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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  January 13, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it is friday, january 13, 2012. we begin with breaking news out of prince george's county. where a body has been found in capital heights. police say someone found the body around 8:30 this morning around a dumpster. the authorities say the body was wrapped in plastic. there is no word on the victim's identity and we will bring you more details as they become available to us. this morning, occupy d.c. protesters are making it clear they have no plans to move out of mcpherson square. the hard-line stance comes after
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d.c. mayor gray sent a strongly worded letter to the national park service asking them to evict the demonstrators. news4's tracee wilkins reports from northwest washington. >> reporter: the mayor is citing everything from an increased rat population to living conditions as reasons for why protesters of occupy d.c. should leave mcpherson square. he's saying that their being there is not only jeopardizing their own health and safety but the folks that live in d.c. since october protesters with occupy d.c. have called mcpherson square on prominent k street their home. it is one of two camp it is group has created in d.c. but it is also the one drawing the most criticism. >> we are here, we are the 99%. just like you. and we are your representatives. capitol hill won't represent you. so we, the people, are representing ourselves. that's our whole reason for being here. >> reporter: d.c.'s mayor, vincent gray is speaking out against the cam in a letter sent
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to the u.s. park service yesterday. gray cite results from a department of health inspection of the camp as reasons for why the park service should close the camp. he said hypothermia and possible death at the cam are a concern. he said the camp is also a possible risk for commune kabul disease for the rest of the city saying that these risks with attributed to improper disposal of contaminant, trash and human waste. he then goes on to say this is also contributing to an increase in the rat population in and around the camp. >> rats were here before us. >> reporter: bear, an organizer for the d.c. camp, says they have no plans on leaving. >> our response to the mayor is hey, we are here, we are here to stay. and we are doing the best we can with the way the federal government park service is laying things on us. >> reporter: the mayor says moving the protesters isn't the city's fight but the federal government's. saying it in his letter since
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both occupy d.c. locations are under federal control, it falls to you to take immediate steps to remedy this dangerous situation. a spokesperson with the national park service says that these prote protest' right to free speech must be protected. he spoke with the national police department and says as of now there are no plans to come down here and clean the folks out of mcpherson. no word yet on what the city will do next. in northwest, tracee wilkins, news4. a baby found alone in a tent at that occupy cam subpoena back with her mother this morning. police arrested samuel mack wednesday after he left the 13-month-old girl alone in a tent in the cold and rain. news4 spoke exclusively with the baby's mother who did not want to be identified. she says mack is a friend who occasionally watches the little girl. she says she had no idea he was taking her to occupy d.c. but
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noticed odd things. >> my aunt said her clothes smell like mildew when he brings her back. i thank god that she's here. that nothing happened to her. >> police say that the child was left alone at least 30 minutes before someone noticed her alone. mack pleaded not guilty to child cruelty charges and was released but the mother tells news4 police arrested him again on other charges. he's due in court next month. turning to the weather now, plunge in the temperatures out there. tom kierein joins us with a first look from midday of our forecast for today on the weekend. tom? >> yeah. what a dramatic drop from yesterday. when you went to bed last night it was probably in the 50s. when you woke up this morning, we were down into the 30s and 20s throughout much of the region. and now just past 11:00 in the morning, temperatures have been holding steady just above freezing in prince george's county, fairfax, arlington counties and the district of columbia. right now reagan national is at 38.
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but in montgomery county, points west and north, it is still just near the freezing mark, little below freezing in many locations and of course, the other big story, the winds. these are the latest wind gusts. we had gusts generally up around 25 to 30 miles an hour. pax river had a gust of 36. and these gusts are probably going to be increasing as we get into the afternoon hours. you combine the wind with the temperature and this is what it feels like. these are the current wind chills. windchill in washington, montgomery county, windchill just near 20. just in the low to mid 20 wind chills in prince george's. arlington, fairfax counties, teens for wind chills farther west and north. and as we look at what's been happening the last 12 hours, we have the cold front come through this morning. now we have had the clouds closing back in after a little bit of sun earlier. we will have a partly sunny afternoon and winds gusting to nearly 50 miles an hour. especially areas just west and north of washington and highs around 40 degrees. how much longer is the cold air going to last? and linger? the latest on that.
