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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 25, 2012 3:05am-4:00am EST

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>> jimmy: welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everybody. [ cheers ] hey -- hey, did you guys see this? president obama is visiting disney world on thursday to promote a new plan to boost tourism. of course, it's going to be awkward when he walks through the hall of presidents and sees they're making room for mitt romney. [ laughter ] weird. [ light laughter ] yeah, oh -- obama doesn't pay admission to disney world. he just charges it to the china section epcot. [ laughter ] check this out. during a charity auction over the weekend, donald trump bought $12,000 worth of tim tebow memorabilia. [ laughter ] or as it was known on monday, $15 worth of tim tebow memorabilia. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] hey, happy birthday to first lady michelle obama, who turned 48 years old today. [ cheers and applause ]
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i -- i got her a beautiful birthday cake. take a look. yeah, she's going to like that. i think so. [ laughter ] she'll enjoy that. hey, get this. a new study found that using the internet too much can cause psychological problems. although i use the internet all day and personally, i think the people who did that study are just out to get me. [ laughter and applause ] this is cool. over the weekend -- [ light laughter ] over the weekend, a 23 year old from wisconsin won the miss america pageant. oh, man. people from green bay must be so psyched right now. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and finally, a man in georgia was caught smuggling a 10 inch gun into jail in his rectum. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ] i'm not sure what's worse for a guy going to jail --
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that he was busted for smuggling a gun or that he revealed his rectum could fit a 10 inch object. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] we have a great show tonight! give it up for the roots, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we've got a big show tonight. you love her in "the closer," and now, she has a big new movie coming out, "man on a ledge." kyra sedgwick is here! [ cheers and applause ] she's always fun. also, joining us on "late night" tonight, detroit lions superstar ndamukong suh is here! [ cheers and applause ] suh. suh. suh. suh. yeah. from lifetime's hit reality show "dance moms," abby lee miller is here! [ cheers and applause ] i've got to find out. that's a great show. >> steve: you love that? >> jimmy: have you seen "dance moms?" >> steve: i've not seen it yet. >> jimmy: yeah, it is unbelievable. you guys seen "dance moms?" [ cheers ] yeah, phenomenal.
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it's just these nut job mothers with their smart daughters trying to -- and this abby lee miller is a smarty pants. she's awesome in just dealing with these moms. they're insane. these people are nuts. [ laughter ] like, there was a fight -- and great music tonight. outasight is performing for us! [ cheers and applause ] oh, that's going to be fun. hey, guys, it's time to take a look at the stories making headlines today, and weigh the good with the bad. it's time for "pros and cons." here we go. ♪ pros and cons and pros and cons and pros ♪ >> jimmy: tonight, we'll be taking a look at the pros and cons of "american idol" season 11. it kicks off tomorrow night. the show is still going strong. so let's take a look at the pros and cons of "american idol" season 11. here we go. pro -- it's a different show without simon's pointed quips. con -- it's a different show without simon's pointed nips. [ light laughter ] [ scattered applause ] tight shirts he wears, yeah. >> steve: that's -- yeah, that's "the x factor."
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>> jimmy: pro -- randy jackson gets to share his advice. con -- steven tyler and j-lo get to share their wardrobes. [ laughter ] that works out good. >> steve: oh. save money. >> jimmy: pro -- the media got an anonymous tip that ryan seacrest might be leaving after this season. con -- they're pretty sure it came from ryan because the tip was frosted. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: frosted tip. >> jimmy: frosted tip. >> steve: yeah. odd. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pro -- "american idol" has produced some of the biggest superstars over the last decade. con -- like that girl who won it and that other dude who won it that other year. [ laughter ] >> steve: you loved that one guy. >> jimmy: that one guy had that one song. >> steve: oh, my god. out of this world. >> jimmy: remember that? >> steve: oh, my god. >> jimmy: it was the best, and they had -- how'd it go? it was like -- [ singing off key ] [ laughter ] ♪ had a -- had an amazing ♪ >> steve: oh, my god. i loved it. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. it was so good. [ laughter ] >> steve: that was the best. >> jimmy: that was probably the best. [ laughter ]
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pro -- this season will feature a new competition round called the performance challenge. >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: con -- i used to get that with my college girlfriend whenever i drank whiskey. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: oh, never mind. got it. [ applause ] hmm, boy. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: pro -- this is the week we get to see all the crazies and weirdos before they get weeded out. con -- that's the same way they're promoting the south carolina republican primary. [ laughter and applause ] [ audience oohs ] pro -- ryan seacrest ends episodes by saying, "seacrest out." con -- ryan seacrest starts lovemaking by saying, "seacrest in." [ laughter and applause ] he does? >> steve: "seacrest in. seacrest out. seacrest in. seacrest out. seacrest in." >> jimmy: "seacrest done." >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "seacrest -- seacrest taking a nap." >> steve: yeah. [ laughter ] "right after this message." >> jimmy: uh -- [ laughter ] pro -- where else can you see so many musical dreams being born? con -- besides "the voice,"
3:11 am
which premieres february 5th following the super bowl right here on nbc. [ nbc jingle plays ] [ cheers and applause ] the president of comcast is one of our writers now. >> steve: are you really? >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: well, god, that's great for you. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: pro -- judges are hoping to find the next scotty mccreery. con -- to ensure this happens, they've asked clay aiken to have sex with alfred e. newman. [ audience oohs ] [ laughter ] that should work. >> steve: it works. >> jimmy: should work. >> steve: yeah. that's a long way to go for a -- i mean, i guess. >> jimmy: and finally -- pro -- a lot of the contestants credit god for getting them to hollywood. con -- so i guess that's what he was busy doing during tim tebow's last game. [ audience oohs ] and those are your "pros and cons." [ cheers and applause ] thank you, guys. great. hey, guys, as you might have heard, we're taking our show on the road for the first time ever. we're going to indianapolis for the super bowl, you guys.
