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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news tonight in fairfax county. a man is charged with killing his roommate in the county's first murder of the year. police say 22-year-old benjamin walker killed rhea leslie who is also 22 years old. they both lived together on gunther court in the centerville area. authorities say walker came to the jail and reported that a woman was dead inside his house. when police got there, they found leslie's body. good evening, everyone. on what is a very busy night here. i'm aaron gilchrist. we are also following breaking news in the race for the white house tonight. former utah governor jon huntsman is ending his campaign in the race for the republican nomination. nbc news confirmed tonight that huntsman will endorse mitt romney. huntsman finished a distant third in the new hampshire primary. tomorrow the gop presidential candidates will debate in myrtle beach. that's ahead of next week's south carolina primary. right now they are locked in a battle for the palmetto state. and mitt romney is the front-runner there. he's got momentum coming from iowa and new hampshire. but south carolina is a state
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where 60% of voters are evangelical christians. the republican candidates have been courting these voters going into the primaries in south carolina. today rick santorum picked up an endorsement from the conservative family research council. jon huntsman also picked up an endorsement from the state. that is the largest newspaper in south carolina. he was still polling behind romney and newt gingrich, though, and still he's expected to drop out tomorrow. and taking a live look outside now, winter's claws really came out this weekend. a brief warm-up, though, could be in the works. meteorologist chuck bell is in storm center 4. does that work, chuck? >> yeah. very brief is the key word in that sentence there, aaron. no doubt about it. we're locked in the deep freeze for at least one more night. it has gotten bitterly cold. especially in the western suburbs, where temperatures are already below 20 degrees now. much of upper montgomery county, western fairfax, northern prince william county, all below 20 degrees right now. even martinsburg is at 19. expect a cold start tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. temperatures, low to
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mid 20s. near 40 by lunchtime tomorrow. and then temperatures will actually continue to rise even after the sun goes down tomorrow, leading to a milder day on tuesday. but tuesday it's going to be a little bit on the wet side. we'll talk about the precipitation and the following cooldown, coming up. >> all right, chuck, thank you. a man charged in a series of home invasion robberies in montgomery and prince george's county is now back in our area. police arrested the suspect this weekend after tracking him down in the outer banks of north carolina. news 4's darcy spencer is live outside the detention center in rockville now with more details. darcy? >> reporter: aaron, i was just able to confirm within the last few minutes that the suspect was brought here to montgomery county today from dare county, north carolina. just within the last couple of hours, he was brought here to the montgomery county detention center. he did appear before a district court commissioner, and he was ordered held without bond. 33-year-old kevin ray is facing multiple charges in montgomery and prince george's counties in connection with three home
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invasion robberies and two sex assaults. the crimes happened between tuesday and friday of last week. ray was captured in kitty hawk, north carolina saturday morning. he waived extradition and was brought back to montgomery county sometime sunday. according to online records, ray is a convicted sex offender who previously served time after pleading guilty to third-degree sex offense in 2005. police say he committed two home invasion robberies in wheaton and bethesda on tuesday and wednesday, tying up some of his victims and sexually assaulting a housekeeper. then on friday morning police say ray committed a third home invasion in temple hills and sexually assaulted the woman he robbed. police say ray used some of the victims' credit and debit cards. they used this surveillance photo from an atm. that led to tips that led to his arrest. hundreds of miles away on the outer banks. >> we released a photograph of the suspect that was taken when he was using one of the victims' credit cards.
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and after releasing that photo received numerous tips from the public. we gathered that information, and we were able to identify a suspect, and we followed him to north carolina. >> so again, ray has been brought back here to montgomery county. he's here at the detention center, being held without bond. i'm also told that he'll appear in court on tuesday for a bond review hearing. reporting live from rockville, darcy spencer, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> darcy, thank you. an 8-year-old boy is dead and his mother is in the hospital after they were hit by a car in alexandria. it happened this afternoon along duke street near the overpass to interstate 395. police say a honda accord went off the roadway and hit the woman and her son. the boy was killed on impact. his mother is expected to be okay. the driver was not hurt and did stay on the scene. a howard university student who'd been missing for almost a week is safe and sound tonight. arianne carr was found earlier tonight in landover hills with an acquaintance. howard university officials say
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she was found in good health and will be reunited with her family soon. carr is a freshman at howard from the bay area of california. tonight her mother released a statement saying in part, "i thank every single person that prayed, prayed, worked and made the phone calls on my behalf. the circumstances of this past week have been exhausting, overwhelming, and beyond my comprehension. god bless you all." five people dead, 15 others missing, and the captain of a cruise liner that ran aground off the italian coast may be facing charges. in the meantime rescue efforts still continue for those still missing nearly two days after this incident. nbc's michelle kosinski reports now from italy. >> reporter: well, from the beginning questions have surrounded the captain. he was arrested, under investigation. now his employer says it appears he brought this enormous cruiseliner too close to shore, then made mistakes handling it. plus investigators now say he himself was on shore while passengers were still scrambling to get off that ship.
