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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  August 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and now from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 today. to announce my running mate and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan! >> new this morning -- the inside scoop. the paul ryan vetting process. how did romney go about picking his running mate. more money up for grabs? after no one won that $250 million powerball jackpot. and the final day, a look at the last e.s in competition, before the flame goes out at the olympics. it's almost over now. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan.
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>> welcome to early edition of morning news. it's august 12th, 2012. it feels awesome outside. kim martucci is in the weather center. >> i love what i see. check out the number in cumberland. that's 61 degrees. that's what you're waking up to this morning. we have some 70s on the map for now. 64 right now in leesburg over in loudon county. 66 with sunshine. any showers should state out on the delmarva today. 88 degrees will feel nice and comfortable with lower humidity. more to come in my extended forecast. back to you. new this morning -- details are emerging about how mitt romney chose paul ryan as his running mate. a long time romney aide beth
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myers was the manager. the team created a short list on may 1st. romney made the decision to select ryan on august 1st. they were originally going to announce the pick on friday. but ryan attended a memorial service for those killed in the sikh item le pl massacre. mitt romney and paul ryan added a visit to ryan's home state team kicked off the tour in the swing state of virginia. we have that along with response from democrats. >> reporter: thousands waved romney/ryan signs as the team arrived at ma tamas sas. paul ryan drew a crowd that overflowed the pavilion. >> this is a terrific welcome and a pretty clear indication
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that come november 6th, america virginia is going to vote for romney/ryan. >> reporter: they chose the backdrop of uss wisconsin to introduce a running mate that's chair of the house budget committee, known for his plan to deeply slash government spending. but ryan kept his focus on opponent barack obama. >> the president has shown us, his aspirations for a government-centered society with a government-run economy. it's not working. it's never worked before. >> we got a great crowd here today. >> just a few blocks away, obama supporters held their own rally. jim conley called ryan an am yabl radical that would threaten programs like head start and medicare. >> what he stands for the content of his two budgets is
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mind-bolinging. >> reporter: while a few republicans were disappointed that bob mcconelle didn't make t thing pick, they support the man. >> there's a lot of great choices. i think this is the best choice for him. democrats are slamming romney's choice of ryan saying that he's simply another republican who wants to help the wealthy. president obama's campaign said that romney/ryan budget plan would slash entitlement programs that would hurt middle-class families and seniors. after two-week break because of the olympics, "meet the press" is back this morning and as expected paul ryan will be the main focus. two wisconsinites, reince priebus and david axelrod will
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talk about the choice. "meet the press" will air at 9:00 a.m. right here on news 4. we'll head the republican national convention, her live reports start sunday, august 26th. we have a traffic alert in northern virginia. i-66 the eastbound ramps are closed for paving. the southbound is down to one lane between fairfax circle and the route 28 interchange. if you're planning to take metro today, be sure to leave area. track work on four of the five lanes could mean some major delays. bethesda line will be closed. on the orange line, trains will single track between foggy
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bottom. on the blue line, trains will share tracks between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. now, to the summer games which wraps up later tonight, hard to believe the u.s. will end these games with the most medals and the most golds, leading china in both categories. they cracked the 100-medal mark yesterday. almost half of their medals have been gold. fifth straight summer games in which the u.s. won the most overall medals. >> let's take you live to london, david wagner joins us from olympic park. >> hi, dave. >> reporter: good morning, rich and angie. the u.s. continues to rack up those medals. women's basketball and boy they were dominant last night. taking home the gold medal for the fifth straight time. they crushed france yesterday. the women won all eight of their
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games. the men's team go for the gold tonight, they play spain. the u.s. also dominated in the 4x400 relay. they absolutely blew the rest of the field. they won the gold medal by almost 4 full seconds, this is the fifth straight summer games that the u.s. women won the gold in the relay. an upset in the 10 meter springford. david bodai, he has the first gold in this event since greg louganis back in 1988. the u.s. men's basketball is going to shoot for the gold against spain. the handball final. the rhythmic gymnastics final. and men's team volleyball, 200,000 people are expected here in olympic park.
