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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and it's a very, very chilly fun day monday here in new york city. martin luther king day. welcome to everybody. it's january 16th. we're delighted that you're with us. hope you had a great weekend. probably a lot of football. >> a lot of football. it was 17 degrees this morning. >> i know. >> and i know it's january and we should stop complaining because it's winter and blah, blah, blah -- >> we can't complain because the wind isn't blowing too badly and the sun is sort of out. you were away for the weekend. >> i went away for the weekend,
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but highlight of the entire trip is i was on a plane coming back to new york last night and my plane was leaving at 4:30 arriving in new york at 8:15, and the whole flight, a jetblue flight, the giants game was on and everybody had headphones on and eating the blue chips and it was like you were in the stadium. people were screaming. it was the best ride. >> tailgate party. >> for all the same fans who are depressed, i'm one of them, we'll root for the giants because eli manning is is a manning and all the mannings are from new orleans. peyton and archie, everybody on the bandwagon. you took a long trip. >> i went out to phoenix, arizona, on saturday for an event that i'd been to several times. it's called drive the dream. in 1959 these two amazing ladies, sara and yvonne, founded child health, which battles child abuse and neglect. they're amazing ladies. some awards were given out.
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nancy grace won a beautiful award -- basically it's the person in the media who has used their platform to influence the -- >> the cause. >> michael bolton sang his brains out. >> he did? >> he's an excellent guitarist, too. people don't realize that. it was a denim kind of night. not about me. but you know what i did -- there's sara and yvonne and nancy. well, they auctioned -- because times are tough we're not going as well as in the past. >> what did you do? >> i had to take matters into my own hands and grab one of those cowboy hats and shame people a little bit. >> you did what you do. >> we did a cash drive. mm-hmm. >> if you're out to earn money with kathie lee for a charity, you can do it. >> i don't take no for an answer. they're all very rich people and they can afford it. >> cough it up. >> i got home in time to, you know, traffic from jfk and i said to the driver, by the way, i went us airways, haven't been on us airways for a long time,
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have to congratulate them, it was a terrific flight out and back. some of the nicest people. >> okay. >> but they didn't have a lounge, you know, where you can sometimes wait. i had one of those cards you're supposed -- so i also want to thank the ladies at the united lounge. >> look at you. >> i went in thinking i could use it. they go no. she was so sweet. she goes come on in. >> sweet. >> i know. so people were nice back and forth. however, i did ask my driver from the airport if he would turn on the game. so -- >> you had to catch that. >> had to catch that. >> unbelievable game. >> i know a lot of you guys were watching the golden globes because there was a little lag time in between but you could watch both teams. a lot of people were worried about ricky gervais. so much pregame press. >> probably too much. most people were kind of disappointed that he wasn't that way this time. >> it seemed like everyone kept saying it was going to be one of those nights.
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if you missed it, here's a taste of what ricky gervais was like. >> so, where was i? nervous? don't be. the golden globes are just like the oscars but without all that esteem. i want to ask you a question. it's real. you can have some. >> just checking. >> and be honest. >> what? >> are you on drugs? i'm joking. that's not the question. >> you thought it was going to go that direction from the tone of the beginning, but, i don't know, i love ricky gervais. he's a brilliant talent. i thought everybody looked pretty stunningly beautiful. >> in case you missed it, the winners, the best motion picture drama is the george clooney movie, "the descendants." >> actually, alexander payne directed it. >> i call it the clooney movie because he's the one everybody's heard of.
