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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  August 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the fab fish inspiring local jim nasties, as team usa quickly becomes the talk of the town. chik-fil-a precious day brings both supporters and protesters. a man threatened to kill co-workers, but today he's only charged with misdemeanor phone misuse. good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. social media has been buzzing after chik-fil-a's ceo made controversial remarks. chris gordon joins us with more on chik-fil-a appreciation day.
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>> this is the latest salvo in the battle over same-sex marriage. chik-fil-a finds itself at the center of a highly publicized, political debate. >> louden county supervisor gene delgado telling residents he would be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at this chik-fil-a. >> i have asked people in sterling to turn out and support our chik-fil-a in response in response to the outcry against the head of chik-fil-a, who has embraced traditional marriage. >> reporter: the lunchtime crowd was bigger than usual. not all the customers became because it is appreciation day, but many did. >> i'm to show support for the owner and president of chik-fil-a, and his right to speak against what he deems is rig right. >> it's not about discrimination. it's just saying that they
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support families we are very much supportive of the biblical definition of the family unit. the company then issued this statement. the tradition is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect, regardless of their belief, race, creed, sectionium orientation or gender. going forward our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena. >> mayors in boston, chicago and washington, d.c. said they don't want it expanded to their city. >> there is no place -- >> former republican presidential candidates mike huckabee and rick santorum appreciation day. >> i'm here forpinned.
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traffic is traffic is moving quite slowly through there. >> heavy downpours caught folks off-guard. the skies cleared out early this afternoon, but they are back. more storms are rolling in. doug kammerer has the latest. >> we were talking about the necessity of that umbrella across the area. i think you may need it in some locations as you make your way
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out and about. because thunderstorms, air flights out of dulles have been delayed throughout the afternoon. 88 degrees the current temperature out there, winds out of the southeast at 12 miles per hour, a nice afternoon in the district, a bit on the warm side. temperatures around the region 88 in manassas, 90 in fred ricks berg, but look back to the west. martins burg, west virginia at 72 degrees. why? they have the thunderstorms and some rather strong thunderstorms right now right across i-81. also another fairly strong storm. this storm does have in lightning with it. that is just a quick shower, but i do expect to see a few more develop as we make our way through the rest of the evening hours. i'll show you what to expect. the next few days, by the way, jim, it's not the thunderstorms we're going to be dealing with, it's the heat. >> all right. thank you, doug.
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a pan who police say threatened to shoot up his office in prince george's county is now facing only misdemeanor charges, after taking him for a mental evaluation, authorities found an arsenals of weapons and ammo at his home. pat collins has details. pat? >> jim, the charge in this case -- misuse of a telephone. it's a misdemeanor. the prosecutor said she wanted to do more, but the way the laws are written in maryland, that's the best they could do neil prescott, who described himself as the joker, and called his office and said he was going to load his guns and blow everybody else. he had more than 20 guns and 40 boxes of ammunition in his croften apartment.
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he met police at the door with a t-shirt that said guns don't kill people, i do. that neil prescott charged with misuse of of a telephone. charged that way, because maryland doesn't have a felony threat law. state attorney angela brooks said she wanted to do more. >> i absolutely believe these charges are insufficient to cover a threat like the threat mr. prescott made. >> reporter: it was last week that neil prescott, who they say was in the process of getting fired, said he was the joker and threatened to blow everybody up. that came on the heels of the mass shooting in colorado, where a man with hair colored like the joker killed 12 people and wouldn'ted 58 others at a showing of the new batn movie. police and federal agents moved
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quickly to search prescott's apartment in croften and get him sent away for a mental evaluation. >> it's hard to measure what you prevented, but all the elements were here that we believe that a tragedy was averted in this case. >> reporter: the prosecutor says all of prescott's weapons were obtained legally, but if convicted of this telephone charge, he would be prevented from legally owning a gun. his mental evaluate could also disqualify him from legal gun ownership. >> we're not walking away from this individual by any means. >> reporter: now, prescott is still undergoing that mental evaluation. when that's finished, he'll be charged, and if he's convicted of this telephone crime, he could face a maximum penalty of three years in jail and a $500 fine. live in upper marlboro, pat collins, news4.
