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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  October 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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rescuecen participants of occupy pennsylvania avenue will begin today. these walks are specifically aimed at politicians and will be different from the previous occupy d.c. protests because demonstrators won't be camping out. the founder of the group say demonstrators plan on coming back every day for rallies until they see change in d.c. this morning police in hanover county are asking for assistance in helping find a missing autistic child. 9-year-old robbie wood ard jr. ron dered off on richmond. he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, blue pants, and blue shoes. if you would like to search for the boy, show up at king's dominion parking lot at 9:00 this morning. >> a chilly start to the day. want to know if we're going to continue. >> we got a few showers overnight, but those are cleared out. now we're getting a little fog under a clear sky on this
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tuesday morning. good morning, this 25th day of october. starting off with a chill in the air once again. we're down to the mid-40s in most locations, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, as well as across most of virginia and maryland. eastern shore a bit milder. there in the low to mid-50s, parts of southern maryland, northern neck, right near the waters. away from the waters, farther west, we're down in the 40s. just in the low 40s much of western maryland and west virginia. those showers came through overnight. now they're long gone replaced by a clear sky. we do have patchy dense fog, especially in northern virginia. we have reports that some of the visibilities are down to a quarter mile or less. watch out for that. allow yourself extra time. could have low visibility as you head out on this tuesday morning, very early. sunrise at 7:27. temperatures by 9:00 should be into the low 60s. we should soar to near 70 by midafternoon with lots of sunshine. a delightful october day coming up. a look at your evening planner
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in ten minutes. here's a look at your tuesday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. so far the area looks pretty good right now. seeing a lot of green. not anything really slowing you down. the beltway looks clear. had some overnight construction on the inner loop. that seems to be on the process of getting picked up inner loop in montgomery county. again, you can see we're moving right along the beltway in virginia is clear. as well as 395 crossing over the 14th street bridge. speaking of bridges, let's take a live look starting with the wilson bridge. inner loop and outer loop clear in both directions. shooting over to the 14th street bridge as you head into the city, not seeing anything slowing you down. taking the sousa bridge nice and peaceful. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. this morning a jury -- rather jury selection will resume in the trial of a woman accused of killing a coworker. brittany norwood is accused of killing her coworker jayna murray inside the lululemon store back in march. yesterday jurors were asked whether they could disregard the
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extensive media coverage of the case and make decisions solely on trial evidence. most of them stood when they were asked who had seen, heard, or read news accounts of the murder. now to a news 4 exclusive. a woman was caught stealing botox from a plastic surgery practice in fairfax county. this happened last monday at the mt. castle plastic surgery in reston. the woman walked into the practice, received botox, and took off without paying. when nurses tried to contact her, they discovered the woman gave a fake name, address, and social security number. police say it's not a criminal offense but a civil one. >> if someone stole my tv, it would be criminal, but since it was a service that bartered and sold, it's technically civil. >> it doesn't feel good for the practice. it's how we earn a living. >> the practice eventually did get in contact with the woman, and she agreed to pay the fee of $140. the owner of mt. castle plastic surgery tells news 4 he plans on writing a letter to state officials asking them to draft
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legislation making it a criminal offense to not pay for the service. after much criticism, the chevy chase club says it will not use a toxic chemical on its golf course. that's according to "the washington post." earlier this month we reported that neighbors in montgomery county were upset the chevy chase club because they planned to use methylbromide to kill weeds. they'll introduce a counterproposal to the proposed curfew under consideration in montgomery county. the loitering bill targets those who loiter or crowd outside public property. the proposal is losing support. it would require teens 17 or under to be off the street by midnight on weekends and 11:00
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p.m. weekdays. the county council is expected to discuss both bills december 13. speed cameras could rake in $500,000 for just one month in prince george's county. that's according to "the washington examiner." the county has mailed 13,000 citations since the start of the program. each carry a $40 fine. the county only gets that money, of course, if violators pay the fine. this morning police are looking for two different groups wanted for a rash of robberies in northwest washington over the past two days. the latest happened around 7:30 last night on 11th and "s" streets. that robbery followed a number of robberies from over the weekend in the "u" street logan circle, dupont circle area. police say the victim was approached by two suspects and threatened and the suspects got away on bicycles. still, many living in the area say they have not heard of these robberies. >> i think it's a really great area to live, and walking down "u" street is really safe.