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we will take a look at the weekend next week in just a few minutes. >> i want those answers. all right, tom. come on in here in a few minutes. we are going to check on midday traffic now. sheer danella sealock. >> we have a serious accident involving an overturned tractor trailer right now. crews working to clear the diesel fuel that spilled on to the road. this is i-270 northbound on the exit ramp for shady grove. right now shady grove is closed at the time. exit ramp is closed for shady grove. again, this is a live look at chopper 4 right now at the overturned tractor trailer. i'm going to keep watching this for you and let you know when crews can work to clear that. also if you are traveling in d.c. this morning, canal road is closed. this is at arizona avenue. both directions. a downed tree, downed wires and park police are working to clear that as we speak. on the rails the red line single tracking right now between friendship heights and van ness. expect delays in both direction. >> any word whether there were any injuries?
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>> not as of yet. no word. i'm still watching it. actually it is just in the progress of happening now. >> okay. we will check in with you again on that. murder investigation in palmer park, maryland, this morning, just blocks from the prince george's county police headquarters, happened in the 7700 block of bender road. police responded to a call for a shooting around 10:30 last night when they got there, they found a male victim, took him to the hospital where he died. police have not said if they have identified the shooter in this incident. the status of a d.c. nightclub is under review today. mood lounge had liquor license suspended after a double stabbing outside of the establishment last month. news4's megan mcgrath was there as the abc board reviewed the case today. she joins us live with more on that. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, barbara. i can tell you that the fate of the mood lounge is now in the hands of an alcoholic beverage control board. they must decide at some point today whether or not the lounge
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can reopen or whether it will be closed permanently. the lounge has been closed since two men were stabbed outside of the bar after closing. that was on december 30. now, an agreement has been reached between -- with the office of the attorney general and the mood lounge. that agreement outlines the terms under which the bar could reopen. the terms include working security cameras and retraining security personnel, as well as no longer having live music or performers at the club. however, this is just an agreement between the attorney general's office and the bar itself. it has to be approved by the liquor board. and they are taking that under review right now. now many residents don't want the bar to reopen. neither does councilman jack evans. they say that the bar has been a news sxans there are automatic kinds of noise and crowd control issues. but a spokesman for the bar says they are being unfairly punished. she says the stabbing did not happen inside the lounge. it happened after closing out on the street.
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none of their employees were involved. and they believe that they should be allowed to reopen. >> we didn't know anything about the incident. it happened. we were closed. there was a knock on the door and we were notified by the police department of what had happened. so we had no clue. >> we have never, ever had this many complaints against one facility. ever. it is just -- it is a wide group of people. it is not just one or two. we hit -- after a weekend, usually on 50 to 60 females from 50 to 60 different people complain being noise and trash. >> reporter: and the hearing is under way right now. and the liquor board says that they will render their decision at some point today. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, megan. second person charged in connection with a crime that led to d.c. council member harry thomas jr.'s conviction pled guilty. prosecutors filed former --
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formal charges against marshall banks yesterday. he's a founder and president of a nonprofit group which prosecutors say helped filter government funds back to thomas. the former council member pled guilty last week to stealing more than $350,000 in city money. he will be sentenced in may. no date has been set yet for banks' sentencing. and new today, president obama's announcing his plans to ask congress for a power to merge some government operations. he is expected to speak in just a few minutes. a senior administration official says he will ask congress for more power to combine six trade and commerce operations that overlap. this would eliminate 1,000 to 2,000 jobs through attrition. administration says the merger would save $3 billion over ten years by getting rid of duplicate programs. the official spoke on the condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement. and right now first lady michelle obama is headed to a school with the cast of a hit nickelodeon show. she is scheduled to visit
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hayfield's secondary school in alexandria. the cast of icarly is joining her. they are promoting an upcoming episode of mrs. obama. she is thinking military fami families for their work. on the star amanda cosgrove play it is daughter of an air force daughter. the white house says the first lady will participate in random dancing which, of course, is a staple of the nickelodeon show. 11 minutes after 11:00 is our time now. coming up what the pentagon now knows about the marines in a disturbing video from afghanistan. plus, colbert for president? how the comedian is making waves in the presidential race. and a special job fair taking place right now for military spouses.
