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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  January 22, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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newt gingrich his first primary win with 40% over mitt romney's 28%. rick santorum finished third with 17% with ron paul last at 13%. >> and now the candidates are looking ahead to their next contest. and as steve handelsman reports, florida is once again a battleground state in a race for the presidency. >> usa! [ chanting ] >> reporter: newt gingrich heads to florida with surprising momentum. >> we want to run an american campaign. >> reporter: he took saturday's south carolina primary by a wide margin, 12 points, with a few votes left to be counted. >> it's not that i am a good debater, it is that i articulate the deepest felt values of the american people. >> reporter: but gingrich broke through in two debates here, sounding tough and confident. >> i think grandiose thoughts. this is a grandiose country. >> reporter: mitt romney had stumbled, admitting he paid a tax rate of just 15%, not
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releasing his returns. he got slammed by his rivals, and tonight fired back. >> when my opponents attack success and free enterprise, they're not only attacking me, they're attacking every person who dreams of a better future. he's attacking you. >> reporter: rick santorum ran third but vowed to continue. ron paul, too, but not in florida. that's where romney is better financed and organized but where gingrich now goes full fight. >> if you want your children to have a life of independency and paychecks, you have a candidate that's newt gingrich, and i'll bet you we have votes everywhere! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the tie gets broken in ten days. florida will be an expensive battle, heavy with advertising and shaping up as negative and nasty. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. >> the win for newt gingrich sets a new tone heading into florida. earlier this morning, "meet the press" moderator david gregory talked about the factors that
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may have caused this political climate change. >> i think there's a connection problem that romney has with conservative voters, but i also think you've got the tea party rearing its head. i've been waiting for the tea party sentiment to really show up in this race, and i think you've got it now. i think that newt gingrich's win in south carolina was really an expression of the politics of grievance, of the hard-core, anti-obama sentiment within the republican party rearing its head, saying, not so fast. >> newt gingrich will give his reaction to his big win on "meet the press" right here on nbc 4 at 10:30 this morning. and even though the actual primary in florida is more than a week away, the votes are already coming in. all 67 counties in florida opened early voting polling sites. the state's early voting runs through next saturday, and nearly 500,000 absentee ballots have been requested statewide. the florida republican party says voter counts from early
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voting sites should be available tomorrow. the candidates will hold their first florida debate tomorrow in tampa bay, by the way. that's going to happen during an edition of nbc's "rock center." brian williams will be the moderator, and you can watch it tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. chris? well, winter is officially here, as our area got its first major snow of the season this weekend. residents spent yesterday shoveling and scraping their way out of layers of snow and ice that blanketed our area overnight. but come saturday night, it was business as usual in downtown alexandria. people were enjoying date night bundled up against the cold, saying it was more chilly than they expected, but some braved the elements, saying it wasn't too bad outside. >> this is the first time we've been out for a while, date night, so glad to take advantage of it and not letting the weather stop us. >> it is colder than i thought it would be. it's chilly. >> yeah, it is. a little brisk.
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>> it is. we've been spoiled. >> you don't seem like you're dressed like, you know, heavy clothes on. no hat, no nothing. >> i was actually born out in utah, so i'm kind of used to the cold weather. >> okay. all right. so this is no big deal? >> no, not at all. >> to make sure drivers today were safe, vdot told news 4 they kept their salt trucks out all night to make sure roads weren't too slick. not a bad idea. >> they may have to leave them out again tonight going into the monday morning commute. not for any of the little conversational snowflakes we have out there this morning. you're going to see a couple flurries around on and off through the day today, but overnight tonight into early tomorrow, there's a chance of a little bit of freezing drizzle or light freezing rain, and that can cause some problems on area roadways, so be ready to be under way early tomorrow morning to get things started. it wouldn't surprise me if one or two school districts didn't delay the start of school tomorrow. so, this is something we'll have to be watching very, very carefully. right now, it's just cloudy and cold outside, 27 degrees in
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frederick, maryland, 27 also in baltimore and gaithersburg, 28 in easton, maryland. 23 degrees in falls church and it is 29 degrees in leesburg and ashburn. there you can see on live doppler, a couple snow flurries, southern fairfax, southern prince william county, near the prince william county parkway. these are drifting slowly out to the west. not a lot of accumulation expected. this is about enough snow to get the top side of a leaf almost white. so, we're not expecting much today. temperatures will barely budge into the low and mid-30s today with the clouds around. so be ready for a cold one. the real concern, again, starting about sundown tonight to sunrise tomorrow. there will be a chance for these light snowflakes to turn into a glaze of some freezing drizzle. we're watching that. >> since you are raising the cautionary flag, we'll tell our viewers, "news 4 today" starts at 4:30 a.m. with joe and eun and tom kierein will keep you up to date. >> tom will be here in this chair first thing tomorrow morning to let you know if it's a problem or not. >> thank you, chuck.
