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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  January 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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harris. a community activist from alexandria. police removed the body from the well on saturday. autopsy results show he was murdered. on thursday, an anonymous caller told police where to find the body. family and friends say that harris visited local recreation centers and helped find tutors for children. he disappeared back in september. today pepco will meet with the washington public service commission for an evidentiary hearing, defending its rate hike request. members of our d.c., a group upset about the increase, plan to protest the event. [ crowd noise ] >> hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside pepco's headquarters in northwest last thursday. pepco says it needs more than $42 million to make ends meet. the protesters say pepco executives should take a pay cut to help their bottom line. in a statement, pepco calls the rate hikes necessary to fund an ongoing reliability improvement project. pepco will meet with the washington public service commission for an evidentiary
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hearing defending its rate hike request. after a nice weekend, we have temperatures down near freezing. looks like the roller coaster ride continues, rights, tom? >> it does, fasten your safety belts. we'll be up and down. this morning we're down. below freezing in many locations. we had a quick moving snow squall last night, 10:00 to midnight. that put down some moisture on some roads. that has frozen up. watch out for black ice this morning. patchy ice on some roadways just to the north and west of washington. right now reagan national, a little above freezing at 34 there. a light west/southwesterly wind under a clear sky this monday morning. elsewhere, our temperatures are below freezing. much of the region including most of virginia and maryland and west virginia, right near the bay waters, though, in the mid 30s most locations there. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county now, right near 30 degrees. here we were at just six hours ago, 12:30 in the morning.
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we had that fast-moving sprinkle and snow storm line come through. it's a cold front that came in that's giving us a reinforcing shot of cold air. we have a clear sky now. we'll have plenty of sunshine this morning. we'll be above freezing by 9:the mid 30s or so. then into the low 40s by noontime. may hit mid to upper 40s briefly during the afternoon with bright sun and a blue sky. wispy clouds coming in the afternoon. sunset at 5:27. your evening planner in ten minutes, it's going to be getting cold again. we'll look at that. and now let's check traffic. danally? good morning. we have a serious accident in gainesville. if you're traveling i-66, the roadway is shut down in both directions at 29. this accident is requiring a medivac at this time. so it looks like if you're traveling on activities in both directions, your alternate road looks like 15 at this time. going to be watching this all morning long and let you know when we'll get the accident out of the roadway and you'll get your lanes reopened.
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traveling the beltway in virginia, though, a different story. volume very light. your travel lanes are open. no accidents to report at this time. if you're traveling the beltway in maryland, prince george's county as well as montgomery county at colesville road, no accidents at all, and very light volume. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. back to you. >> danella, thank you. we are now a little more than 24 hours away from the florida primary. mitt romney is once again showing a rather comfortable lead according to a new nbc maris poll. republican voters, 42%, favor him in the race for president compared with 27% for rival newt gingrich. rick santorum is third with 16% followed by 11% for ron paul. gingrich will have big-name supporters when he campaigns in florida today. herman cain and michael reagan, the former -- son of the former president, ronald reagan, will join gingrich. yesterday, the former house speaker reached out to evangelicals by visiting two baptist churches with his wife
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callista. in between stops he made sharp attacks on romney calling him pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase liberal. >> we have no evidence that romney is coming close to getting a majority. i think when you take all of the non-romney votes, it's likely that the convention, there will be a non-romney majority and maybe a substantial one. >> 50 delegates are up for grabs in florida. early voting there seems to be favoring romney. rick santorum says he'll resume campaigning today with stops in missouri and minnesota. he spent the weekend with his 3-year-old daughter who is in a hospital in philadelphia with pneumonia. bella has a genetic condition known as t-18 which can be fatal. in the day ahead, president obama is posting an online video chat. the interview with the president is tonight on the new networking site for google. over the past week, americans submitted questions via youtube.