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this morning, the pentagon officials are worrying about the release of a disturbing video showing u.s. marines desecrating the bodies of dead afghans and are concerned it could undermine future peace talks with the taliban. the video shows four marines in full combat gear urinating on three dead militants. the video was first posted on the internet. the pentagon identified all four marines shown in that clip. two are in custody in camp lejeune. one may be back in afghanistan now. secretary of state hill hill
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called the video deplorable. >> inconsistent with american values, standards of behavior, that we expect from our military personnel. >> nbc news has learned the pentagon tapped the same man who oversaw the repeal of don't ask, don't tell to lead the investigation. experts expect swift and strong punishment that could run up the chain of command. today we could learn which republican presidential candidates will appear on the ballot for virginia's primary. a federal judge in richmond is expected to rule on a lawsuit filed by texas governor rick perry. he filed the suit after failing to submit the 10 thousand signatures required to appear on virginia's ballot. if perrins his case, he along with newt gingrich, rick santor santorum, jon huntsman, could all be put on the virginia primary ballot. romney's opponents for the gop nomination appear to be dialing down their attacks on
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the republican front-runner. romney is ahead in the polls a week before the state's primary. on top of his victories in iowa and new hampshire. while the other candidates continue attacking romney over his political past, they are trying not to offend gop voters. >> are you attacking bane or just asking questions? >> asking questions. i'm shocked at how defensive they are. >> do you think mitt romney could have saved those jobs? is there anything you could have done to save those jobs? >> you don't know, do you? >> well, if you think the race for president needs a little humor you may be in luck. comedian stephen colbert is hinting he could enter the race for the white house. colbert said he's transferred control of his super-pac to his friend jon stewart. he's also formed an exploratory committee to look into whether he could run for president of what he calls the united state of south carolina. colbert is from south carolina. and one poll actually shows him
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getting a greater share of the vote than real candidate jon huntsman. and tom and i have been looking over our shoulder here at this giant picture of the white house and there's a lot of wind blowing out there. as we can see. >> yeah, man. the winds have been gusting over 30 miles an hour. much of the morning. and as we take a look here at that live view, showing the white house and the washington monument you can see those flags are just flapping and stiff wind that continues to blow coming in out of the west. look at the flag there at the top of the white house and then those flags around the monument in the distance. you can see those. they are really, really flapping and straight out there with that wind. look at the fountain there at the fountain of -- the white house, too. it is getting blown in the wind as well. and the -- temperatures around the region are cold. right now at reagan national, that's a live picture from the city camera. we have partly sunny sky and it is 38 wind coming in out of the west there at around 25 miles an
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hour. occasionally gusting up to around 30 to 35. that wind is only going to increase in strength. look at the temperatures off to our west. elkins, west virginia, only 18 degrees. morgantown, 19. pittsburgh is only going to be 17 degrees. this cold air mass coming in on the strong gusty winds and it is going to keep things cold here today, tonight, tomorrow, and into the weekend. all due to large area of low pressure that is spreading snow from the great lakes, lake-effect snows there, into the ohio valley. pennsylvania and much of new york state is covered with snow right now. that's going to continue to rotate into new england. closer view of the radar showing the snow coming into western maryland now and parts of west virginia. this is going to create quite a bit of snowfall for the mountain region of western maryland and much of west virginia. it is only 30 degrees in gaithersburg and prince george's county. only mid 30s, mid 30s much of
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southern maryland. blue ridge, shenandoah valley, points into the mountains, it is only right near the freezing winds gusting. latest gusts around 30 miles per hour in the mountains locally 20 to 25. and southern maryland, some gusts there around 30. wind chills just in the teens now to our west and north. and right around washington, the windchill, that's what it feels like. it is just in the mid and upper 20s. it is only going to continue to worsen as the day progresses with stronger winds. we will have even colder wind chills. quite a bit of cloudiness, too, coming in from the north and west. way off to our west, with that snow coming into western maryland, west virginia, there is a winter weather advisory out and they could pick up three to five inches of snow, new snow there, over the next 24 hours. well, let's go forward over the next 48 hours and conned snowfall there. but locally we will have dry weather. we will have a few clouds racing through from time to time. overnight tonight and tomorrow,
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quite a bit of sunshine during the day saturday. clouds building during the afternoon. and then as we get into sunday, very cold start to sunday morning. temperatures down into the teens by then. so for the rest of the afternoon, partly sunny and cold and windy. gusts to 50 miles an hour. later this afternoon, temperatures upper 30s to 40s for a high. overnight tonight, sunset at 5:08. cold but less windy. down near freezing by midnight. then by dawn tomorrow, temperatures bottoming out near 20 degrees. afternoon saturdays mid 30s. blustery tomorrow but not as windy as today. less wind on sunday. sunshine, teens in the morning and afternoon highs just mid 30s. martin luther king jr. day in the low 40s and partly cloudy. good weather at the break. then on tuesday, rain. into the 50s, cold and dry after that. that's the way it looks. bundle up. >> okay. we will. thank you, tom. let's get a look the roads with danella. how is it looking? >> this is the scene earlier