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this was friday night. and the latest rescue from on board was sunday afternoon. in a statement costa cruises, the parent company of which is carnival, said it appears significant human error on the part of the captain led to these grave consequences. he himself in an interview defended his actions saying navigational systems showed he was in deep water 1,000 feet offshore, that it was all clear, and that he shouldn't have hit anything, let alone this rock that punched a 160-foot gash into the hull of the ship, sending water pouring in and passengers rushing for the highest point, trying to get into lifeboats while the ship was tilting swiftly. we heard lots of criticism from passengers, saying that there was no organization. >> we weren't going to die in the big ship. we definitely were going to die in the small boat because they didn't know how to work it. and i thought it was going to flip over and we would just drown. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy also just said that 120 americans total were on board.
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back to you. >> michelle, thank you. the first family celebrated martin luther king jr.'s birthday at church today. they attended the historic zion baptist church in northwest washington. the service included a reading from dr. king's letter from a birmingham jail. today would have been dr. king's 83rd birthday. and hundreds attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the martin luther king jr. memorial on the national mall today. it was the first birthday observance since that memorial was dedicated. king's son was among those who attended. >> not just happy birthday and celebrating but yes, we're celebrating the best of what we are but what we must become. >> more events are scheduled for tomorrow, including the return of the martin luther king day parade in an accostia and a service at the national cathedral. i just want to thank my agent, kevin uvane, and god, harvey weinstein.
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>> and the star of "shameless" -- >> her whole speech was i are little longer than that. the stars were out in beverly hills for what many consider the start of a very busy awards season. mark barger spent the night at the 69th annual golden globe awards and joins us live now from outside with a wrap-up of things there. mark? >> that's right, aaron. we are actually at the nbc universal afterparty, which is just upstairs from the ballroom, where the globes were going on tonight. and as viewers hopefully saw just a few moments ago, "the descendants" was one of the big winners, it won best dram arks george clooney best actor in a drama, and "the artist" also came up big, best musical or comedy. and jean desjardins best actor in a comedy. and meryl streep best actress in "the iron lady." as much anticipation as there was about the winners, there was a lot of buzz about the host. >> so where was i? >> reporter: ricky gervais
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picked up right where he left off in his third turn as the globes' host. >> and the golden globe goes to -- >> reporter: the first globe of the night went to christopher plummer, best supporting actor, who plays a senior who comes out of the closet in "beginners." best supporting actor honors went to octavia spencer, part of the ensemble in "the help." >> nuts. thank you to the hollywood foreign press. seriously. >> the role of marilyn monroe brought michelle williams best actress in a musical or comedy for "my week with marilyn." >> thank you to the hollywood press association for putting in my hands the same award that marilyn monroe herself won over 50 years ago. i'm honored. >> reporter: music star madonna won best original song for "masterpiece," a tune that's part of a film she directed, "w.e." while steven spielberg's "the adventures of tin tin" took best animated feature. >> well, thank you very much, hollywood foreign press. >> reporter: in the television category showtime's first year conspiracy thriller "homeland" took best drama and the show's
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star claire danes won best actress. kelsey grammer's switch from comedy to drama brought him best actor honors playing a corrupt mayor in "boss." laura dern best actress for the hbo series "enlightened." and a surprise the matt leblanc won best actor playing an exaggerated version of himself in the showtime series "episodes." >> modern fleechl. >> reporter: meanwhile, series honors for best tv comedy went to "modern family." and now, aaron, now that awards season is officially under way, the march continues. academy awards nominations are coming out just a week from tuesday. back to you. >> mark barger in beverly hills tonight. thank you, mark. and also thank you to everybody who participated in our web chat this evening during the golden globes. had a lot of fun with that. thanks a lot. and still ahead tonight, a major hiring blitz. who's trying to fill more than 1,000 positions starting tomorrow? and a young hero. how an 8-year-old boy risked his life to save his sister. plus, a jam-packed weekend at the washington convention
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center. highlights of the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. and coming up on "sports final," we break down the nfl playoffs and see who our big guys think of the championship pairings. a whole lot of hoyas on our college basketball menu. both the ladies and the men coming up big. and we'll go one on one with terps coach mark turgin, find out what famous football coach out what famous football coach he compa
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metro is using the martin luther king jr. holiday weekend to do some major track work. the agency released this video of a switch replacement near federal center southwest. that station and capital south will be closed until tuesday. shuttle buses are running to help riders get around those closures. starting tomorrow,
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maryland's soon to be largest casino will have an employment center to fill hundreds of new jobs. maryland live says it will fill more than 1,500 positions for the new location at arundel mills mall. there are both full and part-time jobs available in a range of different fields. the employment center will be open from 10:00 until 7:00 weekdays. maryland live is expected to open this summer. 85,000 of you helped make this year's health and fitness expo one of the best yet. two jam-packed days at the washington convention center included dozens of exercise demonstrations. there were lots of fun activities for the kids there, along with some healthy cooking demos and free health screenings too. >> you really need to know what's going on in your body. and sometimes you don't know. you've got to get a check. you don't know about your blood pressure. it could be high. it's a silence killer. so you don't know. but it's good to be informed. >> she gets it. that's the object of the exercise. i want to know who was in that peacock outfit.
