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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm pat lawson. when will the storms hit and who will see the worst of them? >> ver onica johnson joins us. >> that's right. we've seen a handful of warnings to the west of our area and west virginia and western maryland. nothing for our immediate area just yet. while we're not under severe thunderstorm watch, we will see some warnings come out as we move through the afternoon and into the evening hours. out there right now, we have clouds that are bubbling up. radar right now, the immediate area, gaithersburg, a few showers through montgomery county and areas of southwestern howard county right now. but te a look, off to the west of our area, that's where the warnings are. allegheny county, maryland, west virginia until 4:30. you're under a warning. these are all tracking to the northeast. they're delivering heavy rain and lightning. it's possible that we could see some damaging winds.
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right now our closest storm in berryville area approaching the berriville area and heading northeast to guylord in the next 15 minutes and on toward britain area. bigger storms again to the north and west again. that will be heading to good and unger area in the next 30 to 45 minutes including even oakland. so until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., getting gusty drenching thunderstorms coming through. they'll be scattered. so not everyone will get these. but if your area is under a warning, then take a precaution right away. damaging winds possible. we cannot rule out possibility of a brief tornado coming through. our temperatures 82 to 89 degrees tloult throughout the a. winchester cooled to 75 degrees. so going to see a big cooldown with the storms coming through the area. for 5:00, 7:00 p.m., 86 to 84. there are your stormy conditions from 9:00 or 10:00. 81 degrees by 11:00 p.m. this
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evening. storms out there right now. we'll keep you updated with any more warnings that should be issued. but again, right now our closest storms in areas of west virginia and coming through are around berriville. back to you. >> it is landscaping work that could potentially save lives in fairfax county. today vdot crews started removing dozen of trees that pose a risk to drivers in the great falls area. last month a 40 ton decayed oak along georgetown pike fell on a man's car and killed him. news 4's reporter spoke to the victim's daughter today. we'll have that and the tree removal efforts. >> an important day in the future of gambling and casinos in maryland. the house of delegates is expected to start the debate any time now. later tonight, you'll likely vote on whether to allow table games like black jack at casinos and if they will permit a new casino in prince george's county. the mayor senate will convene tonight at 7:00 on this issue. if gambling expansion is
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approved, voters get a final say and a referendum this november. all four candidates in the race for the white house were on the campaign trail in battleground states again today. they agreed on one thing -- mitt romney's choice of ryan paul intensifies the race as a contest about the biggest issues facing all of us. steve handlesman reports. >> reporter: they clashed over energy. barack obama in iowa, mitt romney in ohio with coal miners, slamming the president for toughening regulations. >> if you don't believe in coal, if you don't believe in energy independence for america, then say it. >> reporter: wind is one alternative the president pushed. >> the wind industry now supports 7,000 jobs here in iowa. that's worth fighting for. that's what's at stake right now. >> reporter: and an election about big choices. the president's theme on his iowa tour and the challengers today. and romney raised medicare in a
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new ad. >> now when you need it, obama has cut $716 billion from medicare. >> reporter: that's a cut to doctors and hontspitals, not seniors. romney's plan would keep the cuts and make private coverage an option. ryan was in colorado today. a failure of leadership to get the economy going, to create jobs and get our spending under control. >> reporter: in virginia, vice president biden charged romney would drop tough new rules on big banks. >> unchain wall street. they're going to put you all back in chains. >> referee: staffers quickly clarified. he meant deregulation would hurt the middle class. aside from that, this race not only has a new face, paul ryan's, but a new feel, a new energy. with 12 weeks to go until the vote. i'm steve handlesman, news 4.
