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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we have the thunderstorms right now toward fauquier county. another strong storm is moving in toward prince william county. it's showing rotation, too. fredericksburg looking at rotation with that storm. let's go back to graphics 22. you can see where the storms are. let's stop this and zoom in here, too. the warrenton area, to the south of warrenton, this is the storm we have been watching. what it looks like here, if you look at that storm, let's go ahead and take off the skits for a minute. casanova and auburn looking at 25 minutes. let's take off the storm tracks. with that, you'll see a bit of a hook there. it's around 28, route 28. it's a bit of a hook. let's zoom on in to that area. route 28 and route 17. it's where they meet up. jermantown to fauquier county.
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folks hearing the thunder and seeing the storm move right at you. this is the area there could be possible rotation and a tornado. make sure you are inside in an interior room. if you have a basement, that's where you want to be. you want to hear us or a national weather service radio. have those, too. more storms off to the east. a developing storm toward prince william county. right now, the prince william/fauquier line is moving across manassas in a half hour or so. the brentsville area, and another storm down to the south. this one right along and to the west of i-95 toward stafford county. right on down toward the south to the north of fredericksburg. stay with us here at nbc 4. we are going to continue to have
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the latest for you on the storms. we are not done. there's more storms developing down to the south and east that will eventually work their way into southern portions of southern maryland. they are dangerous storms. we are going to watch them for you here on nbc 4. we're going to toss it to you for a second. by the way -- >> yeah. >> in effect. that is very good news. the tornado warning has not been extended. i wouldn't be surprised to see it reissued. right now, we are under a watch, no warnings at this time. stay with us, we'll keep you updated. >> we'll check back. doug, thank you. we have details in the murder of a maryland woman. the investigation began last night when the woman was found dead in her montgomery county home. police issued an amber alert for 11-year-old william mcquain. the car they were looking for was found this morning, but no
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sign of the boy. his mother, 51-year-old jane mcquain was found murdered. pat collins joins us live from police headquarters with the latest on these developments tonight. pat? >> reporter: jim, news of an arrest of a 45-year-old curtis lopez. he is the husband of the murder victim. he is the stepfather of that missing 11-year-old boy. this murder case in mondtgomery county stretched to charlotte, north carolina. they have in custody, a suspect charged in connection with the murder of 51-year-old jane mcquain. sources identified that suspect as curtis lopez, the husband of the murder victim. jane mcquain seen here on her facebook page found dead last
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night in the bedroom of her second floor condo in germantown. missing her black honda crv and her 11-year-old son william. that honda found in charlotte. her son, william, still missing. police posted an amber alert for the young man. he was last seen september 30th. curtis lopez, the suspect in charlotte sources say is not the biological father of the missing 11-year-old. a neighbor says mcquain's work and her school contacted her former landlord making inquiries on her where abouts. he's the one that got cops on the case. >> her job and the school called him. i couldn't understand. i told him, i had ant seen her. >> reporter: what happened here left neighbors most upset. >> oh, boy.
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makes you wonder. >> now they saying they can't find the little boy. hopefully he's safe and hopefully be back home unharmed. may she rest in piece. >> like two peas in a pod. you see mother, you see son. every time she would go somewhere, he would go somewhere. i don't understand why somebody would do that. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30, police chief tom manger will be at these microphones with more details about the case. we'll have it for you live. until then, back to you. jim? >> pat collins live in rockville, thank you, pat. we are a developing story right now. almost a year after a man died outside a nightclub with the d.c. nine nightclub. a wrongful death lawsuit is expected to be filed. derrick ward is live in northwest with the new developments. >> reporter: this is a case that
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spanned nine months starting a year ago until june of this year. now, it's preparing to enter another phase through a wrongful death. now, it was october 15th of last year when 27-year-old ollie mohamed died outside the dc 9 club. he had thrown two bricks through the front window of the club and several people witnessed the incident. what happened next say the club owner and several people employed by the club chased him down and beat him in the street. the witness accounts did not hold up. while a subsequent autopsy determined his death was due to excited delirium associated with cardiac and alcohol intoxication, the five men
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accused only held him down and restrained him until police arrived. first, there were charges of second degree murder. they were amended to aggravated assault and dropped all together. now, a year later a wrongful death lawsuit is files against the owners of the club based on the same findings found in the medical examiners report. there may have been a pre-existing cardiac condition. however, the family denied that was the case. they are seeking justice now in the courts. they say they could not get justice in the criminal courts. now, we are live in northwest. back to you. >> derrick ward, thanks. there were more arrests in the occupy d.c. protest. eight people were taken into custody. they were charged with disrupting congress. one demonstrator charged with simple assault.