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meryl streep won for "the iron lady," which i'm dying to see. talking about that. >> best motion picture musical or comedy was the artist. >> haven't seen that yet. >> i want to see that. >> you've seen this, just unbelievable, michelle williams in "my week with marilyn." >> terrific. >> good for her. >> best actor in a drama was jean dujardin. from "the artist." i don't think there were too many surprises. i think "the help" didn't get as many awards. octavia spencer -- >> i was so glad when she got that. >> absolutely lovely. who did you think the most absolutely most beautiful? >> i like when people don't look so coifed and pinned up and buttoned and sprayed. i like the natural. >> reese witherspoon. >> heidi klum. i know they spent a lot of time getting ready but it didn't feel like that. >> what caught my eye as soon as she walked out, and because we don't see her very much, was
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elle mcpherson. she's 47 years old, had several children. she is still -- i've known her for probably 25 years. she looks exactly the same. gorgeous. so -- >> "homeland" won best drama. >> i haven't seen that either. >> like all of those shows are on cable. >> i don't know how to tivo anything. so if you're up late on saturday night, by the way, snl had some fun, i guess, at our expense again. >> how many emmys have they won for their writing and they're stuck with us? that's sad. >> we didn't see it. let's see. >> this week nbc's "today" show celebrated its 60th anniversary or, more accurately, its 60 years descent into madness. >> oh, that's nothing. that's the truth. that's the truth. i heard at the party last week one of the reporters asking
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katie couric how does she feel now that the fourth hour of the "today" show is run by completely zany divas drinking wine. i didn't stick around for the answer. but i doubt it was wonderful. anyway, we have some favorite things to tell you about, don't we? >> before we get to that, let's talk about our guests who are here. >> okay. ann and lynn. >> they are in the house. they bid on this. >> you think we're crazy. they pay to come see us. that's crazy. >> we're excited you guys came and visited us today. >> some wonderful charity auction or something like that. >> now, okay, you know i love -- >> we're going to be talking about the golden globes through the show. >> absolutely positively. >> not short shrift. >> if you have an iphone -- >> oh, no. >> yes. there's something called shazam, and you may know about it, but if you're in a restaurant and you hear a song, you're like what is that song? you don't need to ask anybody because you have it on your iphone. but here's the beautiful thing.
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not only does it tell you the song, it gives you the lyrics as they're playing. wherever the song comes in -- okay, watch. i'm going to show you. will you play some song? not that one. do you have "california girl"? the show goes like this. it just starts tanking. whenever i pull out my iphone -- >> why do you keep doing it california girl." can you do it? please? okay. do something else. whatever you got. >> it's important. >> it's worth it. and -- [ breathing ] please, please. >> all right. >> any song. any song. anything. ♪ greetings, love >> okay. watch.
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♪ i know a place >> you're not going to believe it. not going to believe it. you'll be shocked. here it comes. look what it says. no, no, no. okay. does it say it? look. hold on. look, look, look. >> wow. >> it picks it up in the middle. >> wow. stop. >> this is what i want for my birthday. seriously. >> like karaoke in your hand. >> what could be worse? >> no. everywhere you are -- >> karaoke in your hand. >> come on. ♪ california girls >> it's the best thing ever. >> i don't know if it's lack or sleep, but that's the worst idea ever. >> look. we have backup dancers at the news desk. >> but they're crazy. they paid money to see us. >> mine is something called the bra strap bling. you know your straps and everybody says, oh, my god -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> this is by that same company that did the hosiery that has
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tattoos on it called attitude. you can get bling bra straps. you can take off your other ones and hook them on. >> that's great. >> you get a little bling showing. they start at $21.99 at >> sara is on assignment somewhere. >> we have to show off our new bras. >> there's a reason for it. we love these bras. they do a lot of good work. they have an organization, a drive, they take your gently used bras. >> gently used. >> and the bra drive starts today. it's called giving is beautiful in partnership with the national network to end domestic violence fund. take your gently used bras, they're going to collect them until february 26th at soma boutiques across the country. think about it, it's not the kind of thing that -- bras are -- >> they're pricey. ridiculous. >> yeah. >> they cost too much. sorry. >> and a lot of people in need, a lot of ladies in need could
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use them. >> we have a big announcement to make as we speak. the finalists, four dogs and a cat, i'm just saying. bentley the dog. >> my favorite. so adorable. >> lily grace the dog. >> oh. oh. >> buster -- >> the dog. >> the dog. >> haley. the dog. >> my favorites. >> mine, too. >> the cat. smokey. >> we should pick a smokin' cat. that cat looked like every other cat we got. i'm sorry. there are a lot of cat lovers out in the world. for them i'm glad we have a cat. >> they said in the rankings the cat ranked fourth. >> yeah. >> not even fifth. fourth. okay? so we're going to bring that cat and those dogs in for a fashion show. >> that's also the day my
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mother's going to be here, thursday. batten down hatches. she's hosting with me that day because you have jury duty. >> jury duty. >> and regis will be here that day for me. >> most of the show. up next, more of the golden globes. al roker will fill us in. al was whooping it up. we saw you backstage behind the scenes.
