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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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laptop throughout the morning. all metro stations will be open today but the transit agency says it may still be a miserable commute for a lot of people. about two dozen metro bus lines are running on detour routes because of downed power lines or storm damage. that could lead to major delays throughout the day. you are forewarned. and while all of its 86 rail stations will be open, metro says some stations will be operating on backup power systems and emergency lighting. that means escalators, platform displays and pa systems may not be working. in addition to taking longer the morning commute will cost you more as well. metro fares, the fare hikes are now in effect. to help drivers coming in to dc this morning, v dot is relaxing hov restrictions on i-66 eastbound. the hov restrictions on i-270 in montgomery county are suspended this morning. anybody can use 66 or 270 during the morning rush hour. now let's get a check of the current problems we're dealing with on the roads. danella, good morning.
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>> good morning. right now, eun, still seeing a lot of traffic lights out, completely dark when you come to the sberkds intersections. treat them as four-way stop signs. a lot of debris still in the roadway. you may see fallen branches just blocking the right lanes, even the left lanes. stick to the center lane just to be safe and give yourself some extra time. taking the beltway, the outer loop of telegraph road, disabled vehicle in that area. if you're taking the beltway in montgomery county, in issues there. this is the view as you make your way traveling the outer loop as well as the inner loop of the beltway. no issues in montgomery county or prince george's county. and if you're traveling i-95 northbound in the hov lanes, at the occoquan, saw an incident in this area. if you're in the hov lanes 95 northbound past the occuquan you may see police activity. so just be aware of that. i'm going to keep track on all of these stories all morning long. i'm back in ten minutes with an
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update. for now, back over to you both. >> thank you. 4:31. let's get another look at the forecast. we need relief from the heat, as well as some calming weather as well. we heard about more rain coming today? >> more rain right now. more storms right now. more scattered power outages. down around saint mary's county and so not a good situation. take a look at radar right now. you can see that one area that i am talking about. lots of red, lots of orange. right down to the south of our area. waldorf, leonard town. you can see it is moving away but with some heavy ran and with some high winds that are, again, leading to more scattered powerag powerages. this area heading east to spots like riggins corner. all headed to the east. this whole area in leonard town with some very heavy rain. 80 degrees right now out there at reagan national airport.
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humidity is at 54% currently. and again, expected to rise high today along with soaring temperatures. of course, friday we hit a high of 104 degrees. we're in the upper 90s on saturday. we hit 99 degrees on sunday. 73 leesburg. 72 culpepper. a little cooler will with those storms again that came through the area. the high temperature for today, 95 degrees. we've got a storm chance back in the forecast after about lunchtime today. up until about 11:00 p.m. i do not think we're going to have any severe weather coming our way today. eun? >> all right. veronica, thank you. 4:33 now. traffic signals are still out across the dc metro area. it could lead to an awful morning commute. tracee wilkins is live in laurel with more on what you can expect this morning. tracie, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. they're tealing with serious situation here in laurel. there are crews out here. good news for people who live in this city. but see that power line, that's
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gone down on top of that reek there, it started a domino effect. so it's kind of hard to see in the dark but we have at least four power lines tilted over to the side and one of them has a transformer on it as well. so a major mess there. and this is basically what it's done. left a number of dark intersections here. looking up route one. right in front of laurel lake shopping center. you can see that the light there is out and there are a number of lights that are out. some major intersections have also been closed down here in laurel. we saw that as we were coming off of the highway, coming toward route one that they actually had some major intersections closed because of the lights not operating properly. now, we know that there are more than 50 intersections in prince george's county that are dark this morning. more than 400 in manhattan gory county. and a number of intersections dark in dc as well. we're still looking at severe storm damage. believe it or not, even though we are now two days beyond this storm, there are still tree
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limbs in the read roads. and other things you're going to want to pay close attention to as you're driving this morning, please watch your speeds because you don't know when you're going to come up on a dark intersection that you need to treat like a four-way stop or when there's going to be a branch or something in your way and especially in the dark early morning hours, be very careful out there. we are still getting over this storm. reporting live in laurel, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> thank you. adding insult to injuries, drivers not only had to deal with down trees and wires in the area, they also had to hunt for gas this weekend. a lot of gas stations either didn't have power or they ran out of gas. some drivers were cruising around for an hour before finally finding a gas station. >> just praying that i don't run out of gas, basically or my car get stuck somewhere. i'm not even looking at the price of gas. i'm just getting it because there's no other option really. >> so some gas station managers told us they're really not sure why there were so many gas lines. they say this storm caused more
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gas shortages than similar storms in the past. the storm is forcing most local school systems to cancel their activities today. dc public schools are closed today. sarah and montgomery prince george's county in maryland. in virginia, loudoun county schools and alexandria city schools and falls church city schools. we'll have a list of school closings scrolling at the bottom of your screen. we are streaming live online. we will also be posting updates all morning on our facebook and twitter pages, nbcwashington and news4today. use the #nbc4storm on twitter. we should note we are streaming this broadcast live on this morning. if you have friends who don't have pow were but have internet access, go on our website and watch the broadcast. want to make sure we cover all the bases. and our web team is rocking and rolling this weekend. >> the whole team. >> have to point that out. >> that's right. 4:36 is our time now.