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closinger is knownys begin at 7:00 eastern time. it should be fun. >> david wagner, thanks for that. time right now is 5:07. a story a lot of people are talking about. new this morning -- chad johnson's mug shot after police booked the pro football player on domestic charges. new reports coming from iran overnight after not one but two earthquakes shake that country. and how parents can get around buying high-tech gadgets that might be on the school supply list. and we want to hear your favorite moment from the summer olympic games. we'll be back in a moment. i hate getting less. but i love getting more.
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disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. a developing story out of iran rescuers are searching for survivors after two powerful earthquakes hi the northern part of the country injuring more than 1300 others. thousands of people spent the night outside as aftershocks rattled that area. the u.s. geological survey reports a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck yesterday. that was followed by 6.3 manager nay tuesday earthquake. the earthquakes damaged at least six villages. this morning, investigators
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are trying to determine what caused a fire in prince georges county. news 4 darcy spencer reports. >> i got a phone call saying that my house was on fire. >> reporter: he raced home and found that his family barely's kind bug hurt in that fire. >> my sister, her husband, my two nieces, they were all asleep. my neighbor here, he opened the door. he went over there to make sure everyone was okay. >> one quick-thinking neighbor opened the door to his van and got the fire extinguisher. but it was no match for the spreading flames. he not only tried to put the fire out, he banged on the door of the burning home making sure that no one was left inside. >> reporter: quint nil la, they
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described a loud sound on the power line that they believe somehow led into the home. >> i was working in my basement and i heard a big, loud boom, and then the electricity went off. >> we were trying to get out of the car and one of the transformer boxes blew up. >> reporter: neighbors are glad that only material things were lost. starting tomorrow, the prince georges county fire department is making staffing changes at two of its fire stations. the chief is reassigning four firefighters to riverdale heights. it's necessary because of conflict of career and volunteer firefighters. last week, news 4 reported that the river jchb dale heights station had slow response time. it took more than a minute to
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respond to more than a third to respond to calls. it's been one week since a man opened fire inside a sikh temple in wisconsin, killing six people. today many congregations across wisconsin will offer prayers for the sikh temple victims. 40-year-old army veteran michael page walked into the temple last sunday and began shooting. page killed himself at the scene. now before campaign fund-raiser in denver first lady michelle obama traveled to aurora to visit with victims of last month's theater shootings. mrs. obama thanked doctors and nurses for their response to attack. 12 people died and 50 were injured. chad johnson is behind bars this morning after accused of
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head-butting his wife evelyz. she reportedly found a receipt for a box of condoms in his car. johnson might not go in front of a judge until tomorrow. the two just got married last month. >> no not a good way. >> you don't want basketball wives? >> i go guess i miss it. all right. coming up, next the items several big fast-food chains are pulling off their menu due to a major health concern. life after high school, why so many teens are breaking tradition. and we're calling this the best day of the weekend weatherwi weatherwise. but how long will it last? meteorologist kim
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so, is it fair to say that it's the best day of the week? >> yes, yesterday there was a little bit of everything. times of sunshine, then we had some rain, too. >> can we talk about this baby? >> ooh, you're about to drop. >> not ready. we got a month. definitely not during the weather cast. they say the changes in barometric pressure can sometimes -- i'm using my phone as a clicker. let's hope for the best. humidity today. what are you going to do today? barbecue? pool party? maybe. the weather will cooperate for you folks going outside. by now, we're an hour earlier and we're only on for an hour this morning. we're going to jam in much news
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and weather for you to bring you to upseed. humidity isn't too bad. the numbers coming in, 73. humidity is 68% with a north breeze at 3 miles an hour. but take a look off to the northwest. winchester, up to cumberland, it is 61. mm-hmm. we still have some 70s over towards east end. this afternoon it's going be really nice. we'll bring in the sunshine late this morning. we're going to have a high in the middle to upper 80s. with a dew points coming down, it's going to feel so much comfortable. these are the supersoakers that i mean came through yesterday. around the beltway and points north. now, today, the showers will continue to plague the beach areas on and off this afternoon.