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today with an overturned tractor trailer. crews are still in the process of clearing it now. chopper 4 was just there. and recorded this for us. you can see we have fuel, diesel fuel on the roadway. this is if you are traveling in the local lanes. 270 northbound, may not exit off at the shady grove ramp. right now, the tractor trailer is still overturned and crews are working to clear the accident and no word on injuries at this time. now if you are traveling in d.c., at this point, canal road, that closure is still there at arizona avenue in both directions because of a downed tree. and downed wires. avoid the area if possible. if you are traveling in virginia, i-66, suddenly road, no issues on 66 outside of the beltway or inside the beltway. you are clear traveling east and west. barbara, back to you. >> thank you. we will see you again shortly. it is now 11:21. still ahead on "news4 midday," a lot to do this weekend for children at the news4 health and fitness expo. we will get you ready for the
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this weekend's news4 health and fitness expo features something for everyone, including fun and if iness for children of all ages. kids will get a chance to sho off their dance moves and get a little exercise while playing games like dance dance revolution. virtual operating room will give children the opportunity to play doctor and learn about medicine. there is an obstacle course to challenge any child athlete. sports like tennis, indoor soccer, they will all be offered. kids will even get the chance to rock climb in our indoor wall or on the wall out there. and then after all that activity, live cooking demonstrations, show kids how to make good choices when it comes to healthy eating and then end the day with a calm note with a yoga class just for children. partisan supervision required for all events and activities involving children. the news4 health and fitness expo is tomorrow and sunday if from 9:00 to 5:00 at the washington convention center. admission is free. we are all going to be out there to welcome you and looking forward to seeing you.
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sunday is a big night for hollywood. 69th annual golden globe awards are right here on nbc honoring the year's best in film and television. if the past couple of years are any indication what goes on between the awards may cause as much chatter as the awards themselves. news4's melissa is here now with more on the contenders. >> it is a night when holiday pulls out all the stops. glitzy dresses and heels, suits and the shades but they all better get ready for another round with host ricky gervais. let's take a look at one of the hottest matchups at the globes this year. this year's golden globes will be the site of a serious showdown between best buds brad pitt and george clooney. there is other competition in this category for best actor in a drama. george clooney for "the descendants." at this point critics are saying it is going to be the year of mr. clooney. time to take a look at the best
11:27 am
actress at goer as well. stiff competition here. critics here are saying streep is the one that will take this one. "the artist" has gotten a lot of buzz. leading the nomination with a whopping six. you can let us know your picks for the awards by going to our facebook page and voting. this is the third straight tour of duty for ricky gervais serving as globe's host. >> they are not going to hear much beforehand. i'm going to say exactly what i want. it is live. and anything can happen. >> gervais says he suggests anyone in the room just get over themselves and laugh and have fun. >> okay. we are going to be watching sunday night. it is 11:27 now. coming up in the next half hour of "news4 midday" special job fair for military spouses taking place right now. plus looking back on a day many people in our area will never
11:28 am
forget. 30 years since an unthinkable tragedy. and joining forces today, why maryland, virginia, and the district leaders are all meeting today about metro safety. tom kierein will also be back with why it will feel colder than it is i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. a lot of times, the picture would break up. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. move up to verizon fios tv, internet and phone
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right now on "news4 midday," president obama is asking plans
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of congress for power. according to a senior administration official this would eliminate 1,000 to 2,000 jobs through attrition and save $3 billion over ten years. today news4 is joining several community groups to help military spouses get a job. the men and women have sacrificed their careers for their spouses and their country. now we are helping men. military spouse career and hiring fare happening at the convention center. jane watrel who is also a military spouse is live with more on what's going on there. jane? >> i'm a proud navy spouse. a military spouse for over 20 years. there are over 1,000 other men and women down here at the convention center joining me for this military spouse hiring fair. it is not always easy being a spouse because you often move from place to place. they are uploading their resumes so they can have experts go over them with them and help them become more employable because as i said, one of the problems
11:32 am
about being a military spouse is that you have to pick up and move and employers are willing to hire you. up on stage right now is patty, her husband is the va secretary. a part of this hiring fair was her idea. and as 3 million men and women are still serving in harm's way and their spouses are home. so right now people are with military spouses are with people who understand their value. >> you have ns translated for military spouses. >> reporter: a close knit community comes together to help one of their own. air force very rans has set up a military spouse mentoring virtual network where women and men can sign up to get and give career advice. >> you can sign on as a protege and find a mentor that has expertise or experience in what you want to do. and the power of this is it is not only located in one city. you can find people who are across the country and for that matter across the world.