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this is after six protesters were arrested on tuesday. otherwise, the movement in d.c. remained largely peaceful. four people injured today in a three-car accident in fairfax. it happened around 10:00 this morning at old dominion road in mcclain. police tell us a pick-up truck crossed into oncoming traffic and hit an suv, which then hit a box truck which careened into a side rail. the box truck driver was pinned in the vehicle. firefighters had to extra kate him. no one suffered life-threatening injuries. a grand jury is back with the verdict in the death of a buoy state student. alex sis simpson deliberately murdered her roommate. she got into a fight with frazier before stabbing her to death. she maintains she didn't mean to do it t. jury said she had deliberate premeditated malice.
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we are heading back to the weather center now. doug kammerer, we had possible tornado -- not tornado, touchdowns out there. there's wild activity going on there. >> one possible tornado touchdown in mineral. now, we have had the tornado warning extended one more time toward fauquier county and prince william county. it includes manassas, the city of manassas. it is to the south and west of manassas. we continue to make its way to the north right now. as we watch the storm, it's going to make its way around manassas in 30 minutes or so. eventually up toward the chan ti chantilly area. the tornado warning in effect for fauquier county and prince william county. it's in effect until 5:30. areas include manassas and bull run.
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watching to see where the storm was. it was nine miles to the south and east of warrenton. 35 miles an hour. a second severe thunderstorm located seven miles southwest of manassas moving at 30 miles an hour. we have a couple storms out there now. you can see the areas that are highlighted in red. this is gainsville, manassas, this is right along route 28. if you are in toward portions of central prince william county, take cover. get inside. get an interior room. get into a basement if you have one. a great place to be is into a bathroom that is inside the middle of the house. you have two storms there. one to the south of manassas. the other to the south of 28 which is here. let's zoom on in to the storm here to the south. this has been producing tornado warnings and has produced at least confirmed reports from the
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national weather service of the tornado down around louisa. that is louisa county. it was hit by the earthquake a month ago. areas involved, greenville, buckton, gainsville in 30 minutes. gainsville, if you live in gainsville, the bulk of the storm should stay to your east. the tornadic part should stay to the east. if you are from around the area, weaversville and portions of manassas, that's the area that is hit the hardest. could be route 28 corridor, so to speak from remmington right up to the manassas area. veronica, more reports from the storm system. >> yes, we have. that's the area, again that we said was the epicenter of the earthquake. the weather service out of the wakefield office reports there is a possible tornado.
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they did damage to the top of one of the houses there. completely ripped the roof off down there in mineral, virginia. no reports of injuries. again, they are going to the national weather service. they will send a team out tomorrow in louisa county, mineral, virginia to take a look if indeed that was a tornado. we continue to watch this area here. prince william county, right around i-28 with possibly yet another tornado making its way through. doug? >> this is right around the blisterburg road area. if you live in and around blisterburg, i'm going to zoom in more. this storm is currently to the east of the corner making its way up route 28 hitting germantown road. route 28, that's where we have the potential of that tornado. let me see if i can get other streets for you.