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[ cheers and applause ] very excited. so, i had this fun idea. i had this idea. it was a weird idea. so, we teamed up with subway, and this idea is called "subs across america." now, all you have to do is record yourself in front of some iconic landmark in your area catching a subway foot-long from your right side and then, passing it off to your left side. and then, we're going to put all of the videos together to look like we just passed the sub across america. yeah. so, we've already started getting some really awesome videos. check this out, this one right here. >> go. >> jimmy: there you go. there you go. that's what i'm talking about. that was advanced. [ scattered applause ] that was advanced. he didn't have to do that. but they were very good, and they were very creative. now, we have videos from over 35 states. but we want to get at least one from all 50 states. so, let's take a look at which states we still videos from over here. ♪ [ applause ] okay. this is the official subway "subs across america" map.
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all the states with the subway logo are ones we already have videos from. in fact, we just got a video from oregon today. so, we'll take this guy off. you? [ cheers and applause ] why are you clapping? did you tape the video? [ light laughter ] there's 30 people in that video. all right, so look. alaska. does anyone have any friends in alaska? [ scattered cheers ] yeah. take a video, please, and send it in. you'll be on tv. okay, alaska? i need you here. indiana, we're going to the super bowl here. [ laughter ] >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: we're going -- send in a video! what's wrong with these people? yeah. and actually, vermont -- i got people from vermont. rhode island? come on. let's get it out of there. if you already have a video from your state, send it in anyway because if we pick your state as our favorite -- or your video as our favorite one, you'll get a one year supply of subway and a catered party for you and your friends during the big game. so it's a good prize. [ cheers and applause ] it's really fun. upload your videos to
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>> steve: well, hey, everybody. it's time to check in with you, our audience, and find out what you think about the issues of the day. and here to help us is our very own "late night" correspondent, jose. jose! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, higgins! you're looking extra crispy today. [ applause ] >> steve: thank you? >> jimmy: let's find out what's on the mind of our audience, okay? you guys ready for this? [ cheers and applause ] let's do it! hi-ya! let's do this. [ applause ] love that color. don't see that enough. hi, how are you? what's your name? >> chris. >> jimmy: oh, that's crispy. [ laughter ] christie, what do you think of mitt romney? >> um -- >> jimmy: i mean, sometimes he's like, "hi-ya." and then, other times he's like, "hi-ya?" and then you're, like, "he's, like, 'hi-ya' again," you know? >> and he's like, "oh, my god." >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he's sort of a flip-flopper. i'm a flip-flopper, too. but not after labor day. hi-ya. [ laughter ] [ applause ] what else do we have? hi. how's it going? >> good. how are you? >> jimmy: good. do you mind? >> oh, sure. please.
3:18 am
>> jimmy: how's it going, brawny? >> it's going great. how are you? >> steve: now, look. what's your thoughts on the whole tim tebow situation? >> i think he got too lucky with pittsburgh. >> jimmy: he did, yeah? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i don't know if i understand tebowing. i'm more, like, into jose-ing. check this out. [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] you guys look so good. this looks cute. that's like endangered. i love it. [ laughter ] hey, how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> jimmy: good. winter, love it or hate it? >> love it. >> jimmy: really? personally, i love the snow, but i hate the cold. >> i like both. >> jimmy: yeah. i've said that before, too. [ laughter and applause ] yeah, yeah. uh-oh. [ applause ] how you doing? >> how are you? >> jimmy: great. i think i've seen you in the -- you ever played the game "guess who?" >> yeah, yeah. i have. yeah, yeah. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: it's like, hi-ya. does he have a beard? yeah. hi-ya. does he have glasses? hi-ya. is he wearing a ski hat? hi-ya! i know who it is. [ laughter and applause ] i won. hey, guys.
