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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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today, i spoke by phone to one of his relatives who talked about the impact this has had on the family. >> caller: feels like a nightmare. it feels like a bad dream i'm waiting to wake up from. he was a playful little kid. you know, very sweet young baby. he loved to be surrounded by people who really loved him. >> reporter: police have been working this case for more than two days. they spent most of yesterday searching this home on lakewood drive in vienna. police say wednesday the little boy was at this home. that the boy's caretaker took him from the house to his mother. that the boy was in an unresponsive state. he was taken to children's hospital. thursday night, he was pronounced dead. how are you characterizing the baby's death right now?
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>> it's a suspicion death. it's not normal for an 11-month-old child to pass away. we are going to look into it. you know, in depth. >> reporter: in addition to searching the house, police are interviewing the boy's caretaker, his mother and others trying to determine what happened. scott stewart, he lives across the street from that house. did you ever notice anything unusual going on at that house? >> just the lights on all night. >> reporter: did you ever hear any baby crying. >> never heard a baby there. >> reporter: screaming? >> nope, never. >> reporter: so the news of this baby's death is -- >> i'm totally surprised. >> reporter: so far, no one has been charged with any wrong doing in this case. i'm pat collins, news 4, vienna. the family is working on funeral arrangements. the 11-month-old will be buried next week.
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a deadly hit and run is being investigated as a homicide. police say it started yesterday when two groups of men started fighting on 14th street in northwest. one of them sent a pit bull to attack the other. a man ran into the street and got hit by an suv. the 22-year-old was killed. police believe the driver intentionally hit him. now, they are looking for a late model maroon jeep liberty with front end damage. police are offering an award for information leading to an arrest. we are learning more about the woman killed near the national zoo yesterday. an suv hit her on connecticut avenue northwest. she was a long time board member and former president of the alliance of washington french language and cultural center. they say today would have been her 65th birthday. the driver in that crash stayed
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on the scene. police are still conducting their investigation. demonstrators continue to pound the pavement in day two of the occupy wall street protest in washington. they marched from freedom plaza up to 15th street to the white house then the world bank. there was a heavy antiwar message this time. participants are pushing a number of causes from housing to jobs. here is derrick ward live with more on their messages today. derrick? >> reporter: as you can see behind me, freedom plaza is sort of ground zero for this occupation. there's a rally about to get under way and possibly another march later on today. this is where they have been hanging out. just because they are not all that mobile doesn't mean they are not passionate. freedom plaza belongs to the occupation. pick one and it's probably represented here. they are good stewards of their space.
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they cleaned up after the candle light vigil. >> we didn't have dripless candles. we trying to clean the wax off and try to make it as beautiful as it was before we started. >> reporter: it is also the launch pad for more traditional nonstragss. earlier, a march on the whouls. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: one later on an oil pipeline from canada. the backers say it will create jobs. others ask, at what cost. >> we all need to work, but we can't burn the environment in the name of jobs. it's two years worth of jobs. the big jobs are clean up. >> look at what we are doing to the earth, man. we live on the earth. if the earth is gone, we are gone. it's that simple. >> reporter: there are teach ins, too. sessions on avoiding foreclosure to investing with social consciousness. themes and causes.
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>> all of us are leaders in our own right dealing with our own issues. it's not so much organizations but individuals coming out and fighting for what they believe. >> reporter: you know, they are protesting on a lot of levels here. we showed you how they are cleaning up the wax on the plaza. they were using cut up bank cards to do it. that, too, was a form of protest. we are live in downtown, back to you. >> thank you, derrick ward. two events happening that will bring more people downtown. the taste of d.c. along pennsylvania avenue and the army ten miler at the pentagon. the race kicks off sunday. some 30,000 runners will participate. the course brings them around the national mall and back. thousands are expected to attend the taste of d.c. it's saturday through monday along pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 14th streets near freedom plaza where the protesters are camped out.
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breaking news surrounding the grandmother convicted of killing her granddaughter. chilling evidence of the case has been released including a confession from carmella dela rosa. julie carey is live with the developments. >> reporter: yesterday, the jury convicted her of first degree murder for throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter off a tyson's walk way. the same jury recommended a 35 year sentence for the grandmother. today, we are able to share the most powerful piece of evidence in the trial. her video taped confession to detectives hours after she committed that act at tyson's mall. in the confession, dela rosa explains she threw the girl off the walk way because she was angry at her son-in-law. she had been angry at him for years because he got her daughter pregnant before the
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couple got married. she confesses her crime to the detective. >> you said you did what you did, what do you mean? i haven't been up to tyson's so i'm only hearing rumors. i don't know what happened. >> i just lost it. >> i apologize for getting personal with you, but i have heard my wife say the same thing. i have just lost it. i'm not sure what that means. what does that mean to you? when you say i just lost it, are you justifying what you did? is that what you mean? >> what does that mean? >> are you trying to give a reason for what you did to the baby? are you saying i just lost it meaning, what did you lose? did you lose your purse?
