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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak. ...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant tonight at 11:00, conflicting reports about the health of joe paterno.
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what his family is saying about his condition at this pour. -- hour. and newt gingrich surges to victory, one caucus, two prim y primari primaries, three different winners. how much longer can the republican race go along. >> we begin with the wintry weather, temperatures below freezing tonight. that could lead to black ice and dangerous roads. tonight, darcy spencer is monitoring the conditions in fairfax county. we begin, though, with the meet rolgts in storm center 4. >> temperatures now have fallen back down below the freezing market. anything that looks like a puddle on the roadway is likely to be black ice by morning. temperatures are below freezing in the western and northern suburb, even at national airport where it's 31 degrees, but 23 in frederick, maryland, 29 in martinsburg, west virginia, and 32 in fredericksburg. be carry very, very careful. nothing additional falling from the sky.
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temperatures will probably be below freezing through at least 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. if you can delay travel tomorrow until after that time, things are start to improve. temperatures, mid 30s tomorrow afternoon. more on the rest of the forecast coming up. >> all right, chuck, we'll see now in a little bit. darcy spencer joins us live from the alexander section of fairfax county. >> earlier today, we were battling the 12340e asnow and t. tonight, it was the roads. here is seminary road in the alexandria area. you can see the slush to the entrance of this roadway. and warnings are being warned to look out for icy patches. in old town, alexandrso kpanexa bitter cold didn't stop people from going out. >> where did you get that hat? >> i got it online and the weather here is mild because i'm here from boston. >> this is nothing? >> this is nothing.
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>> an overnight blast left a layer of snow and ice across the area. >> this is the first time we've been out in a while, date night. >> it's colder than i thought it would be. it's chilly. >> a little brisk. >> we've been spoiled. >> some didn't even bother to bundle pup . >> first snow of the year, so it was nice. >> reporter: are you enjoying it? >> yeah. it's on the weekend so there wasn't a lot of rush hour traffic. >> reporter: earlier in the day, residents had to scrape, shovel and chop their way out. icy road conditions were at times treacherous. >> i was shocked because my car is full of snow and it's -- i can't drive it today, but i love snow and i love this weather and i am happy. >> reporter: for snow lovers, it was about time and certainly not enough. >> more snow. i expected more snow. i mean, if it's going to snow, it needs to snow. if not, let's move on to spring.
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>> she's gong to have to talk to jack bell about that one. well, as we were talking about the roads, again, things don't look too bad right now. there are some icy patches. the virginia department of transportation is going to have trucks out there all throughout the night, treating areas as needed to make sure things are safe in the morning. but if you are getting out, certainly look out for black ice. reporting live from alexandria, darcy spencer, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. >> and stay with news 4 and nbc for continuing coverage of the winter weather. you can also find chuck's forecast online and e-mail your weather pictures to nbc we'll share them a little bit later in the show. >> now to our developing story involving former penn state football coach joe paterno. according to a family spokesperson, the 85-year-old is in serious condition tonight after complications from treatments for lung cancer. he's bhn een in the hospital fo the last week.
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tonight, his family is denying reports that he had died. his son scott said we continue to ask for your prayers and privacy during this time. jay paterno sent out this the tweet, i appreciate the support and prayers. joe is continuing to fight. stay with news 4 for the latest update oss on this developing story. a remarkable comeback. newt gingrich takes the south carolina primary, giving the already unpredictable gop race a new wrinkle tonight. the party nomination is still up for grabs. nbc's steve handlesman live in columbia, south carolina tonight with the latest on this. good evening. >> aaron, good evening to you 37 wow, good evening from columbia, south carolina, where it was not close with 99% of the precincts reporting, romney has 28% of the
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this primary vote. gingrich, 40%. it's a triumphant peak in a roller coaster ride. >> we want to run an american campaign. >> newt gingrich pulled 20 points ahead in south carolina, then fell 10 behind. >> it's not that i'm a good debater. i articulate the deepest felt values of the american people. >> tea par tirs went for gingrich, and evangelicals, too. mitt romney stumbled, admitting he paid a tax rate of 15%, not releasing his returns, he got slammed by his rivals, tonight fight back. >> when my opponents attack success and free enterprise, they're not attacking me, they're attacking every person who dreams of a better person.