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i think people try to stay off the side streets when they're by themselves. >> my parents would be horribly upset if they knew i was walking by myself right now. so, no, i try not to. >> police say one group is believed to be two armed suspects with a gun. the second is believed to be a younger group on bicycles. today in prince william county, a food pantry had to close because it ran out of groceries will reopen at 1:00 p.m. today. the acs food bank serves 40,000 a year. they ran out of resources, but in just one week, acs received $50,000 in donations. that's according to "the washington post." now to decision 2012. this morning republican presidential candidate rick perry is unveiling his economic growth plan. in an op ed piece in "the wall street journal" he writes about his flat tax plan. his mantra is cut, balance, and grow. he would offer a 20% personal
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income tax rate and a 20% corporate tax rate. he would eliminate the long term capital gains taxes as well as taxes on social security benefits and phase out corporate loopholes. today president obama will raise money in san francisco and denver as he continues his three-day west coast swing. yesterday he had dinner with will smith and basketball legend earvin "magic" johnson. before the campaign events, the president introduced a plan to help homeowners who are under water in their mortgages. the president says he will work with federal agencies to try to smooth the way for homeowners to refinance at a lower rate and allow more competition among mortgage lenders. the plan would also lower the closing costs and eliminate some refinancing fees. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. where they won't act, i will.
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>> to qualify, borrowers must have mortgages owned by or guaranteed by fannie mae or freddie mac. they can only have one late pavement in the past year. later tonight, the president will appear on the "jay leno" show. his first appearance was in march of 2009, shortly after taking office. president obama is the first sitting president ever to appear on "the tonight show." you can watch "the tonight show" at 11:30 right here on nbc 4. 4:38 is the time. ahead on "news 4 today," emergency teams rush to help a man after his car plunges into the c&o canal. what crews saw when they arrived on the scene.
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time for weather and traffic on the ones. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. there's a live picture from our city camera showing the washington monument under a clear sky now. no fog right in washington, but across parts of northern virginia, we've got some patchy dense fog. watch out for that. it's a chilly morning many locations are down into the 40s from the mountains all the way to the bay. then from the bay east,
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generally in the low and mid-50s. it's near 50 right in washington. but montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties right down into the low to mid-40s. over the last 12 hours, we did have a few overnight showers whip on through. now they're long gone. we'll have some of the morning fog around for another few hours. lots of sunshine the rest of the day. highs reaching upper 60s to near 70 later this afternoon. sunrise this morning at 7:27. sunset 6:16. we'll be in the 60s through the evening to 50s by midnight under a partly cloudy sky. look at the rest of the week and the weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. taking the trip around town, checking local roadways. not seeing any problems on 66 in both directions. as we loop around to 395. taking 395 north and south, you are clear as you head to the 14th street bridge. not seeing any problems on route 1. all these green cars mean that you are good to go. even as you get on 295 and route 50, checking the roadways there, and it's clear. if you take 50 and continue on to new york avenue, here's the
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scene right here. absolutely clear in d.c. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> danella, thank you. 4:42 now. 51 degrees. still to come, the holiday shopping season is only a few weeks away. >> how much time will you need if you want to mail out those gifts? what one company is predicting will be the busiest shipping day.
