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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  January 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning, i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this monday, january 16, 2012. we're taking a live look outside now. it is downright cold out there at 4:59. 28 degrees. before we get started, can we say welcome back to you. nice to have you back. >> thank you. >> tom's here to tell us more about this cold weather. tom? >> indeed. in fact, yesterday was a cold day. it only got into the mid 30s throughout the region. after sunset, temperatures got to below freezing. we've been continuing to drop overnight. now under a clear sky with a half moon. under the stars that looks like a smiley face in the western sky right now. temperatures are in the mid 20s in washington. 25 at reagan national. and the dew point's low, very dry. you need skin lotion. we'll keep it handy with you the rest of the day. it's going to stay dry. will it get more humid by this evening as moisture moves our way. and down into the teens now from west virginia all the way to the atlantic beaches.
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except right near the bay and tidal president obama, there it's in the mid to upper 20s. and the view from space showing the clear, dry high pressure over us. there are high clouds drifting in to southern west virginia and southwestern virginia now. that will be arriving by late this afternoon. lots of sunshine between now and then. should be good weather for today's mlk day parade. we'll have highs reaching near 40 this afternoon with a southerly breeze. sunrise, 7:25. your evening planner in ten minutes. danella? good morning. still seeing an accident at 95 south at 234. it's a truck in your left shoulder lane. but your left lane is blocked. crews working to get the truck out of the roadway. as you see, it is teetering on its side. after you pass this on i-95, you're pretty much good. traveling i-95 north, no issue to report at this time. now if you're taking the red line today, expect delays because metro's single tracking a couple of them actually. from van ness to depuupont circ
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and from forest glen toward tacoma. big delays on both directions. back to you. >> danella, thank you very much. breaking news out of the district right now. a baby girl left out in the cold has died. a man found the infant abandoned last night in the 3000 block of channing street in northeast washington near the maryland state line. news4's tracee wilkins is live from the scene with breaking developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this is such a sad story. this was an infant girl. she was left on that porch of that house, discovered by a neighbor. they say she was wrapped in only a blanket, left naked on the porch. she was rushed to the hospital where she died a few hours later. police say the baby was found around 11:30 last night on the porch here in the 3 00 block of channing street in northeast. the neighbors who found the baby called 911. the infant girl was in cardiac arrest when she was found. mind you, it's 25 degrees this morning.
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the child was taken to children's hospital where she died at 2:35 a.m. according to police. at this point we have no information on any possible arrests. we don't know anything about the parents, and we don't know why this infant was left on the front porch in these freezing temperatures. in northeast, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. 5:03. new developments overnight on a luxury cruise ship that ran aground near italy. we've learned search crews found a passenger's body. it comes after authorities investigate the captain's actions and try to figure out what went wrong. news4's angie goff joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with news of another passenger found, the death toll now stands at six. this morning, rescuers face rough and cold waters as they work to save or at least recover more bodies of those still missing. >> ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please -- >> reporter: this is video taken by a passenger during the chaotic evacuation. crew members tried to calm people rushing to lifeboats.
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we're going to go to a live look at the "costa concordia." it hit a reef off the tuscan coast friday night. you're looking at live pictures. 16 people are still missing. among them, two americans from minnesota. survivors say the situation was out of control. >> we were going to die -- if we weren't going to die in the big ship we were definitely going die in the small boat because they didn't know how to work it. i thought it was going to flip and we would just drown. >> reporter: many of the 4,200 people swam to shore or used safety boats. authorities arrested the captain and could charge him with manslaughter. he's accused of abandoning the ship before everyone escaped. in an interview, the captain said he did not leave the liner early and did everything he could to save lives. eun? >> angie goff live in the newsroom. thank you. the ship accident in italy raidses concerns about safety -- raises concerns about safety on board cruise lines. a number of passengers on the
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"costa concordia" described the situation as chaotic. several serious accidents including the sinking of the tian titi titanic called for increased safety standards. coast guard officials say domestic cruises often give safety briefings to passengers before ships leave port. they're only required to do so within 24 hours of setting sail. >> passengers should understand that the ships are well regulated. they are safe. we evaluate the ships. we evaluate the proficiency of the crew and how they would respond to emergencies. >> the "costa concordia" had not done its safety drill before friday's accident. today is martin luther king jr. day. hundreds of people marked dr. king's 83rd birthday at the martin luther king jr. memorial on the national mall. king's son was on hand for a special wreath-laying ceremony yesterday. this afternoon, the national cathedral will hold a special service to celebrate king's
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legacy. also today, millions of americans across the country will take part in the day of service. today, president obama and the first family will volunteer at the brown education campus in northeast washington. tonight the president and the first lady will attend the let freedom ring celebration concert at the kennedy center. and after eight years, the martin luther king jr. day parade is returning to southeast washington. festivities kick off at 11:00 this morning at the friendship public charter school. the parade ends at leckey elementary school. boxing champ lamont peterson will serve as one of the grand marshals. if you're heading to any of today's events, leave early. if you are riding metro, two metro stations are closed on the orange and blue lines while metro is single tracking on parts of the red line. the federal center southwest and capital south stations are closed. metro is running shuttle bus service between the l'enfant plaza and eastern market stations. on the red line, trains are single tracking between dupont circle and friendship heights as
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well as between tacoma and forest glen. everything should be back to normal for tomorrow morning's commute. 5:06. 28 degrees still. this morning, a concern about a super strain of a deadly disease. and a big chill this morning.
