year-old son watches him repel the monument, hangs out here for hours watching his dad and basically compared him to spider-man. it will be interesting to see what he tells his son about this particular incident that happened on friday evening. reporting live from the national mall, darcy spencer, news 4. >> nobody got hurt. pretty cool video. thank you, darcy. new police video from an occupy wall street protest in new york that led to hundreds of arrest. several hundred protesters crowded lanes of the brooklyn bridge. that group was demonstrating against a variety of social ill, from corporate greed to global warming. they claim they were lured into the street, but police say they warned them to keep their protests on the pedestrian walkway. >> leave this roadway or we order your arrest for disorderly conduct. >> and in the district today, a
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group gathered at mcpherson square. they called their demonstration, occupy "k" street. amanda knox expected to address an italian court tomorrow on what could be the final day of her appeals trial. knox expected to once again proclaim her innocence to the judge. the american student and her former italian boyfriend are hoping to get their murder convictions thrown out in part due to inaccurate dna evidence. knox has been in prison for four years. a decision on her appeal could come as early as tomorrow. and still ahead tonight, an end to a fare cap for d.c. ta taxis? the proposal that could mean your next cab ride could cost you a lot more. and a local market offering affordable goods is being shut down. we'll tell you what group wanted them out of the neighborhood. plus, an annual tradition plus, an annual tradition ture,in washington to kick off a
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it looks like many cab rides in the district are about to get more expensive. the d.c. taxicab commission has plans to remove the $19 cap on fares. that means meters will run until the end of the ride, no matter the length. the new rules also affect rides that cross over into maryland and virginia. the meter will keep running at the same rate as those rides that stay within the district. many of the supreme court justices attended the annual red mass today ahead of the new term. six of the nine justices were at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle today.
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this is the 58th year for the red mass, to pray for grace and guidance from the court. the high court takes up several big cases this term, including several states appeals of president obama's health care law. the justices will also decide whether states can impose their own immigration laws. the term begins tomorrow. and still to come tonight, a program to help struggling vendors comes to an end. why critics say it wasn't fair to other business owners. and how long will this early chill stick around? chuck has a little sunshine coming up.
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it was a bold idea, maybe a little too bold for some people. some food vendors were given a leg up by allowing them to set up on city property in adams morgan. it was supposed to be a temporary deal during the fenty administration, and now complaints have shut the market down. but now those vendors will soon have a new home. >> reporter: it's a tiny triangle of paved park along columbia road, but since 2008, it's been a place for food vendors, ideally those looking to start restaurants or catering operations. >> it's the kind of food you don't see in other places, even restaurants. >> everybody's looking to make some money. >> the food was delicious. my daughter liked their chicken
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everyo elmpana elmpanadas. >> reporter: now it's only the pigeons that come here to eat. the vendors had to go. they'd been granted a special group license and it was meant to be an incubator. after decade, restaurant owners complained they were losing business to others that were city subsidized. so the vendors may be gone, but not forgotten. at the behest of the city. the greater washington city of commerce helped out. >> we really needed to get to a middle point. >> reporter: that's here in 1,500 square feet of commercial space in columbia heights. in a few weeks, some but not all of the food vendors will relocate here. >> we did a business plan for everybody. we incorporated their business and we're still going to help them with any kind of assistance they'll need. >> reporter: they'll have to pay for the space and come up with
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business plans like any other fledgling merchants. so in the end, the business park plan worked, though not in the way some would have liked. >> they're going to be okay. when you're building a business. you have to have that character. >> reporter: the plan is to name the new location the international market. seven of the 40 or so unity park members will make that move so far. chuck bell is here now keeping an eye on this forecast. and you say -- you're telling me. all day long with the ice cold hands, no matter where you go. >> time to build a fire somewhere. cold stuff outside today. 52, our high temperature. i mentioned it in the first weather hit, ties the record coldest maximum temperature on october the 2nd. october 2nd, 1939. the only other october 2nd that was anywhere near this cold. temperatures, way below average. and that's going to continue for the next, oh, 36 hours or so. outside, what you needed was a fur coat outside today. and there are beings out there
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that were getting the blessing today, the blessing of the pets in northeast washington. good-looking day outside. you look, even the yorkie's got a sweater on. you know it's cold when you're equipped with a fur coat and you still have to put a sweater on. my dog would love a sweater, but i refuse to do it for him. he's got long hair. but outside, blessing of the pets today. good day to get outside and have your fur coat ready to go. 48 degrees currently in washington. dew points are back down into the mid-40s. that west-northwesterly wind, not helping things at all. so expect a very chilly and damp evening outside. there are rain showers showing up on the radar. show you that in one brief second. 46 right no hagerstown and frederick. 48 in martinsburg. a little bit milder down into southern maryland. 52 now in california and st. marys city. 52 in fredericksburg and stafford. 53, charlottesville. here's a look at the radar. not much going on right around town. little spritzels and drizzles here out toward the frederick county border there. steady or light rain showers now coming into the panhandle of