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>> yeah. so if you had football fever and missed the golden globes last night or just couldn't make it through the entire show, we have everything you need to know. we have a recap and thanks to our own al roker and savannah guthrie stationed front and center in beverly hills, we have the scoop. first, i'm surprised they're awake and sitting upright. did you guys get any sleep at all last night? >> i got about 45 minutes. >> i think i got about two hours or so. had a lot of coffee. and bacon. >> nothing like bacon. >> tell us about ricky gervais, because we know how he played at home because we got to see him.
2:22 am
but how did he play in that room with those jokes? >> i think people were appreciative of it. i think -- everybody i talked to afterwards coming out going to the parties all loved him. i didn't get one person saying i didn't think he was that good. if anything, i think they were maybe expecting him to come out with guns blazing a little bit more. but for the most part, everybody thought he was right on. >> he got some laughs that were good but didn't have that hard edge. i'm sure some people think, oh, gosh, he toned it down. i thought it was really funny, that moment with madonna when she sort of got him back. >> he comes running across the stage. >> running across the stage. >> i felt like he won that one. >> yeah, me too. >> i think she's using an estonian accent now. that's what i've narrowed it down to. no longer english or british, estonian. let's watch the clip and take a peek. >> she's a material girl, and she's just like a virgin. please welcome madonna!
2:23 am
>> just like a virgin, ricky? why don't you come over here and do something about it. i haven't kissed a girl in a few years. >> yeah, she didn't seem comfortable. for a woman who's been performing her entire life in front of gazillions of people, i think, what i sensed, and i don't know madonna so -- i think she sensed at that point had she won, had she -- >> yeah. >> i think she's hurt that her movie that she has such great passion about has been basically maligned in the press and has not received the attention that she wants it to. i understand that. what do you guys think about that? >> i don't know about that, kathie. she's a very talented woman. she's just not a stand-up comic. >> on a shallow note, i loved her dress. >> al, tell us about the parties. we get to see the stuff on tv but not backstage. do they go wild back there? >> i wouldn't say they go wild, but they kind of let loose. they see friends that, you know,
2:24 am
they want to reconnect with and they really kind of let their hair down. i mean, getting to see helen mirren, morgan freeman and jeremy irons talking. but you know what, they were really connecting and talking. you could tell they were enjoying talking to each other. i think those parties, that gives them a chance to do that. >> well, there's a lot of drinking that goes on at the golden globes to begin with. >> like part of a show. >> hey, hey! >> there is an echo. >> is something going on? are you going to finish the sentence? >> no, no. what were you going to say, hoda? >> i was going to ask real quick, two highlights, savannah, the number-one highlight of your time there. >> i loved that little dog. he kind of stole everything. so cute from the artist. i think we both fell in love with octavia spencer. she's so amazing and so deserved it. she's such a charmer. she loves the "today" show.
2:25 am
>> yeah. her speech was so touching, really touching. and the tribute to morgan freeman from sidney poitier was just amazing. >> we see him so rarely and he seems so frail, it broke my heart. this is one of the most beautiful men inside and out that god ever made. >> and i think the only standing "o" of the night. isn't that right, guys? >> completely right. >> you guys, thank you so much. >> i thought it was a good show overall. >> and you guys were a plus, baby. >> see you tomorrow. >> still to come, we're going to get to the stuff you really care about, who looked really good and who not so much. >> and up next, we'll tell you about all the other news in hollywood, all the stuff that everybody is buzzing about. do y? when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪
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"today's buzz" filling you in on all the hollywood buzz.