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>> i lost my mind. >> okay. when you say you lost your mind, what do you mean by that? >> i did a terrible thing. >> okay. >> reporter: many chilling moments of that confession and perhaps the most troubling aspect, never once in the hour-long interview does she ask about the welfare of the little girl. coming up, we'll have more from the confession and also show you some of the surveillance video taken at tyson's mall that night that shows a family on the way to have and enjoy a meal at the food court, then the horror hours later. >> a chilling day. thanks so much. we'll check back at 6:00. switching gears to the weather. it's going to be a nice weekend if you plan to spend it outdoors. >> let's get the details from doug kammerer. how high are we going to climb, doug? >> i think the 80 degree mark.
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many areas could get into the low 80s sunday and monday. we had our coats on and umbrellas out last weekend. it was nasty. this weekend, we are looking at the opposite, a beautiful, beautiful weekend. out there now, 73 degrees. the winds are going to be calm. they will stay calm. it allows temperatures to cool down. 73 degrees back toward leesburg, frederick and martinsburg. baltimore around 69 degrees. satellite and radar, nothing to show you. it's like the radar isn't working. no clouds from chicago through our region. we are high and dry and we'll stay that way. waking up tomorrow morning, it will be a little bit on the cool side with low temperatures down into the low 50s. most areas in the 40s. it's going to warm up very, very quickly. the extended forecast in a few minutes. >> see you then. thank you. a dramatic rescue in gaithersburg. firefighters came to the rescue
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of a worker who fell into a setment pond here. it happened this morning at the gaithersburg station apartments on summit avenue. when police found the injured man, he was ten feet under ground. it took 30 minutes to get him out. >> the former president of a louden county youth football league has been charged with embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from the organization. 44-year-old raymond taylor was arrested yesterday. charged with embezzling $50,000 f from the upper louden football league. the board members discovered irregularities in the accounts. herman cain's momentum is soaring. he smiled for photographers. all the pictures with supporters
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today. he signed copies of his biography. the former godfather pizza mogul has grown since the upset win in florida. now, a cbs poll has him tied with mitt romney at the top of the field of republican candidates. he explained why his support has grown. >> well, i have been doing tail politics since the beginning and before i declare. i believe that's why my message is beginning to breakthrough. i'm taking my message of solutions for the economy, spending, immigration right to the people. >> right now, cain is at the family research council value voters summit where he's one of the speakers. >> now, to the new jobs report. economists say it counters fears that the u.s. might be entering another recession. employers added 103,000 jobs last month. it's double the number
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economists expected. it's not enough to change the unemployment raid. it's still 9.1% and has been for three consecutive months. democrats say the report is evidence the president's jobs bill is badly needed. republicans say more stimulus spending will hurt the economy, not hoem it. next and new at 5:00, inside the interrogation. prosecutors play new recordings today between michael jackson's doctor and police in the days after the pop star's death. a mother maintains her innocence as police search for baby lisa. was the little girl abducted from her crib? we have the latest on the search in missouri. a controversial recommendation on prostate cancer screenings. why a health panel is telling some men to avoid a life saving test. you are watching news 4
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this could go on for a while.
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a government advisory panel says most men should not get one of the most common tests to detect prostate cancer. the recommendation could revamp the way men over 50 are tested. we have more on the findings in
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tonight's news for your health. >> you feeling well in. >> reporter: after a routine blood test showed he had prostate cancer, they opted to remove it with surgery. >> i want it out of my system. i favor the surgery. >> reporter: the aggressive treatment may have been a lifesaver because he had a family history of the cancer. they now say a routine psa blood test is unnecessary. >> there have been several studies looking at the screening. the majority fail to show it saves lives. >> reporter: psa is prostate specific antigen. most men are never affected by these cells. the psa test does not show how aggressive the cancer is. going forth with treatments like surgery can lead men impotent.
