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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 4, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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>> al: bob, tony and mike will wrap up the game and cris and i will take a look ahead. a great rivalry, we've done so mf of many of those games through the years. >> cris: giants almost knocked off the undefeated packers today. >> al: sproles will take the
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ball up to the 29 yard line. they cannot stop the clock. matthew stafford, big night statistically. 30 of 42. should be good enough to win a lot of games. but when your team is penalized 108 yards and so many of those penalties were ridiculous on one hand and costly on the other. you talk about the ndamukong suh penalty and subsequent suspension. not only did that happen, but it happened at a time in the game when it would have been a fourth down, green bay would have kicked a field goal. instead first and goal, went in for a touchdown and made it 14-0. see you around. >> cris: it's just so hard to win one game in the nfl, but when you give away back to back games during a playoff run over silly things like that, there's just no reason.
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everybody who plays the game now, they watch games on television, they fully understand what the rules are. and you just can't let your emotions get away from you. i know it's been tough. jim schwartz watching it. but he has no choice now. i mean, this has to be hammered home. you would have thought it was hammered home a week ago. i'm sure they talked about it during the course of the week. but to let it happen again, jim schwartz and this coaching staff, they have to take a little different tact. i've seen some coaches that will cut guys over that to make a point that that will not happen again. the first down will end it. leaning is ingram. doesn't appear to have it. this would give the ball to detroit on downs. also probably put some more time
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back on the clock. they're going to measure here. they're going to say first down. for a few seconds ticked off. they want to measure here. and if they didn't get it, they'll put five or six seconds back on the clock. so they will bring in the chains. stafford tonight, one touchdown, one interception and 17 points on the board. and a lot of third and 15s
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because of silly plays. vanden bosch, pretty much neutralized by that protection scheme. >> cris: they lost to good teams at home but they did lose at home. san francisco, atlanta, green bay. they've had good teams on the road. at tampa, at denver. >> they put five seconds back on the clock. maurice morris at the 31 yard line. >> i think the good news for the lieons is matthew stafford's hand apeas to be well. he was messing around with it a lot before the game just trying to get it loose.
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but the way the ball came out of his happened in this game looked almost completely different than what it was a week and a half ago on thanksgiving. from the 41 on first down. the lions lost tonight and will clinch the nfc north title for the undpeeted green bay packers. >> cris: packers clearly got a scare in that game today. it was eli manning who came all the way back to tie the game with a two-point conversion late. then aaron rodgers and company as they've done all season long answered again. drives the length of the skill in less than a minute. kicked the game-winning field goal at the buzzer. >> al: second and ten.
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stafford down at the 34. one thing about jim schwartz, he was a young kid when bill belichick brought him in. got a shot from jeff fisher. there's brandon fisher, he's jeff fisher's son. long-time head coach of the titans. i would expect jeff would be back at some point as head coach again. this kid is really, really good. that's going to take the lions back home. and the saints to a mark of the 9-3. and that's even more room between the saints and the falcons. who lost today. as the falcons trail by two.
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the saints have already won head to head. 31-17 with the post game report from wendys coming up next.