3:19 am
look at this. sisterhood of traveling hats. how you guys doing? [ laughter ] >> pretty good, thanks. >> good. >> jimmy: fantastic. on the count of three, name an animal. one, two, three. >> kangaroo. >> jimmy: that's what i figured. okay, here we go. [ laughter ] we have just a couple more questions, and then hi to the ya. [ applause ] just going to come down and talk to everybody. hi-ya. hi-ya. hi-ya. hi-ya. hi-ya. hi-ya. hi-ya. hi-ya. hi-ya. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: can i have your number? >> sure. >> jimmy: hi-ya. [ laughter ] that about wraps it up. i've met a lot of interesting people here today, some of who are hi-ya and some who are hi-ya! now, i want to kick it back to the loveable, the crispy, steve higgins. >> steve: oh, thank you, jose. [ cheers and applause ] stick around. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] it sizzles, ready for anything.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is an emmy and golden globe winner for her work on "the closer," which will complete its 7th and final season this summer. starting january 27th, you can see her on the big screen in "man on a ledge." please welcome kyra sedgwick! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: thanks for coming back. you were here when we first started. >> i was. how many years has it been? >> jimmy: two and a half years. >> wow. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, i -- >> jimmy: you were one of our first guests. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: was that rough? was i sweating too much? >> no, no, you were great. no, i don't know how i was. but you were great. i mean, you invited me back so i must not have been bad. >> jimmy: oh, you're phenomenal. you're always great, please. >> but you -- i have not seen you since i've become totally obsessed with
3:24 am
your -- your song parodies. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i mean, they're amazing and -- >> jimmy: oh, thank you. >> i mean, i don't know how many people know about the troll series. >> jimmy: that's going back there. yeah, the troll dolls. >> yeah, totally. yeah, the troll dolls. >> jimmy: when i first started -- >> auditions. >> jimmy: -- stand up comedy, i used to do these impressions. that was my whole act, was impressions. so i did these impressions of different people singing about troll dolls. you know, those dolls? [ light laughter ] with the hair and, so it was just like -- >> like, i was obsessed with trolls. so i just thought it was so amazing. >> jimmy: you were obsessed with trolls? >> well, first of all, you're so incredible at it. i mean, you sound exactly like the bands and exactly -- and you have everything down, the voice and everything right. aren't they -- isn't he amazing? >> jimmy: i've got the roots to help me out. i got great writers. [ cheers and applause ] >> totally. >> jimmy: very, very nice. >> totally incredible. >> jimmy: you know, what happened was, i started -- i got -- someone gave me a doll for graduation. i was graduating high school. >> oh, really? >> jimmy: someone gave me a troll doll. and i'm like, "thank you?" [ laughter ] i don't know what to say. i don't know what to say. "thank you so much?" it was like -- it had, like, a graduation hat on it. said like "good luck" or something. >> oh, my gosh. yes. >> jimmy: i was like, "whatever." but then i entered this contest, and i used the doll in the
3:25 am
contest. and i won, and that's what started my whole career. >> wow. [ applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. so the troll doll i owe a lot to. >> you owe so much to trolls. >> jimmy: i really do. >> and so do i. i was obsessed with trolls growing up. i mean, madly obsessed. >> jimmy: you liked the dolls? >> oh, obsessed. when i was -- you know, i mean, from starting about eight, nine, ten. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and they were -- >> jimmy: they don't do much. >> but they're awesome. they're short, and they're ugly but they have this great hair. >> jimmy: great hair. yeah, yeah. >> and they were a real ray of sunshine in an otherwise very sad childhood. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. [ audience aws ] >> no, but seriously though -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is the deepest we've ever got on our show in two and a half years. >> i could probably start crying if you wanted. but no. but my mother used to give me a dollar every friday and take me to woolworths. and i used to go to woolworths. okay now, we're really going back. >> jimmy: yeah, i knew woolworths. >> i know, i know many -- >> jimmy: i had woolworths. >> yeah. did you? >> jimmy: yeah. >> anyway. and i used to buy little outfits for them. i used to get, like, doctor outfits and nurse's outfits and graduation outfits and hippie outfits. and i --
3:26 am
>> jimmy: i didn't -- i didn't do that. >> i was obsessed with them. >> jimmy: i swear, i swear, i did not do that. [ laughter ] no one's believing me. >> you had a really big one on the show on the one that i -- >> jimmy: yeah, i had a giant one. yeah, so people could see it for the stage. >> everyone has -- but who's never seen it. >> jimmy: no, yeah. >> but i -- so i loved my trolls. i collected them. i mean, i literally have, like, you know, a lot. i don't even want to say how many i have. >> jimmy: is it "hoarders?" >> no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i mean, does kevin bacon have to move out of the house for all the trolls? to -- no. >> no, but i have squeezed him out of all the closet space now. but no -- we -- >> jimmy: do you let your kids play with them? >> i let me kids play with them. yeah, when they were little. when they were like four and seven -- which, of course, is like the worst thing. we got -- i mean, they're antiques so like, the eyes pop out and they could have easily choked and died. but, you know, i was -- [ light laughter ] i, you know -- i get some inappropriate parenting award somewhere. but -- but one time, i -- i was letting them play with them, and i was -- must have been in the kitchen. and they -- they tapped me on the back and i turned around and they had these
3:27 am
giant looks of, you know, pride and just total joy on their face. and they pulled these trolls out from behind their backs. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i don't know what kind of face i gave them. a mixture of horror and fury because they went from just total happiness to complete -- they were crushed because they cut all the hair off the dolls. [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: they gave them a hair cut. [ laughter ] that is great. i almost like them better with no hair. >> no. and this is the -- this is the hippie outfit. >> jimmy: oh, that's a great outfit. >> yeah. >> jimmy: "technicolor dreamcoat" version, yeah. >> yeah, right. >> jimmy: i love that. >> i had to -- i had to add the makeshift little things. but yeah, no. it was sad. it was a sad moment. to this day, i feel so guilty about it. >> jimmy: i think he looks cute with no hair. >> no, terrible. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i want to talk about your movie, "man on a ledge." >> yes, let's. yes. >> jimmy: great cast. you, sam worthington. >> right. >> jimmy: and i like the idea of this movie. >> elizabeth banks, yeah. >> jimmy: oh, we love elizabeth banks as well. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: so this guy is an ex-cop. >> right. >> jimmy: he wants to be heard. >> right.