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legendary, former penn state football coach joe paterno is in the hospital in serious condition and nittany lions fans are paying their respects to the longtime coach. news 4's derrick ward joins us from the newsroom with more on this. derrick. >> reporter: yeah, angie, former penn state coach joe paterno is continuing his fight against lung cancer at this hour, and his family is discounting reports that he has died. there was a vigil at penn state outside beaver stadium saturday. flowers for joe paterno, whose condition is listed as serious, hospitalized after a turn in the fight against lung cancer. the 85-year-old former coach has been in the hospital since january 14th, admitted for observation after what his family calls further complications. rumors of his death had taken hold after a student-run news organization posted messages saying paterno died. the managing editor of "onward state" has since resigned and jay paterno posted a message saying "i appreciate the support
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and prayers. joe is continuing to fight." he has been the personification of the winning tradition at penn state and his 46-football season career has become a casualty in the scandal that has arisen after coordinator jerry sandusky was arrested and charged with sexual molestation over ten years. >> couldn't sit at home. i had to just be here. you know, he's -- first penn state football game, he was head coach. it's a very emotional night. >> reporter: paterno's coached more college football victories than any other coach in history, and penn state's board of trustees removed him in early november after the sex scandal broke and the board reasoned that he had failed his responsibility to report allegations about that scandal back in 2002. so, prayers for coach joe paterno. live in the newsroom, back to you. >> derrick ward reporting live, thank you. well, this morning, d.c. council member and former mayor marion barry is recovering from surgery. his chief of staff said he had a
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urinary tract procedure at sibley hospital yesterday. the 75-year-old had prostate cancer in 1995 and a kidney transplant three years ago. barry is currently running for a third consecutive term as the council member for ward 8. new from overnight, a police shooting in prince george's county. it happened overnight on keating street near 28th avenue in temple hills. police are saying very little about the incident at this point. here's what we know. police say an officer did fire at a suspect but won't say why the officer opened fire or what the suspect was wanted for. we can tell you the suspect is still on the loose. we're working to bring you more details about this story and we're going to keep you up to speed throughout the morning. well, a howard county police officer and two others are all recovering today after an early-morning accident. it happened around 2:00 this morning in the 7800 block of east hill road in mt. airy.
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officer richard romberger had pulled over a man and was in the process of taking him into custody when they were both hit by another car. all three were flown to an area hospital. there is no word on any of their conditions right now. police are investigating the actual cause of the crash and have not filed any charges yet. several families in anne arundel county, maryland, are looking for another place to stay after this apartment fire. about 70 firefighters were called to a complex on ft. meade road in laurel around 4:00 a.m. this morning. flames were coming from the fourth floor of the six-story apartment when crews arrived. everyone made it out safely. investigators are trying to determine exactly what sparked that fire. well, it is 9:09 right now. they will be bringing more than just their homework with them to school. what some fairfax county students will be doing next year to help kids nationwide get in better shape. also ahead, jumping ship. what led some redskins fans to
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switch their loyalty to the ravens.