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vice president biden's two-day campaign swing also includes a stop in blacksburg. we're learning today that gunman from the shooting rampage near texas a&m university made a special requests as he was dying. he asked for his neighbor to apologize to him for shooting a con sta stabl. the constable was 35 years old. three other officers were also injured and a 55-year-old woman is hospitalized in serious condition from her injury. kafal was killed during a half hour gunfire exchange with police. seven people including a toddler were hurt today after a house explosion in new york. it happened just before noon in brentwood, a suburb of long island. the blast damaged several other nearby homes and the impact could be felt blocks away. investigators say natural gas was not use on that block. they're still working on trying to figure out what caused the blast. a 12-year-old calvert county
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boy who lost his family in a murder/suicide is still recovering from critical injuries. police say frank hayward jr. shot his wife and 2-year-old daughter to death at their home two weeks ago. they also believe he cut his son's neck and set the house on fire. hayward then killed himself. his son, frank hayward iii is recovering from cuts and severe burns. two sisters who go to school with frank opened a lemonade stand to raise money to help him. a man is accused of trying to kidnap a female jogger in fredericksburg. today we have a better idea of what the suspect might look like. police have just released this sketch. they say the man tried to pull a 22-year-old victim inside his car on highland road saturday morning. she managed to breakaway. the victim says the suspect drove an older looking white car with four doors and a red cloth interior. the commander of the uss ttsburgh has been relieved of his duties following a report
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that he faked his own death to end an extramarital affair. amy parmonter has more on the story. >> reporter: michael ward ii has been relieved of his duties as commanding officer of the uss pittsburgh just one week after he was put in charge of the submarine because according to the day of new london, a 23-year-old virginia woman says the senior officer faked his own death in order to end their affair. the woman not identified by the paper says she met ward who is married with children through an online dating site and he claimed to be a special ops agent separated from his wife. then she tells the day that in july she received an e-mail from someone she didn't know telling her that ward had died. when she only discovered not to be true when she went to his home to pay her respects. >> i just think that's disgusting. >> it was shocking to begin with. and almost comical that somebody of that stature would try something like that.
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>> reporter: the navy will only say that ward was relieved of his duties based on allegations of personal misconduct but those in the community near the submarine base had much more to say. >> i mean he's supposed to be in charge and set an example. what kind of example is he setting? >> reporter: the virginia woman told the paper she was pregnant with ward's child but lost the baby after being sickened by the news. we are hearing the 911 call placed after an algdz violent confrontation between former nfl star chad ochocinco johnson and his wife. the incident happened saturday night. johnson's wife says he head buttbut butted her during an argument. they asked police to come to the community without turning their sirens on. >> he is a very high profile person. so we would like to keep this as quiet as possible. >> the miami dolphins cut johnson following his arrest. then vh-1 pulled the show which is based on johnson and his
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wife. the show was supposed to be a spinoff of her current show "basketball wives." news 4 at 4:00 continues after robert patterson speaks out in his first interview since his highly publicized breakup with kristen stewart. >> it's the crash your car isn't ready for. why experts say some new cars may not be safe. >> and the new initiative that will change the lives of young illegal immigrants gets ready to begin. >> also, we'll keep an eye, we are keeping an eye on storms heading into the area surrounding the area. we'll be right back.
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. robert paterson had his first tv interview since his girlfriend kristen stewart was caught cheating on him. >> he talked to john stewart on "the daily show" last night. but it ended up being more of a laugh fest than what's happening in the actor's personal life. >> what have you been up to? >> i thought we prepared for. this i had a joke prepared. >> did you really? >> sitting down with robert pattenson, john stewart tried to break the ice with some ice cream. >> we're just a couple of gals
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talking. all right. >> pattenson faced his first questions about the very public infidelity of his long time love kristen stewart. >> you are all right? >> this is the weird thing about the interviews. my biggest problem in my life is i'm cheap. and i didn't hire a publicist. and every awkward interview, you know, normally actors get everything scripted. i'm going to hire a publicist. >> the 26-year-old had been in hiding since news of the scandal broke last month. his girlfriend of three years had cheated on him with her snow white in a huntsman director. pattenson acknowledged fans for support on the red carpet monday night for his new movie. >> it's great. it's wonderful. >> for her part, stewart kept a low profile at her parents home. when the news first broke, she issued a very public apology saying in a statement, i'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment i've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.