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treatments increase the risk for heart disease. >> a man actually trades cause of death, cardiac disease earlier instead of prostate cancer death later. >> reporter: that could be why the death rate of prostate cancer declined over the years. other specialists disagree standing by the psa test. men surviving have a survival rate of 15 years. >> reporter: the task force will make the new psa recommendations which aren't yet final. the group does not get the final say. men will be able to get the test if they choose to. erica edwards, nbc news. a montgomery county executive says his county needs three times the amount of money allotted to pay for projects.
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they already got 28 million from the department. according to "the washington examiner," he says the county needs 40 million more to pay for the improvements and even that may not be enough. most of the money will be used to improve the flow of traffic. maryland residents who took a hard hit during hurricane irene can now get help applying for disaster aid. they held the first in a series of meetings for hurricane victims. the next meeting will take place on wednesday in baltimore county. central and southern parts of maryland saw the worst damage from the storm. the emergency declaration covers the entire state except garrett county. >> that's good news. >> it is. >> so many trees down in st. marys and charles counties. they really got hammered by irene.
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the same counties, once again by tropical storm lee. it's great news. >> i do have great news. it doesn't get better than this as far as the weather is concerned. flowers -- you know what i like, pat? i like the ones with the fruits. what do you call those again? the fruit baskets -- edible arrangements. >> they are not flowers, doug. >> but they look like flowers. >> chocolate covered. >> you know where my desk is, right? by the pillar. >> we'll find it. >> let's show you what is happening. it is a spectacular afternoon. the weather is going to get better as we head into the holiday weekend. a lot of us have monday off, a lot of you have mondays off. 73 degrees. plenty of sunshine. the winds are calm. a fantastic weekend in store and temperatures very nice, too. 69 in baltimore.
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73 in leesburg. a closer look to the d.c. metro area. 78 in rockville. camp springs, andrews air force base 69 degrees. mt. vernon 72. doppler radar, no rain to talk about over the next few days and really on into the middle of next week. we are going to be nice and dry. no rain. also no clouds from new york through richmond. we are completely high and dry out there. high pressure dominating the area giving us all the sunshine. nice and mild today. nice and warm tomorrow. i think warmer during the day on sunday. then on monday, we start to see changes. this is why. it's going to come from an area of low pressure. potentially an area of low pressure could be a depression or storm next week that makes its way to the south and into our area. we have great weather now but next week, you may have to pull out the umbrellas, once again.
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clear skies this evening, really great. 64 to 68 degrees. tomorrow morning temperatures on the cool side. 42 in the cooler suburbs, 52 in the city. watch for areas of fog toward the west, i-81. dense fog advisory has been put in effect. tomorrow, 73 to 78 degrees. 81 on sunday. 83 on monday. 74 degrees on tuesday. so, really the next three days absolutely fantastic. there's the rain chance as we make our way into the middle of next week. still not sure how the storm is going to affect us. don't worry about it. for now, plenty of sunshine. >> we are not worrying about it. not now. up next, an attorney speaks out as the search of a missing maryland woman intensifies. why his client is paying the price for the mistakes made in the natalee holloway case. a wounded soldier got a brand-new lease on life.
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i'm liz
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so, why were nfl players sporting pinning gloves and
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shoes sunday? is there a self-life for shampoo and conditioner? how often can you be chosen for jury duty. >> i love seeing all that pink on sunday. it's a good question. i'm glad somebody asked. >> this is from chip in springfield. he saw nfl players wearing the pink gloves and shoes last week. wants to know if they were raising money or awareness for breast cancer? >> interesting question. we contacted -- i'm sorry. we contacted the nfl to get the answer. throughout october, they will feature players, coaches and referees wearing pink game apparel. it's cute. all apparel will be auctioned off at the auction website. proceeds will benefit the american cancer society and nfl team charities. pink is used to raise awareness and money in this case for
5:26 pm
breast cancer. for more information go to our website, and search for pink. did it for both reasons. when they auction the stuff off, they make money for breast cancer. >> that's pretty cool. a lot of people are going to be buying it. the next question is from kate. she bought shampoo and conditioner in bulk. does she need to worry about them expiring? >> we contacted several beauty manufacturers. the answer is the shampoo and conditioner products should last a few years after the date they were purchased however they must be stored in a cool, dry place and unopened until they are open. l'oreal and pantene say theirs for three years. once it's open, a few months. don't buy too, too much. >> when it solidifies, it's too
5:27 pm
old? >> pass it on to your neighbors. >> the last question from a woman in d.c. she feels like she gets called for jury duty more often than most. >> we checked with several county and state courts. the law varies from state-to-state and county-to-townty. in d.c., you shouldn't be called to serve more than once in two years. montgomery county, a minimum of three years. each county court in maryland is different. in fairfax, once jurors are called in, they shouldn't be contacted again for three years. that applies to every court in the state of virginia. a little more time in virginia. >> i haven't been called in several years. call me. >> you would lover to serve. we would all love to serve. pat, back to you. >> thank you both. after the break, more trouble
5:28 pm
for mayor gray's administration. vanished, parns say her little girl was kidnapped from the crib. the police aren't convinced. the mother failed the lie detector test.