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welcome back. 5:09. a chilly 28 degrees. more than chilly in my book, actually. it's cold out there. the weather really feeling like january once again. up and down. i think we're getting messy weather, as well. that's the big story. >> today and tomorrow, shoes. go for shoes. here's tom taking a look at our forecast. >> maybe even socks. >> could be. and layer up if you're heading to the martin luther king jr. day parade in southeast washington. it's going to be a cold day for that. and right now, it is frigid. we're down into the teens throughout most of the region from west virginia all the way to the atlantic shore. and it's just in the low to mid 20s in washington and near the bay waters. elsewhere, teens, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. the view from space showing a clear sky here. we have high clouds that are beginning to drift to southern west virginia, southwestern virginia, and farther south and west of there. there is a little light rain in tennessee and parts of kentucky. that's a little bit of moisture that's going to be coming our way late tonight in the form maybe of wintry precipitation.
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but through the daylight hours, no problems. bright sun, and we'll have a bit of a breeze coming out of the south. temperatures near 30 by 9:00. then poof freezing after that, and hovering around 40 degrees during the afternoon as those clouds increase in the south and west. sunset at 5:11. a cloudy evening. in the shenandoah valley and points south and west, there could be sleet early to mid evening. that may not arrive into our region until around this time tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that coming up. a look at the rest of the week, too, and the weekend. that will be at 5:21. danella, good morning. how's traffic? good morning. checking travel speeds, so far things look really good. not seeing a lot of issues. traveling 50 making your way to the 2000, 66 miles per hour. -- to the beltway, 66 miles per hour. making your way toward i-95, you're at 55 miles per hour. and on i-66, no issues from fairfax county parkway to the capital beltway, at 58 miles per
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hour. continuing on 66, this time inside the beltway, this is the view at glebe. eastbound and westbound, your lanes are open. no accidents to report. if you're making your way from the beltway to glebe road, you're at 54 miles per hour. looking good on the roadways. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:12 now, 28 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," the first homicide investigation of the year in fairfax county. why police did not have to go far to find their suspect. and next, a break in a high-profile case. a man accused of terror
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breaking news out of iraq. officials say a car bomb outside the city of mosul killed at least eight people. the blast struck a shiite district earlier. sunnis mostly make up the mosul area. the bombing is the latest in a
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string of attacks that have killed more than 140 people since the u.s. troop withdrawal last month. an alarming discovery by doctors in india. they're reporting at least 12 cases of cub cub that are completely resistant to medicine. doctors say they tried a dozen drugs to treat the dangerous lung disease and none worked. three patients have died now. medical experts have not -- do not expect the strain to spread quickly. in fact, similar cases have been reported in italy and iran in recent years. a centreville, virginia, man is in custody charged with fairfax county's first homicide of the year. police have charged benjamin walker with killing his roommate, ria leslie, in their home on gunther court. officers say that walker came to jail yesterday and reported a woman dead inside his home. then when police arrived at the home, they found leslie's body with trauma to her upper body. police arrested walker a short time later. they're saying they don't know why they believe they -- they say they don't know why walker killed leslie.