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could earn five times the national average!! and free atms anywhere. five times the national average!!! that's new school banking. sign up for high yield free checking at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. new, amateur video posted online this weekend claims so show syrian security forces firing weapons outside a funeral. it happened in duma, which has been a central part in the uprising against the syrian government. authorities are syrian storming a crowd of pro-democracy
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activists. witnesses say security forces killed four people. nbc news could not verify the authenticity of the video. chris? well, officials in nigeria say a coordinated series of bombings and shooting sprees have left more than 175 people dead. a group called vocoharam is claiming responsibility for the attacks. they're an islamic sect that's targeting security forces in the country. nigeria's government has instituted a curfew in part of the country to try to crack down on the attacks. the united nations has officially condemned the deadly attacks. well, tomorrow, the founder of the file-sharing site megaupload will appear in court. security guards have been controlling the mansion since his arrest. police and the fbi szed computers, documents and luxury cars from the new zealand mansion. the justice department accused him and his country of
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conspiring to commit copyright infringement. authorities want to extradite dotcom from new zealand because many of the victims were american. starting next year, fairfax county students will have to be sure to grab their pencils, notebooks and pedometers. according to "the washington examiner," students will wear them all day for 35 days next school year as part of the living fit in fairfax project. it's part of a $2 million federal grant to track the nutrition and physical activity of students over a course of three years. school officials say it's an easy and possibly fun way for students to learn about healthy habits. the baltimore ravens take on the new england patriots today for a chance to play in the super bowl. many washingtonians look down upon baltimore and its sports teams, but there are some traitors among us. there are redskins fans turning in their burgundy and gold for ravens purple. news 4's pat collins has more
9:15 am
from laurel, maryland. >> i'm a ravens fan. >> reporter: did you used to be a redskin fan? >> once upon a time. >> reporter: are you a ravens fan? >> absolutely! >> reporter: did you used to be a redskin fan? >> once upon a time. >> reporter: welcome to the city of laurel. you might think of it as middletown. you see, it's 20.8 miles from downtown washington. it's 20.6 miles from downtown baltimore. [ honking ] but when it comes to football fan loyalty these days, it seems less than 50/50. in our unscientific survey along route 1, honk for the ravens, honk for the redskins, we got three times as many honks and beeps for the ravens than we did for our poor old skins. >> it's all about the ravens, get it right. >> reporter: but it doesn't stop there. a number of redskin fans here are crossing that purple ravens line, and they're doing it with gusto. are you a front-runner? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you a
9:16 am
front-runner? >> you'd better believe it, all the way. >> reporter: at dunkin' -- team pride donuts. the sprinkles, they're not burgundy and gold, they're baltimore ravens purple! and they're selling, why, they're selling like hot cakes. "full disclosure." you know who else crossed the purple line? this man. this man's my son. ever since he was a little boy, he's been a redskin fan. he knows about sunny and billy, john riggins and theismann. but you know what he did last sunday? you know where he was? he was in baltimore! rooting for the ravens. why? >> to watch my ravens win. >> reporter: what about the redskins? >> got sick of wasting my time and money on the redskins organization. >> reporter: i should have been
9:17 am
a better father. here, have a purple donut. >> misdemeanor, so good. >> reporter: i'm pat collins, news 4, laurel. >> pat collins must be so proud because he has covered the skins for channel 4, when they've been at the super bowl. he has been there before. and remember, you can catch this year's super bowl right here on nbc 4. >> that's right. our own dan hellie and jim vance are going to be reporting from the big game. and i like donuts, but there's no way that i'm going to cross that line. i would never cross that line. >> eat a purple donut. not just eat a donut. >> no, no, the purple donut. you can try to lure me -- >> that donut looked pretty good. >> burgundy and gold. i know, but -- >> i wonder if they make them in crimson and cream. those are my colors, i'm not switching for the ravens. i'm more of a tom brady fan. i think brady's got their number. we'll see. it's going to be a tough game, although i'd like a harbaugh versus harbaugh super bowl. that would be fun, too. >> could be the 49ers.