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this momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person i love and respect the most, rob. i love him, love him, i'm so sorry. >> you have to tell me what you're thinking. >> it won't be long until the pair are reunited on the red carpet. the final installment of "the twilight" series "breaking dawn 2" is set to be released in november. >> i think you're confused about what this show is actually about and what the real issues in america r. >> what are they? >> i mean tonight, maybe other times, but to night it really is the twilight show. >> and for now, he seems more comfortable having others doing the talking for him. >> here's my wish for you. that you get to handle your business in private and your personal life. i wish you all the best. >> low balling your server could get you on a list that you don't want to be on. monitor your teen's driving
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without income the car and live out your 007 fantasy in sin city. >> hot 99.5's kan sechlt here. there is a website that's all about being stingy when you're at a restaurant. stingy tippers i think it's called. >> it's called it's for a voice for those serving tables and felt like they deserved more but never got it. think about this, though. if you get delivery and you don't tip your delivery driver, they've got your home address. they've got your cell phone. they could put this information online. and that's why some people are concerned about the website. do you have the right as a server, this was a big discussion this morning, to put someone else's information on a website, home address, phone number if you think you weren't tipped fairly? >> i that i is really not right. but i guess is it legal? >> well, for right now parts of
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it are. they have not decided to shut the website down because the information was given out when you ordered pizza or when you ordered chinese food or ordered that delivery, did you give your address. so it's not like they stole the information. but there's a lot of people on this website which is searchable by name, by the way. >> it's go to know when you order a pizza then, your information can become public? >> the idea is -- >> even your credit card number? >> absolutely. >> that's going to make a lot of people not want to order pizzas. >> you just have to be careful. >> yeah. >> okay. they still need to know where to bring the piz yachlt. >> correct. >> we've seen the bumper stickers on the back of those big trucks that ask how is my driving and you're tempted to call and answer the question. now there is an option for parents who want to monitor how their kids are driving. >> all it takes is an iphone and android phone, either one. and for $15 for the first year and basically you slap a sticker on the back of the car, the how's my driving app and you'll
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get a text if someone reports your child driving badly. any driver behind your child can put into the app the license plate number and kind of a comment. you can use the signal, has the radio up loudly, listening to the kane show. and you'll get sent right to the host account's information. >> big mom ji watching. >> everybody's watching. >> good thing. the early bird gets the one. we heard that. but now they're saying the smart dog gets the bone. >> are you ready for the most viral video of the day. we're dog lovers. watch this. watch the beagle. he's going to pick up that ball. he wants the bone. he tossed the ball. here is the other dog getting up from the bone. the beagle goes, cool. >> got it. one more time. boom. cutest dog. >> so that was just a diversion.
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>> i welcome our new doggy overlords. it's just a matter of time to take over the planet. >> so smart. >> finally, in vegas there's a new kind of vacation option if you got cash you can live out your dreams? >> $6,000. >> your dreams of being a secret agent. they give you everything you imagined to be a secret agent. they have tours of the billage yoe. you goat go in fill makeup and costume. you get helicopter rides, a zip line. they basically have you living out a movie. you have to be at certain places at certain times. you have to pick up certain packages at certain time. you have to go through series of events and live the life of a secret agent for $6,000. you have to book from the end of the year and then get in line after me because i'm already in there. i'm just trying to find the cash. but this is a great idea. so you go to vegas and try to live these lifestyles. >> is it just for one? >> no, this is for two people. >> that's g.
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>> vegas is a great place for secret agents. >> absolutely. >> the perfect place. >> absolutely. a little disguise. yep. >> what's up? >> tomorrow on the show, we have a trip to vegas for the i-heart radio festival. >> okay. all right. thank you. >> we'll see you. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> and coming up on news 4, the flight of the future may be right around the corner. how engineers are putting speed, time and altitude to test. >> and the threat is just beginning. we'll tell what you led to the wildfire that's already destroyed dozens of homes. and for all your news, follow news 4 online.
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. fire fighters are racing to stop fast moving wildfires spreading across central washington state. more than 60 homes have been destroyed. 100 others are still being threatened by the flames. the fire started yesterday afternoon. it has burned nearly 50 square miles. at one point an interstate was
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shut down. more than 150 firefighters from across the state are working to try to contain the blaze. no injuries have been reported. investigators don't know what started that fire. we're preparing for what could be some pretty nasty weather here later tonight. >> yeah. some scattered strong possibly severe storms coming to your neighborhood. we're already seeing some of the storms fire up in northwestern areas around west virginia. so with any of the storms today, we could be getting drenching downpours. a lot of lightning. any of the storms today could produce damaging winds as they make their way on through. let's start out by taking a look outside. you can see the clouds. we'll very quickly go to the radar and talk about the warnings. in maryland until 4:30. allegheny county, still under a severe warning. west virginia, mineral county until 4:30. then until 4:45, frederick county in virginia.