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not the best beach day. we have this stretch of nice weather taking us through today and tomorrow inspect low, that will be swinging a front through here for tuesday. that will be our next chance for rain for the foreseeable future. the rain hugging the coast. monday morning, looking good, pick of the week, and then this is what happens, by tuesday, showers by that commute. okay, let's put it in writing. here's what we're thinking, lower humidity. high today is 84. planning ahead with me, we'll inch back up to 90 by monday. a hot one on tuesday. 93. afternoon showers and thunderstorms. we might have a few leftover heading into the following morning. and then towards the end of the week, we'll have another hurdle of okay weather. mostly sunny with ramping up showers chances on friday and saturday, guys, that's the scoop.
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andy cohen from bravo would like a side ponytail. he would love that. >> not really a pony tail. he's funny. powerball jackpot now up to $305 million. no one matched the winning powerball numbers last night. here are the numbers, 4, 13, 39, 46, 51 and the powerball number is 1. the next drawing is wednesday. >> so bummed about that. 2/lost. this morning, ready-pack apple slices sold at mcdonald's, burger king and grocery stores, have been recalled. the company shipped the apples to mcdonald's burger king in d.c., virginia, west virginia. so far no reports of people
5:23 am
getting sick. so far, you can shop tax-free in maryland. just in time to go back to school shopping. shoppers won't have to pay the 6 pb% sales tax, however, accessories like jewelry, purses and belts are not included. it also does not include school splice. tax-free weekends next saturday the 18th. this weekend, lots of parents are going back to school shopping besides buying regular school splice, some kids might want some high-tech devices, like ipads, laptops. experts say those can be a good investment. >> schools are recommending that kids have a e-reader, tablet or a laptop to do work at school. >> it's a lot cheaper and a lot better and why not? it kind of opens up whole new worlds for education. >> experts say to keep the high-tech tools simple, trying
5:24 am
get kids a flash drive so they can keep their assignments on that. thousands of teens who graduated from high school a few months ago are now heading off to college. >> but a growing on number of graduates who decided they that they need a break before moving to the next phase of life. we have a closer grolook of thi group. >> reporter: they're volunteering, studying abroad or even working. kids get some life experience while waiting to start at their school of their dreams. andy knew exactly where she wanted to go to school. >> harvard. >> her timing wasn't right. the school offered her admission the following here. she found a way to fill in the gap. >> i feel so fortunate, fortunate to be able to do it. >> reporter: in eight months, andi backpacked through indonesia and taught at a school
5:25 am
at morocco. >> i saw a lot of poverty and a lot of health issues. i think seeing it firsthand as opposed to reading about it in a book, gives me more of a drive. >> reporter: gap year supporters make gapers more prepared to take on the real world. >> we found in our research talking to at lot of gapers and their parents, students gain a lot of confidence, maturity, to get the most out of their education. they tend to be more financially responsible. more respectful of more cultures. >> reporter: colleges realize that a gap year isn't for everyone. >> it depends on the maturity level of the individual, certainly most students would be doing themselves a favor at least considering the idea. but, i also think it's the kind of thing you have to have the appropriate maturity level to
5:26 am
take full advantage of that year. andi still gets excited when she talks about the year. while call it a gap, andi said it was space well filled. she's getting busy heading to harvard in a couple of days. a survey done by one research group said that one of the top reasons students took a gap year was because they were quote burned out. end quote. >> that's the tough thing, because once you're in the mood of studying and going to school, you take a year off it's tough to get back. >> it's like exercising. you stop doing it. >> in tall reality, it took me two years to find my job. some argue that you can still
5:27 am
get a good job right out of college. all right, time right now is 5:26. next a bizarre crime as police search for the man going around hugging people. >> not you, right? >> definitely not me. athletes in london make one more attempt at the olympic gold.