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he's attacking you. >> rick santorum ran third but vowed to continue. ron paul, too, but not in florida the next contest. that's where romney is better financed and organized. but where gingrich now goes with momentum and full fight. >> if you want your children to have a light of independency and paychecks you have a candidate that's newt gingrich. i get we have votes everywhere. >> the gingrich-romney tie gets broken in ten days. florida will be an expensive battle, heavy with television advertising that's shaping up as negative and nasty. steve handlesman, news 4, live in columbia, south carolina. aaron, back to you. >> steve, thank you. as we look ahead to florida, the candidates will debate in tampa bay on monday during a special edition of rock center. brian williams will monitor that debate. you can watch it monday night at 9:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. still ahead tonight, the future of the alexandria waterfront has been decided.
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the results of a vote that could bring major changes to old town. how marion barry's friends say he's doing after surgery. and
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the council approved a plan by a 5-2 vote tonight. more than 100 people weighed in on that issue during an eight-hour public hearing. critics worry that tall modern buildings would disrupt the city's chark ferps subpoena porters say shops would bring
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money to the area. an oxon hill family escaped their home that caught on fire tonight. firefighters rescued one family dog after hearing barking but two other dogs are still missing. no people were hurt. d.c. council member marion berry recovering from surgery at home tonight. the former d.c. mayor was released from sibley hospital today after urinary tract surgery. people who spoke to barry today sayer he was, quote, in a good mood and was feeling well. he had a kidney transplant three years ago and prostate
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>> diefrs found a woman's body onboard the wrecked cruise ship today, bringing the death toll to 12. fuel was found near the wreckage today. crews will have to wait to pump fuel from the tanks until the search for bodies is over. 100 survivors are expected to file a lawsuit against carnival, the ship's parent company. rain and snow helped firefighters contain a raging wildfire in reno, nevada. it destroyed 29 homes and forced thousands to evacuate. yesterday, an elderly man adm admitted to accidentally starting that fire. he told officials he improperly discarded fireplace ashes. investigators say he's extremely remorseful, but could be asked to pay for the cost of fighting that fire, nearly $700,000. we're still looking a the tonight, dealing with the cold and potential ice and then on to the next storm.
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>> yes, some slippery stuff for sure going on. i agree with what the lady said earlier in the show. if it's going to snow, let it snow for crying out loud. the big snowstorms are much, much more fun to forecast and a whole lot easier to forecast, too. the fine line ultra small scale event, they're killers for us in the weather office. nonetheless, we ended up with less than an inch of snow outside this morning and we may have anotherless than an inch forecast on the way. it's cloudy, it's cold out outside. there's a little bit of a clearing trend trying to take place as well. that will only aid in the cooldown during the overnight hours tonight. so be ready for a real slippery, cold start first thing in the morning. 31 still at national airport. winds out of the north-northeast at 13 miles an hour. is that's driving that cold, dry air down into the area. it's going to be real chilly first thing in the morning. college park, silver spring, all
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around 32 right now. 33 in annapolis, 30 in manassas and reston. dale city, just below the freezing mark. and well below freezing now across northern and western maryland out into the panhandle of west virginia. your sunday planner, temperatures way below freezing first thing in the morning. only inching their way into the mid 30s tomorrow afternoon. and then clouds and moisture start to come back in asserly as sundown tomorrow. nothing showing up on doppler right now. the nearest rain drops are way down to the south. what was a line of pretty south severe weather in southern georgia has faded oit. here's our futurecast, a slippery start on sunday morning for a few folks. be real careful in the morning. by 10:00 in the morning, temperatures trending above freezing. however, the moisture is starting to come back. and this little area of bink shading down here, after we get past sunset tomorrow. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow, the potential is there. temperatures just below freezing
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could cause some icy problems overnight tomorrow night into the predawn hours of monday morning. by the time we get to sunrise on monday morning, the warmer air surging northbound will switch any of the real light frozen presip back over to all rain. and temperatures will be soaring into the upper 40s and low 50s on monday. so that will completely wash away anything in the way of frozen presip. the time frame i'm moist concerned about is from sundown tomorrow until sun up monday morning for a real light coating of what might be a lit built of ice. so overnight tonight, some clearing. a hard refreeze for any of the moisture that's left out on the roadways, be real careful in the morning. startoff temperatures, high teens in the northern and western suburbs to mid and upper 20s around town. then for tomorrow, a little sunshine early on. clouds increasing and a chance for a light snow. here we go, highs in the 30s