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here with bonnie fulller and roseanne coletta. the kelsey grammer used the globe as a backdrop to make big announcement about -- >> his twins. yeah. he announced they're expecting twins, a big surprise. now, at he told us they actually know the gender of the babies. but he wouldn't say what they are yet. >> forgive me, but something in my mind reminds me that she lost a baby before, right? >> she did. >> she must be well along for them to be making this announcement. >> apparently in the second trimester but you could barely see any sort of bump there. >> if you present at the golden globes, it's unlikely you will be a presenter for the oscars. they were talking about how j. lo didn't want to present at the globes so she could present
2:31 am
at the oscars. is there any truth to that? >> the oscars have come out and said they desire exclusivity. there is a degree they want. but because some names are so big they still have to be a little flexible. >> so many award shows now, you can't just commit to one especially -- i mean, i think that's not really -- >> pathetic. yeah. >> it also sort of makes you feel like is the oscars really getting worried about the golden globes that they would care? and apparently a lot of other celebrities decided they didn't care what about this decree. they came anyway. they saw. >> i hate that. >> demi moore -- >> americans. >> yeah. demi moore and ashton ran into each other in the pre-golden globes party, i guess. you would expect a little tension, but that wasn't the case, they say. >> ashton did the right thing. >> yeah. >> demi was already at the party. she was seated talking to madonna and sean penn, which is interesting, another ex -- >> nice to see all these kids getting along. >> they were making the most of not being awkward.
2:32 am
and ashton saw her across the room and he decided i'll go right over, and he did that. he went right over and he was talking to her. then he talked to rumor, her daughter, as well, so it kind of defused the situation. >> certainly putting on a brave face. people are very concerned about demi's weight loss. she is still very thin, and her own daughter is urging her to seek some help. >> wow. >> i can't tell there. >> she looks really skinny. >> oh, yeah. >> people are worried about heather locklear. she was in the hospital friday. what's happened? >> yeah. her sister called 911. apparently she had taken xanax, i guess more xanax than she was supposed to, and she had also had alcohol, rushed to the hospital. her parents came out the next day and said she's doing fine. >> it was not an overdose, a suicide. attempted suicide. >> she had tried something like that back in 2008, she was suicidal, and she did seek rehab. her parents wanted her to go to rehab.
2:33 am
>> is she so distraught over breaking up with jack warner? >> jack wagner. >> former co-star from "melrose place." yes. she's had problems before. >> we'll be back.
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today's style is brought to you by l'oreal paris, celebrating 40 years of because you're worth it.
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>> we are back on this fun day monday with "today's style." and who wore what last night and who looked fantastic at the golden globes. >> they sparkled, they shined and showed some skin, as always, nude and black were in. al roker had a front-row seat. ♪ ♪ >> we're here on the red carpet, we didn't see a lot of red, but we did see a lot of nude, a lot of purple, and a few other interesting surprises. ♪ >> i love this.
2:37 am
>> it's an eagle. the wings do flap, in case you were wondering. >> you match the red carpet. >> i know. >> it's almost like camouflage. >> yeah. i thought i'd just blend in. like a little cammo. >> wow. hello. that's a bonus. that's a gift that keeps giving. >> you caught me adjusting myself. us girls, you know, we have to. >> my nails are very comfortable in formal wear. >> yes, sir. ♪ as far as the men were concerned, i think they were looking a little blue. why the blue tux? >> because blue's the new black. >> what is it about a blue tux that's -- >> well, it's not black. >> you can't go wrong wit, although i do realize now in the light it's blue. >> midnight blue. very nice. >> didn't know that. i'm a little color blind.