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and now fm washington's
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leading news station, this is "news 4 today." welcome to news 4 today. it's sunday, august 12th, 2012. today marks the end of the 2012 london games. the u.s. will wrap up the games once again. as the medal leader. >> and they have a chance to add to their already-impressive total. nbc's david wagner joins us from across the pond with a preview of today's events and a look at the competition from yesterday. hi, dave. >> hey, richard and angie. before that, more competition with a marquee game in men's basketball. can the u.s. men's basketball team win again? we'll find out today when they take on spain, a rematch from 2008. >> if we lose people are going to make a big deal. we got to focus on us and not worry about outside distractions. >> reporter: spain is hungry, they have never won gold. >> i think we're ready for
5:31 am
everything that spain has to offer. >> reporter: after the bronze medal win saturday, we'll see more wrestling and mountain biking today plus the men's marathon and when it's all over, silver medal sprinter will carry the u.s. flag into the stadium for tonight's closing ceremony. >> i'm excited. i want to stand for my country strong. and i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: it's celebration of british music here with 4,000 performers, smaller than the opening extravaganza. >> it runs from end to end. this isn't a rock 'n roll gig. where we bring each line and introduce each act. >> reporter: the a act is expected to include one direction and the spice girls. passing the torch to the next host of the summer games, rio. the closing ceremonies 7:00
5:32 am
tonight eastern time. richard, you might be a huge one direction fan. that may be enough for you. just in case it's not, we also have paul mccarthy, annie lennox and george michael tonight. >> i'm rooking forward to the spice girls. i didn't even know they were still together. do you want their performance is going to be like? >> no, and david beckham last night would not even -- he was on the bbc here, he wouldn't give a hint as to what they're going to be singing tonight. but, together for the first time in four years. i would rnt admit that, richard that you're a huge spice girls fan. i would leave to that a private conversation. >> david, i didn't say huge. i said i'm looking forward to it. not huge. thanks, dave. >> maybe a stretch there. all right, dave, thank you.
5:33 am
we're going to have complete coverage of the closinger is knowny. catch all of those great muse cool acts and the passing of the flag to rio tonight. starting at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. another spice girl in the house tonight. >> pregnant spice. >> very much so. >> sometimes i feel like scary spice, though, before i get the hair and makeup done. temperatures are on the way up. 37 right now. north winds at 3 miles an hour. here's a look around the beltway and beyond. gaithersburg, 64. that feels really good. camps spring checking in with 69. coming up on today, we'll be working on a high of 88. sunshine will be place certainly by the lunch hour. and 85 by 6:00. we'll talk more about the beach weather when i see you next. >> all right. kim, thanks.
5:34 am
this morning, some metro bus routes will return to those regular routes in adams morgan. five bus routes including the 90, 93 and x3 will resume their normal routes. they were rerouted because of the construction along 18th street and adams morgan. the construction started in april of 2011. you'll soon be able to save more money on your smart trip card. if you register your card online, you'll get $3 rebate. riders will be able to link their card to a debit or credit card to recharge it. >> as maryland lawmakers debate adding table games at the state casinos, could be some big changes to the hours. a 5% in revenue if they stay open 24 hours. right now, casinos are forced to close for six hours during the
5:35 am
week and four hours on the weekend. the senate passed a bill adding table games and bringing a sixth can sean owe to state. a man is grabbing women in montgomery county. police suspect that the man targeting women wearing head phones. there have been three incidents in bethesda alone. each time the man ran away when the woman screamed. >> the subject approached from behind, hugged the woman and touched the women. >> police remind joggers and walkers to go out in groups. police will target six areas in its transforming neighbors initiative. they'll target langley park,
5:36 am
palmer park. military veterans looking for group you may want to head for quantico for a job fair tomorrow. hiring our heroes a program n the past 15 months, the program has helped more than 10,000 veterans and their spouses get jobs. >> had a great, great relationship with the services, with the military and so now what we're doing, is really reaching out not only to veterans but those transitioning men and women about to leave the military over the next few years. we're at quantico, at the base there, working great with the marine corps, community service there. >> as cohen mentioned hiring for heroes will help at the clubs at quantico tomorrow from 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. for more information head on
5:37 am
over to our website. >> they'll also have help for building resumes. >> also military spouses, and also counseling for mental health issues. you'll see companies from all over, i think home depot was there recently. lot of people from the civilian sector helping our heroes getting back into the work force. the time right now is 5:37. wait until you hear to what extent the romney campaign went to keep the vp pick a secret. gold medal in marketing? how nike pulled off creative advertising on the track during
5:38 am
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5:40 am
this week's wednesday's child went into foster care after the death of his mother last year, he's a teenager with a goal of going to college. a goal with higher chances if he had a are e permanent loving home. here's barbara harrison. >> the city was troy. >> at the spine museum we had a personal tour with the executive director. james who loves to read, already knew a lot about the exhibits here like the trojan horse. >> you remember that very well. >> james happens to have an excellent memory and loved