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this morning, alexandria police are trying to figure out what led a car to run off the road, killing an 8-year-old boy. investigators say the driver lost control of a honda accord on duke street near the overpass to interstate 395. the car hit a mother and child and landed down an embankment. the boy died at the scene. his mother is expected to be okay. the driver was not hurt. police say they have not charged him at this time. a man charged in a series of home invasion robberies in montgomery and prince george's county is back in our area. police arrested 33-year-old kevin ray on saturday after tracking him down to the outer banks. ray, who is a registered sex offender, is facing charge in three home invasion robberies and two sex assaults last week in bethesda, thrills, and wheaton. -- temple hills, and wheaton. he's being held without bond and is due in court tomorrow. a howard county student is safe after she disappeared for nearly a week. prince george's county police say they found arianna carr yesterday evening in landover
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hills. the freshman from california flew back to d.c. january 7 but had no contact with her family. police say she appeared to be in good health when they found her. carr's mother is headed to d.c. to meet with her daughter and detectives. the fbi is looking for the body of a missing montana math teacher. authorities believe that 42-year-old sherry arnold is dead and her body is buried in north dakota or in montana. they're asking property owners in those areas to check for signs of her buried body. her husband reported her missing on the 7th of january when she did not return from her morning run. police found one of her shoes in a ditch along her route. authorities say two men are now in custody in connection with her kidnapping. one of the men who accused a former syracuse assistant basketball coach of molesting him now says he made the whole story up. floyd van huser admits to lying when he accused bernie fine of sexually abusing him when he was a boy. he said he wanted to get back at fine for not hiring him an
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attorney to fight a criminal conviction. van heuser is serving 16 years to life in prison for several burglaries. fine helped raise him as a child after his parents died. three other men still accuse fine of sexually abusing them when they were young. today gun rights supporters in virginia will rally and lobby in richmond, the state capital. members of the citizens defense league will lobby state lawmakers, asking them to defend virginia's right to gun ownership. the commonwealth does allow men and women to conceal and carry hand guns as long as they have permits. this is the third annual lobby day. all right. it is now 5:19. 28 degrees. a very cold start to our day. let's take a live look outside now. looks calm, though. want to know if it's going to stay this way. it's cold enough to see a little stuff happening in the sky. meteorologist tom kierein will tell us what's going on with our forecast. tom? good morning. it's been cold enough for ice to form on many of the area ponds. watch out for that.
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remind children, stay off the ice even though it looks like it's walkable. tell them, you know, it's dangerous. right now this time of year, this morning, seeing ice beginning to form. it has been cold enough for that. right now in the teens from west virginia, the shenandoah valley, blue ridge east to the bay. many sloekds in the mid to upper teens. in the district of columbia, we're in the mid 20s. near the chesapeake bay, mid to upper 20s. away from the waters on the eastern shore, it's just in the upper teens right now. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties are in the mid to upper teens. and we've got a clear sky. in fact, it's mostly clear across much of maryland, west virginia, and virginia. although there are clouds closing in to southern west virginia and southeastern virginia. that -- southwestern virginia i should say. that's going to be moving north and east throughout the day. sunrise at 7:25. temperatures by 9:00 near 30. by noontime, upper 30s. near 40 for the afternoon. good weather for the mlk parade in southeast. clouds closing in by late
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afternoon. sunrise 7:25. sunset at 5:11. this evening, cloudy, in the mid to upper 30s throughout the evening. in fact, could be sleet around the shenandoah valley and highlands of west virginia late this evening. and then by around dawn here around the metro area tomorrow morning, we could have sleet bouncing around. it will be cold enough for it to stay frozen for a while anyway for a couple of hours around dawn. near 30. then quickly climbing to the 50s later in the day with occasional rain off and on during the day on tuesday. rain should end, though, tuesday evening. and then temperatures get down to near 40 degrees or so by wednesday morning. but then it will continue to drop through the day on wednesday with gusty winds out of the north and west, down to near 30 after sunset. we'll have quite a bit of sun on wednesday. winds should diminish wednesday, near 20 by dawn thursday. thursday, partly cloudy, near 40. and then over the weekend, starting friday morning, 20 degrees. afternoon highs in the mid 30s with sunshine. then maybe chilly rain on saturday with a high near 40. milder on sunday.