11:33 am
>> reporter: this army spouse from bolling air force base is among the first to sign up for a resume review and mentoring. hoping a connection will help her in the job hunt. >> i graduated from college in 2008. and then my husband came back from iraq that same year. so we then uprooted and then, you know, the economy kind of went in a shuffle. so -- it was hard for me to find a job. especially moving out to the d.c. area. >> reporter: according to the u.s. chamber of commerce, the unemployment rate for military spouses is four times the national average. 26%. organizers hope that job fairs like this one can educate employers to the value a spouse can bring to a could or organization. spouses believe that it is plenty. >> just to understand that we are willing to work, we will give at this time long haul, we are used to doing and multitasking and doing five, six things very well at 150%. you know. all the time. so we are really good to hire. >> reporter: washington, d.c., has the largest population of
11:34 am
military spouses in the nation. reporting live in d.c., i'm jane watrel, back to you. >> thank you, jane. today marks 30 years since the air florida tragedy in the 737 plane crashed into the icy potomac river just after taking off from what was then national airport back in 1982. before takeoff crews had de-iced the plane and recently reopened the runway. the pilot had never flown in snow before and took off without inspecting the plane. the flight crashed into the 14th street bridge and ended up in the river. 78 people died. park police helicopter pilot don usher described a medic's efforts to save one woman's life. >> he physically reached down, picked her up, pulled her up on to his boot, and her leg was laying across the toe of his shoe and he physically -- not
11:35 am
strapped in. held on to her. and then we took her all the way around and dropped her off to the shore. >> rescuers managed to save five people, including a flight attendant. wendy rieger talked to a first photographer arriving on the scene following the crash. she have his story tonight. we will check in with tom kierein with the latest our forecast. >> good morning and this morning we have had a very strong wind that's been gusting to nearly 40 miles an hour here over the last hour or so. actually increasing a bit as we get into the afternoon. along with that, it has really dramatically gotten colder. we are down just into the low and mid 30s throughout much of the region including montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and 38 at reagan national. it is a little bit below freezing farther west and north. and we have had the latest wind gust which is are up to around 30 to 35 miles an hour. gradually starting to increase again as the atmosphere gets mixed a little bit with the
11:36 am
sunshine breaking out. we will get even more gusts even higher and as a result, we will have our wind chills that are down into the teens, west and north of us and 20s elsewhere. only sort of hold steady and drop a little bit during the afternoon as those winds get stronger. quite a bit of cloudiness coming through. there's sunshine in and out as well. and we will have the in and out clouds here into the afternoon with the winds gusting near 50 miles an hour. especially areas just west of washington. and then this evening the winds will diminish. temperatures will drop from near 40 this afternoon to 20 by dawn saturday. then tomorrow partly cloudy and blustery and cold. highs mid 30s. less wind on sunday. but fridge mid the morning and teens afternoon highs mid 30s. martin luther king jr. damon, highs, low 40s. maybe rain tuesday. getting cold and dry again after that into mid week. next week. that's the way it looks. barbara? >> all right, thank you, tom. new today, a judge will sentence van der sloot for the murder of a peruvian woman. the court proceedings are under
11:37 am