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the president will answer questions for about 45 minutes and will chat directly with users. this may the president's first online video chat on google-plus, but he is no stranger to social media. he's participated in online town hall meetings via facebook and twitter. millions of illegally downloaded movies, songs, and content on the web site mega upload could be deleted as soon as thursday. the web site hires outside companies to store the data but has not been able to pay the online storage companies because the government has frozen its money. earlier this month, federal authorities arrested the founder of mega upload and shut down the site. the company's attorney says at least 50 million users have data that could be erased. two d.c. council members are pushing for an investigation into possible corruption by the district's housing agency. michael brown and jim graham say they've uncovered a brazen abuse of authority. they leave housing agency employees are making deals concerning the sale and renovation of city properties
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that favored certain contractors. the council members specifically cite $4 million given to peaceholics, an anti-gang organization with little housing experience. graham and brown want the d.c. inspector general and attorney general to launch probes. today a coalition of church and elected leaders will be in annapolis to rally against maryland's same-sex marriage bill. the group says it's rejecting an attempt to redefine marriage. governor o'malley proposed an exemption to the legislation that would allow churches to refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. instead, same-sex marriages would be civil ceremonies. rally organizers say the group supports maryland's current definition of marriage which is between one man and one woman. a new poll shows governor o'malley may have challenges pushing his legislative agenda. marylanders gave him a 55% overall approval rating. a new "washington post" poll. 50% of those polled support the governor's efforts to legalize gay marriage. 70% oppose his call for a
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ten-cent gas tax increase. 56% support an income tax increase on high income earners. the governor gives his state of the state address on wednesday. we have a traffic alert for people in northern virginia. the is a new traffic pattern leading to the parking lot at the vienna metro station. starting today, part of saintsbury drive will become a one-way street so crews can widen the road. drivers will now have to take nutley to lee highway to vaden drive. from there you will be able to get to saintsbury. the new traffic pattern will be in place until about june. also today, metro will expand bus service to the marc center in alexandria. metro bus route 28 x leesburg limited will add more eastbound trips during the morning rush and westbound trips in the afternoon. buses will run every 25 to 30 minutes between tyson's corner and the marc center. the route includes stops at the west falls church metro station and seven corners shopping center. but it will no longer stop at
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columbia pike and carlin springs road. 4:37. ahead on "news4 today," new clues in the search for a missing toddler. what police say they've discovered in the home where the little girl disappeared from. deadly pileup. what's being blamed for this accident that left several people dead along a busy interstate. a chilly start to this morning as you head out.
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good morning. weather & traffic on the 1s early on thismond. i'm tom kierein in storm center 4. off to a cold start. overnight sprinkles and flurries put down wetness on pavement that is freezing up. watch out. if the pavement looks wet, there could be patching ice. below freezing in many areas. low to mid 30s in washington, and near the bay, in the mid to upper 30s. elsewhere, below freezing around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, into the mountains of west maryland and west virginia. the last of the precipitation and cloud cover moving east quickly overnight. and right now we are clear and temperatures around the region will be climbing to the upper 30s by 9:00, into the 40s by noontime, and a sunny afternoon. we ought to hit the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. sunset at 5:27. we'll be mostly clear, into the upper 30s by midnight. a look at the rest of the week, a peek at the weekend, that will be in ten minutes.
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danella, how's traffic? breaking news out of gainesville. we have good news on i-66. had an accident that took all of your lanes east and west at 29. this accident is out of the roadway, and you have all your lanes open in both directions on i-66. traveling i-95 in virginia looks really good. this is a live look at dumfries road. no issues traveling north and south. northbound connecting to 395, not a problem. light volume again in this area. i'll give you a travel speed heading northbound. looks good at 64 miles per hour. to get from the beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge, that trip only taking 12 minutes at this time. back to you. >> danella, thank you. >> thank you very much. 4:42. still to come, getting ready for the big game. the events getting underway in indianapolis as the teams begin to arrive for the super bowl. plus, what would you give up to go to the super bowl? the surprising and entertaining responses.
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this morning a mother is searching for answers after police found blood of her baby girl who disappeared. police found blood in the main home where ayla reynolds disappeared from six weeks ago. she disappeared while staying at her father's house. her mother was getting out of rehab at the time. >> know what happened to my daughter, and i want to know where she is and who took her. >> police say the baby's father, his sister, and his girlfriend are holding back information. all three were inside the home when ayla disappeared. there's new evidence involving a new york anchor accused of rape. a woman accused greg kelly of rape and of getting her pregnant. kelly anchors fox's "good day new york." it's reported that he exchanged as many as 17 flirty text messages with the woman before and after the alleged attack.