5:41 am
learning all about the things here at the spine museum. >> what do you think you would like be when you grow up. >> i would like be a police officer. i'm planning to get into college. >> reporter: at 15, james has a lot of hope for his future. he's been in foster care for about a year and a half following the death of his mother. >> when she died, i took it really hard. >> reporter: but he said that he overcame his sadness and anger and used that energy to try to be a better person and care other people. >> that's what inspired me to be a police officer. >> reporter: his recruiter said that he's a really neat kid. >> he's very polite and very compassionate. >> if i had a family i would want it to be one that's nice and respectable. >> wants a family to be nice to him and treat him as a family
5:42 am
member. >> we're glad that you came to the museum. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for james or another child who's waiting please call our adoption hot line, or visit our home page, this week, you may want to treat yourself to some great food in the district at the fraction of the regular price. restaurant week begins tomorrow in the district. more than 300-area restaurants -- this sounds too good -- are serving multiple course lunches and different. lunch will cost 20.12. dinner runs, $35.12. i'm getting hungry. the specials will last through
5:43 am
sunday the 19th. >> all right. this week's circumstance du soleil, acrobatics show evolution. we talked to artistic director steve smith about the show. >> new technology, new act ast cirque hasn't put forward in years. we're proud of that. >> children's tickets start a $33. adults start at $43.50. >> they always put on a good show. >> it's so entertaining. it's so beautiful. so, let's find out what the weather is going to be look like. >> it's cooler. and think a that you're going to like this forecast. the sun is not up yet. we are and so are you
5:44 am
supposedly. stay up with us. get that coffee ready we'll be right back with that forecast.
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5:47 am
new this morning -- we're learning more about just how mitt romney selected paul ryan as his running mate and the lengths that the two went through to make sure it stayed a secret. friday afternoon, ryan told reporters that he forgot his keys and then went to the back of his house where reporterses couldn't see him. he snuck out of the back door, walked through the woods where his chief of staff picked him up. that's when he eventually traveled to virginia to meet with romney. romney was supposed to make the announcement on friday. but ryan attended a memorial for the sikh temple massacre.
5:48 am
join me in welcoming the next president of the united states -- paul ryan! every now and then, i'm known to make a mistake. i did not make a mistake with this guy. but i can tell you this, he's going to be the next vice president of the united states. >> there you go. as you heard, romney quickly corrected himself. that made for a light hearted moment there for the crowd. >> he made well for his moment. president obama did the same thing introducing vice president joe biden. >> they probably get so used to saying president. because they like to introduce themselves as the next president. now that the republican ticket is set, paul ryan is the gop vice president nominee. >> brian williams takes a look
5:49 am
at this and other nominees throughout history. >> reporter: starting with the unam biggous battle ship backdrop, very little goes unplanned at these events. including romney's appearance and ryan, jacket, no tie. by the way the last team to use a boat backdrop was bush/quayle back in '88. team romney did a brilliant job faking out the media although media reporters staking out ryan's wisconsin home were convinced that he was holed up outside until he showed up in virginia. there will be inevitable professional sniping in the world of political advance teams where crowds are supposed to fill in any gaps and everyone is expected to be enthusiastic and not otherwise occupied. the whole idea of a big vp rollout is still new in the modern era. vice president candidates used to be decided by the party.
5:50 am
fdr barely knew harry truman before they ran together. speaking of fdr, his early vice president gardner was the last house member to named vp. if elected ryan wouldn't be the youngest of ever vp. but the first from wisconsin and the first named paul. on social media, the talk was about the hair of both gop candidates. as laura ingraham put it on twitter, romney/ryan had the best hair since kerry/edwards. >> that's funny. they both have these gorgeous families. it's a good-looking ticket. >> all right, that was brian williams with that story there. all right, check this out. always fascinating to see, but probably a pain to deal with, that huge dust storm blew across
5:51 am
phoenix this morning. along with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour for this mess. can you imagine? >> i'm trying to recall my meteorology 101 and i think they call those things haboobs. so, don't ask me any more questions. >> can we ask you about today's weather. >> absolutely you can. any requests? >> cool, no humidity. no more rain. >> okay, i think we'll get it all in. not the lowest humidity, ever, but for august, tolerable. we're off and running to a nice start. it's always better to have you with us. let's get started. we'll look around out there. the sun will be coming up very soon and our weather is going to be improving today. we'll have more sunshine and more humidity and a nice little warmup. 73 is where we're at. we can see the washington
5:52 am
monument out there keeping us company. humidity is 68%. the best pictures. winds are north. numbers are coming in. winchester, look at that. 59. love that. ooh 66 culpepper. 72s out on the eastern shore and across southern maryland. you guys got soaked yesterday with some heavy rain. you need it and we all need it. around the beltway in d.c. last night, we had those super soakers but they kept on moving. up to 70s toward fredrik. martinsburg you're working on 84. 82 in cumberland. heading up towards aberdeen, 87 this afternoon and partly sunny.