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ham hampshire. i want to show ut rains we had earlier today that delivered almost a quarter inch of rain in d.c. about a quarter in mart inzburg and a third in hagerstown. now we're seeing more storms come on through. there are showers around gaithersburg and in western howard county. the actual storms that are producing possibly some hail right now. those are north and west of the area. this cell here that we're talking about in portions of just west of twigstown and east of frostburg that, is it pushing to the north and east. that will be moving away from us at 20 miles per hour into rush in the next 15 minutes. we have another storm just on the outside area of frederick county in virginia. that one heading to berkeley springs in the next hour. again, a lot of rain with it too. the atmosphere again really juiced up with higher humidity today. the dew point temperature at 67 degrees. your temperature at 89. as far as the overnight goes,
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for 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, storm chances out there. there will be a couple of lines and clusters moving through until i think things calm down on the other side of midnight. the reason that we're talking about this severe weather today, area of low pressure will be making its way through and a cold front dragged on through our area. that area of low pressure could offer enough spin. we could see some of the damaging winds for the evening as well as not ruling out the possibility of a brief tornado. tomorrow, too, showers and storms mainly south and east of the area. then by thursday, high pressure moves in. we get a chance to clear out. look at some really nice conditions. so some strong storms, downpours and winds. 75 to 82 degrees tore tomorrow morning. partly cloudy and a nice start. for the afternoon, after about 2:00, more storms south and east, 84 to 89. your temperature, it's looking quiet on thursday. friday, storms late. we'll talk about that with another look at our radar coming up in a couple minutes.
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>> all right. thank you, veronica. >> still to come on news 4 at 4:00, the jackpot is climbing in the multistate power ball lottery. more on how high it's expected to go. >> a new crash test designed to make cars on the road safer. so why aren't a lot of cars passing that test? >> plus, it's the catch of a lifetime. we'll show you what a veteran fisherman reeled in. i'm barack obama and i approve this message seen this? mitt romney claiming the president would end welfare's work requirements? the new york times calls it 'blatantly false' the washington post says: "the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all." in fact, obama's getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work. and president clinton's reaction to the romney ad? it's just "not true." get the facts.
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. welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson. >> i'm barbara harrison in for jim handily. maryland lawmakers are still waiting to begin a session on expanded gambling. the debate was supposed to start early this afternoon. negotiations are still under way before bringing that bill to the full house. a special session of the general assembly is deciding whether to allow table games at casinos and new gaming site in prince george's county. >> naval commander michael ward ii has been relieved of his duties as commanding officer of "the uss pittsburgh" one week after put in charge of that sub. a local newspaper is reporting that a 23-year-old virginia woman is saying that ward faked his own death in order to end their affair. the navy will only say that ward
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was relieved based on allegations of personal misconduct. both presidential campaigns are in full swing. now that mitt romney filled the other half of his ticket. today romney campaigned in ohio while his running mate paul ryan appeared in colorado. president obama is making several stops in iowa and vice president bide sen n is in virg. >> the adjustment women's gymnastics team was on hand in wall street. the dow jones industrial average closed with a three point gain. the s&p 500 ended with no virtual change. there is a new crash test out there that's designed to make cars on the road safer. but it's a test that a lot of cars aren't passing. tom costello tells us which cars are making the grade and which ones are falling short. >> reporter: the newest crash tests from the insurance institute for highway safety is all about the overlap.