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danella, good morning. how's traffic? good morning. seeing the single-vehicle crash, i-95 southbound at 234. the tractor-trailer has veered off of the road. he's in the left shoulder lane. however, crews are working to get him out of there. they are blocking your left lane. just be aware of that as you make your commute this morning. so far, volume is light. but please use caution as you're traveling because cars are going to slow down to look at the accident. continuing on to 395, your in the clear. not seeing issues for you making your way from the beltway to across the 14th street bridge. nice and open as you head into the city. travel speed for you, 57 miles per hour. not so bamptd i'm back in ten minutes. back to you. >> thank you. the washington capitals' roller coaster season has taken another positive turn. they're tied for first place after beating the hurricanes 2-1 yesterday. the last time they were in first place was back in november. they have now won three games in a row. the capitals take on the new york islanders tomorrow at the
5:23 am
verizon center. 55-yard drive from here. now instead, they're going for it all. the pass is caught for the touchdown! unbelievable! >> unbelievable indeed. a stunner in green bay. the new york giants shocked the packers 37-20 in the divisional round of the playoffs yesterday. green bay is the first team in nfl history to win at least 15 games during the regular season and then lose their first game of the playoffs. the giants didn't qualify for post season until the last week of the season. in fact, the redskins, lowly redskins beat them twice this season. our claim to fame. redskins beat the giants up next for new york, the san francisco 49ers. >> closer to home, the ravens' fans are celebrating this morning, of course. the ravens beat the houston texans 20-13 yesterday. the ravens capitalized on texas -- four texas turnovers.
5:24 am
they finished the season a perfect 9-0 at home. and baltimore now heads to new england next weekend too. bad they'll play the game in new england for the ravens. the winner then moves on to the super bowl. exciting. local teams -- >> some local teams. playoff football has been fun. >> it has been. always exciting. >> yes. a little girl in georgia has her big fwrorth thanks for saving her life. >> yep. she's recovering from second-degree burns today. her mother was cooking and walked away from the kitchen. dangerous move. that's when the little girl pulled a chair up to the gas stove and tried to reach across the stove it reach a spoon when her dress caught on fire. then her 8-year-old brother jumped into action. >> with your bare hands -- >> yes. >> you start swatting at her -- >> i didn't care what happened. just -- wanted it to get out. >> you weren't worry good catching on fire yourself?
5:25 am
>> well, i know you care about yourself, but you got to care about other people, too. >> somebody has taught ezra very well. the little girl spent a night in the hospital. doctors are still treating her burns. they expect her to make a full rover. hopefully no more playing around the stove. space experts say one of the heaviest and most toxic pieces of space junk ever has fallen into the pacific ocean. the russian mars probe landed in the ocean just off the coast of chile. officials say the debris field stretched across south america, though. the rocket launched back in november. experts say most of the toxic fuel burned off before landing. the 170 million probe was -- $170 million probe was designed to travel to mars's moon and collect soil samples. it was expected to be the most ambitious mission since soviet times. now 5:25. 28 degrees. coming up, a major shakeup in south carolina. another candidate is out. throwing his support behind the
5:26 am
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throwing in the towel this morning, the field of potential gop presidential candidates is a little bit smaller. and time is running out this morning. the search resumes for those who may still be trapped inside this cruise ship. what we're learning about the moments before the crash. we begin this morning with breaking news out of the district. an infant left out in the cold has died. police say a man found the baby girl abandoned late last night in the 3000 block of channing street in northeast washington near the maryland state line. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, viewers will notice it as soon as they step out this morning. how unbelievable cold it is, below freezing temperatures. now imagine an infant baby girl lying in all of this. and this is what happened this morning right there on that front porch. that's where this baby was
5:30 am
discovered. we understand that she had no clothing on and was only wrapped in a blanket. she was rushed to the hospital where she died a few hours later. police say the baby was found around 11:30 last night on the porch in the 3000 block of channing street in northeast. the neighbor who found the baby called 911. rehab reports that the infant girl was in cardiac arrest when she was transported to the hospital. mind you, again, it was 25 degrees when she was found. the child was taken to children's hospital where she died at 2:35 this morning. now at this point, we have no information on the parents this child. no information on possible charge. we know that police are continuing this investigation. in northeast, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. it's now 5:30. 28 degrees. a very caldstart to the day. what this -- cold start to the day. i don't know what this means for the rest of the day, whether we'll get precipitation. >> not until tomorrow morning.