way and you may remember van der sloot, also the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway. on wednesday he pleaded guilty to killing the peruvian woman he met at a casino down there. the victim's family plans to be at the court for the sentencing under guidelines the panel of judges can sentence van der sloot to as many as 30 years in prison. an alabama judge declared holloway legally dead six years after her disappearance. that came after her father told a judge back in accepted that he believes his daughter died. the declaration allows him to stop paying natalie's medical insurance and use her college fund for her brother. natalie holloway was 18 when she was last seen during a senior trip to aruba back in 2005. van der sloot is still considered a prime suspect in her disappearance but has not been charged. her body has also never been found. later today, leaders in d.c., maryland, virginia, will meet with metro officials to discuss transit issues in the region. d.c. mayor gray will host
11:38 am
virginia governor bob mcdonnell and maryland governor o'malley at the wilson building this afternoon. metro's general manager and board chairman hudgins are scheduled to attend. all three jurisdictions appoint members of metro's board and they fund the transit agency. gray's office has issues of up for discussion of safety and metro's governance. expect delays on metro this weekend as the transit agency uses the long holiday weekend to do track work. two stations, federal center southwest and capitol south will close tonight at 10:00 on the blue and orange lines. shuttle buses will run between the l'enfant plaza and market street. transparency will be single tracking. trains should be back to normal schedule by tuesday morning. let's check in one more time with dan allege sealock to see how things are moving on the roads this friday. almost noon. good morning again. >> good morning. still seeing the accident overturned tractor trailer.
11:39 am
this is on the ramp to shady grove from 270 northbound. this was the scene earlier today and i can tell you not much has changed. but the good news is so far the driver seems to be okay. so just be aware of that if you are traveling i-270. checking travel speeds in our area. right now other roadways look really good. i'm not really seeing any congestion for you as you are traveling along the beltway in maryland. i-66 in virginia is clear as well. and you know what, let's look at travel speeds. 50 westbound from 301 to the beltway. 57 miles per hour. from prince william parkway to the beltway, this time i-95 north in virginia, you are at 62 miles per hour. and making your way from the interchange to the dulles toll road this time inner loop of the beltway in virginia, you are at 56 miles per hour. live look right now traffic is flowing quite nicely. barbara, back to you? >> looks nice out there. okay. thanks a lot. after an 8 year hiatus the mlk date parade martin luther king parade is back on.
11:40 am
lamont peterson will serve as one of the grand marshals and joined by civil rights lead. the parade begins at 8:30 monday. participants start at that time friendship public charter school in southeast washington. and march down martin luther king jr. to leckie elementary school. they are happy to restore a d.c. traditi tradition. continuing a series on the top plastic surgery advances in the 21st century. this week we will take a look at the advancements in liposuction and hair transplantation. dr. stephen is here to tell us why both procedures are safe in producing better results than just a few years ago. smart. >> yes. absolutely. >> we are glad to have you with us. i guess there have been a lot of changes but we want to start with how it changed. since liposuction came out in they '80s, there is a lot different now. >> changed a lot. we are just into the first ten years of this 21st century. already it had been -- there have been changes.