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a homemade pipe bomb exploded early this morning in blacksburg, virginia. it damaged an suv parked just blocks from the virginia tech campus. no one was injured. police haven't identified any suspect. they believe the suv was targeted and the attack had nothing to do with virginia tech. there's been heightened awareness on that camp put kind a student killed people back in 2008. the most recent case happened monday night from a restaurant at ballston maul. a young girl saw a man people over her stall. he then ran off. police tell us there have been two other similar incident recently. d.c. police are looking for this man for a series of apartment burglaries. n street northwest near logan circle. police say the man in these surveillance photos is a person of interest. big changes to women's
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health care go into effect today as part of president obama's affordable care act. it includes most preventive care. the most controversial companies must provide free birth control. routine checkups such as pap test, breast exams, prenatal care, also covered. there's screenings for diabetes and stds, for some these changes won't go into effect until the next insurance calendar year. opponents of the birth control option are challenging that law into court. did you stay up last all see them? five young american girls nicknamed the fab five, today even the president called the gymnastics team to congratulate them form the girls won the gold medal for the first time since 1996. as you can imagine, that has a lot of local gymnasts have very good role mod 8s. richard jordan has more. >> team usa is inspiring the next generation of gymnasts.
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many of them who watch closely and studied every move last night say maybe one day they can stand on the medal mound. young gymnasts are flipping out. i sat down with casey, amanda and chloe, who have been training for years. they stay they stayed up late to watch the competition. they believe their olympic dreams are possible after watching the fab five. >> it makes me really want it more. >> reporter: but getting to that olympic platform takes commitment. katie has been training since he was just 3 years old. the vault is her favorite event. she says she's more encouraged now. >> it motivates me, because if i want to be like them, i have to work hard.
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business is booming. i got in on a few beginner lessons. >> but i had a little help. hold, hold, hold. all right. step down. very good. >> for these girls, gymnastics is a serious commitment. watching the world's winners compete is a lesson in technique and perseverance. >> i like gabby douglas. she's so confident in herself. you can't bring her down. >> they're all just so good. i don't know. they're just so amazing to look up to. >> reporter: the desire to succeed lifted by watches others hold gold. >> it inspiring me a thought. >> the girl say they train for hours every day. seeing someone else reach their dream only makes them want to practice harder richard, one day your dream will come true.
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>> i hope so. >> he's got -- >> he did the rings and pommel horse and the parallel bars. >> saturday mornings. >> the samaraman was out of the room at the time. hey, our coverage is just getting started up next, live to london, there's a schedule involves badminton. and in today as "what's your workout in" an olympic challenge. and an injured eagle is nursed back to health and ready nursed bi got the chanced ready to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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these are live pictures from lond london. >> excuse me. i've been staying up. i haven't seen you here late. >> i've been watching. the medal count is looking good, but the numbers of athletes competing is down by eight. >> nbc's phil rogers is live in london once again with the scandal with eight players being kicked out. what happened, phil? >> imagine this, this dispute involves three different nations, allegations that the players involved intentionally lost their matches. the punishment was swift. scandal, four doubles teams in
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badminton, two from south korea, and one each from china and indonesia disqualified after they were accused of intentional throwing matches to receive more favorable placement? >> a very clear message has been sent to other athletes in other sports that we expect sporting behavior and proper competition. >> reporter: that was on display today at hampton court palace, the cycling time trial where kristin armstrong won her consecutive second gold medal. it was the usa's tenth gold of the games on a day where host nation great britain won that are first. princes william and harry were on hand to lead the celebration at the same venue where the u.s. women's quad rowers took a bronze. >> we came to win a medal, and we did our jobs. >> venus williams eliminated in straight sets in singles. she still has a shot when she pairs up with sister serena in
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doubles. the u.s. men's archers silver medalists as a team were each eliminated in singles competition. the morning after winning his record 19th medal, michael phelps moved forward in the preliminary round of the men's 2 hundred dollars-meter i.m. the mayor of london got stuck on a zip line today at a park set up for olympic festivities. but this is a day of jubilation in britain. they're on the board. god save the queen. this is a hogu, the electronic chest protector, which is use in tae kwon do. it's the first time this has been used in the olympic games. tae kwon do begins a week from today. watch for steven lopez, he'll be looking for his third gold 34edal. that's the laters. i'm news4 in london.