2:38 am
>> i don't think anybody tonight is wearing their own clothes except me. ♪ >> who are you wearing? >> versace. >> who are you wearing? >> i'm wearing dana. >> it's used. >> it's used. >> you can say vintage. >> i am wearing vintage. >> gucci. >> who are you wearing? >> you. >> okay! >> all right. we are anxiously waiting how "in style" magazine's fashion director and nicole richie, except for we lost our feed. >> so we're going to take it from here, like we tend to do. >> we've got opinions ourselves, don't we, darling. >> angelina jolie got a lot of attention with her white. >> at first i didn't love it, but when you see the whole thing with the silhouette and the red
2:39 am
lips, i thought she looked exquisite. >> one big favorite, and i loved her dress, too, julianna margulies had that plum -- is that the one? yeah. like a plum kind of straight dress. beautiful. just simple. >> she's so elegant. >> high neckline. and look at the earrings, a little pop of color. >> i know what you mean, less is more. >> viola davis did something they were describing as majestic. when she stepped out -- i love her, by the way. she looks gorgeous in that color. >> yeah. >> and octavia spencer, her co-star -- >> a little lavender, which i thought was lovely. >> a scene stealer. >> and more woman to love, that's not an easy thing. i think that was a perfect choice for her. >> gorgeous. >> lady like but sexy. she looks great. >> she was saying on the red carpet, someone was telling me, usually they have designers saying, hey, we'd like to dress you. and she said they didn't come to her, but let me tell you something, they'll be coming to
2:40 am
her now. >> oh, yeah, yeah. so happy for her. one of those ladies that's been laboring in the business a long time. now it's her moment. >> madonna's dress got -- oh, wait. i think we have our experts. al, nicole, are you there? >> we're here. >> look at you two. you are worth waiting for. >> what was the highlight for you all? >> well, you know, ladies first. >> okay. well, my favorite was hilda. i think she has such a unique sense of style. >> swenson. >> yes. i loved the long sleeves. she's so cool. she's awesome. >> she doesn't look like anybody else. >> she looks a little like david bowie. >> she does. >> not a bad thing. in that great start-up moment. >> how tall is she? because she looks like, you know -- >> pardon me? >> how tall is she? >> she's quite tall. quite tall. probably close to six feet.
2:41 am
>> wow. >> like you said -- i love julianna margulies. just the dress was a gorgeous purple second skin, and lorraine schwartz did her for 15 people last night. extraordinary. and her pieces are great. yeah. >> no one's talking about, and i was real impressed and thought she looked so beautiful, so age appropriate was woodley from "the descendants," played the young girl. what color was that dress? hard to tell. look how lovely she is. >> it's a very pale lavender with an illusion top. it's not a strapless. it's a sheer neckline. >> oh, see i thought that was tan lines. >> yeah. >> oh. >> you can see like where the beading is on top. it's against the net, not on her skin. >> okay. you guys, real quickly, do you
2:42 am
guys feel differently about charlize theron? did you love or not love her dress? >> personally i loved it. i think it takes a lot to have that kind of dress and wear it and not have the dress wear you. and she has the body for it. she's tall enough. and so i thought that she did a great job wearing that dress. >> probably could have done without the headband, but she's so lovely i don't care. >> she is the face of -- >> yeah. >> couture of new york. well, thank you guys. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you so much. coming up next, from one extreme to the other, some of julie's fine feathered and furry friends visit us. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake.
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we are back with "today's call of the wild." you may have been wondering how to make the winter easier for like porcupines and stuff. we have some answers. >> that's right. julie says if you think the
2:47 am
winter is tough on us, try being a woodpecker. you know what, he gave you the evil eye. >> look at him. look how aggressive this animal is. >> hi, julie. every time you say something, he looks at you. >> like, oh, yeah? i hear you. >> he hates your guts. >> tell us about him. >> this guy is probably one of the most -- i love him. he is one of our -- one of the most wonderful ambassadors. >> why? >> we rescued him from the wild. how cool is it to see a behavior that happens in the wild that he would normally be doing out there? he can't be rereleased because he broke his wing when he was little. now he gets to do the same things. >> if we did that, we would be institutionalized. why do they do that, to get food? >> yes, absolutely. >> they burrow in the winter? >> find these little bugs and worms. >> oh. >> go ahead. >> he really loves them. he's got a really long tongue, as well. >> oh, great.
2:48 am
>> if you want a kiss, we can also give him a kiss. did you see that? >> with the worm still in his beak. nice. >> i have that stuff for lunch. >> i got shocked. but let's get back to the topic of the segment. >> yeah. >> we do most of our rescues for the parks in the winter because animals have such a hard time adapting to the cold weather. >> sure. >> we're going to go ahead and -- yeah, look at this. he knows exactly. he's like to heck with the wood, i'm going over here. you're too smart for us. okay. i'm going to get corey back. >> i feel bad about his wing. >> he has a wonderful life, and he gets to teach kids about our native wildlife. our hog-nosed snake next. >> good. >> this little guy, people so often -- >> hog nose. >> you know what, i don't know if you can see, i don't have my glasses on -- >> me neither.