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we have breaking news right now in the case of the toddler murdered in tyson's corner last fall. a judge just released evidence
5:31 pm
seen in the trial of carmella dela rosa. a jury convicted her of first degree murder for throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter after a walk way. part of the evidence includes a video taped confession where she tells investigators she lost it and did a bad thing. >> you said you did what you did, what do you mean? i haven't been up to tyson's so, i'm only hearing rumors. i don't know what happened. >> i just lost it. >> are you saying i just lost it meaning -- what did you lose? did you lose your purse? >> i lost my mind. >> you lost your mind. okay. >> her defense claims she didn't know right from wrong. she faces a minimum sentence of 20 years and a maximum of life in prison. julie carey will have much more on the chilling video jurors saw coming up on news 4 at 6:00 tonight.
5:32 pm
it may be the most powerful, important testimony in the trial of dr. conrad murray. they played a lengthy interview shortly after michael jackson's deci. . >> that i have personal experience that drug levels can be detected in the stomach of very different types of decedents from different drugs that were not given orally. >> in the interview, dr. murray admits to giving michael jackson propofol but trying to wean him off the powerful sedative. he told police where they could find it in his house. the defense cross examined a psychologist that said propofol was found in michael jackson's stomach. they were hoping to prove michael jackson swallowed them himself but the toxicologist
5:33 pm
didn't agree. he's linked to the disappearance of a maryland woman. now, gary giordano is speaking out. specially trained cadaver dogs have been combing the beach for robbin gardner. giordano claims she drown when they went snorkling. the re-enactment proves he's lying. his lawyer says he's sticking by his story. >> he's been consistent and truthful from the very beginning. he's going to continue to be truthful. he's doing his best to get through this. it's a nightmare. >> giordano's attorney believes his client is being punished because the police never solved the natalee holloway case. she went to aruba in '09 and disappeared.
5:34 pm
her body was never founld. police have not charged anyone in that case. police are investigating a shooting that happened outside a restaurant. a fight broke out early in the morning outside a family restaurant on dallas drive in mar low heights. weapons were drown inside the restaurant and the fight spilled outside. one person shot, two people stabbed. all three are expected to survive. two people were taken into custody. it's not known what started the fight. police believe a man who attacked two women near the metro station struck again. an incident september 19th marks a third attack in the past two weeks. the suspect grabbed a woman and forced her inside the store to withdrawal cash. she called police and he ran off. investigators are warning women to be careful when traveling around the suitland station and
5:35 pm
call police if they see anything suspicious. allegations of public corruption are a big deal and taken very seriously. >> u.s. attorney is pursuing three potentially criminal investigations of the mayor and two councilmembers. tom sherwood is here with the story. tom? >> the u.s. attorney can't comment on any specific investigation but left no doubt on where he stands with public corruption. three cases of alleged corruption marred the city government this year. mayor vincent gray under investigation by the u.s. attorney's office for allegedly secret campaign payments to suleman brown. brown, his 2008 election committee is under a probe for how they handled hundreds of thousands of dollars.
5:36 pm
harry tommy thomas facing possible criminal charges. funds he already agreed to repay. on wamu 885 fm friday could not specifically comment on them, but said his office takes public corruption seriously and is pursuing all three. >> where does public corruption fit in your office? is it a big deal to you? >> it is a big deal. it's a big deal to me personally as a d.c. resident. >> in cases where they accept criminal responsibility, they must meet higher standards. >> if it's a different standard, you have a high standard, you have to have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. it's all to say that we
5:37 pm
understand there's a sense of urgency. >> in july, they referred brown's operation to the u.s. attorney's office where the chairman was blunt. >> don't you know a referral is? there's criminal activity that needs to be looked into. >> they handle local, federal and international crimes. he says local corruption doesn't get lost. >> we also spent a lot of time on local corruption matters. i have 25 assistants in that session. >> the u.s. attorney said the public should feel confident his office has a track record of success in public corruption cases. back to you. >> thanks, tom. still to come on news 4 at
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woody allen worked with some of our greatest actors of our time. he's shooting for a bigger name now. he admitted he's working on casting first lady michelle obama. he's working on writing the perfect role for her and wouldn't hesitate asking the first lady. his last film, "midnight in paris" starred the french first lady.