9:18 am
>> anyway, we digress. there are snowflakes a flying out there today and there may be some slipperiness on your monday morning comm
9:19 am
9:20 am
driving in this morning, vdot had the signs out. >> yep, they sure did. >> you can see it clear as day, icy roads. still a little tricky out there. >> absolutely right, and you need to be real careful. temperatures in spots are still around the freezing mark, so
9:21 am
anything that melted late yesterday afternoon, it f it looks wet out there, it's probably a thin layer of ice, so be ready and be very, very careful on your way out the door this morning. going down the sidewalks, sometimes the railings get a little bit slippery out there, and that's going to be another problem coming up overnight tonight into monday morning. have a chance for just a little thin coating of some freezing drizzle around here late tonight, so be real careful on your monday morning commute as well. we'll be starting, of course, at 4:30 a.m. monday morning with joe and eun and tom and the whole gang, keeping you up to date as to whether or not we'll need any slowdowns tomorrow morning, but there will be a possibility of some monday morning slipperiness. be ready for it. right now, your sunday morning is starting off plenty cloudy out there, and it feels just about as cold as it looks out there. 30 degrees now at national airport. that northeast wind at 12 miles per hour, that's going to continue to push that cold air in place and a little hint of an onshore component to that in bringing the moisture in that's
9:22 am
generating all the cloud cover outside. 29 degrees right now at dulles airport, 27 gaithersburg, rockville and bethesda, 31 in buoy this morning, 29 degrees down into huntingtown, and down into st. mary's county, solomons island, st. mary's city, leonardtown, all right at the freezing mark this morning. 29 now in annapolis and back out towards the shenandoah valley, temperatures generally in the mid-20s. so, a cold day coming today. here's a look at live doppler. hardly anything going on but there are a few flakes a flying out there. southern fairfax county, right to the west of i-95 here, southern prince william county as well. be on the lookout for a passing flake or two. this is not going to be an accumulating snow today. you can see here on the broader view, barely anything going on. what's really happening is an onshore wind is coming back into the cold air. that's generated a couple slippery spots out there today. this will continue overnight tonight as the moisture continues to come back off of the ocean. freezing drizzle or a little
9:23 am
light freezing rain a possibility up through about sunrise tomorrow morning. eventually, though, the warm air comes on in and changes everything to rain. and by lunchtime tomorrow, everyone's going to be watching the last of the snowflakes melt away with the rain drops coming on in. so, here it is on our futurecast, up close and personal here. cloudy skies. by 5:00 this afternoon. the pink shading out here, a possibility of light, freezing drizzle. we'll watch that through the overnight hours tonight. gradually towards day break tomorrow, notice how it changes to more green. that's the indication that it is just in the form of rain showers. so, for today, a passing snowflake or two, little, if anything, in the way of accumulation. highs today stuck in the low 30s. overnight tonight is the time frame that you need to focus on the most, because that's when we'll have that chance for light freezing drizzle or light freezing rain, first thing tomorrow. it won't be much, but it might be just enough to get a slippery coating on the sidewalks and the handrails first thing tomorrow morning. i'm sure the road crews will be able to stay ahead of most of the road problems. but nonetheless, that doesn't mean they may not have to delay a school district or two. it will be worth getting up
9:24 am
early and starting out right here on nbc 4 to make sure of all that. >> now, baltimore's playing in new england, so weather could play a part in that match. >> cold, cold up there. >> but new york and san francisco, not so much. >> nice and mild. >> okay. >> all right, thank you, chuck. >> okay. speaking of the elements, winter left its mark across the northeast. new york got a little more than four inches of snow. heavy snow fell saturday until about noon and then it was all flurries. you can see kids young and old took advantage of the winter weather. many are thankful this season looks nothing like last winter. you may remember, new york had to bring in special machines to try to melt away 31 inches of snow. >> well, the same system left about eight inches of snow in the chicago area. and that was a bit much for some airlines. the snow caused more than 700 flight cancellations at chicago o'hare and midway airports. and it may be a while before all the snow melts. right now, temperatures in the chicago area are down in the low 20s.