2:49 am
>> but he actually has -- i'll try to hold it for the camera -- he actually has a little upturned nose. >> like a snooty snake. >> exactly. and you know what's really amazing about these little guys, when they are threatened, they'll do this threat kind of hiss and they look like a cobra. >> you're tough. >> but if that doesn't work, they actually roll over and play dead. >> they do? >> really usual for a snake. if you try to right them, they'll roll back over. these guys need shelter. so leave your old dead trees in your yard. provide woodpiles for the little critters around. we'll bring out a porcupine. >> porcupine! so much air time. >> so cute! >> these guys need water just like all animals. >> he has a cute face. >> if you have a pond or bird feeder, leave a fountain or drip running in it so it doesn't freeze over. that will provide water for all the little critters that want to
2:50 am
come into your yard. lastly, we have a bobcat. >> oh. >> he's going to get hoda. >> his eyes are following me. >> good, get it. >> you never know what he might do to that. this is one, when you start getting into this size, the wildcats, you don't want to encourage them. don't leave your pets out at night or the pet food out at night. they survive by finding those places to hide during the coldest parts but these are built for being out in the cold. >> unfortunately they find small pets, too. >> that's why, you know, kind of being careful, especially because they're mostly nocturnal, dawn and dusk. >> julie, thank you so much. coming up next, how to keep your body warm when the cold is more than you can take right after this. >> baby.
2:51 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger taking you through the weather over the next seven days. we do have stormy weather around the lakes and in the northeast. it will be rain, what you see here in green later today. your tuesday brings rain into new york city. temperatures are going to be mild enough for a rain event across most of our big cities with the exception of boston where we started out with a little bit of snow. chicago, you'll eventually turn to snow tonight, a couple inches on the way and around the western lakes, that's where we'll see the heaviest snow. the other huge story is the big storm we're tracking in the northwest. we'll watch as that cold air drives in. notice all the arctic air in place across the northern tier. only 15 in minneapolis. what this means for the northwest is a ton of snow, several feet even in the seattle area we could see up to a foot of snow.
2:52 am
portland six to ten. it's going to be dangerous traveling up interstate 5 there. residual lake effect snow showers as we move into wednesday. and notice how the cold air dives wait down into the tennessee valley. still a big storm in the northwest on thursday and eventually moving down in california, finally providing some snow pack to the sierra where we certainly need it. 43 with rain and snow moving into salt lake city. denver will be on the milder side as we head through friday and track morgue rain and snow with this next system. it stays mild across the southeast, which means we'll get all rain. new york city looking at the possibility of snow as we start out the weekend and still tracking that big storm in the west. by sunday the snow moves down into the sierra. 39 with snow back into salt lake city. remember, can you get the latest on the storms from coast to coast weekdays at 6 a.m., "wake up with al" at the weather channel.
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>> baby. time for "today's tech," when you're cold, you have come to the right place. steve glean berg, author of "gadget nation," is here with great ways to keep your body temperature on the rise. hi. >> hi. >> take us away. >> a cold day to prove all this. >> you'll love this. >> this is amazing. the personal soup set. there's a heating element inside it. you can make some soup -- well, you know how -- >> blend it up and then actually cooks -- >> my mother's name was dorothy. we called her one-pot dot. she would have loved this. >> what does that cost? >> about $200. heating element inside. this is called create a crock. this is from crockpot. you can add your personal touch to the outside of it. for instance you pick the background, upload some photos, we have you ladies on this one right here. >> and who doesn't want one of those.