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>> quite a contraption there, phil. >> i'm wonde'dering if the mayo ever got off the zip line. >> i don't know. maybe he needed one of these things. it even has an ethernet cable out of the back. >> he's probably already got one. he's a bit of a character. >> see you later. speaking of later, tonight at 8:00, another big night for swimming. michael phelps and ryan lochte. missy franklin will lead team u.s. in the finals, and there will else be medals, 100 meter freestyle and the women's 200-meter butterfly. men's gymnastics will crown an individual all-around champ tonight. it all starts at 8:00, right here on nbc4. it's getting good. doug, you don those vests when
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we get stormy, don't you? >> that's how he measures lightning strikes. >> i was colorado state champion tae kwon do, three years in a row. >> i heard that. >> i was also montana state champion, michigan state champion. >> the whole -- >> the whole west. >> it was a good night of sleep. tonight we're dealing with temperatures, close to 90. we're also dealing with a couple thunderstorms. we are in the month of august, today august 1st, with a high of 90 degrees. we can say good-bye to july. why not? i know it's a summer month, but it was hot out there, and we're talking about some record heat. as a matter of fact the warmest july on record. it was the second warmest july on record. 84 degrees, that was the average between the high and the low temperatures all month long. last year the hot zest july ever in the third warmest, well, how about 2010, so the last three julys have been the warmest three julys of all time. really the warmest months of all
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time around our region. seven 100 degree days, that's a record, four of which came in a row. let's just talk about what's happening now. 88 degrees. winds out of the southeast at about 12 miles an hour. we're looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. 72 in mart as soon as burg. just across the river. 86 in manassas, 89 towards fredericksburg, and yes, a severe thunderstorm warning just issueded by the national weather service. this is west virginia panhandle, this is around berkeley county, and virginia, does not include winchester, but this is along i-81. you can tell exactly where this is, right around martins burg, and right now 81. if you're to the west of the middle way area, you are seeing intense lightning, and very heavy downpours. more storms around leesburg and
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hughesville. this has a lot of lightning associated with it. not severe, but we are watching for downpours. another shower, starting to weaken just a bit, just to the society and east of manassas, so if you're around the area, expect some showers in your region. satellite and radar we'll see a few more, and then we start talking about heat. 94 tomorrow, 96 on friday with a heat index close to 100. we stay into the 90s. and we stay at least 90 degrees or better right on through the seven-day period. quell above 40 for this year. >> really? >> yeah. we're just getting started. still ahead, a woman is hit and killed in a northern virginia parking lot. tonight police are looking for
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her husband. a freak accident with a bow and arrow lands a local woman in the hospital. and we'll go live to redskins training camp, catching up with one of last year's breaking stars. stick around. dramatic flooding and rescues.
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another day live at redskins park. >> karen maloney is out there. any more injuries? >> holding up as well as can be expected. ryan kerrigan, he had a miserable day, though, on the sideline. we do not think it's injury. it's yet to be confirmed, but it was just shanahan we're assuming, a scheduled day off. he does not like to sit out of the practice. he says the morning walk-through is one of the longest hours. he favorite time is out here on
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the field. it's so much fun to watch him. if you come out here, keep your eyes on 91. he's been crushing people in drills. i should say people who are not named trent williams. that is another story. as for kerrigan, he is thrilled to be back, feeling it in the second year. last year was all about earnings. now i can focus on improving. >> jim hazlett's third year with the defense, the 3-4 remains intact. has it made an easier transition ago well? >> absolutely. that's what's exciting about this season. we've all had experience in the system. now we can just focus on improving and getting better. >> 63 tackles, 7 1/2 sacks, pick
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six. does it add pressure? i know offenses will be keying on you. >> well, i personally don't think my stats are very good. i look at a lot of missed opportunities. i think i could have had better production. as frustrating as it is, it's exciting, because i know how much better i could have done and how much better i can be. >> that's what makes a great athlete. fuel the fire. and specifically what brian orakpo has meant. >> it's been a privilege to watch him. we made.same transition from college. it's been nice to watch and take little aspects of his game and add them to my game. we definitely feel like we can feed off each other that's the beauty of this defense.