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the 25% overlap portion of the driver's side that hits a barrier or a car at 40 miles per hour. each year more than 10,000 people die in front impact crashes. small overlap crashes were responsible for 25% of all serious injuries and deaths. the key crash absorbing structure in vehicles is located here in the middle of the front end. people are vulnerable in small overlap crashes because the structures are bypassed and the xra crash forces can go into the occupant compartment. >> reporter: it happened to this woman who was hit last november in virginia. she suffered a concussion and cut to her eye and deep head laceration. >> i it this was hitting something hard that did that. it was a deep laceration. >> in the latest oest r. test, only three of 11 luxury cars earned good or acceptable
4:32 pm
ratings. the acura tl, volvo and the infinity. look at the lexus i.s. >> it is one of the worst performers. the froont wheel pushed into the occupant compartment. and the foot well collapsed trapping the dummy's feet. >> reporter: the lexus i.s. were among the worst performers in the new test. in a statement, toyota lexus tells nbc news with this new test, the institute has raised the bar again and we will respond to this challenge as we design new vehicles. the mercedes c class and audi a-4 also received poor marks. the acura tsx, bmw 3, lincoln mkz and voekz wagon received marginal scores. the key to getting good scores is a safety cage that protects everyone regardless of the impact zone. >> strengthen the safety cage and they also need to improve restraint systems. >> reporter: audi told nbc news
4:33 pm
they'll design their cars to meet this new safety design. mercedes, though, says it takes issue with the new test design and, in fact, it says the mercedes c is a very safe car, mercury says the same thing that it's car already meets the existing federal safety requirements. that's true. but this is about raising the bar yet again. tom costello in north potomac, back to you for news 4. a bus crashed with a tractor-trailer near harrisburg, virginia, to day sending seven people to the hospital. it happened around 4:00 this morning on interstate 81. traffic was shut down for several hours. it's now back open though. 42 people were onboard the bus at the time. those hurt include the two drivers and five bus passengers. the cause of the crash is under investigation. this is the aftermath of a fiery collision between a train and a truck in north carolina. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon north of charlotte. investigators say the truck was hit by the train after it failed
4:34 pm
to stop at a marked crossing. the truck driver was taken to the hospital. his condition is not known. starting tomorrow, more than a million young illegal immigrants will become temporarily legal. it's part of a new federal deferred deportation program. >> reporter: the deferred dough fortation program that set off a celebration in los angeles and starts wednesday benefits illegal immigrants brought here as children like this 24-year-old erica andiola who came from mexico at age 11. >> it's just a relief that we're given this opportunity. >> reporter: after congress failed to pass the dream act, president obama announced the new initiative back in june. >> it makes no sense to expel talented young people who for all intents and purposes are americans. >> reporter: ate pliz to those brought to the u.s. when they were under 16, resided in the u.s. for at least five years, are in school, graduated or
4:35 pm
honorably discharged from the military, don't have felony or serious misdemeanor convictions, and are 30 or younger. if they qualify and pay $465, they can defer their deportation for at least two years, longer if they reapply. and the agency taking the applications says it will be on the lookout for fraud and scams. >> the wrong help can hurt. and we are, of course, especially concerned about the volume er vulnerability of young individuals. >> critics say the program is fraudulent, unconstitutional and promoted by the president to win favor with latino voters. >> the add smgs taking on to itself the moral authority to decide like a dictator or a quing who gets to come and who doesn't. >> reporter: researchers estimate the new policy allows up to 1.7 million foreign born people to now live and work here without fear of being deported.
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there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00 including a story that you didn't know about u.s. olympic goalkeeper hope solo. and a fireworks show at a church ends with a bigger bang churc[ male announcer ]er bang the choice on debt... mitt romney's plan: huge tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, adding trillions to the deficit. president obama's plan: a balanced approach
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that asks the wealthy to pay a little more, eliminates tax breaks for outsourcing and oil subsidies, cuts government spending, and reduces the deficit by four trillion. two plans. your choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. attention music lovers, we know the lineup of the virgin mobile free fest in columbia, maryland. the festival is on october 6th. some of the artist at this year's contest will be jack white, nas, z.z. top, justin jones. the event is free but do you have to grab tickets from the website. they'll be available at noon on august 24th. last year's tickets were gone in minutes. there will be a private resale provided to people who follow virgin mobile live on twitter. the jackpot. well, who wouldn't be pouring champagne after winning the second biggest lottery jackpot in britain's history? gillian and adrian bayford won
4:40 pm
the euro millions lottery. they got a check for $148,660,000 pounds. that works out to almost $234 million. they have a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son. adrian co-owns a music shop and gillian is a nursing assistant. they plan to shart money with friends and family and they're taking their kids to disneyland. how about that? >> as big that's jackpot is, people in our area are hoping to cash a check for an even larger payout. the jackpot in wednesday's powerball drawing is estimated to be about $305 million. if you plan to play, you may want to buy your ticket now. virginia lottery officials say they expect tickets to sell tomorrow at a rate of 2,170 per minute. you can buy takt in d.a ticket maryland, or virginia. >> a foul ball play has a man calling foul on a fellow baseball fan.
