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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  January 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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unrivalled. tonight college football mourns the death of joe paterno. good evening. welcome to news 4 at 6:00. i'm aaron gillcrest. two months after his firing, joe paterno is dead at the age of 85. the campus is mourning. jane? >> reporter: many people here
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said joe paterno wasn't doing well. he's been hospitalized since january 13th. he was being treated for complications from lung cancer. while people knew the end was near, there's a lot of disbelief and mourning on campus. joe paterno was 85 years old. he and his family have been a part of the fabric of this close knit community for 61 years. so generations grew up with joe paterno. went to school here. their children are going to school here. over my shoulder, i'm outside beaver stadium. that's where the penn state football team played. there's a vigil going on right now. they are dropped off flowers. they are lighting candles and expressing their thoughts. it was around 9:30 this morning when it was announced that joe paterno passed away. they made that announcement.
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people rushed up here just to pay tribute to the leader. here's what some of them had to say. >> i don't know. it doesn't make it any easier. you know it was going to happen some time. but it doesn't make it any easier. nothing can prepare you for it. >> a man's life and legacy was tarnished unfairly. and unjustly. had everybody stepped back and let the facts played out, we all would have been better off. >> we're getting this statement from the board of trustees at penn state. it reads "reread grieve for the loss of joe paterno. he made us a greater university. his dedication to ensuring his players were successful both on the field and in life is
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legendary and his commitment to education is unmatched in college football. his life, work, generosity will be remembered always." that statement from penn state tonight. we have gotten a statement today from jerry sandusky and his wife saying that dottie and i would like to convey our deepest sympathy to sue and her family. nobody did more for the academic reputation of penn state than joe paterno. he preached hard work and competition and had the courage to practice what he preached. we have more on joe paterno's football legacy. >> and certainly, folks have mixed feelings about joe paterno and what he meant to penn state. but you can't ignore the impact he made on the football program and the university. joe paterno is the winningest coach in major college football history with 409 victories. in 46 years as penn state head coach, he helped 87% of players graduate. this is pretty good too.
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more than 350 of his players went on to play in the nfl, including evan roycer and lavar arrington. he became the nittany lions head coach in 1966. this past season, joepa won his 409th game. he helped penn state win two national championships in 1982 and 1986. during his career, the nittany lions had seven undefeated regular seasons. joepa is a legend. here's how a few players reacted to the news of his passing this morning. thanks joe! thank you! we are! aaron maybin said this. "thank you, joe for taking a chance on me. i will never forget the lessons i learned from you." he's survived by his wife, five children, and 17 grandchildren.
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joe paterno certainly a coaching legend. he will be remembered forever. however, you remember him is your choice. but for me, i will remember joe paterno as being a strong man leading his football players on the field every single saturday. and just the character he built in that program. >> you can't not see that. say with us for continuing coverage of joe paterno's legacy and tonight's vigil. jane will continue her coverage. now to the weather. a freezing rain advisory in effect tonight for metro d.c. chuck bell with a closer look at that. >> it's been cold and damp all day long. early this afternoon, the national weather service issued a freezing rain advisory that goes until 6:00 on monday morning. it's not going to be a lot of precipitation, but it might be just enough to glaze the roads and the sidewalks. here's a look at live doppler. nothing coming down around the area yet, but temperatures are dangerously close or slightly below the freezing mark.
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your forecast is a chance of freezing rain or freezing drizzle overnight. could see a few slick spots on the roads. milder air changing everything to rain. after that, it will all just be a cold memory. more on the rest of the week's forecast coming up. >> thanks, chuck. the ravens super bowl dreams come down to today. many redskins fans are saying if they can't see their team advance, the ravens would be the next best thing. darcy spencer is live in bethesda. >> reporter: i was a little surprised when i walked into this bar here. you can see people are still watching the game. it's all a virtual sea of purple. this is redskins territory, but i found r only found one person
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in the whole bar wearing a redskins jersey. we're at the caddies in bethesda. this is redskins territory, but this sunday it looks more like a ravens nest. >> the red skins have had some down years thus far. all we have to root for now are the ravens. >> reporter: more and more, football fans are tuning out the home team and dawning the purple in support of the ravens. they are in the afc championship game against the patriots. >> do you think they are getting into the ravens now? >> if they'd like a team that wins, yes. >> reporter: some fans are converts. others have roots. who wouldn't want to root for the winning team that has a shot at making it to the super bowl? >> i lived in baltimore for eight years. i'm a fish out of water. that's why i have to be out of the sports bar to be around more
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ravens fans. >> reporter: we found one customer in the whole bar wearing a redskins jersey. he was cheering on the ravens. >> i felt a little jealousy because the ravens are in the playoffs. they are having so much fun. i wanted to represent a little bit. >> reporter: as you know, die hard redskins fans will always be die hard fans. they are not going to abandon the team, but we're seeing more ravens fans here in the d.c. metro area including here at the bar. they are hoping for a win today. reporting live, darcy spencer, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. we'll have more on the game coming up in sports. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is stepping down this week. she says she has more work to do on her recovery and it's best for arizona if she steps down.