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we feel like we can be a strong unit for this team. especially our front seven with all of us returning, and the addition of jarvis jenkins. we know we have to be the strength -- have to be the strength, and we want it that way. we want the pressure, and we feel like we have the pieces to live up to our potential on defense. >> reporter: yeah, the defense looked solid, kerrigan a big part of that. the energy, the instincts, and this year, something new, versatility orakpo and kerrigan have been switching sides to give the defense a different look. guys? >> all right. carol, thanks. coming up on "news4 at 5," children found home alone. who police are now looking for. a bald eagle is set
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fast forward through the headline, the man who reportedly called his office and threatened to shoot everyone is now charged tonight with misuse of a phone. please found more than 20 guns and 40 boxes of ammo. chick-fil-a invited supporters to a customer appreciate day. the change is at the center of a controversy after the ceo said the company is again gj. some groups have organized boy kotsds. doug? >> watching a couple strong thunderstorms, even a severe thunderstorm warrick for berkeley county, west virginia and frederick county, virginia. you can see a few storms around the region, but the strongest storms back to the west. this is right where we are. down towards inward, and also around the douglas grove area, along route 9, coming close to
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shepherds town. the glen gary storm, a lot of lightning. watch out if you're in this area. once again for berkeley county, parts of frederick county, virginia. i'll continue to keep you up to date on all the storms around the region. authorities have identified a woman believed to be the victim of a deadly hit-and-run in herndon, and they found a vehicle they believed is linked to the death. derrick has the latest. >> reporter: if you look behind me, you can see the markings in the parking lot maid be investigators, as they began to try to piece together what happened here. take a look down that street. if you look down where the car is parked, that's where it all ended. police do have a person of interest. it is the victim's husband. police responded to the 600 block of center street just after midnight. there were calls reporting a car
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crash, but the scene quickly revealed there was much more. >> at the scene they found a woman who had been struck by a vehicle. they salomoned rescue units. she was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: about a block away, a black toyota camry had struck several parked cars. jose carrara's among them. >> i got a surprise this morning. >> reporter: the driver got out and ran away. as the initial investigation continued, it took an unexpected tern. police found out that camry was registered to the husband of the victim. we would like to talk to him. >> reporter: another startling discovery, three small children at the victim's home. >> they were very young, in good health, and they've been turned over to protective services. >> reporter: few residents recall hearing anything, but what resonates now is shock and samness. >> i wish it could be different.
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>> now, please are not calling him a suspect. they are saying that he is indeed a person of interest. they would indeed like to talk to him. they say he may have injuries from the accident. we're live in herndon, derrick ward, news4. >> a maryland woman is recovers after being shot in the head by a bow and arrow. it happened along moxley road in damascus. the family is es he was watching others shoot when one of the arrows ricocheted. she's recovering at home. family and police say the incident was an accident. right now a bald eagle in fairfax county is getting a second chance. the wildlife center of virginia released the majestic bird in mason neck state park. she was found on the ground weak and dehydrated. look at her go. after months of rehabilitation, she's strong enough to fend for herself independents when we get a chance to return an animal to the wild and especially to share
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the experience with so many people, and so many children, you can't guy that gratification. >> it's a beautiful thing. the wildlife center of virginia cares for up to 45 bald eagles over a year. the plan is to release another eagle tomorrow in richmond. one group feeling the pinch -- young people between 18 and 24. nationwide, 1 in 5 is unemployed this summer. jackie bens shows us about a local program where teenagers are getting a paycheck and a start of a career. >> all right. >> reporter: a special appearance and demeanor, you might not guess these two young women at the kitchen in the old glory grill are just 16 and 18 years old respectively. >> since i was little, i would grow up watching television shows like emery emeril lagasse,
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and i have a love for science. >> i'm more with baking. i love cupcakes, cakes and cookies, but i don't mind of culinary side of things. >> reporter: for both, food became a a career choice after participating in the program. >> fried green tomatoes. you've got to take your time. >> reporter: and competition from a larger pool of unemployed adults. the high school students can also take part in culinary competition. >> we give out cash scholarships and awards ranging from $2,000 to $104,000. >> the volunteer chefs who participate say they get more than they give. >> i love having the kids. somebody helped me along the way, they're our next generation and they love what they do. >> reporter: for the students it's a big step for a future where someday they will be saluted for the same phrase that