4:41 pm
take a look at this cleveland. it looks tlik guy was driving for the ball. he ended up falling right on his face. another man who saw the face plant took the opportunity to grab the ball for himself. the other fan got back up. he looked like he was okay if not a little bit ticked off. >> just a little. >> who wouldn't be, i guess, in that situation. when news 4 at 4:00 returns, when your blood type says about your risk of heart disease. and imagine flying from europe to the u.s. in about an hour. the test flight happening today that could
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you.
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start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. . a key member of the gold medal winning u.s. olympic soccer team is telling her story in a personal memoir. hope solo has written "solo, a memoir of hope." it talks about growing up with a father on the streets, a mother struggling with alcohol addiction and a brother who was in and out of jail. on the "today" show this morning, she talked about how all of that adversity shaped her into who she is today. >> i do believe in happiness and life's moments. but not everything is going to be perfect. and i think i have a really good outview, outlook an that. and i know that life isn't always easy. i accept that. i think it enable mez to live life to the fullest.
4:45 pm
>> solo was first soccer coach which a young girl was her dad. and she admits that at that age she never thought she'd end up being a goalie. >> and quite a goalie she is. >> that's right. she's cool. i like her. >> we're watching the weather. what is the radar showing you now? >> the radar is showing the storms right now, barbara and pat, right along i-81. they're just about to make their way east of there. that's what we're going to see in the next two hours. frederick, maryland, leesburg and warrenton, gusty, drenching storms coming east. and there is some lightning with it as well. so we're going to start off with the radar and show you right around maryland, 97. showers making their way across. just showers here. not seeing any lightning. but we still have some warnings throughout to tell you about until right now until 5:15 for allegheny county up here in maryland, for washington county, berkeley, morgan county and west virginia until 5:15. severe thunderstorm warning as this cell makes its way to the north and east.
4:46 pm
i step to the side. you can see the areas that will be affected, again, heading to the northeast up into areas of western maryland around hancock in the next 38 minutes and then on toward this area in the next 56 minutes. then we have another area down south. again, for the evening, it's clusters and lines of storms, strong possibly severe. they'll be coming in. this area we're going to watch areas like page and coming through rockingham county. harrissonburg warned on for that severe storm again. gusty, drenching storms. the main threat with this evening storms will be that of high winds, maybe damaging winds, too in, a few spots. for 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 p.m., i it this storm chances will end around 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. temperatures will be dropping in a hurry with any of the cooling storms that come through. probably seat temperatures rise a bit. tomorrow morning, a warm start for us. 72 to 74 degrees. should be a quiet start for us as those storms end around midnight. 65 gledegrees in hagerstown.
4:47 pm
71 to start with a high temperature tomorrow about 87 to 88 degrees. and our best threat of storms tomorrow will be right there just south and east of d.c. around prince george's, around an arundel koucounty. shower chances for tomorrow morning, it's just quiet. you can see more storms coming on through. let me put the seven day forecast up for you, 88 the high for tomorrow. it's looking good, guys for friday. but right now, storms expected to fire maybe late in the day, about 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. on friday. the weekend, a little unsettled. i don't think it's going to be a washout. so not too bad coming up. if you have plans, anything to do outside, thursday will be a nice day. >> all righty. >> thank you. >> in news for your help thj afternoon, your blood type may determine your risk for heart disease. researchers at harvard school of public health found those with type a/b blood had a 25% increased risk of heart attack.