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old acres lane. here towards tap hollow lane. if you live in those areas take cover. mill run, if that's the case, watch out in that area. right along 28, route 28, you are under the gun for this possible tornado. again, a tornado warning in effect until 5:30. we'll zoom out. if you live along 28, this storm making its way toward the area moving at 35 miles an hour. we are going to continue to move it all the way up. if you are talking the next step, it's less than that. 35 minutes. i'm thinking half that time, about 15 minutes. you want to make sure you are prepared as the storm continues to make its way up to the south. as we zoom back out here, the storm around the brentsville region, toward manassas, a thunderstorm there from the national weather service. a lot of lightning associated
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with this. heavy rain associated with these, too. that's not all. >> this whole area down to the south that we have seen come together over the last couple hours there have been some individual cells south that started firing up. now, the bigger complex of any of them is right around eastern fauquier county, prince william county and stafford. it will impact the areas where they are currently but downstream into fairfax county and into loudoun county. probably in the next hour or so, moving right over i-50. again, right around the evening rush, a lot of folks on the road now. open it up and show you more cells north of charlottesville. they will be moving northeast into areas like culpeper county yet again. this big complex producing a lot of rain several clusters of
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severe weather being warned on now for a potential tornado. eastern fauquier county and prince william county, just about ready to cross over i-29 and i-66 in that area west of us. >> let's switch back to graphics 29. the tornado watch including most of northern virginia. this includes loudoun county and fairfax county and prince william county. stafford, culpeper, green county. areas already hit is making its way north and east. anne arundel county, you are not seeing that right now. you are not seeing that right now but you will see the storms from the south. you notice one thing here, ood tornado watch or another tornado warning, this is to the south. this is well to the south but this is the storm that is going to continue to move this way.
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again, if you are up toward the leonardtown area, it's st. mary's county and will be there in a couple hours. >> let me zoom in here around 234. areas around i-66, suddenly area. we are getting reports that it is raining very, very hard, i-66. we have a camera we can show for you. a live camera what the road conditions are here for the evening rush. a lot of headlights right now and a lot of ponding on area roads and extremely heavy rain coming down in a short period of time. we may, in fact, before the evening is over with, we may see flash flood warnings issued. a lot of rain and lightning. the possibility of high winds and potential tornadoes in some areas. we have already seen that earlier this afternoon out of
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louisa county. we are seeing rainfall potential of some four to five and upwards of six inches in an hours time. this is the area i zoomed into. 234, i-66 area. just a very, very nasty evening rush. doug? >> right now, some of the heaviest rain coming in toward manassas. if you are in manassas you are starting to hear the lightning or hear the thunder and see the lightning. rainfall estimates upwards of four, five or six inches per hour. this is extremely, extremely heavy rainmaking its way on through here. as we continue, you are talking route 28 which runs through manassas and continues right up through the dulles airport. 28 is going to get hit hard here. once again, right along 66, you are going to continue to see that storm making its way toward the north.
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if you think it's raining now on 66, you are going to continue to see heavier rain. let's take off the sweeping radar for a second. the warning the prince william county. it's over manassas as we put the radar back on. you can see purple over manassas and white in there. that tells me not only do we see extremely heavy rain, we could be seeing hail with this. no hail reports, yet. i haven't heard anything. i wouldn't be surprised to see hail and extremely heavy rain and potential for tornado. it looks like the possible tornado cell is just to the south and west. right along 28 you really want to take precautions. here are some of the streets affected toward manassas. old centerville road. prince william parkway. if you live along the prince
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william parkway close to manassas, take cover. get inside your house. it's a very dangerous storm that's increasing in intensity over the last couple hours. let's continue to show you what's happening on the radar. let's go back to graphics 22. i want to show that watch one more time to show you who is involved in this. it's all of northern virginia, all of southern maryland including gaithersburg and through the district. >> if you live in areas north of this big cell, several clusters that seem to be coming together eastern fauquier county, prince william county, fairfax county, loudoun county or montgomery county or right in the district, you are noticing darkening skies. let's look at the city cam. the skies are turning dark. that's the heavy rain to the south and west of us. that's what's moving this way,
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north and northeastward. areas inside the beltway, right around 395, around bailey's cross roads, you have a little bit of moderate rain starting to make its way toward you. open it up and you can see where right now manassas and manassas park getting extremely heavy rain. that area is under a tornado warning making its way to i-29 and i-66. heavy rain into the herndon area. areas around i-50 and i-16, you have the heavy rain, too. loudoun county, you haven't got hit hard, yet. western fairfax county starting to see very heavy rain as well as frequent lightning. you saw the road conditions there that we showed you around sudley. deteriorating road conditions as well.
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i-70 and i-270 up in montgomery county for leesburg and bluemont area. >> we are going to watch the thunderstorms through the rest of the hour and the 6:00 hour. stay with news 4. we are going to continue to keep you posted here. veronica johnson and myself watching the storms making their way through. they will move into southern maryland. we will be here in the storm center. we continue to watch them. we'll be right back.