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this was our 19th annual health and fitness expo. we hope that you'll join us next year. it's the big 2-0. >> nice. 85,000. it felt, i counted, roughly 350 autographs that i signed today. and it seemed like a lot until i found out that there were 85,000 people there. yikes. >> a lot of people out there. we appreciate you coming and everybody that stopped by the nbc 4 booth and shook hands, and we did pictures -- >> a ton of fun. >> we had a great time. >> a lot of folks come up and say do you remember me from last year and the year before and the year before? >> and sometimes you do. >> the more memorable ones we always remember that. tons of fun. we appreciate everybody coming out and saying hi to us and saying so many nice things and watching. washington coming out. we appreciate nap and everyone was talking about the cold. you noticed, didn't you? it felt like winter for a change around here this weekend. highs in the 30s both days. that makes only the third and fourth times this winter where we've had high temperatures that failed to make 40 degrees. we'll have a temperature better than 40 tomorrow but not much better. outside we go on a sunday night.
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there's the u.s. capitol building, dead center in the middle of downtown washington. nice-looking night out there. but what you can't see is the dome shivering in the chill. it has gotten real cold outside. temperatures way down below freezing in the western suburbs. and way below freezing downtown as well. current temperature at national airport, 28 degrees. dew points are in the single digits and low teens all across the area. and with a clear sky and very light wind out there, temperatures will continue to tumble down into the teens and low 20s for overnight lows tonight. so if you have something to do early on your martin luther king holiday monday, tomorrow, bundle up, first thing. 18 now in gaithersburg. 22 in rockville and bethesda. down into fairfax city right now. 25 degrees. 24 reston town center. 19 in manassas. and the cold air goes all the way back out west of the blue ridge. and you folks along the interstate 81 corridor up into the mountains of west virginia have an eye out for you for tomorrow late in the day as this cold air is stuck in place and the moisture is coming our way. might have a little bit in the
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way of some sleet to concern ourselves with late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. west of the blue ridge mountain. not expecting any problems of any kind here in the washington metro area tomorrow. or even tomorrow night. nothing coming all too close to us on doppler just yet. here's the moisture we're waiting on. it's about 18 hours away as it's running through memphis right now. so it's not all that close, but it will be arriving here just toward the tail end of the daylight hours tomorrow. so with a clear sky tonight, temperatures will tumble fast. then the clouds come in midday tomorrow. that seals out the sunshine. so we'll stay on the cold sight tomorrow with highs only in the upper 30s and low 40s. the cold air in place, this pink, means there may be a little bit of sleet mixing in late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. the warm air races in, and temperatures even with the clouds and the showers back in the 50s by tuesday afternoon ahead of this cold front, which will bring a blustery and cold day back to the picture as we get towards wednesday and thursday. with all that in mind here's your forecast. overnight generally clear. very cold. 15 or colder in some of the
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western suburbs. low to mid 20s in sound and by the bay. and by tomorrow increasing clouds. again, maybe a sleet pellet or two possible. i-81 westbound. not expecting any travel troubles or accumulations. here's the all-important forecast. a chilly increasingly cloudy 40 degree day tomorrow. 53 with the rain on tuesday afternoon. windy and cold on wednesday. typical january for thursday, friday. and then milder again next weekend. maybe a shower on saturday. but back into the 50s as our barely a winter continues. >> we like it. thank you, chuck. and still ahead on the broadcast tonight. a twist in the syracuse sex abuse scandal. why one of the accusers now says he made the whole thing up. and coming up in sports, the
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what the capitals need right now. moving into first place, the capitals have now climbed into first place in the southeast division. thanks in part to home sweet home ice. the caps are riding a seven-game win streak at verizon center. their latest victory today against carolina. and like we said, verizon center's a fun place to be. here's why. thomas vokoun making his ninth straight start, and he was impressive. 13 saves in the first period. he finished way season-high 43 saves. we're scoreless after the first period. second period now, still no score. caps on the attack. alexander semin. bottom of your screen here. rips one to the back of the net. that beats cam ward. see it again. semin goes top shelf for mama, hides the cookies. that's tasty. caps take a 1-0 lead. third period tied at 1. jason chimera bottom of your screen here along the near boards, chips it ahead. ward makes the stop. bounces along.