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michele? >> michele: bob, thank you. jimmy, early fourth quarter, you needed to put space between you and the lions on the scoring drive. drew brees found you four times. why were you cooking at that time. >> we were talking about one drive, just one play at a time. he just makes me look good. >> you have the most receiving yards by a tight end since 1970. how have you had success so quickly? >> you know, it's really my teammates and my coaches. you know, the confidence that drew has is amazing. he tells me sometimes, i don't care if there's two guy ops you, i'm going to throw the ball where only you can catch it. when your quarterback has confidence if you like that, it
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just raises you to a new level. >> he's such a stud. a raw, young talent was a guy who's figuring it out quickly. i think the thing i like about him most is his heart and desire. he understands each day is about getting better and ongoing skill development. he's a big-time player who i have a top of confidence in. >> the detroit defense is a bit depleted tonight. now ndamukong suh. how were you able to capitalize on that? >> they're still a great defense. i feel like our guys up front dpid a great job. >> >> michele: i know you don't like to talk about individual number. you are on a record-setting pace. in 20088, you came up 15 yards short of dan marino's single
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season passing record. what would it mean to you to get it this year? >> it's all about winning. if we can get the record while winning, so be it. if not, that's all right, too. all our hopes and dreams and aspirations go beyond setting records. it's all about winning and getting to the big dance. >> michele: congratulations, drew, thanks. >> bob: so with the saints win over the lie yo i don't knows, the playoff picture looks like this. the packers have clinched the afc north. the 49ers have won the west. the first division title since 2002. the nfc wild card contenders all lost today. we bring in tony dungy. the falcons lions and bears all have their issues. which do you think will survive and make it into the postseason? >> tony: i still like the lions for a couple of reasons. they have a schedule that sets up nicely. they have winnable games coming up and they have a lot of young talent. but the thing you don't like
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right now is their maturity. they're going to have to curb their emotion and play with a little maturity in a playoff stretch in december. you can't just play with talent. their coaching staff has to get that under control. >> let's look now at the afc playoff victory. tim tebow's broncos take over first place in the afc west, based on anl edge over the raiders in tie braerks. the bengals loss to the steelers boost the chances of the other wild card contenders for that final spot, including the titans and the jets. tonying whichey tony, which of those five-loss teams has the best shot? ? they've got three home games and a game at st. louis. i love andy dalton and a.j. green. these young receivers with dalton can make some plays. and i think with the three home games, they make some hay and
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get themselves in the playoffs. >> bob: all right, tony, thanks. mike florio will have more on nbc sports talk. mike, a number of big-name players suffered injuries today. run them down for us, please. >> mike: the bears playoff chances took a hit with what is believed to be a partially torn mvl suffered by star running back matt forte. more testing to come, but it's likely he's going to miss a couple of weeks with that knee jury injury. andre johnson missed a couple of games. today he suffered an injury to his left hamstring. he told reporters after the game he'll be fine. he'll have an mri tomorrow. patrick willis, another hamstring injury, another mri on monday, but he also believes that he'll be fine. and finally for the packers, cornerback charles woodson has a concussion and once that diagnosis is applied, until an
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independent neurologist clears woodson, he won't be able to practice or play. >> al: thanks a lot. we take you inside the pivotal plays including aaron rodgers' last-minute game winning drive against the lions. al and cris are back to wrap things up. dig in, baby. it's the w, new from wendy's. double beef, double cheese... our best toppings and signature sauce on a buttered, toasted bun. try it now for just $2.99. the w. only at wendy's. i joined the navy when i was nineteen. i spent four years in the military and i served a tour in iraq. all the skills that i learned in the military are very transferable into the corporate and real world.
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[ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now. but hurry -- the offer ends january 3rd. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! >> al: we take a look at the giants and the cowboys.
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giants reeling, the cowboys lose to arizona today. the giants gate big break and away we go to arlington next sunday night. >> cris: two games in the remaining four for these two football teams. and that's probably going to end up deciding it. it's nice the way the nfl has set up the schedule this year with all the divisional games at the end. let it come down to what happens on the field and we'll see. but for the cowboys today, really disappointing loss for the giants. i thought they played their guts out. i thought they had a good chance to beat the packers. >> al: game tied near the end. aaron rodgers led green bay to a field goal. giants have two games with dallas, they have one game with washington and then a road game in a matter of speaking against the jets. it's in their stadium so at least they control their own fate. >> cris: that's going to be a great one, too. it looks like both of those teams are probably going to have to win that one or go away. >> al: see you deep in the heart
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of next week. in new orleans tonight, penalties do in detroit. 31-17, the final score. until next week, for our entire crew, al michaels, cris collingsworth, michele tafoya. good night from new orleans. ♪ ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location
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the redskins prove to be their own wereorst enemy. their loss come pounded two players suspended for drug use. and occupy d.c., protestors pride from the roof they built during the night. quite a scene. good evening i'm in for aaron gilchrest. a cherry picker, forklift inflatable used to remove protestors from a building. darcy spencer has the the latest on the story developing at m mcpherson square darcy? >> reporter: quite an ordeal. took a lot of resources. this emteam space where the structure was erected this
11:53 pm
morning. gone now. dismandated. carted away. after a 9 1/2 hour standoff that ended with dozens of arrests. the u.s. park service tonight tore down a structure built by occupy d.c. protestors at m mcpherson square. the structure built for homeless people was erected in the overnight hours and sparked a showdown with police that lasted for hours and ended in 31 arrest arrests. >> what were you charged with? crossing a police line. don't see how you are crossing a police line when they formed around you. it's confusing. basically, i mean not going to pay it. >> the police decided to usurp nigh rights as an american sit isn't to be able to assemble. i got take any way for it. >> d.c. building engineer declared the building unsafe. when protestors reap fusefused to move. police moved in. 16 were charged with disobeying an official order.