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tomorrow. watch out for a little bit of frozen presip possibility sunday night into early monday. all rain monday and washes all the iciness away. sunshine and near 50 for tuesday and wednesday. and another chance of what looks to be rain, snow lovers, sorry about that. sets it up for a relatively mild stretch into next weekend. always stay ahead of the forecast on our website or follow me on twitter. aaron? >> thank you, chuck. we actually have a few more sights from this weekend's batch of winter weather. kids in the district getting a taste of winter. some of them went sledding. we actually had video of kids playing soccer in the snow. if you're a big soccer fan, it doesn't matter if there's a little snow or ice on the ground. we also asked you to send us some of your pictures. this is what we got at this first picture came to us from silver spring it. said violet's first snow, 2012. can't really tell if she's enjoying it or not. she's dressed for the cold
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weather. this came to us frf bristow, virginia. this is tom and his ice. and this is one of our producer's tonya's daughter on her first sled ride. i would say she's enjoying this one. >> three, two, one! >> today, hundreds took a dip in the icy waters of the potomac river. it's a national event to encourage congress to take action on climate change. donna edwards, you just saw her there was among those who took part. coming up in sports, actor bill murray in town, taking in college hoops. we'll te
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>> hakeem is here now. everybody is keeping an eye on what's going on with joe paterno. >> recapping our top story tonight, according to a family spokesperson, joe paterno is in serious condition. he's experiencing further complications from treatment of lung cancer. earl co-night, it was reported that joe paterno had passed away. however, paterno's son scott denied reports saying his father is alive but in serious condition. jonchtown hosting rutgers. georgetown was 3 for 23 from the floor in the first half. so we're going to start in the second half. starks to henry simms. he dishes for the big two-handed
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dunk. georgetown within one. rutgers up 47-45. scarlet knights lead by five. but the hoyass come back. gets the steal, chucks it ahead to otto porter. it's a two-point game. ensuing georgetown possession. the hoyas go to porter. the freshman delivers. hits the jumper. georgetown up by two. eight seconds to go. here's the radio cause from the voice of the hoyas. >> trying to drive, down the lane, puts it up, no! hoyas win! hoyas win! hoyas win! hoyas win! hoyas win! hoyas win! hoyas win! >> they were down five and came
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back to beat rutgers 52-50! >> i love that, the energy. otto porter scored the hoyas' final six points. georgetown improves to 6-2 in the big east. upset alert. notre dame knocks off number one and previously undefeated syracuse 67-58. also, duke goes down in durham. florida state beats duke 76-73, snapping the blue devils' 45-game home win streak. on wednesday at college park, maryland will try to beat duke 37 terms on the road in temple. trying to bounce back after their loss against fsu. second half, terms down ten, but they rally. howard from the wing. got it. 5 1/2 to go now. the leading scorer hits the long
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two. he had a team high 20 points. terms down just one. but temple's response was immediate. their next three trips down the court. three consecutive three-pointers. the owls end the game on a 16-4 run. temple defeats maryland 73-60. the terms have now lost two in a row. let geese to fairfax. george mason, look who's in the house, actor and comedian bill murray? his son luke is an assistant for the tigers. first half, patriots up 30-22. vaughn gray with it misses the jumper. the offensive rebounds, gives it to mike morrison for the big dunk. george mason up by 17 at the break. cruising. second half, towsend within ten. says get that out of here. huge block. patriots going the other way. cory edwards to sharod right. monster dunk.
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he's rocking the suburbs. george mason beats towsend 72-60. they have lost 39 straight. ouch. in foggy bottom, george washington going for their third win in four games. here's something worth cheering for. down six, tony taylor inside of john capreva. good looking play. gw trails at the break. second half, spots up, hits the jumper. part of a 15-4 run to open up the half. just over a minute to go. colonials lead by three. the sophomore from serbia, feeling it. knocks down the three. he finished a with season high 19 points. george washington beat charlotte, 60-52. the colonials win their third straight conference game. all right, let's go to bender arena. american hosting army. jeff jones coaching barefoot in such port of the samaritans
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feet. very good. drive, gets the tough shot to go. up 26-14 at halftime. second half, it was the troy brewer show. gets a good look at the bucket. knocks this down. eagles cruising, up by 20. later, brewer, wide open. top of your screen. and he buries it. brewer scored 19 of his game high 22 points in the second half. helping au defeat army, 67-55. the eagles improve to 9-0 at home. and tomorrow, afc championship, nfc championship. ravens and 49ers, that's my picks. >> really? >> ravens-49ers. >> i'm with you. all right. >> thank you for joining us tonight. "saturday night live" is next. you
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♪ live from oakland university in rochester, michigan, it's the cnbc republican debate. [ applause ] >> good evening. and welcome to this cnbc republican debate. i'm maria bartiromo.


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