11:41 am
came to the country in 1982. in france, quickly tech no, ma'amy in the united states advanced it with ultrasonic assisted liposuction, laser assisted liposuction. what does this do? makes the procedure safer and we think it makes the procedure more effective. it is now being used to help women with infertility and to help people with heart disease. >> i'm owe suction? >> liposuction, yes. it has been -- right. so people are now, merging of cosmetic and real medicine with this technology. stem cell -- >> lot of men are taking advantage of the it, too. >> yes. minimal incision. we are see something examples of men. you can't get rid of those love handles, i don't care how many dayures in the gym. this can help us do it. that's the fat, heart attack fat that's -- >> that's really just from liposuction? that's not exercise on top of that? >> some people genetically are born with a lot of fat cells. it runs in their families. liposuction can change your genetics and can remove an
11:42 am
absolute number of fat cells and you don't get others unless you gain weight. >> what about the -- tale we heard okay, you take them out of one place but will show up somewhere else, is that true? >> that's only true if you gain 20, 30 pounds. >> i see. if you gain weight they might. >> only if you gain weight. if you maintain your weight the fat cells are never going to come back and you are going to maintain your improvement. >> so -- using laser and some of the other new techniques you say actually make a difference. it is not just giving it a new look at -- into advertising and people coming in and get something done. >> there some of that. lacer is one of those hot button words. but it really does make the procedure safer and we can do it under local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia which is a major advance in terms of safety. and i think it gives us -- patients that used to have the tummy tuck, major operation, can now just do laser liposuction. >> let's quickly touch on hair transplantati transplantation. how has that changed? >> now we are starting to use
11:43 am
low-level lacers to maintain hair. hair loss is a big problem. if you -- by the age of 60, almost 70% of men and 60% of women are suffering hair loss. the problem is there is a limited number of hair. a gentleman like this, just not a donor area. with cloning one hair, turning it into 10,000, we can now offer people like this complete coverage for this problem. >> you are using cloning. >> it is not there commercially yet but made great advances in the past ten years and i think that we are on the verge of seeing this use order daily basis. >> how exciting. all the changes we love hearing about everything that's new. we will look forward to seeing. >> did you things are advancing so fast. some day we may not be either doing hair transplants or li liposucti liposuction. genetic engineering will be the answer. >> wow. all right. always great to see. >> did you exciting. >> thank you for coming in. 11:43 is the time. what's new at the movies this weekend? plus are wha
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
stocks are opening lower. let's check in with cnbc. the rest of the day's business. hi, sima. >> hi, good morning. u.s. stocks have held on to losses this friday morning despite data showing consumer sentiment rose to its highest level in eight months. once again, as you can imagine, market is being dragged down by
11:47 am
news from europe. the biggest question on wall street today is whether france will lose its aaa rating. s&p has told the european governments it is about to downgrade the credit ratings of france and other euro zone sovereigns as early as today. some are saying that a downgrade is imminent. in response to this we are seeing the euro tumble to its lowest intraday level since september of 2010. he plans to ax 2,000 of the u.s. work force ahead of the loss of top selling blood pressure drug. n novartis face it is biggest wave of patent expires ever. lastly, one of the main stocks we are watching today is j.p. morgan. 23% drop in fourth-quarter profit on a sharp drop in its investment banking revenue. but business lending remained in high demand. its share price has fallen revenue and fell short of expectations. that's the wrap of the stocks we are watching.
11:48 am
u.s. major indiceses trading in negative territory. back over to you, barbara. >> thanks a lot. have a great weekend. new at the movies this week, "brother-in-law" ends up on a mafia hit band. "contraband" is the name of the movie. it is up to retired smuggler wahlberg to get back into the game to make the rescue. he offers to make a dangerous run to settle a score. when things go sideways mobsters go after wahlberg's wife and kids. contraband is rated r. two hollywood divas strike a note in "joyful noise." dolly par tin and queen latifah soar in this score. they battle it out over a small town church choir in a state of disharmony. parton tries to shake things up by adding new songs and adding her grandson. he has an ear for music but an eye for latifah's daughter. can they all just get along or will the songs stay out of tune? "joyful noise" is rated pg 13.
11:49 am
our time now is 11:48. coming up, mcfly report. golden gloeks, beyonce, radio prank. plus, meteorologist tom kierein will be back with another check of the cold weekend forecast. stay with news4 all
11:50 am
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taking advantage of the freebies at the golden globes. joining us with more on that, tommy mcfly. good morning. >> hey there. i wish i was taking advantage of these gift bags. they are unbelievable. >> $50,000 worth of goodies in the bags? >> yes. 40 companies from around the world, stars walk in and say i will take that, not that. i will take that and that and that. >> you mean they get to choose what they want. >> yes. >> wow. trips to paris and all that kind of. >> yes. if they took the entire package it is $50,000 in cash and prizes. more prizes. >> a friend of mine that goes to a lot of these kind of things, upscale things where they hand out up wonderful gift bags, says all gift bags are not created equal. >> i totally believe that. if pauley shore walks in, they will say here's some crackers. >> the different table for different people. >> there are small prizes, medium prizes, large prize.