5:31 am
between now and then, expect cold and dry weather, although it's probably going to be a little warmer than it was over the weekend. what a fridge united states sunday it was. only got to the mid 30s yesterday. it was only briefly above freezing. then around sunset it plummeted below freezing. we've been there ever since. right now, reagan national's at 25. that's one of the warm spots. we've got very dry air with us, as well, under a clear sky. a southerly wind around five to ten miles per hour. elsewhere, though, it's down into the teens in prince george's county, montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties. it is in the teens from west virginia to the atlantic beaches in most locations except areas right near the chesapeake bay. now we'll have this cold weather with us. it's a big area of high pressure. this is beginning to drift off the atlantic shoreline, shifting our winds into the south. when that happens, we will have it somewhat milder today. along with high clouds drifting in later this afternoon. sunrise at 7:25. by 9:00, near 30. upper 30s by noon. near 40 early to mid-afternoon. overall good weather for the
5:32 am
martin luther king jr. parade in southeast washington. although layer up. it's still going to be cold with temperatures hovering just near 40 degrees. a look at changes on the way for your evening planner. maybe a little wintry precipitation tonight. we'll talk about that in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? good morning. if you're taking the beltway things look really good. green means you're clear to go. i'll give you a live look starting with the beltway in montgomery county. this is connecticut avenue. inner loop looks good here. outer loop, as well. i'll give you a travel speed, really nice. 59 miles per hour making your way from i-95 to i-270. that trip will take but ten minutes. traveling in prince george's county, this is the beltway at pennsylvania avenue. again, inner loop and outer loop is clear. if you continue on the inner loop and cross over the wilson bridge and make your way to van dorn, you're looking good here, as well. your travel speed, 59 miles per hour. to get from the wilson bridge to van dorn, that trip will only take six minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. overnight, italian officials say rescuers recovered the body after a cruise ship disaster,
5:33 am
another body. this is a live look -- this is video of the rescue efforts that were going on. these are -- i'm sorry, live pictures of continuing searches for any survivors or any bodies left in the ship. the "costa concordia" hit a reef off the tuscan coast friday night. today crews found a male passenger in a percent of the ship that was still above -- in a part of the ship that was still above water. he did have a life vest on. this discovery comes as investigators investigate the captain for possible criminal charges. he's accused of deliberately steering the ship to shallow water and then abandoning the ship early during the evacuation. authorities requested the captain -- rather, arrested the captain and could charge him with manslaughter. the race for the republican presidential nomination is about to get a little thinner. jon huntsman is ending his bid for president. he's expected to make the announcement later today. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with more on what this means for the other candidates still in the race. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning,
5:34 am
everyone. it means less competition and perhaps, too, more focus on mitt romney who, by the way, huntsman is expected to endorse later this morning when he quits this race. now, we don't know how often the two may be seen together, but we do know that a huntsman spokesman says that he decided that romney was the better candidate to beat barack obama. he didn't want to stand in the way of that happening by challenging him in this primary. interestingly, romney has been pummelled with ads down in south carolina from the other candidates. on average, he's about seven points ahead for the primary coming up this weekend. but newt gingrich and perry and paul -- less so ron paul -- but rick santorum have been questioning whether or not that may be just as electable as mitt romney seams to be. at least according to the polls. interestingly, hunt man quitting comes -- huntsman quitting just
5:35 am
one day after he got a big jurp endorsement in south carolina. eun? >> tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning. thank you. maryland governor martin o'malley will travel to south carolina to criticize mitt romney. he's expected to attack romney's jobs record there when he was governor of massachusetts. o'malley will likely be an active surrogate for president obama during the general election. comedian steven colbert's mock presidential campaign is looking more and more like a real campaign every day. >> if mitt romney really believes -- >> corporations are people, my friend. >> then mitt romney is a sirl. [ laughter ] >> he's mitt the ripper! [ scream ] >> colbert's super pac just released this ad which is attacking mitt romney over his past as head of bain capital. the ad, of course, is just a spoof of other ads produced by pro-newt gingrich super pacs. virginia's ballot battle may
5:36 am