3:28 am
>> jimmy: so he stands on a ledge like he's gonna -- like he's a jumper. >> right. >> jimmy: because he gets all the media attention. >> right. he's been framed, and so he's trying to clear his name. >> jimmy: and that's the only way he thinks he can do it. >> right, exactly. >> jimmy: that's good. it's exciting. that's a cool idea. >> yes, it is. and i have a very small part, but it's fun. >> jimmy: but you're a reporter in this, right? >> i'm a reporter. i like -- sort of the local reporter. why are you laughing? >> jimmy: because i heard the story that you did research for this. you actually went on -- on a job with a reporter. >> right. that's right. i called new york 1 -- you know, local news. >> jimmy: the best. >> the best. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i called them up and i said, "i'm playing a reporter in this -- in this movie." and they said, "oh, definitely come down. be great to have you." and, you know, "but get here really early in the morning because you need to go out. you know, breaking news stories happen early in the morning, and we get in the car and we go. and it's just happening, you know --" so all night i couldn't sleep. i was so excited. >> jimmy: it's exciting. >> oh, my god. i was so excited. it was like christmas. i mean, i just -- i thought, you know, this is going to be really hands-on. it's going to be really amazing. so i show up in the morning at 4:30, and i meet the anchorwoman. her name is vivian lee. and she's beautiful and wonderful.
3:29 am
so it's like she's been, you know, up all night, putting on her makeup because she's just gorgeous. >> jimmy: vivian lee? >> vivian lee. >> jimmy: that's interesting. >> i know, very. and her camerawoman is a woman who is also the driver. so they're like, "we got the breaking news, we got to go. we got to go right now." so we get -- >> jimmy: get the cup of coffee. >> right. >> jimmy: get in the car. let's get to the scene! >> exactly. forget the -- >> jimmy: gear it! >> exactly, exactly. so we're driving -- >> jimmy: don't even have time for coffee. get in the car! yeah. >> and so we're driving. and they don't really know where they're going but -- you know, they were looking on their blackberrys and it's everything. so it's very do-it-yourself. i mean it's so do-it-yourself. so we pull up to this school in brooklyn, and she parks the car and slaps on a new york 1, you know, thing on the -- >> jimmy: i.d. i.d. yeah. >> yeah, i.d. yeah. >> jimmy: we mean business. >> and runs out of he car, grabs the -- grabs the the camera. and i'm thinking, "okay, this is good because something really bad has happened." and -- >> jimmy: very good. sirens. >> yeah, right, exactly. there's cops. there's people. and she gets out. the light turns on. vivian turns on her mike. and she says, "brooklyn is in an uproar today about the mayor's
3:30 am
decision on alternate side of the street parking." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: boo! i would be so disappointed. >> i was a little disappointed it wasn't a murder. but -- >> jimmy: other side of the street parking. that's why everyone was all concerned? >> but you know, it's a really big story, actually. and actually, people got very emotional about it because they're starting to give tickets for alternate sides of the street -- for double parking. >> jimmy: oh, please. >> on different -- i know. >> jimmy: don't you wish it was a juicier story? >> of course! i thought a murder would have been awesome. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: see, that's what happens. when you work in "the closer" that long, you get used to those stories. yeah. >> that's right. that's right. >> jimmy: parking on the side of the street. "man on a ledge." we have a clip of the movie. it's super exciting, super fun. here's kyra sedgwick. >> anyone who creates traffic like this in midtown should be shot. >> i couldn't agree more, ma'am. >> are you hoping he jumps in time for the morning show? >> no. >> i give him an hour. >> i'll take the under. >> 50 bucks.