9:25 am
>> winter weather is pounding the west coast. washington state just can't seem to catch a break. first snow, then an ice storm, and now high winds are causing problems in seattle. gusts up to 50 miles per hour blew through this weekend, knocking down trees and causing power outages. at one point, nearly 600 people did not have electricity this weekend. and now, another storm is on the way. well, the calendar does say january, and the thermometer is right around freezing. >> so, it is obviously a perfect time to go for a swim. >> perfect. >> three, two, one! >> hundreds braved the icy waters of the potomac river yesterday as part of the annual polar bear plunge at national harbor. it's an annual event to encourage congress to take action on climate change. maryland congresswoman donna edwards, who has been pushing for climate change legislation, jumped into the water as well to bring attention to the issue.
9:26 am
>> and last year, she did the same thing. she wore a wet suit last year. i don't know what possessed her not to bring it back. it's cold out there. >> she said yesterday she was going to. and i said, really? and it appears she did. >> all right. well, the time is 9:26. we have more news ahead. a key al qaeda leader killed in a missile strike. details about the attack and what it means to the war on terror. and closer to home, old town alexandria's waterfront is about to get a makeover. we'll have a look at some of the changes in store when we return. next up for the gop, florida, and president obama delivers the state of the union. on monday, it's another debate, this one in florida and hosted by nbc, "national journal" and "the tampa bay times." it will be moderated by "nbc nightly news" anchor brian williams. despite romney's recent strug laelz, he's still the
9:27 am
overwhelming favorite in the sunshine state. he's already blitzing the airwaves there and has more money and infrastructure than the rest of the field. ron paul won't even compete there. a romney win there could open his path to the nomination because no other candidate looks like he can out-last romney in the delegate fight. on tuesday, president obama delivers this year's "state of the union." and since it's an election year, expect a vigorous defense of his stewardship. on thursday, there's another florida debate hosted by cnn. that's it for me. that's your look at "the week
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good morning. i'm chris gordon. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome to "news 4 today." recapping our morning's two big stories. newt gingrich is celebrating his win in south carolina's republican primary. the former house speaker finished with about 40%, compared to 28% for mitt romney. rick santorum was third, followed by ron paul. the next primary will be in florida on january 31st. and a spokesman for joe paterno says the former penn state head football coach is in serious condition. the 85-year-old has been in the hospital for ten days since experiencing complications from lung cancer treatments.
9:31 am
people gathered at paterno's statue at penn state late last night to honor him and pray for a speedy recovery. well, the military is confirming that a senior al qaeda official has been killed in an air strike in somalia. three missiles fired from an unmanned drone struck bilal al barjawi's car on the outskirts of mogadishu. he fought in afghanistan before going to somalia in 2006. he helped train fighters for al shabaab, which is battling somalia's u.n.-backed government. he is at least the fourth senior al qaeda-linked al shabaab commander killed in as many years. firefighters in reno say they have gotten most of a massive wildfire under control. rain yesterday helped crews contain the fire, which destroyed 29 homes, forced thousands of residents to evacuate, and at one point grew to more than 6 square miles. fire officials say a man
9:32 am
admitted to accidentally starting the fire by improperly discarding fireplace ashes outside his home. investigators say he is extremely remorseful but could be asked to pay for the cost of fighting the fire, which is nearly $700,000. in new york, three people are dead from a fire that tore through a home in poughkeepsie. two students at marist college and a man were killed in the fire. the school postponed two basketball games out of respect for the students killed. fire officials are still investigating the cause of the blaze but believe it started near the rear of the first floor. divers have suspended the search for victims in the wreckage of that cruise ship off the coast of italy. monitoring equipment showed rough waters shifted the "costa concordia," putting divers in danger. yesterday, crews found the body of a woman on the ship but can't tell yet if she was a passenger or crew member. 12 people are confirmed dead. the ship hit a reef more than a
9:33 am
week ago and partially submerged. authorities say the captain deliberately steered the luxury liner into shallow waters to entertain tourists. then he abandoned the ship during early evacuations. well, today a church near the site of that shipwreck in italy will hold a memorial for the victims. it is holding a morning mass with relatives of missing passengers. at least 20 people are missing from the january 13th accident. unregistered passengers might have been on board cruise liner, which would make the number of missing even higher. a controversial plan to redevelop old town alexandria's waterfront is moving forward. the city council approved the so-called waterfront small area plan yesterday. it puts limits on future development and creates a citizen group to review proposed plans. critics worry new, tall, modern buildings will disrupt the city's character. supporters say new parks, hotels and shops will bring more money to alexandria. well, how much would you pay
9:34 am
for a pair of guns that may not even fire? >> well, someone out there paid more than $200,000 for the pair of weapons. these are no ordinary guns. they belong to the notorious outlaws bonnie and clyde collide and were seized from the couple after a deadly shoot-out in missouri more than 75 years ago. the shotgun and machine gun had been owned by great grandchildren of a detective who worked for the police department when the weapons were taken. >> now, i'll tell you, those have value. and i just saw an exhibit down at the museum on jay edgar hoover. he fought bonnie and clyde collide, so these have historic and sentimental value, as we all remember the great movie. >> and obviously, monetary value, $200,000. no chump change. all right, it's 9:34 right now. imagine driving down a road or taking a bridge named after you. it could happen in virginia. we're going to explain later this hour. also ahead, occupy d.c.