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kelly is the son of new york police commissioner raymond kelly. he denies any wrongdoing. rough seas delayed search and salvage operations after a cruise ship disaster. the "costa concordia" hit a reef and has been partially underwater for more than two weeks now -- this happened two weeks ago. experts say it shifted an inch and a half over the weekend. it is resting on rocks. a salvage team is waiting for the weather to improve, then it can start pumping half a million gallons of fuel from the cruise ship's tanks. rough seas also suspended the search for the 16 people still listed as missing. this morning at least ten people are dead and 18 others injured from a series of crashes on a dark north korea florida. take a look at these dramatic pictures. police say at least 20 cars, trucks, and semis were involved in a deadly pileup early sunday morning. police say smoke from a burning fire and fog caused a dark haze that left drivers in the dark. they say many drivers crashed into each other at highway
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speeds. u.n. inspectors are expected to continue their tour of iran's nuclear facilities today as concerns grow over that country's desire to build nuclear weapons. iranian officials say they're simply trying to develop nuclear power for energy and for medical research. the inspections come as the united states and europe consider new sanctions on that country. as retaliation, iran is considering cutting off oil supplies to europe and closing the strait of hormuz, a vital passage for oil shipments. those moves would ratchet up the price of oil to around $120 to $150 a barrel. well, even after american troops left iraq, the state department continues to operate a small fleet of drones. a move that has enraged some iraqi officials. state department officials say that the drones are simply there to protect the u.s. embassy and personnel who are still in the country. iraq's defense minister says these drones are an affront to the country's sovereignty, and the americans did not consult with them about keeping the drones active.
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in the day ahead, the senate will take a procedural vote on a bill that would ban insider trading by members of congress. the senate is expected to vote on the stop trading on congressional knowledge known as the stock act for short. under the proposal the regulatory agencies and justice department would investigate any member who violates the ban on insider trading. it also directs house and senate ethics committees to write additional congressional penalties. during his state of the union address, president obama said he would sign the bill into law. and it was a busy weekend full of quality family time for the first family. president obama, first lady michelle obama, and their daughters took a stroll from the white house to the corcoran gallery of art last night. currently the museum is featuring an exhibit called "30 americans." the gallery describes it as a showcase of many of the most important african-american artists from the past three decades. earlier in the day, the president played basketball with his daughters at the interior department.
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we're now less than a week away from super bowl xlvi. the new york giants will arrive in indianapolis today while the patriots came in last night. the giants and new england are both looking for their fourth super bowl title, while the patriots are looking for revenge. new york defeated new england four years ago in super bowl xlii. even though the game is six days away, fans are already flocking to indianapolis to take in everything before the big game. >> it's pert than what we expected. there's a lot more to do here, not just for adults, but for the little kiddos, as well, which is really nice. >> never been anywhere close to the super bowl. it's cool to enjoy this. >> fans have plenty to do at the. n experience at the indiana convention center. there's more than 550,000 square feet of games, displays, and free autograph sessions. >> wow. so if the redskins, ravens, or your favorite team were in the super bowl, what would you miss to go to the game?
4:50 am surveyed fans. 23% said they'd forego a vacation to see the game in person, although that could be a vacation in itself. 20% would skip a close friend's wedding. and get this -- 15% of fans said they'd miss the birth of their child to go to the game! now i know that those are men because women can't miss the birth. so -- >> they can't miss it, no. and something tells me you don't quite understand that. you're not one with that concept. >> yeah. yeah, no. you can't miss the birth of your child for anything. >> if but miss the birth of your child, you'd miss the growth of the child, first grade, you'd be missing a lot. >> yes. catch on real quickly. all right. nbc 4 is your official station for the super bowl. jim vance and dan hellie are in indianapolis for the big game. you can catch their reports starting today. i'm sure having a good time. >> probably among the kids playing at the nfl experience. >> dan's like, get out of the way, me first.
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>> that was a cold motorcycle ride, too, in indianapolis. >> i bet it was. >> picking the bugs out of their teeth now. this morning we are dealing with the aftermath of a snow storm and sprinkles that came through overnight that put down wetness on pavement. watch out. if it looks wet, in fact, that could be black ice, patchy ice this morning on this monday morning. right now, 34 at reagan national under a clear sky. we've got a west/southwesterly light breeze, and at this hour as we look at temperatures, yes, it is below freezing. so watch out for that patchy ice especially in our western and northern suburbs, as well as just east of washington in prince george's county. although right near the bay waters, southern maryland, parts of the northern neck, eastern shore, above freezing. elsewhere, prince george's county's near the freezing mark. in the upper 20s in montgomery county, fairfax county, arlington county's near freezing. and most of virginia, maryland, and west virginia near 30 degrees right now. over the last 12 hours, there was the last of that fast-moving precipitation that did come through around 10:00 last night to around midnight.