3:31 am
>> make it 100. let's go. right over here. [ siren ] >> okay, ready? my hair okay? [ siren ] >> don't fluff him, paul. >> three, two, one -- >> unlucky in love? victim of the stock market? a young man contemplates death. who is the man on the ledge, and what drove him to such a desperate act? this is suzie morales, reporting live from midtown. [ applause ] >> jimmy: sorry, what was your name? >> suzie morales. >> jimmy: suzie morales. that is so good. it's just like the alex trebek version. like, "they serve this in may-he-co." [ laughter ] hey, you know, every time we have a guest on the show, we like to play a game. i was wondering if you'd like to play a game with me? >> love it. >> jimmy: all right, good. let's play one right now. it's fun. >> yes. >> jimmy: all right, come on over. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: "total ice-holes!" whoo! >> jimmy: all right. [ applause ] this game is called "total ice-holes." and what we're gonna do here -- [ light laughter ]
3:32 am
we're gonna take turns tossing these fish beanbags into that ice hole, back over there. and the rules are simple. five turns each. you get one point if your fish lands entirely on the ramp. three if it lands in the hole. okay? you can knock your opponent's fish off the ramp but, if you knock it in the hole, then they get the three points. >> i don't get it but it doesn't matter. >> jimmy: all right, no problem. here you go. >> i'll learn as i go along. i never get games before i -- >> jimmy: you'll be good. here. it's kind of like horseshoes. >> yeah. oh. oh, god. it's really far away. >> jimmy: no, no, no. it's just a trick of tv. it's the magic of television. >> yeah, sure. [ laughter ] but you play this a lot. this is so unfair. i already feel -- >> jimmy: i never played this. >> i'm outranked. >> jimmy: i played this like maybe 30 -- 30 to 50 times. go for it. you go. do you want me to go first? >> oh, yeah. you go first. >> jimmy: i'm standing there. it's good. you just go like -- >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: oh, look at that. [ cheers and jeers ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> it won't ever happen again. >> jimmy: oh, come on. >> trust me. >> jimmy: all right, here we go. i've got to put more arc into it. >> oh! [ audience oohs ] very good.
3:33 am
>> jimmy: thank you. oh. [ audience ohs ] but it looked good, right? for a second. [ light laughter ] magic of television. all right, it's one-nothing. one-nothing. >> i think -- i think my sound pack is going to come out of my dress. >> jimmy: well -- >> oh -- >> jimmy: quest, quest, quest, quest. no, no, no, no, no, no. >> oh! damn! [ audience ohs ] okay. >> jimmy: here we go. oh, my gosh! [ audience ohs ] that is just way off. >> i'm throwing you off your game. >> jimmy: that was way off. >> it's okay. >> jimmy: you're too sexy. >> i know. >> jimmy: yes. suzie morales. >> suzie morales. >> jimmy: suzie morales, you're too sexy. >> suzie morales, reporting live from midtown. oh! >> jimmy: all right. >> terrible. >> jimmy: i got to get one in there. right in there. here we go. watch it, buddy. [ laughter ] >> okay. oh! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what!
3:34 am
n-b-h! n-b-h! nothing but hole. nothing but hole on that one. is that a term? that's not a term. >> it is now. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. [ audience oohs ] oh, god. she almost took it from me. oh, my gosh. kyra sedgwick! come on, give it up! [ cheers and applause ] that has never happened. >> really, never? >> jimmy: no. >> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: "man on a ledge" is in theatres january 27th. ndamukong suh joins us next! come on back, you guys! that was crazy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ c'mon dad!
3:35 am
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3:37 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest this evening is an nfl all-pro defensive lineman who led his detroit lions to the playoffs this season. he was also named most charitable athlete of 2011 by the giving fund. he's everywhere these days,
3:38 am
including the cover of the "nfl magazine," right there. look at that. please welcome back to the show, a great football player and very interesting young man, ndamukong suh! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: suh! >> what's going on? >> jimmy: ndamukong suh, welcome back to the show, my friend. the last time we had you on the show, it was -- was it the night before the draft? >> yeah, the night before the draft. it was a crazy time for me. >> jimmy: god, i mean -- i couldn't even -- i didn't know how to pronounce your name. >> yeah. >> jimmy: ndamukong. because it's pronounced like -- in-bem-ken-dem. like, at first -- i was like -- but now, you're like a household name. ndamukong suh. congratulations on everything. >> thank you. >> jimmy: all your success. it's very exciting. it's awesome. >> no, it's definitely been a blast. it's been a whirlwind of a tour. i mean, it's exciting. i look forward to obviously coming back here and having some more fun with you. >> jimmy: yeah, good. i appreciate it. now, you did -- you did "the nfl today" this past weekend. do you like doing that gig?