11:53 am
>> you have a gift bag with you. >> yes. in the -- theme of gift bagging i got you a gift bag from our office of things i found all around. >> this is -- from your office? >> stuff we had in our file cabinets, yes. bottle of wine. you have to have that. >> bottle of wine. i never heard of this. >> i haven't either. we have all kinds of stuff. partially used cube from mt. vernon. >> all right. what else have you got? potato chips. >> yeah. >> i'm staying away from those. what's this? >> cupcakes, bag. >> swag. nutrient bar. >> all right. >> thank you. i guess -- >> i brought you a picture of me. >> isn't that great. did i get the good gift bag? >> i would say it is a medium sized gift bag. >> let's talk about beyonce now. her hospital suite. we have been hearing about that all week. >> i will tell you, lenox hill hospital in new york has gotten -- infamous this week. unbelievable with everything going on out there. so -- the -- suite she's in was
11:54 am
between 7 $700 and $800 had an night to stay in. beyonce didn't have one. beyonce didn't have two, she had four of these maternity vi suite. >> a spokesman for the hospital says anyone can have one or two or three or four. you have to pay for them. >> i can't imagine why you need four different suites. is it like the three bears? this bed is too hard, too soft, just right. >> i wonder if they didn't want the paparazzi getting near beyonce. >> one of the families who had babies in the nicu on our show this week and said it was craziness inside. >> really? i guess that's the reason they wanted it. but did anybody get turned away because of beyonce was there? >> yes. that's what this one couple is claiming. they were actually kept away from their babies for a while. >> that's bad. >> it is -- it is interesting stuff. for sure. >> finally, you played a little trick on your mother yesterday.
11:55 am
let's have a listen to what did you. >> yes. >> poor mom. i told her that i was moving to l.a. because there -- they want to move to d.c. and so i called her and i said i was move. >> where is your mom. >> she lives in scranton, pennsylvania. >> i see. what did she say? >> she handled it very well. >> are we hearing it? >> you need to do what you need to do. i will never stand in your way. if you tell them no, what do they do with you then? >> i didn't ask that but i can't imagine it is good. >> all right. you love washington so much i thought you were never going to leave. >> i do love washington but i love money. >> money isn't everything. when will i see you, once a year? >> i didn't anticipate people e-mailed and i thought they would be like you are so mean. people want to prank their families. now we are going to start doing that. we are going to start doing that on the show now. >> that's not nice. >> if anyone wants to prank a
11:56 am
family member -- that's not nice. what did you tell your mother you were just joking? >> on the air. i let it go on for a minimum and half. after she called my boss something or other i had to bleep out. >> anyway, we will see you next week. we are going to take a look at the stories we are following for news4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins news the newsroom with a preview of things to come. hey, pat. >> hi, barbara. coming up today on "news4 at 4:00," complete coverage from the sentencing of van der sloot in peru. why wisconsin mayor may get kicked out of office. then on "news4 at 5:00," air florida, 30 years later. we will bring you part 2 of wendy rieger's special report. an interview with chester panzer the first videographer on the scene after the crash. we will bring you the latest on lenny scutnick. all of that coming up at 4:00. >> thanks a lot, pat. time for a final check on the forecast. here's tom kierein. >> well, as we approach the noon
11:57 am
hour, the winds are increasing. these are the latest wind gusts now. we had the winds now gusting up to 30 to 35 miles an hour. they may be gusting even higher than that. perhaps as high as 50 miles an hour later this afternoon. right now the wind chills are in the 20s and teens throughout the region. that's a combination of wind and air temperature. temperatures sometime only in the 30s to below freezing west and north of us. there's the view from space. quite a bit of cloudiness coming through. with us off and on through the afternoon. winds will diminish tonight and very cold by dawn saturday near 20. tomorrow into the 30s. and blustery wind and partly cloudy. then sunny on sunday. teens in the morning, afternoon high, mid 30s. martin luther king jr. day should be in the low 40s and partly cloudy and maybe some rain on tuesday. have a great weekend. we will see you monday morning. >> all right, tom. you, too. >> i'm confused. i thought i came here to audition for "dancing with the stars." >> i'm tom brokaw. became an anchor on "today" in
11:58 am
1976. >> tom brokaw and jane pauley were on hand as nbc celebrated the 60th anniversary of if toth "today" show this morning. they joined together, current and former, they were toasting 60 years of broadcast american television history. 22,000 shows. tom hanks wheeled out a giant cake for the champagne toast. and for those of you how were counting, hanks has been a guest on that program 22 times. i would have guessed more. that's "news4 midday". thanks for being with us and tune in for news this afternoon, through the weekend and we
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