9:35 am
protesters may have tents, but they've got nothing on these occupiers. they've got snow.
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our "wednesday's child" this week has a lot of challenges, but those who follow his progress say he's made leaps and bounds. >> his name is donnell, and the 3-year-old has a smile that lights up a room. barbara harrison takes us to meet him. >> donnell? there he is! hi! donnell arrived for his "wednesday's child" shoot dressed for the chilly weather. recently turned 3-year-old donnell was invited to the be with me children's museum. miss elizabeth and miss rachel showed us around. this room had brightly colored costumes to try on. and down the hall, what a great room. this is red, white and blue! it's a place filled with room after room of fantasy fun for little ones. there's grandma and grandpa's place. look at that. and look at the farm! donnell wasn't too sure about the rooster.
9:39 am
he's a little insecure about things unfamiliar, but those who know him say -- >> donnell is amazingly happy, chirpy child, loves to sing. sings everywhere. he loves colors and tv. he can scoot. he is just a very joyous child. >> reporter: what he did like was the farm puzzle, and he did well in putting the pieces in the right place. >> but he does have this natural curiosity. he is learning to talk more, using more words. so, i really think that with a lot of love and attention, he will reach a nice potential. >> reporter: donnell was very happy when elizabeth and rachel put his chair together. he seemed to feel more secure here and ready to experiment with some of the fun toys, like the drum and the piano. before we left, there were some
9:40 am
surprises for donnell to take with him, including some books and puzzles. now he just needs a family to help him grow and to develop all of the wonderful things he will learn to do in his life, and who are ready to get a lot of love back from a little boy ready to go home with a forever family. barbara harrison, news 4, for "wednesday's child." >> if you have room in your home and your heart for donnell or another child who's waiting, call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-to-adopt-me. or you can logon to our home page at turning our eyes to the weather, we've got some drizzle in the forecast? >> a little bit of cold drizzle out there. temperatures may be below freezing as well. could cause for some slippery spots on your monday morning commute. we'll talk about that as well as your sunday forecast when we
9:41 am
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okay, so, if you're walking out on the sidewalks, on the steps, take it easy, bridges and overpasses. you know the drill. >> we all know the drill, and it was not really a lot of snow. it was our first one-incher of the winter. >> when are we going to get rid of it? that's what everybody wants know. >> it will be gone by the end of the day tomorrow. by the time the sun goes down tomorrow, gone. all of it will be nothing more than a memory out there, unless you can pile it all into one spot that can withstand a little 50-degree rain coming our way tomorrow. otherwise, the rain we're getting on your monday will completely wash this little 1 1/2 inches of snow completely down the drain. outside we look on a cold and cloudy sunday morning. it looks and feels like wintertime in washington. just a little bit of snow still left on some of the grassy surfaces. all the major roads are dry and passable today. some of the side streets still have a little bit of
9:45 am