3:39 am
>> i love it. i mean, it was something that i had a lot of fun with. i got to hang out with dan marino, james brown and all those different, cool former players and analysts. it was a great time. i enjoyed it and looking forward to doing it many, many years down the road after we win some championships in detroit. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. but i mean, did you ever think about being a commentator or -- >> not really. it's just a lot of people told me it's kind of -- i'm kind of a natural. but for me, i love football. so i'm enjoying that. and i've got my engineering background. so those are things that me and my dad look forward to getting together with. >> jimmy: do you think you'll change your voice as you get old -- like -- [ high-pitched ] eventually, you'll start talking like this? [ light laughter ] you got a great uppity voice and a touchdown pass. there it is! >> no, no. >> jimmy: no. >> i can be soft-spoken but i don't know if i can do that. >> jimmy: good thing that you don't do that. i want to say thanks just for being very charitable. you donated -- is this correct? -- $2.6 million to nebraska engineering school? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's very cool, buddy. >> i did it -- i did it this year. it was something that i grew up understanding that where i am
3:40 am
today wasn't just because of my hard work and family and friends. just from the village of people that have been around me and always taking care of me. nebraska has been a great state for me that has really helped me grow up as a young man. and, you know, i'm kind of disappointed. >> jimmy: why? >> subway across america, they have not given you a video. >> jimmy: nebraska has not -- >> i know. i'm gonna -- you know what? i think i might just go do that. i'm going back there on monday. >> jimmy: oh -- oh, my gosh! if you do that, that'd be the best! [ cheers and applause ] that'd be so rad if you did that! >> yeah, so. >> jimmy: oh, i'd love it. >> no, i'm going to go do that for you. >> jimmy: thanks, buddy. >> we'll get that done. >> jimmy: nebraska, you went through engineering, so you want -- so you know how to, like, build stuff. that's a third career, if you don't do the -- you know, commentator in 25 years. you could -- you know, you could just build stuff. >> yeah. i've always been growing up building stuff. i took apart my mom's phone when i was little and put it back together. >> jimmy: is that right? you just love that stuff? just always into it? i've always liked working with my hands, whether it's tackling somebody or taking somebody down. i've always liked using my hands to do something. >> jimmy: yeah, do something. take them down or building it up. yeah, you'll do one or the other. you also did a pretty interesting thing.
3:41 am
when you got your first paycheck, you gave it to your dad. >> yeah, it's -- really a tradition in cameroon. my dad, when he first moved to the states -- >> jimmy: did you say cameroon? >> yeah, from cameroon, africa. when he first moved to the states, he had to give his dad his first check. and it's just kind of a thing that fell in the line, and i, obviously ,had a big check coming from making it to the nfl. >> jimmy: there's probably different -- different numbers between your dad's check and your check. you're probably like, "i would give it to my dad." like, "are you sure you wanna keep this tradition going, dad?" [ laughter ] >> no, it's something -- >> jimmy: sure we don't have any other traditions, like having a christmas tree or something, you know? [ laughter ] not my paycheck. >> no, it's a sign of respect. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i definitely enjoyed it. my dad gave it back to me though. i just -- >> jimmy: oh, he did? >> i want to just stick with the tradition, make sure i got it done. >> jimmy: wow, that's really nice that you did that though. that's pretty cool. let's talk football. do the colts get andrew luck, number one draft? >> i definitely think so. i think it'd be a smart move in them being able to have a guy like peyton manning where he can learn under. i went to detroit -- got to learn under kyle vanden bosch. and i think he really helped my career blossom, just being a veteran guy.
3:42 am
i think today, this past season -- >> jimmy: how's stafford, by the way? >> he's good. he's real good. >> jimmy: tell him i said hello. i love that guy. >> he had a amazing year. i'm real proud of him. glad he could maintain his health throughout the year and had a big help getting us to the playoffs. >> jimmy: who wins the super bowl? >> who wins the super bowl? i am -- >> audience member: ravens! [ shouting ] >> jimmy: be careful. be careful. >> i'll tell you this. whoever comes out of the nfc, i think is gonna win it. >> jimmy: oh, really? nfc? so it could be -- [ applause ] they like that answer. so giants or -- >> the giants or san francisco. >> jimmy: 49ers. [ shouting ] >> the giants are playing pretty well, so we'll -- we'll definitely see. >> jimmy: so you're saying no brady? >> no brady. i don't think brady and them are gonna get it done. they got to be -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: when do the detroit lions win the super bowl? >> we are looking in the process of being there in the following year since we got knocked out this year against new orleans but -- >> jimmy: 2013? >> 2013 is -- >> jimmy: all right, good. >> i can't promise but i got a good feeling that we're gonna make a good run. >> jimmy: all right, buddy. well, always good to see you. and thank you for coming back and visiting.
3:43 am
>> appriciate it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i appreciate it. my thanks to detroit lion ndamukong suh! abby lee miller from "dance moms" joins us after the break. stick around, you guys! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today. whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! might seem...impossible. unless you have eggo® waffles. they're quick and easy to make, and there's something about them... that just makes people move. [ male announcer ] eggo® waffles. simply delicious.