not be over just yet. rick perry is appealing a federal judge's decision to refuse to add him and three other candidates to virginia's republican primary ballot. attorneys for the texas governor have asked a court of appeals to order his name be placed on the ballot or ballots not be printed or mailed before the court considers his appeal. perry, newt gingrich, rick santorum, and jon huntsman failed to submit enough signatures last month to get on the march 6 ballot. today the employment center for maryland's soon-to-be largest casino will begin taking applications. maryland live will fill more than 1,500 positions at the location at anne arundel mills mall. there are full time and part-time jobs available for a range of different fields. the employment center will be open from 10:00 to 7:00 weekdays. maryland live is expected to open this summer. right now, demonstrators with the occupy movement are on their way to the nation's capital. organizer say people from across the country will participate in the so-called occupy congress day of action that begins
5:37 am
tomorrow. it coincides with the beginning of the 2012 legislative session. members of the occupy movement are protesting economic disparities in the country. they will march -- they will hold a march and rally at the capitol. they will also meet with members of congress. today demonstrators with the occupy wall street movement will protest at the federal reserve bank in new york city. similar protests are planned in every city that has a federal reserve bank. organizers say bankers are undermining our democracy. they say today's protests will honor dr. martin luther king jr.'s legacy of social engagement. 28 degrees at 5:37 right now. glutton for punishment. [ applause ] >> so where was i? [ laughter ] >> ricky gervais picked up he left off at the golden globes. the major security breach affecting a popular website. an ice cold morning.
5:38 am
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning, i'm tom kierein in storm center 4. a cold start on this monday, martin luther king jr. day. 25 at reagan national. from the trinidad neighborhood in washington to new carrollton,
5:41 am
capitol heights, mclean and olney, down to 20 under a clear sky. we have high clouds drifting from south and west into southern west virginia. those will be arriving later this afternoon between now and then. lots of sunshine but a cold morning. still below freezing by 9:00. then a little above freezing after that. mid to upper 30s by noontime. and during the afternoon, temperatures climbing to around 40 or so. sunset at 5:11. here's your evening planner for this monday evening. we'll be cloudy and temperatures in the upper 30s by midnight, maybe a little sleet areas far west and north around midnight. then closer to the metro area by dawn tomorrow. we'll look at that and more in ten minutes. how's traffic? good morning, traveling 95 southbound at 234, still have the truck, single-vehicle accident, blocking the left side of the roadway. the good news is, so far your volume is still light. you're not slow as you approach this accident. use caution. right now it's taking away two of your left lanes while they're
5:42 am
working to tow it out of the ditch. be aware of that as you're making your commute. if you're taking the rails expect delays on the red line. metro, single tracking, two places. first between van ness and dupont circle. also between forest glen and tacoma. back to you. >> danella, thank you very much. our time is now 5:42. still 28 degrees. after the break, no-holds-barred at the golden globes. >> she's a material girl, and she's just like a virgin. please welcome madonna -- >> this year the insults did not quite overshadow the awards. il?
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finding the perfect car is easy at carmax because each car is carefully selected, inspected, thoroughly reconditioned and backed with a five-day money back guarantee so come find the one for you today, at carmax. way to go, neil. an online retailer is trying to figure out how their accounts
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were hacked. the incident puts 24 million customers' private information at risk. here's angie goff with more. >> reporter: good morning, many of you are waking up this morning with an e-mail from zapows. the online website says it was hacked. and now you'll need to reset your password. this is what the e-mail says, "we were recently the victim of a cyberattack by a twnl who gained access to parts of our network and systems through one of our servers in kentucky." the company says full credit card numbers were not stolen because they are stored separately. but let's take a look at what is affected. zapos says hackers may have accessed customer nails, e-mail addresses, bill -- billing and shipping addresses, and the last four digits of your credit card bills. as a precaution, customers must reset their passwords. you can log on here to do that. the company also recommends
5:47 am
customers who use their zappos passwords at other site should change thosewords, too. >> angie goff. today is martin luther king jr. day. millions of americans will celebrate his life and honor his legacy today. news4's megan mcgrath is live at the tidal basin with more on what's happening in the district. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this is a day set aside to honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. we're along the tidal basin. over my shoulder you can see the brand new memorial here illuminated in the dark. we're expecting large crowds to come later on this morning. and there's a special wreath-laying ceremony that's going to be taking place at 8:00 a.m. this is the first holiday since the opening this new memorial. now yesterday, king's son visited the memorial and participated in a remembrance ceremony. he says his father's message of justice and equality didn't end his death. that all of us need to continue dr. king's work. >> we have to remember to be