slipperiness left on them where some of the moisture has been coming down off of the hillsides and refreezing on some of the more sheltered roadways. but all the big roads -- here's 395 and the 14th street bridge complex going in and out of washington. that is wide open and dry this morning. 30 degrees in washington with a northeast wind at 12 miles per hour. northeasterly winds prou cold air, and the more of an easterly component we get through the later parts of the day today and into this evening, that starts to bring more moisture back, and that may lead to some freezing drizzle starting about sundown tonight until about sunrise tomorrow morning. temperatures right now just below freezing areawide, and the subfreezing temperatures go all the way out into the mountains of west virginia and almost down to the freezing part into southern st. mary's county. here it is on live doppler. not a whole lot going on out there, but there are some snowflakes now drifting westbound, right into the city of manassas right now and headed out to the south sides of
9:46 am
warrinton, us-17. be on the lookout for passing flakes, not enough to get a leaf white, but nonetheless, a couple flakes along 2 oip as well. as you can see on the big picture, that's a very small amount of precipitation to worry about. so, slippery spots, that's about all we need to worry about today. after the sun goes down tonight on our futurecast, here we are at 8:30. this area of pink shading here is a possibility of some light freezing drizzle. that will last through the overnight hours tonight. then as we get into the daylight hours tomorrow, temperatures will surge above the freezing mark, almost as soon as the sun comes up, even though you won't see the sun come up. more importantly, it will be the return of a south breeze. that puts much warmer air in place for tomorrow. 99% of what we're going to get out of this next event will be liquid rainfall, not going to cause much of a snow accumulating problem. but from a timing standpoint, here we go. through this afternoon, just cloudy skies. just as the sun's going down tonight, little patches of freezing drizzle are a possibility. that will linger into the overnight before it all changes to rain. so, today, cloudy and cold, passing flurries. little, if anything, in the way of accumulation.
9:47 am
high today only low 30s. temperatures hold steady tonight but they'll be just below the freezing mark, so we could have a little bit of slipperiness first thing. then tomorrow, temperatures surge, upper 40s and low 50s. that will melt everything away. plus, we're going to get about a quarter to half an inch of rain. that will wash what's left away as well. then a relatively mild january week ahead. >> so, morning rush hour, a little challenge. by evening rush hour, not so much? >> correct. >> okay, thank you, chuck. >> you're welcome! tonight kicks off events for the annual right to life march here in d.c. thousands are expected to take part in the vigil mass at the basilica in northeast. it's billed as the largest and longest running peaceful human rights demonstration for the unborn. the march, which is tomorrow, coincides with the anniversary of the 1973 supreme court decision roe versus wade, which legalized abortion. more than 500 students from catholic university are expected to participate in the march. president obama is preparing
9:48 am
for his election-year "state of the union" address on tuesday. he plans to push for what he calls a more prosperous and equitable society. the president will once again call for changes to the tax code so that the wealthy pay more. it's an idea that republicans oppose, despite overwhelming public support. president obama's third state of the union is set for tuesday night at 8:00, and you can watch it right here on nbc 4, your place for politics. as expected, all roads near the capitol will be closed for tuesday's state of the union. parts of constitution avenue, independence avenue, pennsylvania avenue and east capitol street will close down at 7:00 on tuesday night. police expect the roads to be opened shortly after the state of the union address. life in prison without parole, that's the sentence prosecutors are calling for in the lululemon murder case. britney norwood is scheduled to be sentenced in montgomery county come friday.