5:41 pm
troy davis raised concerns about eyewitness testimony. we take a closer look at how memory works and why we remember what we remember. >> reporter: most people think their memory is accurate, recording what happened like film or a video camera. not even close saws this doctor who devoted her life to studying memory. >> memory is malleable. we take in information but over the course of other activities in life, we can distort or transform or alter that information. >> reporter: that's why so many pictures line the walls of roosevelt university's gallery. these are all people who were wrongfully convicted and exonerated because of somebody's faulty memory. >> when it comes to freedom,
5:42 pm
precise memory matters. >> reporter: that's the problem. the most imprecise are of traumatic situations. >> that eegs not the way things work. in fact, when it comes to a highly stressful event, memory can be impaired. >> reporter: she says memory is further money. humans want to feel good about themselves and their actions. >> remember we gave more to charity than we did or we voted in elections we didn't vote in or grades were better than they were. >> reporter: in one experiment, researchers persuaded people. family members described an incident where they were lost in a shopping mall as a child. all though it never happened, a significant number of people started remembering details of an event that never happened. >> you can plant rich, whole, memories. >> now, experts say if you want
5:43 pm
to accurately remember something that is important, sit down, write down everything you remember while it's fresh in your mind. >> end of paper, late at night. i forget when i wake up. >> take notes. help for a local soldier wounded in the war zone. the gift he's been given thanks to volunteers. coming up in sports, friday night football is like friday aftern
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
in fredericksburg, a wounded warrior and his wife say they have been given their lives
5:46 pm
back. >> it's due to the generosity of local home builders and charity providing free homes for veterans. jane watrel has their story. >> reporter: a visitor to their new home is a dream come true. former army sergeant and double amputee is the recipient of a mortgage free home. >> we are thankful every day because you are just, you are not -- you don't have to be on your legs all day. you have that freedom to relax and be comfortable. >> reporter: comfortable because the home is adapted for him to be self-sufficient. >> it's easier to maneuver. i can just go around the house. everything is wide enough. i can cruise around and turn around in any area. >> they have given us our lives back as a normal married couple.
5:47 pm
the worries, the daily worries of leaving and was he able to reach, that's no longer there. >> reporter: this is the 101st home built for the nonprofit homes for the troops. it makes lives easier for warriors. automatic door openers, wider closets. >> right now, when i'm in my wheelchair, i'm able to go into the closet. >> reporter: in the bathroom, a special shower and state of the art amenities. small, but important details to help vets take care of themselves. >> it helps with soldiers. having your dignity back of doing that and not having your caregiver help you out. >> reporter: they spearheaded the construction which tk four weeks. >> a month of your time to make their life that much easier. it's -- you just can't find a better cause.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: they say now that they are settled in, they are on a new mission. >> we want to work as hard as we can to get the rest of these soldiers homes like this. >> reporter: homes for our troops plans to build at least 100 more of these homes around the nation in the next year. at least one will be built by atlantic builders here in fredericksburg. jane watrel, news 4. >> what a tremendous difference they are making. >> absolutely. >> for more information on homes for our troops and a fund-raiser, go to our website at prince harry has arrived here in the u.s. for military training. the uk ministry of defense released a still picture of him arriving in california. he will be here for two months for what's described as routine training on apache helicopters. the rest of the training will take place in arizona. harry is a british army captain.