11:54 pm
police used a cherry picker to chuck half a dozen appropriate testers from the roof of the structure. tying a rope around them. police lifted them into the bucket. the last protestor could be seen relieving himself from the roof of the building he was charged with urinating in public indecent ex-popeposure. >> as far as the police if you look at the rope tied around. that is a safety issue. >> twoprotestors were taken into custody. police dismandated one of the occupy d.c. tents during the operation. left the rest intact. police say the building was illegal. >> park police and national park service firmly support people any first amendment rights to assemble and seek redress from their government. in this instance it is a safety issue. >> reporter: just a few minutes
11:55 pm
ago. i was automobile toble to speak to a lawyer of the folks arrested. some will spend the night in jail. many charges can be disposed of by paying a fine. i asked some protestors whether it was worth it getting arrested today. they told me yeah, they thought it was worth it. they thought it made their point. darcy spencer, news 4, jim. >> tonight the redskins' any troubles are deeper than what we have been seeing on the playing field. there are reports that two key players have been suspended because of drug use. and they're out for the season. hakeem here with more on the story? >> yeah jim, this surfaced after the miami dolphins game. now starting to unravel. now we know details. fred davis and trent williams will be suspended for remainedder of the season for violating the league substance abuse policy. davis and williams have failed
11:56 pm
at least three drug tests since turning pro. both players not made available for comment after the loss to the jets. rex ryan and jets with playoff hopes. mike shanahan's team with no playoff hopes. things did start well. first drive. second and goal. gets the toss. in from two yards out t 23 carries. 100 yard. back to back 100-yard games for the rookie. fourth quarter. jets down 16-13. mark sanchez find wide open santonio holmes. 30-yard touchdown. ensuing redskins possession. grossman. sacked. rex fumbles. calvin pace recovers. grossman 19 of 46. with a qb rating of 47.5. not good. the jets cash in. direct snap to burst through for a 9-yard touchdown. green with 3 tds.
11:57 pm
jets win 34-19. redskins drop to 4-8. it is frustrating. you come out in the second half. we had three series of three and up in offense. had a chance to get the momentum of the game we didn't. come back with a pretty good play. sluggo called. got the touchdown. but we are in the football game. disappointed with the way we finished. couldn't get much going on offense. you know hard to didn't football game. when you finish like we did. >> redskins gave up 21 fourth quarter points. dan goes one-on-one with head coach mike shanahan. hear from the players in the locker room report. tim tebow comes up clutch again. this time -- in minnesota. as for the redskins next week. they take on the new england patriots. so it gets even worse. a very formidable fo in the patriots. fates played the patriots. 52-7. >> numbers keep adding up. you never know. got to stay positive.