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were you crying? yeah.
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significant changes in credit card rules have taken place over the past year. more are taking effect this month. >> liz crenshaw is here with the latest rules. >> the new credit card rules were designed to make credit cards more transparent to the consumers using them. depending on the financial situation, the rules may help and hurt. let's run through them. >> you want to play together? go get her. >> yes. >> reporter: brian is a stay at home dad. while hi wife is working, he takes care of the kids. it does not come with a paycheck. a new rule prohibits him from applying for a credit card in his name. >> once you are married you are
5:25 pm
a family. everything is the families. so, the idea that i couldn't use my wife's salary for proof of income or my wife couldn't use my salary for proof of income, i find it strange. >> reporter: it says non-working spouses can no longer claim household income when applying for a card. >> it stems from a serious problem that's been around for a long time. you have credit card companies doling out credit without taking real consideration into the person's ability to repay it. >> reporter: the deputy drek tr of consumer reports says there could be unintended consequences to the rule. >> some people have a harder time getting credit. they may be the primary person in the house that manages the finances, accesses the money and pays the bills. >> reporter: the new rule prevents marketing to college
5:26 pm
students on campus and prevents them from using household income when applying for a card. >> it ensures there are stronger controls in how credit is extended to college students not bringing in a salary of their own. >> reporter: one complaint they heard is banks marketing low interest cards to have the consumer sign up for them and then the rate skyrockets. the new credit card rules make it harder for banks to raise a promised rate. >> this law cracks down on the teaser rates. if you are promised a certain rate, the credit card companies are under a stronger obligation to offer you that rate and notify you if and when there are changes in advance. >> reporter: you may have noticed on your bill clearer disclosures on how much you really owe. they require them to print what happens if you pay only the minimum balance, the interest accrued and how long it will
5:27 pm
take to pay off that balance. >> the most important thing i could advise a consumer now that we have this new card act as law is read your mail. typically, that's the only obligation the credit card company has to tell you about changes. in many cases, good changes you are going to want to take advantage of. >> advice for those of you without personal income, you can apply for a joint credit card or get a co-signer. it will not help you build your own credit. that will only happen once you have your own income. trying to tighten it up a difficult for folks who have a non-working spouse. >> they are right about the mail. we see those things and go ah. >> read the mail. >> thank you, liz. >> coming up, we have much more ahead on the breaking news. we are expecting a live news conference from police headquarters on the murder of a maryland woman whose son is
5:28 pm
still missing tonight. >>
5:29 pm
we are heading out to montgomery county now. a news conference on the woman who was murdered and her son is missing. >> don't get frustrated with me if i don't answer questions. >> reporter: we are expecting him to begin this news conference any moment now. chief? >> we'll wait one more minute to get to 5:30. >> reporter: we're ready. >> okay. chief tom manger. we took a missing person report for jane mcquain and her 11-year-old son, william mcquain. an acquaintance had not seen her for approximately two weeks. our investigation revealed her
5:30 pm
son had not been in school since september 30th. they lived on briar cliff terrace in germantown. yesterday evening, detectives entered her residence and found her deceased in her bedroom. there was evidence of trauma to her upper body. her son was not found in the apartment. it was determined her vehicle was gone. our investigation is determined that curtis lopez, a 45-year-old man was her husband and known to frequent her residence but did not appear to live there. according to witnesses, mr. lopez was recently seen in the area of her residence and was seen removing property from the residence and loading it into her vehicle. he was contacted by detectives last night in connection with her disappearance. this was prior to the detectives
5:31 pm
discovering her body. once detectives determined that this was a homicide, mr. lopez, based on his inconsistent statements became a person of interest. an amber alert was issued for her vehicle and her son, william. based on the amber alert, her vehicle was found in north carolina at approximately 8:30 this morning. based on information, a warrant was obtained for mr. lopez for first degree murder. he was arrested at 9:30 as he was leaving the econolodge. the 11-year-old is still missing. he's a biracial male weighing 85 pounds. focus and priority is located william mcquain. we are asking for the public's
5:32 pm
help if you have information regarding the where abouts of william mcquain keown tact the police department at 240-773-5070. this is -- these are pictures of william. our priority, our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez and we did not. so, we are asking for the public's help in locating 11-year-old william mcquain. >> do you think she may have been dead for two weeks and he missing for two weeks? >> not two full weeks. we have information that we
5:33 pm
believe she was a lilive at lea through october 1st or 2nd. maybe beyond that. we are trying to confirm that information. i think it could be anywhere from 10 to 12 days. >> in her apartment? in her home? >> yes. >> chief, to the best of your knowledge, why did it take so long for a missing person's report to be filed? >> i don't know. i don't have information about that. >> usually when a child is missing, it's noticed fairly quickly. >> i don't have information about why no one reported it earlier. >> have you thought about that? >> it's all going to be part of the investigation. i wouldn't speculate as to why we didn't get information. >> could you talk about where this young man might be? you hope he would be with a man. he's not. the man is not telling you where he is. what are you hoping for? where do you think he is?