9:49 am
in november, she was convicted of first-degree murder in the brutal death of jana murray last year in a bethesda yoga shop. prosecutors told "the washington post" norwood's week-long cover-up and lack of remorse speak to the danger she possesses if ever released on parole. defense attorneys say parole would increase norwood's chances of getting treatment for her mental illness. well, demonstrators in switzerland are building an occupy igloo camp ahead of the world economic forum next week. protesters say they're making the igloo in solidarity with the occupy movement. nearly 40 heads of state and 18 of the world's central bankers countries around the world are scheduled to attend the forum. treasury secretary timothy geithner and imf managing director christine lagarde are expected to be there as well. it will be the largest gathering in four decades at the swiss alpine resort. >> getting real creative. the time right now just 11
9:50 am
minutes away from the 10:00 hour. a new gig for robert ehrlich? the job that will have the former maryland governor working for one of his harshest critics. and home again. how this dog that was stolen along with the vehicle he was in found his way back to his owners. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits dieters since time began. not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies... ♪ a nicely designed package. ♪ you can have brownies again. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. caramel...pretzel 90 calorie bar. ♪
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this just into our newsroom -- mitt romney says he will release his tax returns this tuesday. the former massachusetts governor had planned on waiting until april to release the financial documents, but now says he's changed his mind. romney said on "fox news sunday this morning" that the controversy over the returns has become a distraction. newt gingrich released his tax returns last week. former maryland governor robert ehrlich can soon add newspaper columnist to his resume. he plans to write a weekly op ed for "the baltimore sun." the newspaper reports that the former republican governor will focus on national politics. ehrlich is a law firm partner and state chairman for mitt romney's presidential campaign. his column debuts in "the baltimore sun" next sunday, january 29th. well, you could soon see the
9:54 am
name of streets and bridges in virginia change. virginia governor bob mcdonald proposed the state sell naming rights to roads. it's part of his transportation plan to raise money. he also proposed creating the virginia toll road authority, which would construct and operate toll roads throughout the state. nbc 4 is your place for politics. coming up next is "the chris matthews show" followed by "meet the press." here's what they're working on today. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show," mitt romney's had a bad two weeks, but even with his slowed momentum, he's the heavy favorite to be the republican nominee, and that gives him a 50/50 chance to be president. but we don't know much about him, and today we look at two big questions about the man who would be president -- what are his motivations and what is he really like? plus, democrats are worried they won't have enough money to counter the republican attacks from super pacs. just who are the republican billionaires funding those
9:55 am
attacks against barack obama? join me and andrea mitchell, kathleen parker, major romney expert neil swatty for a great roundtable. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." here's david gregory. david? >> thanks, chris. good morning, angie and chris. coming up, newt gingrich recasts the republican race for the nomination, winning big in south carolina. the man of the hour will join me fresh off his win. then, looking ahead, can governor romney, the one-time favorite to win the nomination, regroup and connect with conservatives in the sunshine state before the all-important florida primary? i'll speak exclusively this morning with top romney supporter, republican governor of new jersey chris christie. plus, we're going to have a special "political roundtable," breaking down all the results from last night's primary and looking at just where this race goes next. it's all coming up this morning on "meet the press." and be sure to stay tuned after the program for my special "press pass" conversation with mayor of washington, d.c., vincent gray, and mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter.
9:56 am
only here on nbc 4. >> thank you. we look forward to that. now, a happy reunion in prince george's county between a man and his four-legged best friend. >> this is cody, a schnauzer mix that disappeared a month ago. his owners left him in a truck that was stolen and used as a getaway car. now, the truck was found a few hours later, but cody was nowhere to be found. the family put up flyers. and on friday, someone called the owners, saying they think they found the missing schnauzer. >> the lady that had him was just a very nice lady, took, looks like took very good care of him, and we're just happy to have him back. >> i think we all cried. everybody was just so excited to see him. and as soon as we called his name, he came running over. so, he knew. >> cody's owners say they never plan to leave him in the car again. >> never leave him again. >> like "the little rascals." >> turning 16 year! i'd be devastated if somebody
9:57 am
stole him. devastated! >> oh, my goodness. anyone who loves animals loves to see that reunion. >> and today's forecast, cold, cold, cold. dogs are lucky they come with their own fur coat, but nonetheless, it's a bundle-up day, temperatures staying in the 30s. >> they're going to struggle to get up there. >> yes. >> then we could see drizzle, making for a tricky commute monday morning. >> maybe get up early in case there are some slippery spots. >> thank you, chuck. >> okay. >> and that's it for "news 4 today." thank you so much for joining us on this sunday. >> wake up with us tomorrow morning. it will be joe and eun and tom kierein beginning at 4:30 a.m. until then, have a great day. >> see you.
9:58 am
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