2:56 am
>> this is a must-have. your crockpot takes a lot of real estate on the counter. >> like your grand ma, baby pictures. >> $50. next, a towel warmer from brookstone. what's more luxurious than to get out of the shower with a warm bathrobe and a warm towel yourself with? this is nursery spa and also for warming baby's clothes. >> after the baby's bath and stuff. >> this is $80. this is about $60. >> not bad. >> pretty cool. next, to warm the whole family up, this is cool. this is heat surge, an electric fireplace with infrared heat built into it. what's neat about it, we don't have it turned on at the moment, but what's cool is you can lower the temperature in your home and heat the room you're in. energy efficient. out of the box, ready to go. don't need a screwdriver. take it out, plug it in. >> makes a noise? >> for tv it's not that great,
2:57 am
but it works great. between $300 and $600. >> great for a porch or something, you know, you don't have heat in it but it's like a fourth season -- >> or like the den, keep the -- >> one thing for every room. >> this is called nest, and this is a thermostat that learns your lifestyle. there's no buttons to program it, you just raise and lower to the temperature you want throughout the day. over the course of about a week or so it learns your lifestyle and starts to imitate it. and you can control it from the internet anywhere in the world. >> hooked up to your system in your house? >> not hooked up. just wi-fi. asotonor gloves. these are conductive fibers built into them so you can control your touch screen through the gloves. knit and leather version. very cool. moving down the line here. >> what is this? >> ski goggles.
2:58 am
these are cool. >> shazam. heat and a little screen on the lower left. >> it's too big for me. >> that's impossible! >> i'm so happy right now. >> gps built in so it can track your runs doing skiing. in the lower right-hand corner there's a screen. a little -- >> i see it. you need glasses. >> no, you don't need glasses. so that's really cool. and this is about $500. next, this is from ll bean, and these are rocket linkable sleds so they hook together. when you were a kid, you have to hold the person's feet in front of you. they automatically hook up. >> very cute. >> and mickey is wearing -- these are -- he's from the animal control of new york city, available for being adopted. this is an adoptable dog. and it's from scooter's friend. >> all on our website. >> coming up next, we'll cook up something nice and warm. but you know what, first this is today.
2:59 am
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3:01 am
time for today's "kitchen and getting saucy." some of your favorite seafood restaurants. >> richard says some restaurants might use a bait and switch substituting a less expensive fish for your dish. is that the case? >> it can happen in a mistake way or also purposely done and it can come from the purveyor or from the restaurant, from the hook to the cook. >> what can we do about it? >> let's talk about that. i wanted to show you, this is a great example.
3:02 am
this is a red snapper. >> mm-hmm. >> more expensive than? >> about $15 a pound. >> wow. >> and this is tilapia, about $3 a pound. >> huge difference. >> one of the issues is you have to look at restaurants that are able to buy their fish whole, because when it's in a fillet form, you can see it. >> yeah. >> so i just want to show you some samples here. what i did was i crusted them. this is one way that they disguise this. this is a snapper and tilapia. hard with the naked eye to see that. there's one thing i want to do, i brought some wine so that -- >> oh, good. >> you need to cleanse the palate. >> we can do that. >> one of these is a tilapia. >> one is tilapia and one is a red snapper. try the two. >> it's hard with the sauce and everything. >> it really is. it masks the flavor sometimes. it's really important as a consumer to ask questions. >> very good. >> looking for these reputable restaurants and reputable fishmongers. you need to find out where the fish is coming from. >> i think the expensive one is this one.
3:03 am
what do you think? >> i say that one. >> oh. here we go. >> one, two, three. >> you were right. >> i love tilapia. >> because this was plumper. >> mm-hmm. >> come down here. >> right here we have cod. >> mm-hmm. >> and we also have hake. cod is about $8 a pound and the hake is $3 a pound. as you can see in the naked eye, they look very similar. >> they sure do. >> when you have the whole fish, you're able to get a good sense of it. that's why it's so important. >> that's the cod. >> what's the other one called? >> hake. ground fish similar to cod. >> you're right. >> you guys are good. >> you can see the color. >> oh, i'm not cleansing my palate. excuse me. >> all right. >> now we have pollock and grouper. pollock is $3 a pound, grouper is $15 a pound. >> that's grouper. >> right. >> you are very good. >> excellent. >> thank you so much.
3:04 am
>> tomorrow, actor anthony mack >> thank you so much. >> tomorrow, actor anthony mack will be here. -- captions by vitac -- >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac --


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