5:34 pm
>> we could speculate about where the young man might be. my hope is that he may be with a family member or a friend. perhaps they have no idea that -- what's occurred with his mother. but, as time goes on, it becomes, i guess more and more of a long shot that's the case. we are still hoping that we can find william and we are asking for the public's help. if they have information at all about the young man to give us a call. >> mr. lopez is not being cooperative? >> i have no information about what information he's given to our detectives at this point. >> removing things from her home and her car. did anybody see him, the boy, in that time frame? >> i don't have information about that. the only thing the witness talked about was him removing
5:35 pm
property from her residence and putting it in the vehicle. [ inaudible ] >> we don't have any at this point. again, we just started. >> that's chief tom manger talking about the murder in germantown of the mother and her missing son. her husband, the child's stepfather has been arrested. they still do not know the where abouts of this 11-year-old boy, william mcquain. >> meanwhile, we have new tornado warnings to tell you about. doug is in the weather center with the late egs. where abouts now, doug? >> this is from a different storm. we are looking at the storm system as it makes its way up the coast. you can see right now, we are talking fairfax county now. prince william county and northern portions of stafford. now, a brand-new tornado warning, fairfax county, including the city of fairfax,
5:36 pm
reston and vienna. this is right along route 7. it's along the eastern or western portions of 495 and the beltway. it includes the city of fairfax. a brand-new tornado warning now. right now, two tornado warnings, two storms. one is along i-95. you are talking triangle, count coe and a second storm to the east of manassas in southern portions of fairfax county. that tornado warning in effect until 6:00 as well for fairfax county and the city of fairfax and reston. once again, we are going to continue to watch these as they continue to make their way up to the north and the north and east. most of the area under a tornado watch. that until 11:00 tonight. as we time this out, nine minutes around 25 minutes woodbridge in the next half hour.
5:37 pm
then eventually portions of mt. vernon. that is storm number one. you can see there mt. vernon coming in in 30 minutes. storm number two, this is the storm we have been talking about all afternoon. this is the one that had the tornado touchdown or possible tornado touchdown to the south in mineral. you can see the storm tracking to the north-northeast. sugarland run in 21 minutes. it will move into montgomery county, that moving in in a half hour to 45 minutes. right now, the areas affected, take the radar off. fairfax and reston. this is also very close toward the burke area. close to clifton. along route 66. along route 7 to the dulles toll road. we are looking at that storm, too. dangerous situation throughout the evening. we are going to continue to watch this through the weather center. this is a situation that could
5:38 pm
play out toward portions of southern maryland throughout the rest of the evening. >> exactly, all through the afternoon and evening, those are the areas that had the breaks in the cloud cover and extreme warming. upper 70s right around 80 degrees coming up through the northern neck. that's one of the areas included in the tornado watch that goes up until 11:00 p.m. let's put the radar back on for you and loop it out for a couple hours to see the cells down to the south. down to the south. in fact, south and east of there. we have had reports of hail southeast of fredericksburg, virginia. along with that report, earlier today, this afternoon, that potential tornado in mineral, virginia. louisa county, the same area that was the epicenter of the august earthquake with the magnitude of 5.8. here is a look. the whole area converging if you will along i-95 for the evening rush. now, it extends to leesburg.