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3:46 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is an award-winning dance instructor and choreographer who is now the star of lifetime's talked about reality show, "dance moms." say hello to abby lee miller, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. i'm a huge fan, abby lee miller. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i started watching this show because everyone said, "you got to watch 'dance moms.' you have to watch this." and i go, "okay." and i don't always watch lifetime. just 'cause i just -- it's not always on. it's always watch shows -- it's nbc for me. so, i watched -- i was obsessed with this thing. and i think that you are a genius. i think that you are right. i think these moms are nuts. i think they are nutballs. >> they are. >> jimmy: and they are nuts. and they -- i can't believe they do this.
3:47 am
and you're like -- and you're just being honest. and brutally honest. and i love brutally honest people. >> well, i don't have time to pussyfoot around. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you know? i've been doing this for 30 years. why do they question? >> jimmy: yeah. >> everything? >> jimmy: every single thing. and -- but why -- why do they even just -- they all hang out there. and they're in like a cage above the dance -- [ light laughter ] the kids, they're beautiful little girls dancing. >> yes. >> jimmy: and boys. >> yes. >> jimmy: handsome boys. yes. [ laughter ] they're -- but this season was all girls. so they're down on the floor, and the moms are up in this cage suspended from the ceiling. >> well -- >> jimmy: and they're going like, "what? i can't believe she didn't get a solo." ' and it's like, "oh, you shut up." and they go yelling at each other. [ light laughter ] and they're lunatics -- and they go, "i'm going to go -- i'm going to go down. and i'm going to talk to abby. i'm going to tell her." and i go -- and i'm yelling at the tv. i go, "don't!" [ laughter ] "she's not going to -- she's going to punch you." [ laughter ] it's going to get violent. >> what people don't understand is, i built that building. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i built that glass enclosed observation mezzanine
3:48 am
so that people could watch their child progress. and, you know, get a new trick or learn a side aerial. >> jimmy: yeah, so they can -- when they drive, and let me go, "hey, that was a good thing you learned today." >> exactly. and then, i don't -- >> jimmy: it's a crazy tank. >> but i always thought they could see it with their own eyes. they could see that their child wasn't getting it as quickly as another child. that's why their kid isn't in the front. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it didn't work. >> jimmy: no. well, this -- no, they don't understand it, and they -- >> there's, like, rose-colored glass there or something. i don't know. >> jimmy: "oh, that was -- she was phenomenal." i'm like, "oh, no. she wasn't." [ light laughter ] she wasn't as good. i mean, the little girl -- who is it? >> both: maddie. >> yes. >> jimmy: she's a star. she's just a phenomenal. and chloe, i liked her, too. >> smart. >> jimmy: but their -- that you get in -- >> chloe. beautiful facility. >> jimmy: beautiful. i did -- great. but i'm just like, good work ethic. i think that's what the main thing's about. i like it. but you're building a good work ethic. like, "good, you want to be the best? you got to practice." >> i just got a text from one of my students. she's very successful here in the city. i mean, i'm not just some fly-by-night dance teacher that just happened to do the show.
3:49 am
i have kids working all over the world. >> jimmy: yeah. >> in tokyo. at disney. you know, in vegas, l.a. here in new york city on broadway. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so, you know -- >> jimmy: no, you're famous -- >> you know, i've been doing this. i know what i'm doing. >> jimmy: but it's competitive dancing. not just, like, dancing you go into -- like, the kids don't go to a club, a nightclub. and you're like, "what's up, man?" they -- >> some do. some do. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: competitive dancing. this is, like -- they -- you work on these routines. there's one routine -- i got to say -- where all the kids are getting kidnapped or killed maybe? >> "where have all the children gone." >> jimmy: "where have all the --" that was insane. what's wrong with you? >> i know, but -- >> jimmy: that was nuts. [ laughter ] >> but i try to do things that are relevant that, you know -- >> jimmy: the kids are wearing black and white. and it was, like, very serious. and, like -- then there were missing. then there's a swing, a lone swing set swinging. i was crying. i go, "this is too deep." these girls are like five years old. >> but you need to do -- you need to do -- sometimes they win. those are the numbers that win. >> jimmy: yeah. >> deep numbers. >> jimmy: i think that one did win. >> the dark numbers. >> jimmy: that one really -- >> absolutely. >> jimmy: of course it did win. yeah, it was great. >> you have to learn to do everything. >> jimmy: how about -- oh, my god. who's the one from apple jacks or something? that lunatic -- >> cathy. don't get me started. [ laughter ]
3:50 am
>> jimmy: some lady comes in. she's another -- >> she still has my bee costume. >> jimmy: she's so -- oh, my gosh. i forgot about that. >> she won't give it back. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. what was it? it was a bumblebee, and she didn't want her kid to do the bumblebee bit. but she is another competitive -- >> teacher. >> jimmy: teacher. >> she owns a studio. >> jimmy: yeah. called, like, apple jacks or something. she's like -- >> candy apple. >> jimmy: "that's not how we do it in candy apple." [ light laughter ] >> who -- who -- who -- who goes to a studio called candy apple. >> jimmy: i mean, please, yeah. so, she -- but she's nuts. and she won't -- she won't travel with the other moms either. >> well, you know -- >> jimmy: she wants to take her own -- >> she's my friend. and when we heard about the auditions for the show and everybody was all hyped up -- i said, "why don't you just bring your little girl and just come?" >> jimmy: yeah. >> because i've known her for years, but not very well. and she went into the audition, and she was just a raving lunatic. and they loved her. and the more episodes that we do, the more i think she really is crazy. >> jimmy: no, i mean, she got -- >> like she really, really is crazy. >> jimmy: she went -- she found out what you were doing. and she said, "oh, i know she's doing that song, and so i'm going to go head-to-head with the same song." ooh. >> who does that? >> jimmy: yeah. that was -- it was nuts. >> find a better song.