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>> i don't remember much from that horrible day, but i will never forget the trust you placed in me to be your voice. >> it was one year ago that giffords was shot in the head as she met with constituents in tucson. she will return to public service in the future. in decision 2012 a major victory for newt gingrich in south carolina. he won the gop presidential primary there with 40% of the vote. mitt romney came in second. rick santorum placed third. ron paul finished last. gingrich has momentum going into florida's primary nine days from now. romney vowing to stay in the race after tax questions knocked him off message. he would release his returns on tuesday. he also acknowledged it was a mistake not to release them earlier. rick santorum says he will release his returns this week. the candidates debate
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tomorrow night in tampa bay. brian williams moderates monday at 9:00 p.m. here on nbc 4. coming up tonight, a
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-oé"/ for the march for thoú a staple prepares to go out of r
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thousands will be here in the nation's capitol tomorrow for the 39th annual march for life. that event marks the anniversary of roe v. wade, the supreme court decision that legalized abortion. the march begins at noon near the capitol before heading to the supreme court. a plan to redevelop alexandria's water front has gotten approval, but opponents plan to appeal. it will bring parks, hotels, and shops to alexandria. it was approved yesterday after it was approved yesterday after hours of
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the latest on freezing rain in the forecast. dew upon the3ió bue foryears. derrick ward reports.e!: >> i think the sale that we are running now. >> reporter: indeed, everything is for sale. after 34 years, the store is closing. >> it's sad we have to stop doing what we love doing for many years. we enjoy this. but the music industry has
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changed. >> reporter: the advent of online music has led to the final for many merchants. especially those who sell records. >> most of our customers are buying less and less cds. >> reporter: for some, this was the only place to make those purchases. a selection of the human factor kept them faithful. and the president of melody records says he's not sure what's next for him, but he's sure what he'll misthe most and that's the customers. it's just not part of the mp3 experience. >> it's very impersonal. >> reporter: the president of melody records says he's not sure what's next for him, but he'll miss the customers the most. >> we wanted to leave on a good note. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> chuck is here now. >> we have a song lyric that sums up the day today.
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the sky won't snow and the sun won't shine. cloudy skies.óé!2g ongtoday. an ugly day to be outside. temperatures barely we had yesterday slowly starting to disappear across the area. that's a little dusting there. that's gleeb road. right now in washington, it's cloudy and cold and it's miserable to be outside. temperatures still holding on to 30 degrees. temperature has not moved more than war/- com oury we're aii!zing nows. problemkzç that's way. how close? petersburg, west virginia,&i the the problem is, that moisture-laiden warm air is trying to rain down into the sub
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there's a freezing rain advisory in all the bright-shaded counties here. that's through the overnight hours. ngmor that's welcome news. overnight tonight as the flow runs into the wil changeu) air. it's going to ring out mist and drizzle. with sub freezing temperatures, we could see slippery spots first thing in the morning. ç warmer the bac up nearzp,d to shortly after the sun comes up personalu,j-tomorrow morning, a we'll have a sloppy day tomorrow. the sunshine returns as we get into the day on tuesday with temperatures back up near 50 degrees. qty th freezing vésevening.>wm(3 overnight over, upl time put us fr rush.
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there after th slippery spots. cloudy and cold this evening. fasing flurries. d and what looks to becw] chancesñk
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wednesday. stat ñ joe paternoli s ravens and patriotstoday to 46 years as8"s h coach,>fqy everybodykmy9wf1 o paterno of joe paterno61 coach in major college football history with in championships+9ñqstate in the andw helped 87% of his players graduate. he helped 350 pla died this mor of 85. 9
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onaloff'hipsgra and play they the 49ers sanlñr rw regular patriotsíçsd 350 player the tit he's survived by his wife, five children, and 17 grandchildren. nfl now. the swings play the 49ers in san francisco. ravens for turpó 7h&"l the ma on for herebyxb flaccosmith.g he"3h. lunin.o
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- gimmie,#q patriotsright a three-point lead. under a minute to go. ravens driving to bolden. he'sswver win that it'so. oh, ?1.1 am-"pthe8-0ee thewings e just%ú2x
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of tie iák send over. goal lat down.7 á at3./1 here later á2 kiddingolg the me? game ga i]
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game. mulkinm off the don't win. and"d ñu foul
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