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lawyers for the new york city hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexually assaulted her said he is not entitled to diplomatic immunity from a civil lawsuit filed against him. strauss-kahn was initially charged with rape after the maid
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said he attacked her in the hotel room in may. strauss-kahn said the case should be dismissed because he had diplomatic immunity even though he had already resigned as leader of the imf when the lawsuit was filed. attorneys for the maid said, if he ever did have immunity, he forfeited it when he resigned. the defense for the trial of dr. conrad murray will call its sixth witness in their questioning today. a third witness said he knew michael jackson had sleep difficulties for years. about two months before jackson's death, dr. allen metzger said jackson asked him about sleep medication administered by iv. later a nurse testified she started treating jackson with natural sleep remedies four months before he died. she also said she offered advice to jackson about what could be causing his insomnia. >> he loved to drink red bull, and i told him all the caffeine could cause him to feel fatigue. >> 15 people are scheduled to
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take the stand in the defense in four days. dr. murray pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. starting today, the jurors in the casey anthony trial will no longer be anonymous. the trial judge ordered the jurors' names can be released. a few have stepped forward and spoken to the media, but the majority have remained quiet. jurors found anthony not guilty in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee back in july. anthony is currently serving a year's probation at an undisclosed location in florida for an unrelated check fraud case. attorneys for a former university of virginia lacrosse player accuseded of killing his girlfriend are now asking for the victim's medical records. police say that george hewgley beat his girlfriend yardley love to death in 2010. they want love's medical records because they claim she died from an irregular heart rate from
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taking the prescription drug atat tcht aterol and drinking alcohol. president obama has asked for a disaster declaration for louisa county schools, two of which remain closed due to structural damage for the august earthquake. repairs are estimated to cost $31 million, and engineers say insurance won't cover the entire cost. and governor mcdonnell plans to appeal the decision to deny assistance to homeowners with homes damaged in the quake. you see a truck there in the c&o canal. it was a pretty close call for the driver. he somehow drove his truck into the water near fox hole and canal roads in northwest washington. new york police did find him and questioned him. he was not seriously injured. finding parking in downtown
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bethesda will soon be more challenging. one of the busiest parking lots on the corner of wood mont and bethesda avenues will shut down in january. the new development by stonebridge terrace will replace the 300 parking spaces. some drivers we talked to are not happy about the change. >> this lot's been very important as a gathering spot, and it really serves all these businesses right around here. having it here makes it easy to use these businesses. both sides are gone, and the road is close. >> the new development includes apartments, retail, and a new underground parking garage with six new faces that won't be finished for three years. netflix shares fell 30% in trading after the company announced it lost 800,000 customers in the third quarter. they raised prices by as much as 60% and had a pr nightmare when
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it tried to split its dvd by mail rental and streaming video services. despite all that, netflix still posted earnings that beat wall street forecasts. and fedex says it thinks that december the 20th will be its busiest day in history. not just for this year. with 17 million packages to be shipped -- that's more than double its daily average and a 10% increase over the same period last year. among the reasons, more online holiday shopping. fedex plans to hire some 20,000 seasonal workers to help with the rush. today the nba is expected to announce that at least two more weeks of the season will be put on the chopping block. according to the new york daily news, commissioner david stern will cancel another ten games through the end of november. the cancellation comes after talks between players and owners broke last week after issues of revenue sharing and the salary cap. owners say they won't come back to the table unless players agree to split revenues 50-50.