5:48 am
challenged, now is reach deep into the depths of our souls to identify the best of who we are. because we are an incredible nation. and we are incredible people. and it only takes a few good women and men to bring about change. >> reporter: and there are a number of events and wreath-laying ceremonies that are scheduled for today. again, 8:00 a.m. at the mlk memorial. that wreath-laying ceremony is open to the public. also this morning, there's going to be a parade in southeast washington that's going to travel along martin luther king avenue in southeast washington. and so there will be some road closures and the like. a lot of people in the area turning out. if you are going to be going to the parade, keep in mind very, very cold out here this morning. you're going to want to bundle up. back to you, joe. >> megan mcgrath reporting live. thank you very much. if you're planning to head down, here's a closer look at the parade route in southeast washington. festivities will kick off at 11:00 this morning at the
5:49 am
friendship public charter school. the parade will end at the leckey elementary school. and boxing champ lamont peterson will serve as one of the parade's grand marshals. in honor of dr. king's legacy, the president will join millions of americans across the country and take part in a day of service. last year the first family took part in a painting project at stuart hobson middle school on capitol hill. today president obama and the first family will volunteer at the brown education campus in northeast washington. tonight the president and first lady will attend the let firemen ring celebration concert at the kennedy center. this morning, several of hollywood's best are waking up with a golden globe. the black and white silent film called "the artist" picked up three awards, the most prize this year. oh -- "the artist"! >> reporter: silence was golden at the globes sunday night. "the artist" scored three wins including best musical or comedy and best actor for the silent
5:50 am
movie actor facing the end of an era. >> thank you, merci. >> reporter: also scoring big, "the descendants," the family story set in hawaii took best drama. and best actor honors for jordan -- for george clooney. >> want to thank michael for taking over the frontal nudity responsibility that i had. >> reporter: meryl streep had more than anyone else. "the iron lady" brought her number eight. best actress in a drama for playing british prime minister margaret thatcher. >> i want to thank my agent and god, harvey weinstein. >> reporter: another real-life role, marilyn monroe, brought michelle williams her first globe. best actress in a musical or comedy for "my week with marilyn." another first-time globe winner was octavia spencer, best supporting actress for "the help." christopher plummer took the globe for "the winners." "the adventures of tin tin" won and martin scorsese won for the
5:51 am
family adventure "hugo." >> thank you very much. >> reporter: on the tv side the conspiracy thriller "homeland" won best drama. its star, claire danes, best actress. best actor went to kelsey grammer for his role as a corrupt chicago mayor in "boss." >> "modern family." >> reporter: "modern family" grabbed kudos for best tv comedy. laura dern won for "enlightenment." former "friends" star matt leblanc won for actor. playing a various depiction of himself. now that the golden globes are in the books the awards season continues for the movie industry. the oscar nominations coming up next tuesday. in beverly hills, i'm mark barger, nbc news. some critics said "the artist" won because this little guy, uggy the dog. the jack russell terrier took to the stage with the cast last night. his handlers tried to get him nominated for a major award on his own, but it hasn't worked so far. some have compared uggy to
5:52 am
lassie and rin tin tin. after the show, he played with the trophy. okay. >> don't want to know what that means. >> cute dog. you saw "the artist" and loved it. >> it was wonderful. the dog was very good, but the movie is wonderful. a great tribute to the silent films of that era. >> i have so many movies on my list. tom, we've got to get to the forecast, though. all right. this morning, a cold start as megan was saying. if you plan on attending any of the martin luther king jr. events, you definitely want to layer up this morning especially. there's capitol hill under a clear sky. and right now, 25 cold degrees at reagan national. it is very dry, as well. keep the skib lotion handy. we've got a light breeze now, the winds will pick up out of the south as the day progresses. right now, prince george's county down into the upper teens. in the mid to upper teens in montgomery county, mid teens in much of fairfax county. in arlington county now, near 20. near the chesapeake bay, in the mid to upper 20s, but just a half a mile away from the waters on the eastern shore and southern maryland, in the teens.