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and that was a cold front. behind that we have cleared out. we've got weak high pressure going to be over us today, bringing plenty of sunshine. and temperatures by 7:16 at sunrise, may be below freezing. at 9:00, upper 30s. by noon, low to mid 40s with bright sunshine. and a sunny afternoon but chilly. a bit of a chilly breeze coming out of the west. we'll have mid to upper 40s. this evening under a clearing sky, upper 30s by midnight. sunset today getting later and later, 5:27. then by dawn on tuesday, near 30. but we will climb up to around 60 degrees tomorrow. and it may even hit the mid 60s on wednesday. mostly sunny tuesday. increasing clouds wednesday. then some cooler weather moves in. weak area of low pressure coming through bringing rain on thursday. then clearing out friday and turning chillier. chilly weekend to follow. there is some uncertainty about whether or not we'll get rain on saturday and sunday. highs in the 40s saturday, near 50 sunday. danella, how's traffic? good morning.
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you mentioned that there are patchy ice in some areas. i'm not seeing it as far as on camera. but use caution. if you see anything wet, it may be ice. slow down this morning. traveling to hunter mill, 56 miles per hour. you may want to slow down. from i-95 to i-270 on the outer loop right now, looking at 59 miles per hour. checking the district, as well, cameras there look really good. you know, any traffic at all, nothing -- i think joe says dancing in the street when there's no traffic. d.c., look good. no accidents at this time. back to you. >> and you are, too. thank you very much. well, it was a high-scoring affair in hawaii for the nfl pro bowl. miami dolphins' receiver brandon marshall was the star catching four touchdown passes including that one. holy cow! nice catch. >> whoa. >> that was great. the redskins' lone representative, linebacker
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london fletcher finished with seven tackles. the afc wins the shoot-out 59-41. the highest scoring game in pro bowl history. the defense set out the game. the defense was nowhere to be found in the nhl all-star game. dennis wideman enjoyed his first all-star game with an assist. the game mvp scored three goals including two on his new york teammate, goalie henrik lundqvist. he taunted his goalie after one of the goals. team charra defeated team alfred son in this assistant see exhibition 12-9. we get another idea of who we might see stage at the oscars during last night's screen actors guild awards. >> actor goes to -- the cast of "the help. ">>the drama "the help" claimed best ensemble cast, best actress, and supporting actress.
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agenda des jardis for "the artist" won. hudson river plumber won his first award for acting for "beginners." stars of "the help" had some of the most memorable speeches when they spoke about racial injustice. >> was really a privilege to work on a film that gave a voice to so many women who made it possible for me to be standing here tonight. >> tv winners were mostly reruns with "board walk empire" and best actor for steve buscemi. "modern family," comedy ensemble, betty white another nod for "hot in cleveland." and alec baldwin made it six straight wins as best actor. the next is the oscars on february 26. i have so many movies -- i amway down. >> but you saw "the help." >> i really liked it. the book was better. the book is always better. >> thought it was a good movie.
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those two actresses -- >> delightful. yes. 4:55. coming up, catching a break on your cable bill. the new tiers of service that could have you saving money. who do you want behind the wheel when it's time to park the car?
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good morning, welcome back. trying to -- looking for ways to try to save money?
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try lowering your cable bill. cox has limited a selection of channels, testing the scaled back lineups. the plans do not include espn, dvr, or video on demand. americans are paying down their credit card debt. a new credit report found americans cut the credit card debt by 11% compared with 2010. wisconsin is state with the least amount of debt. alaska, amazingly perhaps, has the most debt. >> what do you suppose they're buying in alaska? >> i don't know. probably ice. most men may beg to differ with a study that claims that women are better at parking than men. >> men beat out women with speed but not with accuracy. the study posted in britain's "daily mail" found it took men an average of 16 seconds to park but about 21 seconds for women. 29% of impatient men often miss their space and had to


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