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player representatives call that proposal, quote, intolerable. the texas rangers are one game away from becoming the baseball world champions after a big eighth inning gave them their second straight win. with the bases loaded, catcher mike napoli punched a line drive to right field, and that brought home two runs for a 4-2 lead. then the rangers got a throw-out, strikeout double play to help seal the deal. the series heads back to st. louis where the rangers can take home a title with a win on wednesday or not, we can hope. thanks to a blown call in game three of this year's world series, major league baseball says it is once again considering expanding the use of instant replay. take a look at this play that reignited the play. the umpire called cardinal matt halladay safe after he was clearly tagged by the first baseman. commissioner stern said replay will mostly explain most likely
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to call fair/foul balls. i for one hope they don't. >> really? >> it's a human game played by human beings, and human judgments are all part of the game. what about the strike calls? balls and strike calls. every pitch could make a difference in a game. >> if you have to quibble over every point, there you go. it would be a ten-hour game. there you go, joe. hope the cardinals win for your sake. >> finished ranting? >> i'm done. we've got a little fog out this morning. watch out for that and watch out for deer. this is the time of year we get a lot of automobile-deer collisions. especially with some fog around you can't see them. until we can convince the deer to wear reflective vests, this is going to continue. >> good luck with that. >> as we take a look at the sky in washington, don't have any fog right around washington or inside the beltway for the most part. 51 at reagan national.
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we have a calm wind, and it's very close to the dewpoint. we've got near 100% humidity. this is fog making weather. watch out for the fog, especially in northern virginia, where the depositions are down into the low 40s, many locations, from prince williamf. parts of rappahannock and the blue ridge. parts of arlington, montgomery, fairfax, prince george's county, mid-40s in washington. mid-50s on the bay and eastern shore. that forecast came through in the evening, a little bit of lightning, now it's long gone. we have reports of some auroras visible here overnight. they have been fairly faint here. certainly unusual to see them this far south. as we go forward throughout the day, a gorgeous day as the morning fog dissipates. sunshine and a mostly clear evening. we'll have temperatures mild today as we look at the forecast for this day. sunrise at 7:27. we ought to make it well into the 60s, maybe near 70 during the afternoon. a beautiful autumn day coming
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up. and then tonight will be mild through the early part of the evening in the 60s, and then down into the 50s by midnight and partly cloudy. clouding up tomorrow, maybe a little sun in the morning, highs reaching upper 60s. looks like rain likely on thursday and cool. only the low 60s and chilly. on friday morning, the mid-30s. afternoon highs friday with partly cloudy skies mid-50s. there's a small chance of a passing shower saturday. otherwise, cloudy in the 50s and sun back sunday into monday. danella, good morning. here's traffic. >> good morning. so far quiet on the roadways. let's head up to 270. i'm checking it for you. so far seeing a lot of green out of clarksburg making your way towards the spur passing germantown. even as you head through gaithersburg and to rockville in both directions. not seeing any major congestion. your lanes are open. let's head down to i-95 in virginia at fairfax county parkway. you are clear. as you continue towards the springfield interchange, not
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seeing any problems in either direction. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. it is now 4:54, 51 degrees. you can win a new sony blu-ray courtesy of nbc 4. >> all you have to do is like our nbc washington page on facebook, then sign up to win great prizes. we will pick a winner today and make the announcement during our 11:00 p.m. news cast. time right now 4:55. it's well-known that steve jobs had his hand in just about everything at apple. several of its hit products have his fingerprints all over them. coming up, why he may even have a huge impact on gadget that's are still months and years down
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welcome back. steve jobs was working on new apple products right up until the day he died. that's according to a former colleague who spoke to the british newspaper "the daily mail." the president of apple's partner softbank said jobs called new apple ceo tim cook about the next product from the confines of his bed. the report came the day jobs' authorized biography hit store shelves. a new study out this morning
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shows that tablets, including apple's ipad, are making inroads in american homes. according to pew research, about 1 in every 10 american homes own a tablet device and spend 90 minutes a day to use it. consuming news with the most popular activity for tablet owners, along with e-mail. social networking comes in third. but the study shows we still aren't willing to pay for news with just 14% of those surveyed paying for new content for their tablets. today zagat releases the top ref ran restaurants of 2012. only one made the list from d.c. that would be the french restaurant marcel's on pennsylvania avenue. texans eat out the most, eating out some four times a week. those in washington, d.c., averaged eating out 2.6 times a week. the zagat survey showed that americans spend on average $35.65 when they go out to eat. that's up from $35.37 last


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