5:39 pm
the heavy rain and severe weather towards leesburg and reston. right around reston. the heaviest of rain right now or one of those pockets right around western fairfax approaching chantilly, virginia. let me put the lightning on, too. there's been quite a bit of lightning with these cells as we watch them in afternoon and evening. tieson's corner you are about to get hit with a heavy cell. probably ponding going on in a few of the roads there. the other cell that's just west of quantico making its way northeastward heading to woodbridge around montclair. it puts williams county and southwestern fairfax county until 6:00 p.m.
5:40 pm
you are looking at that whole area that is covered with heavy rain and lots of lightning and based on radar, it could potentially be producing a tornado. these are the areas we are looking at west of 495. eventually, if it holds together, it will be passing through eastern loudoun county and up into montgomery county. by the time we get to 6:30 and 7:00. doug? >> let's zoom in and go to graphics 29. i want to show exactly where the storms are. we will zoom in one more time toward clifton. this is fairfax county. we are talking the clifton area in towards burke and macklys corner. if you look at this area, they are seeing four to five inches of rain an hour. you are only going to see it for a half hour. you can quickly pick up one to two inches of rain and see localized flooding here. watch out in this area as we move up.
5:41 pm
let me zoom in. clifton road, over towards lake braddock road and new braddock road, along 28. we have been talking route 28. this storm is following route 28. you can see it there. 28 and 66. we are going to continue to watch as it moves to the north. the next areas hit are chantilly and to the east, including fairfax city and oakton. >> right around this area, if we could switch back to the other radar real quick, you mentioned chantilly. we have been talking i-66 and route 29. you are seeing the cell here. let's take a look at the live shot we have for you of traffic making its way through, trying to get through the heavy rain. there is severe weather out there. again, one of the areas, also one of the areas that is under the tornado warning until 6:00 p.m. i can expand it out a little bit more for you. it extends close to the
5:42 pm
leesburg, virginia area. right on the line of montgomery county. the leading edge of it extends down through woodbridge and quantico. there's another heavy cell right around the montclair area and up to lake ridge and chapel acres area. we have this whole area around i-95 for the evening rush. fredericksburg down toward the  northern neck as well as areas into charles county now. western charles county seeing very, very heavy rain. we may be looking at more storms for potential tornadoes. i-24, another area that will, i'm sure, be watching over the next hour. doug? >> we are going to continue to watch this for you. the entire area or just about the entire area under a tornado watch. that's until 11:00.
5:43 pm
when we are done with these tornadoes, let's widen out more, veronica. as we look toward the south, charlottesville and richmond, we are looking atmore storms developing in this area that have rotation. if you are in northern virginia, you are getting hard now and could get hit hard again later. southern maryland, we have not seen the storms in your area. they are crossing over the river into western portions of charles county. you will see them in a couple hours. somebody said hey, i'm going to a football game in cal vert county starting at 6:00 or 7:00. what should we do? >> you know we are going to have storms. keep a watchful eye to the sky. if you are out, if you are thinking of heading to a football game into southern maryland where it's not raining right now, make sure you keep a watchful eye to the sky. if you hear thunder or feel the rain drops, that's the first
5:44 pm
areas that are going -- that's the first area you are going to be seeing. make sure you get inside, in your car. if you are at a school, get inside the school. you do not want to be caught out in the storms. we have a lot of games tonight. we are talking the games across the area as i mentioned into calvert county. thursday night football, we are going to continue to watch the storms move through the area. the hardest hit areas. reston, chantilly, vienna. >> keep in mind, folks in southwestern fairfax county, you remain under the tornado warning until 6:00 p.m. i zoomed in here. we can show you another camera inside fairfax county, the i-66 fairfax county parkway where you are looking at the headlights again. you can see a lot of rain coming down and a lot of rain on area roads, too.