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with so many people left in the dark, we're letting you know where you can go and try to stay cool. the hasrd sas you need to be on the look out for this morning when you head out the roads. plus, continue to track another line of storms moving through the region. right now you see it there. what you
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in the middle of this heat wave thousands of people are without air conditioning because
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of the power outages. a lot of cooling stations are open, or cooling center, throughout the region. prince george's county 0e7ing new shelters in addition to the 24-hour shelter already open at accokeek academy nmiddle school. richard montgomery high school and rockville and white oak are open as well. officials remind everybody you need to bring your prescription medication with you, your personal pillows, along with any critical phone numbers you might need. in the district, several parks and rec centers along with libraries will serve as cooling centers. we've listed all the location on our website, use your smart phone, too, to get that information. search for cooling center. let's check the forecast once again. it is just about 4:41. veronica johnson is in the storm center. we need cooling weather for those folks who don't have air conditioning right now, veron a veronica. >> for sure. we've got brief cooling coming to some neighborhoods.
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showers and thunderstorms move out of the area. take a look at what's going on on storm4 radar right now. calvert and saint mary's county getting hit the hardest. those storms that are down there right now, those thunderstorms, those are headed east out of the area. right now from calvert beach, just east of leonard town headed toward toddville. heavy rain and the possibility of some isolated hail. some earlier with that storms that came through. another cluster up and around do mass cuss this morning. dew point is 60 degrees. it's plenty stick where out there right now. hot one today, temperatures rise to 95 degrees. it's not 99 with high humidity like it was yesterday. fout of july, danella, 96. so back to some heat. back to a chance of storms for the afternoon on the fourth. >> veronica, that sounds good. if you have to travel out today, this is what you got to worry about. tricky commute you got to give
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yourself extra time this morning. you also have to be patient and be a defensive driver. things are in the road and they're blocking you if you're traveling southbound i-955 prince william parkway. disabled vehicle blocking one of your lanes. over to the beltway, still disabled vehicle blocking your right lane. telegraph road, outer loop. many trees are still down in the roadway if you're traveling in prince george's county at glendale road. all of your lanes are blocked because of the debris in that area. checking things out on i-270 in maryland looks clear as you make your way past shady grove. traveling southbound and northbound in this area. travel lanes are open. but be cautious this morning. aaron and yooueun, over to you. 77 degrees. still to come, the help some of our region's most needy are steving as ray they've wait for the lights to come back on. a longer commute won't be the only change metro riders will notice when they head to work this morning. you're watching "n
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here is the latest on where we stand after the storm at 4:55. federal government offices are open today. employees can opt for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. 450,000 people are still without power this morning. you tell tell companies say it could be next weekend before all service is restored for everybody. traffic lights, big issue across the area. they are still out in a lot of places today. metro riders, you need to expect a longer commute today as well. all metro stations are expected to open normally tomorrow though. and dc metro area, five people have died in storm related incidents. residents in fairfax county prepare for a week without power. their electricity went out friday night after the storm as it tore through the area.