5:49 pm
in military circles, he's captain harry whales. >> okay. to captain doug. what a weekend you have shaping up for us, huh? >> i tell you what, it's going to be fantastic. we will see plenty of sunshine and plenty of warmer temperatures as they continue to roll on in here. 73 degrees out there now. just gorgeous. winds are calm right now. obviously no wind gusts to talk about. we are looking at light winds throughout the night. that could lead to fog. temperature 52 in the city. 43 in leesburg. 42 in frederick. on the cool side tomorrow morning. there's a dense fog advisory to the west of washington including the i-81 corridor. winchester, martinsburg. watch for the dense fog. tomorrow afternoon, rising to temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. 78 in washington. 76 in leesburg. just another event that's happening, taste of d.c. happening down pennsylvania
5:50 pm
avenue. if you are thinking of heading down there it's between 9th and 14th street saturday, sunday and monday. temperatures should be near the 80 degree mark. it doesn't get better than that. >> no, it doesn't. thanks. turning now to sports and high school football. >> hakeem is live in atlanta for the big match up. hakeem? >> reporter: hello, a huge match for the high school football game. maryland matinee as i'm calling it. suitland outscored opponents by 164 points this season. duvall held theirs to nine points in just four games. both teams entering the game with unbeaten records in their conference. >> 0-0. okay?
5:51 pm
pumped up. >> here we go. all right, here we go, second quarter. suitland up on fourth and goal. the senior quarterback coming up big here. keeps it himself. comes in for the touchdown. rams take a 12-0 lead. suitland, oh, yeah, they were just getting started. later in the second quarter, the duvall tigers drive it. looking good here. ford looking for his guy. it's picked off by number one jacobs. he's a play maker. he's thinking pick six. takes it all the way back for the touchdown. suitland up 20-0 at this point. wow. kick off. stanley henry back to field it. from the end zone. from the end zone, folks. check it out here.
5:52 pm
he goes 100 yards for the touchdown. he can fly. it's 20-7 at the half. duvall with a huge play just before halftime. does a little dance right there. poses for the camera. that's nice. third quarter. same score. suitland with the ball. washington goes up top. a beautiful pass. great catch. four touchdowns in the game. 26-7. possession. it goes to anthony squires. he finished with two touchdowns. they defeat duvall. the rams improve to 6-0. >> the kids are kids. they are really working hard. they are trying to get things right. they are working hard at practice. we have a lot of kids that play the game on both sides of the ball. it's hoping they will be successful. >> i came out of focus. i knew what i had to do. my running back he got hurt for
5:53 pm
a little bit. i had to step up. he came back and we just did our thing. i'm proud of my team. we need to go through the whole season. keep it going, 10-0. >> one, two, three -- >> suitland. >> reporter: a cool take with four touchdowns and now suitland outscored opponents 234-41. it's impressive. that's the high school football game of the week. for now, back to you guys. >> thanks. here is what we are working on at 6:00. jim vance joins us for a preview. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, we continue to follow the developments in fairfax county. we'll share more of the taped confession from the grandmother convicted of throwing her grandchild off a sky walk. the governor cracking down on medical marijuana dispensers. why a threatening letter was
5:54 pm
sent to landlords. we'll show you a couple that spent ten years cleaning part of the great wall of china. we'll meet them and hear more. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> all right. >> see you then. thank you, jim. up next at 5:00, a twist in the search for a missing baby in missouri. why the parents are no longer cooperating with police. it's ipad friday. tonight, we are giving away an ipad as part andemonium. like our nbc washington page on facebook. we pick a winner at 6:00 and
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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we have new developments tonight in the search of the missing missouri baby. the fbi confirms it search of a johnson county landfill is connected to the case. >> this, as the mother of the child failed a lie detector test. chris has the latest. >> reporter: the search for little lisa irwin had investigators searching through a landfill friday afternoon. the mother of the 10 month old girl said police told her she failed a lie detector test. she took the test after lisa went missing overnight. >> they said i failed and i
5:58 pm
continue to say that's not possible. because i have -- i don't know where she's at. >> reporter: after failing the test, police got tough in questioning her. they maintain the parents aren't cooperating, a charge they deny. >> our concern is to find lisa. to find our lisa and bring her home. that's what we want. >> reporter: little lisa vanished from her crib four days ago. police said they do not have a clue where she was, who took her or how it is not knowing how the house could have navigated through it to snatch the child. ground searches have turned up nothing while veteran investigators say it's normal for police to zero in on parents when there's little evidence elsewhere. >> tough eliminate that person while moving into the community. >> reporter: the investigation continues but police are
5:59 pm
obviously back where they were on day one. chris nbc news. >> that's new 4s at 5:00. >> we hope your weekend is a good one. stay there, news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. a grandmother's video taped confession has been released for the first time we are hearing what she told police after throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter over the sky walk at tyson's korner. >> herman cain was in d.c. today. we'll hear from him. we begin with a grandmother's confession and video from mall security cameras moments before the toddler was thrown off the sky walk.


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