3:51 am
>> jimmy: yeah. well, i mean, be creative. yeah. >> yes. >> jimmy: but i mean, cute little girl, though, in the bee costume. god, we loved her. but it's, like, the mom is nuts. [ light laughter ] and so, hopefully, the kid just grows out of it. >> well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> jimmy: fall from the -- yeah, yeah. exactly, yeah. but i loved the way you have to deal with these crazy moms. nia's mom is nuts as well. i feel bad. because she's just always -- >> she's a nut with a doctorate. >> jimmy: yeah, she's -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: well, is she a principal? >> she's a principal of a very prestigious school in pittsburgh. yes. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yes. >> jimmy: i mean, at first, everyone comes off as normal. >> not to be confused with public school. >> jimmy: no, yeah. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: so, she goes in, and she -- she's always complaining. we have a clip. this is season two where she's -- she's complaining that her little daughter, nia, needs extra attention. >> well, yeah. >> jimmy: take a look at this. >> because she coddled every minute. >> you need to be here. i feel right now that i care more about nia's success than you do. >> no, well, you're -- >> your husband was here. he walked right in the door. why didn't he stay? >> abby, if you -- >> my dad even took me to the mother-daughter talk about getting your period. my dad took me because my mother was at work. >> oh, my god.
3:52 am
she's talking about a period? what the hell's that have to do with anything? oh, i want to kill myself. >> figure it out because you know what? >> abby -- >> the kid needs somebody. >> plus, i -- >> she's not that -- >> how dare you. how dare you. >> she needs help. she needs you to be here. >> oh, abby. >> she needs people to take notes. >> abby -- >> you think you're up here because you have a doctorate and everybody else is down here. >> that's your problem, abby. you are intimidated by me because i do have a doctorate. >> bull! bull. >> oh, abby, don't be ignorant. >> please. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that's what i'm talking about! it's the best. you're awesome. "dance moms" airs tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. on lifetime abby lee miller, everybody. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thank you so much. i appreciate it. outasight performs next! come on back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ 2:30 in the afternoon, a lot to do, and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪
3:56 am
>> jimmy: our next guest is climbing the charts with his debut single "tonight is the night" and tonight, we're thrilled to have them here perform it. with a little help from the roots, please welcome outasight! [ cheers and applause ] >> how ya'll feeling out there? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i've been feeling real good came a long way from misunderstood ♪ ♪ far away from the days where i wouldn't wanna go home 'cause i was afraid of the truth ♪ ♪ see i was scared to admit that failing was in the back of my head ♪ ♪ there comes a point when lying no longer works so you have to stand up for how you want to live ♪ ♪ tonight is the night is the night that we're losing control wha oh ♪ ♪ tonight is the night is the night we set it off ♪
3:57 am
♪ everybody go wooh, wooh, ooh wooh, wooh, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ everybody go wooh, wooh, ooh wooh, wooh, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ and i don't know no better but as far as i came it felt like forever ♪ ♪ seconds turn to hours days turn to months another year pass by but don't feel like much ♪ ♪ so if i got one chance me and the roots gonna make y'all dance ♪ ♪ i'mma have as much fun as i can ♪ ♪ and figure out the rest when i etch out a plan ♪ ♪ tonight is the night is the night that we're losing control wha oh ♪ ♪ tonight is the night is the night we set it off ♪ ♪ everybody go wooh, wooh, ooh wooh, wooh, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ everybody go wooh, wooh, ooh
3:58 am
wooh, wooh, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i'm feelin better than i ever thought was possible but now i know yeah ♪ ♪ i'm feelin better than i ever did impossible don't exist no ♪ ♪ impossible don't exist everybody go ♪ ♪ wooh, wooh, ooh wooh, wooh, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah everybody go ♪ ♪ wooh, wooh, ooh wooh, wooh, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ tonight is the night is the night that we're losing control ♪ ♪ tonight is the night is the night we set it off ♪
3:59 am
♪ tonight is the night is the night that we're losing control ♪ ♪ tonight is the night is the night we set it off ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. peace. >> jimmy: that's fantastic. man, that was awesome. >> thank you. >> jimmy: outasight! see him live wednesday in las vegas! my thanks to kyra sedgwick, ndamukong suh, abby lee miller, outasight! [ cheers and applause ] and the greatest band in late night, the roots, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for carson daly. thank you for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. buh-bye! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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