5:45 pm
a nasty, nasty thursday evening rush up and down i-95. for so many other roads, too. west of d.c. right now. a lot of folks in d.c. saying i'm getting rainshowers right now. this whole line makes its way northward, the individual cells, that whole line is pushing eastward and while it's -- we are approaching the 6:00 hour now, by the time we get to 6:30, certainly 7:00, the heavy rain is going to make its way inside the beltway and on top of d.c. into areas like bethesda and certainly east of fairfax. >> let's go to graphics 39. this depicts where the heaviest rain is. portions of fairfax. we'll zoom in toward the clifton area, chantilly. this is along 66 into 29. see all the lightning pop on
5:46 pm
here. i'm going to do a query here on the lightning and see how much we see out of this. at this current time, over ten minutes, this area produced 117 lightning strikes in the last ten minutes. this means business. it continues to move to the north and east. you are seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder. if thunder roars go indoors. that's what the national weather service says. if you start to hear that thunder, make sure you are inside. this storm is trekking into montgomery county over the river in a half hour. right now, the tornado warning including fairfax county, reston, the city of fairfax and another tornado warning through woodbridge and southern portions of fairfax county, around springfield. this area will continue to be hit fairly hard by the storms. veronica? >> doug, you mentioned the potential of the storms
5:47 pm
producing lightning. also, hail. fredericksburg, virginia, south and east of there, reports of hail an hour ago. here on the digital doppler radar, i have taken it off for a moment to show you what we refer to as skits here. these are the markers where there's an indication of hail falling from the cells on i-66 and 29. that's around willow springs heading northeast. we have other spots just west toward leesburg and toward i-50. just east of middleburg area and another little area that's south and west of manassas around brentsville that could be producing hail. put the radar back on for you. keep in mind for fairfax county, areas of prince william county, under a tornado warning until 6:00 p.m.
5:48 pm
let me put the radar back on for you and loop it out here. it's all moving northeast at 30 miles per hour. before long, it will be hitting 270 around gaithersburg and making its way to leesburg, virginia. >> we are going to continue to watch this here. we have seen this over the past several hours. we are going to throw it to you in the studio. stay with us. we'll keep you updated on the dangerous storms as they develop throughout the evening. >> it's something to see that on the map. >> we want to go to sports and the redskins rewind with the eagles. dan hellie, what you got? >> jim and wendy, redskins and eagles games conjure up great memories. usually great memories. the memories from 1987 were pleasant including a season opener that marked the debut of doug williams. turn back the clock for redskins
5:49 pm
rewind. september 13th, 1987. the first day doug delivered. reggie white and the eagles gave the skins a first quarter to forget. second skins possession. jay sh raider going left. white separated his shoulder on the play. a nagging injury that would keep him out for most of the season. enter doug williams who ends the first drive with a six-yard touchdown. there's more pain in the point after. number 4, atkinson on to the p.a.t., he gets run into on andre. a dislocated left ankle. it ended his career with the redskins. second quarter and the eagles take flight. randall cunningham with the
5:50 pm
smooth toss from 30 yards out. a three-point ball game. skins lead, 10-7. williams had something to prove. late second quarter. 34 yards. setting up a one-yard touchdown and a 17-10 halftime lead for the skins. >> i have always said that to play with these guys would be great. just getting the chance to play with someone else would be better. >> third quarter, williams dialling long distance. 57 yards to ricky sanders. another touchdown plunge. skins up, 24-10. >> he came in, played a great game. jay throws a more direct ball. basically came and played a great job. mr. d.c. he's the man on the town.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: the scenario turns into a nightmare. reggie white again with a blind side hit. this time, he comes up with the ball and the big man can move. check him out. he rolls 70 yards after three quarters and a touchdown. we are tied at 24. this day belonged to doug. on the kick off, griffin brings it in. cuts right through the middle of the mayhem. breaks left. sets up the skins on the eagle 39 yard line to end the third quarter. next play. doug does it. a perfect toss to art monk. it's a 39 yard hook up and the skins go up 31-24 before the defense seals the deal. charles man bringing down cunningham and the eagles hopes of a comeback. skins win it, 34-24. >> once the coaches evaluate the
5:52 pm
situation, jake went down. doug comes in. this is not a team that is rebuilding. this is a team reloading. we trying to go to super bowl. >> they didn't just go to super bowl xxii, they won super bowl xxii. a record setting performance. one of the greatest memories for redskins fans. >> it was good to see atkinson taken off the field, again. he was here for awhile. we have a lot of tornado activity threatening us out there. let's go to the weather center. >> we are continuing to watch it here. we have the tornado warnings in effect for prince william and fairfax county. now two separate warnings. we take the radar off the map to show you where the warnings are. they include the city of fairfax and also down into portions of i-95, springfield.