5:53 am
it's off to the east and the beach today where we have a chance of showers into the afternoon. not the washout that we had yesterday. definitely not a rain-free day. monday and tuesday are looking good if you're taking off this week for ocean city. not so bad out there. there's the soaking rain from yesterday. if we can get these every other day or so, we would start to make a dent in the huge rainfall deficit that we have. again, it's the coastal areas that see the best chance. the next rainmaker is late tuesday, perhaps wednesday morning, between now and then, just some drying weather with lower humidity. this stationary front will slide to the southeast, keeping the showers away from us and then incoming sunshine, your morning forecast at 7:00, my pick of the week is monday and these showers
5:54 am
coming in here tuesday, by the p.m. commute. all righty, out the door we go, in writing, we're becoming sunny today. by late morning. sun set tonight is 8:06. planning ahead now, when do we hit 90 again? by monday. 93 by tuesday with those afternoon showers and storms. a few leftover wednesday morning. we're dry again on thursday. not a bad end of the week until next week. we have showers lining up for next saturday, guys. that's the scoop. enjoy the next two days. good car-washing days are you saying that someone wants to rub your belly. >> no, a little bulldogs, if you go to one of our twitter pictures. >> i guess we're all rubbing mine, too. for good luck.
5:55 am
all right, the nationals continue to roll in the month of august. >> they're going to face off on kansas city. highlights in this sports minute. good morning, your sports minute starts with the gnnats taking diamondbacks in arizona. nats came roaring back with five-run fifth inning. washington wins this one 6-5. soccer now, the united visiting sporting kc, 23rd minute, kc up 1-0. nick daley looking good in the box and puts it away. dc united would lose this one. they're 3-7-1 on the road. pga championship. south carolina. rory mcilroy making a run at this one.
5:56 am
he's tied for the lead with vijay singh. that's your sports minute. one question from the olympics, what's with the bright yellow shoes in ad executives are giving nikes gold medal in advertise idesing. they outfitted all of the olympians with bright yellow bolt shoes. experts say that nike basically became a sponsor because the shoes were in almost every sport >> it's up to the olympians what shoes they want to hear. >> they look nice. >> they stand out. twitter is all abuzz. >> it's a i am-packed final day of the events if for olympics. u.s. men's basketball will shoot for gold against spain. the men's handball final. rhythmic gymnastics and brazil and russia will play for the
5:57 am
gold in men's team volleyball. >> we'll have complete coverage of the closing ceremony, catch all of those great musical acts and the flag passing to rio tonight starting at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. >> in case you missed it. >> i love that part. your running and that's stretching. stretching. oh, yeah, we were actually training for our own olympic sport. i was assigned tae kwon do. we learned the three basics. watch her eyes. she's going to get me. >> good block. >> and it hurt. you learn not only kicking, punching but also how to block. >> here's me. all right. if you haven't seen this yet, here you go. enjoy. >> good job >> i went over to capital
5:58 am
gymnastics in virginia, they showed me a couple of moves, nothing too advanced. i tried to pommel horse, the ring. these kids out there are just incredible. >> you got the stretching down. >> anyway, you can watch both stories at nbc then you can let us know maybe next week we can have, who did it the best? >> the balance beam and all of the girls were clapping. >> we'll leave you on that note, everyone, thanks for joining us. everyone, thanks for joining us. >> have a great i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long.
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dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn.


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