11:58 pm
>> got to. and not over till its over. hakeem, see you in a bit. investigators are trying to figure out why an escalator at fed ex field came to a halt injuring five people. before the end of the redskins game. a large crowd was leaving the stadium. two of the injured were taken to a nearby hospital. expected to be okay. >> the students are storming the field. >> a dozen people injured. two critically after a post-game celebration got out of hand in oklahoma. students stormed the field late last night after oklahoma state beat archrival oklahoma. several people were trampled. others fell out of the stand. at least one student plummeted more than 15 feet on to concrete below. >> scared that this guy had just died. i had a lot of things going through my head. i was terrified. kind of wanted to cry in the middle of the excitement. >> this is the second unfortunate incident involving oklahoma state in just the past
11:59 pm
to weeks. in november, two women's basketball coaches were killed in a small plane crash. tomorrow the search will resume for a wssc worker who disappeared in the reservoir. chuck duckett missing since friday afternoon last scene at the lake in sandy spring maryland. authorities hatch been searching the reservoir. so far, they have seen no signs of duckett. a fred read a statement today prepared by duckett's wife. it says they're not giving up hope he will be found. >> we thank those who have spent the last few days looking for chuck. it means a lot that so many people have been searching. and we hope the search will continue. we are not giving up. please help us find him. and keep him in your prayers. until we do. thank you. >> authorities say they will be bringing in additional dive teams and sonar specialists to continue their water search.
12:00 am
they plan to go back out on the water at 7:30 a.m. in decision 2012 the iowa caucuses are just 230 days away now. and now that herman cain is officially out of the race for the white house, the other candidates are vying for his endorsement and that of his supporters. nbc's brian mohr reports. >> reporter: herman cain won't be the next president but may have an tuntopportunity to play king maker. >> i am not going to be silenced and not going away. >> the former presidential hopeful will be endorsing one ofe rivals. the battle for his supporters is heating up. >> they saw herman cain as an outsider. they see my voice will be the one most reflective of his. >> says cain supporters are leaning towards
12:01 am
gingrich. gingrich had a strong lead in iowa. 26%. well ahead of mitt romney and ron paul. gingrich edges up to 28% with cain out of the picture. while cain is out heap still wants to be a voice. >> he may have a big impact. you have to have money and campaign and abuilt feeiltity to get your voice out. >> cain's fall reshaping the 2012 race for the white house. in ham hapnew hampshire ham. latest polls show mitt romney losing ground still hanging on to a strong lead. brian mohr nbc news. washington. >> off the the virginia attorney general will be in our area after reports last week he plans to run for the governorship in 2013. he will be talking to students at west sfooeldfield high school. discuss his job and the role in the criminal justice system.
12:02 am
students will have a chance to ask him questions. he says his official announcement won't come until 2012. harry thomas jr. is being encourages to give up his committee assignments to avoid formal action to force him off. thomas its a member of the government operation committees poised to vote on a sweeping ethics reform bill tomorrow. on friday fbi and irs agents raided his house. he is accused of using $300,000 of city money to fund a lavish lifestyle. thomas is repaying the money but has denied any wrongdoing. even if he gives up his committee assignments he'll maintain a $125,000 salary and voting rights in full council sessions. jack and leslie johnson sentenced for one of the most notorious corruption schemes in maryland state history. jack johnson, former prince george's county executive accused of taking bribes from
12:03 am
developers in xwexchange for favorable treatment. he could face 14 years and extortion and evidence tampering. his wife is a former council member and pleaded guilt yo to destroying efforts and could see 18 months in prison. starting tomorrow the free ride is over on the intercounty connector. the all electronic toll road in maryland will begin charging drivers. the newest section opened two weeks ago and connects i-370 in investigatorsberg and laurel. during peak hours it will cost you $4 to travel the length of the icc. it will cost you more if you've don't have an ez pass. you will get a bill in the mail. tiger wood has a big reason to celebrate tonight. the major milestone he hilt for the first time in years today. grandmother says she got a strip search at the airport. what the tsa is saying in response.
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tb and the stars come out tonight for the kennedy center honors. chuck, how its the weather look snk. >> i don't know itch wef we can top the beautiful music. mild weather to get the week started. a little taste of winter before to make a commitment is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas.


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