5:53 pm
this is a very dangerous situation now heading into fairfax. let's put the radar on, veronica. we have been watching the storms. we have the possibility of tornadoes and also a possibility of hail. we have reports of large hail out of these storms and very, very heavy rainfall at the current time. please be careful if you are in and around manassas and fairfax, ruston, sterling, loudoun county. extremely heavy rainfall. we'll continue to see the rain right on through the next couple hours as it makes its way toward montgomery county. the hardest hit right now is oakton. we have the tornado warning until 6:00 tonight. >> these are all moving north and northeastward. eventually lateensville within
5:54 pm
the next couple minutes. as far as the tornado warning goes, we are going to track this cell we have been watching very closely. northeastward at 30 miles per hour. it's heading into areas like four corners in the next 11 minutes. great falls in the next 18. that's one cell there. the sweet spot that we are seeing possible rotation based on radar. gaithersburg, the next 40 minutes. so, severe thunderstorms we have a lot of them out there. this particular one, it's capable of producing a tornado. now, in terms of some of the other storms we are looking at, i'm going to widen out a bit. i'll take the tracking off. woodbridge down toward quantico and fredericksburg or east of fredericksburg, virginia right now and starting to hit western charles county pretty hard. some of the heavy rain and this
5:55 pm
will be heading northeastward in a couple minutes. woodbridge, heavy rain as well as frequent lightning. any of the severe thunderstorms are capable of producing hail. we have already seen that earlier today down in fredericksburg, virginia. there's one, the largest cell we are tracking north of fairfax right now, headed toward spots like weston and mcclain with more of the rain into montgomery county. doug? >> let's switch over to 29 now. you can see where we are talking about the warnings. located around the city of fairfax, to the west of the city of fairfax and woodbridge and down along 95. the area in the yellow, the red is the warnings. yellow is the tornado watch. this goes into effect until 11:00 or is in effect until 11:00. the national weather service extended this to include howard
5:56 pm
county and the baltimore region. this is the area that's under the gun throughout the rest of the evening into the overnight hours. this is really just round one. more storms as veronica showed you. they continue to make their way on through. if you have plans in towards southern maryland and fauquier and cumberland county. you are not out of the woods yet. because you don't see the rain yet doesn't mean you won't see them rumble through. the strongest of these storms right now around fairfax, right around reston and woodbridge. these are the two storms we have been watching closely. woodbridge 123, i-95 and route 1. this is close to newington in the next 20 minutes or so. follow the line down across the river and towards charles county. you can see right around quantico. we continue to watch them from the storm center.
5:57 pm
we are not seeing lot of rain and hail, but lightning, too. >> a lot of lightning. that lightning is not too far from gaithersburg, maryland moving north of fairfax now into spots like reston. into spots like reston. very frequent lightning now. let's switch over to graphics 22 and i'll show you where the lightning strikes are, making their way through reston and north vienna and fairfax. spots like gaithersburg, you are probably seeing the lightning in the distance and hearing the thunder as well. we have more lightning around wood bridge and quantico as well as coming through western charles county. these are all areas that are getting the very heavy rain right now. i mean intense rain. perhaps even some hail coming to you. if you have pictures of hail, send them to
5:58 pm let me open it up more to show you what's to the south of us. more thunderstorms. more severe thunderstorms that have the potential to be worn down this evening for tornadoes. that's the reason why so much of this area is under a tornado watch. i don't think we are done yet. this system that is producing all of this is a cold front that is west of us. we have enough breaks in the cloud cover today and tomorrow air and tropical moisture in the air. i'm going to open it up a little bit more and you can see what's west fous. coming through west virginia. coming through areas of eastern kentucky and eastern tennessee, you can really see what's out ahead of this weather front and why. there is also spin in the atmosphere. look at these storms as they make their way from southwest to northeast. you can see that push around kentucky. you can see it around charleston and in our individual storms that are rolling through this area right now right along i-95.
5:59 pm
>> we are going to continue to watch this now. let's go back to the studio. guys? >> we are going to say a quick good-bye. >> stay there, news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news tonight. there might have been a tornado touch down in louisa county, virginia today. it's the epicenter of the rare earthquake that hit in august. no reports of anybody injured. tonight, there's threat of more severe weather. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer. what is the latest? >> one of the most populated counties in the viewing area is fairfax county.


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