5:53 am
teens throughout virginia, maryland, west virginia. under this clear sky we'll stay cold in the teens for another couple of hours. it's going to take a while to get above freezing. we have a few high clouds drifting in if the south and west, a few from the northwest, as well. quite a bit of sunshine this morning. sunrise at 7:25. through the day, we'll gradually climb above freezing after 9:00 this morning. then get up to around 40 or so during the afternoon. layer up if you're going to any of the events today. we'll have our temperatures then hold steady above freezing through the night under a cloudy sky. maybe a little sleet developing in the shenandoah valley, coming in from south to north this evening. and then perhaps around the metro area tomorrow morning, especially areas north and west of washington, there could be a little sleet around. those little tiny balls of ice that hit the ground and bounce around. and they will be staying above perhaps maybe even accumulating in the roadways, especially ramps and bridges above ground, that could be freezing up tomorrow morning. we'll watch it for you.
5:54 am
elsewhere, we'll get rain developing as we get above freezing through the day on tuesday with highs in the mid 50s. rain ending tuesday night. sun back on wednesday. will be near 40 in the morning hours and breezy, blustery winds. it will bring in colder air and temperatures will drop to near 30 by late in the evening on wednesday. then near 20 by dawn thursday. thursday, friday, and saturday cold weather returning. but maybe some chilly rain on saturday it looks like now. no snow and a bit milder on sunday. danella, how's traffic? good morning. still seeing the accident, 95 south at 234, blocking the left side of the roadway. right now, crews are working to tow the tractor-trailer out of the ditch here. this accident just a single vehicle crash. expect -- use caution. volume still light. i can't say develop delays because volume is so light. are you able to get by. just use caution while crews are working to clear the accident. 95 north is good, as well. here's forecast parkway. clear making your way to 395. i'm not seeing anything really
5:55 am
slowing you down. in fact, you're at 63 miles per hour. and traveling i-270 in maryland, getting busy at father hurley. no major delays. in fact, you're clear as you may your way into rockville and even continuing toward the lane divide. traveling i-270, northbound lanes are open. i'm not seeing any issues for you. back to you. >> thank you very much. it f it seems like you've been paying more than usual at the gas pump lately, it's not your imagination. aaa says gasoline prices are at historic highs for this time of year. blames soaring crude oil prices plus the repeal of the ethanol tax credit for the price hike. right now the average in for a gallon of regular gas is $3.39. that would be four pennies higher than just last week. the average price in the district is $3.54. that's about two cents higher than it was just yesterday. in maryland, you'll be paying about $3.39 a gallon. and that price has not changed since yesterday. in virginia, the average price for a gallon of regular is
5:56 am
$3.31, which has held steady over the past day. the coast guard says a russian tanker has a number of challenges ahead, but it's on course to deliver fuel to a remote part of alaska. this is the first petroleum shipment to the city in winter. right now the ship is just off shore. a state mandate requires a daylight delivery which gives the crew a five-hour window to make a transfer. workers have to build a half-mile ice path through the bering sea for a fuel hose to rest on. a storm kept nome from getting its normal delivery in november. without this shipment, home heating fuel could run out by spring and well before the next deliveryduled for late -- delivery scheduled for late may or june. >> after, that i will not complain about the cold. today first lady michelle obama will be featured on a special episode of "icarly." she appeared on the show to help promote military families. actress miranda cosgrove plays the daughter of an air force colonel on the show. students at hayfield secondary school in alexandria got a sneak peek of the episode featuring
5:57 am
the first lady last friday. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our special guest of the evening, betty white! [ applause ]. tonight nbc celebrates betty white's 90th birthday with a look back at the career of america's golden girl. she turns 90 tomorrow. you can watch the tribute from a star-studded cast right here on nbc beginning at 8:00 tonight. happy birthday. >> very, very much. what a remarkable career she's had. our 19th annual health and fitness expo ended as a huge success. listen to this, some 85,000 people turned out for the weekend expo at the washington convention center. they were all trying to get in to the same parking lot as i was yesterday at the same time. from zumba to eye exams, volunteers provided free classes and health screenings. we certainly hope you will join us for our next year for our 20th anniversary health and fit not expo. what a remarkable event every year. a lot of people come out, get
5:58 am
tested. the only time during the year probably a lot of people do get tested. >> we want to thank everyone for stopping by to say hello. always means a lot to see
5:59 am
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