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utility companies say it could be days, as i just said, before the lights are all back on. news4's erica gonzales is live in falls church where things don't look much better than they did a few days ago.ka gonzales in falls church where things don't look much better than they did a few days ago. >> reporter: lights at the sberks intersections, looking at 100. you need to subpoena proech this today as a four-way stop. be kind to your other drivers. patience has been wearing thin since saturday morning. but please be kind to drivers. meanwhile, while the fairfax county government is open today. employees, as you mentioned earlier, have been granted unscheduled leave. if you can work from home, great idea. if you happen to be out on the roadways, i-66 eastbound, during the morning commute.
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vdot has lifted the hov passenger requirement. that's a good thing hoping to get you on the roads faster this morning. also, vre, that's operating on a normal schedule this morning. if you want more up to date information, as far as the road closures are concerned. vdot 511 is the number to call. this kind of situation is what you're going to be running into a lot this morning. if you have to go for work, then try to just be patient, folks. that's going to be the big word for the day. we're in falls church this morning. erika gonzalez, news4. >> good advice there. 80 intersections without traffic lights across fairfax county. >> overnight. four cars crashed in tyson's corner. again, this is the problem. the lights were not working at the intersection. no injuries were reported. this is just one of hundreds of intersections where the traffic lights are not working because of all the power outages. in montgomery county alone, 440 intersections are without power at last check. aaa's john townsend says this
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morning's commute could be a free-for-all. >> it's going to be a hellacious commute not only in terms of temperature but angst and anxiety and anger. it's almost like a jungle right now. all of the rules have been thrown out of the window. >> if you approach an intersection with traffic lights out, treat it as a four-way stop. another option is to take public transportation, but delays as well on public transportation. in morning dozens of senior citizens still without let industry since 10:00 friday night. they were struggling to find food and water. fortunately though the community really did come to the rescue in a big way for them. just hours after a story was posted online about their struggles, dozens of concerned neighbors brought them food trying to help out. officials say for the community they are still accepting donations of food, water, ice, and other items. in nearby herndon, officials
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with dominion virginia power working around the clock to get the lights back an another the lake ann nell fellowship house. this is the regional operational center. workers are dealing with more than just power outages associated with this storm. >> catastrophic damage interprets for us into rebuilding our infrastructure. so there are places where we have to rebuild our entire area before we can get the lights back on to customers. not only is the power out but some verizon customers are also dealing with no phone service. verizon says it is working to restore landline service in northern virginia. the verizon phone outage effected the 911 call center in arlington. verizon spokesman said an 911 outage was, quote, a rare case when its primary and backup power went out. many of those emergency calls are now getting through. the company says it is focused on restoring service.
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it brought in extra crew who are working long hours under difficult conditions. no word on just how many customers are effected or when verizon phone outages will be fixed. that boil water advisory still in effect for folks who live in fairfax county. the falls church water utility say customers in tysons corner, vienna and dunn loring should not drink it without boiling it first. it's a precaution because of a drop in water pressure that may have let back tooria and other contaminants into some pipes. customers should be prepared to boil water until tonight while it continues to test the water there. the agency says all the pumping stations are back at full power though. meanwhile, the washington suburban sanitary commission lifted its water restrictions for customers in montgomery and prince george's counties. they say anyone who saw changes in watercolor or pressure, you need to flush your water lines in our home for about five minutes. utilities still encourages its customers to conserve water as
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well. take a look at this picture sent to us. this is at ice plex. the cap's practice facility in boston. the ice has melted. >> oh, boy. >> crews are clearing off the service and will eventually have to recreate the rink. that process usually takes a few days. yikes. >> i tell you. it's been a wild weekend, too, at the at&t national tournament. at a congressional country club in bethesda. the storm did enough damage to the course there official had to ban spectators from saturday's third round. it was just the golfers out there and the media for that round as well. fans returned on sunday to watch tiger woods claim the title. no word on exactly how much damage was caused by the storm out there. so many things effected by this storm. so many trees came down. and even after the storm was over, people forgot, once the dust cleared, trees kept coming down. these are old trees. >> even some young trees in some
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cases i saw come down. >> one thing to remember, too, about the storm is that we were not the only area effected. this storm system had power outages in ohio in areas west of us, indiana, illinois. huge oil system. some of these weather events can be. we do have weather out there this morning. showers and storms that have been making their way through southern maryland and areas of the northern neck. now continuing to head out of our area. take a look, now, around calvert beach and leonard town. east, the heaviest rain and highest winds pretty much gone now. still hanging out a little bit of at least moderate rain but all that, in the next 27 minutes. in buck teen, you will be getting more heavy rain. things starting to quiet down right now. after about lunchtime today back to a chance of showers and storms. i do not think we are talking severe storms. isolated strong storms later today.