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has become ingrained -- >> yes, chef. >> the program is constantly looking for volunteers, especially chefs and restaurants, who wants to participate. in georgetown, jackie bensen, news4. private jets, expensive cars, a $3 million in home, tonight a company -- couple -- shannon andie vet johnson are accused of poising, and offering to invest in church groups. prosecutors say the johnsens collected $3.7 million, but never gave the money they promised. the couple is also charged with tax evasion. still ahead, train like an olympian, the olympic workout competition. plus a woman is forced to get on a plane until an alert
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our wednesday's child this evening is a teenager who loves playing tennis. >> jeremy says the game teeming about winning and losing, and also helps to build confidence. news4's barbara harrison has more. >> reporter: good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> reporter: murphy jensen, coach of the washington kastles tennis game offered to help. >> what part do you need work on? >> serve. >> you need work on your serve? >> um-hmm. >> that's my specialty. yeah, man! that's all you've got to do to be a wimbledon champion. >> reporter: jeremy says besides being a forensic pathologist someday, he would also like to play tennis. >> reporter: and then what? >> and then winning. even though you win some, you lose some, if you lose, then you
5:41 pm
study that loss and get something better from it. >> jeremy, they leander, one of my players, the number one doubles player in the world. >> >> reporter: another surprise, the mass coms showed up. while they watched, jeremy got a special lesson, his real dream at the moment is to have a family to belong to. >> i would like to have two parents with -- i don't really care if there's a brother or sister. as a matter of fact, i would love it. >> reporter: the kastles had gifts, including tickets to see serena williams play. he said he hopes to one day play here himself with parents to watch. adoption would be a real win for him. >> adoption means like a fresh start, being able to move into a new family that's kindly towards you, that really wants you for who you are. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your
5:42 pm
heart for jeremy or another child waiting, please call the hotline, or visit or home page, hey, he got to go to kastle stadium, talk to the big coach. >> and he got to play with leander, so huge. >> one in the world in doubles. coming up next, an olympic edition to "what's your workout?"
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. if you've got caught olympic fever, you might be inspired to amp up your workouts. now you can train like an olympian with washington sports club's ultimate experience. >> it's a killer class, people rotating through five different olympic events. we checked it out, asking "what's user workout?" >> this is how you train, this
5:46 pm
is how you get ready for something like the olympics. >> this is our ultimate fitness experience. basically we're getting everybody in -- and letting them experience what they could be going through. ♪ >> come on back through. >> the first events is gymnastics, so we're not going to be doing any flipping or tossing on the tumbling floor, but we do have a trampoline, making sure we work on the legs. next we have the rowing station, so we have the erg, a rowing machine. it's not about weights, but about cardio, conditioning, enduran endurance. now we have the hurdles. we work a lot on agility, speed, hand/foot coordination. >> after that we have boxing. boxing will probably be the most physically demand. that's working an entire body
5:47 pm
for the one ming you're punching the bag. last but not least, we have the weightlifting station. we're not lifting 500 pounds, but dumbbells. total body workout and see how far you can push yourself. >> it's all amazingly gruesome and challenging, but i think i got a workout from the trampoline. my thighs are still burning. maybe it's not the 100-meter dash, but normal -- >> i don't normally do the boxing, but i found that totally fun. with the trampoline, i mean, in my head, it was landing. >> get up. get up. >> the olympics are the epitome of athletics and athleticism in the world. we give you this option to work out as an olympian, and realize you can do this on a regular basis throughout your year.
5:48 pm
they look pretty cut, especially after an amazingly gruesome workout. everyone does each event or exercise for one minute, and then switching. the olympic challenge is being offered at the north bethesda location. to learn more, go to and you can watch the olympics like i do. >> i'm going to watch it on the trampoline. >> that does it. >> that looks easy. doug, what's your workout? >> and they give ahmedal when you're done? i'm totally in. hey, 88 degrees. not a bad day, but a bit on of warm side, too. kind of a nice evening. 94 in rockville, the current
5:49 pm
temperature. rite now 83 in camp springs, a show just close, but did bring just a couple light showers. right now we're looking at shower activity and thunderstorm activity. prince william county and back toward the west, this is where we have that severe thunderstorm warning for berkeley county, west virginia, and frederick county, west virginia. a ton of lightning with this storm. now moved right over she said ardstown, over toward washington county, possibly into frederick county, so we'll watch out for that one, too. this is right along route 9. so heads up for that storm. and then the storm continues to form down to the 10u9, right over winchester along i-81, so heads up for these storms as they continue to move to the south and east.