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west virginia. that's going to continue to move ever south and southeastward. so you folks out here to the west of the capital beltway, be on the ready. some light sprinkles coming your way over the next little bit. and this whole area of moderate rain showers now diving south-southeastward, into northern west virginia over the next couple of hours. that's going to pinwheel around this same area of low pressure overnight tonight. that means a wet overnight stretch and a wet beginning to your work and school week tomorrow. chilly weather through the rest of your sunday evening. this upper level low is just going to sit and spin for about the next 24 to 36 hours. as it moves ever back to the west and loops back around itself through here tomorrow, cloudy skies and chilly conditions all through monday as well. eventually, late monday night into tuesday, that pulls away. and improving weather returns into the forecast. so for this evening, cloudy, cold, and damp, with evening sprinkles, steadier rain showers during the overnight period tonight, and then another dreary
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day coming up for tomorrow, with temperatures staying well below average, albeit, a slightly better day than today. here's the extended forecast. check this out. sunshine comes back on tuesday, and then we've got sun, sun, sun, and sun all the way through the rest of the week. highs back up into the low 70s, overnight lows, 40s and 50s. that, maybe, we can deal with. >> maybe we can. thank you, chuck. >> okay. coming up in ♪
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that kiem's back, still talking about this skins game that was good stuff. >> probably made you nervous, like the rest of redskins nation. the redskins go into the buy week with a 3-1 record. if they had lost to the rams, we'd probably be saying good-bye to rex growsman, the quarterback. grossman and the redskins ska escaped with a victory. first quarter, second skins possession here on third and eight. 20-yard gain. gets the first down. keeps the drive alive. later in the drive, on third and fourth, grossman floats one up for santana moss, the end zone, both feet down, touchdown,
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redskins. washington up 7-0. grossman's only td pass of the game. same score, second quarter, third and 22. the skins' "d" with big-time pressure. take a look. pressure up front and carrigan takes down bradford. cofield scoops it up. it's a thing to have beauty. redskins had seven sacks, a season high. handoff goes to ryan terrain, the all-terrain vehicle. playing in his first game of the season, 20 yards to the touchdown, 19 carries, 135 yards. redskins up 13-0. fourth quarter, 17-0, redskins. third and 11, grossman, off his hands and into the hands of justin king. he returns it 51 yards, down to the redskins' 31-yard line, led to a field goal. then the redskins go three and out. so the rams have the ball back here and on third and goal, sam bradford tossed it up for his running back, steven jackson.
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he dives into the end zone, rams cut the lead to seven. uh-oh. over two minutes to play. last minutes for st. louis, downfield for austin pettis, just out of his reach. dan hellie has more from st. louis. >> reporter: defense and terrain, the story here in st. louis for the redskins, ryan terrify iraain terrain. the defense racks up a season-high seven sacks. now, 3-1 going into the buy week, the redskins are riding high. >> this is one of the most important wins i've had in a while here. i think it's huge for us to get to 3-1. we're just not in a position in our division where we can afford to give games. i think something that's haunted us as an organization over the last eight years is dropping games that we should win. >> 3-1 helps you keep pace.
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we've got a lot of talented teams, and i'm not sure how we're going to finish up today, but i thought dallas' win, so you've got to keep pace. and it's a marathon, not a sprint. it gives you a great feeling going into that long buy week. >> coach says you play like a man possessed out there. you certainly ran like it. what was going throughour head when you got the opportunity? >> take advantage of it, work hard, let the hard work pay off. and the old line, knock those guys back, open up lanes and i wanted to take advantage of skit let their hard work pay off as well. >> do you know how many yards you had, terrain? >> no, i don't. >> 135. >> what?! >> how does that make you feel? >> great. just to see him bounce back with a performance like that, that always makes you feel good. >> reporter: so we may now have a running back controversy with ryan terrain going for 135 yards, but we could also still have a quarterback controversy. rex grossman's quarterback
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rating of 48.5, his worst of the season. but in the end, the redskins still 3-1 going into the buy week. that'll do it from here in st. louis. hakim, back to you in the studio. >> elsewhere in the nfc east today, the cowboys and eagles both lose. we start in philadelphia, the 49ers down by as many as 20 points but come back. hand you've goes to frank gore and frank gore gets a huge hole and muscles his way in for the touchdown and the 49ers come back to beat the eagles, 24-23 is the final. san francisco improves to 3-1. philadelphia falls to 1-3. in texas, dallas native matt staff and the line taking on the cowboys. stafford up to 6'5" calvin johnson. you can't out-jump megatron. detroit comes back to win 34-30 and improves to 4-0.
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the last time the cowboys blew a lead like that, 1985. dallas is now 2-2. so they have a little bit of work to do as well. but the nfc east taking a little beating today. >> no lead is safe. >> that shocked me, that both the 49ers and the detroit lions came back. but i'll tell you what, the detroit lions, they look like -- they're a good football team. let's be honest. that's legit. >> what do you expect tonight? >> i'm going ravens. >> good pick. that is the news for now. we're back here at 11:00 after the jets take on the b
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