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a little bit of north wind now that the storms have moved through. at 17 miles per hour. a little bit of a breeze. that's always nice, right, when you've got high humidity. 73 in rockville, maryland. resting now at 74 degrees. good morning to you. 78 in warrenton. no storms for you. annapolis at 80 degrees right now. wanted to show you that we're not the only ones dealing with heat. we're not under any excessive heat warning. look at areas of west virginia, ohio, back into southern areas of illinois. and down to the south, you've got heat advisories and even some heat watches that are currently out for much of the eastern half of the nation. the heat knts and it will for much of this week. it's not until next week that we're going to get back into the 80s. take a look, pittsburgh, areases around charleston, columbus. all looking at a clearing skies. sunshine for us today, a few clouds. again, 50% chance for showers and thunderstorms. that system meanders right around our area.
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so showers and storms until midnight. fourth of july, it's going to be hot and we could see an isolated shower. the weekend will be much quieter. right now i do have some good news. good news. birdfoot court, looks looks to be gone. at fairfax county you are seeing a lot of your roads effected by high standing water. fox mill road at hunt road all your lanes are blocked by flooding there. if you're traveling on henderson road near henderson court. all of your lanes is blocked in that area. heading over now the hampton road at van thompson road, all of your lanes are blocked. you see high standing water, avoid it. also, you're going to see blanches in the road. trees are still down. you've got to be cautious as you're driving. i know it's going to be tricky. some of you still don't have electricity but you've got to take a deep breath before you hit the roads this morning. back in ten with another update. 4:54. it's going to cost commuters a little bit more to ride metro this morning. the new rates started yesterday.
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prices for metro trains got a 5% increase. bus fares went up ten cents. the parking rates went up a quarter. metro eliminated the peak of the peak surcharges. the extra money from the increase will be used to help balance the transit agency's operating budget. it is 4:55 right now. coming up, trying to cope as tens of thousands of people wait for the lights to come back on. we've got an update on the progress that utility crews are making. plus, how the power outages created a story. sevens of
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a warning if you're looking for a hotel to stay at while the power is out, do a little shopping. we found that some places are charging just crazy, astronomical rates. the motel 6 in northwest d.c. was going for $500 a night. there was a days inn in college park, 600 bucks. news4 called area hotels, the managers there say they don't have control over the pricing for sites like or expedia. amtrak's northeast corridor service will run on a normal schedule today. crews worked nonstop to clear the tracks and trees and downed wires. passengers will already bout a ticket but chose not to travel today can receive a refund or a voucher for future travels. select tickets that were booked online but not printed can be changed or canceled. if you have any questions about
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this, call 800-usa-rail or visit for the updates. more than 230 people at their final destinations after being stranded for more than 20 hours on a west virginia amtrak station. the train was traveling from new york to chicago. friday's storms knocked trees on to the track leafing them stranded at that station. buses finally came to pick them up saturday night to take them wherever they needed to go. passengers say despite being stuck, things weren't that bad. >> we had food. we had water. we had rest rooms. also, i mean, you can't sit. we were on coach. we weren't in sleepers. so everyone was just kind of complaining together, but getting along. it was okay. >> amtrak says the passengers were stranded for so long because the buses had a tough time navigating the west virginia mountains. if you're thinking about 7 opening that refrigerator this morning a few other thoughts about what is safe to eat and what you should throw away if


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