4:48 pm
they also found a higher risk for type a and type b. but no extra risk for the majority who have type o. the study analyzed data from nearly 90,000 adults. this can help you determine if you need to make an extra effort to eat healthy and exercise. another study found that overweight or obese women are significantly more likely to give birth to overweight babies. that research was conducted at kaiser permanente. the statistics are alorming because children who start out overweight are much more likely to develop other serious problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. they say women should try to reach a healthy weight before getting pregnant and not gain an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy. still to come, what happened when a rogue rocket set off a big blast at a fireworks show? >> and break in at the home of the late apple founder, steve jobs. what police say a burglar got away with. coming up tonight on news 4
4:49 pm
at 5:00, verizon admits the failures during the show when the system went out in fairfax county. also ahead, the west nile virus is spreading. we'll get the latest on the outbreak and what parents need to know. coming up at news 4 at 6:00, we have home video of a storm that left hundreds of people in the dark in te
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. wow. a town festival that involves fireworks went very wrong in spain today. the fireworks were in the bell tower of a church. they were covered by a protected blanket and set to be fired at midnight. minutes before the launch, a rocket fire from a different location landed in the bell tower and set off all the fireworks at once. sparks, fire, and sizzling debris rained down on spectators. three workers in the bell tower were injured. >> wow. >> this is something star wars fans dream of. to date air force will try make super speedy flight a reality. take a look at the x-51-a wave rider. the unmanned vehicle can travel at max 6 and that is more than 4500 miles per hour. to put that in perspective, it's fast enough to fly from new york to london in less than an hour. it's part of the pentagon's
4:53 pm
testing of hyper sonic flight. it can allow missiles or airplanes carrying troops to fly to the other side of the world in minutes. today's flight is only expected to last about five minutes. still ahead at 4:00, the story of a fisherman who didn't let the big one get away. we'll show what you he caught. and for all your news, follow news 4 online.
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. police say they nabbed a man who broke into the home of the late apple co-founder steve jobs. the home in california in northern california was burglarized last month. police say computers and personal items worth more than $60,000 were taken. 35-year-old kareem mcfarland is charges with stealing the items and trying to sell them. they believe the break in was random and that mcfarland probably didn't realize the home's connection to jobs. folks in ocean side, california, are still buzzing about a local fisherman's unusual catch. he managed to snag a shark, a big one, too, weighing a
4:57 pm
whopping 800 pounds. he did it with a not so big hook. >> we've been fishing out here for about 40 years. >> over the years, lance mcgee has always dreamed of catching the big one. like this one. but he also knows it takes good luck. >> that's just the fish story. if you get them and sometimes you know a good fish story. >> reporter: lance has far too many stories about the wig bun that got away. >> yeah, there were six or five bigger fish in the last five to seven years. they always eluded us. >> reporter: on july 29th, lance had a good feeling. he was due for some good luck. so he hopped onboard his buddy's boat which has an interesting back story. >> we're talking and i said i bought a boat and going to call it mr. mcgou. my wife gets on me about my driving. she said that's what they called me growing up as a kid. >> reporter: after setting sights five miles north of ocean
4:58 pm
side, lance put this mall hook in the water and quukly got a bite, a big bite. >> when we first hooked it, it jumped out of the water. >> it was a ten foot shark, too big for lance to reel in by himself. >> when he got tired, he handed off to a young man named justin who did an excellent job. and another gentleman took it after him. he also did an excellent job. >> these four men landed the 800 pound maco and lance finally got the story he has always wanted to tell. >> well, that's one off the bucket list. but i would love to try it again. >> that was a big one. that was tony shin reporting. one expert said it's unusual to find a shark of that size to close tloond. up next, severe weather moving our way. we're on storm watch tonight. good evening, everybody. welcome to news 4 at 5:00.
4:59 pm
>> there are a lot of storms moving into the washington area right now. it's going to be a busy night in the storm center. storm 4 meteorologist doug cameron joins us with the latest. >> we're watching the storms out there now off to the west. current temperatures at the airport, 89 degrees. temperatures were close to 90 today. our dew points come up into the 60s today. there is that moisture there to help the storms develop. we have a couple storms and a couple showers right now around the metro area. most of these are still back to the west, west of the blue ridge. we'll do a couple zooms for you. you see in here through montgomery county, one shower just to the south of the howard county line here. another one right around bowie. these are very light showers here. no thunder, no lightning right now around the metro area. as we widen out here, you can see where they are up towards marti martinsburg and in toward the west. this one is near allegheny county. a severe thunderstorm warning in with this one making its way in


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