5:50 pm
another shower did have thunder associated with it, but almost gone. just a couple sprinkles left over. a storm that has been dies out and repulsating, then dying out again and now it's coming back. and then just to the south and east, so this making its way to the southeast as well. you can see the showers and thunderstorms not as widespread, but still quite a few of those. something else that's kind of neat, it is august, the middle of hurricane season, and we have a brand-new tropical depression to talk about, it just became a tropical depression as of 5:00. could become tropical storm ernesto and head into the caribbean. we'll talk about it over the next couple days, especially if it strengthens. no need to worry about it along the east coast, however. overnight lows here, and
5:51 pm
tomorrow, rather warm and humid. let's just call it hot. 94 in washington, 93 in leesburg, 95 in culpepper, 96 in fredericksburg. most areas will stay dry tomorrow. best chance would be out here toward the mountains, but i think most of us will remain on the dry side. once again, we have even warmer weather coming in on friday. friday's high temperature right now looking about 96 degrees. so, guys, it's going to heat up. all right. stricter drunk driving law goes into effect today in the district. the maximum jail time is now 180 days. the fines up to $1,000. it lowers the blood alcohol limit to drivers of buses, taxis and truck drivers, down to 0.04. xhempl drives caught drunk driving can face at least five days in jail. breath tests will eventually be reinstated, but they'll come
5:52 pm
with new oversight. you may recall police had to stop using them after they found that they were giving inaccurate results. for now police will be using blood and urine tests. a dangerous discovery on an air canada flight. the airline says it's notified its caterers at someone found a so iing needle in a sandwich. it happened on monday on a flight from victoria, british columbia to toronto. it comes less than two weeks after six needles were found in sandwiches on delta flights. two passengers were actually injured. officials say it's too soon to say if the air canada incident is connected or a copycat crime. a look at what's trending. >> a woman who calls herself the happiest olympic work ever. 2012 games. yes, thank you.
5:53 pm
i cannot contain my excitement, everybody. today is a special day. we are going to be telling our children's children's children's children about -- >> that's 23 years old rachel onasan wo. after several hours of sitting in a chair she said she was getting hot, but couldn't contain her excitement. she told her delivery might sound sarcastic, but she is very sarcastic. this clip from youtube has more than 1 million views. he is snoop dogg no more. the west coast rapper says he's reinventing himself now and his music under the name of snoop lion. he announced the change this week. a recent trip to jamaica apparently crossed him to cross over from gangster rap to ray
5:54 pm
ga reggae. it's new album is set to drop, as they say, this fall. a tsa agent helped a woman being forced to get on a plane. west nile virus is back with a vengeance. the cdc is sending out a warning tonight after a recent spike in cases.
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a woman goes on vacation in miami, finds herself in the hands of kidnappers. investigators say the people who abducted her were trying to force her onto a plane to new york. >> that's when tsa agents who are trained to spot terrorists stip'd in. willard shepard has the story. >> reporter: here in this airport surveillance video, the victim is seen as she arrives at the airport terminal. two miami tsa officers, whose faces can't be seen on television, told us they detected something was wrong with her. >> when she came closer, i realized she was black and blue on both sides of her face, her forehead. i noticed her shoulder looked like she had a big rug burn. later on i found out from her they dragged her across the floor. >> reporter: please say the fear came from a beating she took inside a fifth-floor room in this hotel. the woman came here with a group
5:58 pm
on vacation, but it turned into a nightmare when one woman accused the victim of having an intimate relationship with her boyfriend. police say the woman was then beaten and kidnapped. the officers report indicates the victim, in fear for her safety, made an attempt to run out of the room, where she was dragged back in by the defendant. officers say the victim was forced to go to the bank and withdraw funds, threatened and taken to the airport for a flight back to new jersey. that's when the two tsa officers, trained to detect suspicious behavior that could be an indicator of a terrorist attack, used those skills to save the woman as she was about to go through the security checkpoint. >> the way she was acting was like, we actually thought it was a case of abduction, because she looked very young. >> reporter: once you got her out of the line, did she ask for assistance. >> she told us to help her and take her away from the people
5:59 pm
she was traveling with. >> after the woman told one of the officers she had been beaten and kidnapped, other officers stepped in at the checkpoint and went to detain four individuals, two women and two men. >> i believe we saved her life that today. according to her, she told us they threatened to kill her if she told anybody. >> in the course of their duty, they were trained. they saw stress, they saw fear, and it turned out this woman was in dire danger. the two women arrested in that kidnapping are out on bond tonight. both have pleaded not guilty. now at 6:00, why the man police say threatened to blow up his co-workers only faces a minor charge. i'm in london tonight, athletes accused of throwing olympic matches, while team usa collected more medals. federal agents are investigating a car bomb. >> and a tech showdown on capitol hill. it is far from over. good evening.


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