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dimitri orlov in the right place at the right time. scores on the rebound. his first career nhl goal, and it's the game winner. caps edge the hurricanes 2-1. washington has won three straight. college hoops today. john thompson iii and georgetown visiting st. john's. hollis thompson was scoreless in the first half. second half different story. buries the three ball. and the junior from los angeles just getting started. ensuing st. john's possession, they turn it over. otto porter comes up with the steal. jason clark, quick pass to his buddy thompson. caps a 7-0 hoyas run. georgetown takes a ten-point lead. just over six minutes to play. hoyas only up three now. clark throws a cross-court pass to thompson, and he knocks down the three-pointer. thompson a perfect 5 for 5 from beyond the arc in the second half. finished with a team-high 20 points. georgetown wins big. 69-49. improving their record to 4-2 in the big east. all right. let's go to college park. maryland taking on georgia tech.
11:24 pm
good acc match-up here. final seconds of the first half. howard playing tough defense here. faust comes up with the steal and the freshman goes straight to the bucket. maryland up 24-19 at the break. second half, terps come out strong. james padgett kicks it out to stogland for three. buries it. the acc's leading scorer finished with 14 points. later in the half, more defense from faust. picks off the yellow jackets' pass. and then finishes in style. two-handed jam. maryland goes on to win it 61-50, improving to 2-1 in the acc 37. and coming up tonight on "sports final," the giants upset the packers. the ravens roll at thanks to stellar defense. and the man that lays the lumber for the redskins, linebacker lorenzo alexander joins me and trevor price to break down the nfl playoffs. that's all coming up on "sports final" in just a few minutes. and dan hellie goes one on one
11:25 pm
with terps coach mark turgin. that's going to be a good interview with him. >> some good comparisons coming for mr. turgin. >> yes. >> your gut opinion. what do we think about an all-harbaugh super bowl? >> yeah. harbaugh bowl 3 2.0. we're going to the super bowl. so -- >> it will be all defense all the time. >> i don't want that. i want a couple touchdowns with a super bowl serving, please. >> good point. thanks, hakem. when news 4 continues tonight, an
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a prison inmate who accused former syracuse basketball coach of sexually abusing him says he made his story up. last month floyd van hoosier said bernie fine molested him when he was a buy. but in a letter van hoosier says he lied to get back at fine for not hiring him a lawyer to fight a criminal conviction. van hoosier briefly lived with fine after his parents died. fine has denied any wrongdoing. a 3-year-old georgia girl is home from the hospital tonight thanks to the quick actions of her big brother. this all happened when their mother walked away from boiling soup on the stove. the little girl grabbed a spoon and reached into the gas burner, catching her clothes on fire. that's when her 8-year-old brother started patting out the flames. >> you weren't worried about catching on fire yourself? >> well, i know you care about yourself, but you've got to care about other people, too. >> spoken like a good big brother. the girl spent the night in the hospital and was treated for second-degree burns. it could have been much worse, though. doctors say she will make a full
11:29 pm
recovery and she's going to love her big brother to death. still ahead here tonight, why one woman's asking strangers to pick a tattoo for her rear laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like --
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dunkin' sausage pancake bites, delicious like mom's, only easier to carry -- get three for $1.59. so there's a lady in new zealand who is taking a really creative approach to trying to pay her bills. tina besnek is auctioning off space for a tattoo on her butt. she set up a page on new zealand's website trademe, which is similar to our ebay. more than 170,000 people have viewed that page so far. and bids from around the globe are topping $12,000. besnek says most of the bidders want their portrait or "property of" followed by their name. she says she's trusting that whoever wins the auction won't want to do anything too stupid. >> well, the $12,000 bid is from an a. gilchrist d.c. do we know who that is? >> no clue who that is.
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not this guy. >> not this a. gilchrist d.c. >> no. good luck to her, though. boy. what have you got? >> we'll take one more check of the old seven-day forecast. it's been a nice cold winter-like weekend around here. and we're going to get a cold start tomorrow. wake-up temperatures, teens and low 20s. highs only near 40 tomorrow. could get a little bit of sleep for you folks at shenandoah lake tomorrow afternoon and evening. it will all back rain overnight tuesday. mildest day of the week will be the wettest day of the week. windy and cold by the end of the week. the early lean for next weekend, mild. >> thank you, chuck. "sports final" coming up next. we -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero?
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